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M., m. J. Frank Chamberlin; Clarence M., m. Harriet Burns;
Jesse F., m. Margaret McKeever; Quayle, m. Eugena Silver.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Clarissa Cordelia Moses June 16, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Ambrose T. Moses and Lydia Ensign of
Westfield, Mass.). She was born April 21, 1839. Their
children: Samuel Ensign b. March 24. 1876, d. Jan. 10, 1880;
Erastus Snow b. May 23, 1878, d. Dec. 8, 1878; Alice, m.
Joseph Leroy Cheney Nov. 14, 1906.

Married Martha Hughes Oct. 6, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Hughes and Elizabeth Evans, pioneers
Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Home company). She was born July
1, 1857. Their children: Elizabeth Rachel b. Sept. 13, 1885,
m. Roy Hillman Porter; James Hughes b. May 10, 1891,
m. Lavinna Hale April 5, 1911; Gwendolyn Hughes b. April
17 1899

Married Maria Bennion March 11, 1886, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Johnson Bennion and Esther Wainwright of
Nauvoo, 111., pioneers 1847, John Taylor company). She
was born Aug. 5, 1857. Their children: Hattie Bennion
b. March 5, 1887; Ira Bennion b. Feb. 11, 1889; Eleanor
b. Jan. 11, 1893, d. Dec. 29, 1901; Glenn b. July 6, 1897.

Missionary to eastern states 1854-58. Called to Parowan
to assist in settling that country In 1850. Mayor of St.
George four years. Manager Deseret News 1868-74. En-
gaged in wagon and implement business in Salt Lake City.
President Salt Lake stake 1876-1904. County recorder
1876-84. Patriarch. Has extensive mining interests.

non and Ann Amanda Mousley). Born Jan. 2, 1869, Salt
Lake City.

Married Ida Maud Daynes Nov. 12, 1891, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Daynes and Rebecca Bushby of Salt
Lake City, the former a pioneer 1862, the latter 1869).
She was born March 6, 1871. Only child: Dorothy.

CANNON, QUAYLE (son of Angus M. Cannon and Ann
Amanda Mousley). Born Dec. 30, 1S79, Salt Lake City.

Married Eugena Silver Sept. 20, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Silver and Orthena Pratt of Salt Lake
City). She was born April 15, 1884. Their children: Quayle
b. July 5, 1906; Geneve b. Sept. 27, 1907; Orson Silver b.
Nov. 21, 1908; Angus Welden b. July 6, 1910; Amanda Sylvia
b. Sept. 1, 1912. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Missionary to Germany and Switzerland 1902-05; bishop's
counselor 1908-12. Member of firm of Cannon & Cannon.

CANFIELD, CYRUS CULVER. Born Dec. 20, 1817, near Co-
lumbus, Ohio. Came to Utah 1849 with members of Mor-
mon Battalion.

Married Clarissa L. Jones, who came to Utah Sept. 24,
1848, Heber C. Kimball company. Their children: Ellen L.,
m. Thomas Stokes; Melissa, m. John W. Bolace; Maria T.,
m. Hyrum Goff; Hyrum, died.

Elder. Third lieutenant in Company D, Mormon Bat-
talion. Went to California about 1851, where he died.

CANNON, GEORGE Q. (son of George Cannon and Ann
Quayle of Liverpool, Eng., and Isle of Man). Born Jan.
11, 1827, Liverpool, Eng> Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1847, John
Taylor company.

Married Elizabeth Hoagland Dec. 10, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Abraham Hoagland and Margaret Quick of
New Jersey, Michigan, and Nauvoo, 111., pioneers Oct. 3,
1847, John Taylor company). She was born Nov. 3, 1836.
Among their children were: George H., d. infant; John Q.,
m. Annie Wells, m. Louie Wells; Abraham H. (deceased), m.
Sarah A, Jenkins, m. Wilhelmina M. Cannon, m. Mary Crox-
all, m. Lillian Hamblin; Georgiana, George A., and Eliza-
beth latter three died infants; Mary Alice (deceased), m.

Lewis M. Cannon (cousin); Lillian Ann, d. infant; David H.,
died; Emily, m. Israel E. Willey; Sylvester Q., m. Winnifred

Married Sarah Jane Jenne April 11, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Jenne and Sarah Snider of Canada,
pioneers 1848). She was born Sept. 11, 1839. Their chil-
dren: Frank J., m. Martha Brown (died), m. Rose Brown;
Angus J., m. Miriam Hawkins; Hugh J., m. May Wilcken;
Rosannah, m. Alonzo R. Irving; Joseph J., m. Florence Groes-
beck; Preston J., m. Mabel Harker; Karl Q., m Mary Silver

Married Eliza L. Tenney 1864, Salt Lake City (daughter
of William Tenney and Eliza Webb of Chicaque, N. T..
pioneers July, 1860). She was born Feb. 9, 1847. Their
chUdren: William T., m. Ada E. Croxall: Read T. (deceased),
m. Ada White; Edwin Q., m. Luella Waring.

Married Martha Telle at Salt Lake C ty. Their children:
Hester T., m. Daniel B. Richards; Amelia Telle b. Fet ,16.
1870, m. William H. Chamberlin Jr.; Lewis Telle b. April
22 1872, m. Martha Howeli; Brigham Telle b. Aug. 3 1874.
m Cecelia Farrell; Willard T., m. Caroline Croxall; Grace,
m' Clarence Neslen; Radcliffe Q., m. Maud Riter; Espey T..
m Alice Farnsworth; Collins T., unmarried

Married Emily Hoagland (Little) No children.

Married (Mrs ) Caroline Young Croxall, who was born
Feb 1 1851. Their children: Clawson Y.; Wilford Y ; Ann
Y Georelus Y Families resided Salt Lake City, Utah.

Missionary to Hawaii and England 1849-64; apostle and



member first presidency of L. D. S. church 20 years. Terri-
torial delegate from Utah to U. S. Congress. Printer and
editor of Deseret News. Died April 11, 1901, Ocean Park,

[See "History of George Q. Cannon" for additional and
fuller data regarding this remarkable figure in Utah his-

CANNON, DAVID H. (son of George Q. Cannon and Eliza-
beth Hoagland). Born April 14, 1872, Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to Soran, Silesia, Germany, 1891-92.
Died there Oct. 7, 1S92.

CANNON, HUGH J. (son of George Q. Cannon and Sarah
Jenne). Born Jan. 19, 1870, at Salt Lake City.

Married May Wilcken Oct. 1, 1890 at Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Charles H. Wilcken and Eliza Reiche of Germany,
former came to Utah 1857, with Johnston army, latter 1858).
She was born Jan. 8, 1871. Their children: Hugh Harley
b. Oct. 18, 1891, m. Florence Darch; May Maurine b. Jan.
29, 1S97; Ruth M. b. Nov. 24, 1899; Charles W. b. Feb. 15,
1902; Constance Q. b. Dec. 30, 1905; Rosannah J. b. July
12, 1907. Family home, Salt Lake City.

President Swiss and German branch 1891-92 and 1901-05;
member 110th and 138th quorums seventies; president Lib-
erty stake. Executor and secretary of George Q. Cannon

CANNON, JOSEPH JENNE (son of George Q. Cannon and
Sarah Jenne). Born May 22, 1877, at Salt Lake City.

Married Florence Groesbeck Sept. 23, 1904, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Groesbeck and Ann D. Bringhurst
of Salt Lake City). She was born Aug. 7, 1880. Their
children: Wayne Dilworth b. March 1, 1906; Jane b. Nov.
20, 1908; Grant Groesbeck b. May 6, 1911. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England and Sweden 1899-1904; high priest.
Member of legislature. Secretary of National Savings &
Trust Co.

CANNON, WILLIAM T. (son of George Q. Cannon and Eliza
Tenney). Born Sept. 5, 1870, Salt Lake City.

Married Ada E. Croxall April 27, 1892, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Mark Croxall and Caroline Young of Salt Lake City,
pioneers 1860). She was born Aug. 13, 1870, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Helen b. May 14, 1894; Alma b. May 29,
1896; William b. July 21, 1898; Richard b. Nov. 15, 1902;
Emily A. b. Aug. 9, 1904; George Q. b. May 28, 1908; War-
len C. b. March 9, 1911. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to the Netherlands 1899-1901; member 8th
quorum seventies. Physician and surgeon.

CANNON. LEWIS TELLE (son of George Q. Cannon and
Martha Telle). Born April 22, 1872, at Salt Lake City.

Married Martha Howell June 12, 1901 (daughter of Joseph
Howell and Mary Maughan), who was born Oct. 7, 1879.
Their children: Martha Howell; Mary Aileen; Howell Quayle.
Family home. Salt Lake City.


CANNON, BRIGHAM T. (son of George Q. Cannon and
Martha Telle). Born Aug. 3, 1874, Salt Lake City.

Married Cecelia Farrell Oct. 11, 1905, Omaha, Neb. (daugh-
ter of Dan Farrell and Annie Howard of Omaha, Neb.).
She was born March 9, 1885. Only child: Howard Raymond
b. Feb. 5, 1908. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Germany 1895-98; member 110th quorum
seventies. Real estate dealer; colonizer.

CAJTBfOJf, DAVID HENRY (son of George Cannon and Ann
Quayle). Born April 23, 1838, Liverpool, Eng. Came to
Utah October, 1849, Allen Taylor company.

Married Wilhelmina L. Mousley Jan. 15, 1859, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Titus Mousley and Ann McMenemy,
pioneers 1857, and sister of Sarah Maria, who married
Angus M. Cannon). She was-born Oct. 11, 1840, Center-
ville, Newcastle county, Del. Their children: David Henry,
Jr., b. Oct. 15, 1860, m. Camilla E. Mason; Ann Mousley
b. Aug. 8, 1864; George Quayle b. July 7, 1866; Elizabeth
b. Jan. 12, 1869; Amanda Mousley b. June 10, 1870; Angus
Munn b. May 12, 1873, m. Rachel Cunningham; Wilhelmina
Mousley b. Nov. 29, 1875, m. Charles Sullivan; Lewis Ray
b. May 28, 1878, m. Jenny Laub; Josephine b. Aug. 22,
1881, m. Shadrach H. Jones; Frank b. Sept. 17, 1873, m.
Mary Bryner.

Married Josephine L. Crossgrove Oct. 19, 1867, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Crossgrove and Theressa Ray-
mond), who was born Sept. 7, 1848, Centervllle, Newcastle
county, Del. Their children: Charles b. Dec. 25, 1869; John
b. June 10, 1871; Mary A. b. April 7, 1873; Effle b. May 14,
1875; Leonora b. Aug. 31, 1876; Erastus Snow b. Dec. 12,
1878; Bayard b. Feb. 4, 1881; Eugene b. March 17, 1883, m.
Renna Laub; Theressa b. Oct. 20, 1885; Claud b. Dec. 22,
1887, m. Parthenia Hunt; Raymond b. Aug. 30, 1890.

Married Rhoda Ann Knell June 20, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Robert Knell and Mary Crook, pioneers 1850
and 1849, respectively). She was born May 7, 1858, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Evaline b. April 10, 1878, m.
Joseph W. Webb; Robert Knell b. Nov. 9, 1879; Wilford
Woodruff b. Nov. 20, 1880, m. Marie Anderson; Clarence
b. March 20, 1883; Rhoda b. Sept. 10, 1885, m. Hyrum A.
Bryner; Walter b. July 5, 1888, m. Leah Sullivan; Clara
b. May 30, 1891, m. Milton Burgess; Vernon b. May 20,
1894; Douglas b. Aug. 15, 1897; Earl b. April 24, 1900;
Harold b. March 14, 1903. Families resided St. George, Utah.

Missionary to California 1856. Assisted moving Deseret
News plant to Fillmore, Utah, 1858. Member 30th quorum
seventies 1858, and same year set apart one of council 23d
quorum; missionary to England March 1861. A special
messenger to Canada on account of blockade troubles be-
tween northern and southern states. Brought many immi-
grants to Utah; high councilor and high priest; second
counselor to Erastus Snow, president Dixie mission; bishop
4th ward St. George; president St. George temple and
counselor in stake presidency several years; member stake
board of education. Printer; worked in office of Western
Standard at San Francisco, Cal., 1856; later in Utah in office
of Mountaineer.

CAJfTWELL, JAMES SHERLOCK (son of Simon Cantwell,
born 1788, Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Ireland, and Wilhel-
mina Sherlock, born 1792, Carlow, Ireland). He was born
Nov. 24, 1813, in Dublin. Came to Utah Dec. 14, 1856, Martin
Tyler company.

Married Elizabeth Cotteral Hamer April 27, 1838, (daugh-
ter of William Hamer), who was born March 20, 1819. Their
children: Robert Simon b. Dec. 22, 1838, and John b. Feb.
25, 1840, died; Francis Robert b. April 7, 1841, m. Dorcas E.
Wall; James b. Feb. 28, 1843, m. Julia A. Collett Jan. 16,
1872; Alma b. April 26, 1845; William H. b. April 21, 1846, m.
Lorena A. Downs 1871; Ellen b. Sept. 24, 1848, m. Joseph N.
McCann; Wilhelmina b. Dec. 28, 1850, d. June 1, 1851 ; Stephen
b. June 25, 1852, d. July 17. 1852; Mary Ann b. Sept. 9, 1853,
m. Thomas Mather November, 1871; Elizabeth C. b. Dec. 16,
1855, m. Henry Burger; Lucius S. b. April 2, 1858, m. Per-
cinda Tibbets.

CANTWELL, JAMES (son of James Sherlock Cantwell and
Elizabeth Cotteral Hamer). Born Feb. 28, 1843, Liverpool,

Married Julia A. Collett Jan. 15, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Collett and Esther Jones), who was
born at Mill Creek, Salt Lake county, Utah. Their children:
Daniel James b. Oct. 12, 1872, m. Mary C. Chambers March 15,
1894; William Hamer b. March 17, 1874, m. Eliza J. Mourit-
sen Dec. 4, 1895; Elthura b. Jan. 1, 1876, d. March 13, 1897;
Francis Rueben b. Dec. 6, 1878, d. Sept. 19, 1891; Stephen b.
June 21, 1882, m. Mabel Pilkington; Julia b. Feb. 3, 1885. m.
Wallace Raymond July 23, 1902; Leanora b. Aug. 24, 1886,
m. James W. Kirkbride October, 1904; Esther b. Aug. 20,
1888, m. Daniel Littledyke Oct. 2, 1907; Milo b. July 15, 1890,
m. Ella Reese June 1, 1910. Family home Smlthfield, Utah.

Missionary in England 1842; clerk of the Liverpool confer-
ence; president branch at St. Louis 1852; high priest; ap-
pointed member high council 1854. Leaving St. Louis June
27, 1856, arrived at Florence, Neb., July 7 of the same year.
Left Florence Aug. 17, 1856, with Capt. James G. Willie and
arrived at Laramie Oct. 1, laid over until 17th from illness,
when he joined the Hodgett wagon and Martin handcart
company, arriving at Salt Lake City Dec. 14, 1856. Settled
at Big Cottonwood; joined In the move south, 1868, and
returned to Cottonwood in the fall. Moved to Smithfleld
May, 1862, and followed school teaching. Was president of
high priest's quorum 20 years. School trustee and postmas-
ter 1869 to 1887. Died Sept. 4, 1887, Smithfleld, Utah.

CAPENER, WILLIAM (son of Daniel Capener, born March
12, 1780, and Elizabeth Capener). He was born July 30,
1806, at London, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1852, Isaac Bul-
lock company.

Married Sarah Verander Oct. 26, 1828, at Hanover Square,
London, ' (daughter of William Verander), who was born
Sept. 2, 1804, and came to Utah with husband. Their chil-
dren: George b. July 29, 1829, m. Harriet Dunn; William b.
Dec. 26, 1831, m. Harriet Hill; Louise Rebecca, m. Joseph Ed-
ward Taylor; Elizabeth Ann, m. Augustas P. Hardy; Jane
Maria, m. William Hanks March 27, 1856, m. Joseph E. Tay-
lor July 9, 1876, m. Thomas H. Giles Nov. 12, 1890; Charles
Henry, d. child. Family resided Cleveland, Ohio and Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Married Ellen Rigby March 23, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Aaron Rigby and Elizabeth Elison, pioneers
Sept. 3, 1860, James D. Ross company). She was born Aug.
16, 1839, Lancaster Lane, Eng. Their children: Ellen Matilda
Rigby b. Feb. 6, 1862, d. infant; Samuel Rigby b. Feb. 18,

1863, m. Fanny Celestia Garn; Mary Lucinda b. Aug. 11,

1864, m. William H. Park; Margaret Alice b. May 27, 1866, d.
infant; John b. Oct. 8, 1867, m. Angeline Cleveland; Arthur
Rigby b. Jan. 20, 1869, m. Mary Larelda Garn; Sarah Ada
b. Nov. 4, 1870, m. Wilford Woodruff Hill; Alfred Albert b.
March 31, 1872, m. Myrtle Cleveland; Joseph Aaron b. Dec.
25, 1874, m. Ella Smith; Edward Theodore b. April 26, 1876,
m. Fannie Turner; Daniel b. Nov. 13, 1878, d. child. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Centerville. Utah.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1852; moved to Centervllle 1874;
carpenter and cabinetmaker. Died January, 1894, in Center-

CAPENER, ARTHUR RIGBT (son of William Capener and
Ellen Rigby). Born Jan. 20, 1869, at Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Larelda Garn July 12, 1893, at Salt Lake
City (daughter' of Micah Garn and Fanny Wood, pioneers
Sept. 27, 1855). She was born July 12, 1874, Centerville,
Utah. Their children: Echo b. April 19, 1894; Arthur Dean b.
May 24, 1896; Verna b. Nov. 21, 1898; Lavon b. Feb. 28, 1900;
Ruth b. Jan. 29, 1903; Larelda b. March 24, 1906; Edna b.
Sept. 1, 1908; Max Garn b. Aug. 20, 1911. Family home Salt
Lake City, Centerville and Garland, Utah.



Located in Garland 1891. Sunday school superintendent at
Garland 11 years; missionary to northern states 1905-07;
bishop of Garland ward 1908-12. Road supervisor; treasurer
Garland town board; director in first mutual flre insurance
company in Utah. Farmer and stockraiser.

CARDON, ALFRED. For genealogy see page 821.

CARDON, PHILLIP. Born Oct. 7, 1801, Prarustin, Italy.
Came to Utah Oct. 29, 1854, Robert Campbell company.

Married Marie Tourn 1823. Prarustin, Italy (daughter of
Bartholemi Tourn of Roca, Italy). Their children: John, m.
Anna Fourer; Louis Phillip, m. Sarah Hunt; Katherine, m.
Moses Byrne; Mary M., m. Charles Guild; Paul, m. Susannah
Goudin, m. Magdalene Beus; Thomas B., m. Lucy S. Smith.
Family resided at Ogden and Logan, Utah.

Elder; high priest. Farmer. Died Aug. 1890, Hyrum,

CARDON, PAUL (son of Phillip Cardon and Marie Tourn).
Born Dec. 28, 1839, Prarustin, Italy. Came to Utah Oct. 29,
1854, Robert Campbell company.

Married Susannah Goudin March 16, 1857, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Bartholomew Goudin and Martha Cardon
of Prarustin, Italy). She was born July 30, 1833. Their
children: Phillip, died; Mary C., m. M. W. Merrill Jr.; Sus-
ette C., m. Joel Ricks; Louisa, died; Sarah C., m. Fred
Turner; John P., m. Euphemia King; Louis S., m. Rebecca
Ballard; Lucy C., m. William Merrill; Joseph E., m. Sophia
Wilson; Moses G., m. Myrtle Wood; Ezra B., died. Family
home Logan, Utah.

Married Magdalene Beus Dec. 19, 1869, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Michael Beus and Marian Combe of Ogden,
Utah, pioneers 1856, Edmund Ellsworth handcart com-
pany). She was born July 17, 1853. Their children: Marian
M. and James, died; Hyrum M., m. Isabelle Roundy; George
David, m. Elizabeth H. Ballantyne; Amanda, m. Silas Ricks;
Ernest W., m. Annie Marshall; Violet P., m. E. L. Walker;
Katie L. Family home Logan.

President 64th quorum seventies; missionary to Switzer-
land 1898-1900. First city treasurer and first policeman at
Logan. Farmer.

CARDON, JOSEPH EMANUEL (son of Paul Cardon and Sus-
annah Goudin). Born Oct. 28, 1872, Logan, Utah.

Married Sophia Wilson Sept. 16, 1894, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Wilson and Mary Ann McCornick, both
of Leeds, England. Came to Utah 1868, Simpson Molen com-
pany). She was born Oct. 5, 1870. Their children: Joseph
LeGrand b. Apr. 28, 1900; Rula b. Sept. 14, 1901; Sybil b.
March, 1903; Joseph E. b. Dec. 25, 1904; Bartell Wilson b.
Oct. 28, 1906; Karma b. Nov. 1, 1908. Family home Logan,

High priest; president seventies; missionary to North-
ern States 1896-99; bishop; stake president; patriarch.
Merchant and manufacturer. Representative Tenth Utah
state legislature.

CARDON, GEORGE DAVID (son of Paul Cardon and Mag-
dalene Beus). Born Oct. 1, 1877, Logan, Utah.

Married Elizabeth H. Ballantyne Sept. 10, 1902, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Richard A. Ballantyne and Mary A.
Stewart of Logan, Utah, pioneers 1847). She was born Oct.
28. 1879. Their children: Carvel Ballantyne b. July 19,
1903; George D. b. Aug. 30, 1905; Ardelle b. Feb. 13, 1908;
Carlos Ballantyne b. Aug. 23, 1910; Wlnona b. March 29,
1913. Family home Logan, Utah.

President 4th quorum elders of Cache stake; senior class
leader Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school teacher. Assistant
manager and treasurer of Cardon company. Real estate
and loans.

CARLILE, ROBERT (parents lived at Mission, Eng.). Came
to Utah 1852, Capt. Jolley company.

Married Christiana Spouncer (parents lived at Mission,
Eng.). She came to Utah with her husband. Their chil-
dren: Mary b. Jan. 11, 1818, m. Joseph Cooper; Isaac b. Aug.,

1820, m. Jane ; John b. Sept. 16, 1822, died; John II. b.

May 26, 1825, m. Elizabeth Williamson; James b. Jan. 31,
1829, m. Emily Ann Giles, m. Fannie Lee, m. Eliza Hallet
Durnell Lowden, m. Annie Rachel Nageli Mosier; Robert b.
Jan. 28, 1833; George b. April 11, 1836, m. Ann Giles, m. Sus-
ana Daybell Pollard. Family home Heber City, Utah.


CARLILE, JAMES (son of Robert Carlile and Christiana
Spouncer). Born Jan. 31, 1829, at Mission, Eng. Came to
Utah, 1852, Capt. Jolley company.

Married Emily Ann Giles Oct. 31, 1857 (daughter of Wil-
liam Giles and Sarah Huskinson, both of Sturley, Notting-
hamshire, Eng.). She was born June 6, 1837, died March 8,
1891. Their children: Sarah Ann b. Sept. 15, 1859, m. George
Daybell; Evalina C. b. Oct. 16, 1862, m. Charles Henry
Hurdsman; James William b. Oct. 14, 1855, m. Sarah Eliza-
beth Buys; Emily Jane b. Oct. 12, 1868, m. George Hyrum
Barzee; Charles Robert b. July 21, 1872, m. Amelia Snow;
Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 1, 1877, died.

High priest. Located at Spanish Fork and then went to
Heber City 1859. Indian war veteran.

CARLILE, JAMES WILLIAM (son of James Carlile and
Emily Ann Giles). Born Oct. 14, 1865. at Heber, Utah.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Buys Nov. 25, 1891, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Edward Buys and Celestia Clarissa

Bromley of Heber City, Utah). She was born June 9, 1871.
?= rlest n ' utah - Their children: Lecil Emily b. Jan. 17,

,93, m. William Charles Murri; Sarah Viva b. Jan. 18, 1895;
Clara b. March 13, 1897; James Edward b. Oct. 8, 1899; Wil-
liam Walter b. April 1, 1902; Orel May b. May 8, 1905;
Gladys Jane b. Aug. 29, 1909. Family home Heber Ctiy,

Member of the elders quorum; block teacher. Interested
In Wasatch Irrigation Co., Sage Brush Irrigation Co., Tim-
panogos Irrigation Co., and Wasatch Extension Irrigation
Co. Farmer and developer of Wasatch county's resources.

CARLILE, GEORGE (son of Robert Carlile and Christiana
Spouncer). Born April 11, 1836. Came to Utah in 1851

Married Laura Ann Giles Oct. 25, 1856, Provo, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Giles and Elizabeth Susanna Moore
pioneers 1851). She was born April 19, 1837. Their chil-
dren: Maria Ann, m. William Giles Rasband; Levina Eliza-
beth, m. F. O. Buel; Sarah Jane, m. Caleb Moore; George K.,
m. Marion Neal; Thomas Frank, m. Emma Christensen;
Alfred Lorenzo, m. Jane Neal; William M., d. aged four.
Family home Heber City, Utah.

Member of 20th quorum seventies; assisted to bring im-
migrants to Utah. Member Heber City council. Veteran
of the Black Hawk, Tintic and Walker Indian wars; pen-
sioned soldier. Died Jan. 29, 1909.

CARLING, JOHN (son of Abraham Carling, of Kingston,
Ulster county, N. Y., and Sarah Green b. Jan. 10, 1779, Lug-
wardines, Herefordshire, Eng.). He was born Sept. 11, 1800,
Kingston, Ulster county, N. Y. Came to Utah September,
1852, Henry Miller company.

Married Emeline Keaton Sept. 1, 1830 (daughter of Jacob
and Catherine Keaton), who was born Nov. 1, 1806 and
came to Utah with her husband. Their children: Isaac Van-
Wagoner b. Nov. 30, 1831, m. Asenath E. Browning 1854;
Sarah Frances Wildey b. Sept. 6, 1833, d. Dec. 4, 1835; Cath-
erine Keaton b. June 1, 1835, m. Lewis Brunson; Abraham
Frier b. Aug. 19, 1837, m. Ann E. Ashman Sept. 28, 1862;
John Warner b. Nov. 14, 1843, d. Sept. 5, 1844. Family home
Fillmore, Utah.

Married Ann Dutson Feb. 10, 1844, Nauvoo, 111., who was
born Oct. 12, 1799, Herefordshire, England. Their children:
Francis Caleb b. Aug. 9, 1845, m. Fannie Knixon; Joseph
Mathew b. June 25, 1847, d. Jan. 25, 1866.

Bishop's counselor. Sheriff at Fillmore. Made wagons
for use in crossing plains; assisted in wood carving of
Nauvoo Temple. Moved to Fillmore 1875. Mason; tinner;
cabinet maker; cooper and shoemaker.

CARLING, ISAAC VANWAGONER (son of John Carling and
Emeline Keaton). Born Nov. 30, 1831, Klinesopur, Ulster
county, N. Y.

Married Asenath E. Browning, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jonathan Browning and Elizabeth Stalcuo,
pioneers Sept. 1852, Henry Miller company). She was born
Nov. 17, 1835, Adams county. 111. Their children: Sarrah
Elizabeth b. Feb. 25, 1856, m. Edward M. Webb; Asenath
Emeline b. Oct. 5, 1857, m. Howard O. Spencer; Ann b. April
7, 1859, m. Thomas Chamberlain Feb. 1875; Laura Malvina
b. Dec. 30, 1860, m. Francis L. Porter Sept. 13, 1877; Olive
Chrilla b. Nov. 14, 1862, d. Oct. 12, 1874; Catherine Arelia b.
March 11, 1865, m. Edson D. Porter; Martha Jane b. Jan. 26,
1867, m. Francis A. Webb; Phoebe Malinda b. Sept. 16. 1869,
m. Edson D. Porter; Isaac VanWagoner b. Sept. 21, 1872, m.
Elizabeth Johnson; Mary Alice b. Nov. 6, 1873, d. April 17,
1880; Miriam Eliza b. Mar. 4, 1875, m. Edward K. Pugh; Bar-
bara Amelia b. Aug. 17, 1878, m. James D. Duffln. Family
reside Fillmore and Orderville, Utah.

Married Miriam E. Hobson (daughter of Jesse and Eliza-
beth Hobson), who was born Aug. 31, 1843, Camp Creek,
near Nauvoo, 111. Their children: John Henry b. Sept. 13,
1860, m. Elizabeth Lovell; Ellen Alvira b. Dec. 14, 1863, m.
Thomas Chamberlain March 13, 1879; Lydia May b. March
1, 1866, m. John Corrugtcn 1883; Jesse Hobson b. June 3,
1869, m. Marie Jorgensen.

CARLISLE, RICHARD. Came to Utah with oxteam com-

Married. Their children: Joseph; Thomas; John; Rich-
ard; Alice, m. George Freestone; Mary. Family home in

Seventy. Farmer. Died at Alpine, Utah.

CARPENTER, JOHN STILL.EY (son of John Steel Carpenter,
born Aug. 6, 1822, and Margaret McCu'.lough, born Oct. 15,
1822, both of Centerville, Newcastle county, Del.). He was

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