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March 5, 1894; Edna Verba b. March 31, 1897. Family home
Fairview, Wyo.

Postmaster Deweyville, Utah, 1882-85, when he moved to
Plain City, then to Ogden in 1888. Settled at Fairview, Star
valley, Wyo., 1894. Superintendent Sunday school and presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A. at Deweyville, Utah, and Fairview, Wyo.,
for a number of years.

CHIPMAN, STEPHEN (son of Barnabus Chipman of Eng-
land). Born Aug. 8, 1805, Leeds county, Canada. Came to
Utah Sept. 23, 1847, Abraham Owen Smoot company.

Married Amanda Washburn in Canada (daughter of Ste-
phen Washburn and Miss Sexton of Leeds county, Canada).
She was born Sept. 8, 1805. Their children: Washburn, m.
Mindwell Houston; m. Margaret Vance McNichol; m. Caro-
line Mayhew; Beulah, m. David Grant; Sinah, m. John El-
dredge; William Henry, m. Martha Smith; James, m. Sarah
Green; Martha, m. Theodore Herrington. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser. Died in February, 1868.

CHIPMAN. WASHBURN (son of Stephen Chipman and
Amanda Washburn). Born April 16, 1829, Leeds county,
Canada. Came to Utah Oct. 20, 1847.

Married Mindwell Houston Nov. 1855, Alpine, Utah
(daughter of Isaac Houston and Theodosia Keyes of Alpine,
Utah, pioneers 1851, Captain Riggs company). Their chil-
dren: Mindwell, m. Oscar F. Hunter; Louisa, m. John Hur-
bert; Amanda, m. Stephen D. Chipman; Elizabeth, m. George
Barney; James; Henry; Washburn and Isaac, died.

Married Margaret Vance McNichol Oct. 6, 1860, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alexander McNichol and Mary Ann Vance
of Jackson, Tenn., both died on plains en route to Utah).
She was born Dec. 10, 1840, and came to Utah Sept. 17, 1852,
Thomas J. McCullough company. Their children: Sinah, m.
Thaddeus King; Beulah, m. William Bromley; Celestia;
Stephen, m. Ella Thornton; John W., m. Jane Clarke; Sidy,
m. F. J. Noyes; Rhoda Adora, died; Martha; Thomas Jeffer-
son; Melva; Romania, died.

Married Caroline Abigail Mayhew at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Elijah Mayhew and Lydia Farnsworth of

Pleasant Grove, pioneers Sept. 9, 1853, Daniel A. Miller com-
pany). Their children: Otto. m. Martha Hubbard; Lydia, m.
Fred Houston; Walter; Luella, m. Mr. Montieth. Families
resided American Fork, Utah.

President 67th quorum seventies; missionary to Iowa and
Missouri 1870-71. Director and one of organizers of Z. C.
M. I. and Provo Woolen Mills. Captain in Nauvoo Legion.
Settled at American Fork 1850; called to help settle Iron
county 1851; director in American Fork Co-op. Assisted in
building the Parowan canal, first one in that country; It
was nine miles long. One of the directors of County Co-op.
Herd. Indian war veteran.

CHIPMAN, JAMES (son of Stephen Chipman and Amanda
Washburn). Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1847.

Married Sarah Green at American Fork (daughter of Al-
phonso Green and Betsy Murdock of American Fork).
Their children: James; Alphonso G., m. Fannie Dilworth;
Stephen L., m. Sinah Nelson; Betsy, m. Richard Preston.
Family home American Fork.

Mayor of American Fork. Merchant and banker.

CHIPMAN, WILLIAM HENRY (son of Stephen Washburn
Chipman). Born 1834. Came to Utah 1847.

Married Eliza Filcher at American Fork, Utah (daugh-
ter of Thomas Filcher), who was born Feb. 18, 1840, in
England. Their children: W. H., m. Elizabeth Parker; S. W.,

m. Sarah Southwick; Thomas J., m. ; , m. Robert.

Booth; Jelphia, m. C. Beck; Leah; Squire, m. B. E. Adams;
Eliza, m. A. ; Maude.

CHIPMAN, THOMAS J. (son of William Henry Chipman and
Eliza Filcher). Born 1864, at American Fork, Utah.

Married Emily M. at Logan, Utah (daughter of

Eugene Alfonso and Mary Thora Millett, former came

to Utah with Captain Wheelock company, latter of Devon-
shire, Eng.). She was born 1871. Their children: Thomas
Lester b. Feb. 17, 1890; Myron H. b. Sept. 17, 1891; Glen
b. March 31, 1895; Arnold b. Dec. 27, 1901; Eugene b. Jan.
30, 1903; Frances L. b. April 5, 1909; Lucie.

Teacher; seventy. Assisted in building up American Fork.
Farmer and stockraiser.

CHISLETT, JAMES (son of James Chislett and Lucy Ridley
of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Eng.). Born July 3, 1834, at Trow-
bridge. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1862, Horton D. Haight com-

Married Mary Maria Harding Sept. 27, 1860, Wiltshire
(daughter of Edward Harding and Mary Offer of Trow-
bridge, Eng.). She was born Aug. 9, 1836. Family home
Provo, Utah.

Member 34th quorum seventies; high priest. Warper for
Provo Woolen Mills. Died May 30, 1906, Provo, Utah.

CHISHOLM, WILLIAM WALLACE (son of Robert Chisholm
of Elgin, 111.). Born June 1841 In Wisconsin. Came to
Utah in 1864.

Married Jennet Kendall in Illinois (daughter of John Ken-
dall and Lillian Grant of Polo and Galena, 111., who came
to Utah 1884). She was born Sept. 18, 1843. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Original opener of the Emma mine in Cottonwood canyon;
principal owner in Centennial Eureka; mining man. Died
March 18, 1909, Los Angeles, Cal.

CHITTOCK, SAMUEL (son of John Chittock and Ann
Bloomfield of Hopton, Suffolk, Eng.). Born 1834, Livingston,
Cambridgeshire, Eng. Came to Utah Aug. 8, 1869.

Married Margaret James Aug. 11, 1851, London, Eng.
(daughter of David James and Margaret Gewey of London).
She was born June 21, 1831. Family home 1st ward, Salt
Lake City.

General blacksmith and gardener.

CHRISTENSEN, A. C. (son of Christen Christensen and Mar-
en Andersen). Born Aug. 17, 1829, in Denmark. Came to
Utah in 1862.

Married Ane Magrete Simonsen in Utah (daughter of Ola
Simonsen of Bear River City, Utah, pioneer Oct. 28, 1866.
Andrew H. Scott company). She was born Sept. 20, 1846.
Only child: Rasmine, d. 1869. Family home Bear River City,

Ut Qrdained high priest 1895. Died April 7, 1902.

CHRISTEN SEN, ANDREW (son of Christen Andersen and
Katherine Jensen). Born Nov. 19, 1830, Copenhagen, Den-
mark. Came to Utah 1860, Oscar O. Stoddard company

Married Nellie Widenberg, Sept., 1860, Mt. Pleasant, Utah,
who was born 1839. Their children: Nichohne b. Oct. 24,
1861, m. Martin Rasmussen; Andrew b. Jan. 13 1863, m.
Caroline Larsen; David b. June 18, 1865, m. Christina Ander-
sen Sw^etf Christian b. 1868, d. child; Nephl b. Dec. 3, 1870,



m. Elsie Sorensen; Christine b. March 24. 1872, m. Frederick
Moore; Hilda b. May 19, 1874, m. Jens Larsen; Jacob and
Isaac, twins, d. infants. Family home Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Denmark. Black Hawk Indian
war veteran. Bricklayer and mason.

CHRISTENSEN, ANDREW, JR. (son of Andrew Christensen
and Nellie Widenberg). Born June 13, 1863, Mt. Pleasant,

Married Caroline Larsen Dec. 21, 1888, Castle Dale, Utah
(daughter of Hans Frederick Larsen and Julia Andersen
of Castle Dale, who came to Utah 1874). She was born May
27, 1869. Their children: Nellie b. Jan. 27, 1890, m. Alvin
Larsen; Eva b. July 12, 1892. m. Willis Ely: Andrew Emeal
b. Oct. 19. 1894; Rollen b. April 19. 1897; Nephi b. July 3,
1899; Calvin b. Oct. 2, 1901; Hug-hie and Drewie (twins) b.
Dec. 31, 1903; William G. B. b. Nov. 12, 1906: Hans Frederik
b. March 23. 1909; Julia lone b. April 17, 1912. Family home
Sunnyside, Utah.

Elder. Road supervisor of Emery county 1897; settled
at Castle Dale, where he assisted in building roads and
irrigation ditches: preparer of miners' safety lamps for
mines No. 1 and No. 4 of Utah Fuel Company.

CHRISTENSEIV. CASPER (son of Christen Hansen and Bo-
letta Marie Mathews). Born Sept. 6. 1837, Trondberg, Dru-
ning Lundsog-n, Hjorring amt. Denmark. Came to Utah 1875.

Married Maren Christensen Lund 1866. Lyngbysogn, Aal-
borg amt. Denmark (daughter of Christian and Johanna
Lund, of Terndsup, Lyngby). She was born Aug. 1, 3842, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Johannas. died;
Johanna b. Nov. 22, 1868, m. Isaac Allred; Hans C. b. Dec. 28,
1870, m. Elizabeth Christina Williams: Mary b. Jan. 16, 1873.
m. Severene Albertsen; Sena b. April 4, 1875, m. John S.
Lewis; Annie b. Nov. 14, 1877, m. John P. Nielsen; Bentena
Cecila b. Jan. 29, 1881, m. C. T. Williams; Belletta Marie b.
Aug. 26, 1883, m. Frank Pettey: Harriette Pauline b. Dec.
17, 1885. Family home Emery, Utah.

Married Johannah Maria Larson (Nielsen) Aug. 27, 1890,
Manti, Utah (daughter of John Peter Larson and Annie Ce-
cilia Bang, of Isteruttrup. Norsetranderssogn, Denmark).
She was born June 16, 1854, and came to Utah 1877. Their
children: Bertha Kistina b. June 11, 1891, m. Wilford Ervin
Wilson; Minnie b. March 17, 1893, m. Henning Benjamin Ol-
sen; Casper b. March 29. 1895: George b. Jan. 31, 1837, d.
aged 11 year's. Family home Emery.

President high priests' quorum Emery ward: bishop Em-
ery ward ten years; ward teacher. Road supervisor ten
years. Postmaster at Muddy. School trustee nine years.
Farmer, stockraiser and apiarist.

CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTEN (son of Christen Christensen
and Ane Katrine Lausen of Denmark). Born June 4, 1808,
Ostrup, Aalborg, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1862,
Christian A. Madsen company.

Married Buletta Sorensen (daughter of Soren Mortensen
and Mette Nielsen), who was born Oct. 28, 1816. Their
children: Christen b. March 11, 1843, m. Johaner Tomesen
Feb. 17, 1867; Soren b. Nov. 1, 1844, m. Karlin Nielsen Feb.
21, 1870; Niels Christian b. Feb. 6, 1847, m. Johaner Tome-
sen 1868; Anthony b. Feb. 20, 1849, m. Castine Lovell April
14, 1873; Annie b. April 26, 1851, m. Christian Anderson April
17, 1871; Mette Christene b. 1853; Lauriz'b. 1856.

CHRISTENSEN, ANTHONY (son of Christen Christensen
and Buletta Sorensen. Born Feb. 20, 1849, Ostrup, Aalborg
amt, Denmark. Came to Utah with father.

Married Castine Lovell April 14, 1873. Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Lovell and Annie Gorgenson, former pio-
neer 1850, latter Oct. 5, 1854, Hans Peter Olsen company).
She was born March 6, 1858. Their children: Christian b.
March 6, 1874, m. Mary Jacobson Nov. 28, 1897; Annie Mette
b. Dec. 17, 1876, m. Joseph Talbot Nov. 24, 1893; John A. b.
Aug. 12, 1877, m. Frances E. Horward Nov. 21, 1896: Joseph
M. b. June 7, 1880, m. Tillie Surilla Curtis June 24, 1903;
Niels H. b. Jan. 23, 1882, m. Josephine Sorenson Feb. 8, 1906;
Elizabeth S. b. Aug. 12, 1883, m. Joseph P. Collister May 16,
1907; Edward P. b. March 29, 1885, m. Ida Bennett Sept. 11,
1912; Lorenzo H. b. Jan. 2, 1887; Willard R. b. March 10.
1889; Albert C. b. Sept. 2, 1891; Silva B. b. Nov. 4, 1894; Mary
Pearl b. Feb. 26. 1896; Hilda C. b. Sept. 1, 1898; Anthony L.
b. March 18, 1904. Family home Oak City, Utah.

Member council 3d quorum seventies and became its sen-
ior president Feb. 1, 1909; Sunday school superintendent
1888-91; missionary to Denmark 1891-93; home missionary at
Scipio in 1906.

CHRISTENSEN, FREDERIK. Born in 1824, near Copenha-
gen. Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 1862, Capt. Van Cott

Married Dorthea Sophia Thiessen about 1848 in Denmark.
Their children: Anna Sophia b. Nov. 8, 1849, m. James Jen-
sen; Soren S. b. 1851, m. Cammila Olsen.

First counselor to president of Bear River branch of Box

CHRISTENSEN, HANS (son of Christen Larsen, born Aug.
18, 1805, Gunderup, Hjorring, Denmark and Gjertrud Hans-
datter. born Oct. 2, 1808, Rakkeby, Hjorring, Denmark, mar-
ried in 1836). He was born Feb. 20, 1840, Rakkeby, Den-
mark. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1862, John R. Murdock com-

Married Johanne Marie Poulsen Feb. 1, 1863, Pleasant
Grove, Utah (daughter of Peder Jensen Poulsen and Sidsel
Kathrine Andersen, pioneers Sept. 23, 1862, Christian A.
Madsen company). She was born May 28, 1840 and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: John b. Nov. 2, 1863, m.
Francety Butler July 21, 1898; Joh&nne M. b. Sept. 20. 1865,
m. Joseph Ogden March 25, 1885; Joseph H. b. Feb. 11, 1868,
m. Emma H. Avery Dec. 1, 1909; Heber C. b. May 11, 1870,
m. Annie Peterson April 10, 1901; Emma C. b. Jan. 14, 1872;
Laura G. b. Sept. 14, 1873, d. child; Willard M. b. June 26,
1875, d. child: Christian P. b. July 1, 1877, m. Alice Oeden
Oct. 8, 1903; Orson F. b. Oct. 6. 1879. m. Josephine Jones O-.t.

10, 1904; William D. b. April 15, 1882, m. Josephine Petersen
Nov. 10, 1909. Family resided Milton, Huntsville and Rich-
field, Utah.

Married Johanne Kathrine Jensen July 17, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jens Christien and Christine Jensen),
who was born June 22, 1857, Fladesogn, Denmark. Their
children: Christine M. b. March 14, 1878, d. child; Henry L. b.
Nov. 23, 1879; James L. b. Nov. 25, 1881; Clarence H. b. March

11, 1884, m. Clara Filmore Feb. 16, 1910; Leonard B. b. April
11, 1886; Eleanora b. Sept. 25, 1888, died: Arthur O. b. Oct.
24, 1893; Irvin M. b. Feb. 9, 1898. Family home Rlchfleld,

Member high council Sevier stake 1877-1903; missionary
to Scandinavia; ward clerk 1st ward Richfield 1877-89;
president of the Scandinavia organization of L. D. S. Church
at Richfield since 1895. Farmer and mechanic.

CHRISTEIVSE1V. JENS MOLLER (son of Christen Andersen
and Ane Magrete Jensen). Born Jan. 8. 1846. Hornstrup,
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1867, Leonard G. Rice inde-
pendent company.

Married Ane Kerstlne Zakariesen June 23, 1867. on board
ship "Manhattan." She was born Nov. 4, 1841. Their chil-
dren: James M. b. Oct. 27, 1868, m. Elizabeth Bradley; Al-
fred b. Nov. 16, 1870, m. Dora Hansen; Andrew b. Dec. 20,
1872, died; Maryan b. Feb. 28. 1875; Lorenzo b. June 30, 1877,
m. Hilma Carlson; Eleanora b. Jan. 4, 1880 (died), m. Harry

Married Petra Sophia Andersen Oct. 11, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Andreas Anderson and Christina Freder-
ika Sorrnscn of Aarhuus, Denmark). She was born May 31,
1868. and came to Utah July 9. 1883. Their children: John
Franklin b. Aug. 11, 1886: Anna Cornelia b. June 27, 1888;
Rosanna b. Sept. 6, 1890, died; Sadie Orrila b. Aug. 1, 1892;
Vivian Miller b. Dec. 21, 1894; Harry Miller b. Aug. 17, 1897;
Pearl Luetta b. March 18, 1900; George Milton b. Nov. 28.
1902, died; Vera Leona b. July 14, 1905. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Missionary 1864-67 and 1881-83: presided over Scandina-
vian mission 1905-07; secretary and superintendent Sunday
school at Moroni; member high council of North San Pete
1874-77; counselor to Bishops E. T. Ashton and J. W. Bond
of 15th ward Salt Lake City; counselor in presidency of
high priests' quorum Salt Lake stake. Mayor of Moroni
three terms; justice of peace. Director Harriman Land &
Livestock company: president of J. M. Christensen Produce
company. Miner; sheepralser; merchant and farmer.

CHRISTENSEN, L,. A. (son of Christen Christensen and Mar-
en Andersen). Born Dec. 1, 1843, in Denmark. Came to Utah
Jan. 1868.

M&rried Sevilla May Nov. 16, 1876, in Utah (daughter of
George W. May and Ane Cathrina Kjellerup, former came
to Utah 1880, latter 1873, settled at Hyrum). She was born
March 11, 1848, and came to Utah 1871. Their children:
Andrew Elijah, m. Myrtle Conley; Ezra Christen: Eugenia C..
m. Sidney Alvis; Lev! Alphonso; Albert Seville, d. April 6,
1892. Family resided Bear River City and Newton, Utah.

Ordained high priest May 1. 1904, by Samuel Roskelley.
Assisted to build railroads in Idaho.

CHRISTENSEN, LARS (son of Lars Rasmussen of Denmark).
Born 1826, Odense. Denmark. Came to Utah 1861.

Married Metta Christensen 1861, Omaha. Neb. (daughter of
Soren Christensen of Denmark, pioneer 1861). She was born
1846. Their children: Lars, m. Miss Olsen; Soren X., m.
Clara Glazier; Charles, m. Miss Condland; Joseph, m. Miss
Andersen; Hyrum: Lena, m. Mr. Bagnall; Hannah, m. Mr.
Bagnall; E. R.; Eliza, m. Mr. Allsop. Family home Mount
Pleasant, Utah.

Seventy; high priest; bishop's counselor. Contractor.
Died 1904 Chester, Utah.

CHRISTENSEN. SOREN X. (son of Lars and Metta Christen-
sen). Born Jan. 29, 1866, at Mount Pleasant.

Married Clara Glazier April 30. 1885, Provo, Utah (daugh-
ter of Orin and Miranda M. Glazier of Provo, pioneers 1848).
She was born March 1866. Their children: Dennis b. May
14, 1886, m. Delia Moore; Earl b. Sept. 24, 1888; Lorus O. b.
May 24, 1890, m. Miss Anderson. Family home Salt Lake

Attorney at law.

Christensen, born Nov. 22, 1807, of Llndahl amt, Sjaelland
Island, Denmark, and Maren Andersen, born March 27, 1803,
of Ugilt amt. Sjaelland). He was born Jan. 30, 1832, Gleen-
sholt. Sjaelland. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1857.



Married Christlane S. Christensen Oct. 13, 1859. Their
children: Anton b. Sept. 17, 1860, m. Maren Hansen; Mary
L. b. Nov. 14, 1862, m. Chrest Peterson; Emma Margaret b.
June 10, 1865, m. Alvin Slander; Lars C. b. April 21, 1868,
m. Emilie Jorgrensen; Erastus b. Feb. 24, 1871, m. Emma
Larsen; Anna Marie b. Feb. 22, 1873, m. Isaac Burnhope;
Orson Lorenzo b. Nov. 21, 1875, d. Sept. 3, 1892. Family
home Bear River City, Utah.

Bishop's counselor many years. Died Jan. 19, 1903.

CHRISTENSEN, LARS NIELS (son of Niels Christiansen,
born 1775, Meleby, Frederiksborg-, Denmark, and Ellen Jor-
gensen, born Sept. 9, 1792, Evetofte, Frederiksborg, Den-
mark, married Oct. 4, 1811). He was born Aug. 11, 1812.
Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1868, John G. Holman company.

Married Maren Kirstena Jorgensen (daughter of Jorgen
Nielson and Karen Hansen, married 1817, Craguma, Fred-
eriksborg amt). She was born Feb. 3, 1818. Their children:
Karen Marie b. Jan. 8, 1853, m. Peter C. Jensen Aug. 16,
1876; Bertha Katrina b. Aug. 1, 1854; Dorthea b. Jan. 21,
1856; Anna C. Jan. 21, 1856; Jeppa J. b. Feb. 26, 1859. Fam-
ily resided Brigham City and Newton, Utah.

Married Karen Margretta Larson April, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Hans Larson and Karen Petersen, mar-
ried 1838 at Meleby, Frederiksborg amt). She was born
Jan. 9-, 1839, at Meleby, Denmark. Their children: Lorenzo
b. Dec. 1, 1872; Caroline Marie b. Nov. 30, 1875; Elizabeth
M. b. Dec. 19, 1876.

Presided over Scandinavian organization of Newton ward
several years. Died Sept. 10, 1890, Newton, Utah.

CHRISTENSEN, LARS PETER (son of Christen Larsen,
born Aug. 18, 1805, Vreilev sogn. Hjorring amt, Denmark,
and Gjertrud Hansdatter, born Oct. 2, 1808, Rakkeby, Hjor-
ring amt). He was born Jan. 17, 1837, Vreilev, Denmark.
Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1861, Samuel A. Woolley independent

Married Anne Marie N. Lee May 16, 1861 (daughter of
Christian Nielsen Lee and Inger Magensen, former died
1865, Vreilev sogn, Denmark, latter a pioneer 1866). She
was born Oct. 31, 1840, and came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Peter b. Sept. 25, 1862, m. Isabell D. Young;
Christian b. Sept. 3, 1864, d. Oct. 2, 1876; Annie Christina
b. Oct. 7, 1866, m. Joseph H. Thurber; Joseph L. b. June 26,
1868, m. Julia Rasmussen; Emma Gjertrud b. Nov. 14, 1870,
d. Nov. 20, 1876; Martha b. July 28, 1873, d. Jan. 9, 1877;
Sarah b. March 17, 1876, m. H. J. Hansen; Alma b. June 27,

1878, m. Emily F. Moore. Family resided Farmington and
North Kayscreek, Utah.

Married Ane Marie (Mary) Petersen Sept. 8, 1866, Milton,
Utah (daughter of Soren Petersen and Ane Magrethe Bal-
tyersen, pioneers Sept. 5, 1863, John F. Sanders company).
She was born Dec. 6, 1847, near Aarhuus, Denmark. Their
children: George b. July 4, 1867, m. Hannah Eliza Green;
Hyrum' S. b. Sept. 26, 1869, m. Elisabet Maria Hansen;
Printha Levina b. Oct. 5, 1871, m. M. L. Brown; Ane Elisa
b. April 30, 1874, m. John W. Ross; William Wester b. Oct.
7, 1876, m. Minerva Jensen; Maggie Mathilda b. July 10,

1879, m. Hans P. Hansen April 26, 1899; Mary Rebecca b.
July 7, 1884, m. John James Barton; Leo Carlos b. Feb. 21,
1887; Chester Hugh b. Oct. 24, 1889. Family resided Milton
and Richfleld, Utah.

Married Karen J. A. Jacobsen Dec. 13, 1883, Richfield
(daughter of Andreas Jacobsen and Helena Larsen, former
died 1888, in Denmark, latter came to Utah 1892, and died
April 25, 1908). She was born Nov. 27, 1863, Astrup, Den-
mark. Their children: Helena b. June 13, 1885, m. R.
Albern Allen; Lehi Peter b. Jan. 22, 1887; May Esther b.
Dec. 25, 1888; Nephi Wilford b. Sept. 18, 1892; Heber Miller
b. May 30, 1894, d. July 18, 1902; Mathew b. May 11, 1899,
d. Oct. 26, 1899; Andrew b. May 11, 1899, d. Sept. 23, 1899;
Ellen Vilate b. Nov. 23, 1903. Family home Richfleld, Utah.

Presided over Milton branch of L. D. S. church ten years;
counselor to Charles Peterson at that place; first counselor
to Bishop Poul Poulsen of 1st ward 12 years; missionary
to Denmark 1881-83, and president of Hjorring and Aalborg
branches each one year. Captain in Utah militia. Settled
at Milton 1863, and engaged in blacksmithing, farming and
sawmilling; furnished ties and timber for U. P. R. R.
Moved to Richfleld 1875, and there joined the United Order
and was elected a member of the board, and later its

CHRISTENSEN, NIELS (son of Chresten Andersen, born
1808, Rorbek, Jutland, Denmark, and Matte Marie Ander-
sen, born Dec. 5, 1809, Jutland, Denmark). He was born
July 11, 1842, Hvilsom, Jutland. Came to Utah 1864, Sharp
and Spencer company.

Married Ane Marie Nielsen (daughter of Soren Nielsen
and Ane Margrete Nielsen, pioneers Aug. 26, 1864). She
was born Nov. 2, 1850. Their children: Niels Christian b.
April 5, 1868, m. Tomine Marie Thompsen Feb. 26, 1890;
Margaret Mariane b. May 6, 1870, m. Anton Nielsen Nov. 11,
1889; Ephraim Erastus b. Feb. 24, 1872, d. Nov. 22, 1894;
Joseph Hyrum b. June 2, 1874, m. Hannah Thompsen 1898;
Andrew Burten b. Oct. 27, 1876, m. Martine Mickelsen May
6, 1896; Delsine Eleonore b. Dec. 4, 1878, d. March 31, 1892;
Dianthe Sophia b. Jan. 9, 1881, d. July 2, 1896; Peter Rudolph
b. Nov. 25, 1883; James Marion b. March 24, 1886, m. Dor-
thelle Hansen June 29, 1910; John Precious b. Aug. 12, 1888,
d. 1888. Family home Salina, Utah.

High priest. Farmer and blacksmith.

tensen and Ane Maria Nielsen). Born April 5, 1868, Ephraim,

Married Tomine Marie Thompsen Feb. 26, 1890, Manti,
Utah (daughter of Lars Peter and Kirsten Thompsen),
who was born Dec. 23, 1869, Vendsyssel, Denmark. Their
children: Niels Edward b. Jan. 4, 1891; James b. Feb 1893-
Tomine b. Sept. 1895; Walter b. Aug. 1898; Irene b. 1901:
Ephraim b. 1907. Family home Salina, Utah

Elder. Miner; train repairer.

CHRISTENSEN, NIELS (son of Christen Nielsen and Anne
Marie Johansen of Stabrand, Randers amt, Denmark). Born
Dec. 11, 1816, Stabrand, Denmark. Came to Utah 1860

Married Christine . Their children: Christian

b. 1843, m. Karen ; Christen b. 1845, m. Mina Peter-
sen; Anna Marie b. 1847; Niels b. 1849, m. Anna Petersen.
Family home Stabrand, Denmark.

Married Christine Johansen, who was born in Denmark.
Their children; Joseph; Sophia b. Dec. 17, 1862, m. Lars
Sorensen; Dorthe Christiane b. Aug. 8, 1864, m. Joseph Bar-
stow; Samuel b. 1866; John b. 1868.

Married Christene Andersen Nov. 7, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Anders Larsen and Kristen Petersen), who
was born Oct. 28, 1843, in Denmark. Their children: An-
drew b. May 23, 1865, m. Aldine C. Wilson 1889; Mary Anne
Christene b. Sept. 2, 1867, m. Joseph J. Jensen 1889; Ezra
b. July 18, 1869, m. May Killian 1900; Heber b. Aug. 25, 1871,
m. Emma Nielson 1897; Joseph b. March 19, 1873; Hyrum
b. Dec. 25, 1875, m. Lucy C. Wilson 1899; Nephi Levi b. Nov.
21, 1877; Wilford M. b. Oct. 24, 1879, m. Harriet Birdie Bates
Oct. 11, 1904; Orsen b. May 14, 1891. Family resided Hyrum,

High priest.

CHRISTENSEN, WILFORD M. (son of Niels Christensen
and Christene Andersen). Born Oct. 24, 1879, at Hyrum.

Married Harriet Birdie Bates Oct. 11, 1904, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ormes Eaton Bates and Augusta Eleason,
pioneers 1862-63 respectively). She was born Dec. 8, 1886,
Hyrum, Utah. Their children: Leatha b. Sept. 7, 1905;
Harriet Lorrain b. May 11, 1907; Alice Augusta b. April
24, 1909; Genevieve Christene b. April 24, 1911. Family
home Goshen, Bingham county, Idaho.

Missionary to Copenhagen 1900-03; member high council
Blackfoot stake 1904; bishop Goshen ward 1906.

CHRISTENSEN, NEILS C. Born Feb. 6, 1832, Taars parish,
Hjorring amt, Denmark. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Bertie Marie Sornson Nov. 11, 1853, in Denmark
(daughter of Hans Sornson). Their children: Mary Ann, m.
Carl C. Johnson; Hannah M., m. Joseph Newbold. Family
home Smithfleld, Utah.

Member 64th quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark;
high priest; high councilor; Sunday school superintendent.
Farmer. Died April, 1898, Lyman, Idaho.

CHRISTENSEN, PETER (son of Christian and Annie Cath-
aline Christensen). Born Aug. 26, 1833, Jutland, Denmark.
Came to Utah in 1860.

Married Sophia M. Christensen 1852, North Bend, Utah
(daughter of Christian Christensen and Ana Sophia Soren-
sen of Orep, Copenhagen, Denmark, pioneers 1860). She

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