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1897; David Robert b. Sept. 3, 1876, m. Martha Jane Cooley
Jan. 24, 1901.

High priest; seventy; chorister of Newton ward 40 years.
Justice of peace; school trustee three terms. Blacksmith.

CLARKE, FRANCIS (son of Thomas Clarke, born March
23, 1799, Lambourne, Essex, Eng., and Mary Ann Brown,
born March 1, 1811, London, Eng., married April, 1837,
London). He was born Jan. 1, 1840, Upminster, Essex, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, Mllo Andrus company.

Married Harriet Elvira Teeples March 28, 1867 (daughter
of George B. Teeples and Huldah Colby; pioneers July 24,
1847, Brigham Young company). She was born Oct. 15,
1830. Their children: Francis b. June 4, 1869, m. Mary Ann
Lindsay May 31, 1893; Thomas B. b. Nov. 3, 1872, m. Mary
Atkinson 1897. Family home Eden, Utah.

Missionary to Great Britain 1893-95; teacher and clerk
of Eden ward; high priest. Justice of peace at Eden 1893.
Hauled freight across the plains with oxteams in 1863.
Secretary and treasurer Eden Irrigation Company 1878-94.

CLARKE, JOHN H. Born April 9, 1831, Lambeth, Surrey,
London, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1855, Richard Bal-
lantyne company.

Married Elizabeth Heaver Feb. 1854, in London (daughter
of Benjamin Heaver of London). Their children: Cath-
erine, m. Daniel Louis Hoopes; Elizabeth, m. A. A. Allen;
Emily, m. Charles W. Knudsen; Emeline, m. Thomas Pres-
ton; Annie, m. William Preston; Herbert, died; Albert, d.
aged nine years; Evelyn, m. Thomas Preston. Family home
Weston, Idaho.

Member 88th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1889-91; bishop. Mgr. Weston co-op. Died May, 1904, at

CLARK, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Clark of Worcestershire
Eng.). Born July 26, 1825, in Worcestershire. Came to
Utah 1852.

Married Jane Stephens 1852, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, who

CLAWSON, HIRAM BRADLEY (son of Zepheniah Clawson
and Catherine Reese of Utica, N. T.). Born 1826, Utica.
Came to Utah fall of 1848.

Married Ellen Curtis Spencer March 18, 1850, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Orson Spencer and Catherine Curtis of
Canaan Center, Conn.; former came to Utah 1849, captain
of his own company, latter died en route). Their children:
Hiram Bradley; Spencer; Edna; Ardelle; Georgia; Edith;
Ivie; Winnie; Ruby. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 17th quorum seventies. Diplomatic missionary
in Salt Lake City and elsewhere 1855-77. First treasurer
Salt Lake City. Adjutant-general Nauvoo Legion. First
superintendent Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution.
Died March 29, 1912, Salt Lake City.



CLAWSON, SPENCER (son of Hiram Bradley Clawson and
Ellen Curtis Spencer). Born Aug. 15, 1852, Salt Lake City.

Married Nabbie Howe Young Feb. 15, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Brigham Young and Clarissa Decker,
pioneers July 24, 1847). She was born March 22, 1852, died
1894. Their children: Spencer; Claire, m. Chauncey Mott
Benedict; Curtis; Grace; John; Neels.

Was buyer for the Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Insti-
tution in New York City for many years. Wholesale dry
goods merchant. Prominent In political affairs of Salt Lake
City. Secretary Utah exhibit at the Lewis and Clark Cen-
tennial Exposition at Portland, Ore., 1905. Associated with
many industrial companies. Large real estate owner. Or-
ganizer and first secretary of the association for the pres-
ervation of relics of the pioneer days.

b. Jan. 15, 1885, m. Bessie Widdesson; Phyllis b. June 28
H H m ' - e i S ^f ?o n Pettit; Susan A ' b - Dec - 24 ' 1891 ; Alonzo

H H -i o n ' - - '

H. b. April 25, 1893; Ruth b. Aug. 16, 1895, d. infant; Wil-

liam A. b. Aug. 30, 1897. Family home Salt Lake City,


CLAWSON, MOSES. Married Sarah Inkley at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Inkley, of Lincolnshire, Eng.).
Their children: Georgiana, m. Henry Elliot; Joseph, m.
Kate Gordon; Samuel, died; Charles M., m. Annie Fryer;
Lola and Sarah, both died; Julia, m. Joseph Poulson; Henry;
Lena, m. Clayton Brimhall; Lydia, m. James Lamb; Leslie;
Rosa, died. Family home Toquerville, Utah.

High priest; in prison with the prophet. Died in June,


Married Frances Higginbottam. Among their children
were: Mary Ann, m. Charles L. Rodebeck Oct. 16, 1872, and
John b. Oct. 20, 1852, m. Elizabeth Tonks Aug. 13, 1874.
Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

CLAYTON, JOHN (son of Albert Clayton and Frances Hig-
ginbottam). Born Oct. 20, 1852, Sheffield, Eng.

Married Elizabeth Tonks Aug. 13, 1874, Morgan, Utah
(daughter of William and Martha Tonks of England). Their
children: Elizabeth, m. John McAffee; John, m. Vinnie
Toone; Amelia Louisa, m. Oswald Wilde; Joseph Alfred,
m. Edith Davis; Frances Lillian, m. David Reese; Charles
Raymond; Alveretta Gertrude; Albert Marlln; Luella Nadine.
Family home Morgan, Utah.

Railroad engineer.

CLAYTON, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Clayton and Ann
Critchlow of Manchester, Eng.). Born July 14, 1814, Pres-
ton, Lancashire, Eng. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Augusta Braddock Oct. B, 1850, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Braddock and Ann Reid of Bedford,
Bedfordshire, Eng., pioneers Nov. 19, 1848, Willard Richards
company). She was born Nov. 24, 1833. Their children:
Walter Alfred, died; Nephi Willard, b. Oct. 8, 1855, m. Jane
Thomas; m. Sybella White Young- June 26, 1884; Carrie
Gladys, m. Frank Amasa Lyman; Albert Cassus; Daniel
John, d. child; Rose, m. O. S. Jackson. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Married Sarah Walters. Only child: Archer Walters, b.
April 10, 1858, m. Susan Ann Whipple.

Died Dec. 4, 1879, Salt Lake City.

CLAYTON, NEPHI WILLARD (son of William Clayton and
Augusta Braddock). Born Oct. 8, 1856, at Salt Lake City.

Married Jane Thomas at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Jacob and Ann Thomas, pioneers Levi Richards company).
Divorced from Jane Thomas 1883. Their children: Nephi
Willard b. March 25, 1880, m. Annie Margaret Jaenich June
26, 1906; Lafayette b. May 11, 1881, m. Hilda Stromburg
Nov. 29, 1908. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Sybella White Young June 26, 1884 at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Lucus Lyman Johnson of Springfield,
Mass., and Margarette McMinn of Philadelphia, Pa.,
pioneers Nov. IB, 1866, Mathew White company). She was
born Jan. 27, 1854. Their children: Sybella White b. Oct.
3, 1886, m. W. S. Bassett; Charles Comstock b. April 27,
1889, m. Lydia Knudsen; Lawrence b. March 1, 1890; Irving
Emerson b. Dec. 29, 1892; Robert McMinn b. May 4, 1894.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 124th quorum seventies. Territorial librarian and
recorder of marks and brands 1876; auditor of public ac-
counts of the territory 1879-90; member of staffs of Gov-
ernors Caleb W. West and Heber M. Wells; Mgr. Inland
Crystal Salt Company 1898; organized and promoted the
Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway Company, and Saltair
Beach Company, and served as its president and manager;
president Clayton Inv. Company; president Consolidated
Music Company 1904; president of the Delray Salt Co. at
Detroit, Mich. ; president Utah Sulphur Company; owner of
Syndicate Insurance Company; president and owner Clayton
Land and Cattle Company; director Utah State National
Bank. President and owner N. W. Clayton Company.

CLAYTON, ARCHER WALTERS (son of William Clayton
and Sarah Walters). Born April 10, 1858, Utah.

Married Susan Ann Whipple May 26, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nelson Wheeler Whipple, pioneer 1848, and
Susan Ann Gay, pioneer 1851, Capt. Brown company). She
was born Nov. 3, 1864, at Salt Lake City. Their children:
Archer Lynne b. July 7, 1883, m. Marie Sorenson; Don Carlos

CLEGG, BENJAMIN (son of Joseph Clegg and Mary Ogden)

nt r M ei ftdV V 827 ' ^ m - Lancashire 6 ! ng Came To Utah
Oct. 28, 1849, Ezra T. Benson company

Married Elizabeth Dodd April, 1850, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Dodd, of Bilenea Lin-
colnshire, Eng.). She was born Aug. 1, 1813. Their chil-
dren: Frances Amelia b . Sept. 2, 1852, m. Moroni Pickett;
Eliza b. April 9, 1856, m. Jonathan H. Hale

Married Grace Mclntyre Dec., 1853, Salt Lake City (daugh-
?v t ?u l Mclnt y re and Agnes McCole). Their children:
Elizabeth Mary; Benjamin; Peter Mclntyre; Agnes; Grace
Lihous. Family home Tooele, Utah

Prt^&ajifc i a 9 n ol has lived there 66 years - High

CLEGG PETER McINTYRE (son of Benjamin Clegg and
Grace Mclntyre). Born Oct. 15, 1859, at Tooele

Married Edith M. Atkin Jan. 27, 1886, at Tooele, (daughter
of Thomas Atkin and Mary Ann Maughan), who was born
Oct. 30, 1864, at Tooele. Their children: Zella b Sept


Prominent business man at Tooele. President Tooele
County State Bank.

CLEGG, HENRY (son of Henry Clegg and Ellen Cordwell)
Born June 7, 1825, Preston, Lancashire, Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 25, 1855, Richard Baliantyne company.

Married Hannah Easton in 1848 at Preston. She was born
1825 and died en route to Utah. Their children- Israel
m. Verona Noakes; Thomas and James, died.

Married Ann Lewis Dec. 3, 1855, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Lewis and Ann John of Cardiff, Wales, former
pioneer Sept. 30, 1854, Darwin Richardson company, latter
died). She was born June 25, 1836, and died April 11 1913
Their children: John Henry, m. Martha Smith; William
Jonathan, m. Jacobina Murdock; Fredrick L., m. Emma Caro-
line Luke; Lewis and Franklin, died; Amelia A., m. Liv-
ingstone Montgomery; Juventa, m. Frederick J. Tullidge-
Cardwell, died; Brigham, m. Cloe Pearl Huffaker; Carlie, m!
D. Alonzo Tidwell; Henrietta, died. Family resided at
Heber and Springville, Utah.

Married Margaret A. Griffiths May, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Griffiths, born July 7, 1810, and Marga-
ret Griffiths of London, Eng., former pioneer Nov. 30, 1856

Edward Martin company). She was born Aug. 25, '

Their children: Thomas G., m. Rachel A. Sessions; Herbert L
m. Sarah C. Smith; Margaret, died; Henry J., m. Ella Chat-
win; Hannah M., m. E. J. Cummings; George A., m. Sarah E
Giles; Charles D., m. Martha Niel; Heber, Josephus, Levl,
latter three died; Jane E., m. Edward A. Jones. Family
home Heber, Utah.

Member 20th quorum seventies; Sunday school superin-
tendent; bishop; stake clerk; high councilor. Justice of
peace; school teacher. Shoe manufacturer; merchant. Died
Aug. 30, 1894.

CLEGG, WILLIAM JONATHAN (son of Henry Clegg and
Ann Lewis). Born May 6, 1859, Springville, Utah.

Married Jacobina Wells Osborne Murdock Dec. 2, 1880,
Salt Lake City (daughter of John Murray Murdock and
Ann Steel of Heber City, Utah, pioneers Sept. 3, 1852, Abra-
ham O. Smoot company). She was born Nov. 7, 1860. Their
children: Tillie b. Sept. 24, 1881, died; Anna Isabella b May
20, 1883, m. Albert Holdaway; Jacobina b. Nov. 13, 1881;
Janetta Juventa b. Oct. 27, 1886, m. Joseph W. McDonald;
William Francis b. Nov. 20, 1888, m. Geneva Aston; John
Wallace b. Nov. 20, 1888; Mellicent b. Sept. 18, 1890; Lewis
b. Feb. 11, 1892; Jay Osborne b. Jan. 9, 1894; Elinora b. Jan.
6, 1896; Henry Murray b. Sept. 3, 1897; Brigham Otis b.
July 7, 1899; Mary Merona b. July 7, 1899; Joseph Heber b.
June 15, 1901; Thomas Edwin b. Sept. 27, 1903. Family home
Vineyard, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Member band during Black Hawk
war; assisted in building the first roads in Wasatch and
Utah counties; ran shingle-mill in Daniel's canyon 1874.
Farmer, stockraiser and miner.

CLEGG, FREDERICK L. (son of Henry Clegg and Ann
Lewis). Born Aug. 6, 1861, Springville.

Married Emma Caroline Luke Nov. 30, 1882, Heber City
(daughter of Henry Luke and Harriet Luce, former of Man-
chester, Eng., pioneer 1853, latter of Maine, U. S. A., a pio-
neer Oct., 1852, Capt. Walker company). She was born
Aug. 29, 1861, Heber City. Their children: Lucetta b. May
3, 1883, m. Fred Kohler; Mary P. b. Sept. 3, 1884; Florence b.
March 10, 1886; Caddie and Carrie (twins) b. June 22, 1887.
latter four died; Frederick W. b. Oct. 5, 1889; Henry b.
Jan. 31, 1891; Lula b. Oct. 16, 1892; A. Luke b. April 25,
1894; Columbia b. Oct. 9, 1895; Guy b. April 23, 1897, died;
Martello b. Dec. 25, 1898; Rue L. b. Oct. 1, 1900; Juanita b.
March 8, 1902; Russell b. Dec. 24, 1903, died; Reed Kenneth
b. June 27, 190V; Genevieve b. Jan. 3, 1909. Family home
Heber, Utah.

Probation officer; justice of peace in Wasatch county:
city councilman; road supervisor. Contractor, farmer and



CLEGG, JONATHAN (son of Henry Clegg of Preston, Lan-
cashire, Eng.). Born Feb. 26, 1817, near Preston, Lan-
cashire, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin
handcart company.

Married Ellen Wombsley at Preston. She was born Jan.
8, 1817. Came to Utah with husband. Their children:
James, m. Mary Ann; William, m. Louisa Gettings; Alice,
m. Robert Broadbent; Henry, m. Christina Benson; Mar-
garet Ellen, m. William Baynes. Family home Heber City,

High priest. Drum major and bandmaster. Pioneer of
Heher City 1859. Died Jan. 11, 1901, at Heber City, Utah.

CLEGG, ISAAC (son of Thomas Clegg and Ann Passey).
Born Dec. 25, 1836, Manchester, Eng. Came to Utah 1860.

Married Dora Jackman Oct. 28, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Permeno Adams Jackman and Phoebe Lodema
Merrill of New York state, pioneers 1847). She was born
June 11, 1855. Their children: Luella, m. Charles Jackson;
Dora Annie, m. Benjamin Leroy Rich; Chloe Elbina, m.
Richard Osborn; Isaac, m. Susie Porter; Permeno Adams, d.
infant; Thomas, d. infant; Duane, d. Infant. Family home
Rexburg, Idaho.

Seventy at Rexburg. Shoe merchant. Died Aug. 6, 1890.

CLEMENTS, ALBERT NEPHI (son of Albert Clements and
Ada Winchell, born 1801, both of Warren county, N. T.;
married 1820). He was born in 1842, Hancock county, 111.
Came to Utah Nov., 1852, Warren Snow company.

Married Elizabeth Boice Aug. 20, 1865, Oxford, Idaho
(daughter of John Boice and Mary Ann Barzee, pioneers
1852), who was born in 1850. Their children: Albert Nephl
b. July 22, 1867; Mary Ann b. March 3, 1869, m. J. G. Sant
June 28, 1883; Elizabeth Jane b. Dec. 3, 1870, m. G. F. Wil-
liams Nov. 11, 1886; Nephi David b. May 16, 1872; Isabelle b.
Feb. 12, 1874, m. George Kingford Jan. 8, 1890; Ada Rebecca
b. June 28, 1875, m. John Buckley Jan. 20, 1893; Louisa
Torphna b. April 11, 1877, m. John McCoy June 13, 1898;
Electa May b. Feb. 9, 1879, m. Edmund Buckley March, 1895;
Racheal Sophia b. Dec. 24, 1880, m. Samuel Kennington
1899; John Benjamin b. Feb. 21, 1883; Esther Alveria b. Feb.
12, 1885; Dora Lucy b. Feb. 5, 1887, m. John Jensen April 17,
1905; Isaac Milo b. Jan. 28, 1895. Family home Oxford, Idaho.

Married Laura Georgeson Sept. 18, 1886, at Logan (daugh-
ter of Niels Georgeson and Johanna Kofoed, pioneers 1854).
She was born May 21, 1868, Weston, Idaho. Their children:
Niels William b. Jan. 30, 1888; Alice Alvira b. Sept. 3, 1891,
m. George Barzee Jan. 5, 1910; John G. b. May 25, 1894;
Ambrose G. b. March 1, 1896; Orris b. Nov. 20, 1897; Ellas G.
b. Jan. 23, 1904; Clifford G. b. Dec. 8, 1905; Norma G. b. Nov.
28, 1907; Owen G. b. May 24, 1901; Leora b. Nov. 9, 1902.
Family home Oxford ward, Idaho.

Assisted to bring immigrants to Utah; president deacons'
quorum three years; member high council Oneida stake 25
years; home missionary.

CLEMENTS, JOSEPH. Born Sept. 27, 1817, New Jersey.
Came to Utah in 1855, Independent company.

Married Margaret Donaldson, who was born Jan. 4, 1837.
They had several children, one of whom was: Mary Jane
b. 1854, m. William B. Wood 1872. Family resided at Miners-
ville and Frisco, Utah.

Shoemaker, farmer and stockraiser. Died July 15, 1880,
Hay Springs, Beaver county, Utah.

CLIPT, GEORGE W. (son of George W. Clift, born 1793 in
Ohio, and Lovia Farley, born at Greenbrier, Va.). He was
born Feb. 24, 1817, Saunec, White county. 111. Came to
Utah Oct. 5, 1850.

Married Amanda C. Faucett July 9, 1844 (daughter of John
Faucett), who was born Aug. 8, 1827. Their children:
Eliza J. b. Jan. 25, 1846, m. Joseph Phelps; Ellen F. b. July
8, 1849, m. Ira N. Jacob; George A. b. April 12, 1851, m. Sarah
H. Alexander May 3, 1875; Amanda Jane b. Jan. 19, 1854, m.
Jess McCarl; Alzina b. Aug. 29, 1856, m. David Marchant;
John E. b. April 14, 1859, m. Laura Wadkins; Mary M. b.
May 7, 1861, m. John Wadkins, Jr.; Madora b. Aug. 27, 1862,
m. W. J. Wilson; Vilete b. Nov. 29. 1868, m. Joseph Stevens;
Francis E. b. April 1, 1871. Family resided Provo, Alpine
and Midway, Utah.

High priest; member Joseph Smith's body-guard. Indian
war veteran. Died Sept. 5, 1895.

CLIFT, GEORGE A. (son of George W. Cllft and Amanda C.
Faucett). Born April 12, 1851, Provo, Utah.

Married Sarah H. Alexander May 3, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry S. Alexander and Sarah Miles), who
was born Oct. 11, 1856, Genoa, Nev. Their children:
Sarah Stella b. Aug. 11, 1876, m. Fred Hicken June 7, 1896;
Lelia Luella b. July 6, 1879, m. Alfred T. Bond April 14,
1898; George A. b. June 2, 1881; Ida A. b. June 30, 1883, m.
Isaac McDonald Oct., 1901; Henry M. b. May 6, 1886; Ruby
M. b. April 5, 1888, m. Eugene A. Land May 12, 1908; Hazel
D. b. March 20, 1890, m. Everett G. Ward, Jan. 9, 1911; Wil-
liam G. b. July 11, 1895; Frankie J. b. Aug. 7, 1898. Family
home Heber City, Utah.

Bishop's counselor; missionary to southern states two
years. Black Hawk war veteran.

CLIFTON, JOHN (son of George Clifton born 1800, Dunham,
Nottinghamshire, Eng., and Martha Doe). Born March 31,
1829, Normanton, Eng. Came to Utah Sept 13, 1861, Joseph
Home company.

Married Hannah Pettinger Nov. 26, 1851 (daughter of
James Pettinger and Elizabeth Marshall), who was born
August, 1827, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Elizabeth b. July 31, 1852, m. John P. Passey; George b. Oct.
21, 1854, m. Alice Neat; Heber James b. March 5, 1857, m.
Ann Parker; Mary Ann b. March 25, 1859, m. Samuel Humph-
reys; Hannah Martha b. May 12, 1864, m. Samuel Humph-
reys; John Henry b. Nov. 11, 1867, m. Elizabeth Hoge.

Married Ann Cook Oct. 30, 1861, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Barnabas Cook). She was born March 1, 1829, Crowle,
Lincolnshire, Eng. Only child: Sarah Elizabeth b. April 17,
1863, m. L. T. Shepherd.

Married Catherine Randegger July 1, 1901 (daughter of
Hans George Randegger and Catherine Gebendinger, who
were married Feb. 19, 1850, Schaffihausen, Switzerland).

CLINGER, JAMES. Born Feb. 3, 1813, Bedford, Pa. Came
to Utah Sept. 27, 1852, Capt. Whitehead company.

Married Harriet Chapin Dec. 7, 1845, in Illinois (daughter
of Adolphus Chapin and Katherine Billings, of Illinois,
pioneers 1860, Independent company). She was born June 6,
1828. Their children: Martha Ann b. Nov. 19, 1846, m. Joseph
S. Boren; James Henry b. Feb. 10, 1848, m. Paulina Mary
Williamson; Elmira Zallota b. April 25, 1851, died; Mary
Jane b. June 8, 1853, m. Peter Murie; William Carlos b. Nov.
4, 1855, m. Elizabeth Gillard; George Francis b. Jan. 25, 1858,
m. Anna Johnson; Elinore b. Oct. 28, 1860, m. Miles Parker;
Charles Edward b. Feb. 17, 1863, died; John Riggs b. Nov. 28,
1864, m. Lula Boyd; Laura Catherine b. Oct. 1, 1867, m.
George Ball; Lucy E. b. May 6, 1871, m. Norman Davis; Eliza-
beth b. May 11, 1870, died.

Member 34th quorum seventies. Guard in Walker war.
Farmer and stockraiser. Died Sept. 6, 1884, Pleasant Grove,

CLINGER, JAMES HENRY (son of James Clinger and Har-
riet Chapin). Born Feb. 10, 1848, In Iowa. Came to Utah
Sept. 27, 1852.

Married Paulina Mary Williamson Feb. 10, 1868, Provo,
Utah (daughter of Niels Williamson and Pernelia Blum of
Brevig, Norway, pioneers Oct. 8, 1866, Andrew H. Scott com-
pany). She was born Sept. 15, 1848. Their children: Mary
Jane b. March 9, 1869, died; James Henry b. Sept. 9, 1870,
died; John William b. Dec. 3, 1871, m. Josephine Zoebell;
Marion b. June 13, 1874, m. Rebecca Dorius; Henrietta b.
Sept. 11, 1875, m. William J. Brown; Parley Browning b. April
B, 1878, m. Mary Williamson; Martin Albert b. Sept. 18, 1881,
m. Tena Johnson; Harriet Ann b. Jan. 31, 1883, m. -Angus
Wride; Lillie May b. Sept. 14, 1888, m. Jesse Sumison. Fam-
ily home Lake View, Utah.

Married Caroline Christensen Sept. 24, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter C. and Marie Christensen, of Mayfield,
Utah), who was born Dec. 4, 1866. Their children: Heber
Christian b. May 31, 1889, m. Myrtle Alstrom; Myrtle Marie
b. Nov. 14, 1893, m. Clifford Whitlock. Family home May-
field, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Norway 1884-86; counselor to
Bishop Johnson eight years. Constable at Provo eight years.
Farmer and stockraiser.

CLOWARD, DANIEL (son of Jacob Cloward, born March 17,
1790, in Maryland, and Ann Pluck, born June 19, 1795, in
Pennsylvania). He was born Aug. 30, 1820, in Chester
county, Pa. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Ruth Bailey Logan, who was born Oct. 23, 1819,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Catherine
E. b. May 24, 1845, m. Lemuel Hegg; Daniel H. b. Feb. 11,
1848, m. Celestia A. Harward Nov. 29, 1878; Heber C. b. Dec.
17, 1851; Mary J. b. 1853, m. Adelbert Searle. Family home
Provo, Utah.

CLOWARD, DANIEL H. (son of Daniel Cloward and Ruth
Bailey Logan). Born Feb. 11, 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Celestia A. Harward Nov. 29, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Harward and Sabrina Curtis), who
was born March 13, 1858, Cedar City, Utah. Their children:
D. Marion b. Aug. 2, 1885, m. Lillian Murphy May 2, 1907;
Thomas H. b. July 20, 1888, m. Amanda Peterson March 11,
1908; Gertrude b. Jan. 7, 1891; Zellie b. Aug. 22, 1893; Mark
b. Jan. 10, 1897. Family home Aurora, Utah.

Superintendent Y. M. M. I. A; bishop's counselor six years;
ward teacher. Trustee Aurora school board.

CLTTCAS, HENRY. Born May 15, 1806, Douglas, Isle of Man.
Came to Utah Oct. 29, 1855, C. A. Harper company.

Married Elizabeth Martin Feb. 8, 1835, at Trinity church,
Whithaven, Eng. (daughter of William Martin and Lucy
Walton), who was born July 31, 1806. Came to Utah with
her husband. She died March 5, 1887. Their children:
Henry Launcelot b. March 28, 1838, d. Nov. 30, 1857; Mary b.
Jan. 2, 1841; Elizabeth b. Sept. 2, 1843, m. Nephi Packard;
Lucy b. Oct. 19, 1846, m. William Roylance.

Ward teacher. Settled at Sprlngville, Utah, 1855. Pot
printer. Died Oct. 17, 1882, Springville.



CLUFP, DAVID (son of William Cluff and Susannah Runnels
of Durham, New Hampshire, and Provo, Utah). Born June
20, 1795, Durham, New Hampshire. Came to Utah Oct 13
1860, Edward Hunter company.

Married Betsy Hall Jan. 11, 1824, at Durham, N. H. Their
children: Lavina, m. Hyrum Sweet; David, m. Sarah Ann
Fleming-, m. Anis H. Elmer; Moses, m. Rebecca Langman, m.
Jane Johnson, m. Ann Bond, m. Eliza Langman; Benjamin, m.
Mary Ellen Foster, m. Eliza A. Foster; William Wallace, m.
Anne Whipple; Joseph, m. Phoebe Bunnell; Harvey Harris,
m. Margaret Ann Foster; Samuel Sampson, m. Frances Wors-
ley, m. Ann E. Carruth; Hyrum. m. Mary Worsley; Henry,
m. Keziah Elizabeth Russell; Alfred, m. Jane Foster; Orson,
m. Hattie Bean, m. Marinth L. Loveridge.

Married Anna Chapman at Provo. Utah. Only child: Jerry,
m. Lydia Snow.

Presiden* seventies; missionary to Canada and New
Hamps'iirt -'57-69; patr.-rch. Provo city councilman. Car-
penter anc 1 , - net maker. Died Dec. 16, 1881, Smithville,

CLUFF, BENJAMIN i. - >n ~ DavM Cluff and Betsy Hall).
Born March 20, 1830, Durnam, N<_w Hampshire. Came to
Utah Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company.

Married Mary Ellen Foster (daughter of George Foster
and Jane McCullough; former a pioneer 1852, latter died
on the plains en route to Utah). She was born Dec. 24,
1837. Their children: Mary: Benjamin, Jr. b. Feb. 7, 1858,

m. Mary Jane Johns, m. Harriet Cuilimore; George, m. ;

D. Foster, m. Helena Cora Alexander; Walter, m. Gertrude
Miller. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Eliza Arnetta Foster February, 1856, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Foster and Jane McCullough),
who was born Nov. 13, 1841. Their children: Eliza Ann.
m. Alma U. Hobson: Josephine, m. Andrew Klmball; Mar-
garet, m. Samuel Hobson; William K., m. Emma Moody;

Bessie, m. Hyrum Willard Merrill; Karl V., m. Maud .

Family home Logan, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to Sandwich Islands 1864-70; bishop
of Center ward several years; patriarch. Mechanic and
carpenter. Died 1910, Finca Lagunillas, Huimanguillo,
Tabasco, Mexico.

CLUFF, WILLIAM WALLACE (son of David Cluff and Betsy
Hall). Born March 8, 1832, at Willoughby, Ohio, pioneer
1850, Capt. Hunter company.

Married Anne Whipple Oct. 24, 1864, Pine Valley, Utah
(daughter of Eli Whipple and Patience Foster of Pennsyl-
vania, pioneers 1858). She was born March 15, 1844. Their
children: William Wallace b. Aug. 31, 1865, m. Edith At-

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