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wood; Anne May b. May 10, 1866, m. Frank Olsen; Lilian b.
Dec. 21, 1876, m. Jack Pawlos, who died; m. Given A. Light;
Flora Marion b. June 9. 1879, m. Lawrence Eldredge; Eras-
tus Eli b. June 11, 1869; Albion b. May 11, 1873; Edwin b. May
11, 1873; Joseph b. Jan. 5, 1884; the latter four died. Family
home Coalville, Utah.

Member of 22d quorum seventies; missionary to Sandwich
Islands 1854-58; to Denmark 1859-63 and 1870-73; bishop
Summit, Morgan and Wasatoh counties; president Summit
stake twenty-eight years. First mayor of Coalville; mem-
ber state legislature eight years. General manager coal
mines, Coalville. Merchant.

CLUFF, HARVEY HARRIS (son of David Cluff and Betsy
Hall). Born Jan. 9. 1836, at Kirtland, Ohio. Came to Utah
1850, Edward Hunter company.

Married Margaret Ann Foster Jan. 24, 1856, Provo, Utah
(daughter of George Foster of Provo, Utah, pioneer 1852).
She was born Jan. 23, 1840. Their children: Harvey Harris
b. Oct. 28, 1857; Seth M. b. March 18, 1859; George H. b.
May 30, 1862; Margaret Ann b. March 31, 1864; they all
died. Family home Provo.

Married Emily Greening Till July 6, 1877, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Robert A. Till and Mary A. Greening of
Provo, pioneers 1854). She was born Feb. 26, 1858. Their
children: Birda J. b. 1879, m. H. R. Leedom; D. Lilly
Ann b. 1884, m. Frank Alexander; Ephraim b. 1885, m. Emma
Dixon; Gordon H. b. 1887, and Harold H. b. 1889, died; Ivy
Isabell b. 1891, m. Albert T. Harding; Joy Robert b. 1893;
Kenneth H. b. 1895; Lydia Laueritte b. 1898. Family home
Provo, Utah.

Married Sarah Eggertson July 6, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Simon P. and Johanna Eggertson, of Provo,
Utah, pioneers 1852). She was born 1857. Their children:
Alfred Peter b. 1879, died; Clara J. b. 1883, m. John Q. Ryan;
Franklin L. b. 1885. Family home Provo. Utah.

President 45th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1865-68; bishop of 4th ward of Provo; president Utah stake;
missionary to Sandwich Islands 1869-74. Assisted in coloniz-
ing Skull Valley 1889-01. City councilman at Provo. Cab-
inet-maker, farmer and rancher.

CLUFF, SAMUEL S. (son of David Cluff and Betsy Hall,
of Vermont). Born Sept. 27, 1837, Kirtland, Ohio. Came
to Utah Oct. 4, 1850, Edward Hunter company.

Married Frances Worsley May 29, 1861, Provo, Utah
(daughter of John Worsley and Sarah Hamer, of England,
pioneers Sept. 17, 1853, John W. Cooley company). She
-was born Nov. 8, 1841. Their children: Henry b. March
17, 1862, d. April, 1863; Fannie b. March 21, 1865, m. Dave
Bonnett; Sarah Jane b. April 6, 1867, d. Feb. 1868; Bessie
b. July 10. 1870. d. Nov. 6, 1879: Harvey b. Oct. 24, 1872,
m. Freda Barnum, Oct. 11, 1900; Samuel b. May 15, 1878, m.

Minnie Moyle; Elmo b. Sept. 20. 1880, m. Mamie Grain;
Sidney b. May 1, 1882, m. Kadie Colvin. Family home
Provo. Utah.

One of presidents 45th quorum seventies.

CLUFF, HARVEY (son of Samuel S. Cluff and Frances
Worsley). Born Oct. 24, 1872, Provo, Utah

Married Freda Barnum Oct. 11, 1900, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Guy C. and Amelia Barnum, of Provo. She
was born March 14, 1876. Their children: Bernice b. Feb.
23, 1903; Frances b. March 30, 1907. Family home Provo.

Lawyer; attorney fourth judicial district, 1908-13; secre-
tary state board of insanity.

CLYDE, GEORGE W. (son of George Washington Clyde,
born 1798, and Cynthia Davis, born Jan. 28, 1806, both In
New York state). He was born July 8, 1825, Ogdensburg, St.
Lawrence county, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 15, 1850, David
Evans company.

Married Jane McDonald Sept. 30, 1851, Springville, Utah
(daughter of James McDonald and Sarah Ferguson of
Crawfordsburn, County Down, Ireland: former died crossing
plains; latter a pioneer Sept. 12, 1850). She was born
July 17, 1827, at Crawfordsburn. Their children: George
David W. b. Aug. 8, 1852; John b. Nov. 25. 1863, m. Fannie
Jane Young Dec. 25, 1877; James William b. Aug. 30, 1855
m. Mary Campbell Dec. 12, 1884; Sarah Jane b. Aug. 16,
1858, m. Joseph Hatch Aug. 16. 1875; Robert b. Sept. 9,
1860. m. Margaret Cummings 1885; Mary Lorintha b. Sept.
24, 1862, m. William S. Willis Nov. 30, 1882; Edward D b
Sept. 19, 1864. m. Clara Prudence Alexander Nov. 20, 1889;
Georgiana b. Aug. 6, 1866, m. Nathan Alexander Neibau-
April 1888; Sophia b. Nov. 26, 1868, m. John Henry Luke
Nov. 25, 1890. Family home Heber, Utah.

Seventy. Commissioner Wasatch county 1884-85. Farmer
and stockraiser.

CLYDE, EDWARD D. (son of George W. Clyde and Jane
McDonald). Born Sept. 19, 1864. Heber, Utah.

Married Clara Prudence Alexander Nov. ?0, 1889, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Henry Samuel Alexander and Sarah
Simons Miles, former of Ackworth, New Hampshire, latter of
Freedom, N. Y., pioneers Oct. 28, 1849). She was born May
10, 1867. Their children: Edward Delbert b. Sept. 30, 1891:
Lynden b. Aug. 10, 1893; Lionel Dean b. Dec. 19. 1894; Ednal
Eulila b. Jan. 4, 1899; Elmo Miles b. May 10, 1904; Lily
Clair b. May 16, 1906. Family home Heber, Utah.

Elder; missionary to Ireland 1864-67; to Boston 1901-03;
and to Europe 1885-87; high priest; M. I. A. missionary in
Millard and Juab stakes 1897-98; 1st counselor to bishop
of Heber ward 1904-06; 2d counselor to stake president.
Justice of peace; mayor. School teacher. Farmer and

CLYDE, WILLIAM MORGAN (son of George Washington
Clyde and Cynthia Davis). Born April 8, 1829, Odgensburg,
N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 17. 1850, David Evans company.

Married Eliza McDonald Jan. 24, 1861 (daughter of James
McDonald and Sarah Ferguson). She was born at Craw-
fordsburn, Ireland, and came to Utah with her mother,
Sept. 12, 1850. Their children: William b. Nov. 5, 1851,
m. Ann Winget May 1. 1872; George W. b. March 26, 1854;
James b. Aug. 26, 1856, m. Rhoda M. Potter Dec. 16, 1877;
Almon b. Jan. 2, 1859. m. Electa Kendall Oct. 26, 1881;
Hyrum S. b. Aug. 16, 1861, m. Elenora Johnson Jan. 9, 1887;
Mary L. b. March 4, 1864, m. Abner Thome Jan. 20, 1889:
David b. Feb. 1, 1866, m. Ella W. Northen Jan. 18, 1900;
Elva J. b. April 11, 1868, m. P. E. Houtz Aug. 28. 1889; John
b. Jan. 19, 1870, m. Jesse Ervine April 13, 1904; Clara B.
b. March 9, 1872; Lucy b. Dec. 21. 1874, m. W. O. Richard
Jan. 1, 1896. Family home Springville, Utah.

Married Sarah Bateman Dec. 14, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Bateman and Bridget Medruth), who
was born 1840, Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Edward b. Sept. 12, 1863; Lorinthy b. Sept. 12. 1864;
Sarah A. b. Feb. 23, 1866. m. William Kemmar June 17,
1888; Joseph B. and Josephine b. Feb. 2, 1869: Julia b. Sept.
12, 1872, m. Andrew Johnson Jan. 27, 1898; Viola b. July 22.
1876, m. W. E. Beardell Oct. 17, 1896; Violetta b. July 22,
1876; Willis E. b. July 17, 1880; Elsa b. Oct. 6, 1882, m. John
Forsyth Nov. 22, 1905.

Settled at Springville 1851. In 1862 went to Florence,
Neb. for immigrants. He participated In Walker Indian war
1853, and in Black Hawk Indian war 1866-67. His was the
first wedding at Alpine, Utah. Jan. 24, 1851, he was one of
the two survivors to represent the first seven settlers of
Alpine, Utah.

CLYDE, HYRUM S. (son of William Morgan Clyde and
Eliza McDonald). Born Aug. 16, 1861, Springville, Utah.

Married Elenora J. Johnson Jan. 9, 1887 at Springvllle
(daughter of Lorenzo Johnson and Mary A. Hall), who was
born Nov. 16, 1866 at Springville. Their children: Jesse
James b. Sept. 17, 1887; Bessie b. Oct. 21. 1888; Wilford W.
b. Oct. 27, 1889; Hazel b. Nov. 29, 1891; Grover b. Nov. 18,
1893; Edward b. Jan. 23, 1896; George Dewey b. July 21,
1898; Harry Schley b. Jan. 9, 1902; Clara b. April 10, 1J06.

Member Springville city council one term; served two
terms on Mapleton town board. Farmer.



COBBLEY, THOMAS. Born Jan. 22, 1820, Huntingdonshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1862, John R. Murdock

Married Sarah Smith (daughter of John Smith and Hannah
Button, pioneers Sept. 22, 1861, Samuel A. Woolley company).
She was born April 16, 1823 and came to Utah with her
husband. Their children: Robert b. 1844. m. Caroline
Harris Dec. 20, 1869; James b. Sept. 21, 1846, m. Emmer
Thorne Dec. 20, 1S69; Emily, m. Amasa Lyman Mecham 1866;
Jane, m. Edward Kahler; Charles A. b. 1860, m. Emma
Davis; John b. 1862, m. Marie Halverson. Family home
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

COBBLEY, JAMES (son of Thomas Cobbley and Sarah
Smith). Born Sept. 21, 1846. Came to Utah Sept. 1862,
Kimball and Lawrence freight company.

Married Emmer Thorne Dec. 20. 1869 (daughter of David
Thorne and Elizabeth Reeves of Pleasant Grove, Utah,
pioneers 1851, independent company). She was born March
16, 1848. Their children: Emma L. Norah b. Oct. 17, 1870,
m. John S. Harper April 18, 1888; Sarah Elizabeth b. Sept.
2, 1872, m. William Parks March 1898; James David Orville
b. July 14, 1874, m. Amanda I. Christiansen Jan. 17, 1900;
Emily Izella b. March 2, 1876, m. Willard Boulter June 1899;
Clara Jenett b. March 18, 1879, m. William Ash Sept. 18,
1903; George Thomas b. March B, 1881. m. Bertha Harper
Sept. 12, 1907; Robert Henry b. Feb. 13. 1883. died: Effie
Jane b. March 14, 1885, m. James Yancy Oct. 8. 1908; Etta
May b. Oct. 30, 1887, m. Nels Sorenson Sept. 12, 1907; Joseph
Eugene b. Dec. 5, 1889, m. Esther Wray June 7. 1912; Marian
Reeves b. Feb. 4, 1891; Dorothy b. Oct. 6, 1900 (adopted).

Sunday school supt. 1885; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1891;
bishop of Pleasant Grove 2d ward 1890-1904. Member city
council of Pleasant Grove 1883: alderman 1885; member
Pleasant Grove school board 1874-85. Went to Missouri
River with Capt. Chipman in 1866, and with John Holman
in 1868, for immigrants.

COFFIN, NATHAN HARRISON (son of William Barney
Coffin, born Feb. 27, 1809. in North Carolina and Abigail
Starbuck, born June 1, 1813, in Indiana; married Sept. 21,
1833). He was born Sept. 28, 1840, Richmond, Ind. Came to
Utah, 1852, Captain Cutler company.

Married Chestina McMurtrey Dec. 7, 1863 (daughter of
Samuel McMurtrey and Julia Ann Morris; pioneers 1849).
She was born Jan. 27, 1847. Their children: Ester Vernetta
b. Oct. 16, 1864, died; Amanda b. Sept. 26, 1866, m. John D.
Kent Nov. 20, 1884: Eliza Ellen b. Nov. 21, 1868, m. Joseph
A. Brim Jan. 12, 1886; Nathan Samuel b. Sept. 11, 1870, m.
Margaretta Cooper Aug. 26, 1892; Jesse Thomas b. June 12,
1873, died; Erne May b. Oct. 11, 1876, m. Charles Johnson
June 13, 1900; Henry Clay b. Nov. 25, 1878, m. Phoebe
Richardson Oct. 10, 1900; William Barney b. June 4. 1880.
m. Anna Johnson Nov. 14, 1901; Julia Abigail b. Nov. 15,
1882; Ella Lucile b. July 10, 1884, died; Mary b. June 13,
1881, m. Morgan Evans Oct. 8, 1906; Hattle b. March 20,
1890. died.

High councilor. Road supervisor; justice of peace.

COFFIN, NATHAN SAMUEL (son of Nathan Harrison Coffin
and Chestina McMurtrey). Born Sept. 11, 1870, Huntsville,

Married Margaretta Cooper Aug. 26, 1892. McCammon,
Idaho (daughter of Vincent Cooper and Mary Miller, pioneers
1852). She was born Dec. 14, 1870. Oxford. Idaho. Their
children: Clarence James b. Aug. 1, 1893; Martha Irene b.
Feb. 2, 1895; Mary Lucile b. Oct. 25. 1897; Nathan Sherman
b. Nov. 16, 1899; Golden Agrlppa b. June 24, 1903; Mar-
garetta b. April 24. 1905: Fredrlc Samuel b. April 19, 1907;
Hazel b. April 1, 1909; Jesse Cooper b. Oct. 18. 1912. Family
home Marsh Center, Idaho.

School teacher. Secretary Sunday school and Y. M. M. I.
A. several years; missionary to eastern states; president
Y. M. M. I. A. Justice of peace. Is now bishop of Marsh
Center ward, having been sustained Nov. 22, 1903.

COL.BORN, THOMAS (son of Jonathan Colborn and Han-
nah Hamilton of Wayne county, N. Y.). Born Aug. 3,
1801. in Wayne county. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber
C. Kimball company.

Married Sarah Bowers 1825, Lyons. Wayne county, N. Y.
(daughter of Amos Bowers and Roslna Young of Lansing.
Tompkins county. N. Y., pioneers Sept. 14, 1848. Heber C.
Kimball company). She was born Nov. 4. 18 , and died
Dec. 26, 1872, Peterson, Utah. Their children: Amanda b.
Dec. 29, 1826. m. Wlnslow Farr; Thomas, died: Hannah b.
Dec. 29. 1831. m. Samuel Miles: Sarah Matilda b. Nov. 4,
1834, m. Francis Martin Pomeroy; Roslna b. April 16, 1837.
m. William Godbe; Talma b. May 16, 1841, d. 1843. Family
home Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Germany and England 1856; high priest;
member Zlon'a Camp. Farmer. Died April, 1887 at Salt
Lake City.

was born Feb. 28, 1836, Norwich, Eng. Only child: Charles
b. Dec. 20, 1854, m. Sarah McGhie March 18, 1884. Family
home Sandy, Utah.

Bookkeeper at tithing office; ordinance officer. Milliner.

COLEBROOK, CHARLES (son of Charles Colebrook and Vir-
tue Ann Bowthorpe). Born Dec. 20, 1854, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah McGhie March 18, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William McGhie and Mary McBlain, pioneers
Oct. 1, 1854, Daniel Garn company). She was born Nov. 8,
1865. Only child: Lewis b. Oct. 2, 1SS5. Family home But-
lerville, Utah.

High priest; second counselor In bishopric ten years:
Sunday school superintendent. Member Jordan school board
three years; school trustee 57th school district nine years.
Railroad builder.

COLEMAN, GEORGE (son of Prime Coleman, born 1802,
Airsly, Herts, Eng., and Sarah Thornton, born 1806, Paxton
Hants, Eng. married 1826). He was born May 5, 1827, War-
den parish, Bedfordshire, Eng. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Jane Smith Jan. 28, 1857 (daughter of Alexander
Smith and May McEwan, the latter a pioneer Nov. 9, 1856,
J. G. Willie handcart company). She was born Sept.
22, 1838; came to Utah with parents. Their children: Mary
b. Dec. 6, 1858, m. Sylvester Williams Jan. 1, 1877; Sarah
May b. Sept. 20, 1860, m. Charles Snow Jan. 28. 1SS5; Betsey

A. b. Aug. 4, 1862, died; Emma Jane b. July 3, 1863, m.
Heber J. Wilson Oct.. 188>; George S. b. May 20, 1866, m.
Angellne Hunt May 5, 18S6; Alexander S. b. May 8, 1870, m.
Anna Ostberg Jan. 12, 1892; Walter Prime b. Aug. 5. 1874,
m. Leona Brinkerhoff April, 1903; John A. b. Aug. 4. 1876,
died; Maggie R. b. Oct. 2, 1878. died. Family resided Esca-
lante, Lehi and Smlthfteld, Utah.

Married Marie Talseth June, 1865, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Peter Olsen Talseth, pioneer Sept. 15, 1864, William

B. Preston company. She was born April 3, 1834, In Nor-
way. Their children: Samuel b. April 14, 1870, m. Sarah
Burr Nov. 20, 1890: Joseph, died; Ann b. May 26, 1866, m.
Robert Forsyth, Jr.

Missionary to Salmon river. Indian war veteran; called
to settle the country in Arizona in 1876 under George Lake.
Bishop 1886-1900.

COLEMAN, GEORGE S. (son of George Coleman and Jane
Smith). Born May 20, 1866, Smlthfleld, Utah.

Married Angeline Hunt May 5, 1886, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Amos Hunt and Nancy G. Welborn, pioneers
Sept. 24. 1852, Benjamin Gardner company). She was born
Oct. 7, 1S69, Hebron, Washington county, Utah. Their chil-
dren; Nancy Angeline b. July 2, 1887, m. Lyman Taft April
B. 1906; Jane b. April 16, 1889, m. Neil Forsythe Nov. 24,
1909; Sarah Malinda b. Sept. 25, 1890; May b. Dec. 10, 1892;
Bertha Ellen b. July 12. 1895; Sylvia b. June 12, 1902: George
Burdett b. Feb. 20. 1906; Kenneth Hunt b. June 6. 1909.

Missionary to New Zealand; bishop Teasdale ward 1900-04.

OOLEBROOK, CHARLES. Born March 17, 1816, Mldhurst,
Sussex, Eng. Came to Utah 1851.

Married Meria Purser March 10, 1847. Only child: Nellie.
Familv home Salt Lake City.

Married Virtue Ann Bowthorpe Jan. 1, 1854, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Bowthorpe and Mary Ann Tuttle,
pioneers Oct. 14, 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company). She

COLEMAN, GEORGE. Born Nov. 30, 1815, Sherrington,
Buckinghamshire. Eng. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Elizabeth Bally 1835 (daughter of John and
Sarah Bally, of Sherrington, Eng.). She was born Oct. 17,
; died April 22, 1880, Big Cottonwood, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Henry b. May 5, 1836, m. Mary Jane Threlkeld;
Charles; William, m. Mary Clotworthy; George, m. Mary
World; Lewis, m. Rachel O'Nell; Sarah, m. Preston Lewis;
Elizabeth, m. Simon Lewis; Samuel; Annie, m. William Mc-
Millan. Family home J3ig Cottonwood, Utah.

High priest; choir leader at Big Cottonwood. Utah.
Farmer; matting maker. Died June 15, 1888, Salt Lake City.

COLEMAN, HENRY (son of George Coleman and Eliza-
beth Bally). Born May 5, 1836, at Sherrington. Came to
Utah 1850, Samuel McClarldge company.

Married Mary Jane Threlkeld Nov. 30, 1860, Big Cotton-
wood, Utah (daughter of John Threlkeld. born March 4,
1814, died 1875, and Elizabeth Barker, born Dec. 17, 1810,
Glasgow, Scotland, died Dec. 19, 1870, both of Carlisle, Cum-
berland, Eng.). She was born May 15, 1842, at Carlisle,
and came to Utah Aug. 28, 1860, Francis Brown company.
Their children: Elizabeth b. Dec. 9, 1861, m. Charles Alonzo
Epperson; Henry Threlkeld b. Nov. 20, 1863. m. Emily Ma-
tilda Springer: Lucretia H. b. Dec. 23, 1865. m. Francis Green-
well; Margaret E. b. Aug. 2, 1868. m. Alexander C. Mc-
Kendry. Family home Midway. Utah.

Elder. Assisted In hauling- the stone for Salt Lake tem-
ple. Indian war veteran; assisted In making canals and
wagon roads. Lumberman. Died Dec. 25, 1867.

COLEMAN. HENRY THRELKELD (son of Henry Coleman
and Mary Jane Threlkeld). Born Nov. 20, 1863, Salt Lake,
county, Utah.

Married Emily Matilda Springer Dec. 31, 1889, Midway.
Utah (daughter of Nathan Chatmond Springer, born June
26, 1843, Providence. R. I., and Matilda Robey, both of Mid-
way, Utah, pioneers 1863). She was born Sept. 6, 1868, at
Midway. Their children: Henry Springer b. Jan. 13, 1891;
Guy Ellsworth b. May 10, 1892: Lethe Belle b. Dec. 28, 1893;
Merle Vlvienne b. April 23, 1895; Glen Robey b. March 17,
1897; Nathan Chatmond b. April 23. 1898; Keith Threlkeld b.
April 10. 1901; Dale Franklin b. Jan. 16. 1903; Rhea Lillian
b. May 19. 1907; Ruth May b. Nov. 3, 1908: Jessie Chloe b.
March 17, 1911. Family home Midway, Utah.



High priest; bishop of 1st ward, Midway, Utah; 2nd coun-
selor to presidency of elders' quorum; first counselor in
T. M. M. I. A. County commissioner 1902-06; president Mid-
way Water Works company six years; Midway city coun-
cilman six years. Blacksmith; farmer, sheepraiser; mining

COLLETT, DANIEL (son of Thomas Collett of Gloucester-
shire, Parish of Corse, Eng.). Born Dec. 9, 1809. Came to
Utah 1S49.

Married Esther Jones, who died 1858, Lehi, Utah. Their
children: Sylvanus, m. Lydia Karren; Rhoda, m. John
Eldredge; m. Philemon C. Merrill; Ruben, m. Elthurah
Roseltha Merrill; Mary Ann, m. William Wamsley; Matilda,
m. Ralph Teancum Merrill; Julia Ann, m. James Cantwell;

Charles C., m. Anna Merrill; James Jones, m.


Married Mary Empey in 1860 (parents pioneers of 1847).
Only child: Eliza, m. Robert Jones.

Married Elizabeth Gordon in 1859 (parents pioneers 1857,
Edward Martin handcart company). She died 1859. Only
child: William Gordon, m. Ada Rich.

Married Betsy Burke 1861. Their children: Thomas;
Daniel. Families' home Smithfleld, Utah.

High priest. Pioneer to Smithfield 1850. Wheelwright
and farmer. Died in May, 1896.

COLLETT, REUBEN (son of Daniel Collett and Esther
Jones). Born July 19, 1839, Gloucestershire, Parish of Corse,
Eng. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Elthurah Roseltha Merrill Jan. 19, 1861, Smith-
fleld, being first marriage performed In this place (daughter
of Samuel B. Merrill and Elizabeth Runyon of Smithfleld,
pioneers of 1851). She was born Sept. 8, 1841. Their chil-
dren: Reuben Samuel, m. Flora Elsie Colton; Sylvester
Daniel, d. while on mission to Mexico; Sylvanus, m. Sarah
Simpkins; m. Ethel Winnie Stringham; Julia Ann, m. William
Postma; Adelbert T., m. Pernellie Goodrich; Charles M., m.
Elnora Munk; Princetto, m. Albert Bills; Clarence J., m.
Margarett Watkins; Roseltha, m. Albert W. Nielsen; George.
Family home Smithfleld.

High priest; missionary to Salmon River 1858-59; coun-
selor to Bishop Thomas Jones of Lehi, Ariz.; member high
council of Maricopa stake, Ariz., and also of Uinta stake;
assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Pioneer to Lehi,
Escalante, Vernal and Smithfleld, Utah; Bennington, Idaho,
and Cokeville, Wyo. Active in school and public enter-
prises. Indian war veteran.

COLLETT, REUBEN SAMUEL (son of Reuben Collett and
Elthurah Roseltha Merrill). Born May 26, 1864, Smithfield.

Married Flora Elsie Colton Nov. 20, 1890, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Sterling Driggs Colton and Nancy Adeline
Williams of Vernal, Utah), who was born June 7, 1872,
Provo, Utah. Their children: Gertrude b. July 9, 1892; Elsie
b. Feb. 11, 1894; Reuben Sterling b. May 13, 1895; Mary b.
Oct. 3, 1896; Karl Warren b. March 29, 1898; Merle b. June
21, 1900, died; Flora and Cora b. Feb. 19, 1902. Family
resided at Roosevelt and Vernal, Utah.

Missionary to England 1884-86; high priest; 1st counselor
to Samuel R. Bennion of Uinta stake presidency 1887-1906;
high councilor Uinta stake 1909 to present time. Vernal
city councilman eight years; postmaster; chairman of board
of education of the Uinta Stake academy 1888-04. Organ-
ized Dry Gulch Irrigation company December 1905, served
as president, director and secretary; farmer; merchant and
real estate dealer.

COLLINGS, JAMES, SR. (son of John Colllngs and Eliza-
beth Robinson of Durham, Eng.). Born May 29, 1812, Sun-
derland, Durham. Came to Utah August 30, 1860, Jesse E.
Murphy company.

Married Elizabeth Bewick (daughter of John Bewick and
Catherine Stephanson), who was born Sept. 13, 1813, and
came to Utah with her husband. Their children: John b.
July 14, 1835, died; Elizabeth b. April 15, 1837, m. Simpson
Molen; John b. Sept. 16, 1839, died; James b. Jan. 3, 1845,
m. Frances P. Rich Oct. 5, 1874; Catherine b. Feb. 20, 1847.
m. C. W. Maughan Sept., 1866; William John b. Sept. 15, 1849,
died; Deseret b. Jan. 28, 1852, m. John T. Rich; Mahonri M.
b. Jan. 17, 1856, m. Anne Horsley June 26, 1885.

High priest.

COLLINGS, JAMES [II] (son of James Ceilings and Eliza-
beth Bewick). Born Jan. 3, 1845, Depthord, Eng.

Married Frances Phoebe Rich Oct. 5, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Coulson Rich and Eliza Ann Graves),
who was born June 30, 1850, Big Cottonwood, Utah. Their
children: Elizabeth Ann b. June 13, 1876, m. Parley Pratt
Parrish Sept. 14, 1905; James W. b. Aug. 6, 1898, m. Amelia
Poulson; Eliza Ann b. Dec. 26, 1879; Charles R. b. Dec. 5,
1881; William B. b. May 5, 1883, died; Frances Phoebe b.
Sept. 19, 1885, died; Catherine b. March 9, 1887; Joseph L.
b. April 2, 1889; John b. Nov. 25, 1890; Mary F. b. Sept. 16,
1892; Leah b. July 23, 1895. Family home Paris, Idaho.

1826, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Louise b. Nov. 1, 1849, m. J. W. Johnson March 6, 1866;

Fred b. April 24, 1851, m. Fanny ; David b. April 19,

1853, m. Frances Agusta Lisonbee Jan. 28, 1873; George b.
Aug. 7, 1855, m. Mary Ann Lemons; Samuel b. Dec. 7, 1857,
m. Lizzy Bertelsen; Will b. Aug. 3, 1859, m. Geneva Bean;
Lyman b. Jan. 14, 1861, m. Marah Christianson; Sarah Ann
b. Aug. 9, 1863, m. J. W. Taylor; Jane b. July 22, 1865, m.
Samuel Dall. Family home Springville, Utah.

COLLINGS, DAVID (son of Richard Collings and Emma
Lawrence). Born April 19, 1863, London, Eng. Came to
Utah Nov. 30, 1856.

Married Frances Agusta Lisonbee Jan. 28, 1873, Monroe,
Utah (daughter of Hugh Dobbins Lisonbee and Elma Hay-
man, the former of Alabama, the latter of Newart 111
pioneers 1850). She was born Jan. 28, 1858, Springville
Utah. Their children: David Owen b. Sept. 26, 1873, m
Minnie Nielsen; Ole Lavell b. Oct. 7, 1876, d. Aug. 29, 1877'
Otto b. Aug. 11, 1878, m. Nora Bertelson; Luella Emma b.
Oct. 6, 1880, d. Feb. 23, 1908; Elma ArDelcia b. Sept. 27,
1882, m. William W. Harmon; Roy b. Dec. 17, 1884, m.
Florence Anderson; Mattie b. Jan. 7, 1887; Turner Wells b.
July 15, 1889, d. Jan. 30, 1891; Guy Willis b. Oct. 16, 1892;
Hazel Dotta b. Oct. W, 1894; Frank Jay b. March 4, 1897- Fay
Loring b. March 4, 1897, d. Sept. 16, 1897; Brett Adeline
b. Aug. 9, 1899, d. Jan. 27, 1908; Welby Mae b. April 9, 1903.
Family home Monroe, Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1887-89. State sheep
inspector. Proprietor of "Monroe House." Farmer and
stockraiser; contractor.

COLLINS, THOMAS (son of John Collins and Priscilla Shef-
fard, Collinbourn, Kingston, Wiltshire, Eng.). Born Jan. 12,
1832, at Collinbourn, Kingston, Eng. Came to Utah late in
1866 with ox and mule teams.

Married Mary Liddiard, Feb. 23, 1877, Provo, Utah (daugh-
ter of Thomas Liddiard and Ann Tucker, Ogbourne, St.
George, Wiltshire, Eng. Came to Utah June 1864 with ox-
team). She was born March 4, 1860. Their children:
John Thomas, m. Alfreda Jeppersen; Priscilla Ivy, m.

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