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Married Almina Weeks March 4, 1871 (daughter of Allen
Weeks and Sarah Jane Bennett), who was born Oct. 21,
1S48. Only child: William Lucene b. March 4, 1873, m.
Clara Clark Nov. 14, 1895. Family home Cedar Fort, Utah.

Married Rebecca Rhodeaback Oct. 25, 1875 (daughter of
James Rhodeaback and Phebe Beagle), who was born May
2, 1846, Nauvoo, 111. Their children: Edward b. Jan. 9,
1877, m. Nellie A. Chamberlain June 27, 1900; Helen b. April
6, 1879, m. Ralph Hardy Feb. 5, 1908; Clifford b. March 14,
1881, m. Arminta Wilcox Oct. 17, 1900; Mark H. b. April
26. 1884; Phebe R. b. July 12, 1885; Barnes Alma b. Oct. 11,
1S87, m. Alice Southam April 29, 1908.

COOK, JAMI3S (son of John and Sarah Cook of England).
Born Nov. 13, 1816, Shropshire, Eng. Came to Utah October,
1853, Joseph A. Young company.

Married Ann Lane at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Eng.
Their children: Ann (d. Nov. 3, 1891), m. William K. Barton;
Hyrum, m. Emily Alder; Maud. m. Christian Hicks; Mary,
died; James N., died; Henry, d. aged 19 years; Brigham,
died. Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Maria Davenport at Manti. They had one child
who died in infancy. Family home Manti.

High priest. Black Hawk Indian War veteran. Wheel-
wright. Died Oct., 1900, at Manti.

COOK, JAMES M. (son of Thomas Cook and Mary Brundrett,
of Chorltoncum-Hardy, Lancashire, Eng.). Born June 5,
1850, Timperley, Cheshire, Eng. Came to Utah Nov., 1881.

Married Emily J. Radcliff (daughter of Samuel Radcliff
and Ellen Hadkinson), who was born April 3, 1852.

High priest; missionary to England 1895-97; president 84th
quorum seventies 1902: bishop Itexburg 2d ward 1907; high
councilor Fremont stake, June 30, 1912.

COOK, JOHN. Came to Utah, Sept. 15, 1861, Ira Eldredge

Married Rachel Marson of Eastwood, Nottingham, Eng.
Their children: Eliza, m. Robert Campbell Kirkwood, 1870;
Elizabeth, m. Robert Campbell Kirkwood, July, 1860. They
lived at Provo, Utah.

COOK, I,TTKE (son of George and Artulis Cook of Wales,
Eng.). Born Jan. 25, 1824, Bath, Eng. Came to Utah, lj,
Vincent Shurtliff oxteam company.

Married Louisa Burton in England (daughter of George
and Sarah Burton), who was born Oct. 6, 1831. Their chil-
dren: Julia Emma, m. Hans Peterson; Liza B., m. Canby
Scott; George H., m. Sarah Hooks; John E., m. Matilda
Whipple; Louisa A., m. Andrew Eggertsen; Sarah, m. Wil-
liam Hoover. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 34th quorum seventies; choir leader. Butcher.

COOK, MELVIN D. (son of Edmund Cook and Amanda A.
Bronson). Born Oct. 12, 1835, Akron, Ohio. Came to Utah

Married Sarah Duncombe Dec. 19, 1870, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Duncombe and Elizabeth Glover of
Staffordshire, Eng., pioneers 1865, Thomas Taylor company).
She was born Jan. 4, 1853. Their children: Aurelia E., d.
infant; Alice May, d. aged nine; Annie Laurie, m. Charles
Leonard; Melvin C., d. aged six; Lola M., m. Oscar Ahlbom;
Rubin G., m. Amy Senior; Willard L., m. Gertrude Erickson;
Arthur G.; Nellie, m. Samuel McNeil; Victor L.; Jennie Irene,
m. Fred Hill; Ida Lillian.

Elder. Granger justice of peace two years. Mailcarrier;
farmer and stockraiser.

COOK, PHI1VEAS W. (son of Wolcott P. Cook and Irene
Churchel). Born Aug. 28, 1819, Goshen, Conn. Came to Utah
in 1848.

Marrifd Johana C. Poison Sept. 13, 1878 (daughter of
James Poison and Johana Ulrika Lundgren), who was born
Aug. 8, 1845, Malmo, Sweden. Their children: Carl; Moses;
Kih b. July 4, 1882; Emerson: Parley: Idaily.

High priest; bishop of Goshen, Utah.

COOK, KIB (son of Phineas W. Cook and Johana C. Poison)
He was born July 4, 1882, Garden City Utah.

Married Rose Adline Dimick, June 17, 1903, Logan, Utah
(daughter of James Heber Dimick and Rose M. Dalrymple),
who was born Nov. 3, 1884, Wardboro, Idaho. Their children-
Maud Mae b. March 16, 1904; Fern b. Jan. 27, 1906- Phyllis
b. Nov. 19, 1908.

COOK, THOMAS (son of Azarias and Mary Cook, of Wilt-
shire, Eng.). Born at Collingbourne, Eng. Came to Utah,
Sept. 15, 1868, John Gillespie oxteam company.

Married Joyce Collins, 1853, at Collingbourne (daughter of
John Collins and Priscilla Shepperd of Collingbourne, pio-
neers Oct. 1, 1866, Joseph Rawlins oxteam company) She
was born Feb. 8, 1830. Their children: Ellen, m. Joel A.
Johnson; Charles, m. Hannah Allen; George E., m. Mary Ann
Stradling; Emily Elizabeth, m. Geo. B. Peay; John; Sarah
Ann; Mary Priscilla, latter three died. Family home Provo,

Seventy; block teacher; member ward building committee.
Farmer; contractor; brickmaker. Died Sept. 10, 1890, Provo.

COOK, GEORGE ELISHA (son of Thomas Cook and Joyce
Collins). Born Sept. 13, 1857, Callingbourne, Eng. Came to
Utah, Ort. 1. 1866, Joseph Rawlins company.

Married Mary Ann Stradling May 1, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William StradUng and Sophia Bush, of Provo,
Utah, pioneers 1866, Captain Roylance company). She was
born July 11, 1857. Their adopted child: Joseph P. b. April
28, 1900. Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to St. Johns, Ariz., 1880-90; Sunday-school
teacher. Policeman at Provo. Farmer and fruitgrower.

COOK, WILLIAM (son of John Cook and Elizabeth Frith
of Yorkshire, Eng.). Born July 24, 1845. Came to Utah in
October, 1863.

Married Helen Wheatley in December, 1867, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Wheatley of Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Eng.), who was born in 1843. Their children: Mathias, died;
Percilla, m. William Hartle; Lydia Ellen Elizabeth, m.
Thomas D. Prichard; Helen, m. William Snellgrove. Family
resided at Salt Lake City and Vernal, Utah.

Married Lvdia Hartle, July 17, 1880, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Hartle and Mary Ann McNickle
of Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.), who was born Jan. 10, 1858.
Their children: Gertrude b. May 15, 1881, m. Gustave Fred-
erickson; William Harry b. July 4, 1882, m. Dora Calder-
Moroni b. Nov. 11, 1883; Michael b. March 25, 1885, m. Lydia
Ellen Hardy; Joseph Isaac b. Aug. 16, 1886; Minnie b. Jan.
9, 1888, m. Heber Priest; Netta b. Jan. 9, 1890, died; Mark b.
Oct. 1, 1891; Alice b. March 1, 1?96; Lydia May, b. April 16,
1898. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Member 1st quorum seventies; ward teacher; high priest.
Active in Black Hawk war. Contractor and builder.

COOKE, HENRY (son of Abram Cooke). Born June 11, 1811,
Chichester, Eng. Came to Utah Aug. 26, 1864, John It. Mur-
dock company.

Married Martha Morris (daughter of James Morris), who
was born Oct. 28, 1809, and came to Utah with her husband.
Their children: Benjamin Frederick b. Sept. 16, 1832 m.
Mary Joy April 1, 1861; Mary Ann b. 1834, died; Louisa b.
Jan. 25, 1837, m. Aroet L. Hale Dec. 25, 1861; Charles b.
March 14, 1839, m. Ann M. Fawson Dec. 25, 1865; Henry A.
b. Aug. 24, 1841, m. Lily Butler; Elizabeth b. Sept. 27, 1843,
m. William H. Hobbs; Charlotte b. March 3, 1846, m. Aroet
L. Hale. Family home Grantsviile, Utah.

COOKE, BENJAMIN FREDRICK (son of Henry Cooke and
Martha Morris). Born Sept. 16, 1832, South Stoke, Sussex

Married Mary Joy April 1, 1861, Chichester, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Walter Robert Joy and Sarah Masterson, pioneers
Sept. 27, 1861, Sextus E. Johnson company). She was born
Jan. 25, 1837. Only child: Benjamin Henry b. April 23, 1862,
m. Annie Constance Hobbs.

Grantsviile city recorder four years. Manager Hale Bros,
mercantile business three years. Recorder at Lakeside
mining district three years; justice of peace. Grouse Creek,
Utah, fourteen years.

COOKE, BENJAMIN HENRY (son of Benjamin Fredrick
Cooke and Mary Joy). Born April 23, 1862.

Married Annie Constance Hobbs (daughter of William D.
Hobbs, pioneer Sept. 27, 1861, Sextus E. Johnson company).
She was born Nov. 19, 1865, Panguitch, Utah. Their children-
Mary Elizabeth b. Oct. 16, 1887, m. Joseph Whittle Oct 3
1910; William B. b. May 9, 1890; Sarah Pearl b. Oct. 15, 1892;
Ethel b. Aug. 13, 1895. Family resided Grouse Creek, Utah,
and St. Anthony, Idaho.

COOI.EY, ANDREW W. (son of Benjamin and Clarissa
Cooley of Detroit, Michigan, pioneers 1864). Born May 24
1838. Came to Utah In 1864.

Married Rachel C. Coon Feb. 22, 1864, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Abraham Coon of Ohio and Elizabeth Yar-
brough of Tennessee, pioneers, 1850). She was born March
22, 1848. Council Bluffs, Iowa, and came to Utah with par-
ents. Their children: Samuel B. d. Infant; Ida B. d. aged
two; Marrettle d. 14 years; Isabella, m. Edwin Fish; Lu-



cretla; Oscar N., m. Margaret Bird; Andrew, m. Minnie
Sorenson; Abraham C. ; Frances, m. Samuel Rigby. Family
home Salt Lake City, Utah.

High priest; bishop of Brighton ward. Farmer, stock-
raiser and butcher. Died Oct. 11, 1887.

COOMBS, ABRAHAM. Came to Utah In 1860.

Married Olive Olivia Curtis in 1849. Their children:
Charles M., m. Elvira Ashbrook; Helen, m. George Clayton;
Emily, m. J. J. Kenton and Al Davis; Arabelle, m. Joseph
Smith; Ella b. March 27, 1857, m. William Henry Branch;
Olive, m. John Fretwell. Family resided San Bernardino,
Cal., and Cedar City, Utah.

Farmer. Died 1860 Beaver, Utah.

COOMBS, GEORGE (son of Richard Coombs). Born 1814,
Staffordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 4. 1864, William S.
Warren company.

Married Eliza Astubary (daughter of Joshua Astubary),
who was born in 1812 and came to Utah with husband.
Their children: William H., m. Eliza Morgan; Joshua, m.
Fanny Bailey; George, m. Paulina Gulbranson; Harriet, m.
James Dutton; Ephr<alm, m. Ruth Shawcroft; David, b. June
9, 1852, m. Theresa Billings Jan. 4, 1875. Family home
Fountain Green, Utah.

Presiding elder Trent Vale (England) branch 1863. Black
Hawk war veteran and Indian campaigner.

COOMBS, DAVID (son of George Coombs and Eliza Astu-
bary). Born June 9, 1852, in Staffordshire, Eng. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Theresa Billings Jan. 4, 1875 (daughter of Titus
Billings and Mary A. Tuttle), who was born Jan. 28, 1859.
Their children: David J. b. Jan. 29, 1876, m. Ivy L. Thomp-
son; Arthur W. b. Aug. 28, 1880, m. Lillian M. Bullard; Ray
H. b. Sept. 29, 1882, m. Martha Bullard; Hephzibah E. b.
Dec. 9, 1884, m. Floyd Ivle; George L. b. Jan. 7, 1887; Mary
Eliza b. March 10. 1889, m. Frederick Baker; Ephraim H. b.
April 25, 1891; Harriet T. b. Feb. 22, 1893; Emily b. Feb. 29.
1896; Vanever M. b. Nov. 22, 1897; Titus W. b. Aug. 12. 1899.
Family resided Fountain Green, Joseph City, Thurber and
Lyman, Utah.

Seventy and high priest; alternate high councilor, Wayne
stake; presided over Allridge branch; Sunday school superin-
tendent Trenton branch.

COON, ABRAHAM (son of John Coon, of Pennsylvania, and
Rachel Smith, of Virginia). Born April 3, 1810, Herron
Creek, Ohio. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1850, William Wall

Married Elizabeth Yarbrough in 1830. St. Clair county, 111.
(daughter of William Yarbrough and Permelia Parker of
Tennessee and St. Clair county, 111.). She was born Dec. 23,
1808. Their children: Susanna, d. aged 12 years; John, m.
Mary T. York; Permelia, d. aged 19 years; Sarah, d. aged
14 years; William, m. Sarah A. Moore, m. Emma Hiskey;
Elizabeth W., m. James Hawkins; James D., m. Mary Hor-
rocks; Frances Ann, m. Levl N. Hardman; Erastus, d. in-
fant; Rachel C., m. Andrew Cooley. Family home Salt Lake

Married Frances Yarbrough at Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of
William Yarbrough and Permelia Parker). Only child:
Abraham, d. aged 10 years.

Married Betsy Wilson at Council Bluffs, Iowa (daughter
of Elija and Elizabeth Wilson of Grantsville, Utah). Their
children: Edna J., m. Albert Baker; Isaac, m. Catherine Mel-
len; Laura, d. infant; Jacob, m. Sarah Hirst; Mary E., m.
Alfred Gardiner. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Member 16th quorum seventies; missionary to Carson
valley, Nev., 1856-57; high priest; bishop of Kirtland, Ohio,
and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Salt Lake county road supervisor
eight years. Farmer, stockraiser and cooper. Died March
27, 1886.

COON, JOHN (son of Abraham Coon and Elizabeth Yar-
brough). Born Nov. 30, 1832. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1850,
William Wall company.

Married Mary T. York March 12, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin F. York and Elizabeth York (3d cou-
sins) of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 22, 1847, Daniel
Spencer company). She was born March 3, 1834, Nashville,
Tenn. Their children: Mary T. b. Jan. 9, 1855, m. Olive Sha-
fer; John A. b. Feb. 22, 1857, m. Charlotte Hirst; Amelia E.
b. June 18, 1859, m. Joseph H. Smith; Frances Ann b. Sept.

22, 1861, m. George Susted; Sarah Jane b. April 30, 1864, m.
William H. Smith; David F. b. April 30, 1866, m. Ellen Dear-
den- Isaac W. b. Aug. 11, 1869, m. Mary E. Bertoch; Rachel
C. b. Aug. 29, 1872, m. William G. Staley; Emma M. b. Nov.

23, 1875, d. aged 8 years; George W. b. April 12, 1878, d.
Infant. Family home Pleasant Green, Utah.

Member 33d quorum seventies. Farmer and stockraiser.
Died July 28, 1906.

COON, JOHN A. (son of John Coon and Mary T. York).
Born Feb. 22. 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Charlotte Hirst Jan. 6, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Hirst and Charlotte Brook of York-
shire, Eng., pioneers Sept. 1868). She was born Dec. 9, 1859,
Lancashire, Eng., and came to Utah with parents. Their
children: John B. b. Nov. 15, 1881, m. Hannah E. K.; Bertha

b. June 23, 1884, m. Frank L. Chambers; Charles L. b. March
18, 1887, d. aged two years; Myrtle b. May 19, 1889; Roswald
H. b. Dec. 4, 1892; Rudger Y. b. March 30, 1896; Archie B.
b. July 18, 1901; Clifford A. b. June 23, 1904. Family home
Pleasant Green, Utah.

Member 14th quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states 1896-98; ward teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A.;
assistant Sunday school superintendent. Went to Arizona
in 1876 with Lot Smith and his colony. Deputy assessor
two years; school trustee in 83d district. Salt Lake county.
Farmer and stockraiser.

COON, ISAAC W. (son of John Coon and Mary T. York).
Born Aug. 11, 1869, Grantsville. Utah.

Married Mary Elva Bertoch Jan. 15, 1896, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Bertoch and Ann Cutcliff, of Italy and
England, respectively, and later of Pleasant Green ward,
near Salt Lake City). She was born June 23, 1877. Their chil-
dren: Elva M. b. Oct. 24, 1896; I. Warren b. May 30, 1908;
Vivian B. b. July 23, 1900; Stanley J. b. July 29, 1902; Lillian
b. Sept. 4, 1906, d. Infant. Family home Pleasant Green,

Member 14th quorum seventies; president elders' quorum
14 years; Sunday school superintendent. Road supervisor
three years; trustee of 47th school district four years.
Farmer and stockraiser.

COON, JAMES DAVID (son of Abraham Coon and Elizabeth
Yarbrough). Born Dec. 7, 1842, Green county, 111. Came to
Utah July, 1850, Capt. Roundy company.

Married Mary Horrocks March 11, 1866, Huntsville, Utah
(daughter of Edward Horrocks and Eliza Clark of Liver-
pool, Eng., pioneers Sept., 1857, Capt. Dunn company). She
was born Feb. 7, 1850. Their children: James D. b. Feb.
18, 1867, m. Alida Ek; Abraham b. Sept. 18, 1869, d. aged one
year; Joseph b. Feb. 17, 1871, m. Maud A. Dearden; Rose C.
b. Feb. 4, 1873, m. George Kelson; Jacob b. Sept. 28, 1875,
m. Martha Hancock; Effle M. b. Sept. 17, 1877, m. Walter
Sugden; Frank b. June 21, 1879, d. aged one year; Mary b.
Jan. 7, 1880, m. John P. Thomas; Sarah b. Feb. 28, 1882, d.
aged 16 years; Hyrum b. June 1, 1884, m. Nellie Brown;
Maud b. Feb. 11, 1886, m. George Wilson; Walter b. Oct.
28, 1887, m. Ruby Hancock; Alonzo b. Aug. 2, 1889; Albert
b. Aug. 4, 1891, m. Nellie Bellows; Flossie b. Sept. 2, 1893,
m. Fred Rasmussen; Wilford b. Nov. 20, 1896. Family home
Pleasant Green, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

COON, JOSEPH (son of James David Coon and Mary Hor-
rocks). Born Feb. 16, 1871, Huntsville, Utah.

Married Nancy M. Dearden June 5, 1893, Pleasant Green
ward (daughter of Joseph Dearden and Nancy Hirst of
Yorkshire, Eng., pioneers Sept. 1868). She was born July
11, 1874. Their children: Joseph E. b. Jan. 5, 1894; James
L. b. July 30, 1897; Noble D. b. Jan. 2, 1899; Howard b. Dec.

9, 1901; Louis H. b. Feb. 5, 1905; Clyde b. April 18, 1907;
Josephine b. Dec. 20, 1909; Maud Mae b. April 17, 1913.
Family home Pleasant Green, Utah.

Member 14th quorum seventies; elder. Farmer and stock-

COON, ISAAC (son of Abraham Coon and Betsy Wilson).
Born June 18, 1850, on way to Utah.

Married Catherine Mellen Dec. 19, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Mellen and Jane Ramsden of Lan-
cashire, Eng., pioneers 1848). She was born Nov. 29, 1851.
Their children: Minnie M. b. Sept. 20, 1870, m. Charles
Nealson; Isaac E. b. Jan. 1, 1873, m. Naoma Taylor; Fredrick
b. Nov. 9, 1875, m. Louisa Perkins; John Abraham b. Dec.

10, 1877. m. Tillie Nealson; Susan b. Oct. 16, 1879, m. Lot
Hancock; Laura b. Dec. 3, 1881, d. aged four years; Arthur
b. Jan. 9, 1883, m. Ruth Breeze; Jane Edith b. Oct. 18, 1884,
m. Claud Wilkins; George A. b. Jan. 19, 1886, m. Florence
Smith; Herbert b. Jan. 29, 1887; Clara b. March 15, 1889;
Frank b. Oct. 16, 1891, m. Georgie Rolph; Ralph b. Sept. 12,
1893; Katie M. b. May 31, 1895. Family home Pleasant
Green, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to eastern states 1896-98; high priest;
1st counselor to Bishop Spencer. Farmer and stockraiser.

COOPER, ISAAC (son of Robert Cooper and Emmeline Mar-
shal). Born Feb. 9, 1807, Mt. Earl, Lane county, Pa. Came
to Utah 1848, David Spencer company.

Married Mary Murray Feb. 18, 1834, in Pennsylvania, who
was born Feb. 16, 1815.

Married Nancy Lance May 1, 1852, In Utah, who was born
Oct. 16, 1816. Their children: Isaac D. b. March 7, 1855,
m Rebecca R. Norton; John H. b. Sept. 14, 1857, m. Martha A.
Olmstad; Cyrus W. b. Jan. 18, 1860.

Married Mary E. Stuart March 18. 1857, American Fork,
Utah. Their children: Mary J. b. Jan. 12, 1860, m. Daniel
Olmstead; Syntha b. June 20, 1862, m. Rufus W. Norton;
Martha E. b. April 7, 1865, m. Leander D. Norton; Charles R.
b March 17, 1869; Joseph A. b. Feb. 3. 1873.

President high priests' quorum. With a wagon load of
flour donated by himself, went to relieve a belated hand-
cart company. Died Nov. 21, 1882.

COOPER, ISAAC D. (son of Isaac Cooper and Nancy Lance).
Born March 7. 1855, American Fork, Utah.

Married Rebecca R. Norton Nov. 28, 1879, Lehi, Utah
(daughter of James W. Norton and Nancy Hammer of Lehl,
pioneers Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company). She
was born Feb. 3, 1862. Their children: Isaac L. b. July



18, 1880, m. Mary Edmisten; Anna R. b. Dec. 28, -1881, m.
Peter M. Fransden; James A. b. Oct. 10, 1883, m. Amanda
Olson; Alfred A. b. March 9, 1886; Jesse B. b. Aug. 27, 1887;
Nancy M. b. May 12, 1895; Ellis and Elsie (twins) b. Sept. 8,
1897; David A. b. Jan. 3. 1899; Basel b. March 10, 1901.
Family home Idaho.

Missionary to St. Johns, Ariz., 1884-89.

COOPER, JOHN (son of James Cooper, born May 24, 1811,
and Ann North, born Jan. 27, 1811, both in Loughborough,
Leicestershire, Eng.). He was born May 27, 1834, at parents'
birthplace. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin
handcart company.

Married Mary Ann Lewis June 8, 1857 (daughter of Wil-
liam Lewis and Ann Ward), who was born Nov. 11, 1833, and
came to Utah with her husband. Their children: John
Lewis b. June 20, 1858, m. Corrilla Carson Dec. 1879; Mary
Ann b. July 13, 1860, m. Thomas Davis; Charles William b.
Sept. 30, 1862, m. Hannah Anderson Jan. 5, 1884; James
Henry b. Feb. 20, 1865, died; Isabella b. Feb. 26, 1867, m.
William Speakman Nov. 20, 1884; Franklin b. March 26,
1869, m. Mary A. Kelly Oct. 17, 1894; Arthur b. March 27,
1871. m. Flora Day; Florence May b. April 17, 1873, m. Daniel
Stevens Aug. 31, 1892. Family home Fillmore, Utah.

Married Sarah Ann Kate Newbold July 13, 1882, Salt
Lake City (daughter of George Newbold and Emily Osgo
Thorpe, the former came to Utah in 1881, the latter in 1883).
She was born at Nottingham, Eng. Their children: George
Albert b. Feb. 16, 1886, m. Irene Bartholomew; Katie May b.
July 3, 1887, m. L. Alma Gee; Florence Emily b. March 19,
1889, m. Emory Johnson; Amy Ethel b. June 22, 1891; Robert
Nelson b. March 23, 1893; Fred Wilford b. Nov. 27, 1898'
Kimball Benjamin b. March 27, 1900.

Missionary to England 1854-56 and 1880-82. Assistant
emigration agent to Daniel Spencer in Iowa City, May, 1856,
to Sept., 1856; supt. Sunday schools, Fillmore, eight years
and ward chorister two years. City councilman there one
term and city watermaster four terms; justice of peace two
terms; Millard county clerk and recorder two terms; Millard
county treasurer five terms. Black Hawk war veteran.
Endured perils of freezing and starvation assisting late
comers through Devil's Gate winter 1856-57.

COOPER, WILLIAM (son of John Cooper, born 1785 and
Elizabeth Row, born 1787, both at Houghton, Huntingdon
Eng.; married 1810). He was born Dec. 25, 1812, at par-
ents' birthplace. Came to Utah 1861, Capt. Brown company.

Married Mary Ann Samworth (daughter of John and Mary
Ann Samworth, married 1817), who was born 1818 and died
at Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng. Their children: Frederick Alfred
b. Dec. 19, 1837, m. Hannah Turpin Jan. 27, 1861; William
b. Dec. 21, 1838, d. 1839; Henry b. Aug. 31, 1839, d. Sept. 18.
1839; William b. Aug. 18, 1840. m. Ann Jackson; Emma b.
March 17, 1842 (d. 1888), m. William Mayne; Henry b Jan
13, 1844, d. March, 1844; Julia b. Feb. 22, 1845, m. Henry
Wildman Leeds; Matilda b. Jan. 2, 1847, m. John Wood- Mary
Maria b. Dec. 24, 1848, m. John Wood; Hyrum Smith b.
April 6, 1850, m. Mary Green; Lorenzo b. March 25, 1852 d
April 8, 1853; Alma b. Feb. 20, 1854, d. May 24, 1856; Frank-
lin b. Dec. 23, 1855, d. March 15, 1859; Eliza b. Nov. 15, 1857,
m. Len Glenn; Charles Heber b. Jan. 19, 1860, d. 1861. Fam-
ily resided Godmanchester and Leeds, Eng.

Married Sarah Peeling Mayne 1863, at West Jordan. Utah,
who was born 1824, at Cosmin, Lancashire, Eng. Only child-
Sarah Ann.

Married Sarah Bannfleld 1883, at West Jordan, Utah
(daughter of Thomas and Ann Bannfleld), who was born
Aug. 28, 1810, Gloucester, Eng.

Merchant and miller in England. High priest.

COOPER, FREDERICK ALFRED (son of William Cooper
and Mary Ann Samworth). Born Dec. 19. 1837. Godman-
chester, Eng. Came to Utah 1859, George Romney handcart

Married Hannah Turpin Jan. 27, 1861, West Jordan
(daughter of William Turpin and Elizabeth Tidwell, pioneers
1848), who was born Nov. 25, 1842, Birkenshaw, Eng Their
children: Mary Ann b. Dec. 24, 1861, m. Leonard Huey
Elizabeth b. Nov. 28, 1863 (d. 1906), m. John B. Moretoti
Aug., 1884; Julia b. Oct. 13, 1865. m. Amos B. Moreton- La-
vlnia b. Feb. 1. 1868. d. Feb. 29, 1868; Albert Edward b. April
17, 1869, m. Mary Jane Lewis 1891; Arthur b. July 24 1871
d. April 30, 1876; Hannah Maria b. Oct. 25, 1873, d. May 9
1876; Clara Edith b. Nov. 16, 1876, m. William E. Park; Clar-
ence LeRoy b. Sept. 7, 1879, m. Pearl C. Bradford- Fred-
erick William b. Sept. 21, 1882, m. Ida Farmer Jan. 2, 1911;
Erne Lenore b. Jan. 15, 1886. Family home West Jordan.

Married Mary Ellen Mayne April 3, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Mayne and Sarah Ann Peeling, latter
a pioneer 1861). She was born- Nov. 25, 1847. Bradford,
Eng. Their children: Abraham Mills b. Dec. 1, 1863. d. Aug.
21. 1864; Mary Ellen b. July 11, 1865. m. W. J. Strlckley
March 6, 1886; Frederick Alfred b. Sept. 5, 1867, m. Margaret
A. Jenkins Sept. 30, 1889; George Franklin b. Sept. 30. 1869;
Rosetta b. Dec. 15. 1871. m. Joslah Wheeler Sept. 5, 1895;
William Earnest b. April 3. 1874, d. May 9, 1876: Thomas
Alma b. Aug. 24, 1876, d. May 12, 1883; John Herbert b.
Dec. 15. 1879, d. Jan. 20. 1880; Horace Edgar b. Dec. 25. 1881.
d. April 12, 1896; Inez Pearl b. Aug. 22, 1884, d. Nov. S.
1889; Lucille b. Jan. 14, 1888, d. Nov. 14, 1889; Laura b. Feb.
1, 1890. Family home West Jordan.

Married Agnes McGregor Cutler Feb., 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William McGregor, pioneer 1851), who

was born 1845, Glasgow, Scotland. Their children: Willard
b. Dec., 1871. d. 1873; May b. 1873, d. 1877; Walter b. 1875,
m. Thelma Lovendahl. Family home West Jordan.

Married Mary Ann Mills Oct. 13, 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Mills and Sarah Barton, pioneers 1858).
She was born March 28, 1848, Gloucester, Eng.

Emigrated from England 1859 on ship "William Tubscot."
Followed flour milling in early days; postmaster at West
Jordan twenty-three years; merchant. Chorister and or-
ganist forty years; assistant Sunday school superintendent;
in later years still an active ward teacher.

COPE, THOMAS (son of John Cope of Bradsfordshlre,
Eng.). Born Oct. 8. 1814. Came to Utah 1853, Ten-pound

Married Martha Newton, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng. (daugh-

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