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COVEY, WILLIAM BENJAMIN (son of Enoch Covey and
Janett Carruth Young). He was born July 12, 1867, Salt
Lake City.

Married Margaret A. Johnston Feb. 6, 1893, Coalville,
Utah (daughter of James Johnston and Mary A. Fletcher,
of Coalville, Utah, pioneers 1862). She was born July 3,
1874. Their children: William W. b, Nov. 14, 1893; Grace M.
b. May 20, 1895.

President Afton Harness company. Farmer and sheep-
raiser. Director Covey Investment Co., builder of Covey, La
France and Kensington apartment houses at Salt Lake City.

COVEY, JOSEPH (son of Benjamin Covey and Elmyra
Mack). Born March 2, 1839, In Caldwell county. Mo. Came
to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Elizabeth Parkinson, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Mr. Parkinson, who died while crossing the plains;
parents lived in Missouri). She was born Sept. 1842. Their
children: Joseph P., m. Alfreda Anderson; Elizabeth, m.
Thomas Busby; Ellen; Jessie, m. Andrew Vissing; Rallar;
William. Family home Salt Lake City.

Mining man.

COVEY, HYRUM (son of Benjamin Covey and Almlra Mack).
Born Aug. 6, 1843, In Illinois. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848,
Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Ellen Parkinson July 19, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Parkinson and Ellen Smalley, of Preston,
Lancashire, Eng.; both died en route to Utah). She was
born 1850. Their children: Hyrum B. b. April 9, 1868, d.
same day; Priscilla P. b. July 6, 1869, m. John T. E. Thomp-
son; John P. b. Sept. 30, 1871, m. Phoebe Douglas; Kate C.
b. Dec. 30, 1873, m. John Corbett; Almira R. b. July 25, 1876,
m. Tom Cragehead; Frank J. b. Oct. 23, 1879, m. Birdie
Mickle; Earl M. b. March 8, 1882, m. Lula Hendershot; Leroy
b. Oct. 3, 1884; Mable b. Oct. 7, 1886, m. Joseph Pitcher;
Nellie b. May 20, 1889, m. Leslie Scrowthers; Ivy b. Dec. 18,
1891, m. Arthur Simmons.

COWAN, JOHN (son of James Cowan). Born Aug. 1, 1784,
Campsie, near Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Utah 1850, Levl
Stewart company.

Married Agnes Barrey (daughter of Andrew and Nellie
Barrey), who was born in 1785. Their children: James b.
Dec. 12, 1808, m. Jessie Brown 1829; William b. April 1,
1811, died; Robert b. April 1, 1811, m. Dannon Faircloth; Mar-
garet b. Sept. 17, 1813, m. John Henderson; John b. May 18,
1816, died; Mary b. Jan. 24, 1819, m. John Donelson; William
b. Aug. 9, 1821, m. Mary Brown; Andrew b. Dec. 22, 1825,
m. Ann Smiley; Alexander b. Nov. 9, 1827, died; Alexander b.
Dec. 18, 1830. m. Jane Mitchell Jan. 22, 1860. Family home
Salt Lake City.

COWAN. ALEXANDER (son of John Cowan and Agnes
Barrey). Was born Dec. 18, 1830, Campsie, Scotland.

Married Jane Mitchell Jan. 22, 1860, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Mitchell and Helen Legg, latter a pioneer
Sept. 25, 1866, John D. Holladay company). She was born
July 24, 1836, Aberdeen, Scotland. Their children: Mary
Jane b. Jan. 8, 1861, died; John M. b. Aug. 29, 1862, m. Loretta
Lewis Dec. 19, 1889; Alexander, Jr., b. March 24, 1865, and
James Brown b. Sept. 12, 1866, died; William M. b. Oct. 12,
1868, m. Mary I. Crook Nov. 27, 1890; Robert H. b. Feb. 21,
1872, m. Lillie P. Manwill April 22, 1896; Joseph B. b. April 4,
1874, m. Zella Pepper Dec. 22, 1903; Sarah b. Nov. 7, 1876, m.
William E. Wilson Aug. 28, 1895; Emma M. b. Nov. 25, 1878,
m. John D. Wimmer Oct. 24, 1900. Family home Payson,

Married Eliza Ratz Nov. 20, 1861, who was born April
20, 1834, in Switzerland. Their children: Agness b. Dec.
22, 1862, m. Frank A. Argyle Aug. 26, 1887; Frank W. b.
Oct. 16, 1865, m. Mary E. Montague Feb. 28, 1893; Annie E.
b. Dec. 20, 1867, m. John M. Manwill May 15, 1885; Hyrum
b. Sept. 15, 1870, died; Mary L. b. Feb. 10, 1875, m. Christian
Provstgard Sept. 1. 1890; George A. b. Dec. 30, 1877, m. Zina
Montague Dec. 1898.

High priest. Farmer.

COWAN, JOHN M. (son of Alexander Cowan and Jane
Mitchell). Born Aug. 29, 1862, Salt Lake City.

Married Loretta Lewis Dec. 19, 1889, Payson, Utah (daugh-
ter of J. W. Lewis and Mary A. Fuller; pioneers 1862). She
was born Aug. 20. 1870, Provo, Utah. Their children: Hazel
V. b. Nov. 19, 1890; John R. b. April 9, 1892; I. Glade b.
June 5, 1894; Glenn F. b. Dec. 11. 1895; Martha A. b. April
30, 1898; Clarence E. b. April 22, 1901; Donna L. b. June 9,
1905; Deeth Lewis b. March 17, 1907, died; Max L. b. Jan. 31,
1909; Fawn b. Sept. 12, 1911. Family home Payson, Utah.

Elder. Farmer and stockraiser.

COWL.EY, CHARLES CAESAR (son of Nicholas Cowley
and Ellen Kelley, both of Isle of Man). Born Dec. 1, 1800,
Isle of Man. Came to Utah 1850, Andrew Perkins company.

Married Ann Killip. Their children: Charles Caesar b.
Nov. 17, 1834, m. Eleanor C. Curtis; William M. b. Sept. 29,
1836, m. Sarah Emily Wall; Eleanor, died; Ann Jane m.
William Partington; Nephi K.. m. Unity H. Apperley; John
Alma, m. Jeanette Davidson; Mariah E., m. A. A. Allen;
Joseph Enos, m. Kate Worley; James Alma, m. Ann Lewis;
Hyrum, died; Benjamin Franklin, deceased.

Settled at Salt Lake City, moved to Cache county.

COWLEY, CHARLES CAESAR, JR. (son of Charles Caesar
Cowley and Ann Killip). Born Nov. 17, 1843, at Isle of Man.
Came to Utah in 1850, Andrew Perkins company.

Married Eleanor Caroline Curtis Feb. 25, 1864, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Joseph Curtis and Sarah Morrell, pioneera
Oct. 1861, Capt. Harmon company). She was born Aug. 11,
1844, London, Eng. Their children: Eleanor Sarah b. Nov.
21, 1864, m. Joseph S. Wall; Ann Mariah b. April 23, 1866,
and Charles Henry b. Sept. 6, 1867, died; Joseph Curtis b.
Oct. 27, 1869, m. Minnie Wall; Edwin James b. March 19,
1872, m. Lydia Jackson; Ephraim Albert b. Aug. 4, 1874, m.
Annie Dastrup; Fanny Louise b. Aug. 26, 1876, died; Angus
A. b. June 29, 1878. died; Moses b. Aug. 2, 1880, and Luella
b. Jan. 21, 1882, died; Benjamin Franklin b. April 4, 1883;
David Curtis b. Oct. 13, 1885; Israel Abner b. June 18, 1889.
Family home Logan, Utah.

Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Early settler of San
Pete and Sevier counties. Made two trips across the plains
for immigrants.

COWLEY, JOSEPH CURTIS (son of Charles Caesar Cowley,
Jr., and Eleanor Caroline Curtis). Born Oct. 27, 1869, at

Married Minnie Ann Wall Sept. 6, 1891, Glenwood, Utah
(daughter of Francis George Wall and Mary Bench, of Eng-
land), who was born Oct. 20, 1876. Manti, Utah. Their
children: Laura May b. Feb. 25, 1892; Elmo b. Dec. 21, 1894,
deceased; Joseph Elmer b. Dec. 26, 1895; Fanny Louise b.
Nov. 6, 1897; Francis Charles b. April 1, 1900; Naomi Clarissa
b. Jan. 23, 1902; Anthony Oscar b. Oct. 30, 1903; Elva Clay
b. Jan. 13, 1906; Angus Wayne b. July 29, 1910. Family
home Venice, Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1907-09; secretary of
Venice ward Sunday school; bishop of Venice ward 1900.
School trustee at Venice. Merchant and farmer.

COWLEY, EPHRAIM ALBERT (son of Charles Caesar
Cowley, Jr., and Eleanor Caroline Curtis). Born Aug. 4, 1874,
at Logan.

Married Annie Maria Dastrup May 31, 1899, Mantl, Utah
(daughter of Hans Laurentz Dastrup and Annie Maria
Anderson, Copenhagen, Denmark), who was born Dec. 26,
1876. Their children: Lamoin Ephraim b. Jan. 27, 1905;
Waldo Valdez b. May 29. 1911. Family home Richfield, Utah.

Member 36th quorum seventies; missionary to Australia
1901-02; assistant stake Sunday school superintendent. Sec-
retary Sevier Valley Canal company; manager People's Em-

COWLEY, RICHARD (son of John Lucas Cowley, born March
7, 1802, Simpson, Buckinghamshire, Eng., and Lucia Sear,
born April 14, 1812, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, Eng.). He
was born May 20, 1834, at Simpson, Eng. Came to Utah
Dec. 4, 1864, John M. Kay company.

Married Mary Labrum Nov. 10. 1865 (daughter of Thomas
Labrum and Elizabeth George, latter a pioneer Oct. 1, 1862.
Joseph Home company married 1837, Mursley, Bucking-
hamshire). She was born Feb. 20, 1838, and came to Utah
Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel D. McArthur company. Their children:
Fredrick Summerfleld b. Oct. 22, 1866, m. Effle Elizina
Despain Dec. 11, 1889; Richard Austin b. Sept. 22, 1868, m.
Mary Jane Gull June 6, 1895; Lucy Elizabeth b. May 23,
1870, m. Peter Winward Dec. 4, 1895; Thomas Labrum b. Dec.
13, 1871, m. Janet H. Amelia Despain June 12, 1901; Maud
Agnes b. Nov. 6, 1873, m. Charles Taysom March 6, 1895;
Polley Jane b. Oct. 1, 1877, m. Charles Archibald June 16,
1898. Family home Sandy, Utah.

Settled at Mill Creek; moved to Meadow 1873-76, thence to
Sandy 1878.

COX, DANIEL. Born May 5, 1800, in Maryland. Came to
Utah Sept. 1850, William W. Wall company.

Married Mary Ann Frantom, of Maryland, who died In
Illinois. Their children: Ann Maria, m. J. Lewis; m. Edward
Walker; William, m. Elizabeth Smith; Jane, m. Jesse Doddle;
Edward, m. Hannah Ashton; Jacob, m. Elizabeth Goodson;
m. Julia Sno'w; Joseph, m. Julia Snow; Elsie, died.

Married Lucy Smith, in 1847 (daughter of Howard Smith
of Green county. 111.). Their children: Azuba Deseret, m.
William Pratt; m. John Hardwick; Daniel, died; Charlotte,
m. James Dawson; Lizzie, died; Daniel Howard, m. Sarah
Jackson. Families resided at Lehi, Utah.

Assistant presiding elder at Lehi In 1850. Farmer.

COX, JACOB (son of Daniel Cox and Mary Ann Frantom).
Born Aug. 6, 1837, In Green county, 111. Came to Utah with

Married Elizabeth Goodson March 9. 1860, at Lehi (daugh-
ter of John Goodson and Ann Sharon), who was born March
6, 1840, in Norfolkshire. Eng.

Married Julia Snow, In the fall of 1870, Sail Lake City
(daughter of William and Sally Snow, of Lehi and Pine



Valley, Utah). She was the widow of Joseph Cox (son of
Daniel Cox and Mary Ann Frantom). Their child: Joseph,
Jr. She had one child by Jacob Cox: William Snow b. Jan.
14, 1872, m. Lizzie Cannon Gardner.

Elder. Indian war veteran. Early settler at Lehi. Road
builder and irrigationist.

COX, EDWARD (son of Richard Cox and Sarah Beal of
Herringford Abbotts, Huntingdonshire, Eng.). Born April
1, 1825, Haningford, Eng. Came to Utah Sept., 1860, Kim-
ball-Lawrence freight train.

Married Lucinda Willis in 1846, at Lambeth, London
(daughter of George Willis of London), who was born Jan.
24, 1825, Rochester, Eng. Their children: Edward George
and Lucinda Mary, twins, Edward, William, and James
George, first five died; Charles; Louisa, m. Hyrum Edwards;
Lovina, Heber and Emeline Lavina Eugenia, latter three
died. Family home S65 W. N. Temple, Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Louisa Frost March 10, 1866, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry Franklin of Bristol, Eng., who
came to Utah Sept. 26, 1856, Edmond Ellsworth handcart
company). She was born Nov. 2, 1830.

Married Eliza Helen Harvey Aug. 17, 1867, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Andrew Harvey and Eliza Helen Wheeler
of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 15, 1866, William Henry
Chipman company). She was born June 2, 1849. Their chil-
dren: Alfred Andrew; Ernest, m. Dora Christensen; Valen-
tine Clifford; Lucius Edgar, m. Mary Newton; Nellie C., m.
Fred Taylor; Royal Victor; May C., m. John A. Davis; Lucy
Beal, m. Edward Wallace; Joseph Harvey, m. Ellen Moss-
berg; Richard; Frederick David.

High priest. Carpenter and joiner; foreman carpenter
in finishing of Salt Lake temple.

COX, FREDERICK WALTER. Born Jan. 20, 1812, Oswego
county, New York. Came to Utah 1852, Oxteam company.

Married Emeline Whiting- 1835 (daughter of Edwin Whit-
Ing of Springville, Utah, pioneer with oxteam company).
Their children: Frederick W., m. Lucy Allen, m. Elvira
Coolidgre; William Arthur, m. Christina Anderson; Razalia,
m. Benjamin Driggs; Edwin, m. Jane Reid; Emily, m. Luther
Tuttle; Harriet, m. Henry M. Reid; Sylvester, m. Mary Ellen
Parry; Lucia, m. Albert Tuttle; Baby, d. infant. Family
home Manti, Utah.

Married Cordelia Morley Jan. 27, 1846 (daughter of Isaac
and Hannah Morley of Moroni, Utah), who was born Nov.
28, 1823. Their children: Lavina, m. Andrew C. Van Buren;
Emerett, m. Hayes Clark; Sarah Ann, m. Fred Anderson;
Francis, m. Libby Johnson; Curlista, m. George Crawford;
Arietta, m. Frank Tuttle; Evelyn, m. John Moffltt. Family
home Manti, Utah.

Married Jemimah Losee Jan. 27, 1846. Their children:
Adeline, m. William T. Reid; Ester, m. Gardiner Snow;
Byron, m. Susan Henrie; Elvira, m. Al Alder; Jemimah, d.
child; Elenor, m. Brig Peacock; Alice, m. Charles Tenent.
Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Lydia Losee, who was born July 24, 1839. Their
children: Samuel, d. child; Charles, m. Ella Stringham;
Amanda, m. Horton Tuttle. Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Emma Smith (daughter of Albert Smith of Manti,
Utah). Their children: Lacinda Bell; Walter; May. Family
home Manti, Utah.

Seventy; president high priests quorum; missionary to
England 1863. Farmer and lumberman. Died June 1865,
Manti, Utah.

COX, FREDERICK WALTER, JR. (son of Frederick Walter
Cox and Emeline Whiting). Born Nov. 6, 1837. Came to
Utah 1852, Oxteam company.

Married Lucy Allen, Manti, Utah (daughter of Joseph
Allen and Lucy Morley, pioneers with oxteam company).
Their children: Frederick Walter, m. Maria Louisa Stevens, m.
Lucy H. Woolman; Marlon A., m. Elizabeth Demills; Lucy,
d. child; Louisa, m. James Tatten; Arthur, m. Amanda Funk,
m. Mary Thomas; Minnie, m. Charles Whitlock; Olive, m.
Charles Christensen: Edwin and Elbert. d. infants; Roselyn;
Louis, m. Louise Wintsch. Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Elvira Coolidge, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Howard; Bruce, m. Miss Reed; Gene; Allie; Roy. Family
home Manti, Utah.

Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Seventy. Policeman;
farmer and lumberman.

COX, FREDERICK WALTER, III (son of Frederick Walter
Cox, Jr. and Lucy Allen). Born Sept. 1, 1858, Manti. Utah.

Married Maria Louisa Stevens Feb. 21, 1864, Ferron, Utah
(daughter of Hyrum Stevens and Deby Lemmon of Para-
gonah, Utah, pioneers with oxteam company). She was
born Oct. 10, 1865. Their children: Deby Louisa b. March
7, 1865, m. George Albert Huntsman: Frederick Leslie b.
Feb. 23, 1887, m. Maria Huntsman; dell Hyrum b. March
21, 1891; Ross W. b. Dec. 12, 1897; Lloyd Glen b. Sept. 28,
1903. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Married Lucy H. Woolman Nov. 16, 1907, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Christopher Woolman and Agnes Robertson of
Leicestershire, Eng.). She was born Oct. 16, 1878. Their
children: Jennie b. July 30, 1908; Zella Agnes b. Sept. 16,
1910. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Ward teacher; counselor to T. M. M. I. A. Farmer.

COX, CLELL, HYRUM (son of Fredrick Walter Cox III.
end Maria Louisa Stevens). Born March 21, 1891, Ferron,

President priests, teachers and deacons quorums; uaher
In Sunday school eight years; ward teacher. Farmer.

COX, HENRY (son of Stephen Cox and Mary Ann May of
New Swindon, Wiltshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 14, 1837, Aid-
bourn, Wiltshire. Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1866, John D. Hol-
laday company.

Married Elizabeth Bellamy Feb. 1, 1877, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Bellamy and Hellen Bedfern of
Yorkshire. Eng.), who was born Feb. 1, 1841. Their children:
Mary Jane, d. when eighteen months old; Laura, m. Henry
Calton; Cora May, m. Harry Lieberthal. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Assistant superintendent Deseret Telegraph company;
general telegraph constructor.

COX, JEHtT (son of Thomas Cox of Knox county, Ky., and
Rachel Carr of Virginia). Born Sept. 5, 1803, Knox county,
Ky. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Sarah Pyle Jan. 13, 1824 (daughter of Edward G.
Pyle and Rosanah M. MacMahn; married Jan. 16, 1806).
She was born July 22, 1807, and came to Utah with her hus-
band. Their children: Rosanah b. Jan. 25, 1825, m. Benja-
min Jones; Henderson b. Nov. 6, 1829; Sarah b. Feb. 28, 1832,
m. David Jones; Mary Jane b. Sept. 19, 1833, m. Easton
Kelsey; Elias b. Jan. 15, 1835, m. Martha Richards May 6,
1855; Rachel b. March 17, 1836, m. W. P. Brady May 6, 1855;
Jehu b. June 15, 1837, m. Cordelia Merrill Dec. 24, 1854;
Isaiah b. May 18, 1839, m. Henrietta Jones Jan. 1, 1856; Emma
b. June 16, 1844, m. Jacob Jones; Martha E. b. Aug. 2, 1849,
m. Frederick Fenn. Family resided Salt Lake City, Union
and Fairview, Utah.

Road supervisor. First counselor to Bishop Silas Richards,
also to James N. Jones, Amasa Tucker and A. Peterson, of
Fairview, Utah; president high priests' quorum, Fairview,

COX, ELIAS (son of Jehu Cox and Sarah Pyle). Born Jan.
15, 1835, Putnam county, Ind.

Married Martha Richards May 6, 1855, Union, Salt Lake
county, Utah (daughter of Silas Richards and Elizabeth
McClanahan, pioneers Oct. 20, 1849, Silas Richards company).
She was born May 23, 1839, Stark county. III. Their chil-
dren: Elias Henderson b. Dec. 19, 1856, m. Ellen V. Sher-
man May 22, 1881.

Married Mary Elvla Sherman Nov. 10, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Albey L. Sherman and Mary E. Swan; mar-
ried June 10, 1854, pioneers 1854). She was born June
7, 1856, Santaquin, Utah. Their children: Albey Ellas b.
Aug. 10, 1881, m. Edith E. Hardee; Jehu b. Feb. 9, 1883;
William E. b. Sept. 5, 1884, m. Margaret Black; Marlon R.
b. Oct. 12, 1886; Sarah E. b. March 12, 1888, m. Alvin Black;
Orlo b. March 26, 1890; Margret B. b. Nov. 1892; George
Francis b. Jan. 1895; Grace C. b. Aug-. 25, 1897; Thomas
Franklin b. June 9, 1900. Family home Union, Salt Lake
county, Utah.

Bishop Huntington ward 1879; high councilor. Emery
county selectman 1880; probate judge 1880; member state
constitutional convention 1882. Assisted In bringing Immi-
grants to Utah. Indian war veteran.

COX, JOHN. Born in England. Came to Utah July 29, 1847,
with part of Mormon Battalion.

Married Eliza Roberts in England. She came to Utah 1847.
Their children: Elizabeth, m. James Ciemmons; Ann, died;
Anna Mariah, died; Eliza, m. Richard Mills; Sarah, m. Ed-
ward Cheary; Margaret, m. Squire Hepworth; Martha, m.
Thomas Smuin; Comfort Ann, m. Levl Cyrus Kendall; Jean-
ette; Mary Ann, m. Richard Mills.

High priest; teacher. Early settler at Oxford, Idaho.
Died about 1880 at Oxford.

COX, I/EVI ASHTON (son of Thomas Cox, born 1801, Wlgh-
toft, Eng., and Susannah Ashton, born Feb. 29, 1803, Swines-
head, Lincolnshire, Eng.; married in 1820). He was born
July 7, 1825, Swineshead, Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 13, 1863, Rosel Hyde company.

Married Mary Sharp (daughter of Harrison Sharp and
Mary James), who was born Nov. 26, 1826, and came to Utah
with her husband. Their children: Robert H. b. June 25,
1854, m. Tirza D. Fisk Sept. 25, 1876; Catherine b. March 23,
1866, m. Edward Parker Oct. 31, 1870; Lev! A. b. Jan. 29,
1866, m. Elnora Arave Sept. 22. 1886; Mary b. Jan. 29, 1866,
m. Charles Fowers; Susan b. Sept. 7, 1867, m. Arthur Fowers
Dec. 11, 1888. Family home Hooper, Utah.

President elders' quorum.

COX, ROBERT H. (son of Levl Ashton Cox and Mary Sharp).
Born June 25, 1854, Finchley, Woodside, Eng.

Married Tlrza D. Fisk at Salt Lake City (daughter of
William R. Fisk and Tirza P. Warner, pioneers 1851), who
was born June 12. 1859, in Utah. Their children: Robert H.
b. April 4, 1877, d. Nov. 14. 1888; Mary P. b. Dec. 1, 1878. d.
Oct. 11, 1887; Tlrza D. b. Sept. 2, 1880, d. Nov. 18, 1880; Ann
E. b. Dec. 3. 1881, m. David Hooper Jan. 29. 1898; Elnora
b. Dec. 18, 1882, m. James G. Belnap June 7, 1899; Bertha R.
b. Feb. 13, 1885, m. Robert Carr Nov. 14, 1901; Lev! A. b.
Dec. 4, 1886, m. Edith Douglas Feb. 28, 1905; Vernetta b.
Oct. 27, 1888, d. March 3, 1905; Pearl b. Jan. 17, 1891, m. John
Stoker Dec. 16, 1908: Delia b. Jan. 21, 1893, d. Jan. 23. 1893;
Stella b. Jan. 21. 1893, d. March 17, 1893; Vera G. b. April
11, 1896; Kate I. b. March 8, 1898; Ziepha b. Aug. 19, 1904.

Leader Hooper ward choir 20 years.



COX, ORVILLE SOUTIIERLAXD (son of Jonathan Uphara
Cox, born 1770, Boston, Mass, and Lucinda Blood; married at
Nelson, Portage county, Ohio). He was born Nov. 27, 1816,
South Plymouth, Chenango county, New York. Came to
Utah Oct. 23, 1847, Charles C. Rich company.

Married Elvira Pamelia Mills Oct. 3. 1839 (daughter of
Robert Frederick Mills and Rhoda Hewlett), who was born
March 2, 1820 and came to Utah with husband. Their child-
ren: Robert b. July 28. 1840; Adelia B. b. Dec. 1, 1841, m.
George Sidwell April 13, 1864; Aimer Bingley b. April 1,
1844, m. Martha Black Aug., 1865, m. Sarah Ellen Jones Nov.,
1869; Orville M. b. Nov. 29, 1847, m. Rosanah Jones Aug. 6,
1874, m. Anna Brown Jan., 1894; Delaun Mills b. March 24,
1850, m. Charlotte Kelsey June 19, 1871, m. Susan Brown
Aug. 8, 1877; Walter b. Sept. 4, 1852. m. Nancy Sanders Oct.
9, 1876; Philemon b. Jan. 21, 1857; Sylvanus b. Sept. 12, 1857;
Tryphena b. Jan. 26. 1859, m. Conderceh Rowe Sept. 5, 1877,
m. William Sidwell May 8, 1883; Amasa b. March 28. 1861, m.
Caroline Hanson Nov. 12, 1890; Elvira Euphrasia b. May 11,
1864, m. Eli E. Day June 1883, m. Norman Mynor November,
1906. Family resided Manti and Fairview, Utah.

Married Mary Elizabeth Allen July 3, 1852, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Stuart Allen and Lucy Diantha Morley;
married Sept. 2, 1835, Clay county, Mo., pioneers Sept. 20,
1848, Brigham Young company). She was born Aug. 15, 1836.
Clay county, Mo. Their children: Philena b. Dec. 30, 1854,
m. H. W. Esplin Nov. 7, 1875; Amos b. Oct. 8, 1856. m. Sarah
Arietta Palmer July 6, 1876, m. Grace Helen Chestnut 1894;
Allen b. June 15, 1858, m. Harriet R. Caldwell July 29, 1885;
Theressa Leanore b. Dec. 25, 1864, m. John M. Black 1877;
Theodore b. Feb. 20, 1865, m. Almeda Eve Palmer Sept. 21,
1887; Lucy Elizabeth b. Jan. 29. 1866; Viola b. Nov. 2, 1868;
Eleanor b. June 25, 1873, m. James M. Payne Nov. 1, 1899;
Arthur b. Oct. 4, 1875, m. Sarah Esplin Oct. 25, 1902. Family
resided Mantl, Huntington and Orderville, Utah and Overton,

Married Eliza Jane Losee June 22, 1859, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac H. Losee and Sarah Gilbert, who were
married 1840, pioneers Sept. 9, 1852, Bryant Jolley company).
She was born Aug. 10, 1842, Lima, Hancock county. 111.
Their children: Lucinda Adeline b. May 13, 1863; Sarah Jane
b. Nov. 15, 1866; Almira M. b. Oct. 20, 1867, m. John Henry
Hatch Dec. 18, 1903; Phoebe Ann b. Sept. 30, 1870, m. Joseph
Lev! Stuart Feb. 20, 1895; Orlan L. b. Jan. 2, 1875, m. Ada
Arsay Nov. 16, 1904; Lovisa b. Dec. 10, 1877, m. S. E. Johnson
July 28, 1894. Family resided and pioneered Fairview, Manti,
Mt. Carmel and Orderville, Utah and Overton, Nev.

Pioneer to The Muddy; bishop Bountiful ward two years;
counselor to bishop Lowry of Manti 1849-60. Captain of
minutemen during Walker Indian war. Member Nauvoo
Legion brass band. Died Fairview July 4, 1888.

COX, DELAUN MILLS (son of Orville Southerland Cox and
Elvira Pamelia Mills). Born March 24, 1850, Manti, Utah.

Married Charlotte Kelsey June 19, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Easton Kelsey and Abigail Finch, pioneers
1861, captain of his own company). She was born Nov.
18, 1856, Little Cottonwood, Salt Lake county, Utah. Their
children: Abigail b. June 22, 1872; Elvira Pamelia b. Feb.
3, 1875, m. Henry Blackburn Sept. 6, 1892; Leonard Delaun
b. April 16, 1877, m. Arminnie Estella Esplin June 4, 1902;
Charlotte b. July 22, 1879, m. Israel Hoyt Heaton Nov. 28,
1900; Margaret b. July 19, 1881, m. Charles Carrol Heaton
Nov. 28, 1900; Louisa Euphrasia b. Nov. 17, 1884, m. Jesse
W. Dobson Aug. 8, 1908; Easton b. Dec. 7, 1886; Delta b.
June 9, 1888, m. Joseph Elijah Blake Aug. 15, 1908; Nancy
b. April 24, 1890; Phoebe b. Oct. 5, 1891, m. Joseph Shelton
Thurber Dec. 21, 1906; Zephyr b. May 3, 1894; Henry b.
June 16, 1896; Orin Kelsey b. Oct 16, 1899. Family resided
Washington and Orderville, Utah.

Married Susan Brown Aug. 8, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Robert H. Brown and Eunice Pectol, pioneers
1848 and 1847 respectively). She was born April 18, 1862, St.
George, Utah. Their children: William Mills b. June 26,
1878. m. Eliza Olive Allen Oct. 11, 1905; Charles Robert b.
April 9, 1880. m. Hannah Dora Blake Nov. 16, 1910; Eunice
Ann b. Dec. 8, 1881; Edward b. July 13, 1884, m. Polly Estella
Belnap Jan. 8, 1908; Susan b. Aug. 29, 1886; Amasa Brown b.
May 31, 1889; Amy b. April 6. 1892; Clarissa b. Feb. 17, 1894;
Orvllle Southerland b. May 12, 1901. Family resided Order-
ville, Utah and Moccasin, Ariz.

High priest; counselor in Y. M. M. I. A. 1880-81; Sunday
school chorister 1892-97. Foreman blacksmith dept. Order-
ville 1876-77 and building dept. flve years and of wagon dept.
1876-87. Violinist and musician. Farmer 1 . Horticulturist.

CHABTREE, CHARLES (son of Joshua Crabtree and Lucy
Webler). Born July 7, 1827 in Yorkshire, Eng. Came to
Utah 1853, Lot Smith company.

Married Elizabeth Aston in 1846, Birkenhead, Chestershire,
Eng. (daughter of William Aston and Mary Ellis of Ha-

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