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Family home Salt Lake City.

President seventies. Constable of Salt Lake county; po-
liceman; city alderman. Harnessmaker and saddler. Died
Dec. 27, 1900, Salt Lake City.

CROW, FRANKLIN (son of Charles Henry Crow and Mary
Sharp). Born Sept. 11, 1868, Salt Lake City.

Married Maria Burrows Sept. 12, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Burrows and Elizabeth Holmes of
Nottingham, Eng., came to Utah 1872). She was born Nov.
6 1870. Their children: Melvin B. b. Aug. 11, 1895, d. infant;
Raymond F. b. Oct. 10, 1896; Lucile M. b. Nov. 28, 1899; Verna
E. b. April 3, 1904; Lorene b. Nov. 7, 1906; Clyde B. b. May 28,
1910. Family home Salt Lake City.

President 154th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1900-02. Warehouse clerk.

Seventy at Salt Lake City; missionary to Australia 1876;
block teacher. Musician. Telegrapher for Deseret Tele-
graph Company. Merchant and bookkeeper at Z. C. M. 1.
Died 1887, Butte, Mont.

CROWTHER, DAVID (son of Eli Crowther and Hannah
Howe of Manchester, Eng.). Born 1843 Yorkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins company.

Married Josephine Hultgren 1869 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew Hultgren and Charlotte Erickson of
Motalla, Ostergotland, Sweden, former pioneer 1863, Capt.
Reese company). She was born 1847. Their children: Eli;
Rose; Annie Josephine; Alice Charlotte; Clara Miranda, m.
Samuel Smout; Walter Herbert; Adelia Emma; Albert Law-
rence; May Evaline; Ethel Dolore; William Leslie. Family
home Harrlsvllle. Utah.

Elder. Road supervisor at Harrisville; worked on Utah
Northern Railroad. Farmer.

CROXALL, MARK (son of Jonah Croxall and Eliza Orgyle
of Church Gresley, Eng.). Born Oct. 7, 1844. Came to Utah

Married Mary Eliza Young at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Brigham Young, pioneer July 24, 1847), who was born
June 8, 1847. Their children: Mary Eliza, m. Abram Can-
non; m. Albert Young Carrington; Mark, d. Infant; Wlllard
Y., m. Gertrude Pierce; Walter, d. Infant. Family home 14th
ward, Salt Lake City.

Married Caroline Young 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Brigham Young and Emily Dow Partridge of Salt Lake
City, pioneers July 24, 1847). She was born Feb. 1, 1851.
Their children: Emily Ada, m. William T. Cannon; Charles
Y., d. infant; Maud Y., d. infant; Caroline Y., m. Willard
Telle Cannon; Mark Y., m. Gertrude Winder; Tracy Y., m.
Elsie Rtter; m. Lettle Taylor; Vera Y., m. Heber Sharp;
Verna Y., d. infant. Family home Salt Lake City.

CROXFORD, WTLLIAM (son of John Croxford and Ann
Croxford of Oxfordshire, Eng.). Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1862,
James Wareham company.

Married Ellen Loader of Oxfordshire at Oxfordshire. She
came to Utah with her husband. Their children: Ellen
Elizabeth, m. William S. Ashton; Arbella, died; Stella, died;
Ernest, m. Ella Miller; Barton, died. Family home Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Farmer. Died in 1905 at Pleasant Grove.

CRYSTAL, JAMES (son of James Crystal and Janet Kidd).
Born Sept. 19, 1839, Boreland, parish of Dysart, Fifeshire,
Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1866, Daniel Thompson

Married Janet Smith Sept. 22, 1871, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Alexander Smith and Elizabeth Young of Renfrew-
shire, Scotland, latter pioneer Sept. 12, 1861, Milo Andrus
company). She was born June 2, 1846, Johnstone, Renfrew-
shire, Scotland; came to Utah with mother and family Sept.
12, 1861, Milo Andrus company. Their children: Janet b.
Sept. 13, 1872, m. Ammon Shelley; James b. May 2, 1874, m.
Laura Zufelt; Alexander F. b. Sept. 24, 1875, m. Ester Inger-
soll. Family home American Fork, Utah.

High priest in 2d ward, American Fork; ward and Sunday
school teacher many years. Regular literary contributor to
the "Juvenile Instructor." Farmer; fruitgrower.

CULLEN, MATTHEW (son of Patrick Cullen and Catherine
Rice of County Wicklow, Ireland). Born July 17, 1840,
County Carlow, Ireland. Came to Utah January, 1858, with
Johnston's army.

Married Anna J. Thompson Nov. 19, 1889 (daughter of
Edward W. Thompson and Julia Fish). Their children:
Ellen Marie, m. Fred U. Leonard; Julia Catherine, m. Gar-
rett S. Wilkins.

Married Nellie I. Thompson (daughter of Edward W.
Thompson and Julia Fish). Only child: Emma.

Left Camp Floyd May 15. 1860, with the army for Santa
Pe, N. M.; joined General Rosecrans United States army In
Maryland and took part In the Civil War at Louisville.
Lebanon, Fort Donaldson, Nashville, Clifton Landing, Bud's
Landing and East Point, Tenn. In charge of all trains
to Florence, Ala. Returned to Louisville, hiring and buy-
Ing teams for the government. Went to Tennessee as
wagonmaster 20th army corps, then with Sherman's cam-
paign to Atlanta, Ga., and on to the sea. Returned to
Washington by way of the Carollnas and Fortress Monroe.
Was at Harper's Ferry the night President Lincoln was
assassinated. In 1865 went to Colorado. Helped build
railroads and did general freighting- into Salt Lake City.
Conducted freighting, outfits from Salt Lake to Ely, Nev.,
Silver Pack, Nev., and to the Star district in Beaver county,
Utah, where In 1877 he became interested in the Home
silver mine, which yielded him a fortune, which he invested
in the Cullen Hotel, Salt Lake Brewing- Company, Walker
Bros. Bank and many other large enterprises of Salt Lake
City, at which place he now resides.

CULLIMORE, WILLIAM (son of John Culllmore and Grace
Walker, both of Tockington, Gloucestershire, Eng.). Born
Jan. 5, 1791. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1859, Robert F. Neslen

Married Lettice Powell April 4, 1814, at Tockington,
Gloucestershire, who was born Dec. 15, 1792. Their chil-
dren: Mark b. Jan. 15, 1815; William b. Sept. 14, 1817, died;
Luke b. Dec. 15, 1819, m. Caroline Rosser; George b. July 14,
1822, died; Robert b. Dec. 28, 1824; Elizabeth b. Aug. 22, 1829;
William b. July 29, 1833, died; Sarah b. Jan. 11, 1835, m. Wil-
liam Owen; m. Mr. Montgomery; William b. March 3, 1837,
died; James b. July 26, 1840, m. Clara Fowlke Feb. 10, 1864.
Family home Lindon, Utah.

CULLIMORE, JAMES (son of William Cullimore and Let*ice
Powell). Born July 26, 1840, at Tockington, Gloucestershire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1859, Robert F. Neslen com-

Married Clara Fowlke Feb. 10, 1864, Pleasant Grove, Utah
(daughter of John Fowlke and Harriet Raynor of Notting-
ham, Eng., pioneers Sept. 15, 1861, Ira Eldredge company).
She was born Dec. 28, 1847. Their children: Elizabeth
Lettice b. Jan. 31, 1866, m. George R. Ash; William James
b. Oct. 26, 1866, m. Elizabeth Keetch; Harriet b. Oct. 2. 1868.
ril. Benjamin Cluff, Jr.; Maria Louisa b. Nov. 22, 1870, died;
Albert Lorenzo b. Dec. 25. 1872. in. Luella Keetch Dec. 7,
1892; Clara Rosena b. April 18, 1875, m. James H. Kirk; Etta
Caroline b. Dec. 20, 1877, m. William S. Greenwood; George
Alfred b. April 16, 1880, m. Alice McBride; Vernie Angus
b. July 25. 1883, died; Ernest b. May 1, 1882, died. Family
home Lindon, Utah.

President high priests' quorum; assisted In building St.
George Temple 1874; active Sunday school worker. School
trustee several terms. Director in Pleasant Grove Co-op,
several years. Representative of the Genealogical Society
of Utah two years.



CULLIMORE, ALBERT LORENZO (son of James Cullimore
and Clara Fowlke). Born Dec. 25, 1872, Pleasant Grove,

Married Luella Keetch Dec. 7, 1892, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alfred G. Keetch and Emily Harris of Lindon,
Utah, pioneers 1862). She was born Sept. 30, 1873. Their
children: Luella Merle b. Feb. 6, 1894; Grace Lenile b. Nov.
24, 1896; Lloyd Lorenzo b. Dec. 10, 1896; Blanche b. July 17,
1899; Leland Keetch b. Sept. 21, 1901; Florence b. Nov. 30,
1903; James Alfred b. Jan. 17, 1906; Owen Stanley b. Nov. 26,
1908; Howard M. b. April 25. 1910; Albert Earl b. May 27,
1912. Family home Lindon.

Missionary to southern states 1895-98; high priest; bishop
Lindon ward. Proprietor Cullmore Mercantile Co., of Lin-
don. Merchant.

CUMBERLAND, HENRY. Born 1820 In Derbyshire. Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1852, Captain Layton company.

Married Elizabeth Kelly Oct. 12, 1852, Salt Lake City.
Franklin C. Richards officiating' (daughter of John Kelly
and Catherine Clothier of Douglas, Isle of Man). She was
born Aug. 16, 1830. Their children: Martha Ann, m. Joseph
Mellen; Margerlte, d. aged 17; Catherine E., m. Harry
Walters; Eliza, m. Thomas Thomas. Family home. Salt
Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to England two years. Blacksmith.
Died 1893, Salt Lake City.

CUMMINGS, CHARLES M. (son of James W. Cummings and
Aura Annetta Atwood).

Married Eva Winberg Aug. 1897, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Anders W. Winberg and Andrine W. Friese, pioneers
1854). She was born Jan. 20, 1872, at Salt Lake City. Their
children: Leland" M. b. May 15, 1898; W. Chester b. Jan. 20.
1901. Family home Salt Lake City.

CUMMINGS, JOHN (son of Harmon Cummings, born March
23, 1756, and Mary James, both of Maryland). He was born
Dec. 2, 1802, in Anderson county, S. C. Came to Utah 1852,
John Maxwell company.

Married Rachel Kennedy 1832 in Gibson county, Tenn.
(daughter of Isaate Kennedy and Sarah Pritchet of Ten-
nessee). She was born Jan. 20, 1813. Their children: Mary
Jane b. Oct. 28, 1834, m. Richard Jones; William b. July 30,
1835, m. Mary Ann Meeks; Isaac b. May 31, 1837, m. Sarah
Jones; Sarah Ann b. March 20, 1839, m. Elisha Jones; Ma-
linda b. April 6, 1842, m. Jacob Baum; Nancy b. Sept. 7, 1843,
m. Joseph McDonald; John J. b. March 25, 1846, m. Hannah
Sophia Johnson and Lenora Duke; Harmon b. July 7, 1850,
m. Isabel Florinda Dayton; Thomas b. 1852, and Joseph b.
Jan. 6, 1857, died. Family home Provo, Utah.

Farmer. Died Sept. 8, 1895, Heber City, Utah.

CUMMINGS, WILLIAM (son of John Cummings and Rachel
Kennedy). Born July 30, 1835, in Gibson county, Tenn.

Married Mary Annie Meeks Oct. 3, 1861, Provo, Utah
(daughter of William Meeks and Mary Elizabeth Rhodes),
who was born Nov. 22, 1844, Nauvoo, 111. Their children:
William C. b. Sept. 29, 1862, m. Jane Whatcott 1881; Mary
Elizabeth b. Dec. 20, 1864, m. Thomas Gardner 1882; John b.
Jan. 26, 1867, and Rachel b. June 9, 1869, died; Nancy Jane b.
Sept. 2, 1871, m. William Winters 1896; Ada Evaline b. May
26, 1874, m. Charles Whitaker 1898; Sarah Ann b. Oct. 16,
1876, m. Charles George 1895; Mary Ann b. April 8, 1879,
died; Harvey b. Nov. 12, 1881, m. Ida Bird 1902; Isaac b.
May 26, 1884; Eva b. March 15, 1887, m. Stanley Johnson
1907. Family home Kanosh. Utah.

First settler in Provo valley, where he ploughed the first
ground. Bla,ck Hawk and Walker Indian war veteran.
Assisted to bring immigrants to Utah.

CUMMINGS, JOHN J. (son of John Cummings and Rachel
Kennedy). Born March 25, 1846, Montrose, Iowa. Came to
Utah 1852, John Maxwell company.

Married Hannah Sophia Johnson Feb. 27, 1865, Heber City,
Utah (daughter of Gustave Johnson and Louise Erickson
of Ulrlcehamn, Skaraborg. Sweden; pioneers Oct. 1, 1862,
Joseph Home company). She was born April ?, 1849. Their
children: Louise b. Nov. 28, 1866, died; Hannah Mallnda b.
Jan. 9, 1868, m. Elisha Duke; John Gustave b. April 15, 1870,
m. Agnes Strong; Joseph W. b. June 6, 1874, m. Mary A.
Buys; Harmon b. March 17, 1877. m. May Duke; Alma M. b.
June 2, 1879, m. Clara Buys; Clara b. June 22, 1882, died;
Lyman F. b. June 10, 1884; Myrtle b. Nov. 27, 1886, m. John
N. Austin; May b. Sept. 27, 1888, m. John Floyd. Family
home Heber City, Utah.

Married Lenora Duke May 7, 1890, Logan. Utah (daughter
of Robert S. Duke and Anna R. Young of Heber City), who
was born Dec. 18, 1862. Their children: Jetta b. April 12,
1891, m. Clifford Austin; Wade A. b. Oct. 13, 1892; Lita b.
March 19, 1895; Sadie b. Aug. 31, 1896; Birdie b. May 24,
1898; Golda b. Nov. 1, 1901, died; Ida b. July 3, 1903; Nellie
b. Oct. 25, 1905; Grace b. April 2, 1907. Family home Heber

President 22d quorum seventies; high priest. Farmer;

CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW (son Of Adam Cunningham, born
Nov. 29, 1787, and Millia Lyons, born May 7, 1788, both of
Harrison, W. Va.). He was born Oct. 21, 7816. Harrison,
W. Va. Came to Utah Oct. 12, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman com-

Married Lucinda Rawlins, 1841 (daughter of James Raw-
llns and Jane Sharp, pioneers Oct. 12, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman
company). She was born March 12, 1817, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: James A. b. June 14, 1842,
m. Jannet Forsyth Jan. 1, 1870; Adam J. b. Aug. 15, 1843;
Andrew H. b. July 9, 1845; Maranda J. b. March 29, 1848;
Samantha A. b. Feb. 4, 1850; Lucinda A. b. March 29, 1852,

m. Julian June 6, 1868; Hyrum R. b. Jan. 12, 1855, m.

Olive Wiser; Joseph R. b. June 11, 1858, m. Eda Rogers;
Eustacia R. b. April 30, 1862, m. John Wiser. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Ann Ramsey March 1, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Ramsey and Mary Cameron, latter a
pioneer 1861, Joseph S. Rawlins company). She was born
Jan. 9, 1840, London, Eng. Their children: Georgena b. June

17, 1863; Mary Jane b. Sept. 5, 1864; Delia b. Sept. 6, 1866, m.
Hyrum Prady.

Missionary to eastern states 1855-57; 2d counselor to
Bishop N. V. Jones of 15th ward, Salt Lake City; bishop
same ward 1859-67. He, together with 100 men, went to
Salmon River to protect the settlers against the Indians

ningham and Lucinda Rawlins). Born Jan. 12, 1855, Salt
Lake City.

Married Mary Olive Wiser at Salt Lake City (daughter
of John M. Wiser, pioneer 1850, and Martha M. Frost, pioneer
Sept. 26, 1848, Heber C. Klmball company). She was born
Feb. 11, 1856, Alpine, Utah. Their children: Andrew H. b.
Feb. 10. 1876, m. Amy M. Wilson March 22, 1899; Mary M.
b. March 29, 1878, m. Edgar L. Gee Nov. 23, 1898; John A. b.
Dec. 19, 1880, m. Minnie Larson Jan. 9, 1901; Inis I. b. April
13, 1882, m. Frank McGavin Aug. 19, 1903; Minnie L. b. May

18, 1885, m. Joseph F. Looslt Nov. 7, 1906; Delia A. b. May 20,
1888. m. James W. Stott April 18, 1905; Emery W. b. Sept.
18. 1891, m. Eliza M. Farnsworth July 5, 1911; Oral b. Feb.
10, 1894; Ora b. Feb. 10, 1894, m. George C. Farnsworth
June 28, 1911; Leland C. b. Aug. 17, 1906. Family home
Ashton, Idaho.

Married Christianna R. Farley Nov. 21, 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Winthrop Farley and Mary E. Read, latter a
pioneer with F. D. McAlister company). She was born Nov.
2, 1857, Ogden, Utah.

First counselor to Bishop M. J. Keer of Ashton ward
1907-09; bishop of Ashton ward 1909-12.

ham and Jessie Syme of Edinburgh, Scotland). Born Dec. 21,
1843, in Edinburgh. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas E.
Ricks company.

Married Mary McBrtde Dec. 10. 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James McBride and Elizabeth Main, both of
Ayrshire, Scotland), who was born May 1, 1847. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth b. June 2, 1866, m. James Baker; Jessie b.
Oct. 24. 1867, and James b. March 18, 1869, died; Susan b.
Dec. 1870, m. William Edwards; Ellen b. June 18, 1872, m.
George Brown; Janey b. April 25, 1874. m. George Brown;
Sarah b. March 9, 1876, m. James Nair; Agnes b. Jan. 24, 1878,
died; George b. Jan. 7, 1880, m. Mary Hammer; Maggie b.
Oct. 18, 1882, m. Willard N. Meservy; John b. April 16, 1884,
m. Larue Hammer. Family resided Salt Lake City and Idaho.

High priest. Black Hawk and Indian war veteran.

CUNNINGHAM, JAMES (son of Robert Cunningham and
Katherine Currie of Scotland). Born 1805, Borland, Scotland.
Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856, James G. Willie handcart com-

Married Elizabeth Nicholson at Borland, Scotland (daugh-
ter of Alexander Nicholson and Agnes Allen of Fifeshlre,
Scotland), who was born 1878. Their children: Robert, m.
Ann Wilson; Katherine, m. Azra Adams; George, m. Mary
Rlgley; Elizabeth, m. William Kelly; Margaret, m. John
Binnol. Family home American Fork, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher. Miner. Died May 29, 1873,
at American Fork.

CURTIS, DORR P. (son of Berlah and Phoebe Curtis of
Cayuga county, N. Y.). Born Jan. 21, 1819, Cayuga county,
N. Y. Came to Utah 1847.

Married Sarah L. Van Orden 1854, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Van Orden and Julia A. Haight of
Davis county, Utah), who was born Sept. 25, 1836. Their
children: William V. O. b. Dec. 29, 1855, m. Eliza A. Max-
fleld; Dorlesca b. Jan. 8, 1858; Mary Louisa b. Oct. 9, 1860,
m. George E. Lee; James Calvin b. Feb. 14, 1863: Lewellyn
b. April 28, 1865; Arthur) Eugene b. Jan. 27, 1868, m. Julia
Samuelson; Marie Antonette b. Oct. 4, 1871, m. Joseph Mc-
Murray; Charlotte A. b. Nov. 22, 1873, m. Joseph Milward;
Ella b. Jan. 21. 1876; Sarah E. b. Nov. 23, 1879, m. Raymond
Fawson; Fay Alanson b. Nov. 9, 1881. Family home Spring-
ville, Utah.

Married Catherine A. Haight 1847 (daughter of Caleb
and Keturah Haight), who was born Nov. 28, 1820. Their
children: Phoebe b. Oct. 7, 1848; Dorr P. b. Nov. 16. 1860, m.



Jemima Frailer"; Eva b, Sept. 4, 1856; Ida b. Oct. 25. 1857.
m. E. S. Totten; Mi>y b. May 27. 1860, m. Patrick Rooney.

Missionary to England 1852; counselor to bishop of
Springviile; patriarch 20 years. Member Mormon Battalion.
Died Nov. 8, 1904.

CURTIS, WILLIAM VANORDEN (son of Dorr P. Curtis and
Sarah L. VanOrden). Born Dec. 29, 1855, Kaysville, Utah.
Married Eliza A. Maxfleld May 22, 1884, Oakley, Idaho
(daughter of John E. Maxfleld and Rebecca Welch of Soutk
Cottonwood, Utah, pioneers 1849). She was born Feb. 11,
1866. Their children: Albert W. b. Feb. 23, 1885, m. Viola
Hale; LeRoy b. Oct 6. 1887; Raymond b. Oct. 11, 1889; Elwln
J. b. Sept. 28, 1891; Kenneth b. June 26. 1897. Family home
Oakley, Idaho.

CURTIS, BNOS (son of Edmond Curtis of New York). Born
In New York. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Ruth Franklin. Their children: Lydla b. Feb.
6. 1808; Maria; Martha; Edmond b. Nov. 6, 1814; Jeremiah
b. Nov. 12. 1815; Seth b. March 8, 1817; Simmons P. b. March

26, 1818; David Avery b. Aug. 10, 1820, m. Amanda Starr;
John Whitte b. Aug. 10, 18211, m. Almira Starr; Ezra Hough-
ton b. Feb. 19. 1823. m. Luclnda Carter, Dec. 18, 1846; Ruth
b. June 4, 1825; Ursula b. Dec. 14, 1826, m. Samuel Gifford;
Sabrina b. April 3, 1829, m. Thomas Harward; Celestia b.
April 12, 1832, m. Jabez Durfee.

Carpenter; wheelright.

CURTIS, DAVID AVERY (son of Enos and Ruth Frankltn
of Pennsylvania). Born Aug. 10, 1820, in Pennsylvania.
Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Harriet Howard (Watson) (daughter of Edward
Howard and Elizabeth Bramwell, latter pioneer 1857, ox-
team company). She was born Aug. 15, 1831. Their chil-
dren- Amanda H. b. Aug. 10, 1858, m. Robert Gillespie; m. Lo-
renzo Childs; Harriet Elizabeth b. March 11, 1860. d. child;
Edward Enos b. March 24, 1862, m. Sarah Alexander; Ruth
b. July 15, 1864, m. Franklin P. Hadlock; William Avery b.
Oct. 2, 1866, m. Clarissa Morgan; David John b. Nov. 2. 1868,
m. Sarah Alice Andrews; Eliel Elijah b. May 4, 1871, m.
Hulda Ann Henry Jan. 4, 1892; Gideon Daniel b. April 23,
1873, m. Mary Bennett; Semar Granson b. June 26, 1875.
Family resided Fountain Green and Aurora, Utah.

Married Amanda Starr. Their children: Heber, m. Sarah

Ann : Lucilla; Portland Adelbert, d. aged 4. Family

home Sprlngville, Utah.

. Seventy; missionary to England; patriarch. Black Hawk
Indian war veteran; served in Echo Canyon trouble; as-
sisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Farmer and sheep-
raiser. Died at Aurora, Utah.

Harriet Howard (Watson) was the wife of William Wat-
son and the mother of Benjamin Howard Nephl Watson,
who married Elizina Curtis; they lived at Aurora, Sevler
county, Utah.

CURTIS, ELIEL ELIJAH (son of David Avery Curtis and
Harriet Howard). Born May 4, 1871, at Fountain Green,

Married Hulda Ann Henry Jan. 4, 1892, Vernal, Utah
(daughter of Calvin William Henry and Agnes Taylor of
Heber City, Utah, pioneers oxteam company). She' was
born Oct. 14, 1873. Their children: Edna b. Nov. 6, 1892, m.
Julius Guy Murray; Claude b. May 29, 1896; Agnes b. Jan.
21, 1898; Harriet b. Feb. 6, 1900; Amanda b. Feb. 21, 1904;
Lila b. Nov. 13. 1906; Ralph b. Oct. 29, 1908; Mollle b. July
17, 1910; Babe b. . Family home Vernal, Utah.

Deacon; elder. Farmer; freighter. Died at Roosevelt,

CURTIS, JOHN W. (son of Enos Curtis and Ruth Frank-
lin). Born Aug. 10, 1820, In Pennsylvania. Came to Utah

Married Almira Starr. Their children: Elial S., resides
In Sprlngville; the other d. Infant.

Married Matilda Miner Oct. 21, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Albert Miner and Tamma Durfee). Their
children: Ellen b. Jan. 4, 1858, m. Smith Parker: John F.
b. Sept. 11, 1859, m. Sarah E. Broadhead; Dlantha b. July

27. 1861; Rozilla b. July 18, 1S63. m. Norman McDonald;
Courtland b. Jan. 5, 1865; Crepta b. Jan. 25, 1867; Frances
Eva b. Feb. 17, 1869, m. Ozias Harward; Tamma Armlnta
b. June 19, 1871, m. James L. Deaton; Enos b. Nov. 30,
1873. m. Martha Murphy; Alfred b. July 13, 1876, m. Mar-
grret Anderson; Almira b. March 15. 1878; Asael b. Aug. 19,
1880, m. Grace Murphy; Wallace b. Jan. 29, 1882, m. Amanda
Watson; Polly b. July 9. 1885. Family home Aurora, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died Oct. 7, 1892. at Aurora.

CURTIS. JOHN FRANKLIN (son of John W. Curtis and
Matilda Miner). Born Sept. 11, 1859, Springville, Utah.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Broadhead Jan. 29. 1885. St.
George, Utah (daughter of Jabez Broadhead and Eunice
Sevle Baxter of Aurora, pioneers 1848). Their children:
Alva b. June 22, 1886; John Irvin b. Dec. 2, 1887; Lero b.
Oct. 21, 1889. m. Hazel Kennedy; Jabez Earl b. Dec. 30,
1S90; Sadie b. Nov. 10, 1892; Eunice Ellen b. March 18.
1895; Mabel b. Feb. 9, 1897; Kenneth b. June 11. 1901; Lora
and Ruel (twins) b. Oct. 19, 1903; Verda b. April 24, 1908.
Family home, Aurora.

Elder. Farmer.

CURTIS. EZRA HOUGHTON (son of Enos Curtis and Ruth
Franklin). Born Feb. 19, 1823, in Pennsylvania.

Married Lucinda Carjter Dec. 18, 1846, Kanesville, Iowa
(daughter of Domlnicus Carter and Lydia Smith, of Maine,
pioneers 1851, Joseph Home company). She was born Jan.
14, 1831. Their children: Lida b. Sept., 1848; Malissa Jane
b. July 25. 1850, m. James H. Kennedy; Delia b. May 24,
1862, m. William Jenkins; Ezra b. Aug. 13. 1854, m. Mary
Ann Whipple; Sidney b. Jan. 15, 1868, m. Mary Ann Andrews;
Lorenzo b. Nov. 6, 1861, m. Eliza Mott; Ruth b. March 4,
1870, m. Harry Payne; Hannah Eliza b. Feb. 2. 1863; Wilford
b. May 27, 1874, m. Bertha Harward; Olive Lucinda b. Oct.
30, 1856, m. Samuel Harding; Laura b. Oct. 23, 1864; Isabel!
b. Dec. 31, 1866, m. Earnest A. Shepherd. Family home
Provo, Utah.

Married Juliaette Everett, who was born April 15, 1839.
Their children: Isaac b. Dec. 22, 1856; James b. Sept. 13,
1858; Elizina b. March 3, 1866, m. Benjamin Watson; Frank-
lin b. June 3, 1872; Adelbert b. April 9, 1879; Elizabeth
Elnora b. Jan. 26. 1863; Everett M. b. Aug. 31. 1870, m. Sarah
E. Draper. Family home Provo, Utah.


CURTIS, GEORGE (son of Nahum Curtis and Milllcent
Waite, of Oakland county, Mich.). Born Oct. 27, 1823, Silver
Lake, Oakland county, Mich. Came to Utah Oct. 7, 1848

Married Emma Whaley Oct. 30, 1850, at Salt Lake City.
Their children: Emma, m. Qulncy Simons; George William,
m. Parmelia Haws; Horace, m. Martha J. Wightman; Har-
riet Elizabeth, m. Joseph H. Greer; Llllias Millicent, m.
Jonathan S. Page; Selena, m. James L. Bnown; Lexla, m.
Hyrum S. Harris; Arzie, died. Family home, Payson, Utah.

Married Mary Openshaw Nov. 2, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Openshaw and Ann Greenalch. of
Brightmet, Lancashire, Engr., pioneers Nov. 30, 1866, Edward
Martin and Daniel Tyler "frozen" handcart company). She
was born March 25, 1839, at Brjightmet, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Mary Alice b. Aug. 30, 1858, m. Levi Alexander Colvln;
Clariss Irene b. March 2, 1860, m. William A. Hardy; Ann
Millicent b. Jan. 12, 1862, died; Lodena Luclna b. May 22,
1863, m. Harry McClelland; George Phlneas b. May 15. 1868,
m. Elizabeth Crook; Martha Esthma b. March 18, 1871, m.
Caleb Tanner; May b. May 16, 1876, died; Erwin Ray b. May
16, 1875, m. Lydia Crook. Family home Payson, Utah.

High priest; teacherl Surveyed first canal taken from
Spanish Fork river on west side; laid out county road
between Payson and Spanish Fork; located Payson City
cemetery; member building committee Payson tabernacle.
Farmer. Died Feb. 6, 1911, at Payson.

CURTIS, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Curtis of London, Eng.).
Born Sept. 22, 1812, in London. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1861,
Ansel P. Harmon company.

Married Sarah Morrell 1837, in London (daughter of John
Morrell of London, pioneer Sept. 23, 1861, Ansel P. Harmon
company). She was born Nov. 23, 1814. Their children:

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