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Utah 1873.

Married Eliza M. Benson March 1, 1880. They are the
parents of three sons and five daughters, all but one of
them living. Family home Salt Lake City.

Engaged in mining in Montana. In 1871 went to White
Pine, Nevada, where he followed the occupation of miner
and prospector. About two years later, visited Utah on a
prospecting tour, but returned to Nevada. Took part in
the Indian troubles in eastern Nevada 1875. Returned to
Utah 1876, and became a prospector in the mountains near
Park City, locating several claims. General manager Cres-
cent mine; organized Daly Mining Company 1883 and served
as its vice-president and general manager until 1888. Took
a contract for driving a tunnel of 8,000 feet for the Anchor
Mining Company. After completing his contract with the
Anchor company, he began the work of developing what
subsequently became the Daly West Mine. His struggle In
overcoming the many obstacles encountered in the open-
Ing up of this great mine, forms one of the most interest-
Ing chapters in the history of the famous Park City district,
and demonstrates with interest the Indomitable pluck and
perseverance of John J. Daly. Pres. Daly-Judge Mining
Company; pres. Syndicate Inv. Company; interested in many
banking institutions; vice-president of the Utah Savings
and Trust Company. Elected one of the delegates of the
National Republican Convention which nominated Ben-
jamin Harrison for president. In 1889 was appointed mem-
ber of the Territorial Loan Commission. Member Salt Lake
City Council 1890; member Board of Regents University of
Deseret; pres. Alta Club 1898-99; one of the presidential
electors 1896. Capitalist.

DAME, JAWTARIX HAYES (son of Simon Dame and Mar-
grarette Hayes, of Stratford county, N. H.). Born May 9,
1808. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Sophia Andrews 1833, in Hancock county, 111.
(daughter of Richard Andrews and Sarah Brockway), who
was born 1818 in Ohio. Their children: Phldelin E. b. 1834,
m. James Farrer; Laura A. b. 1836; Wesley W. b. 1838, m.
Emma McBride; Tamson P. b. 1840, m. Hyrum Roy McBride;
Margarette b. 1842; Simon R. b. 1844; Sarah Elsie b. 1846.
Family home Fillmore, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser. Died Dec. 26, 1885, Meadow, Mil-
lard county, Utah.

DAMRON, JOSEPH W. (son of John Damron, born 1791 in
Missouri, and Sarah Shultz, born 1799, who resided in Mis-
souri and Texas). He was born Jan. 6, 1841, in Missouri.
Came to Utah Sept. 13. 1861, Homer Duncan company.

Married Margaret Phoebe Freeman (daughter of John
Freeman and Nancy B. Smoot. pioneers 1863, David Lewis
company). She was born Sept. 27. 1840, and came to Utah
with parents. Their children: George A. b. April 18, 1863
m. Belle G. Erickson; Joseph W. Jr. b. June 9, 1866, m. Mary
A Kelly April 8. 1896; Milton W. b. April 1. 1868, m. Amy
Lytle; Jemima C. b. Aug. 13, 1870, m. J. J. Barren; Charles
S. and Sarah E. b. Sept. 10, 1872; William R. b. April 18. 1874,
m. Orena Duggins; Arthur J. b. Aug. 29, 187, m. Eudora
Bishop: Luella B. b. Oct. 13, 1878. m. Oscar Warnick; Lizzie
M. b. May 3. 1881, m. E. J. Whicker. Family resided Kanosh
and Deseret, Utah.

DAMRON, JOSEPH W., JR. (son of Joseph W. Damron and
Margaret P. Freeman). Born June 9, 1866, Lower Kanosh,
now Hatton, Utah.

Married Mary Abiah Kelly April 8, 1896, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Virgil Kelly and Amanda Barron), who was
born Nov. 2, 1873, Panaca, Nev. Their children: Norma V.
b. Feb. 14, 1897; Mary Lucile b. Dec. I, 1898; Joseph Ladd b.
Jan. 9, 1900; Marguerite b. Nov. 7, 1901; William Aileen b.
Dec. 1, 1905; Virgilia b. March 28, 1911; Ruth Laprlel b. Nov.
28. 1912. Family resided Kanosh and Deseret, Utah.

Missionary to Society Islands Oct. 1891 to June 1896. Man-
ager Kanosh Co-op. Oct. 1886 to Oct. 1891. Sunday school
superintendent Dec. 1897 to June 1908; bishop of Deseret
ward, Millard stake, 1908-12.

DANA, CHARLES ROOT. Born Nov. 8, 1802, in New York
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Jane Cully 1856 at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Benjamin and Mary Ann Cully), who was born Jan. 2, 1834.
Their children: Elizabeth b. Aug. 18, 1868, m. C. O. Rudd June
16, 1884; Joseph B. b. Nov. 24, 1860. m. Maggie L. Summers-
Chauncey R. b. Dec. 2, 1863, m. Nellie Clark; Hattle b. May
16, 1865, m. A. A. Bright. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Missionary to England. Member first territorial legis-
lature 1851. Died Aug. 7, 1868.

DANA, JOSEPH B. (son of Charles Root Dana and Jane
Cully). Born Nov. 24. 1860, Ogden, Utah.

Married Maggie L. Summers Feb. 24, 1892 (daughter of
Stephen J. and Sarah Twig Summers), who was born Aug.
19, 1870. Their child: Joseph Bertrand b. Aug. 1. 1903.

Member Ogden city council 1908-12. Gardener.

DA1VGERFIELD, JABEZ (son of Thomas Dangerfleld and
Caroline Buckwell, of London, Eng.). Born Nov. 12, 1840,
at London. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1859, Horton D. Haight

Married Mary Ann James Dec. 23, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William James and Jane Haines, of Ptnvin,
Worcestershire, Eng., pioneers Nov. 9, 1856, James G. Willie
handcart company). She was born Dec. 16, 1844. Their
children: Annie Louvina, m. George Busby; Jabez William,
m. Alice Dixon; Martha Mae; Mary Etola, m. Parley Dixon;
George Earnest, m. Maud Ward. Family home Salt Lake

Married Elizabeth Morris at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Charles Morris of England). Their children: Robert Wal-
lace; Abraham Clarence; Ethel, m. Earl Duke; Moroni Alma.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 67th quorum seventies; high priest. Plasterer;

DANIELS, DANIEL. Born Aug. 9, 1807, Caermarthenshlre,
South Wales. Came to Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George A. Smith

Married Mary Jeremy, who was born 1796 and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Thomas Daniels b. Jan.
18, 1831, m. Mary Davis; David Daniels, m. Hannah Thomas.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Brigham, Utah, and Ma-
lad, Idaho.

President Malad Co-op. 1869-79; bishop of Malad ward
1866-77; missionary to South Wales four years. Assisted in
building first bridges and wagon roads in Malad valley.

DANIELS, THOMAS (son of Daniel Daniels and Mary Jer-
emy). Born Jan. 18, 1831, Carmarthenshire, S. W.

Married Mary Davis May 20. 1852. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Daniel and Mary Davis), who was born Dec. 22, 1832,
Carmarthenshire, S. W. Their children: Mary Jane b. Aug.
16, 1853, m. William H. Jones; Thomas D. m. Aug. 28, 1866,
m. Sarah Dives; Daniel M. b. Dec. 20, 1856, m. Mary Jones,
m. Catherine Owens; David M. b. March 26. 1859, m. Gertrude
Dives; Sarah Ann. b. April 29, 1861, m. Jedediah Jones; John
M. b. April 21, 1863, m. Martha Richards; Joseph D. b. April
13, 1866, died. Family home Malad, Idaho.

Married Jennett Thomas 1867, Brigham, Utah (daughter of
William H. Thomas and Ann Williams, pioneers with Joseph
Young company). She was born May 26, 1837, Carmarthen-
shire. S. W. Their children: Jennett Maria b. Dec. 12, 1868,
m. Thomas E. Price; Elvia b. Feb. 12. 1870, m. Lorenzo
Griffiths; Catherine b. Feb. 22, 1872, died; Henry b. Aug. 17,
1873, m. Elizabeth Williams; George b. July 23. 1876, m.
Mary Bolingbroke; Theodore b. Feb. 21, 1877, died; Dora b.



Feb. 21. 1877. died; Ann Eliza b. April 19, 1882, m. John S.
Williams. Family home Brigham, Utah, and Malad, Idaho.
Chairman board of county commissioners, Oneida county,
Idaho; member Malad school board.

DANIELS, DANIEL M. (son of Thomas Daniels and Mary
Davis). Born Dec. 20, 1856, Brigham, Utah.

Married M. Ellen Jones March 1883, who died 1884.

Married Catherine Owens (daughter of John E. Owens and
Mary Thomas, pioneers 1853). She was born Dec. 27, 1868,
Malad, Idaho. Their children: Mary D. b. Feb. 27, 1887, m.
Thomas R. Williams; Daniel O. b. Jan. 1, 1889; Leroy O. b.
Nov. 10, 1890; Catherine E. b. Sept. 10, 1892; Luther O. b.
Nov. 1, 1894; Flora Bell b. Jan 20, 1896; Russell b. April 7,
1899; Lenna O. and Lona O., twins, b. Sept. 4, 1902; Pearl O.
b. Aug. 13, 1908; Sarah Fern b. Nov. 26, 1911.

Settled in Malad 1865. High councilor Malad stake. Oneida
county commissioner two years; member Malad city council.

DANIELS, DAVID MORONI (son of Thomas Daniels and
Mary Davis). Born March 26, 1859, Brigham, Utah.

Married Gertrude Dives April 10, 1880 (daughter of Veru-
lam Dives and Janette Thomas, pioneers 1853), who was
born at Salt Lake City. Their children: Walter b. March 11,
1881, m. Alice Thews; David b. April 13, 1883, m. Amelia
Davis; Mary Pearl b. Nov. 10. 1884, m. John Tuttle; Eli b.
Jan. 20, 1886; Anna b. April 19. 1888, m. Bert Eliason; Jan-
nette b. Aug. 27, 1893; Sarah Mabel b. Oct. 11, 1897; Oscar
LaMar b. Oct. 15, 1905. Family home Malad, Idaho.

Settled at Malad In 1865. Cattle raiser in Southern Idaho.

DANIELS, JAMES E. (son of James Daniels and Elizabeth
Salthouse of Manchester, Eng). Born Feb. 9, 1825, at Man-
chester. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Elizabeth Jane Jones, whose parents came to
Utah 1850. Their children: La Prele, m. A. L. Towle; Eliza
Luella, m. John R. Twelves; James Edward, m. Emma M.
Spafford; Ida. dead; Joseph Ephraim, m. Lillian Spafford, m.
Hannah Billings, m. Amelia Gallacher; Emma Isabella, died.

Married Marilla L. Miller (widow William Miller), June
13, 1878, Mantl, Utah (daughter of Aaron Johnson and Polly
Zerviah Kelsey of Nauvoo, 111., pioneers Sept. 1850). She
was born Oct. 12, 1830. Family resided Prove, Utah.

Patriarch; stake chorister. County recorder and clerk;
assessor. Cabinet maker. Died June 16, 1902.

DANIELSON, HERMAN HANS (son of Daniel Rasmussen
born Dec. 15, 1807, at Bogelund, and Anna Maria Hendrlck-
son, born Dec. 17, 1822, at Wenslow, Denmark). He was born
Aug. 3, 1862, at Bogelund. Came to Utah July 20, 1878.

Married Clara Jemima Kerr Nov. 21, 1889 (daughter of
Robert Merlam Kerr, pioneer 1858, and Nance Jane Rawllns,
pioneer Oct. 19, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman company, married
Jan. 1, 1860, Draper, Utah). She was born June 6, 1868.
Their children: Herman Kerr b. Aug. 30, 1890; Clara Maria
b. Feb. 10, 1892; Esther b. Oct. 26, 1893, Myrtle b. Jan 13,
1896; Vivian b. April 19, J898; Lena b. April 9, 1902; Ina b.
Sept. 16, 1908.

School trustee Lewiston, Utah, seven years. T. M. M. I.
A. counselor and also librarian six years; Sunday school
teacher seven years; assistant Sunday school superintendent;
missionary to Scandinavia 1903-05; second counselor to
President Skidmore, high priests quorum Benson stake;
president Y. M. M. I. A. 1905-07; bishop second ward Lewis-

DANSIE, ROBERT (son of James Dansie, born 1790, and
Sarah Cheney, both of Boxford, Eng.; married 1811). He
was born Feb. 5, 1825, at Boxford. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1862,
Ansel T. Harmon company.

Married Charlotte Rudland April 8, 1849, Newton, Suffolk,
Eng. (daughter of William Rudland and Mary Reason
Hatch of Newton). Their children: Robert, Jr., b. 1850,
m. Rosena Silcock, 1875, m. Paulina Silcock 1880, m. Christ-
inia Madsen 1882; Alfred John b. 1852, m. Martha Ann
Wright; Charles N. b. 1855, m. Mary Crump, m. Nina Sil-
cock; Sarah Ann b. 1867, m. James S. Crane; William Heber
b. July 18, 1860, m. Eliza Jane Wright. Family home Her-
riman, Utah.

Married Jane WIlcox, Salt Lake City (daughter of John
and Melissa Wilcox; latter came to Utah 1869). She was
born Aug. 24, 1836, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng. Their
children: James W. b. 1863, m. Alice Smith Dec. 28. 1885;
George Henry b. Jan. 31, 1866, m. Sarah Anna E. England;
Francis Hyrum b. 1867, m. Eliza Evans 1892; Benjamin W.
b. 1868, m. Katie Taylor 1893; Isabella J. b. 1869. m. Zach-
arlah Butterfleld 1897; Charlotte L. b. 1871, m. John Wheeler
1897; Ada Amelia b. 1873. m. George Webster 1893; Alma
Helaman b. 1876, m. Agnes Kuntz 1909.

Member 93d quorum seventies; missionary to England
1877; bishop of Herriman ward. Road supervisor. Farmer
and stockraiser. Died Oct. 12, 1896, Salt Lake City.

DANSIE ROBERT, JR. (son of Robert Dansie and Charlotte
Rudland). Born May 5, 1850. Boxford, Eng. Came to Utah
with parents.

Married Rosena Silcock March, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nicolas T. Silcock and Jane Heath of South
Jordan, Utah, pioneers Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter com-
pany). She was born Jan. 27, 1866. Their children: Char-
lotte J. b. April 2, 1876. m. David Shelley; Robert M., died.

Married Paulina Silcock Sept., 1880, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Nicholas T. Silcock and Jane Heath), who was born
Oct. 4, 1862. Their children: Nicholas b. Sept. 6, 1881, and
Rosena Harriet b. Oct. 7, 1883, died; Annie Louise b. Sept.
29, 1885; Mahonri M. b. Sept. 1, 1887; Charles A. b. April 1,
1889, and Edna Pearl b. Nov. 20, 1890, died; Electa H. b. Dec.
21, 1891; Mary Isabell b. Aug. 2, 1894, died; Chauncy M. b.
Nov. 7, 1896; Roberta b. Aug. 7, 1899; Percy J. b. Nov. 26,
1901; Ida P. b. Sept. 26. 1906. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Chrlstiania Madsen 1882, Salt Lake City, who was
born Sept., 1861. Their children: James H. b. March 12.
1886; Joseph H. b. March 23, 1893; Ingra M. b. Nov. 2, 1894;
Elsie b. 1896. Family home Riverton, Utah.

Seventy. Constable Salt Lake City three years. Stock-

DANSIE, WILLIAM HEBER (son of Robert Dansie and
Charlotte Rudland). Born July 18, 1860, Boxford, Eng.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Eliza Jane Wright Sept. 8, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Wright and Ann Tanner of Lakepoint,
Utah), who was born April 29, 1863. Their children: Emma
Jane b. Oct. 9. 1882, m. Christen Lovendahl; William Heber,
Jr., b. June 27, 1885, m. Jennie Goates; Charlotte Mary b.
June 30, 1887; Eva Isabell b. Oct. 7, 1889; Lenora Ada b. Dec.
28, 1891, m. William Codell; Leroy Samuel b. July 8, 1894;
Robert Erva b. March 18, 1896; Olive May b. May 30, 1898;
Archie Robison b. March 21, 1902; Eliza Lillian b. Oct. 28,
1904; Leslie Earl b. May 25, 1910. Family home Riverton,

Elder. Laborer.

DANSIE, WILLIAM HEBER, JR. (son of William Heber
Dansie and Eliza Jane Wright). Born June 27, 1885, River-
ton, Utah.

Married Jennie Goates Feb. 18, 1913, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of George Goates and Rose Munns of Lehi, Utah), who
was born May 15, 1885.

Seventy. Engineer.

DANSIE, GEORGE HENRY (son of Robert Dansie and Jane
Wilcox). Born Jan. 31, 1866, Bingham Canyon, Utah.

Married Sarah Ann E. England Sept. 20, 1893, Salt Lake
City (daughter of William England and Eliza Seamons, pio-
neers Sept. 13, 1861, Homer Duncan company). She was
born Dec. 16, 1867, Hyde Park, Utah. Their children: Ivy
Jane b. Aug. 27, 1894; Roseanna Eliza b. Dec. 6, 1896; Inez
Elizabeth b. Oct. 21, 1899; Rulon George b. March 18, 1901;
Marvin England b. Dec. 14, 1902; Lorin Jesse b. Nov. 24, 1906,
d. April 9, 1908; Connie Leora b. Oct. 31, 1907; Elvoy Henry b.
Jan. 31, 1910. Family home Riverton, Utah.

^resident 94th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1896-98; first assistant Sunday school superintendent. Jus-
tice of peace. Farmer and stockraiser.

Davenport and Alice Hathaway of Rhode Island). Born
Sept. 20, 1822, in Rhode Island. Came to Utah 1861.

Married Clarissa Crapo Aug. 10, 1848 (daughter of Joseph
George Crapo and Mary Collins), who was born Aug. 10,
1828, and came to Utah 1852. Their children: Joseph Crapo
b. Aug. 6, 1849, m. Charlotte E. Sperry Feb. 6, 1871; Jere-
miah Franklin b. June 17, 1853, m. Helen Badger Remington
Nov. 2, 1874; John Edward b. Oct. 13, 1856, m. Albatena Chris-
tensen Sept. 11, 1890; James Albert b. June 1, 1857, died;
William E. b. March 4, 1869, m. Alzina Hendrickson July 15.
1900; Mary Alice b. April 4, 1861, m. Thomas J. Pearee Nov.
10, 1881; Marcus M. b. Oct. 24, 1863, m. Maggie M. Christen-
son Feb. 6, 1900; Eudora A. b. April 9, 1866, m. Jesse Frank
Short Jan. 1, 1884; Charles R. b. April 9, 1868, died; Warren
E. b. May 19, 1871, m. Marentena Hendrickson March 6, 1900.
Family resided Draper and Paradise, Utah.

Hathaway Davenport and Clarissa Crapo). Born June 17,
1853, Salt Lake City.

Married Helen Badger Remington Nov. 2, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jerome Remington, pioneer 1860, and
Lydia Badger, pioneer 1861, Captain Duston company). She
was born Dec. 13, 1867, at Salt Lake City. Their children:
Helen R. b. Dec. 16, 1875, m. Frederick Newby Sept. 5,
1899; Franklin R. b. July 16, 1878, m. Kate Naomi Lufkin
Oct. 3, 1901; Emory R. b. May 26, 1880, m. Nellie Larsen Dec.
4, 1901; Marion R. b. Oct. 24, 1881, d. Nov. 25, 1885; Ona R. b.
Sept. 22, 1883, m. Lucile Barber May 25, 1903; Earl R. b.
March 4, 1886, m. Tillie Franzen; May R. b. Feb. 28. 1888;
Beryl R. b. Sept. 18, 1889, died; Vernon R. b. April 14, 1892;
Clarice R. b. Sept. 19, 1894; Marie R. b. June 23. 1896; Lois
R. b. Dec. 21. 1898; Fay R. b. April 19, 1908. Family resided
Paradise and Logan, Utah.

Elder. Pioneer to Oregon. Mlnuteman and Indian fighter.
Built first irrigation canal on Egin bench, Idaho. Moved to
Hood River, Ore., 1891; there he organized an irrigation
company and built canals. Lumberman.

Franklin Davenport and Helen Badger Remington). Born
July 16, 1878, Paradise. Utah.

Married Kate Naomi Lufkin Oct. 3, 1901. Logan. Utah
(daughter of George W. Lufkin and Martha Ann Townsend.
pioneers October. 1862). She was born Jan. 3. 1880, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Franklin Lufkin b. Oct. 31, 1902;
Dorothy Lufkin b. Aug. 14, 1904; Hazel Lufkin b. July I,



1906; Violet Lufkln b. March 31, 1908; Kenneth Lufkln b.
April 21, 1910. Family resided Logan and Salt Lake City,

Seventy; missionary to northwestern states. Bookkeeper
and cashier.

DAVENPORT, JAMES N. (son of James Davenport and Al-
mira Phelps). Born Aug. 14, 1814, Walnut Grove, 111. Came
to Utah 1848.

Married Margaret J. Petty Feb. 3, 186S. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert C. Petty and Margaret J. "Wells of
Richmond, Utah, pioneers 1849). She was born Sept. 13,
1848. Their children: Martha J., m. Albert Heath; John W.,
m. Mamie Heath; Minnie A., m. A. L. Shaw; Lewis A.; Susie
Valentine; Thomas P., m. Nettie Skiles; Alvin L., m. Grace
Paul. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Farmer. Died July 10, 1902.

DAVID, MORGAN (son of Thomas and Mary David, of
Llanelly, Caermarthenshire, South Wales). Born March 3,
1804, at Llanelly. Came to Utah Sept. 19, 1852, William
Morgan company.

Married Elizabeth Bowen (daughter of William Bowen),
who was born Oct. 23, 1803 and died of cholera at St. Louis.
Their children: Mary, b. Jan. 24, 1825, m. David Bowen;
Elizabeth, b. July 7. 1830, m. William Thomas; Ann b. April
16, 1833, m. William Warner; Hannah, b. March 3, 1837, m.
Morgan Hughes; Emma, b. Aug. 9, 1839, m. Alfred Reece;
Rachel, b. March 3, 1842, m. George Chambers. Family
home Palmyra and Spanish Fork, Utah.

I>\\ li:s. MORGAN (son of Thomas and Gwenllian Davies
of Wales). Born May 10, 1847, in Wales. Came to Utah

Married Annie Keep March 1, 1865, Lehi, Utah (daughter
of James Joseph Keep and Anne Miller of that place, pioneers
1852). She was born April 26. 1837. Their children: Thomas
James, m. Alice Earl; Edward, m. Lillian Diamond; Lucy L.
m. Joseph T. Harris; Daniel William, died; Morgan Alford,
m. Louise Walsh; Gwenllian, m. Frank A. Sange. Family
home Salt Lake City.

High priest. Contractor.

DAVIES, T. J. (son of Morgan Davies and Anne Keep).
Born Sept. 5, 1866, Salt Lake City.

Married Alice Earl Dec. 18. 1889 (daughter of Jonathan
Earl and Jane Wright of Salt Lake City, pioneers Aug. 7,
1852). She was born July 8, 1867. Their children; Rosella b.
Nov. 7, 1890; Thomas Jesse b. April 7, 1892; Morgan Joseph
b. Dec. 6, 1893; Viola May b. Oct. 6, 1895; Earl Jay b. Feb.
25, 1897; Alice Jane b. Feb. 19, 1900; Paul J. b. Aug. 15, 1902;
Daniel Jones b. Nov. 26, 1904; Frank Joel b. March 15, 1908;
Ruth b. Oct. 14, 1910. Family home Salt Lake City.

High priest; second counselor In bishopric 10th ward.
Salt Lake City. Contractor.

DAVIS, ALEXANDER G. (son of Isaac Davis and Sara Sauls-
bury of New York state). Born Dec. 16, 1828, Holloman,
Can. Came to Utah September, 1852, Captain Stewart ox-
team company.

Married Emily Frances Oliver Dec. 8, 1861, Payson, Utah
(daughter of Harrison Oliver and Hannah Martin of Louis-
ville, Ky., pioneers September, 1850, Perrigrlne Sessions com-
pany). She was born Jan. 10, 1843. Their children: Alex-
ander b. Oct. 3, 1862, m. Mary Merrill; William Edward b.
Sept. 30, 1864, m. Eveline Judd; Levi Alonzo b. May 17, 1866,
m. Mary Brunette Niles; Sarah Melissa b. April 26, 1868. m.
Walter E. Price; George Willard b. March 1, 1870, m. Eliza
Luella Gentry; Clarissa Calista b. Dec. 28, 1874, d. aged two
months: Amy T. b. Oct. 30, 1876, m. Levi Barton; Luther
Llewellyn b. Feb. 8, 1878, m. Catherine Davis; Isaac Harri-
son b. Jan. 15. 1880, m. Elnora Wiseman; Lydia Elder b. May
21, 1882, m. Van Oscar Fullmer. Family resided Payson,
Summit City Creek, Monroe and now at Spring Glen, Utah.

Elder. Veteran Echo Canyon and Black Hawk wars.

DAVIS, ALEXANDER (son of Alexander G. Davis and
Emily Francis Oliver). Born Oct. 3, 1862, Payson, Utah.

Married Mary Morrill June 6, 1883, Circleville, Piute Co.,
Utah (daughter of Laban Morrill and Lydia Davis of Junc-
tion, Utah), who was born May 31, 1863. Their children:
Melissa b. March 3, 1884, m. John Jensen; Alonzo Alex-
ander b. Nov. 16, 1886; Bert b. Jan. 11, 1888; Bertha b. Aug.
7, 1890, m. Nels Jensen; Vard b. Nov. 27. 1892; Lydia Cassie
b. Sept. 21, 1894; Delma b. April 16, 1897; Emma Frances
b. April 5, 1900; Arnold b. March 27, 1903; John Clarence
b. Aug. 6, 1909. Family home Junction, Plute Co., and Dry
Gulch, Uinta Co., Utah.

Farmer; carpenter.

DAVIS, CALEB HERSEY (son of Caleb Hersey Davis and
Trifena Atherton). Born March 22, 1839, in New York state.
Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1850, Thomas Johnson company.

Married Hannah Strong Dec. 6, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Strong), who came to Utah 1855. Their
children: Hannah Trifena b. Sept. 6, 1863, m. J. H. Hales Sept.

22, 1886; Agnes E. b. Sept. 4. 1866. m. Morgan D. Evans Aug.
1. 1888; Hersey John b. April 12. 1868. m. Margret Bunnell
June, 1893; Sophia Strong b. Nov. 6. 1871, m. James Evans
March 6, 1900; Mary b. April 16, 1873, m. Stephen Hales
March 2, 1898; Annie Marilla b. July 8, 1875, m. J. M. Brown
June 26. 1901; Caleb Miles b. Aug. 16. 1877, m. Mina Penrod
Aug. 16, 1902; Julia Strong b. Sept. 20, 1880, m. E. R. Kirk-
man Feb. 16. 1906; Zella Strong b. March 26, 1883, m. A. C.
Miner Aug. 24, 1904.

DAVIS, CHARLES A. (son of James Davis born Oct. 6 1786
and Myranda Jones born Nov. 16, 1784, both at Princeton,
Mass.). He was born Oct. 13, 1810, at Princeton. Came to
Utah 1849.

Married Ruth Kennan April 11, 1839 (daughter of Andrew
Kennan, Jr., and Ruth Parminter), who was born Oct 13
1821. Their children: Emily b. June 9, 1840, m. William
Munro Sept. 9, 1858; Charles E. b. Sept. 5, 1842; Andrew A.
b. Sept. 10, 1845; 'Warren Edgar b. June 13, 1848, m. Almira
Stoker Dec. 18, 1871; Lydia Ann b. Jan. 7. 1851; Sarah H. b.
March 6, 1852; Mary M. b. June 23, 1854, m. Isaac Losee Sept.
8, 1873; Ruth E. b. Dec. 23, 1866, m. John H. Hayes April 28,
1873; Lucretia R. C. b. Jan. 29. 1859, m. Moses Beckstead
July 29, 1878; Elijah D. A. b. Dec. 16, 1861. m. Caroline M.
Holm Jan. 16, 1882; Amelia T. b. May 4. 1863. m. William
Adamson Nov. 15, 1878; John G. b. June 22, 1867, m. Alice
McDaniels. Family resided Little Cottonwood, Palmyra and
Spanish Fork, Utah.

High priest. Postmaster at Spanish Fork 25 years.

DAVIS, WARREN EDGAR (son of Charles A. Davis and
Ruth Kennan). Born June 13, 1848, in Iowa. Came to Utah
1849 with parents.

Married Almira Stoker Dec. 18, 1871, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Stoker and Almira Winegar, pioneeers
1852, Isaac Stewart company). She was born Aug. 1 1855
Palmyra, Utah. Their children: 2 Warren Edgar b. Oct. 26,
1872, m. Barbara E. Mooney Dec. 8, 1892; William C. b. Nov.
27, 1874; Sarah A. b. Jan. 29, 1877; John S. b. Feb. 24, 1879, m.
Mary Beck Jan. 18, 1899; James A. b. Oct. 31, 1881, m. Vera
Lund Dec. 12, 1906; Ida M. b. June 11, 1884, m. Clarence Hard-
man Feb. 22. 1907: Ruth E. b. Dec. 18, 1886, m. Mitchell Beck
Dec. 6, 1905; Archie D. b. Aug. 29, 1889. m. Sarah J. Clyde
Oct. 27, 1909. Family home Spanish Fork. Utah.

High priest. Deputy county road supervisor. Director In
Spanish Fork Creamery company; also in Spanish Fork

DAVIS. WARREN EDGAR. JR. (son of Warren Edgar Davis
and Almira Stoker). Born Oct. 26, 1872, at Spanish Fork,

Married Barbara E. Mooney Dec. 8, 1892 (daughter of James

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