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Family home Center ward, Salt Lake City.

Third president in council 109th quorum seventies; mis-
. sionary to Sandwich Islands 1899-1903. Policeman under
Hawaiian government.

DAVIS, DAVID F. (son of Nathan Davis and Sarah W. Wool-
ley). Born June 7, 1867.

Married Martha M. Sheets March 26, 1885, Salt Lake City.
Angus M. Cannon officiating (daughter of Elijah F. Sheets
and Susannah Musser of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 22,
1847, Perrigrine Sessions company). She was born May 3,
1861, 8th ward. Salt Lake City. Their children: Edna b.
May 28. 1887; David F., Jr.. b. March 9, 1890, m. Luella How-
ard; Olive b. April 11, 1893; Leah b. April 15, 1896. Family
home Center ward. Salt Lake City.

High priest; high councilor; missionary to eastern states
two years. Pattern maker.

DAVIS, JOHN R. (son of David Davis and Ann Thomas of
Whitland, Wales. Born March 3, 1805. Came to Utah Sept.
16. 1861, Ira Eldredge company.

Married Mary Miles of South Wales (daughter of John
Miles and Leah Phillips of South Wales). She was born
March 19, 1813, and died April 25, 1889. Their children:
William, David, Leah, and David, all died; Thomas, m. Mary
Edwards, Jan. 2, 1860; John and William died; Leah, m.
Hyrum Bennett North; Richard and Ann died. Family home
Mill Creek, Utah.

High priest. Miner; contractor; farmer.

DAVIS, RII/EY (son of James Ward Davis and Elizabeth J.
Gordon of Fremont Co., Iowa). Born Nov. 26, 1851, Sidney,
Fremont Co., Iowa. Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1866, Thomas E.
Ricks company.

Married Jennette McMurrin Dec. 25, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph McMurrin and Margaret Lang of Glas-
gow, Scotland and Salt Lake City, pioneers 1856). She was
born Dec. 23, 1864. Their children: James W. b. Dec. 23, 1882,
m. Harriett E. Bybee June 6, 1907; Dora May b. April 22.
1886, m. William E. Larsen Sept. 2, 1903; Maud b. FeK 18.
1884, m. Leander M. Boyce Dec. 13, 1905; Irvine b. Aug. 24,
1890. Family home, Clifton. Idaho.

Worked in Weber Canyon on first railroad in Utah 1867;
pioneer to southern Idaho where he assisted in quelling early
Indian disturbances. Missionary to southern states 1900-01;
missionary to California.

Married Christina Eureka Forsgren Feb. 20, 1854. Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Olof Forsgren and Annie C. Holl-
stran), who was born April 26, 1820, Geflea, Sweden. Their
children: Abraham Peter b. Nov. 2, 1866. m. Lottie Van Noy
Feb. 26, 1880; Oliver Frederic b. Jan. 2, 1859, m. Susannah Pul-
sipher Sept. 17, 1884; George William b. July 15, 1861, m. Eliza
R. Watkins Nov. 11, 1885 and Vilate Cole Sept. 3, 1903 Fam-
ily home Brigham City, Utah.

Settled at Brigham City 1860; ordained bishop of Brigham

DAVIS, OLIVER F. (son of William Davis and Christina E.
Forsgren). Born Jan. 2, 1859, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Susannah Pulsipher Sept. 17, 1884, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Orson Hyde Pulsipher, pioneer 1852). She was
born Jan. 27, 1865. Brigham City, Utah. Their children:
Elfy A. b. Aug. 9, 1885, m. William C. Hubbard Aug. 15, 1904;
May E. b. Dec. 8, 1887; Asa Oliver b. March 29, 1890: Jesse b.
June 28, 1892; Zina Pulsipher b. Dec. 18, 1894; Zera Pulsipher
b. March 15. 1899. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Brigham City councilman; justice of peace at Avon, Utah.
Ward clerk.

DAVIS. GEORGE WILLIAM (son of William Davis and
Christina Eureka Forsgren). Born July 15, 1861, Brigham

Married Eliza Roxy Watkins Nov. 11, 1885 (daughter of
William L. Watkins and Mary Hammond), who was born
Oct. 5, 1863, Brigham City. Only child: Marguerite N
(adopted) b. March 6, 1892.

Married Vilate Cole Nuhn Sept. 3. 1903, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Moroni Cole b. April 12, 1833, Jackson county,
Mo., came to Utah 1850, Capt. Lake company, and Rhoda
Ann Hubbard who were married Sept. 28. 1854, Willard,
Box Elder Co., Utah). She was born Sept. 16, 1869, at Wil-
lard, and was the mother of George C. Nuhn b. Jan. 10, 1890,
and Leslie C. Nuhn b. Feb. 28, 1892.

Sunday school teacher; Sunday school superintendent
Fourth ward Brigham city; missionary to New Zealand 1887-
90; second counselor to Brigham Wright; president of Y. M.
M. I. A.; moved to Avon, Utah, 1893; bishop of Avon ward
1895-04; alternate high counselor of Hyrum stake; mission-
ary to eastern states 1905-07; ward clerk; high council June
6, 1908.

DAY, ABRAHAM (son of Abraham and Flavilla Day of Wind-
hall. Vt.). Born Sept. 24. 1817, at Windhall. Came to Utah
with other members of Mormon Battalion.

Married Elmira Buckley Feb. 16, 1838, in Pennsylvania
(daughter of Noah Summers Buckley, pioneer, and Annie
Newman of Council Bluffs, Iowa). She was born Jan. 30,
1820. Their children: Joseph Smith, m. Mary Anderson, m.
Triny Bertelson; Melinda Ann, Harriet Jane, and Amelia,
latter three d. infants; Jenette, m. Frank Whitmore; Ezra
Jonas: Juliett, m. Henry Bonheu; Alice, m. Walter Christo-
pherson; Abraham Nelson, m. Elizabeth Staker: Laura Annie,
m. Ole Nielsen Tuft; Ira Alfred, m. Polly A. Noaks; Edward
Summers, m. Maria Johnson; Ellie Jenora, d. infant; Albert
Arlington, m. Emma Jean Loveless.

Married Charlotte Broomhead, Nov. 7, 1851. Salt Lake City.
Their children: Dora Elmira, m. John Gustavus Johnson;
Albert Demasous d. infant; Herbert Steven, m. Mary Wilcox;
Eli Ezeriah, m. Eliza Jane Staker and Euphrasia Cox; Ben-
jamin Franklin d. infant; Hannah Flavilla, m. A. E. Smith;
Ephraim Arthur; Harriet Ann, m. James Wilcox: George
William, m. Ellis Staker: Harry Hazleton d. infant; Mary
Ellen, m. Joseph Prows; m. Joseph Wilder: Joseph Abraham
d. infant. Family resided Lawrence, Emery Co., Utah.

Counselor to Bishop Wm. J. Seeley of Mount Pleasant.
Served in the Walker and Black Hawk wars. Built first
grist mills in Springville. Mount Pleasant, and Nephi.
Farmer. Died April 30, 1890, at Lawrence.

DAY, HUGH (son of William Day and Betsy Johns). Born
July 31, 1809, Leeds, Upper Canada. Came to Utah 1850,
William Snow company.

Married Rhoda Ann Nicols 1830. Their children: Almeda;
Mariah: William S.; John.

Married a widow, Boyce, with two children: John and
Susan. Their children: Rhoda Jane; Arza; Rosana; Hugh;
Ftorena; Laronzo.

Settled in 16th ward. Salt Lake City, where he lived
until his death.

DAVIS, WILLIAM (son of David Davis, born March 28, 1767,
and Elinor Black). He was born Sept. 12, 1795, Union, West-
moreland county. Pa. Came to Utah 1848, Lorenzo Snow

Married Sarah McKee Oct. 3, 1822, who was born Sept.
22, 1799, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
David Varner b. Aug. 22, 1823, m. Caroline Angel March 26,
1843; Elinor Jane b. Nov. 21, 1824, m. William Summerville
Feb. 4, 1844; Joseph McKee b. Dec. 12, 1826, m. Charlotte
Condit Dec. 11, 1851; Sarah Bell b. April 15, 1829, m. John E.
Fosgreen Feb. 15, 1849; James Spencer b. Feb. 24, 1831, m.
Susannah Clapper March 2, 1856; John Fowler b. Nov. 26,
1832; Margaret Ann b. July 19, 1836, m. Elisha Grenard Dec.
26, 1855; Alma b. Dec. 14, 1838; Jared M. b. Nov. 30, 1839, m.
Jane Osborne Nephl b. Dec. 28, 1842. Family home, Brigham
City, Utah.

DAYBEI.L,, PINITY (son of Samuel and Rebecca Ann Day-
bell of Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born March 14, 1815. In Lincoln-
shire. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins com-

Married Mary Draper March 10, 1841, Falkingham. Eng.
(daughter of Richard Draper and Ann Green of Lincoln-
shire). She was born Jan. 6, 1820, Lincolnshire, Eng. and
died Sept. 2, 1899. Their children: Robert b. July 3, 1842, m.
Agnes Ann Bancroft; Annie b. April 14, 1846, m. William
Webster; Susan b. Aug. 14, 1849, m. John Pollard; m. George
Carlile; Sarah b. March 11. 1851. m. George T. Giles; George
T. b. Aug. 2, 1852. m. Sarah Ann Carlile; Elizabeth b. July
27, 1853,. m. Franklin M. Giles; William b. Feb. 24, 1858, m.
Annie Price. Family home Charleston, Utah.

High priest: ward teacher. Settled at Charleston Dec. 24,
1864, and died there Oct. 25, 1897.



DAYBELL, ROBERT (son of Finity Daybell and Mary
Draper). Born July 3, 1842.

Married Agnes Ann Bancroft at Sheffield, Eng. (daughter
of William Bancroft of Athlone, Ireland, and Mary Newham
of Breaston, Derbyshire. Eng.). She was born April 26,
1847, and came to Utah Sept. 6, 1866, Samuel D. White com-
pany. Their children: Mary Hannah b. Jan. 9, 1866, m.
George Price; Kate Elizabeth b. Jan. 11, 1867, m. Lev! Car-
los Snow. Family resided at Charleston and Provo, Utah.

While coming to Utah he left camp near the North Fork
of the Platte river Aug. 16, 1866. hunting game for the
Immigrants, and has never been heard of since.

DAYBELL, WILLIAM (son of Finity Daybell and Mary
Draper). Born Feb. 24, 1858, Derbyshire, Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 20, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins company.

Married Annie Price Nov. 12, 1877, Heber City (daughter of
James Price and Ann Powell of Staffordshire, Eng.; pio-
neers Sept. 21. 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins company). She was
born June. 1868. Their children: John William b. Aug. 6,
1878, m. Jessie Fowers; Mary Ann b. May 6, 1880, m. Moroni
Moulton; James Finity b. July 5, 1882, d. Sept. 26, 1882;
Phoebe Elizabeth b. Dec. 8, 1883, m. John W. Simmons;
Joseph Franklin b. Sept. 1, 1888, m. Hilda Dahlman; Myrtle
b. Aug. 31, 1890, m. Archie Borhan: Violet B. b. Oct. 6, 1892;
Lulla b. Oct. 24, 1894; Ernest b. March 16, 1899; Warren b.
June 19, 1901. Family home Charleston, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to southern states 1886-87; bishop of
Charleston ward; high counselor 1891-1901; Sunday school
superintendent 14 years; president Y. M. M. I. A.; ward
teacher; school trustee. County commissioner two years;
town trustee.

DAYNES, JOHN (son of Thomas Daynes and Bridget Carter
of Norwich, Norfolkshire, Eng.). Born April 16, 1831, at
Norwich. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1862, Homer Duncan com-

Married Eliza Miller 1850, in England (daughter of John
Miller of Norwich, pioneer 1866). She was born May 20,
1831. Their children: Lyle; Joseph J., m. Mary J. Sharp.

Married Rebecca Bushby June 6, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Bushby and Ester Rich of Hull, Eng.,
pioneers jgeptember, 1867). She was born Feb. 13. 1851.
Their children: Ida Maud, m. L. W. Snow; John Frederick,
m. Mary Anson; Delia Rene, m. Lewis B. Hills; Royal Wal-
ter, m. Amy Rich; Arthur Vincent and Melvin Bushby. died;
Dean Rich, m. Mina Rogers. Families resided Salt Lake City.

Elder; choir leader. Jeweler and dealer in musical mer-
chandise. Died March 30, 1906.

DAYNES, JOSEPH J. (son of John Daynes and Eliza Miller).
Born April 2, 1861, Norwich, Eng. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Mary J. Sharp Nov. 18, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Sharp and Jennette Condie of Salt
Lake City). She was born Oct. 13, 1854. Their children:
Joseph J. b. Nov. 7, 1873. m. W. Blanche Woodruff; Irene b.
April 25, 1877, died; Harold Sharp b. July 15, 1881. m. Agnes
Leona Taylor; Stella b. July 18, 1883, m. N. C. Christensen,
Jr.; Raymond E. b. July 21. 1887: Marguerite b. June 21, 1891;
Viletta b. May 22, 1896. Family home Salt Lake City.

High priest. Dealer In musical merchandise.

DAYNES, J. FRED (son of John Daynes and Rebecca Bush-
by). Born Dec. 7, 1872, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Anson Sept. 28, 1904, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Perry Anson and Jennie Lyon of Salt Lake City),
She was born Sept. 10, 1880. Their children: Jean b. July
18, 1905; Marie b. Dec. 24, 1906; Arline b. Sept. 3, 1908; John
b. Sept. 26, 1910. Family home, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Member 13th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1898-1900 . Teacher; jeweler.

DAYTON, HYRUM (son of Abraham Dayton of Dayton,
Ohio). Born at Dayton. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Permelia Bundy. Their children: Hyrum M., m.
Ann Chamberlain; Lysander, m. Matilda Nay; William, m.
Phenerata Whitaker; Moroni, m. Sarah Nichols; m. Eliza-
beth Nichols Berry; m. Hannah Cook; Permelia, m. Charles
Bassett; Ann, m. Freeman Phippin; Myriah, m. William Hig-
ley; Lauvura, m. George Dockstater; Louisa Namy. Family
home Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Syphia Thornton. Their children: Alma, m.
Amanda Hudson; Charles, m. Sarah A. Berry; Joseph; Wil-
liam P., m. Josephine Dayton; Florenda, m. Hyrum Cum-
mings; Louisa, m. Enoch Davis. Family home, Cedar Fort,

President 12th quorum elders at Nauvoo, 111.

DAYTON, MORONI (son of Hyrum Dayton and Permelia
Bundy). Born Sept. 3, 1834. Parkman Co., Ohio.

Married Sarah Nichols Aug. 12, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Nichols and Sarah Newland), who was
born March 28, 1834, Warwickshire, Eng. Their children:
Francis Moroni b. Nov. 14, 1856, m. Isabella Follick Jan. 11,
1877; Charles Henry and William Henry b. April 5, 1859;
Hyrum Alwin b. April 22, 1860, m. Louisa Neat; Sarah Jane b.
Sept. 1, 1862; Theodore A. b. March 4, 1865, m. Lucy A. Neat;
Etta Cerelda b. July 20, 1867, m. Frederick E. Neat; Frederick
b. Sept. 16, 1869; George Claudius b. April 26, 1872; Elizabeth
Ann. m. June 6, 1874, m. William Quayle October, 1896; Per-
melia Mindwell b. Feb. 17, 1878, m. Henry L. George.

Married Hannah Cook 1860. Their children: Mary Saphro-
nia b. Oct. 28, 1862, m. Boyd E. Wilcox; Helen Isolde b. Sept.
18, 1864, m. Joseph Johnson; Charlotte b. Aug. 8, 1866, m.

w Berry; Henrietta b. May 27. 1868, m. John H. Sparks;
h (T ma . n o b - March 20 - 187 - m - Mary J- Follick; John
i M -9 rC . 20> V 70 ' m - Caroline H. Sparks; Forest b.
Mnr ' h ; 1 1 i o Ve , r o Lee b " Aus ' 24 - 1874 - m - Laura J- B 'rd;
M n u C f' X ' 1876: Elmo b - March 6. 1879, m. Sarah J
Sparks; Marvin M. b. Aug. 1. 1881, m. Rebecca Bird.

7 ^Twr - ab , et ^ Nic ols Berry 1866. She was born April
?' ififi?' W w CkSh A re ,' Ens - Their ch ildren: Selena b. Aug.
resided' S^S&^SJ AIfr6d "' Ju " e 16 ' 1870 ' Familles
Furnishe * * team for hauling stone

V, MOR ONI (son of Moroni Dayton and

Sarah Nichols). Born Nov. 14. 1856. Cedar Fort, Utah

Married Isabella Follick Jan. 11. 1877, Tooele. Utah
(daughter of George A. Follick and Nancy Parker, the for-
mer pioneer September. 1868, the latter August. 1867) She
was born Oct. 20, 1858. Mills Co.. Iowa. Their children:
? e n , rg | Fra f. b - Dec. 18. 1877. m. Lillian G. Lewis Nov. 6.
1902; Sarah Elizabeth b. June 23, 1880, m. William George
Dec. 18, 1901; David Frederick b. March 28. 1882; Joseph
Hyrum b. Nov. 5. 1884; Gertrude Isabella b. June 16 1887
J?'* J ? hn 1 F dmund Bark( lull Oct. 9, 1907; William Nichols b.
2 ^ 'i/ ,'on m ' Maud Allred Au - 28. 1912; Nancy Josephine
b. Dec. 16, 1893. Family home Dingle Idaho

Missionary to northern states; superintendent of Sunday
Co 10 at S flve Tears - President Dingle Irrigation

DEAKIN, WILLIAM (son of William Deakin, born 1766, Big
Button, Staffordshire, Eng., and Hannah Bates, born 1765

Came tfutTh mf*' B rn M&y *' "" in Staff o^hire.
Married Mary Jones (daughter of John Jones and Mary
Roberts; former died in England, the latter in Wales) She
was born Dec. 28, 1802. Wrexham. Eng., and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: William Price b. July 11
1832, m. Anna Maria Fordham Pepper May 9, 1868; John, m!
Sarah Stone; Robert, m. Mary Celman; m. Margaret Thomas
Family resided England; Wellsville, Utah; Brooklyn N Y

DEAKIN, WILLIAM PRICE (son of William Deakin and
Mary Jones). Born July 11, 1832, Brooklyn. N. Y.

Married Anna Maria Fordham Pepper May 9, 1868 Salt
Lake City (daughter of Elijah Fordham and Anna Bibbins
Chaffee, pioneers Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company)
She was born May 21, 1844, Nauvoo, 111. Their children-
Mary Jane b. March 1, 1869, m. George Gardner March 12
1887; John William b. Feb. 19, 1871, m. Elizabeth Griffiths-
Elijah James b. Oct. 4, 1873, died; Sarah Minerva b Sept 30
1875, d. infant; Robert Price b. April 19. 1877. m. Maud House-
holder; Lillian Delilah b. Nov. 24, 1879, m. Charles Schlicker-
Serine May b. Sept. 26, 1881, m. William W. Jordan Dec 17
1900; Joseph Amos b. Oct. 18, 1883, m. Lulu George May
15, 1909; Charles Fremont b. Oct. 6, 1885; Lottie Adelia b.
Dec. 7, 1888, m. Samuel Smith. Family home Wellsville

Second lieutenant in home guards under Capt. John C.
Reeder; Indian war veteran. Worked on Salt Lake theatre
(1862) until completion; also worked on Logan temple.

DEAMER, JAMES (son of Charles Deamer born 1810, White-
well, Hertfordshire, Eng., and Elizabeth Foster born 1812.
Kempton, Hertfordshire). He was born May 4, 1847, at
Whitewell. Came to Utah October, 1866, Daniel Thompson

Married Annie Spackman Dec. 24, 1870 (daughter of Wil-
liam Spackman and Sarah Ward married 1846, Pewsey,
Wiltshire, Eng. Came to Utah in September, 1869, Capt.
Ensign company). She was born May 25, 1851, and came
to Utah with parents. Their children: James b. Oct. 7, 1871,
d. Oct. 29, 1871; Mary Ellen b. Oct. 22, 1872, m. Isaac Lee Shupe
May 24, 1893; William Charles b. March 20, 1877, m. Flora E.
Waldram Oct. 22, 1902; Frederick John b. Aug. 13, 1880, d.
Aug. 6, 1883; Sarah Elizabeth b. Dec. 16, 1885, d. same day;
Nettie Luella b. March 30, 1887; Joseph Conwell b. June 18,
1890. Family home North Ogden, Utah.

Sunday school librarian several years; ward teacher; elder.
Road supervisor two years, also constable two years at
North Ogden.

DEANS, JAMES (son of David Deans and Helen Haswell of
West Houses, Scotland). Born Feb. 14, 1844, West House,
Scotland. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Susannah Hammond at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Joseph Hammond and Elizabeth Egbert of St. George,
Utah, pioneers 1848), who was born Jan. 10, 1850. Their
children: James H., d. Oct. 26, 1897; Helen L., m. John Reid-
head; Elizabeth E., m. Samuel Johnston; Joseph H., m. Eliza-
beth Fuller; David W., m. Louraina Perry; Susannah E., m.
H. George Wardle; Archibald H., d. child; Robert A., m.
Jennie Wallace; Isabel I. Family home Woodruff, Ariz.

Elder. Justice of peace Woodruff several terms. Min-
uteman in early Indian troubles. Farmer; railroad con-
tractor. Died Dec. 23, 1897, Orangeville, Utah.

DEANS, DAVID WOODRUFF (son of James Deans and

Susannah Hammond). Born Feb. 25, 1879. Woodruff, Ariz.

Married Louraina Perry March 13. 1912, at Salt Lake City

(daughter of George W. Perry and Charlottie Fullmer of



Springville, Utah), who was born April 3. 1888, at Spring-
ville. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Assistant Sunday school superintendent; missionary to
Kentucky, 1907; assistant superintendent Y. M. M. I. A.;
counselor in deacons' quorum; member 97th quorum seven-
ties; ward clerk. Moved from Arizona to Utah 1893.

DEANS, ROBERT ALEXANDER (son of James Deans and
Susannah Hammond). Born Oct. 28, 1884, Woodruff, Ariz.

Married Jennie Wallace, May 12, 1908, at St. George, Utah
(daughter of Hamilton Milton Wallace and Jane Staply of
Toquervllle. Utah, pioneers 1847). She was born Dec. 28,
1888. Their child: James Spencer b. Sept. 26, 1909.

Elder. School teacher. Miner.

DEAJT, SAMUEL (son of James Dean and Emily Thatcher).
Born June 4, 1830. Salt Fleet Township, Ontario, Canada.
Came to Utah 1854.

Married Emma Norvill Sept. 26, 1856 (daughter of George
Norvill and Catherine Force), who was born July 12, 1843,
and came to Utah 1851. Their children: George Samuel b.
Aug. 26, 1857, m. Alice S. Daniels Sept. 16, 1884; David Z. b.
May 25. 1859, m. Alice A. Jenkins September, 1885; James R.
b. April 1, 1861, m. Elizabeth Eveline; John A. b. Jan. 10,
1867; Mary T. b. Aug. 20, 1868. m. W. D. Olden; Rose E. b.
Dec. 11, 1870; Martha M. b. June 22, 1872, m. George E.
Worton. Family home North Ogden. Utah.

School trustee; manager first Co-op, store and captain of
militia at North Ogden. Merchant. Died June 20, 1886.

DEAN. GEORGE SAMUEL, (son of Samuel Dean and Emma
Norvill). Born Aug. 26, 1857, North Ogden, Utah.

Married Alice S. Daniels Sept. 15. 1884, at North Ogden,
who was born May 18, 1867, Tillyhead. Eng. Their children:
Georg-e S. b. Sept. 14, 1885. m. Pearl Weatherman March 6,
1908; Ines E. b. March 23, 1888, m. J. P. Spackman Dec. 19,
1909; Irene E. b. March 23, 1888, m. William M. Alvord Jan.
22, 1908; John W. b. Nov. 1, 1889; Lester C. b. Sept. 30, 1891';
Levi N. and B. Violet b. Aug. 20, 1897; Melba b. Feb. 9, 1906.
Family home, North Ogden.

Member house of representatives Utah legislature 1905-07;
notary public 1884-1913; lawyer, admitted to bar 1884; sec-
retary N. O. I. and C. W. C. I. companies twenty years; print-
er and publisher; owner first printing plant in North Ogden;
librarian North Ogden library.

DI; \ititi :v. JOSEPH (son of James Dearden and Nancy Fin-
ney of Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Dec. 9, 1838, in Yorkshire.
Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1868.

Married Nancy Hirst Nov. 15, 1867. In Yorkshire (daugh-
ter of John Hirst and Charlotte Brook of Yorkshire, pio-
neers Sept. 20, 1868). She was born Nov. 15, 1844. Their
children: Emerald, m. William Hartley; Ellen, m. David F.
Coon; Charlotte Hannah m. Jacob Hardman; Nancy Maud, m.
Joseph Coon. Family home Pleasant Green, Utah.

High priest. Miner; farmer and stockraiser.

DEARDEN, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Dearden born in Lan-
cashire, Eng., and Ann Forrest of Haydock, Lancashire).
He was born July 7, 1826, at Haydock. Came to Utah Oct.
17, 1862, Henry W. Miller company.

Married Mary Greenall 1850 (daughter of James Greenall
and Elizabeth Falrhurst), who was born 1826 and died 1852
In England. Their children: James b. May 12, 1851, m. Mary
Bird Oct. 29, 1876; Thomas b. Dec. 20, 1852, m. Elizabeth
Creechley Nov. 26, 1876.

Married Ann Agnes Arkwright November, 1855, Wigan,
Lancashire (daughter of James Arkwright and Mary Buller,
both of whom died In England). She was born March 7,
1824, at Wlgan, Eng., and died July 8, 1889. Their children:
Betsy E. b. April 27, 1861, m. John Creechley Dec. 23, 1880;
Mary E. b. Sept. 7, 1864, m. George J. Kershaw Dec. 6, 1894-
Sarah A. b. Feb. 7, 1868, d. 1886. Family home Porterville

Presided over Wlgan branch In England. Settled at Cen-
terville 1862; moved to Porterville 1863, where he resided
until his death Feb. 18, 1912.

DEARDEN, JAMES (son of William Dearden and Mary
Greenall). Born May 12, 1851, in Lancashire, Eng.
Married Mary Bird Oct. 29. 1876. Henefer, Utah.

DEARDORFP, HARRY E. (son of John M. Deardorff and
Elizabeth M. Pettigrew of Springfield, Ohio). He was born
there June 26, 1860. Came to Utah Aug. 1, 1892.
Manufacturer of paper boxes In Salt Lake City.

DECKER, ISAAC (son of Peter and Hannah Decker of Hol-
land). Born Nov. 29, 1800, in Holland. Came to Utah 1847.
Married Harriet Page Wheeler 1820 In New York state
(daughter of Oliver and Hannah Wheeler), who was born
Sept. 7, 1803, and came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young
company. Their children: Lucy b. May 17, 1821, m. Brig-
ham Young; Charles F. b. June 21. 1824, m. Vllate Young;

Harriet A. b. March 13, 1826, m. Ephraim Hanks; Clarissa
C. b. July 22, 1828, m. Brigham Young; Fanny M. b. April
24, 1830, m. Feramorz Little; Isaac Perry b. Aug. 7, 1840. m.
Elizabeth Ogden. Family home Provo Valley, Utah.
Farmer. Died 1873.

DECKER. CHARLES FRANKLIN (son of Isaac Decker and
Harriet Page Wheeler). Born June 21, 1824, In New York
state. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant com-

Married Vilate Young Feb. 24. 1847, Winter Quarters, Neb.
(daughter of Pres. Brigham Young and Miriam Works),
who was born June 1, 1830. Their children: Miriam Vllate
b. Jan. 15, 1848, m. Louis E. Granger; Alice Luella b. July 23,
1851, m. Joseph Pitt; Charles Franklin b. May 24, 1854, m.
Annie Thomas; Louie Isaac b. June 4, 1857; Brigham LeRoy
b. Jan. 14, 1859, m. Fannie Taylor; Patty Smoot. m. Emma
Kammerman; Loretta Elmina b. Dec. 24, 1861, m. Heber C.
Sorenson; Lois Elizabeth b. June 19, 1865; Fera Wallace b.
Jan. 26, 1872, ra. Leila Rogers, m. Emma Decker. Family
home Salt Lake City.

U. S. mall carrier 1851-55. Trail blazer and scout. Brought
first planing and door mill to Utah. Died March 22, 1901.

DECKER, ISAAC PERRY (son of Isaac Decker and Harriet
Page Wheeler). Born Aug. 7, 1840, Winchester, Scott county,
111. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Elizabeth Ogden Jan. 3, 1860, Draper, Utah
(daughter of Edward and Sarah Ogden of Salt Lake City,
latter a pioneer October, 1853). She was born Sept. 26, 1842.
Their children: Charles F. b. Sept. 15, 1863. m. Elizabeth A.
Dunn; Feramorz b. Nov. 8, 1868, m. Pearl Gay; Elizabeth b.
July 30, 1871, m. W. E. Brown; Joseph b. Aug. 23, 1874, m.
Lily Parrlsh; Le Roy b. April 14, 1877, m. Milla Stevens;
Roy b. Dec. 27, 1879, m. Lottie Brown; Ira Otis b. Aug. 30,
1882, m. Nora King. Family home Salt Lake City.

Elder. Carried U. S. mail by pony express In early days.

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