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1, 1890; Ray Eaton b. June 18, 1890. d. May 31, 1907- Myrtle
b. July 6, 1892; Leo Samuel b. May 9, 1895; Nora Eva b.
March 31. 1897; Paul Dee b. Jan. 8. 1899.

Lived at Ogden until 1876; moved to Arizona, settling on
Little Colorado river at Sunset, later at St. Johns; returned
to Ogden 1890. Missionary to Australia 1894. Member
high council in St. Johns (Ariz.) stake.

DRAKE, DANIEL, (son of Seth and Chloey Drake of Ver-
mont). Born Jan. 14, 1789, Vermont. Came to Utah Sept
19. 1847, Daniel Spencer company.

Married Patience Perkins Dec. 3, 1813 (daughter of John
Perkins and Hannah Gardner, married in Vermont), who
was born Dec. 19, 1873, and came to Utah with husband
Their children: Joseph b. Dec. 17, 1814; Diantha b. Dec. 15,
1815, m. Elisha Barnes; Daniel N. b. June 27, 1819, m. Han-
nah Kempton; Sarah b. Sept. 10, 1821, m. William Paine-
Orson P. b. Sept. 27, 1823, m. Betsy Parsons; Horace b. April

19, 1826, m. Diana E. Holbrook Oct. 3, 1850. Resided Salt
Lake City and Ogden, Utah.

DRAKE, HORACE (son of Daniel Drake and Patience Per-
kins). Born April 19, 1826, Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio.

Married Diana E. Holbrook Oct. 3, 1850. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Chandler Holbrook and Eunice Dunning), who
was born Oct. 27, 1833, Genesee county, N. Y. Their chil-.
dren: Horace Louis b. March 23, 1852; Cyrus Henry b. Aug.

20, 1853; Eunice Diana b. Sept. 7, 1855, m. Willard R. Pick-
ering; Samuel b. Aug. 2, 1857; Joseph b. Aug. 20, 1859; Hyrum
b. March 19. 1861, m. Mary E. Derrick Jan. 18, 1888; Alice
Emma b. Feb. 27, 1864, m. Sidney F. Worsley Jan. 18, 1885;
Jedediah M. b. Aug. 1, 1866; Daniel C. b. Aug. 16, 1868;
Rosetta b. 1870; James A. b. 1873; Edith L. b. June 29, 1878,
m. Joseph F. Tingey March 28, 1907. Family resided Salt
Lake City and Centerville, Utah.

DRAKE, DANIEL, NEWEL.L, (son of Daniel Drake and Mrs.
Peachville Perkins). He was born June 22, 1819, in New York
state. Came to Utah 1848, Daniel Miller company.

Married Hannah Kempton of Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Kempton). Their children: Hannah M. b. Aug. 25,
1851, m. David W. Wilson; Daniel N., b. Feb. 20, 1853, m.
Mary J. Cheney; John H. b. Jan. 23, 1855, m. Margaret P.
Cheney; Ann E. b. April 17, 1857; Nathan L. D. b. Dec. 13,
1859, m. Sarah Westom; Alvin L. b. Sept. 19, 1866, m. Lora
Lukis; Marim O. b. Dec. 22, 1869, m. N. Nickels; Richard M.
b. May 25, 1872. Family home Weber Co., Utah.

Elder. Died In 1879.

DRAKE. DANIEL N. (son of Daniel Newell Drake and
Hannah Kempton). Born at Ogden, Utah, In 1863.

Married May J. Cheney in Weber county in 1874 (daugh-
ter of E. W. Cheney and Lucy H. Cheney of Weber county;
pioneers 1849, George A. Smith company). She was born
April 9, 1857. Their children: Daniel N. Jr. b. May 4, 1876,
m. May Childs; Louis W. b. March 11. 1878, m. May Hill;
Lawrence b. March.28, 1880; Clarence E. Drake b. March 28.
1880, m. Anna Johnson; Elvira D. b. April 25, 1882; John H.
b. Jan. 25, 1885, m. Alice Mow; Rosel b. Nov. 24, 1889, m.
George Hadley; Charles W. b. Feb. 27, 1891, m. Clara Man-
ning. Family home Weber county.


DRAKE, ISAAC (son of David B. Drake and Caroline Nel-
son of New York). Born October 1831, in New York. Came
to Utah 1869, independent company.

Married Marian Colt in May, 1865, Montreal, Canada
(daughter of William and Mary Colt). She was born in
1831. Their children: Caroline b. 1864, d. 1874; David B. b.
1866, m. Sarah Metcalf.

Married Weltha Wilier 1876 in Lawrence county. N. Y.
(daughter of John Wilier and Betsy Carpenter of that
county). She was born there In April, 1856.

Settled at Malad City, Idaho. Doctor of medicine. Died

DRAKE, DAVID B. (son of Isaac Drake and Marian Colt).
He was born 1866 In Lawrence county, N. Y.

Married Sarah Metcalf 1871, Malad City, Idaho (daughter
of Anthony and Mary Metcalf). Their children: Molly b.
1893; Frank b. 1896; Miril b. 1898; Ann b. 1899.

DRAPER, CHARLES. Came to Utah with Capt. Seeley com-

Married Mary Ann Wann. Their children: William; Eliza-
beth; Jane; Folly; Mary; Annie, m. George Morby. Family
home, Hoytsville.


DRAPER, WILLIAM (son of Charles Draper and Mary Ann
Wann). Born Nov. 12, 1861, Croland, Lancastershire, Eng.
Came to Utah with Capt. Seeley company.



DRAPER, THOMAS (son of Thomas Draper of Leicester-
shire, Eng.). Born in 1824 in England. Came to Utah
about 1870.

Married Sarah Ward (daughter of William and Sarah
Ward). Their children: Ebenezer, died; Rachel, m. James
Richards; Sarah, m. Thomas Hardy; Thomas Ward, m. True-
love Miller; Martha, m. Robert Bates; Elizabeth, m. Hyrum
S. Bellows; Phoebe, m. William Henry Tracy; Emma, m.
James Andrews. Family home Spanish Fork.

Elder. Farmer. Died In 1906 at Plain City, Utah.

DRAPER, WILLIAM. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Muriel Thompson. Their child: Nephi b. March 23,
1847, m. Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson.

DRAPER, NEPHI (son of William Draper and Muriel
Thompson), born March 23, 1847, at Little Pigeon River,
Iowa). Came to Utah 1849.

Married Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson November, 1868, at
Salt Lake City, Utah (daughter of Luke S. Johnson and
America Clark. Came to Utah 1847). She was born 1850
at Little Pigeon River, Iowa. Their children: Muriel b.
Aug. 7. 1870, died in infancy; Lovinia Ann b. Nov. 23, 1873,
m. John Hug-gins; Walter Nephi b. Nov. 20, 1875, m. Clara
Maud Critchlow; Emily Elizabeth b. June 17, 1878; Edith b.
Aug. 4, 1880, deceased; Asa b. Jan. 6, 1882, m. Mamie Ander-
son; Ona b. June 24, 1885, m. Clyde Russell; Amoret b. Sept.
6, 1888, m. Leonard Scott; Eldra b. July 3, 1890; Lois b. Sept.
26, 1893. Family home St. John, Tooelo county.

Farmer and stockman.

DRAPER, WALTER NEPHI (son of Nephl Draper and Char-
lotte Elizabeth Johnson). Born Nov. 20, 1876, St. John,
Tooele Co., Utah.

Married Clara Maud Critchlow Sept. 27, 1900, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Carner Critchlow and Nancy Jane
Cumberland of Butler county, Pa.). She was born Jan. 25,
1878; came to Utah June 29, 1900. Their children: Kenneth
Floyd b. July 16, 1901; Asa Leroy b. March 19, 1903; Irene
May b. Aug. 23, 1904; Clare b. Oct. 16, 1907, d. April 10, 1909;
Walter Howard b. Sept. 21, 1909; Gladys Pearl b. Oct. 30,
1911. Family home Wellington.

Missionary to eastern states 1897-99; ward teacher; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school superintendent. Farmer
and stockraiser.

DRAPER, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Draper, born 1748).
Born Sept. 6, 1776, Little Nine, Padners, Dutchess county, Pa.
Married Lydia Lathrop. Their children: William Zemira
b. Feb. 27, 1812, m. Amy Terry Jan. 30, 1842; Alfred; Carson;
Policy; Phoebe, m. Ebenezer Brown; Lucretla, m. Mr. Gay-
land; Lydla, m. Fred Vanloovan; Fannie, m. Mr. Vanloovan;
Charles. Family home Lavorran, Upper Canada, and Penn-

DRAPER, ZEMIRA (son of William Draper and Lydia
Lathrop). He was born Feb. 27, 1812, Northumberland Co.,
Upper Canada. Came to Utah September, 1848, Daniel Hen-
dricks company.

Married Ellen Agnes Bradshaw, Sept. 15, 1838. She died
Aug. 15, 1839. Their child: Joseph Edward, d. 1839.

Married Amy Terry Jan. 30. 1842, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Parshel and Hannah Terry). She was born June 5, 1821,
York Home district, Upper Canada. Their children: Ellen
Agnes b. Feb. 27, 1843, m. James Green Jan. 15, 1860; Rebecca
Jane b. Sept. 1, 1846, d. Oct. 4, 1847; Lydia Hannah b. Oct.
4, 1848, m. Bateman H. Wllhelm March 1864; Susannah
Catllda b. Aug. 3, 1851, m. James M. Ballard 1871; Fannie
Lucretia b. Jan. 8, 1854, m. John P. Terry April 23, 1875;
Phoebe Marrilla b. Oct. 9, 1857. m. James A. Terry Oct.
1880; Zemira Terry b. March 16, 1859, m. Olga J. Poison Oct.
26, 1887; Jilpha Amy b. Sept. 26. 1861, m. Hanner Duzett
March 10, 1881; Carson Clark b. Jan. 29, 1865, m. Vilate
Draper Jan. 2, 1888.

Settled In tenth ward, Salt Lake City; moved to Draper in
the fall of 1850, from there he went to Alpine and to Rock-
vllle 1862. Served as bishop's counselor and justice of peace
several years at Rockvllle, Utah. Died Jan. 9, 1876, Rock-
vllle, Utah.

DRAPER, CARSON C. (son of Zemira Draper and Amy
Terry). He was born Jan. 29, 1865, Rockville, Utah.

Married Vilate Dalton Jan. 2, 1888, Rockville, Utah (daugh-
ter of John Dalton and Marrey A. Gardial latter came to
Utah 1856, Ellsworth handcart company). She was born
April 27, 1872, Virgin City, Utah. Their children: Ellen
Agnes b. Nov. 18, 1888, m. Walter R. Funk Oct. 9, 1908; Amy
Vilate b. Dec. 25, 1890; Carson Melvan b. Nov. 22, 1892;
Zemira Heuard b. May 25, 1896, d. Sept. 18, 1909; Vernon
b. Jan. 28, 1898, d. Feb. 28, 1898; Marey Elva b. Jan. 20,
1900; Leona Josephine b. April 1, 1902; Ruby Fiorina b. July
1. 1906; Lawrance Luvell b. Jan. 11, 1910; Clark Lindon b.
June 6. 1912.

First assistant Sunday school superintendent Kimball,
Idaho, 1906; Sunday school teacher 1908-09 at Hinckley,

Nelson Rhees, born July 3, 1802, England, and Sarah Ann
Green, born July 26, 1798. Bath, Eng.). She was born Feb. 12,
1836. Came to Utah October 1861, Capt. Home company.
Their children: Ellen H. b. March 24, 1855, d. Aug. 1, 1860;
Sarah A. b. Oct. 27. 1856, d. Aug. 11, 1860; David C. b. Feb.
18. 1859, d. July 28, 1860; Elizabeth A. b. March 5, 1861, m.
John L. Roberts May, 1881; Hannah A. b. March 28, 1863, m.
George Thomas March 28, 1881; Lucy G. b. May 13, 1866. d.
Dec. 23. 1865; Emma b. Sept. 27, 1866, m. James Harrison
Nov. 27, 1884; Alice b. Dec. 7, 1868. m. David S. Thomas
April 13, 1888; Nora b. Feb. 14. 1871. d. Sept. 16, 1890; Jesse
H. b. March 29, 1873, m. Eliza Kunz Sept. 30, 1898; Hettie M.
b. May 3, 1875, m. Alma Lusk Dec. 16, 1896; Richard H. b.
Jan. 16, 1878, m. Esther Heward January, 1899; William R.
b. May 28, 1880, m. Maud Mecham March 25, 1903. Resided
at South Wales. Kaysville. Utah, and Malad, Idaho.

Married Rose Kunz (Bischoff) Oct. 21, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Kunz and Rosina Knutti, of Bern, Swit-
zerland; married February, 1842). She was born Oct. 20.
1845, Bern, Switzerland.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1861, moved to Kaysville 1862,
then to Malad, Idaho, 1866. Second president to 62d quorum
seventies at Malad. Idaho, and high priest and high council-
or for nineteen years; patriarch in Mormon church.

DROLUNGER, SIMEON COOK (son of Samuel Drollinger,
born May 6, 1801, Hamilton Co., Ohio, and Rachel Cook, born
June 14, 1798, Mason county, Ky. they were married Dec.
21, 1819). He was born March 22. 1833. Fountain county.
Ind. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1853, John W. Cooley company.

Married Ann Eliza Davis Dec. 4. 1859 (daughter of Frank-
lin Judson and Ann Davis, the former a pioneer 1852, Mc-
Cullan company, the latter died on the plains). She was
born Aug. 8, 1842. Came to Utah with her father in 1852.
Their children: Simeon Cook b. Feb. 2, 1861, m. Mary
Emeline Cordingiey; Ann Eliza b. Aug. 20, 1862; Emily
Estella b. Nov. 25, 1864; Rachel Marian b. July 20. 1866;
Franklin John b. Nov. 20, 1868, m. Lydia E. Williams;
Clarissa Jane b. Oct. 16. 1870, m. John Haskell Pomroy July
13, 1889; Stanley Bert b. Jan. 6, 1873, m. Lydia E. Williams
Drollinger. Resided at Payson and Spring Creek, Utah, St.
Thomas, Nev., and Arizona.

Settled at Moapa Valley, Nev., 1865. Died July 1, 1911,
Marysville, Fremont Co., Idaho.

DROLLINGER. SIMEON COOK, JR. (son of Simeon Cook
Drollinger and Ann Eliza Davis). Born Feb. 2, 1861, Payson,

Married Mary E. Cordingiey April 20, 1885, Huntington,
Utah (daughter of William Cordingiey and Permelia Hug-
gins). She was born Jan. 14, 1864, Fountain Green, Utah.
Their children: Cook Eugene b. May 24, 1886; Mary E. b.
Oct. 21, 1887; Lottie P. b. Oct. 29, 1889, m. Chester Hansen
May 23, 1911; William Lee b. Aug. 26, 1891; Stephen F. b.
Nov. 26. 1893; Rachel Flavilla b. Dec. 24, 1895; Simeon Guy
b. Feb. 7, 1898; Bert Cordingiey b. April 25, 1899; Cecil John
b. Jan. 20, 1902; Emeline Fern b. Sept. 13. 1904; Alfonzo b.
Sept. 8, 1906. Resided at Huntington, Utah, Mesa City and
Pima, Ariz., and Marysville, Idaho.

DROWN, CHARLES (son of Solomon Drown, born Oct. 10,
1789, of Illinois, and Fannie Drown born Feb. 2, 1803).
Born Oct. 28, 1815. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Sarah Tarbell. She died in New York. Their
children: James; David T. b. Dec. 9, 1837, m. Sarah O.
Newell Dec. 19, 1860.

Married Mary Ann Sweazy. Their children: Carlos, m.
Rose Drown; Brigham; Elizabeth.

Married Louise Jones Canfield.

Missionary to California in 1867.

DROWN, DAVID TARBELL (son of Charles Drown and
Sarah Tarbell). Born Dec. 9, 1837, at Oswego, N. Y.

Married Sarah O. Newell Dec. 9, 1860. at Provo, Utah
(daughter of Almon Newell and Olive Comstock; the former
came to Utah Oct. 6, 1852, the latter died in Nauvoo 1846).
She was born Jan. 22, 1844, at Nauvoo, 111. Their children:
Ellen Elizabeth b. May 3, 1862, m. J. V. Blasdell Feb. 22,
1890; David Almon b. March 15, 1864, m. Elizabeth Warbarton
Dec. 23, 1886; Alice Adelia b. Dec. 18, 1865. m. William D.
Kuhre April 14. 1886; Charles Matlson b. Oct. 10, 1867, m.

Ella Perry Dec. 9, ; Olive Maria b. May 7, 1870, m.

William Erlckson Oct. 22, 1891; Alfred Carlos b. June 16,
1872; Eva Geraldine b. July 4, 1874, m. O. J. Roberts Nov.
19, 1901; Clara Valeria b. Jan. 26, 1877, m. William Erickson

March 8, ; Melvln Ernest b. Jan. 17, 1882, m. Myrtle

Hewlett July 2, 1908; Ivy Ruby b. Feb. 24, 1884, m. A. E.
Custer March 12, 1901. Family home West Jordan, Utah.

DREDGE, JESSE RICHARD (son of Richard Dredge, born
Dec. 25. 1796, Proom, Somersetshire, Eng., and Sarah Sharp,
born 1798. Gloucestershire. Eng. Came to Utah November.
1861. Godbe and Wright company.

Married Ellen Rhees April 29, 1864 (daughter of Horatio

DRCCE, JOHN (son of John Druce and Sophia Bragg of
Mttcham Merton, Surrey, Eng.). Born June 18, 1818. Came
to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Ira Reed company.

Married Julia Ann Jinks June 19, 1842, Manchester. Eng.,
by Elder Charles Miller (daughter of John Jinks and Mary
Woodfleld of Manchester, Lancashire, Eng., the latter came
to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Ira Reed company). She was born
April 17, 1824, Stone, Staffordshire, Eng. Their children:
Julia Ann; Mary Sophia, m. Joseph Hyrum Phlppen; Lilly
Harriet Almira, m. Charles John Lambert; Eliza Jane, d.
aged 60 years; John Alma, m. Elizabeth M. Klngsbury; Ada



Eugenia, m. Orville E. Hartwell; Amanda May, m. George
Guiver; Edgar Woodfleld, m. Ann Elizabeth Bennett; Kate
Agusta, d. aged 2. Family home Salt Lake City.

Missionary ti. and president of eastern states mission
1876-77; high priest; president 21st quorum seventies; coun-
selor to bishop Pyper of 12th ward 1877-82, and to Bishop
Clawson 1882-97; ordained patriarch Sept. 29, 1897. En-
graver: carpenter; contractor and builder. Died Oct. 7,
1897, Salt Lake City.

DRYSDAI,E, JOHN (son of James Drysdale and Margrate
Arnold). Born Oct. 10, 1839. Came to Utah 1853, Capt.
Dailey company.

Married Emma Clark (daughter of James Clark and Eliza-
beth Pierson). She was born August, 1847. Their children:
Margrate Pysdale b. 1862, m. Henry Goodale Dec. 18, 1882;
Andrew C. b. 1871, m. Julia Gray Feb. 22, 1893; Mary Jane b.
1864; James b. 1867; John b. 1869; Henry R. b. 1876, m Sarah
Jackson May 14, 1902; Nora B. b. 1878, m. Fremont Cook;
Ann Adlin b. 1881; Edward F. b. 1887.

Indian fighter. Charcoal burner.

DUDLEY, JOSEPH (son of James Dudley of Nauvoo, 111.).
Born July 8, 1817, Kentucky. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1862,
oxteam company.

Married Sarah D. Stevens, who was born March 14, 1816.
Their children: Martha, d. child; Sarah Ann, m. Alexander
Williams; m. Charles Eldridge Smith; Andrew, m. Mary
Ellen Packett and Mary Lucy Markham; Justus Manvill, m.
Emily Packett; Helen, m. Alma Pace; William, d. child;
Joseph, m. Sarah King.

Married Caroline Petty, Salt Lake City (daughter of Robert
Petty of Fort Herriman, Utah, oxteam pioneer). She was
born July 8, 1835. Their children: Percinda Jane, m. Mr.
Pace; James; Celia, m. Isaac Robins; Warren, m. Sarah
Jones; Marion, m. Louisa Jane McKee; Robert, m. Margaret
Evans; Harriet, m. Mr. Stewart; Margaret, m. Ruben Hatch;
Polly, m. John Evans. Family home Alpine, Spanish Fork
and Provo, Utah.

Seventy. He was sent to Nevada and California to recall
the people at the time of the invasion of the Johnston army;
endured many hardships while crossing the desert. Echo
Canyon war veteran. Died Aug. 24, 1893, Spanish Fork,

DUDLEY, ANDREW (son of Joseph Dudley and Sarah
Stevens). Born June 6, 1844, In Illinois. Came to Utah
Oct. 3, 1852, oxteam company.

Married Mary Ellen Packett Feb. 6, 1866, at Spanish Fork,
Utah (daughter of Charles Packett of Spanish Fork, Utah,
oxteam pioneer). She was born Feb. 10, . Their chil-
dren: Mary Ellen b. Feb. 10, 1866, m. Charles Hollingshead;
m. Albert Wilkins; Melissa and Lucy Emily, d. infants
Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Mary Lucy Markham July 19, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Stephen Markham, pioneer July 24, 1847 and
Mary Curtis of Spanish Fork, Utah). She was born April 2
1853. Their children: Andrew b. Aug. 8, 1870, m. Slna
Jensen; William b. Aug. 8, 1872, d. infant; Sarah Ann b.
Nov. 3. 1873, m. Ephraim Rasmussen; Helen Aurelia b. April
20, 1876, m. L. H. Woodard; Stephen Markham b. July 28,
1878, m. Anna Bingham; Joseph Stratton b. Sept. 8, 1880, m.
Mina Moon; Maryatta b. Jan. 3, 1883, m. Henry Chatwin-
Guyletta Jane b. Feb. 10, 1885, m. Fitzgerald Stewart-
Hosmer Marion b. May 28, 1887; Hyrum Sanford b. June 27
1889; Arvilla Julina b. March 2, 1892, m. Jasper Otis Butcher-
Bertha b. Dec. 8, 1894; Bernice b. Dec. 8, 1894, and Louis Mar-
ville, d. infants; Porney Trilby b. Dec. 21, 1897. Family
resided Spanish Fork and Jensen, Utah.

Elder. Assisted in bringing- Immigrants to Utah 1863
Veteran Black Hawk war. Took active part in protecting
settlers against Indians in the early days. Farmer

DUDLEY, OLIVER HUNT (son of Steven Dudley and Har-
riet Haws of Vermont). Born Feb. 29, 1809, in Vermont
Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company

Married Mary Ann Robinson 1831, Deerfleld, Rockingham
county, N. H. (daughter of Noah and Susannah Robinson
pioneers Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company). She was
born March 8, 1811. Their children: Mary Ann b. Aug 11
1834, m. Edmund Ellsworth; Susan Jane Katherine b June
8, 1836, m. Heber Hubbard; Oliver Noah b. Oct 18 1841-
Brigham Simeon b. Aug. 28, 1845, m. Delilah Allen; Charles
H. b. Aug. 18, 1848, m. Dora Wallace; Joseph Smith b Sept
SO, 1851, m. Dora Snow; Hyrum Smith b. Sept. 30, 1851 m
Fidelia S. Tippets. Family home Willard, Utah.

Married Hannah Pullen.

Died 1897.

DUDLEY, HYRUM SMITH (son of Oliver H. Dudley and
Mary Ann Robinson). Born Sept. 30, 1851, Salt Lake City
Married Fidelia S. Tippets March 30, 1874, Salt Lake City]
(daughter of William P. Tippets and Sophia B. Mead,
pioneers 1850, Capt. Hunt company). She was born March
28. 1854, Perry, Utah. Their children: Delia Elizabeth b.
May 11, 1875, m. Benjamin Neibaur June 26, 1906; Mary
Ann b. June 2, 1877, m. Eli J. Bell April 5, 1905; Sophia
Burnham b. Aug. 22, 1879, m. George C. Corey Nov. 13, 1904;
Emma Druzilla b. April 15, 1881, m. George S. Davis March
26, 1901; Hyrum Smith b. April 30, 1883; Susan Rebecca b.

June 2, 1885, m. Perry B. Woodward Oct. 23, 1901; Olive
Harriet b. Aug. 15, 1887; William P. b. Nov. 10, 1889; Joseph
Clyde b. Oct. 14. 1891; Percy Lois b. May 25, 1894. Family
home Rexburg, Idaho.

Pioneer Snake river valley. Superintendent Sunday school.
Burton, Idaho, and bishop's counselor six years.

DUDLEY, JOSEPH SMITH (son of Oliver Hunt Dudley and
Mary Ann Robinson). Born Sept. 30, 1851, Salt Lake City.

Married Dora Snow Dec. 18, 1884, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Larino Snow and Adilme Goddard), who was born Feb.
24, 1855. Their children: Joseph S. b. Sept. 26, 1885, m.
Jennie Smith; Devere Snow b. 1888.

Married Agnes Allred.

DUERDEN, RICHARD (son of Richard Duerden and Martha
Hudson of Marsden, Lancashire, Eng.). Born Feb. 19, 1830,
at Marsden. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1868, John Gillespie

Married Elizabeth Bradshaw 1861. Their children:
Martha, m. Thomas Walton 1869; Nephi b. June 6, 1860, n>.
Augusta Boynton March 20, 1891.

Married Sarah Ann Starkie Feb. 1866, at Burnley.
Eng. (daughter of James Starkie and Sally Spencer), who
was born July 1, 1840, at Blacko, Lancashire, Eng. Their
children: Edmundson b. Dec. 14, 1866, m. Alice Hatch Dec
11, 1890; Samuel b. Dec. 11, 1868; Richard b. Aug. 26, 1870,
m. Susan Holt Dec. 28, 1893; Sarah Jane b. July 3, 1874, m.
Jens Knud Neilson Oct. 28, 1897; Joseph Hudson b. Dec. 16
1876; Spencer b. Jan. 10, 1877; Elizabeth b. Jan. 10, 1879, m.
Elijah Piepgrass; William S. b. Jan. 2, 1881; Margret b.
March 27, 1882, m. Vernon Felt. Family home Bountiful,
Davis Co., Utah.

Member of high council Davis stake for thirty years.

DUFFIN, ABRAHAM (son of James Duffln and Sarah
Greaves). Came to Utah 1855.

Married Eliza Johnson, who died In Manchester, Eng.
Their children: Maria, m. John Garratt Chambers; Sarah, m.
Henry Foulkes.

DUKE, JONATHAN OLDHAM (son of James Duke and Mary
Oldham of Derby, Derbyshire, Eng.). Born Aug. 31, 1807, in
Derby. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1850, James Pace company.

Married Mary Stone Dec. 30, 1828, at Derby, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Robert and Charlotte Stone of Derby). Their chil-
dren: James b. Dec. 21, 1829, m. Almira Moore, m. Mary
Murdock; Sarah Jane b. Nov. 11, 1832, m. James Smith; John
b. Nov. 19, 1834, m. Martha D. Young, m. Mary Jones; Robert
Stone b. April 14, 1837, m. Anna W. Ross Young; m. Rachel
Horrocks; Mary Ann, died; Jonathan Moroni b. Oct. 23, 1844,
m. Sarah Montgomery. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Sarah Thompson Oct. 19, 1855, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George and Jane Thompson of England). Their
children: Charlotte b. Sept. 30, 1856, m. Dominicus Carter;
George Jonathan b. May 25, 1858, m. Sarah T. Meacham;
Sarah Ann b. Jan. 9, 1860, m. Jonathan Gledhill, m. Brigham
Smith: Thomas William b. April 23, 1863, m. Pauline Smith;
Elizabeth b. May 9, 1865, m. Jonathan Mecham. m. Halma
Smith; Almira b. April 1, 1867, m. Richard Harrison; Mary b.
April 1, 1867, died; Heber b. Aug. 19, 1869, m. Elizabeth
Agnes Boardman. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Martha Thompson Dec. 3, 1855 (daughter of
George and Jane Thompson). Their children: Mary Ann b.
Dec. 21, 1867, m. Alma Brown; Charles Thompson b. April 24,
1860, m. Emily Williams; Jane b. Aug. 23, 1862, m. Thomas
Alexander Meldrum; Joseph b. Nov. 23, 1864, m. Lucy Har-
rison; Hyrum b. Nov. 23, 1864, m. Elenor Ann Farrcr; Alma
b. Jan. 3, 1866, d. Nov. 16, 1866; Emma b. Aug. 9, 1868, d. Aug.
18, 1868. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member llth quorum seventies. Settled in 12th ward,
Salt Lake City, 1850, and worked as stone mason; moved to
Provo 1851. Served there as city councilman. Bishop of
1st ward. Justice of peace and lieutenant of Silver Grays.
Also followed farming. Died Dec. 31, 1868, Provo, Utah.

DUKE, JAMES (son of Jonathan Oldham Duke and Mary
Stone). Born Dec. 21, 1829, Albany, N. Y. Came to Utah
1849, Amasa M. Lyman company.

Married Almira Moore 1864, Provo, Utah (daughter of
Ethan Allen Moore and Sarah Weber of New York, pioneers
1849). She was born Feb. 21, 1836. Their children: James
Moore, m. Mary L. Allred; Almira Jane, m. Moroni M.
Meacham; Ethan Allen, m. Martha Jane Parcell; Robert Stone,
m. Elizabeth B. Vanosdel; Joseph Moroni, m. Emily Jane
Nysonger; John C., m. Loraney Ross; Helaman, died;
Mahonri M., m. Willmuth Lamanda Wall; Bernice Gertrude,
m. George A. Thomas; Roy Lamoni, m. Lotty Nye; Sarah
Figena, m. James Albert Provost. Family home Wallsburg,

Married Mary Murdock.

High priest. Stone mason; farmer and stockraiser. Died
May 21, 1892.

DUKE, ETHAN ALLEN (son of James Duke and Almira
Moore). Born Sept. 23, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Martha Jane Parcell July 22, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John C. Parcell and Esther Lewis of Wallsburg,
Utah, pioneers 1854, Capt. Bullock company). She was born
Jan. 9, 1858. Their children: Martha Cloe b. Dec. 21, 1882-
Hester Almira b. Nov. 11, 1883; Allen Parcell b. Feb.



1885 m. Florence Varley; Rose b. Sept. 28, 1886; Elizabeth
b. Jan. 1, 1889; Emily Gertrude b. Oct. 6, 1890, m. Perry W.
Harper; Ethan Moore b. Dec. 1, 1891; James Curtis b. May 11,
1894; Gerald b. Jan. 10. 1896; Violet b. Aug. 23, 1898; Lorin
Wells b. March 1902.

Member 123d quorum seventies; high priest. Farmer and
fruit raiser.

DUKE, JOHN (son of Jonathan Oldham Duke and Mary

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