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Ve know that diffeience in l)aptism is one thing, that
prevents comnninion among christians. Jn the knowledge
of this, we undertook in our first number to sliow that the
practice of those who baptise the children of believers, and
baptise by spi-inkling is so supported by scri|)turc, tliat
they ought to be received as having complied with the will
of Christ in that respect. It is believed that this pcdnt was
established by arguments and authorities amply suHirient.
And therefore, we who practise what is called infant-bap-
tism, do claim to be acknowledged as members of tht; one
church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Free communion is discountenanced in tiiis country,
on account of a difierence in respect to ordination also.
Now it is our intention to show in this number, that they
who practise pres!»yterial ordination, do so comply with
the scri|)tures in this respect, tliat tiieir orders ought to be
regarded as valich and they not only received to commu-
nion, but acknowledged as truly and jn-operly a pSrt of the
universal church of the Lord Jesus. All ought to wish us
success in this undertaking. Because our object is to

108 [no. II. viii.

promote truth and charity; to heal divisions and remove re-
proaches. And here let it be distinctly understood, that it
is not by any means our intention to attack others. We
readily and cheerfully admit the validity of Episcopal or-
dination and administrations, we recognize Episcopalians
as brethren, and can heartily join with them when they
pray that God may "send down on their bishops and other
ckrgy and on all congregations committed to their charge,
the healthful spirit of his grace;" and that he may "pour
upon them the continual dew of his blessing."

Had the spirit, which animated Protestants in the be-
ginning of the reformation, continued witii them, there
would have been no occasion for this attempt. Our object,
then, is to bring back, if we can the professors of religion
in this country to the good old standard. It is true that
there were many things in the temper and conduct of the
Refoi-mers, of which we cannot approve. But in regard to
this m.tter, we can only lament that their mantle has nr»t
descended on their successors. Had this been the case, far
different at this time would be the condition of t!ie protes-
tant world. But complaints are vain. By a brief histori-
cal induction we shall show that the illustrious nion who,
under God, broke the chain of ecclesiastical bondage, and
set the mind and conscience at liberty, cherished the very
spirit and i)ursued the very practice which we humbly at-
tempt to promote in these pages.

We begin with Archbishop Cranmer. He was primate
of all England, during the reigns of Henry VIH. and Ed-
ward VI.; and is justly considered as the main pillar of
the reformation in England. John Knox was the life and
soul of the same cause in Scotland. Cranmer was a deci-
ded Episcopalian — John Knox was the instrument of intro-
ducing Presbyterianism into Scotland. Now in the year
1549, Knox was obliged to flee from his own country and
take refuge in England. He was received with open arms
by the English reformers. And they, thinking that such

NO. 11. Lx.] 109

Rifts and graces as liad been conferrod on him by the bead
of the cburcli ou-l.t not at that time to be unemployed, at
once,Nvitbout icordination gave him a commission to i.iearh.

His services were greatly blessed in various parts ol the
kingdom.— lie was appointed one ofthe rliaplains to king
Edward VI.— And in the year 1551, w/(cn the book oj com-
monprayei' was undergoing a revisaU be assisted in that
work His suggestions were not all adopted; but - he had
influence to procure an important cha.ige i.. thecommun.-
on office, con.pUtely exriuding the notion ofthe corporeal
presence of Christ in the sacrament, and guarding against
the adoration of the elements." This fact was so n-.tori-
ons that Dr. W * ston, the pr(docutor of the p

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