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George B. Porter August 6th, 1831 .

Stevens Thompson Mason, Secretary and Acting Governor October, 1831.

Stevens Thompson Mason, Ex-officio and Secretary July 6th, 1834.

Charles Shafer August 20th, 1835.

John S. Homer, Secretary and Acting Governor September 8th, 1835.


Stevens T. Mason Inaugurated November 3d, 1835 .

Stevens T. Mason Inaugurated January ist, 1838.

Edward Mandy, Lieut. Governor and Acting Governor. .April 13th to Dec. 31st, 1838.

William Woodbridge Inaugurated January -th, 1S40.

James Wright Gordon, Lieut. Governor and Acting Governor.. . .February 21st, 1841 .

John S. Barry Inaugurated January 3d, 1842.

John S. Barry Inaugurated January ist, 1844.

Alpheus Felch Inaugurated January 5th, 1846.

William L. Greenly, Lieut. Governor and Acting Governor March 4th, 1847.

Epaphroditus Ranson January 3d, 1848.

John S. Barry January 7th, 1850.


Robert McClelland January ist, 1852 .

Robert McClelland January 5th, 1853.

Andrew Parsons, Lieut. Governor and Acting Governor March 8th, 1853.

Kingsley S. Bingham January 3d, 1855 •

Kingsley S. Bingham January 7th, 1857.

Moses Wisner January 5th, 1859.

Austin Blair January 2d, 1861 .

Austin Blair January 7th, 1863 .

Henry H. Crapo January 4th, 1865.

Henry H. Crapo January 2d, 1867.

H. P. Baldwin January 6th, 1869.

H. P. Baldwin January 4th, 1871.

John J. Bagley January ist, 1873.

John J. Bagley January 3d, 1875.

Charles M. Croswell January 3d, 1877.

Charles M. Croswell January ist, 1879.

David H. Jerome January ist, i83i.

Josiah Begole ^ January ist, 1883 .

Russell A. Alger January ist, 1885.

C. G. Luce January ist, 1887 .

— 63 —

Winthrop Sargent, Acting Governor of the Northwest Territory,
on the 1 8th of August, 1796, set apart the following portion of the
territory — and named it Wayne, after the noted General Anthony
Wayne, better known as Mad Anthony — viz: from the Cuyahoga
River (Cleveland), westward to the dividing line now existing between
Indiana and Illinois, thence northward to the national boundary line,
including all the subsequent Territory of Michigan, which embraced
the whole of the present State of Wisconsin, and a portion of the
present States of Ohio and Indiana. Detroit was constituted the
county seat. The Court of Common Pleas was established, and
annually the Supreme Court of the Territory held a session at Detroit
until 1803, when Michigan was separated from Ohio. At a session of
the Legislature of the Northwest Territor}^ held at Chillicothe in
1801-2, the Town of Detroit was incorporated, with a Board of



That portion of this township situate on the Detroit river, was
settled almost contemporary with Detroit, the older geographies
describing it as the seat of Indian councils held between 1780 and 1806,
General Hull's most important treaty having been made there during
the latter year. It was organized in 1827. Moses Roberts was elected
the first supervisor; Jacob Vreeland, clerk; Jacob Knox, William Haz-
ard and David Smith, assessors; Wm. Fletcher, Elias Vreeland and
Isaac Taylor, commissioners of highway; Arthur Ruark and Garret
Vreeland, overseers of the poor; Isaac Taylor, constable; Hiram
Hicox, John Conrad and Thomas Long, viewers of fences; Geo. C.
Clark and Isaac Taylor, overseers of highway. Among other early
settlers were B. F. Knapp, William Munger, John Forbes, Elias James,
R. Ransom, Dr. John Leteur, Col. Nathaniel Case, P. J. Clark and
Henry Woodruff. G. W. Moore was postmaster under four adminis-


Name. P. O. Birth Place. w '^"^ T?


Alford, H Gibraltar Michigan 1836

Butler, C. W Rockwood Michigan 1843

Blakely, I. A Rockwood New York 1836

Bird, Jas. M Flat Rock Seneca, N. Y 1857

Chase, W.J Flat Rock Michigan 1845

— 64 —


Name. P. O. Birth Place. w^"^'^ T?

Wayne Co.

Cooke, John Flat Rock Michigan, 1836

Cook, Thos. D Flat Rock Michigan 1834

Cohoon, Wm. A Trenton New York 1836

Clark, Jayson Flat Rock Wayne Co Born

Clago, B Trenton vSt. Lawrence Co. , N. Y . . . 1846

Bowling, Jesse Trenton England 1845

Ewing, H. F Flat Rock New York 1851

Guilfoil, Ezra Trenton Michigan 1854

Garretson, G Flat Rock New Jersey 1835

Garretson, F Flat Rock New Jersey 1838

Hendricks, Daniel Flat Rock Michigan

Hull, Benjamin Flat Rock New York 1833

Hurst, Amanda Flat Rock New York 1844

Hall, Edward Gibraltar New York 1833

Hanchett, S. C Trenton New York 1S37

Knight, James Trenton England 1839

Knapp, B. F Wyandotte New York 1820

Long, W. S Wyandotte Michigan 1838

Lum and Craig Gibraltar Scotland 1841

Lobdell, Dr. Hiram W. S Gibraltar

Lindsay, James Wyandotte Michigan 1839

Munger, Wm Flat Rock New York 1823

Mitler, M. H Flat Rock New York 1854

Materia, John Trenton Canada 1853

McComb, John Trenton Ireland 1854

MiUiman, Mrs. Thetis Flat Rock New York 1832

McDonald, Geo Wyandotte Scotland 1853

Munger, T. M Flat Rock Michigan 1839

Northrop, Lewis Flat Rock New York 1818

O'Leary, T Flat Rock Maine 1850

Olmstead, N. F Flat Rock Washtenaw Co., Mich 1854

Peters, J. H Flat Rock New York 1834

Pink, Wickton Flat Rock Ohio 1846

Pink, Mary Flat Rock Michigan i860

Parsons, B. F Gibraltar Michigan 1836

Quick, Thos Trenton Canada 1845

Reed, J. P Rockwood New York

Reaume, F Flat Rock Canada 1830

Simpson, G. D Inkster Michigan Born

Stofflet, Wm Flat Rock New York 1825

Stofflet, Wm. F Flat Rock New York 1853

Van Riper, Henry H Flat Rock New Jersey 1834

Varney, G. A Rockwood Michigan 1842

Van Cleof, Jacob Flat Rock New York 1846

Vreeland, Ahce Trenton New York 1833

Van Horn, Barton Trenton Michigan 1830

Wood, John Rockwood Scotland 1836

Wood, frying T Rockwood Michigan 1839

Walker, James H Flat Rock Michigan 1 846

Wells, Miss Mattie Wyandotte Michigan 1855

Wisdom, Clayton Flat Rock Michigan 1845

— 65 —


Canton was organized in 1833. It was prior to that date included
in the Township of Plymouth. James Safford was its first Supervisor,
Amos Stevens the first Justice of the Peace, and Thomas Hooker,
Clerk. The first delegates to the county convention were Amos
Stevens, Moses Bradford and Pary Sheldon, and the first settlers were
David Cady, Amos Stevens, William Smith, Pary Sheldon, Childs
Downer and brother, in 1825.


Name. P.O. Birthplace. ^''^^^^o.

Astley, Frank. Denton Wayne Co Born

Baldman, D Sheldon Steuben Co., N. Y 1835

Bartlett, Geo. S Plymouth Vermont 1S38

Bradford, Benj Plymouth Wayne Co., N. Y 1828

Boice, I. C Vpsilanti Seneca Co., N. Y 1854

Huston, John, 2d Ypsilanti Monroe Co., N. Y 1835

Homer, H. F Ypsilanti Wayne Co., Mich Born

Hunford, H. O Plymouth Monroe Co., N. Y 1856

Huston, Reuben Ypsilanti Monroe Co., N. Y 1835

Huston, Oscar Canton Wayne Co Born

Hayden, Lester Ypsilanti Michigan 1850

Jones, Henry Canton England 1851

Lohr, Christian Wayne Wayne Co Born

Murray, Hiram Plymouth Wayne Co Born

Pattengell, O. B Plymouth Vermont 1845

Peters, Eliza Plymouth Schohane Co., N. Y 1840

Penny, Wm Canton Orange Co., N. Y 1854

Savage, James M Canton Kingston 1855

Smith, Charlotte Canton New York 1850

Settington, Henry Canton England 1840

Suggett, W. B Canton Wayne Co Born

Vinton, ^Villiam W Plymouth Chenango Co., N. Y 1839

Vick, F Canton Germany 1853

Wiles, James Canton Yorkshire Co 1848


At one time this town was known as " Pekin." It was so named
when Canton and Nankin was first set apart. Then there would have
been three Chinese towns on a line.

A. J. Bucklin was the first white settler and the territory now
embraced in the townships of Redford, Livonia, Greenfield and Dear-
born was organized as the township of Buckland in 1828. Conrad
Ten Eyck, Joseph Coon, John Alexander, Hubbard Hidden, William
Daily, James Thomson, Chas. N. Brainard and Dr. E. S. Snow were
also among the early settlers.


— 66 —

Name. P.O. Birth Place. WaTneCo.

Angleben, Chas, T Dearborn.... Detroit 1851

Brainard, Chas. T Dearborn Wayne Co 1821

Barker, J. D Inkster New York 1833

Baker, Joshua Inkster. . . . . .New York 1837

Coon, Owen Dearborn Wayne Co 1837

Clay, Amos Dearborn Wayne Co 1838

Clay, James Dearborn Wayne Co 1833

Clay, Samuel Dearborn New York 1827

Cogswell, Samuel Inkster New York 1832

Daly, William Dearborn Ireland 1837

Forsyth, James Dearborn England 1832

Fox, Jacob Dearborn Germany 1847

GuUey, A. B Dearborn New York 1835

Gould, James Dearborn Scotland 1831

Gould, John Dearborn Scotland 1832

Gardner, Richard Dearborn England 1828

Harris, Allen T Dearborn New Jersey 1844

Heberstreit, 'John D Dearborn Saxony 1852

Heberstreit, G Dearborn Saxony 1852

Howard, Edgar Dearborn Massachusetts 1836

Huberstreit, Wm Dearborn Saxony 1852

Huberstreit, C. W Dearborn Saxony 1852

Morhouse, Wm Dearborn Newark, New Jersey 1835

Maxwell, Wm Dearborn Canada 1838

Maxwell, G. S Dearborn Canada 1832

Nowland, Wm. Dean Dearborn New York 1834

Penny, E. G Dearborn New York 1844

Purdy, Geo Dearborn New York 1835

Reycraft, Wm Dearborn Ireland 1833

Ruff, Francis Inkster Detroit 1795

Robinson, Robert Dearborn Scotland 1831

Sloss, David Dearborn Ireland 1830

Snow, Edwin S Dearborn Ohio 1846

Stembro, Jacob Inkster New York 1841

Ten Eyck, Wm Dearborn Detroit 1816

Tuttle, Abner Wallaceville Wayne Co 1836

Trowbridge, O Dearborn New York 1849

Wallace, J. B ... Wallaceville New York 1832

Wallace, J. A Wallaceville Wayne Co 1851


Was originally known as Township No. 8 south, and is a frac-
tional one, and was formerly a part of Taylor. It is supposed to be and
is noted as being the place where the Wyandotte tribe deposited their
dead, as to this day the remnants of this tribe know it and its location
through traditions, as being the last resting place of their great chiefs.

The early settlers were the Riopelles, Elya Goodell, Joseph Bun-
die, Alex. Descom'ptes-Labadie (the maternal grandfather of the
venerable Col. Knaggs), Louis La Due, Alex. Jandron, B. Campau
and Jean Baptiste Rousseau.

— 67 —

Name. P.O. Birth Place. WayT/co.

Bouchard, C Ecorse Canada 1836

Cicotte, F Ecorse Wayne Co. 1852

Campau, Chas Ecorse Wayne Co 1849

Dunn, Michael Ecorse Wayne Co 1833

Delisle, Joseph Ecorse Wayne Co 1828

Eberts, J Ecorse Germany.. 1852

Frank, John Delray Germany 1852

Frank, John C Ecorse Germany 1851

Huntzen, Jacob Wyandotte Germany 1854

Jenkle, J Dearborn Germany 1852

Kittle, Nicholas Wyandotte New York 1842

Lablance, A Ecorse Wayne Co 1836

LaBlanc, Thos Ecorse Wayne Co 1836

Lappem, Chas Ecorse Wayne Co 1838

Longrim, A ..Wyandotte Wayne Co 1858

Longrim, W Wyandotte Wayne Co 1852

McKay, Henry Dearborn Wayne Co 1858

McQuade, Owen Dearborn Ireland 1852

Moutie, L Ecorse Canada 1829

Moutie, Antoine Ecorse Michigan 1829

Mackie, John Ecorse.; Scotland 1S54

Owen, Evans D Wyandotte Wales 1852

Pelon, Oliver ... Ecorse Wayne Co 1838

Riopelle, H. F Ecorse Wayne Co 1836

Riopelle, John Ecorse Wayne Co 1839

Rouleau, M. P Ecorse Wayne Co 1847

Reeves, Peter Ecorse Wayne Co 1840

Salliotte, A. M Ecorse Wayne Co 1837

Sweetzer, Martin Ecorse Germany 1850

Salliotte, Oliver Ecorse Wayne Co 1839

Visger, Edmund Ecorse Wayne Co 1820

Whiting, Abraham .Wyandotte England 1840

Winter, William Ecorse Germany 1857

Weigert, Louis Prussia 1858

Wohleke, Wm Dearborn Germany 1854


Myron Otis was the founder of the township of Greenfield, in
1829. It was not formally organized until 1832, Carpenter Chaffee
being the first township clerk.

Name. P. O. Birth Place. WayTe Od.

Ayris, John Yew Wayne Co 1854

Brownell, S Detroit Montgomery Co., N. Y 1845

Boussenen, John Greenfield France 1854

Bossardet, James Greenfield France 1849

Bahan, Patrick Greenfield Ireland 1832

Coon, Myron Greenfield New York 1831

Cox, Wm Greenfield Ohio 1857

Chaffee, Job , Greenfield Vermont 1830

— 68 —

Name. P.O. Birth Place. x^ZkCo.

Carey, Geo. L Yew England 1850

Capler, Paul Greenfield France 1840

Cabet, Henry Greenfield France 1S43

Dicks, Samuel F Greenfield Wayne Co 1816

Daniels, Israel Greenfield Portage Co., Ohio 1841

Dormoy, Louis Greenfield Waj'ne Co 1S54

Doran, Valentine Greenfield Wayne Co 1S41

Doran, Thomas Greenfield Ireland 1829

Davison, W. H Whitewood Wayne Co 1846

Esper, Jacob Greenfield Prussia 1843

Edwards, Robert. Greenfield Wales 1S28

Eamshaw, John Detroit England 1849

Ford, Geo Greenfield AVayne Co 1845

Fox, John Fredk Detroit England 1849

Ford, Wm Whitewood Wayne Co 1841

Ford, Samuel Yew Wayne Co 1836

Gates, Terry Greenfield Oakland Co 1854

Gautherat, Frank Greenfield Wayne Co 1S43

Goldenberger, Wm Detroit Germany 1S54

Grix, John Whitewood Germany 1855

Hall, Fredk Yew Wayne Co 1854

Horger, John Detroit .Bavaria 1839

Huber, Andrew Greenfield Wayne Co 1839

Humbert, Fred Greenfield France 1833

Hansien, Chris Detroit France 1S52

Harland, Wm Detroit England 1842

Korte, Peter Yew Prussia 1S47

Kennedy, Wm Greenfield Wayne Co 1854

Lerchen, John G Greenfield New York 1843

Langley, Thos Greenfield New York 1852

Lathrop, Luther Greenfield Vermont 1845

Langdon, John Detroit England 1839

Messmore, A. S Detroit Wayne Co 1849

McGee, Thos Greenfield Tyrone, Ireland 1830

Neal, Henry Detroit England 1838

Otis, Amos . Greenfield New York 1829

Otis, Byron Yew New York 1849

Pillard, Geo. F Greenfield France 1848

Petrequin, Abel Greenfield Wayne Co 1853

Pillard, Frederick Greenfield France 1848

Palmer, Wm Greenfield Michigan 1829

Reed, Lewis Yew Wayne Co 1842

Redford, Robt Greenfield England 1837

Strong, John Greenfield England 1826

Schraff , Nich Greenfield Wayne Co 1850

Scovell Bros Detroit .Wayne Co 1845

Snyder, Emmel Greenfield Wayne Co 1846

Simmons, Hill yard A Greenfield Wayne Co 1839

Suteriet, Joseph .... Greenfield Switzerland 1843

Smith, Thomas ♦ Detroit England 1849

Smith, James Detroit England 1831

Tireman, Allan Greenfield England 1833

Tyler, A. G Detroit New Hampshire 1847

— 69 —


Prior to the cession of the northwest by the English to the United
States most of the inhabitants were the descendants of those who came
with Cadillac in 1701, and French. The names of many of their des-
cendants are familiar, viz. : Beaufait, Morain, Vermices, Troubles, St.
Antoine, Rivards, Guoins, whose ancestors took land, improved it
prior to 1796, in which year Rufus M. Kerby bought from Mr. Don-
aldson 120 acres of land paying therefor £120. He also bought a
negro named "Pompey," for which he paid fift}' pounds. After Kerby,
came the Grants, Martins, Conners from the eastern states and boucfht

It is related that one of the Grants was a retired naval officer. He
built a large house which was called the Castle. He made himself
somewhat unpopular with his workpeople and neighbors by his arro-
gant and arbitrary manner, so much so that he was compelled to leave,
as the community made it unpleasant for him, and he sold his property
to the Morans. Pierre St. George, an old pioneer and setder, lived to
be 102 years of age. ->

Grosse Point was not separated from Hamtramack until 1846,
when George Moran was elected supervisor, Robert Barton, clerk;
Dagobert Juriff, treasurer; John Gouin, Jr., James Baiton, assessors,
and John Gouin, Sr., George Githrie, Francis Van Antwerp, Frank
Juriff and Daniel Corby, school inspectors ; and George Martin, Justice
of the Peace.


Name. P. O. Birth Place. S^^^ T?

Wayne Co.

Alt, Joseph Conner's Creek France 1846

AUard, Louis Weaver Michigan 1827

AUard, Moses Weaver Michigan 1828

Ackerman, Michael Conner's Creek Michigan 1 844

Ackley, Wm Leesville England 1833

Backus, W. W Detroit Michigan 1836

Baur, N Grosse Pointe France 1S34

Beaufait, Louis L Grosse Pointe Michigan 1808

Chene, George Leesville Michigan 1811

Chauvin, C. B Detroit Michigan 1832

Curty, Wm Grosse Pointe Prussia 1846

Chauvin, Richard.. Grosse Pointe Michigan 1835

Diegel, Anthony Conner's Creek Germany 1832

Dewyers, Dennis Detroit Belgium 1835

Ellair, Peter Weaver. Michigan 1853

Girard, Christopher Conner's Creek Germany 1843

Greiner, Michael Conner's Creek France 183 1

Grant, John Conner's Creek Michigan 1808

Girard, Peter Conner's Creek Michigan ... 1841

Gordon, Henry H Detroit England 1842

Gouin, Francis Grosse Pointe Michigan 1812

— 70 —


Name. P.O. Birth Place. WaCne Co.

Kirby, R. M Grosse Pointe Michigan 1823

Lang, Jos Conner's Creek Michigan 1835

Lamay, Richard Detroit Michigan 1845

Michie, Alex Detroit England 1838

Moran, Chas Detroit Michigan 1842

Peters, Tusant Leesville Michigan 1827

Peters, Chas Leesville Michigan 1835

Reno, Benj Weaver Michigan 1835

Reno, Robt Weaver Michigan 1829

Rivard, Ferdinand C Grosse Pointe Michigan 1810

Salter, John Conner's Creek Germany 1836

Salter, Casper Conner's Creek Germany 1836

Seiner, Paul Conner's Creek Michigan 1839

Shoemaker, Wm Detroit Michigan 1836

Sunderland, Geo Leesville Michigan 1845

Trombly, James Conner's Creek Michigan 1825

Trombly, Louis Grosse Pointe Michigan 1839

Trombly, David Leesville Michigan 1847

Trembly, F. B Detroit Michigan 1848

Trombly, P Detroit Michigan 181 1

Turner, Chas Detroit England 1834

Temer, Frau Conner's Creek Prussia 1845

Vernice, Gideon Grosse Pointe Michigan 1824

Wegaut, Henry Conner's Creek Germany 1837

Woodbridge, D. B Detroit Michigan 1827

Wortman, M Grosse Pointe Michigan 1837

Young, Stephen Conner's Creek Michigan 1849

Young, James W Conner's Creek Michigan 1843

Young, Anthony Conner's Creek Michigan 1837

Young, Nicholas, Jr Conner's Creek France 1835

Young, J. N Conner's Creek Michigan 1833


Hamtramck, named after Colonel John Francis Hamtramck, was
formed in 1827. No official records show who constituted its first offi-
cers until 1833, when Peter Van Every was supervisor, and Elias
Jeruck, clerk. The prominent residents of that day were, Dennison
Rose, Jacques Campau, Abram Cook, Louis Beaufait, John Herly,
Henry Vaches, Elias Jewett, Jacques Tuxbury, Michael Rivard,
George La Purge, Wm. B. Smith, George Prusau, and Gilbert Duhen.

Name. P.O. B.rth Place. Wav^'e'co.

Ackley, Chas Conner's Creek England 1832

Ames, Elisha Detroit New York 1845

Bondy, Joseph '. Leesville Michigan 1821

Breitmeyer, John Detroit Germany 1859

Bloom, Adolph Detroit Michigan 1858

Brubeau, Michael Detroit Michigan 1842

— 71 —

Name. P. O. Birth Place. ^aCnk Co.

Blanck, C Detroit Germany 1852

Behmer, F. A Norris Germany 1S55

Campbell, Margaret Norris Ireland 1835

Christ, August Detroit Prussia 1847

Cooper, James Leesville England 1852

Dalton, Laurence. Norris Michigan 1829

Damitio, Chris Detroit France 1S31

Dickenson, Thos Detroit England 1851

Dedenback, Jas Norris Germany 1854

Deny, Richard Whitewood Delaware 1859

Davison, John Whitewood Michigan 1850

Dwyer, James Detroit Michigan 1842

Engle, Henry C Detroit Germany 1852

Everding, Wm Detroit Germany 1855

Fenner, David Norris New York 1848

Foumier, Eli Leesville Michigan 1825

Girard, Ferdinand Detroit Michigan 1850

Gregor, Adolph Detroit Austria 1853

Griebner, Albert Detroit Germany 1855

Geiser, Henry Detroit Germany 1853

Geiser, Conrad Detroit Germany 1856

Gutschow, F Whitewood Germany 1857

Hanford, Holly Norris New York 1828

Hardwick, Thos Leesville England 1852

Hilger, John Detroit Prussia 1855

Haltinner, Henry Leesville Scotland 1888

Hafsli, John Detroit Scotland 1854

Harland, John Whitewood Ohio 1842

Kevenny, John Norris Michigan 1846

Kinsman, F Detroit Germany 1846

Kremer, Anthony.) Detroit Prussia 1845

Koch, Christian Detroit Germany 1845

Kregal, Ferdinand Michigan 1848

Lowe, Mary Ann Detroit Michigan 1857

Ladensack, C. I Detroit Germany 1852

Lee, Thomas Leesville England 1842

Methner, Joseph Detroit Prussia 1852

Marx, Stephen Detroit Germany 1846

Michels, Anthony Detroit Germany 1852

McCormick Detroit .■ Ireland 1854

Marks, James Whitewood Virginia 1855

Mersino, Paul Detroit Michigan 1855

Pingh, Francis Detroit Michigan 1859

Pallister, Thomas Norris England 1856

Rivard, Anthony Leesville Michigan 1847

Ryan, Chas. L Detroit Ireland 1849

Reed, James Norris Ireland 1839

Stackpole, Thos Norris Michigan 1842

Schwartz, Francis Detroit Michigan 1846

Stigry, Benoit ^ Detroit Switzerland 1854

Sellmann, Catherine Detroit. Germany 1S50

Stonehouse, Geo Norris England 1S51

Stoerkel, Conrad Norris Germany 1853

— 72 —

Name. P.O. B.kth Place. Wavne Co.

Schroder, F Grand Trunk Junct. . Germany 1848

Teagan, Mrs. J Detroit Michigan 1832

Tuxbury, M Whitewood Canada 1828

Visger, James Detroit Michigan 1824

White, James Detroit New Jersey 1845

Webber, Henry Detroit Michigan 1855

Westphal, John Detroit Germany 1S54

Welch, Nicholas Detroit Germany 1855

Zimmer, John Detroit Germany 1856


This township was first settled by Artemus Hosmer, Nathan Wil-
cox, Mathew Woods, Wm. Nowland, Simeon Dreun, Amos Howe,
Samuel Wing, Abner Johnson, Timothy F. Wallace, A. Rawson, Geo.
Hubbard and Adolphus Dalrymple, and was formally organized May
25, 1827, by the election of Prosper Lawrence, supervisor and justice
of the peace; Dr. John F. Smith, clerk; Warner Corkins, Chancy
Morgan and George Jewett, assessors; Mason Clark and Henry
Dutcher, highway commissioners.

At one time a portion of the Wyandotte tribe of Indians located in
the eastern part of the township, and located 5,000 acres on both sides
of the Huron river. They sold to the general government in 1843,
and were removed west of the Mississippi river.


Name. P.O. Birth Place. w '^"^ T?

Wayne Co.

Ash, Lyman Belden Wayne Co Born

Ash, John Waltz Wayne Co Bom

Aspinwall, Alva C Flat Rock Wayne Co Born

Billings, S. D New Boston Saratoga Co., N. Y 1855

Bouker, Wm Belden Washtenaw Co., Mich 1857

Baker, Chas. H Waltz Wajme Co Bom

Curtiss, Geo. A Belden New York 1856

Cook, Chas. E. V Waltz Washtenaw Co., Mich 1858

Chamberlain, E. A Flat Rock Seneca Co., N. Y 1846

Compo, Henry Belden Wayne Co Born

Compo, Chas Belden Wayne Co Born

Chapin, W. W Flat Rock Madison Co., N. Y 1S54

Cook, M. V Waltz Wayne Co Born

Evans, Joseph New Boston Stafford Co., N. H 1837

Hurd, Chancy Belden Ontario Co., N. Y 1S32

Hale, S New Boston Wayne Co Bom

Hale, Erastus New Boston Wayne Co Born

Kittle, David New Boston Saratoga Co., N. Y 1842

Lewis, Benj « Belden Canada 1S41

Lewis, Peter New Boston Canada 1S42

Lor, Mary New Boston Detroit Born

Martin, Amos New Boston Franklin Co., Mass 1848

— 73 —


Name. P. O. Birth Plxck. w^""^" ?°

Wavnh Co.

Marshall, A. W New Boston Wayne Co Born

Nowland, M. H New Boston Yates Co., N. Y 1833

Nowland, H. R New Boston Senaca Co., N. Y 1833

Norton, A. J Belden Brown Co , N. Y 1834

Outhwait, Thos New Boston England '. . 1832

Outhwait, Fannie New Boston Wayne Co Born

Paller, Geo. H New Boston Wayne Co Born

Palter, James B Belden Wayne Co Born

Richards, Ransom Belden Wayne Co Born

Stewart, James New Boston Scotland 1852

Simms, Stephen New Boston Kings Co., Ireland 1840

Smith, Geo. W Belden Wayne Co Born

Smart, John Waltz Scotland, 1830

Slinger, John Waltz York, Pennsylvania 1834

Slinger. Jacob Waltz Wayne Co Born

Stoflett, H. I Flat Rock Seneca Co., N. Y 1853

Sartman, Robert Waltz Germany 1851

Stoflett, C. E Flat Rock Seneca Co., N. Y 1853

Shelden, Chas. W Waltz Wayne Co Born

Thompson, H. H Flat Rock St. Clair Co., Mich 1849

Vandecar, M. G New Boston Wayne Co Born

Waltz, Joseph Waltz Wayne Co Born

Weaver, Martin Waltz Wayne Co Born

Warden, Rachel Waltz Essex Co., New Jersey 1835

Waltz, Adam Waltz Wayne Co Born

Zeigler, Robert Waltz Wayne Co Born


Livonia was organized in 1835. The first settler was Daniel Blue,
who came with his son Alexander in 1832 from Oneida county, N. Y.,
in the eastern part. Alexander McKinney came originally from Ire-
land in 1832, and settled first in Redford, then moved to Livonia subse-

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