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quently. Then came Thomas Hammond and Reuben Morse from
Steuben county, N. Y. Reuben Genss, Peter Melden, Geo. Ryders,
Erastus Everette, Nathan Kingsley, Gilbert Martin and Solomon Lam-
bert came in 1831. Those who immediately followed were, James
Gunning, James Grace, N. Weston, Gabriel Dean, John Gaboon, Adol-
phus Brigham, Pardon Briggs and John G. Welch. The latter planted
the most extensive apple orchards in Michigan, then or since. The
first member of the State Legislature from Livonia was George Far-
rington, and the first justice of peace was Alexander Blue.


Name. P. O. Birth Place. w^*^"'^ 1^

Wayne Co.

Allyn, G. W. and Chas. B Nankin Michigan 1845

Armstrong, Thos. Albert Nankin New York 1844

Arnheim, John Nankin Germany 1S32

Blue, Alexander Elm Oneida Co., N. Y 1832


— t^ —


Name. • P. O. Birth Pla«. WA^^^Ca

Burnett, Thos Nankin England 1834

Brown, Misses Nankin England 1858

Bovee, N Nankin New York 1859

Baur, John C Nankin Germany 1836

Barker, J. F Farmington New York 1841

Bently, Nelson Elm New York 1843

Blanchard, W Farmington New York 1835

Briggs, Lewis Plymouth New York 1830

Briggs, Dexter Plymouth Vermont 1826

Briggs, Luther Plymouth New York 1S29

Carey, J. S Elm New York 1848

Chapman. A. L Elm New York 1840

Crosby, C. W Nankin Michigan 1853

Chilson, Geo Livonia Center Michigan 1836

Chilson, Avery J Livonia Center Michigan 1839

Cudworth, Mrs. A. L Livonia Center Massachusetts 1828

Dean, Mrs. C Nankin Michigan 1833

Durfee, Allen Plymouth New York 1829

Everett, E. S Plymouth New Jersey 1830

Elliott, O. H Beech New York 1849

Everett, Orson Northville Michigan 1840

Fisk, Hiram Nankin Vermont 1836

Fuller, A. C Livonia Center Michigan 1843

Fuller, Edwin Plymouth New York 1830

Green, G. W Elm Michigan 1834

Glass, E. P Beech New York 1832

Hawkins, Geo Livonia Center Michigan 1839

Johns, A. G Nankin Michigan 1819

Joy, James K Nankin Michigan 1845

Johnson, D Nankin Germany 1852

Joslin, Lyman Livonia Center New York 1846

Johnston, Simeon M Plank Road New York 1844

Kingsley. N. B Livonia Center New York 1831

Kinney, Chas. A Elm New York 1845

Kinney, Courtland Elm New York 1845

Kator, Geo ■ Northville Michigan 1830

Kator, Mrs. Geo Northville Michigan 1839

Leach, E. C Livonia Center Michigan 1835

Lapham, J. B Farmington Michigan 1839

Lambert, Wm Plank Road New York 1846

Millard, H. B Livonia Center New York 1835

Meldrum, L Perrinsville New York 1836

McKinney, D Elm Ireland 1832

McKinney, James Elm Ireland 1832

Minkley, E. G Livonia Center New York 1838

Millard, A. F Livonia Center New York 1843

Maiden, David Plank Road England 1826

Paddock, A Nankin Vermont 1831

Pierce, Benj Farmington New York 1826

Pierson, Wayne ' Farmington Michigan 1850

Power, A. D Farmington New York 1831

Rattenbury, Wm. T Elm England 1854

Rattenbury, Henry Elm England 1852

— 75 —

Name. P. O. Birth Place. WaytJe Fo.

Rattenbury, Henry, Sen Elm England 1851

Ryder, Geo Nankin New York 1827

Shaw, Mathew Elm Ireland 1845

Smith, E Nankin Vermont 1827

Smith, J. L Nankin Michigan 1833

St. John, E. F Nankin Michigan 1837

Stringer, Abram Livonia Center Michigan 1838

Shaw, Mathew B Elm New York 1828

Shaw, Wm. M Plank Road Ireland 1841

Simmons, J. M Northville Michigan 1833

Simmons, I Northville Massachusetts 1824

Simmons, L. W Northville Michigan 1829

Terhaume, Alexander, Sr Livonia Center England 1830

Viley, John Elm New York 1854

Wight, O Livonia Center Michigan 1854

Wight, George Livonia Center New York 1836

Wight, Chas. D Elm Ohio 1842

Welch, John G Northville New York 1825

Winchester, H. E Wallaceville Michigan 1846


This township was first settled in 181 2. An organization was
made May 25, 1827, by the election of Colonel A. Truax, supervisor;
James Chittenden, clerk; John A. Rucker, James Chittenden and
Joseph Pulsifer, highway commissioners; Artemas Hosmer, Manoah
Hubell and Gardner Brown, assessors; James Street, treasurer; A.
Truax and Richard Smith, overseers of the poor.

The village of Trenton was laid out by Col. A. Truax in 1834,
and was called " Truaxton," subsequently named Trenton. It at one
time furnished the finest steamers on the lakes. Col. A. Truax, Giles
B. Slocum, Geo. B. Truax, A. L. Bird, Capt. S. F. Atwood, Capt.
Arthur Edwards, Capt. Robert Wagstaff, Capt. Ira Davis, Artemus
Hosmer and Col. Sanders were among the first settlers.


Name. P. O. Birth Place. ^^^™^ ^°

Alvord, N. C Trenton Massachusetts 1835

Alexander, A. M Grosse Isle Michigan Born

Ballard, John Grosse Isle New York 1830

Button, Wm Wyandotte Michigan 1842

Duddleson, Wm Trenton Ohio 1838

Gray, Maj. Horace Slocum Junction New York 1829

Keeth, A. T Trenton Michigan 1825

Lister, James J .Trenton Canada 1846

• Paine, G. S Wyandotte England 1826

Reaume, Daniel Trenton Michigan Born

Vreeland, James H Wyandotte Michigan 1842

Vreeland, John R Wyandotte Michigan. 1824




George M. Johnson was the first settler. He built in 1824 the
first house in what is now the village of Wayne, which occupied the
present site of Hammond's shoe store. This tavern was afterwards
kept by one Simmons, who, in a drunken frenzy, murdered his wife, for
which he was hanged. This is the only instance of legal hanging in
the State of Michigan. In 1831 Ezra Derby bought the Simmons
property. The first road was laid out by Geo. M. Johnson and
Harry Tuttle in June, 1827. The first superviser was the Rev.
Marcus Swift, and James F. Chubbs was the first justice of the peace
and clerk. The first child born in the township was Maria Krider,
wife of J. D. Buntin, of Wayne.


Name. P.O. B.rth Place. Wavne Co.

Biddle & Fisher Wayne Wayne Co 1836

Bridge, James Perrinsville Ireland 1848

Bills, M Perrinsville Wayne Co Born

Bennetts, C Inkster Germany 1854

Comer, Geo. D Wayne Wayne Co 1845

Collar, Dr. Alexander Wayne New York 1849

Carver, E. B Inkster Ohio 1822

Dilsch, A. F. & Son Wayne Germany 1857

Downer, Robt Wayne Wayne Co Born

Duffield, Wm. W Inkster Pennsylvania 1836

Dean, Wm. D Nankin New York 1836

Edmonds, Wm Wayne Saratoga Co., N. Y 1834

Grant, David Wayne Wayne Co 1815

Hammon & Brother Wayne New York 1831

Hamson, Martin Inkster Wayne Co 1S29

Howe, P Wayne New York 1846

Harrison, H Inkster Wayne Co 1821

Harrison Inkster Wayne Co 1826

Kamerer, C Wayne Germany 1839

Lee, Eli Wayne New York 1823

Luther, John Inkster Ireland 1834

Luther, Mrs. A Inkster Ireland 1847

Miller, H Wayne Prussia 1854

Norris, James D Wayne New York 1836

Pettingill, W. A Wayne New York 1854

Palmer, J. J Wayne.. New York 1835

Perrin, Friend Wallaceville Massachusetts 1834

Parsley, Thomas Wayne New York 1847

Robinson, Hugh Wayne Ireland 1854

Sheldon, E. D Wayne New York 1859

Slawslayer, Ezra W Wayne Detroit 1851

Straight, O. B ^. Perrinsville .. .Wayne Co 1839

Shook, Peter Wayne Maryland 1836

Swift, Geo. W Wayne New York 1825

Smith, Julius C Wayne England 1858

Sinn, Samuel Inkster England 1833

— Y7 —


Name. P. O. Birth Placb. w^^f^n

Waynb Co.

Stevenson, Isaiah Wayne Wayne Co 1840

Tuit, James Perrinsville Yorkshire, England 1831

Varney, Frank Wayne . New York 1850

Walker, Geo. O Perrinsville New York. 1851

Webber, John Perrinsville Holland 1853

Walker, Wm Inkster Ireland 1852


This is one of the finest townships in the county, and from the
first was occupied by men characterized in their history as possessing
intelligence, enterprise and integrity, which, in both early and later
days, have given it the name of " The Model township of the county."
The first purchase of land was made in 1824 by Alanson Aldrich, who
was a Quaker in his religious belief. The first actual settlers, how-
ever, were Wm. and Allen Tibbitts, who bought 800 acres, and settled
upon it the latter part of 1824. They were soon followed by Gerrit
Houghtailing, Erastus Starkweather, Samuel Gates, Edwin Stuart,
Herman Stowe, Daniel Baker and Luther Lincoln. The last erected
a saw mill on the Rouge as earlv as 1827. John Miller purchased the
land which is the present site of Northville, who, converting a huge
boulder into a millstone, erected a small mill, which did the grinding
for a number of years. Then followed Wm. Starkweather, Gideon
Benton, David Phillips, A. B. Markham, Gannett Ramsdell, Pitts Taft,
Dyer and Noah Ramsdell, Roswell Root, Dr. Northrop, Sherwood
Gregory, Dr. David Gregory, Dr. Lewis Carlisle, Dr. Frank
Markham, Captain William Dunlap, Henry and Peter Fralick and
Dr. J. P. Davis. George Starkweather was the first white child born
in the township. He is at present a prosperous merchant in Plymouth
village. The late Jonathan Shearer settled over fifty years ago. In
1826 the settlers of Plymouth gathered first to listen to the preaching
of Elder Hickox, who was succeeded by Elder Marcus Swift. In
February, 1827, a second meeting was held at the house of William
Tibbetts, when preliminary steps for a township organization were
taken, and in April following William Barton was elected supervisor;
Allen Tibbitts, clerk; A. B. Markham, treasurer; Erastus Stark-
weather, Roswell Root and Henr}^ Lyon, assessors; Philo Taylor,
justice of the peace. There were forty-two votes cast, and a vote was
taken to raise $150 for necessary expenses during the ensuing year.

Name. P.O. B.rth P.ace. Wavxh Co.

Argent, Geo Plymouth Wayne Co 1836

Allen, Chas. C Plymouth. Wayne Co 1839

Ambler, John M Northville Wayne Co., N. Y 1850

— 78 —


Namh. P.O. Birthplace. v^^keCo.

Allen, D. D Plymouth Wayne Co Born

Angel, J. E. Northville Wayne Co. , N. Y 1834

Briggs, John Plymouth Cayuga Co., N. Y 1830

Bradner, Joel G Plymouth Wayne Co 1830

Benton, Hiram C Meadsmills Wayne Co 1836

Blackman, Mrs. L Plymouth Wayne Co., N. Y 1824

Baily, L. D Plymouth . . Wayne Co 1830

Rufus Babbitt Summit Ontario Co., N. Y 1838

Blackwood, Robt. Northville Bucks Co., Pennsylvania . . 1831

Booth, F. L Northville New York 1854

Bartram, J Northville Wayne Co 1830

Baker, Geo. W Plymouth Wajme Co 1830

Bennett & Whipple Plymouth New York 1833

Crawford, Wm Northville Wayne Co 1828

Chase, Gilford Plymouth Wayne Co 1829

Clarkson, D Northville ..New Jersey 1831

Durfee, G '. Plymouth Wayne Co., N.Y 1827

Durfee, R. S Plymouth Wayne Co.. N.Y 1827

Durfee, C. D Plymouth Wayne Co 1830

Downer, Wm. E Northville Monroe Co., N. Y 1838

Downer, D. H Northville Wayne Co 1840

Dody, John M Plymouth New Hampshire 1838

Eldred, Geo Plymouth Wayne Co 1S37

Elliott, Jaspar N Northville Wayne Co 1836

Elliott, Jabin Northville Cayuga Co., N. Y 1831

Fry, Wm. E Northville Kent Co., England 1846

Griswold, C. A Northville. Windham Co. , Vermont. . . 1826

Gage, A. W Northville Monroe Co., N. Y 1854

Garfield, Chas Northville Oakland Co 1855

Guthrie, Wallace Northville Wayne Co 1844

Haywood, John Plymouth Wayne Co 1845

Herrick, Chas Plymouth. . . Wayne Co 1850

Hastings, Wm Northville Wayne Co 1848

Hastings, E. S Northville Wayne Co., N.Y 1843

Harmon, John Northville St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. . . . 1843

Hudson, Wm. H Plymouth Wayne Co 1843

Johnson, Homer Plymouth Seneca Co., N. Y 1834

Jackson, W. S Northville Wayne Co 1853

Kenyon, M Plymouth Wayne Co 1840

Kingsley, Albert Plymouth Rutland Co., Vermont. . . . 1829

Kent, Gardner Northville Wayne Co 1840

Kingsley, Chas. E MeadsmiUs Washtenaw Co 1855

Kelley, E. A Plymouth Washtenaw Co 1851

Launing, Wm. J Northville ... .Wayne Co 1844

Little, Samuel H Northville Belfast, Ireland 1853

Leonard, C. T Northville Seneca Co., N. Y 1846

Lapham, A. J Plymouth Oakland Co 1866

McKray, W Plymouth Crawford Co., Penn 1831

Moon, A. M Plymouth Wayne Co 1840

Macomber, W. F ! Northville Wayne Co 1850

McClumpha, E Plymouth Washtenaw Co 1857

Root, H. R .Plymouth .Wayne Co 1844

Scott, Winfield Northville Seneca Co., N. Y 1842

— 79 —

Name. P.O. Birth Place. v^^vTkCo.

Shadduck, H Plymouth Hartford, Connecticut. .. . 1852

Shearer. Jonathan Plymouth Berkshire Co., Mass 1835

Sly, H. P Plymouth New York 1829

Savage, James Northville Monroe Co., N. Y , 1859

Starkweather, Geo. A Plymouth Wayne Co 1826

Starkweather, Samuel Northville Sussex Co., New Jersey . . . 1825

Smith, Fred H Plymouth Wayne Co 1840

Stevens, A. N Plymouth Washtenaw Co- 1850

Slaght, Isaac Northville Seneca Co., N. Y 1855

Slade, Henry Plymouth New York 1S55

Silleck, Henry Plymouth Oakland Co 1850

Shafer, J. S Plymouth Canada 1857

Springer. Samuel J Plj'mouth Michigan 1841

Thompson, I. J Northville. Livingston Co., N. Y 1850

Thayer, Rufus Summit Windham Co., Vermont. . . 1825

Turrill, Lyman Summit Ontario Co., N. Y 1826

Tobias, E Northville Wayne Co 1840

Whipple, Calvin Northville Ontaiio Co., N. Y 1832

Waterman, R. B Northville -Hudson, N.Y 1835

Whipple, O. V Northville Oakland Co 1858

Yerkes, Wm. P .Northville Seneca, N. Y 1826


Redford was originally one of the towns or subdivisions compos-
ing the township of Buckland, the other three being what are now the
townships of Greenfield, Livonia and Dearborn. The first settlement
was made by a man named Bell in 1818. No further settlements were
made until 1825, when Thomas Gildard located a tract of land. In
1827 Benjamin and James Green, from Ontario Co., N. Y., made a set-
tlement. In 1828 came Geo. Norris from Geneva, N. Y., also William
Lyon. In 1829 Geo. Farrington, from Steuben county, N. Y., came.
In 1832 S. K. Burgess, from Birmingham, Oakland Co., with his
father, Harmon, located a farm, and during the same year Lewis
Cook, from N. Y., Geo. Boyce, from England, and Hiram Wilmarth,
Noah Peck, Ralph and Benjamin Bell became residents.

The township takes its name from the river Rouge (red). The
Grand River road was laid through this township in 1833. The first
death was that of Mrs. Parsons, in 1830. She came from Vermont.
The first marriage service was performed by Justice Fox in 1830.


Name. P. O. Birth Place. J''^,"*^ ?^

Wayne Co.

Allen, Horace Greenfield New York 1832

Ashcroft, H. W Redford Vermont 1850

Burgess, S. K Redford New York 1832

Biglow, Hiram Beech Wayne 1847

Brown, John Yew Cork Co., Ireland 1833

— 80 —

Name. P. O. Birth Place. ^^ame to

Cranson, M. L Plank Road New York 1832

Cowling, Joseph Redford Devonshire, England 1826

Cross, Geo. A Redford New Jersey 1836

Churches, Edward Redford England 1838

Carr, L. D Redford Vermont 1845

David, E Greenfield France 1848

Duboise, E. M Redford Wayne Co 1848

Dicks, Henry Oak Wayne Co 1830

Davis, Sabria Oak New York 1830

Davis, G. L Oak Germany 1856

Dunning, J Beech New York 1835

Fisher, Aaron H Beech Canada 1835

Fisher, Geo. H Beech Wayne Co 1844

Franklin, John D Yew Wayne Co 1848

Gordon, Geo C Redford Centre. . . . Canada 1844

Gleason James Oak Wayne 1837

Gagnier. Dorick Yew ...Canada 1832

Guellory, F Redford France 1852

Houk, W. E Redford Centre Michigan 1846

Houck, Hugh Redford Centre Wayne Co 1843

Hendryx, James W Beech . . . New York 1S35

Harris, Alfred ... Oak Canada 1836

Humbert, Jacob '. Redford France 1833

Hostetter, Christ Yew France 1833

Hendryx, Alexander Yew Scotland 1838

Haley, O Greenfield Ireland 1846

Johnson, T. H Oak Wajme Co 1842

Joyce, C. F Oak New Jersey 1852

Jackson, Mathew Oak England 1832

Jackson, J. J Oak Wayne Co 1839

Lynn, Wm Beech Yorkshire, England 1829

Lee, J. M. & G. W Redford New Jersey 1852

Mclntyre, A. P Redford Madison Co., N. Y 1845

Minock, John Beech. — Wayne Co 1841

Mettetal Greenfield France 1833

Miller, Geo Redford Wayne Co 1847

Miller, J. P Redford Wayne Co 1845

Norris, Geo Beech Geneva, N. Y 1829

Nilson, J. W Beech New York 1847

Pierce, A. B Redford Centre New York 1859

Perry, J. D Redford Centre.. .... Vermont 1837

Pierce, O. O Redford New York 1833

Prindle, Edgar Beech Wayne Co 1850

Smith, Dr. C. C. Redford Centre New Hampshire 1855

Smith, Eugene Beech Wayne Co 1842

Smith, F. J Redford New York 1845

Sperry. Ira Plank Road New Haven, Conn 1845

Stuckey, Geo Redford Michigan 1844

Simms, Henry Greenfield Wayne Co 1852

Sackett, Frank Beech Wayne Co 1843

Sackett, Edwin Oak Wayne Co 1840

Spencer, E. M Oak New York 1845

Smith, Mrs. P Greenfield New York 1826

— 81 —


Name P. O. Birth Place. w^'^"'^ J>°

Wayne Co.

Smead, D Redford New York 1833

Tucker, Charles Greenfield. . England. . 1849

Woodruff, A. S Redford New York 1859

Wight, R Redford Ohio 1834

Wallace, James Plank Road Scotland 1845

Westlake, Geo : Redford England 1848

Westlake, Thomas Redford Michigan 1855


Romulus was first settled by a French Canadian named Samuel
Polyne, on section two, which subsequently became a part of the farm
of Thomas B. Thomas. Soon after this settlement, Solomon Whit-
aker, Charles and Joseph Pulcifer made locations; in 1833 Jenks
Pullen and his six sons, who afterward became prominent ; then fol-
lowed, up to 1840, Warren Blair, John Simpson, Dr. John F. Smith,
John Carr, A. P. Young, Hiram Fisk, Geo. Dykeman, C. C. Burt,
Peter D. Lanney and Philip Reynolds. Township organized April,
1835. Supervisor, D.J. Pullen; clerk, John Simpson.


Name. P. O. Birth Place. w ^"^^ "^^

Wayne Co.

Bibbins, Samuel Romulus New York 1833

Bird, Richard Romulus England 1834

Bateham, Joseph Romulus England 1840

Bower, Livingston Taylor Centre New York . . 1836

Carr, John New Boston Scotland 1834

Cawood, H. B New Boston England 1856

Cook, Felis Inkster Germany 1854

Clark, John D Romulus Michigan 1846

Cheney, D Wayne New York 1846

Dean, Lewis J Romulus Delaware 1856

Downer, Eliza B Wayne England 1836

Downing, Thomas Romulus England 1841

Dunn, James Wayne Ireland 1846

Dunn, Michael Wayne Wayne Co 1843

Dunn," James Wayne Michigan 1840

Kingsley, S. B Romulus New York 1852

London, C Wayne Ireland 1838

Morris, H, G.. .. .' Romulus New York.. 1849

Merrill, H. W Romulus Massachusetts 1845

McBride, W. H Romulus New York 1835

Moore, Andrew Wayne Ireland 1832

McBride, Alexander Wayne.. Michigan 1852

Newington, James Wayne England. . ." 1837

Oakley, F. W Romulus New York 1856

Parry, G Romulus Wales 1855

Pullen, A.J Romulus New York 1832

Rowell, Wm Romulus Canada 1849

— 82 —

Name. P.O. Birth Place. WaTneCo.

Vealy, Phillip Wayne New York 1832

Whitaker, Wm Romulus Maine 1840

Young, A. P Romulus. New York 1833


Springwells is contemporary with Detroit, and was settled mainly
by French. Joseph Barron was the first justice of the peace ; this was in
1830. Gov. Wm. Woodbridge and Captain Whittimore Knaggs were
residents prior to that time. Its history is so closely identified with
that of Detroit, that that of one will comprehend both.


Name. P.O. B.rth Place. WaTneCo.

Burns, Peter Springwells New York 1837

Button, Harry Springwells New York 1837

Burdens, John Delray . . Michigan 1822

Clippert, Conrad Detroit Junction Germany 1850

Carstens, John H Detroit Germany 1854

Campau, Samuel Detroit Michigan 1835

Campau, Louis Springwells Michigan 1854

Carter, Richard Springwells Michigan 1848

Daniel, Jacob Springwells Germany 1850

Durmen, Michael Springwells Germany 1850

De Lisle, P. B Delray Michigan 1846

Ewen, Wm Springwells Michigan 1830

Fields, Chas Springwells Canada 183 1

Ford, Wm Springwells Ireland 1847

(3-ray, Alexander Springwells.. Scotland 1854

Haggerty, Henry Springwells New York . 1831

Hyns, Francis Springwells Michigan 1847

Hubbard, Bela Detroit New York 1835

Kloen, Hummer Charles Springwells.. Germany 1853

Larkin. Thomas Springwells Michigan 1845

Lange, William .... SpringAvells New York 1855

Markey, John Springwells Ireland , . 1849

Markey, Peter Springwells . Michigan 1850

Markey, Patrick Springwells Ireland. . . 1852

Meade, Edward Detroit Ireland. 1854

Peterson, Henry Detroit Scotland 1851

Rieden, Fred Springwells Germany 1845

Rieden, Michael Springwells.. ... — Germany 1847

Ranspach. Chas Springwells Germany 1850

Riopelle, L A Delray Michigan 1822

Riopelle, H Delray Michigan 1807

Roehm, Christian Detroit Germany 1837

Sink, Leonard Springwells Germany 1851

Sink, Augustus R .Detroit Junction. . . Michigan ... 1843

Travers, Wm. H ^ Detroit.. Port Huron, Michigan 1851

Teagan, Jonathan Detroit Ireland 1834

Thierry, James Detroit France 1848

Verden, Lawrence Detroit . . Ireland 1842

Woodworth, Alfred Springwells New York 1832

— 83 —


Sumpter was originally a part of Huron township, but in 1835 the
legislature passed an act authorizing a portion of Huron township to
be set apart, and established the town of Sumpter. In April of that
year the township officers were elected.

The following residents of this township are now eligible as mem-
bers of this society:

Name. P.O. Birth Place. Wavnk Co.

Bumap, Job Belden Montgomery Co., N. Y. . . . 1857

Corkins, Anson Martinville Wayne Co Bom

Denmark, George J Martinville Livingston Co., N. Y 1838

Elwell, Joseph Belleville Wayne Co Born

Huth, Lewis Martinville... Wayne Co Bom

Hooker, Chester East Bellville Michigan Born

Merrill, Wm West Sumpter Vermont 1845

Northrop, Horatio West Sumpter Genessee Co., N. Y 1854

Niles, Solomon R Rawsonville Madison Co., N. Y 1852

Pearl, Perry D. (been member

of Legislature) Belleville Bloomfield Co. , Maine 1835

Smith, F Belleville Oswego Co., N. Y 1848

Wightman, John Martinville 1852


Taylor township was formerly a portion of Ecorse, and was set
off in 1847 by special act of the legislature. The first purchaser of a
tract of land was Peter Coan. After him his brother Edmund
came, then George Brundit, John Hayden, Augustus Coan, the father
of Peter, who was a soldier in the war of 1812; James Moat, James
and Wm. Sutliff and Elias Vreeland. Jared Sexton was the first

Name. P.O. B-Rrn Place. ^^^\TECo.

Boltz, Peter Taylor Centre New Jersey 1850

Bondie, Antoine Taylor Centre Michigan 1824

Beadlestone, Geo. W Dearborn ..New York 1856

Coan, Martin D Taylor Centre New York 1809

Fletcher, Wm. W Taylor Centre New York 1S24

Holmes, James W Dearborn Michigan 1834

Locke, W. S Taylor Centre New York 1844

Lappeus, S. B Dearborn New York 1854

McPherson, John Wyandotte Pennsylvania 1845

Moat, Chas Taylor Center England 1834

Moring, Frederick Wyandotte Germany 1854

Ochring, John Wyandotte Germany 1856

Prouty, W. F Taylor Centre New York 1859

Prouty, Henry H Taylor Centre Ohio 1859

— 84 —


Name. P.O. Birth Place. WaTeCo.

Rudduck, Sidney Inkster England 1842

Ross, Henry Taylor Centre Ireland 1852

Sutliff, Wm Taylor Centre New York 1817

Smith, J. B Wyandotte. New York 1834

Sickmund Wyandotte New York 1855

Steward, W. N Wyandotte New York 1 834

SutliflF, Richard Taylor Centre New York 1832

Silcox, Mrs. E Taylor Centre Massachussetts 1854

Sheldon, Lorenzo Inkster Michigan 1853

Sheldon, Ezra Inkster New York 1836

Threadgould, Francis Taylor Centre England 1850

Trowbridge, Warren Inkster New York 1853

Townsend, J. G Inkster New York 1831


The territory comprising this township was originally that of the
present townships of Romulus and Sumpter, known as the old town-
ship of Huron. It was organized in 1836. Ebenezer Eaton was the
first supervisor; Job Smith, clerk; Alexander Buchanan, treasurer;
Arba Ash, John M. Hiller and James Vaughn, assessors; John
Buchanan, Waterman Convis and Miner Savage, school commissioners;
Benjamin Brendy, Isaac Otis and Daniel Douglas, highway commis-
sioners. The first school house was built in 1822, John Price being
the teacher. The first white child born was Anson Corkins, in 1820.
Harry Hubbard settled first at Trenton in 1818, afterwards moving to
Van Buren. Nathan Wood settled on what is known as the Stuffiit
farm in 1822. Amasa Rawson established Rawsonville in 1824. A
man named Snow started a landing on the Huron in 1821. Among
others of the early settlers were David and Lewis Freeman.

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