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*** As a memorial of the late Rev. Frederick
Brown, M.A., F.S.A., of Beckenham, Kent, I
have printed from his manuscript collections
some abstracts of Wills, &c, relating to
Somersetshire families. Permission to print
these important genealogical records has been
granted by Mr. Frederick Latham Brown
to J. J. Howard, Esq., LL.D. The super-
vision of the proofs has been undertaken by
Rev. F. W. Weaver, M.A., and Dr. Howard.
One lumdred and fifty copies only have been
printed, of which this is No. 84.


*"/> r

Grove Park, Denmark Hill,
London, S.E.



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V^ 1135515

^ t>omerset0l)tre aaitlis.


omersetsfnre Wills.

J 1

OHN WOOLCOT the elder, of Tolland, Somerset, Clothier. Will
dated Nov. 16, 1585, proved May 9, 1589, by his son Henry
Woolcot. [45 Leicester^ My sons, John, Edward, Richard & Nicholas.
My daughters Elizabeth & Agnes. My son Henry, Exor. Symon
Heathfield, of Heathfield, an Overseer.

T OHN WOOLCOT, of Tolland, Somerset, Gent. Will dated Aug.
J 14, 1699, proved Apr. 26, T700, by Edward Galhampton, during the
minority of John Galhampton. [148 AW.] To the poor, jQxo. My
son in law Edward Galhampton, Gent. My kinswoman Frances Proctor.
John, son of Edward Galhampton. My goddaughter Ann Galhampton.
My daughter Joane Galhampton.

HENRY WOOLCOTT, of West Newton, in North Petherton,
Somerset. Will dated May 22, 1717, proved Apr. 24, 1718. [90
TenisonJ] My kinswoman Elizabeth Galhampton, under age. My
sister Mary wife of Richard Galhampton. My brother James Woolcott,
of Shearstone.
Hutchins' A NTHONY HAVILAND, 1 Citizen & Mercer of London. Will
Dorset, ** dated 23 Sept. 1631, proved July 6, 1632. [8^ Audeley.'] My
i. 640. sister M" Margery Dackombe, wife of M r Henry Dackombe. His
brother Edw d Dackombe. My cousin Simon Farewell, & his brother
Xtopher Farer Farewell.

OHN HAVILAND, of Charlinch, Somerset, Gent. Will dated Dec.

12, 1659, proved Sep. 18, 1663. {Taunton Registry, ,] My eldest

son Robert Haviland. My son John Haviland, & my youngest son

Matthew Haviland, 5/ each. Residue to my wife Anstis s Haviland,


ANSTIS HAVILAND, of Charlinch, Somerset, widow. Will dated
Apr. 30, 1669, no date of proof. Inventory (^"61. 10. 6) taken
Mar. 27, 1673. [ Wells Registry.] To be bur d at Charlinch near my
husband. To the poor, 10/. To my youngest son Matthew Haviland,
my wedding ring & one shilling, & to my daughter in law his wife
Elizabeth, 3 wearing apparel. Elizabeth, his daughter, & to each of his
sons, one shilling. To John, son of my son John, my mother's wedding
ring & my lesser wedding ring. To Mathew, son of my son John, ^20,

1 Second son of John Haviland of Wilkswood, Isle of Purbeck.
a Nee Blake, his second wife. ' Nee Gage, of co. Glos.




for his advantage till he is 21, 20/ and my signet ring. Residue tc my
eldest son John Haviland, Exor. William Webber, a witness. Seal,
with Arms. Three Castles.
1st Series, S7. JOHN COLLARD, of Taunton, Somerset, dec d . Admon. Dec. 19,
J 1 63 1, to his relict, Mary Collard.

OHN COLLARD, of Spaxton, Gent. Will dated Nov. 16, 1678,
proved Mar. 16, 1679, [1679-80] by his son William Collard. [36
Bath.] My eldest son Thomas Collard. My 2 nd son John Collard,
lands at Radlett, &c, and a Fulling Mill. Lands in Spaxton, sold by
Charles Steinings, Esq., & Thomas Collard my late father, dec d . My
3 rd son William Collard. My late wife Joan, dec d . Lands to my
daughter Margaret, wife of Robert Leigh, of S l Decumans, Somerset,
Gent. My daughter Francis, wife of John Gilbert, of Bridgewater,
Gent. My daughter Ann Collard, ^"12 per annum till age of 21, &
then to have ,£300. My godchild Mary Leigh. Alice & Ann, daughters
of my son Thomas Collard. John, son of my son John Collard, ^10
at age of 21. Poor of Spaxton, Cannington, & Nether Stovvey. My
son William Collard, Exor. Henry Sweeting, of Nether Stowey, &
Robert Kidner & William Thomas, of Spaxton, Overseers.
T3 EBECCA PENNINGTON, of London, Widow. Date of Will not
-^ given, proved March 13, 1 701-2. [50 Heme.] My nephew George
Conyers. My late sister Susanna Costley. My cousin James Penning-
ton & his brother Isaac Pennington. My son in law Frederick Feddon.
My cousin Elizabeth Whetham, eldest daughter of Adrian Scrope, 20/.
3rd Series, TJOBY COMPTON, of Bisterne in Ringwood, Hants, Esq. Will
104. 11 dated Sep. 22, 1714, proved Oct. 16, 1714. [188 Aston.] To

my three sisters, Elizabeth, Catherine & Ann Compton, ten guineas
each for mourning. My brother Henry Compton, under age, to whom
all my estates.

~~ HILIP HOBY, of Cadoxton, Glamorganshire, dec d . Admon. Feb.
19, 1718-19 to his daughter Ann, wife of William Stanley, Esq., of
goods unadm d by Elizabeth Hoby, the relict, since dec d . {See the first
grant below.]

DHILIP HOBBY, of Neath Abbey, co. Glamorgan, Esq., dec d .
1 Admon. 22 July, 1678, to his relict Elizabeth Hobby.

Swansea, Altar Tomb. Philip Hoby, of Neath Abbey, Esq. (died June, 1678), on
July 1, 1678, brought to be interred with one of his ancestors, Sir Matthew Cradock,

ABRAHAM GAPPER, of Wincanton, Somerset, Gent. Will dated
-^*- Dec. 17, 1701, proved Oct. 1, 1701, by his relict Grace Gapper.
[139 Dyer.] To be bur d at Wincanton. To Xtopher Farewell, of
Holbrook, co. Som., Philip Bennett, of Wincanton, Esq., Thomas
Gapper, of Suddon Court, & John Cheek, of Brewton, Gent., all my
messuages, &c, in Trust. To my daughter Grace Gapper, ^400. To
Rob* Gapper, Rich" Gapper, Charles Gapper, & John Gapper, ^300
each at 21. My sister Grace Dix. My son Thomas Gapper. My
eldest son Abraham Gapper.— Grace, his mother, to be Exlx.

TAMES CADE, of Halsway, 1 Somerset, Esq. Will dated Jan. 12,
J 1701, proved Mar. t6, 1701. [1701-2.] [36 Berne.] My son
Edward. My son in law John Paine, of Bromfield, Somerset. Thomas
Towill, of Sampford Brett, Yeoman. My son James Cade, Exor.

1 Or Halsey, in Stogumber, see 3rd Series, 9, 10.


THOMAS BRETT, deceased, at Dort, Holland. Admon. Apr. 12,
1567, to his relict Elizabeth Brett.
ANN BRETT, alias Tubervill, of Winterbourne Whitchurch, Dorset,
dec d . Admon. Aug. 7, 1584, to her husband Alexander Brett.
ARTHUR BRETT, of White Staunton, Somerset, dec d . Admon.
Oct. 31, 1590,^0 James Hanford, of Swymbridge, Devon, Gent.
ALEXANDER BRETT, late of White Staunton, Somerset, dec d .
Admon. Sep. 15, 161 7, to Francis Kirkham, uncle of Robert, Mary,
& Ann Brett, children of the defunct.

ROBERT BRETT, of S l Martin's in the Fields, Midd x , Bachelor,
dec". Admon. Nov. 19, 1624, to J. Covert, a Creditor.
SIR ALEXANDER BRETT, Kn ( , of the Isle of Rhee, France, dec".
Admon. Feb. 15, 1628-9, to his relict Lady Sarah Brett.

He left two daughters, Mary and Sarah Brett.

MARY BRETT, late of Taunton, Somerset, Spinster, dec d . Admon.
Feb. 7, 1 630-1, to Mary Kirkham, Guardian of Ann Brett the
younger, a minor, sister of the defunct.

ARTHUR BRETT, of S* Giles' in the Fields, Midd., Esq., dec d , at
Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset, a bachelor. Admon. June n,
1638, to Christopher Ellis, a Creditor. Another Grant, Oct. 2, 1639, to
John Collyns, Creditor, Christopher Ellis being dead, & Lady Ann
Brett, widow, mother of the defunct, renouncing.

garet's, Westminster, widow. Admon. May 22, 1639, to Henry
Irish, brother.

WILLIAM BRETT, of Shafton, 1 Dorset, dec d . Admon. Oct. 9,
1648, to his son John Brett.
WILLIAM BRETT, bachelor, late in the Service of the States of
England at sea. Admon. Jan. 20, 1652-3, to his father in law
Mat. Pratt.

JAMES BRETT, late in the Service of the States of England at sea.
Admon. 12 Sept. 1653, to his relict Elizabeth Brett.
JOHN BRETT, of Middlezoy, Somerset, Husbandman. Will dated
Jan. 3, 1653, proved Feb. 16, 1653-4. [325 Alchin.] My brothers
Richard & Thomas. My brother in law James Morse. My kinsman
Thomas Dible, Exor.

ELIZABETH BRETT, alias COLEMAN, of Braugmomid [sic],
Herts, dec d . Admon. Nov. 27, 1658, to her husband John Brett.
A LEXANDER BRETT, of London, Gent. Will dated June 18,
-**■ 1659, proved Aug. 24, 1659. [437 Pell.'] To my nephew George
Brett my bedding at Dorset House. To M r Charles Cornwallis ^30
out of the ^600 due to me by master Edmund Windham. To my
niece Sheldon £,S°- My nephew Henry Brett, of Gloucester, Exor.

JOHN BRETT, of S 1 Christopher's, London, dec d . Admon. Nov. 21,
1661, to William Drake, chief Creditor, Martha Brett, the relict, re-

MARY BRETT, of S l Paul's, Covent Garden, Midd., dec d . Admon.
Aug. 13, 1 66 1, to her mother Lady Sarah Brett.
DAME ANN BRETT, of Shelhvood, Leigh, Surry. Admon. Feb. 16,
1660-1, to her daughter Ann Canes, als Brett. Another grant
July 1, 1664, to John Ewens, prin. Cred. Ann Canes being dead.

1 i.e. Shaston {Shaftesbury).

MR. JOHN BRETT. Memorandum Mar. 3, 1669-70, proved Mar.
10, 1669-70, by Elizabeth Berry, sister & legatee, Sarah Aldcast,
his mother renouncing. [34 Penn.~\ Gave to his mother ^5 a year
for her life, & the rest of his money, goods, & lands, to be divided be-
tween his three sisters.

JOHN BRETT, of S* Sepulchre's, Midd., Gent. Will dated Jan. 30,
1671, proved March 28, 1672, by Elizabeth Brett, the relict. [26
Eure.] My wife Elizabeth. My three sons, John, Thomas, & Nathaniel.
The children of my daughter Chamberlen.

ARTHUR BRETT, of White Staunton, Somerset, bachelor, dec d .
Admon. May 6, 1674, to his brother John Brett.
HENRY BRETT, of the City of Gloucester, Esq. Will dated Mar.
2 3> 1673, proved June 25, 1674, by J. Wagstaffe. [69 Bunce.]
Children of my dec d son George Brett. My house at Hatherleigh. My
grandson Henry Brett, a minor.

ROBERT BRETT, of S l Omers, beyond seas, Bachelor, dec d . Ad-
mon. Sept. 24, 1680, to his brother Adam Brett.
GEORGE BRETT, bachelor, dec d , on the High Seas. Admon. Oct.
22, 1681, to his brother John Brett.

NATHANIEL BRETT, of S< Mary Savoy, Midd., dec d . Admon.
July 17, 1682, to his relict, Elizabeth Brett.
CHARLES BRETT, of S l Saviour's, Southwark, co. Surrey, Bachelor,
dec d . Admon. Mar. 18, 1683-4, to his mother Elizabeth Brett,

SAMUEL BRETT, of Romford, Essex, dec d . Admon. Jan. 23,
1690-1, to the Guardians of his children, Samuel & John Brett.
T OYCE BRETT, wife of Henry Brett, jun r , of Hatherley, co. Glouc,
J Esq. Will dated Aug. 21, 1699, proved Sept. 5, 1699. [142 Pett.\
All my estate, &c, which my father M r Arthur North, of London,
Merch 1 , devised to me by his last will, & the rents to which I am entitled,
to my husband Henry Brett, Exor.

WILLIAM BRETT, of Stone Bury, in Little Hormead, Herts,
yeoman. Will dated May 1, 1702, proved July 18, 1702. [111
Heme.] To my son William Brett, ^150. My daughters Elizabeth &
Mary ^150 each. My wife Grace, Exix.

WILLIAM BRETT, of Old Jury, London, Merch 1 . Will dated
Feb. 25, 1 7 16. Codicil Oct. 16, 17 18. Proved Jan. 19, 1718-
19, by the relict, Elizabeth Brett. [1 Browning.'] My son Edmund.
My daughter Ann, wife of John Hassell. My grandson William Hassell,
My wife Elizabeth, Exix.

BARNARDISTON BRETT, of S l Gabriel, Fenchurch Str., London.
Will dated Jan 19, 1714, proved Sept. 3, 1719, by Jonathan Smith.
[157 Browning.] Samuel & Arthur Brett, sons of my uncle Arthur
Brett. My sister D'Aeth, &c.

ANN BRETT, alias GOLDNEY, formerly of London, but at Langley
Burrell, Wilts, dec d . Admon. June 19, 1722, to her son Henry

CHARLES BRETT, of S l Katherine's, near the Tower, London,
Citizen & distiller. Will dated Nov. 23, 17 19, proved Nov. 2,
1722, by his relict, Mary Brett. [206 Marlboro.'] My wife Mary Brett.
My children Richard, Elizabeth, & William Brett. My son William is
already advanced.


"DICHARD BRETT, Citizen & Mercer, of London. Will dated
J-V Feb. 18, 1720-1, proved Mar. 16, 1722-3, by the relict, Jane Brett.
[44 Richmond.] My lawful wife Jane Brett, Exix, to whom all my Stock.
To my father Henry Brett, of Cowley, one shilling, & the same to my
brother Charles Brett. To any person who shall lay claim to my effects,
one shilling.

"LJENRY BRETT. Will dated Sep. 14, 1724, proved Sep. 16, 1724,
A ■*• by Ann Brett, the relict. [203 Bolton.] To my wife Ann Brett,
Exix, all that I am possessed of both real & personal, except the Tickets '
(sic) prove prizes, & then the half to my loving sister Jane Miller, & to
the said Jane ^20 for mourning.

"P LIZABETH BRETT, wife of Charles Brett, of the City of Glou-
-■— ' cester, Esq. Will dated Nov. 4, 1731, proved Nov. 22, 1 731, by
the Exor. [272 /sham.'] To be buried in the Church of S l Michael's,
Gloucester, or in the parish of Laytonstone, Essex, as my Exor. shall
think fit. To D r James Waugh, Bishop of Carlisle, ^50 in Trust for
the poor of the parish where I am buried. ^"150 to pay my debts, &c.
He to be my Exor.

T AMES BRETT, of New Inn, S l Clement's Danes, co. Midd., dec d .
J Admon. 13 July, 1 736, to Henry Johnson, Chief Creditor, Ann Brett,
the relict, renouncing for herself & her children James & Agneta Brett,

GERTRUDE BRETT, of Milton Abbot, Devon, Spinster. Will
undated, proved Apr. 1, 1740, by Ann Brett. [98 Browne.] My
2 sisters Ann Brett & Prudence Hawkins. My brother in law M r
Daniel Hawkings.

jWT ARY BRETT, of S l Botolph's, Aldgate, London, widow. Will
-l- v -l- dated Jan. 25, 1739, proved May 30, 1740, by Charity Simes.
[133 Brown.] Charity Simes, of S' John's, Hackney, widow, sole
Exix & residuary Legatee. If she should think my daughter Carrick
any ways worthy, she is to give her the whole or part of my apparel.
"P DWARD BRETT, of S l Andrew's, Holborn, Bachelor, dec d . Ad-
■*— * mon. Oct. 6, 1746, to his sister Ann, wife of John Hassell.
JOHN BRETT, of Christ Church, London, wid r , dec". Admon.
J Apr. 26, 1749, to James Ingoll, guardian of Frances Brett, a minor,
daughter & only child of the defunct.
A LICE BRETT, of S* James', Westminster, Widow. Will dated
-**• Oct. — , 1752, proved Nov. 2, 1753, by her 2 daughters. [284
Searle.] To be bur d in S* Giles in the Fields, near my husband John
Brett. Inheritance of £bo per ann. out of the estate in Vine Street,
Bristol, to my two sons the Rev. John Brett & Nathaniel Brett, they to
P a y j£ iq yearly to my daughter Eliz th Maull. My daughters Eliz th
Maull & Dorothy Fox, Extrices.

NN BRETT, of Chatham, late of Woolwich, Kent, widow, dec d .
Admon. Apr. 19, 1754, to her son William Brett, esq.
ON BLE ANN BRETT, of S l George's Hanover Square, Midd.,
widow. Will dated Mar. 21, 1745, proved Apr. 11, 1754, by Lady
Ann Cust, wid. [99 Pinfold.] To be buried at Sutton, Surrey, in my
father's vault. To Robert Long his grandmother's picture, by Sir Peter
Lilly. To Lord Tyrconnel, my Cornelian seal with the head of Augustus
Caesar, & my picture of the Holy Family. To my faithful friend Hum-

' ? Lottery tickets.


A 1

phrey Brent, Esq., ^50, & my own picture & that of my late husband,
both of which were in the custody of my late daughter Lady Leman at
her death. Residue to Lady Cust, of Grantham, Exix. Certificate of
Francis & Mary Billington as to the handwriting of the Testatrix.

The above lady was daughter of Sir Richard Mason, of Sutton, Surrey, and Anna
Margaretta, his wife. She married, 1683, Charles Lord Brandon, afterwards Earl of
Macclesfield, with whom she lived very unhappily. She had a child by Earl Rivers,
born Jan. 10, 1697-8, and bapt. at St. Andrew's, Holbom. This was Richard
Savage the poet. He was afterwards disclaimed by his mother, but was taken care
of by Lady Mason. She was divorced in 1697, and within two years married Col.
Henry Brett, of the Bretts of Gloucestershire, by whom she had a daughter, Anna
Margaretta, who married Sir William Leman, Bart. Mrs. Brett died in Old Bond
Street, Oct. 11, 1753, aged 80.

JAMES HILLIAR, of Trent, Somerset, dec". Admon. Jan. 30, 1639,
to his relict, Mary Hilliar.

HUMPHRY HELLIAR, of Iwood, Congresbury, Somerset, Gent.
Will proved Oct. 16, 1705, by Ann Helliar, the relict. [201 Gee.]
My wife Ann Helliar. My half brother Tho s Richardson, Gent., &c.

WILLIAM HELLIER, of S l Giles without, Cripplegate, Midd.,
Apothecary. Will dated Sept. 5, 1705, proved Jan. 14, 1705-6,
by Mary Hellier, the relict, [n Eedes.~\ My father William Hellier,
of Taunton Deane. My mother Marv. My sisters Agnes & Elizabeth,
and Series, 24. JOHN OWSLEY, of Bricknell, Somerset, dec d . Admon. Feb. 12,
J 1656-7, to his relict, Elizabeth Owsley.

/^ECILIA OSBASTON, of Petherton, Somerset. Will dated Dec.
^-' 19, 1702, proved Dec. 3, 1708, by Sir Tho 8 Wroth. [292 Barrett.]
Poor of Boxgrove, Sussex, £\o. To my granddaughter M rs Cecily
Wroth, eldest daughter of my son in law Sir Thomas Wroth, Bar', by
my daughter Mary, his now wife, all my estate in lands, &c, at her
age of 18. My granddaughter M rs Elizabeth Wroth, ^100. My nieces,
M" Mary Morley, & M rs Cicely Morley. My son in law Sir Tho 8
Wroth, Exor, to whom ^100.

CIR FRANCIS GOODRICKE, 1 of Lincoln's Inn, Midd. Will
July 31, 1 67 1, proved Feb. 5, 1673-4. [15 Bunce.] My nephew
John Goodricke, younger son of my brother Sir John Goodricke, Knt,
& Bar', dec d . My nephew Sir Henry Goodricke, Kn* & Bar 1 . My
brother in law Sidney Bere. My cousin Eleanor Goodricke, £5. The
estate of her & her father, left in Trust to my care, both for her & her
aunts, & creditors of her father, at York, & lands purchased in Somerset
of her relatives, lying intermixed with her estate there, to be made over
to Eleanor Goodricke. My wife Hester Goodricke. 2
CIR FRANCIS GLANVILL, of Tavistock, Devon, Kn 1 . Will dated
^ Sep. 10, 1635, proved May 4, 1639, by his relict Lady Elizabeth
Glanvill. [92 Harvey^ Dame Elizabeth Glanvill, & Francis my son.
My sons in law John Connod {que. Conoche), William Fowell, the
younger, & Oliver Sawle. To my daughter Mary, ^1000.
P LEANOR GLANVILLE, 3 wife of Richard Glanville, of Tickenham
J - Court, Somerset, Gent. Will dated July 30, 1705, proved Apr.

1 He died Aug., 1673, at Durham, buried at Ribston.

1 She was daughter of Peter Warburton, of the Grange, co. Chester, and died
circa 1678.

3 Daughter and coheir with Mary, her sister, of Major William Goodricke, of ***»•.
Tickenham. She married, 1st, Edmund Ashfield, 2nd, Richard Glanville, Esq., with ">S
issue by both. See " History of the Goodricke Family," by C. A. G. (1885), p. 49.

2i, 1709, by Sir Henry Goodrick, Bar*. [3 lane.'] Whilst I was sole
& before my marriage with Richard Glanville, by the name of Eleanor
Ashfield, of Tickenham, widow, by Indenture Nov. 23 & 24, 1 Jac. II.,
I did grant to Edward Gorges, of Charlton, in Wraxall, Esq., & William
Rogers of Painswick, co. Glouc, Esq., & their heirs, my manors of
Tickenham, Rodney Stoke & Cheddar, & lands in Backwell & Lockston,
all in co. Som., & all other lands wherein I the said Eleanor was then
seised, to be holden by them to their use in Trust, & by Indenture
tripartite, Nov. 25, 1 Jac. II., between me Eleanor Glanville as Eleanor
Ashfield, of Tickenham, widow, Richard Glanville, of Bristol, Gent., &
the said Edward Georges & William Rogers (Trustees), reciting that a
marriage was shortly to be solemnized between the s d R d Glanville &
me, it was agreed that the said Trustees should make leases, &c, &
should permit the profits to be received by such person as I should by
Writing or Will, order or declare, the said Richard Glanville consenting
thereto, pursuant to this power I will & desire the said Trustees should
pay to Thomas Merrick, Exor. of Sir William Merrick, knt, ,£2,500 and
interest secured by Mortgage on the said premises — and then to pay to my
son Forest Edmond Ashfield, my daughter Mary & my son Richard ;£io
each, & a weekly sum of 5/ to my daughter Eleanor for her life. All
my Manors to my cousin Henry Goodrick, esq., son of my cousin, Sir
John Goodrick of Ribstone, Yorkshire, Bart. To the said Edward
Gorges, & W m Rogers, Esq rs , ^20 each for a piece of plate. To M r
John Parratt, ^"ioo. To John Baptist Stambrid, ;£ioo. Poor of
Tickenham, 40/, & of Backwell, 20/. To W m Wale, ,£10 yearly. The
afores d Henry Goodrick, Exor.

r* RACE OVERTON, of Wales, in East Camell, alias Queens Camell,
vJ" co. Som. Gentw". Will dated Jan. 15, 1666, proved June 19,
1675, by the Trustees named in the Will. [67 Dycer.~\ To Richard
Higdon, of Broad Marston, Gent., Marg 1 Higdon, widow, John Taylor,
of Chilton Canteloe, Gent. William Hymmons of Evercreech, &
Hugh Hodges of Sherborn, Dorset, Esq., all my lands to them in
Trust. Lands in Sutton Montague to William Adams, my kinsman,
rem r to his son William Adams, rem r to John, brother of W m Adams the
father. Ann & Mellior Adams, daughters of my late brother John
Adams, dec d . My sister Margaret Higdon. My daughter Grace
Overton under 21. My cousins Thomas Stroud & Mary Whiting, his
sister. William Overton, son of Andrew Overton, of Babcary, dec d .
My late husband William Overton. Francis Cradock & Ann Overton,
daughters of Andrew Overton, dec d . *■

"OICHARD HARDY, of Sydling, Dorset. Will dated Mar. 14, 1709,
J-V proved June 23, 17 10, by his daughters. [121 Smith.'] All my
lands to my three daughters, Katherine, Frances & Joan.
/^HARLES SOMERSET. Will dated Feb. 26, 1707, proved June 6,
^ 1710. [130 Smith.] To my mother, ^"300, which my grandfather
Child gave me. To the rebuilding of Peckwater Quad, Oxford, ,£500.
My sister Henrietta Somerset, Exix.

ELIZABETH CHETWYND, of Bedminster, Somerset, widow.
Will dated June 2, 1710, proved May 28, 1711, by Martha &
Sarah Cann. [100 Young.] To be bur d in the chancel of Temple
Church. My brother John Cann. My brother Daniel Pym, &c.
Westcote's "C LIZABETH CHICHESTER, late of Widworthy, Devon, now
Devon, -L-' of Exeter, widow. Will dated Nov. 29, 171 1, proved Oct. 25,
6 °9- v. 9 c

I7i2, by Tho 8 Were. [185 Barnes.] To be bur d at Widworthy with
my husband John Chichester. My 4 th part of the Manor of Lillesdon,
&c., to Thomas Southcott, of Dulcheys & James Sheppard, of the
Middle Temple, Esq., in Trust. My nephew John Chichester, of
Bridport. Elizabeth, daughter of my nephew Thomas Were. To my
sister Grace Court, £100. To my sister Eleanor Were, ^10 yearly.
Her son Thomas Were, Exor.

MARGARET CHICHESTER, of Widworthy, Devon, widow.
Will dated May n, 17 11, proved Dec. 3, 17 14, by her daughter
Martha Hildesley. [237 Aston.] My son Richard Chichester. My
grandson John Chichester. My daughter in law Elizabeth Chichester.
My grandson Chichester Mauditt. My daughter Martha Hildesley,
widow, Exix.
Westcote's A NN TREMAYNE, of Sydenham, Devon, Widow. Will dated
Devon, f\ M ar . 6, 1 710, proved May 18, 1711, by her brother Rob' Tynte.
58? " [116 Young.] My chaise, Coach, Horses, &c, to my brother Robert

Tynte, also all monies owing to me from my son Arthur Tremayne.
My son under age. My late brother Sir John Tynte.

RALPH VIGAR, of Nailsea, Somerset, Tanner. Will dated Dec. 5,
1711, proved Feb. 26, 1711-12. [39 Barnes.] My brother John
Vigar, 2/6. My sister Joan Gregory, 2/6. My wife Sarah, Exix.

SAMUEL VIGOR, of Falkland, in Hemington, Somerset, Gent.
Will dated Aug. 27, 1711, proved Feb. 12, 1711-12, by Joseph &
W m Vigor. [39 Barnes.] My Moiety of the Manor of High Church
which I lately purchased of Edmund Hungerford, Esq., & Henry Hun-
gerford, his son. My brother William Vigor. My kinsman William
Vigor. My kinsman Samuel Vigor, son of my brother Joseph Vigor.
My brother John Vigor & his son John. My sister Mariabella, wife of
Edward Barnett. My sister Stokes. My sister Charity Hodges. My
brother Norris. Bequests to poor, &c.

PETER RISDON, of Trull, Somerset, Gent. Will dated May 20,
1 710, proved May 30, 17 12, by Johanna Risdon, the relict. [101
Barnes.] My wife Johane. Messuage in Exeter, & lands in Sheep-

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