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their obligations and honest convictions of duty in bringing in their verdicts. They
had sworn to decide according to the law and the evidence. The law under which
they were required to act was laid down with absolute positiveness by the Court.
They were bound to receive it, and to take and weigh the evidence that was admit-
ted, and to their minds it was clear, decisive, and overwhelming, offered by the
persons of good character, and confirmed by a great number of confessions. If it
had been within their province, as it always is declared not to be, to discuss the gen-
eral principles, and set in judgment on the particular penalties of law. it would not
have altered the case, for, at that time, not only the common people, but the wisest
philosophers, supported the interpretation of the law that acknowledged the exis-

*A descendant is Mrs. Ellen Starr Thompson, of J98 Pawtucket St., Lowell, Mass.


tence of witchcraft, and its sanction that visited it with death. Notwithstanding
all this, however, so tender and sensitive were the consciences of the jurors that they
signed and circulated the following humble and solemn declaration of regret for the
part they had borne in the trials. As the publication of this paper was highly
honorable to those who signed it, and cannot but be contemplated with satisfaction
by all their descendants, I will repeat their names: "We whose names are under-
written, being in the year 1692 called to serve as jurors in court at Salem, on trial
of many who were by some suspected guilty of doing acts of witchcraft upon the
bodies of sundry persons, we confess that we ourselves were not capable to under-
stand, nor able to withstand, the mysterious delusions of the powers of darkness
and Prince of the air. but were, for want of knowledge in ourselves and better
information from others, prevailed with to take with such evidence against the
accused, as, on further consideration and better information, we justly fear was
insufficient for the touching the lives of any (Deut. xviij whereby we fear we have
been instrumental, with others, though ignorantly and unwittingly, to bring upon
ourselves and this people of the Lord the guilt of innocent blood; which sin the
Lord saith in Scripture he would not pardon 12 Kings xxiv. 4) — that is, we suppose,
in regard to his temporal judgments. We do therefore hereby signify to all in gen-
eral, and to the surviving sufferers in special, our deep sense of, and sorrow for, our
errors in acting on such evidence to the condemning of any person ; and do hereby
declare, that we justly fear that we were sadly deluded and mistaken — for which we
are much disquieted and distressed in our minds, and do therefore humbly beg
forgiveness, first of God, for Christ's sake, for this our error, and pray that God
would impute the guilt of it to ourselves nor others, and we also pray that we may
be considered candidly and aright by the living sufferers, as being then under a strong
and general delusion, utterly unacquainted with, and not experienced in, matters of
that nature.

"We do hereby ask forgiveness oPyou all, whom we have justly offended, and
do declare, according to our present minds, we would none of us do such things
again, on such grounds, for the whole world — praying you to accept of this in way
of satisfacton for our offense, and that you would bless the inheritance of the Lord,
that he may be entreated for the land.

"Thomas Fisk, Foreman. Thomas Pearly, Sr.

"William Fisk. JL onn Peabody.

"John Bacheler. Thomas Perkins.

"Thomas Fisk. Samuel Sayer.

"John Dane. Andrew Eliot.

"Joseph Evelith. Henry Derrick, Sr."

Will— Essex Co. Prob. Rec, Old Series Book 6, April 1667 to Dec. 1609, Vol.
306 Page 141. — In ye Name of God Amen I John Batchelder Senr. of Wenhani in ye
Co. of Essex in his Majestic Province of ye Massachusetts Hay in New England
Yeoman, being Weake in body yett of perfect understanding and memory through
ye Mercy and goodness of Cod and Nott knowing how short niv time may be here
in this world and being Willing to settle that little worldly Estate that God in his
Goodness has been pleased to bestow upon me I doe make and ordain this to be my
last will and testament in manner and Forme following: Imp. I commit! my Soul
into ye hands of Almighty God in and through ye merritts and mediation of ye
Lord Jesus Christ my blessed Redeemer and Sanctifies in hope B blesed and
glorious resurection and my body to ye earth to be decently buried in such decent
manner as my Fxecuter with ye advice of my overseers whom I shall Appoint shall
see meet. And for that little worldly Estate which God hath given me I dispose of
it as followeth, my honest and jusl debts and funeral charges being Satislied and

Discharged in ye First place the Remainder 1 dispose of as is hereafter expressed,

My will is that Sarali my beloved wife shall be Taken Care of by my
\ and honourably Kept and maintained by him out
of my estate left in ye hands of my l'.xectr. So long as she lives and Remains my
widow and also my Will that she my said wife shall have ye use of ye Little Room
or West eardly end of my now Dwelling house to live in if she shall see cause to
accept of itt free to her self and that she have good bed and bed Clothes to itt with
Curtains and Vallanee to itt and a bedstead *v an Iron Pott that will hold about two
Callous to be free tC ise if she shall see inectt.

Item. My will is that Joseph Batchelder my Eldest son shall have and Enjoy
to him and his heirs Exectr., Admin, and assigns forever all that land which he is
now in possessn n of being about fifty live acres ,v on part of the land his dwelling



house standeth in full of his Share or portion in my Estate and any right or interest
that he might have to ye estate left by my brother Marke Batchelder Deed.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son John Batchelder and his heirs and Exec,
and Assigns forever ye dwelling house in which he now liveth and all ye land both
upland and meadow belonging to me which he is now in possession of, he paying
out of ye same Ten pounds money to my Exectr. within two years after my de-
cease. Viz. five pounds one year, & ye other five pounds ye next year following.

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth ye Wife of Thomas
Millett Thirty Shillings money to be paid to her within twelve months after my
decease by my Exectr. which with what I have already bestowed upon her I do
account it her Full Share or part of my Estate.

Item. I give and bequeath to my three daughters, Hannah, Mary and Sarah
to each of them Twenty Seven pounds apiece to be paid them in money or almony
by my Exectr. within five years after my decease Viz. to each of them m part of
said sums Six pounds apiece within two years after my decease, and six pound
apiece more annually to each of them the two Next Years Following and Nine
pounds apiece to Each of them ye next Year following being to Complete ye sd.
Sum of Twenty Seven pound apiece to Each of them beside what I have already
Given them which is a cow to Each of them I also now give to my daughter Hannah
a yearling calf and a pair of Weaver's Looms all which legacies to bee free to their
Disposal respectively.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son David Batchildor and his heirs, Exectrs. ,
and Assigns forever when he shall Come to ye age of Twenty One Year Eighteen
Acre of upland and Meadow ground to be laid out and Delivered to him and a lsgall
Conveyance Given him by my Exectr. to be laid out of that parcell of land which
my brother Mark Batchelder formerly lived on and dyed possessed of if there be
Soe much remaining in Sd. parcell of land & to leave an acre of land to ye dwelling
house which my son Ebenezer hath built and Sett up on said land and also Sd.
David and his heir and Assigns to have liberty of a convenient way to pass to and
from Said land from time and at all times as occasion shall desire without lawful
lett, hindrance or Interruption of my Exectr., his heirs or assigns.

Item. I give and bequeath Unto my Son:

Ebenezer Batchelder all ye reservation and Remainder of my estate Either in
housing or land, goods or chattels whatsoever not before disposed of to be free to
him, his heirs Exectrs., Adminrs., or Assigns forever and all Debt belonging unto
me from any person or persons and I do hereby Nominate, ordain, Constitute and
Appoint my Said Son Ebenezer to be Sole Executor of this my last will and testa-
ment and I desire my Loving Friend Ltt. William Fisk and Mr. John Newman to
be overseers of this my last will and testament and in Witness whereof I shall
hereunto Sett my hand and Seal this sixteenth day of Dec. Anno Dom. Sixteen
hundred & Ninety Eight, 1698.

Signed, Sealed, Published. John Batchelder & a Seal.

Declared in ye presence of Wm. Fisk, John Newman and the mark of Bethia
H. Herrick.

Essex, ss. — Before ye Hon. Jonathan Corwin Esq. Judge of Probate of Wills etc. at
Salem 16 Jan. 169S.

Mr. Wm. Fisk, Mr. John Newman, and Bethia Herrick personally Appeared
and made oath that they were present and Did See John Batchelder Deed. Sign,
Seal, and heard him Declare, Publish and Declare ye above written Instrument to
be his last will and Testament and that he was then of a disposing mind to their
best judgement & that they then Sett to their names as Witnesses.

Sworn Attest John Higginson, Regr.

Upon which this will is declared Approved and allowed being presented by ye
Executer. Attest John Higginson, Recr. Exam'd.

Essex Co. Probate Records, Old Series Book 6, April, 1667 to 1699, Vol. 306,
Page 19S. — An inventory of the Estate of John Batcheler Late of Wenham deed as
it was apprised by us whose names are hereunto subjoined this 20 March i(»> 1
Impe. The dwelling house & Barn and homestead being about

40 acres upland and meadow ^180.00.00

A parcell of land wch Joseph Batcheler cont. about 55 acres of

upland & meadow and Given him by his father's will 110.00.00

About 35 Acres of upland and meadow on which John Batcheler

dwells 070. 00. 00

A parcell of land cont. about 9 acres with a small orchyard on it


and being the land which was formerly Mark Batcheler's

deed ,£040.00.00

6 acres % of Salt marsh lying in Ipswich bought of Jacob Pirkins 31.05.0

4 young Cows 50 prs. Sis a three year old steer 4 of 12.

2 year old & att 30 ps. Js and two horse kynd one at 301 the other

at 241 5. 14.00

14 sheep att S7ps. p .£5. 12.0 his wearing apparel .£4 and armes res. 10.12.00

bed, bedding, Curtains & Vallances, Coverlids and sheets 8.00.00

Bedsted, & bed Govs. 1 vs Val. a Cupbord, table chests boxes

and chairs 44 2.16.00

Pewter, Brass, and Iron Ke. 14.0 & Sauce Spider at 10s pc. Beef

and Pork 40 ft 54 Bush. Barley, .£8.2.0 9. 4.

Indien Corn ft Meal £s 15. 2 .

Oats 1 5s flax wool, yarn & wool meal sacks 45s a saddle and

bridle 12s 3.12.

1 Cart, Sled, plow, plow-irons, axes, chains, and other utensils of

husbandry £3 7s 3. 5.

In all sorts of wooden ware of Earthen ware Tin <.V Glass bot-
tles 5s 15.

Syder mill and press £\, a grindstone CI. old bbl. and tubbs. . . . 5.10.

We find in debts owning to the Estate Viz. from John Batcheler
Junr. £10 and other small debts from Several persons thirty
shillings in all 1 1 . 10.

Wee find in debts due from the estate to Several mercht. Doc-

ters, tradsemen etc. /30 and the funeral charges £\o, is. . . . 40.00.

Rests. . . . 479.05
Wm. Fisk
John Newman.
Essex, ss. — Before the Hon. Jon. Corwin Esq. Judge of Probate Mar. 27, 1699,
Ebenezer Batcheler Exectr. Exhibited the above Inven. and made oath that the
same is a true and perfect inventory of the estate of John Batcheler Late of Wen-
ham Deed. Soe far as hath come to his knowledge, and that if more comes to his
knowledge he will give an acct. of the same into the Reg. Office.

Sworn Attest John Hijjginson Regr.
Book 80, folio 16.— Sarah Batchelder relict John Batchelder of Wenham it John
B. Jr of Wenham deed David Batchelder land in which John Jr & wife Ann give up
right of dower. He d. Nov. 17, 169S; res. Wenham, M.iss

20. i. JOSEPH, b. 1662; m. Sarah .

2i. ii. JOHN, b. Jan. 13, 1666; m. Hannah Tarbox, Anne and Sarah

22. iii. MARK, b. Mav 1668; d. infancy in 1678.

23. iv. ELIZABETH," b. in 1675; m. 1696 Thomas Millett, of Ipswich. I

think he was son of John of Gloucester and that he wash. Nov. 23,
1671. His grandfather was Thomas, of Gloucester, who was there
in 1642.

24. v. EBF.NEZER. i>. 1670; m. Sank Tarbox.

25. vi. HANNAH.

26. vii. MARY.

27. viii. SARAH.

28. ix. DAVID, b. 1673; m. Susannah Whipple.

10. SERGT. JOHN' BATCHELDER (Joshua), b. in England; in. Rebecca
— ; d. March 9, ii.(>2. in Reading, Ma«. lie was born in England, was a
proprietor in Watertown 1636-7 when he was granted six lots; was admitted Free-
man May 13, 1040. at Watertown, and soon moved to Dedhani, where, with his wife
he was admitted to the church July 5, 1641; he sold a Id of )6 acres in Watertown
to Jen lie was selectman in Watertown in 16-td. The lot

he sold to foreroaa was Bold by him for £20 to Thomas Hammond. One of Nor-
< its w. , purchased of Robert Batchelor. His will is dated July 1, 1670, and
is on file in Cambridge at the Middlesex probate office.


From Dedham, Mass., "Church and Graveyard Records," p. 25.— -Divers
br's and str's of ye ch of Watertown living amongst us, &c desiring to join them-
' selves into this ch. &c John Batchellour & John Eaton with their wives admitted
30 of 5 mo. 1C41.

All the records of Dedham, Mass., are in print, verbatim, five or six vols. In
several instances Reading, Mass., families settled first at Dedham, Mass. ; Damon,
Eaton, Bancroft, &c.

He was an early settler in Reading, the exact place he settled is not known.
His descendants early removed to the northerly part of West Parish, now Reading,
where they are still to be found. He was there as early as 165 1. He was a prom-
inent citizen and selectman for years (1651-1664). In 1652, in the drawing of the
town lots, John Bachelder drew ten acres. Feb. 14, 1658, he drew 226 acres on
the north side of Ipswich river. In 1666 he drew land in the division of the Great
Swamp and his minister's rate was £1 — 6 — 5. John and Rebecca Batchelder were
admitted to the church in Reading between Sept. 29, 164S, and 1650.

Feb. 14, 1658, John Batchelder had 226 acres of land, his share as fell by lot
on the north side of Ipswich river. In 1667 the people of Reading ordered and
agreed "that all the privileges of land, timber and commons shall belong unto the
present houses now erected, and to no other, that shall be erected hereafter." John
Batchelder was one of the fifty-nine householders. He made his will July 2, 1670,
and his name is spelled Batchilour. In his will his only children mentioned were
John and David Batchilour. Probated in East Cambridge, Mass. He d. March 3,
1676. Res. Watertown, Dedham and Reading, Mass.

29. i. JOHN, b. ; m. Sarah .Hannah andHannah .

30. ii. DAVID, bap. Dec. 14, 1643; m. Hannah Plummer.

31. iii. MARY, b. 1635; m. in Reading, Nov. 22, 1660. Nathaniel Cowdrey.

He was son of Dea. William and Joanna. He d. 1690 and Mary
d. 1729, ae. 94. She was his second wife. He settled on Cow-
drey's Hill, so named for him, on a farm, a portion of which is
still owned and occupied by Jonas Cowdrey, his descendant; his
dwelling stood some rods westerly of the house owned by Major
Carpenter. He was town clerk and selectman. Ch. by Mary: 1.
Nathaniel, b. 1661; d. young. 2. Rebecca, b. 1663. 3. William,

b. 1666; m. Esther and Tabitha Boutwell; res. R. 4.

Joanna, b. 1673. 5. Susana, b.^1676. 6. Nathaniel, b. 1679. 7.
Elizabeth, b. 1689.

32. iv. JONATHAN, bap. Dec. 24, 1643; d. Dec. 4, 1653.
_3. v. SAMUEL, bap. Jan. 11, 1639; d. March 25, 1662.

14. JOSEPH BACHELOR (John), b. Salem, Mass., May 8, 1653; m. there
Oct. 8, 1677, Miriam Moulton. She was b. January, 1657; was dau. of Robert Jr,
and his wife Abigail Goode, of Salem, whose father was a shipbuilder in Charles^
town, was one of the first selectmen and representative to the General Court ; was
a friend of Wheelwright's. Miriam probably died in 1688. Her grandfather,
Robert, came from England in 1629 with six ship builders, of whom he was chief
The first trading boats built in Salem were built by him. She m. 2d about 1683
Freeborn Balch. He was a mariner and was probably lost at sea. The inventory
of the estate of Joseph Batchelder was taken Nov. 30, 1683, and amounted to ,£128.
It was returned by Miriam Balch, late the wife of Joseph _Batchelder. He d. in the
year 1683. Res. Salem, Mass.

34. i. JOSEPH, b. July 18, 1678. He was a mariner; d. unm. and intes-

tate in 1709. Joseph, Salem, mariner, int. 1709, Dec. 5. Adm.
and Bond. The adm. of the estate of Joseph Batchelder, deceased
given to John Knowlton of Manchester, in right of Abigail his
wife, only sister of ye deceased.

35. ii. ABIGAIL, m. John Knowlton, of Manchester, Mass.

19. JOHN BACHELOR (John), b. Salem, June 23, 1650; m. in Salem, see
Salem records, Aug. 14. 1673, Mary Herrick, dau. of Zachariah and Mary (Dodge)
Herrick. b. Oct. 10, 1654. She d. Aug. 19, 1684. He was a cooper by trade and
resided in Rail Syde, Salem, which was afterwards incorporated as the town of
Beverly. He had a grant of land in Rail Syde in 1639. which was not far
Birch Plains, the home of the Herricks. All his children were baptized in the First
Church in Beverly, Mass. Of his children Ebenezer and Mary died in infancy,
for in the debts of his estate is an item "bringing up four children." At the time
of the parents' deaths the oldest child was but little over ten years of age.


Dec 4, 1O84 John Batchelder and his wife being Deceased .gave good hope of
their being in the faith, and if they had lived longer, purposed to join in communion
with this church, but being prevented by death, their children are subjects of
baptism.— [Church Records.

Mary Derrick was the granddaughter of Henry Herrick, b. 1604; her father,
Zacharia, was b. 1636.

Salem Probate Rec, Xo. 2076. — Relating to division of house & lands of John
Batchelder of Beverly & Mary his wife also deceased in 1696 -7. John eldest son to
have one half. Jonathan & Josiah to have the other Bond to pay daughters Marv
& Elizabeth.

Salem Reg. Deeds, book 102-206, dated 1728.— Deeding land set off by Mr
Saml Leech of Salem to his four sisters or their husbands as share of their grand-
fathers estate Capt Richard Leech of Salem. Thomas Preston claims - ! + through
descent from Mary. Lvdia, & Ruth &• John Batchelder )i from Abigail Thomas
Preston deeds his % to'john Jr & Jonathan Batchelder. Deed signed by

Thomas Preston
Jonathan Batchelder
John " Ir.


John Batchelder
Josiah Woodbury.
Whereas Mr. Richard Leech of Salem gave unto his son Mr John Leech father
of Mr Samuel Leech & Abigail Leech alias Ganson
Mary " " Putnam

Lydia " " Holton

Ruth " " Hutchinson

[Mr. Sam'l Leech then proceeds to set off land to four sisters & their hus-
bands. ]

Deed signed by John Ganson & Abigail

Sam'l Putnam & Mary
Benj. Holton & Lydia
Ambrose Hutchinson & Ruth
dated May 2 1726

Essex Co. Probate Records, Old Scries, Book 5. July, 1604, to November, 1(197,
vol. 305, page 228. — Essx ss. Deacon Peter Woodberry and Sargt. John Leach
admtr. (the other admintr. to witt Zachary Derrick being dead) of the estate of
John Bachilder late of Salem deed, the acct. of their administration on said Estate
Exhibited to the Hon. Bartho. Gedney Esq. Judge of probate of Wills etc. for
Essex Co. Nov. the 23rd. 1696 Cur.

The Said Estate Cred. Cur.

£ s. d.

The real Estate as p. Inventory ) Real & 623 4

The Personall Estate as p. " ' \ Personal 66 12 9

p Effects received Since Nil 1. Rents Reed, for the Farme 14S. II. |,
Memorandum ' 4 pt. of Royal Side being valued in the Inventory at ,£200 is
subducted of Sd. Inventory their being a duty of five pounds. 6d p year to be paid.
According to lease to the Towne of Salem for 1000 years. So that ye remains
upon Inventory but 623:4 — as above Sd. So that they that pay the Rent or their
Shares their of must have their share of tile income in proportion to ye rent they

pay. Ye Hon. Acctants Prays allowance for the following Cr. Charges paimentt
& disbursements by them made Since they accepted the Saiil Trust Cur

£ sh.

As paid Do Weld 7.6, court charges 4s. Do. Packer /4 10s.

Wm. Sewall 2.18:7 8. 00. 7

Joseph Morgan Ss. Samuel Hardy 9— od. . 17. <>

Samuel Stone [28. Wm. Hare 6s. Cornelus Baker 68, Capt.

Leach 8a 1.12. o

Mary Smith 15& Jno. Stone Snr. is. Robert Briseo 3.8 1. 2. 8

Krarsise Cunnant 2.6: For Royal Side $£ 6d 5. 3 o

Joshua Bason 1 2S. Sugar 5 xod. Sam Corning 1 1£ 11.17.10

[no. Stone for work -s. a gall, oyle 3s 11.0

Saml. Hardy is. Toby Trow 3 6~for mending Shose 4-6

Wm. Gerrish i.s. bleding Philip llandly is. M.ithew Woodwell 6d -.

Making Shose Ss. Woodwell for gloves is. A comb is. 10. o

Tobiaa Trow mending Shose 4 6 p. oile & cordage 58 9. 6


£ Sh.

A coat for Philip 3 6. Cornehous Baker 3s b. 6

Steling an ax 2s. p a rate pd. 10s 12. o

Solomon Cole for Salt 4s 4. o

David Perkins for work don in ye shop 76 Hr. Corner 3s 10. 6

Wm. Browne 5:5:3^ — Mr. Wm. Browne 21s 6. 6. 3'A

Joseph Morgan 1 lb Corr.e 3s. Mr. Hirst io.£ 16s 10.19. °

Mr. Higginson 4:16:31. Toby Trew 55s 7.11. 3

David Perkins 35s. iod. Benj. Small 10s 2. 5.10

Pd. Nath Howard 23s. 4d. Josh Morgan for shirting for Philip

17s. i6d 2. o. 10

Lining Cloth for Sarah Church 26s. 6d. 2 pr. Shose 1. 12. 6

Pd. John Glover 8s. John Clark 6s. Goodwin Jacobs 15s 1. 9. o

Pd. Saml. Hardy for writing 3s. 2 days at Ipswich expended i6d. 4. 4

Expence at ye 2d aprisal is. Saml. Gardner or Mr. Higginson. . 11. 8

Tobias Trow for Shose 3.6. Rog. Hoskins iSd. petrion2.6 7. 6

Pd. for Philips Indenture 18s. C for breaches for ditto iod 11. 6

Joseph Dodge for weaving 7s. buttons is. phisick for Elizabeth 2s 10. o

Pd. for work on the farm to secure ye Crop upon the ground. ... 5. 11. 6

Pd. Mr. Wm. Browne 20.6 Mr. Sewall 11. 6. Hurse us 2. 3. o

Pd. Benj. Pitman 12s. Tho. Patch is 13. o

Pd. for 10 ye Rent Royal Side 5^ 6d 50. 5. o

Capt. Higginson for clothing for Josiah & Making 2.10. 6

The Same brought over (from previous page) ,£127.15. 9

2 Caster hatts for Jonathan & Josiah 1.00. o

So much due or pd. to Andrew Elliot for Caske 3.16. 6

Pd. Martha Herrick for tendance in Sickness 5.00. o

Pd. John Archer 5s 05. c

Allowing the acct. Setling & dividing the Estate 10s 10. o

Stating the acct. being long & difficult 6s. recording settlement 6s. 12. o

A quietus 4s. mony disburst by the admintr. 10s 14. o

bringing up 4 children 1 1 yrs 166. 1 2. 9

£306. 6
So much Remains to Ball, the Estate of Con 4S7. 5. 9

^793-H- 9
Peter Woodberry admintr.
John Leach
Essex s.s. By the Hon. Bar. Gedney Esqr. judge of probate of Will for Sd.
County November the vlt. 1696 Deacon Peter Woodberry & Sargt. John Leach
admintr. made oath that the above is a just and true acct. of their admin, on the
estate of John Bachilder late of Salem Deed, to the best of their knowledge Sworn
Attest Jno. Croade Regr.

The Ballance of the Estate above (beside the Exception & memorandum set
down on the other side for Royal Side) being — 487.5.9 Is divided as followeth viz.

John Bachilder the eldest Son a double portion 162 — 8 — 6

Jonathan Bachilder 81 — 4 — 3 V 2

josiah Bachilder 81 — 4 — 3<4

Elizabeth Bachilder 81— 4— v..

Mary Bachilder 81 — 4 — 3 ■_,

4S7— 5— 9
(These Sons to keep the lands & pay the Daughters their portions in moveables.

to their content and satisfaction they giving bond on the sureties to performe the

Same in Some reasonable time. )

Their is also Besides the above distribution in the hand of Sargt. Leach. 11. 0.0
Also in the hand of Robert Coborne which is in Controvercy (more). 11. 0.0
Exam. p. I. C. Regr.
John. — Salem. — -1684, Sept. 30 Inv., etc., vol. 304, p. 98 to 100. 1687. Dec. 6.

Rects. (on file). 1696, Nov. 30. Ace. (not on file), vol. 305, p. 228. 1696, Nov. 30.

Div. est. (not on file), vol. 305, p. 229. 1697, March 10. Memo, of additional estate,

vol. 305, p. 229. 1697, March to. Return of Comtee. div. r. c. of said John and

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