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said feoffees named in the said last recited dede being
all dedd, Ijafotf for divers and sundrie good causes

Appendix B. 281

and considercons them therunto specially moving
geven grannted enfeoffed and assured and by these
presents doe give grannte infeoffe and assuer unto the
said George Ewde George Sporrier ats Home Edward
Yewd Wiltm Tayler ats Hensley Henry Stodden
Rychard Dennise Robert Phelpes George Elson ats
Hooper John Tayler Michaell Tayler ats Lewes, all
that the said messuage called the Church howse
gardens orchard landes howses profittes comodities
advantages rents revtions and hereditam ts whatsoever
w th all and singuler their apptennces scituate & being
within the said parish of Selwthey w th in the said
Countie of Somerset and in anie sorte mentioned or
contayned in anie of the said recited dedes. ^0 f)afc)£
attu" tO f)0l0 the messuage &c, to the said George Ewde
&c, &c, at the yearly rent of two shillings, &c, &c.

[Same conditions as former Indenture].

Signed, Georgii Ewde, Georgii Spurrier, Edwardi Ewde,
Wiltm Tailer, Henrici Stodden, Richardi
Dennis, Roberti Philpes, Georgii Elston,
Jofrna Tailer, jun r > Miehaelis Tailer.

Endorsed : — Sealed and delivered in the psence of us
Wiltm Fleete clarke, pson of Selworthie
Wiltm Stodden the elder John Henslie
the elder Gregorie Darche and George
Phelpes the xv the daie of Aprill anno
domini 1583.

Spurrier and Stodden use a seal with the design of
a " rose bush " on it. The other seals are unintel-

o o

282 History of Selworthy,

W§\% %TtotXyt\XK% made the xxv th day of Marche
in the xxxij yeare of the Raigne of o r Sovaigne Ladie
Elizabeth &c, &c, 3tttom\ John Elston ats Hooper,
John Kitner ats Chebett John Tailer ats Hensley
Edward Pile, Lewes Tailer, and Edward Rawle ats
Yewde the fower men & Churchwardens of the parishe
of Selworthie in the Countie of Somersett of the one
ptie & George Sporier ats Home, Alice his wife and
Richarde the sonne of the said George & Alice of
thother ptie. ffil})tnt&8tt\) that the said John Elston
John Kitner, John Tailer, Edward Pile, Lewes Tailer &
Edward Rawle the said fower men and Churchwardens
of the parish aforesaid in the names & behalfe of the
whole parish aforesaide for and in consideracon of the
some of Thirtie shillinges of lawfull money of Eng-
land to us the said fower men and Churchwardens in
the behalfe and to the use of the said parishe before
the ensealing hereof fullie satisfied contented & paide
l)au£ t)nitp0tf) grannted and to ferme letten and by
these presentes do demise and to ferme Lett unto the
said George Sporrier Alice his wife and Richard theire
sonne all this one peace of grownde called and
knowne by the name of the hoppe yarde apptayninge
and belonginge to the said pishe w th all and singuler
the Apptennces to the same grownde belonginge or
appteyninge late in the tenure of Alice Peers widowe,
deceased and nowe in the occupacon of the said
George scituate lyeinge and beinge in Allerford w th in
the parish aforesaid conteininge by estimacon one
yarde of grownde more or lesse lyeinge betwene the
tenhte late in the tenure of the said Alice Peers
widowe deceased on the sowthe parte and the quenes

Appendix B. 283

highway on the weste parte and one cornon water
course called Allerford water on the north parte. ^0
I)at)£ $ tO [)0lO the said peace of grownde with all and
singuler the Apptennces to the said George Sporier,
Alice his wife and Richard their sonne and every of
them and their assignes and to the assignes of every
of them for & during the terme of their naturall Lyves
and the longest Lyver of them successively one after
another, t#£lDtngT and payeinge therefore yerely rente
unto the fower men or Churchwardens of the parishe
aforesaid or to any of them to the use and behoofe of
the said parishe twelve pence of good and lawfull
money of England at fower termes in the yeare, that
is to say the feast of St John Baptiste St Michell
Tharkangell the birth of our Lord God and Thanucacon
of our Ladie Marye the Virgin by even porcons
^ClDtUfft also after the deceases of the said George
Alice and Richard and every of them dieinge tennants
six pence of lawfull money of England in the name
of a heriott And if it happen the said yerely rent of
xij d to be behind and unpaid in pte or in all on or
after anie of the said feast daies in w ch it ought to be
paide and ten daies after being lawfullie demanded of
the said George Alice or Richard or either of them
being tennants and no sufficient distresse to be had in
or upon the fore letten premisses ^Ijat then it shall
be lawfull for the said John Elston, John Kytner, John
Tailer, Edward Pile, Lewis Tailer or Edward Rawle
their successors or assignes into the fore letten premises
and every parte and parcell thereof to enter and the
same to have agayne retayne & repossess as in their
former estates and the said George Alice and Richard

284 History of Selworthy.

and all other person and persons from thence utterly
to expell amove and putt out this present Indenture
or anything herein conteyned to the contrary in any
wise notwithstandinge &ritl the said George Sporier
ats Home Alice his wife and Richard their sonne do
covennte for them and their assignes to and with the
said fower men and churchwardens their successors
and assignes that they the said George, Alice &
Richard and their assignes at all tyme and tymes
when and as often as need shall require at his and
their own proper costes and charges shall well and
sufficiently repaire and meyntaine the said peace of
grownde in hedginge and ditchinge and all other
reparacons as shalbe needful or may appertayne unto
the same during the said terme &ll& the said John
Elston John Kytner John Tailer Edward Pile Lewes
Tailer and Edward Rawle do covennte for them and
every of them their successors and assignes to and
with the said George Alice and Richard and with
every of them by these presentes that they the said
John Elston John Kitner John Tailer Edward Pile
Lewes Tailer and Edward Rawle and their successors
the said peace of grownde w th all and singuler thappur-
tennces unto the said George Alice and Richard and
to every of them in manner and form aforesaid against
all people shall warrant acquitt and defend by these
presentes ^n tnt00 whereof the said parties to
these Indentures interchangeably have putte theire
handes & seals, geven the day and yere first above

1&Z tjlt knotoni unto all men by these presents that
we the said John Elston John Kitner John Tailer

Appendix B. 285

Edward Pile Lewes Tailer and Edward Rawle have
constituted ordeyned and in o r places putt o r trewe
and wellbelovid in Christe, Andrewe Sporrier ats
Home and William Tappescott o r trewe and lawfull
Attorneyes jointly and severallie for us and in o r
names and in the names of every of us to enter into
the free letten pmisses with the appurtennces and
possession and seison thereof to take and after such
possession and seison of all and singuler the pmises
so had & taken for us and in our names and in the
names of every of us to deliver to the said George
Alice & Richard and to every of them accordinge to
the strengthe forme effect and purport of these psentes
and whatsoever o r said Attorney or Attorneys shall
do in the pmisses we ratifie confirme and allowe as
fullie holely and suerly as if we and every of us were
psonallie psent In witness wherof to these psents in-
terchangeablie have putt o r handes & seales geven &c.

Endorsed : —

Signed sealed and delived in the presence of
Edward Home, George Hensley, John Pile,
John Tailer, Lewis Hensley, John Smith, and

Possession & seison taken and delivered ac-
cordinge to the tenore of this Indenture in the
psence of John Sporier John Bond.

Another Indenture of same date, to same effect.

286 History of Selworthy.

W§\$ 31 n &£ ntut * made the fifteenth daye of October
the Two and Twentieth yeare of our sovaigne Lord
James [1623] by the grace of God Kinge of Englande
Frannce and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and of
Scotland the lviij th JBtt^ttVl Walter Home ats
Spurrier thelder of Selworthy in the County of Somer-
set yeoman, Edward Terril of Dunster in the County
aforesaid, yeoman and William Stodden the younger
of Selworthy aforesaid, Tanner (the survivinge feoffees
in trust to the use of the parish of Selworthy aforesaid
of the lands and tenements hereafter in these presents
menconed of thone ptie and Walter Home ats Spurrier
the younger Henry Hensley ats Tailer, John Phelpes
sone of John Phelpes of Allerford, George Blackford
ats Stodden, Henry Home ats Spurrier,George Hensley
sone of George Hensley, Edward Pile the younger
George Howe, Robert Coffin and Robert Pile all of
Selworthye aforesaid of thother partie, 2xHttnC000th
that the said Walter Home Edward Turril and
William Stodden for and in performance and accom-
plishment of the trust in them reposed and at the
speciall request of the Churchwardens and sidemen of
the parish of Selworthy aforesaid f)fttl0 given grannted
enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents doe give
grannt enfeoffe and confirm unto the said Walter
Home the younger, Henry Hensley, John Phelpes,
George Blackford. Henry Home, George Hensley,
Edward Pile, George Howe, Robert Coffin and Robert
Pile and their heires, &U that messuage, tenement,
garden, and half-acre of land be it more or less w th
thappurtences sett lying and being in Allerford within
the parish of Selworthy aforesaid commonly called or

Appendix B. 287

knowne by the name of Shelve now or late in the
tenure use or occupation of one Gregory Taylor or his
assignes and all deeds writings or evidences concern-
ing the same, ^0 hfttl£ ft lit) tO Ijolu" the said premises
unto the said Walter Home &c, &c, and for the yearly
rent of five shillings to be paid to the said Church-
wardens, &c, &c.

Endorsed : —

Possession and seisin was taken had and
and delivered over by the Attourneyes w th in
named accordinge to the tenor of these
psents the last day of November in the yeare
w th in written, viz: 1624, Gregory Taylor
and Pasche his wife did attourne Tefints to
this deed the same day in the psence of us
whose names are subscribed.
Henry Byam Recto 1- of Selworthye
John Youd, Jasper Howe.
The marke of Robert Huish
John Phelpes, James Reade.
The marke of John Kittnor
The marke of John Edbrake.

Sealed & delivered in the presence of us whose names
are underwritten the last day of November 1624.

Henry Byam, Rector of Sellworthie

Jasper Howe, John Youd.

The marke of Robert Huish

James Reade, John Philpes.

The marke John Kittnor

The marke of John Edbrooke.

Wm. Stodden's seal is (apparently) a stag's head

288 History of Selworthy.

couped. Edward Turril's is a heart, divided and sur-
mounted by a cross. On the heart are the letters
E. T. This is surely the ancient and well-known
amulet against the " Evil Eye." The belief that cer-
tain people had power to injure their neighbours by
" overlooking " them, a belief which has by no means
entirely died out from amongst us, was as firmly held
by our ancestors in the sixteenth century as it is held
by the Neapolitans of to-day, or as it was held by the
bishops assembled at the Council of Chalcedon, who
cried as the emperor Marcian, " the new Constantine,
the new Paul, the new David," entered the hall of
meeting, " may the evil eye be averted from your em-

Vicesimo Octavo die Octobr Anno R.R. Car Seed
nunc Anglie de decimo sexto Anno Dhi 1644.

Know all men by these psents that I John Farthinge
of Dulverton w th in the County of Somerset yeoman
for divers good causes and consideracons me the saide
John Farthinge hereunto especially movinge have re-
mised released exonerated quite claymed acquitted
and discharged and by these psents for me my heirs
and executors and admin ors doe remise release ex-
onerate quite clayme acquitt f for ever discharge
John White of Withypoole y e County aforesaid hus-
bandman his exec rs adminis rs and assignes and every
of them of and from all bills bonds judgements execu-
cons debts tresposses accons covents assumptions and
demands whatsoever w ch I the s d John Farthinge now
have heretofore had or at any tyme hereafter for any

Appendix B. 289

matter or cause whatsoever shall or may have w th him
the s d John White his exec ors adm rs or Ass s or any of
them from the beginninge of the world to the day of
the date hereof. In testimony whereinof I ye s d John
Farthinge have here unto sett my hand and seale on
the day and year first above written

Sealed and delivered

in the presence of John Farthinge

Ric. Blackford
Henry Pleise.

Endorsed : — John Farthinge release to John White

The deed is sealed with the arms of John Farthinge,
a talbot, on a chief three coins : crest, a man's head
and shoulders. Tinctures undecipherable.

The following inventory gives us an interesting
account of the personal property of a well to do
yeoman in our parish in the seventeenth century.

9L ttllt and pfect Inventory of all the goods and
Chatties of John White of the pish of Selworthy
deceased taken and prized by Robert Spurrier and
Robert Beage of the said parish as followeth (viz.)

li. s. d.
Imprimis his wearing apparel and the

money in his pocket 02 00 00

Item for one table board and all the

timber stuff in the house 00 06 08

Item for pewter and brasse 00 05 02

290 History of Selworlhy.

Item for his dust beds and the furniture

Item for ruffe meate and Iron stuffe
Item for money uppon specialtye
Item for things forgotten and out of

mind, we doe value 00 02 02










The sume total

The marke of Robert Spurrier
Robert Beage.

Exhibitum fuit huioi. Inventarium p vero etc. sub
ptestacone tamen de addend, quodsi etc. apud Taun-
ton vicesimo nono die mensis Martii Anno Dni (stilo
Anglie) 1675 Coram Discreto viro Mgro Jacobo
Douch 1 clerico in Artibus Bacclio Surro Vefilis viri
Guilielmi Peirs sacre Theologie Doctoris Archini
Archinatus Taunton ltime constitut. In vim jura-
menti Honore White Relicte dicti defuncti Cui con-
cessa est ad° bonoru. etc. dicti defuncti de bene etc.
Deq Cornpto etc. per Comiss um jurat etc. salvo iure


Tho. Bennett, Regr Eius

Administration was granted by the archdeacon of
Taunton, William Peirs, to the widow, Honor White,
March 9, 1675.


Thomas Luttrell. In the days of Elizabeth
many who were apparently members of the reformed

1. See Somerset Incumbents, 358, 404.

Appendix D, 291

church were still in their hearts secretly attached to the
old faith and its teachings ; and the severity of the
Roman Catholic bishop of Bath and Wells towards
them in their youth, seems to have thrown somewhat
of a shadow over the otherwise prosperous career of
Thomas and Margaret Luttrell. No doubt these early
difficulties were the cause of the otherwise unintelligible
reference to the legality of their union, in the inscrip-
tion on the splendid tomb to their memory in Dunster
Church. The inscription at this present moment runs
thus : —

"... beth Queene of England and being then High Sheriff of
the Countie of Somerset and one of the yongest sones of
Andrew Luttrell knight, The sayd Thomas being lawfully
married unto Margaret Hadley daughter and sole Heire of
Christopher Hadley of Withycombe in the said Countie Es-
quire, by whom he had issue," etc.


Rectory of Selworthy. 1


Ric Denyse Rcor ib'm.

Rectoria ibm valet p annu viz in terr' dnical'
xxvjj v\\)d x ma lanf & agnox Ix'ujs iiij^
x mis predial' viij/z x mis psonal' cu aF casual'
lxxv-f xvj/z. vs.

Richard Denyse, Rector.
Rectory there is worth per annum, namely : in
1. Valor Ecclesiasticus.

292 History of Selworthy.

dominical lands 26s. 8d. ; tithes of wool and
lambs 63s.

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