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cottages are held rent free by such old and deserving
people as the owner for the time being chooses to put
into them.


JOHN Hatch or Hacche, rector of Selworthy. His
brother, or a near relation of his, Robert Hacche, was,
in 1363, abbot of Athelney. The abbot of Athelney
was accused at a forest court held at Somerton, of
stealing one of the king's deer. " They say," i.e. the
king's officers, the Roll runs (Ralph Perceval was then
deputy keeper of the forest of Exmoor), " that Robert
Hacche, abbot of Athelneye, and Henry his brother,
made a stable {i.e. a shelter or resting place) in the
wood called Lefhangre without the forest, on Monday
next after the feast of Saint Michael year aforesaid
(1363), and in the same place caught one calf stag." 1

Lefhangre, or Hanger Wood as it is now called, is

1. Annals of Exmoor, E. J. Rawle, pp. 73, 74.

Appendix K. 299

situate not far above Blackford Farm. It formed part
of the large tract of land which king John attached
wrongfully to the forest of Exmoor, and it was dis-
afforested after the boundary of the forest was re-fixed
by the perambulation of 26 Edw. I. It must have been
in those days a quiet secluded covert, well suited to
the nefarious designs of the venison-loving abbot,
whose property the wood itself may have been. The
incident gives us a curious glimpse into mediaeval life.
It seems strange to us nowadays to hear of this theft
of the king's deer being carried out by the brother of
a great ecclesiastic like the abbot of Athelney, and
apparently with his consent and connivance. Was
the rector of Selworthy implicated with his relations
we wonder, in this piece of poaching ? If he was, he
at all events erred in good company ! And if he was
not directly implicated, no doubt some part of the
stag thus unlawfully slain, found its way up the hill to
the rectory larder. Henry Hacche may have been
his brother the abbot's steward, and have lived where
the quaint old house, by tradition called the Priest's
House, still stands beside Lynch Chapel.


Acland Family. In Mr. E. J. Rawle's Annals of
Exmoor, p. 75, we find the following entry concerning
a member of this family. Pleas of the Forest, no. 16
(A.D. 1366) : " Inquisition held at Wells, on Thursday
next after the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul in
the 40th year of the reign of king Edward the third

300 History of Selworthy.

after the conquest, before Peter Attewode, etc

they (the king's officers) say that Roger Acklelane and
Walter Trommere caught and killed one calf stag
w thin the hundred of Wytherugge (Witheridge)
within the regard of the aforesaid forest of Exmoor

on Monday next after the feast of All Saints

in the 38th year of the aforesaid Lord King (1364)."
One does not wonder that the neighbouring land-
owners found it difficult sometimes to keep their hands
off the lordly deer, which came down from the moor
and carried off their crops from before their faces !


Freeholders in Selworthy. Although our
parish has been for some period now very largely in
the hands of one owner, this has by no means always
been the case. Besides the families mentioned in the
body of this book, the Worths of Luccombe and of
Worth, near Tiverton, an ancient family who have
lived at Worth from a very early period ; the Gould,
and perhaps the Coffin and Tayler families, held at
one time estates in the parish.

Now, besides the rector in right of his glebe, the
only freeholders left in the parish other than the owner
of the three manors, are the Clarke and Stoate fami-
lies. The Clarkes, as already stated have for a long
period lived on their property at West Lynch (while
a branch of their family have also occupied East
Lynch), and have for many generations taken a
leading and honourable part in the affairs of the

Appendix L. 301

valley. The Stoates, too, have been connected with
the parish for a great number of years. The last of
the Selworthy branch of the family, old " Counsellor
Stoate," as he was always called, lived at Allerford,
and must have been somewhat of a character. He
was also a man of considerable substance.

Another old family connected with the parish is
that of Siderfin. This family is probably an offshoot
of the family of Siderfin of Croydon, in the parish of
Timberscombe, a family of some importance in our
district in the seventeenth century.


The following song by a former resident in Luc-
combe, gives some idea of the varying aspects of
Dunkery Beacon : —


A Song.

Stern and black, stern and black,

Low lies the storm on the mountain track :

Black and stern, black and stern,

Hardly may we thy face discern

By the light westward — lurid and red —

And the thunder voices are overhead !

Where the lightning is never still,

Who'll now come with me over the hill ?

Grey and sad, grey and sad,

With a rain-wrought veil are thy shoulders clad :

Sad and grey, sad and grey,

Weird is the mist creeping up to-day,

302 History of Selworthy.

Ghostlike and white from the stream where it lay,
Hanging a shroud o'er the lone wild way.
Hidden and still, hidden and still,
Who'll now come with me over the hill ?

Fair and bright, fair and bright,

Purple and gold in the autumn light,

Bright and fair, bright and fair,

The butterflies float in the warm soft air,

Float and suck midst the heather bells,

And green are the ferns in the deer-loved dells.

Now who will, now who will

Come with me, come with me, over the hill ?



huh, t

sion "to, 64;' Robert Hacche, I church, 82; his will, 83; family
abbot of, 298. records, 84.

302 History of Selworthy.

Ghostlike and white from the stream where it lay,
Hanging a shroud o'er the lone wild way.
Hidden and still, hidden and still,
Who'll now come with me over the hill ?

Fair and hright, fair and bright,

■ » ■ •■ ■ * - *j a i;„k+



Accalen, Hugh de (see Acland
family, History of.)

Accounts, Parish, 116.

Accoutrements of a horse soldier
in the Civil Wars, 155.

Acland family, History of, 175;
arms of, 188 ; intermarriage of,
with Dykes of Dulverton, 173 ;
with Arundells of Trerice, 180;
with Wroth family, 181 ; monu-
ments to, in parish church, 57 ;
records of, in parish registers, 96.

Acland, John Dyke, Bravery of, in
the American War, 184 ; duel of,
with Capt. Lloyd, 188.

Acland, Lady Harriet, 184.

Acland, Sir Thomas, The late,
memorial to, 13.

Advovvson of Selworthy, 25, 66.

Akeland or AccaleD, co. Devon,
the birthplace of the Acland race,


Allerford, Manor of, 27, 205 ;
school, 295; tithing of, 1, 216;
Water, 8.

Anglo-Saxons, the earliest settlers,2.

Anne's, Queen, Bounty, First fruits
paid to, 65.

Appearances, Remarkable, 244.

Apple trees, Ancient custom of
" wassailing," 253.

Arundell Fall of the head of the
house of, 201.

Arundell, Humphrey, at the head
of the Cornish revolt, 196; trial
and execution of, 198.

Arundell, Sir John, Action of, in
the French wars, 190.

Arundells, of Trerice, Family his-
tory of, 22, 188.

Athelney, Abbey of, Ancient pen-
sion to, 64 ; Robert Hacche,
abbot of, 298.

Baptismal R egisters of Selworthy, j^j, £ a

Bam, Tithe, at Selworthy, 61.
Bells, Inscriptions on, at Selworthy

Church, 45.
Benefice, Selworthy, Valuation of,

in 1291, 64; in 1535, 65.
Birds, Folklore connected with, 254
Blackford, Ancient court held at

27 ; ancient manor house at, 5

family, History of, 163 ; monu

ment to, in parish church, 56

pedigree of, Appendix ; manor

of, 26 ; tithing of, 225.
" Boar Tithing " paid to rector of

Luccombe, 65.
Bosses, Carved, at Selworthy Church


Bossingas, Tribe of the, 2

Bossington and the Bossingas, 2

Bossington Beacon, 7

Brandi (Landnabok : "The sword-
bearer "), 4.

Brandy Street, on Roman road to
Porlock, 4 ; Roman coins found
at, 4.

Brasses, Monumental, at Selworthy
Church, 49.

Broadclyst Church, monument to
Sir John Acklande in, 178.

Bromley, Sir Oliver, 294.

Burial registers of Selworthy, 102.

Bury Castle, Ancient camp at, 7,

x 3-
Byam, Henry, Biographical sketch
of, 75 ; extracts from sermons,
75 ; sketch of his character, 80 ;
his troublous times, espousal of
the king's cause, and flight, 79 ;
tragic fate of Mrs. Byam, 81 ;
monument to him in Luccombe
church, 82 ; his will, 83 ; family
records, 84.

Sf u

e .

I o'o.

i o cj,
1 19.

I 'lo.
\ c l 3-

\ 25".



Canonical divorce, Law of, 88.

Canterbury, Convocation of, on reg-
istration, 89.

Capitulary of Charles the Great,
regulating tithe division, 15.

Carhampton, hundred of, 214

Carving, Ancient, at Selworthy
Church, 43.

Carvings on window of tithe barn
at Selworthy, 61.

Cattle, Bewitching of, 234.

Chapels, Ancient, in Holnicote
valley; St. Leonard's at Tivington
30; origin of district chapels, 31 ;
remains of chapel near priest's
path, 33 ; chapel at West Lynch,
35 ; prebendary Hingeston Ran-
dolph on the institution of, 37 ;
services held in, 39.

Charles the Great, Capitulary of,
regulating tithe division, 15.

Christenings, Superstitions connect-
ed with, 251.

Church Chest at Selworthy, 115;
papers from, 273.

Church House, for aged poor at
Selworthy, 60, 127 ; cost of re-
pairs to, in 1770, 127.

Churches, rural, Institution of, 15;
relation of, to the parochial sys-
tem, 15.

Churchwardens' accounts for the
parish of Selworthy, 116.

Circle, Witches', 244.

Civil wars, State of Holnicote valley
during the, 147.

Clarke family, History of the, 212 ;
freeholders in Selworthy, 300.

Clonmel, The tragedy at, 240.

Cock-crowing, Superstitions con-
nected with, 251.

Coins, Roman, found at Allerford, 4.

Colonists, Earliest, in the valley, 2.

Columb, (or Culm), John, Descent
of the estate of, 177 ; a royalist
stronghold, 179.

Commons and moors in the parish,


Compound names of later Saxon
date, 2.

Conquest, Holding of Selworthy
manor, at the time of the, 16.

Convocation of Canterbury on Reg-
istration, 89.

Coombes in Selworthy parish, 7.

Cornish insurrection, and the battle
of Exeter, 196.

Correspondence of Bishop Mont-
gomery, 134.

Court, Ancient, held at Blackford,

Court posts, Disposal of, 137, 139,

Cox, Julian, Trial of, for witchcraft,

Cromwell's " Registers," 90.

Cross roads in Selworthy parish, 9.

Cures effected by touch of the
seventh child, 238.

Danes cross, 9 ; fields, 9

De Linch, Family of (see De Ling).

De Ling family, History of, 212.

De Luccombe family, 22, 25.

Devil's " Registrar," The, 229.

Dickinson, Mr. F. H., on Roman
road to Porlock, 4.

District chapels, Origin of, 31 :
Prebendary H. Randolph on the
institution of, 37 ; services held

in, 39-
Divination, Power of, ascribed to

the clergy, 233.
Divorce for spiritual affinity, 88.
Domesday, Exeter, Description of

Selworthy manor in, 18.
Doone valley, Hermit of, 244.
Dove cot, Ancient, at Blackford, 10.
Dreams, Forewarnings given by,

Dunkery beacon, 8; a song, 301.
Dyke, of Dulverton, Family history

of, 170.
Dyke, of Kingston, Family history

of, 166.

East Lynch, Norse settlement at,


Edith, Queen, and the manor of
Selworthy, 3.

Education in Selworthy (see Aller-
ford school.)

Elizabethan register, Transcript of,
110; how discovered, 115.

Emoluments, Ancient, of Selworthy
church, 59 (see appendix D.)

Encampment, Ancient, near Sel-
worthy church, 13.

Epitaph on Alice, wife of Phihpi
Steynings, by Bishop Montgom-
ery, 129.



Etymology and prehistoric remains,

Executions for witchcraft, 230.

Exeter, Battle of, 198.

Exeter, Dean of, and Dean Mont-
gomery, 137.

Exeter domesday, Description of
Selworthy manor in, 18.

Existing roads in the parish, II.

Exmoor Ponies, History of the
Holnicote herd of, 260.

Exmoor, Royal forest of, held by
the Acland family, 183, 261.

Farms in the parish, 6.
Ferns in Selworthy lane, 259.
Fian, Dr., the "Devil's Registrar,"

Field-names, Older, 9.
First fruits paid to queen Anne's

bounty, 65.
Flora of Holnicote valley, 256.
Folklore, 227.

Food, Prices of, in 1739, 121.
Fords in the parish, 8.
Forest, Submarine, in Porlock Bay,


Forewarnings given by dreams, 249.
Forges cross, name given to cross-
roads' gallows, 247.
Franks family, History of, 212.
Freeholders in Selworthy, 300.

Gateway, Old, at Holnicote, 162.

Genealogical records, Early history
of, 87 ; absence of, during the
middle ages, 87 ; revival of, under
cardinal Ximenes, 88.

Ghost stories in the parish, 248.

Glebe, Rectory, at Selworthy, 62.

Great How, 9.

Hamlets, List of, in the Parish,

Heart filled with pins, Superstition

connected with, 239.
Hermit of Doone valley, 244.
Hills in the parish, List of, 7.
Holnicote, Collection of stags' heads

at, 265.
Holnicote, Hamlet of (Domesday,

Hunecot), 4; probable origin of

the estate, 4.
Holnicote house, Destruction of, by

fire, 162 ; old gateway at, 162.

Holnicote, Manor of; description
of, 28 ; holding of, 29 ; history of
the Steynings family in connec-
tion with, 129 ; brought into the
Acland family, 182.

Holnicote estate, Exmoor portion
of, 183, 260.

Holnicote valley, Flora of, 256.

Holnicote valley during the Civil
Wars, 147.

Hopkins, Matthew, the witchfinder,

Horner water, 8.

Hun (Ealdorman of the Somer-
soetas), 4.

Hunting stories told of Sir Thomas
Acland ninth baronet, 265.

Inhabitants of Selworthy, in

.1745. I2 3-
Irish bishop, Life of, in the reign of
James I, 144.

James I, Belief of, in witchcraft,
229 ; statute of, affecting sorcery,

Jewel, bishop, Sermon of, dealing
with witchcraft, 228.

Killerton, Seat of the Acland
family, 188.

King's evil, cure for the, 239.

Kingston, Sir A., Cruel acts per-
petrated by, 198.

Land, Parish, exempt from tithe, 1.

Lands belonging to the church, 59.

Lanes and roads in the parish, 8 ;
existing, II.

Leonard, St., Ancient chapel of, at
Tivington, 30.

Longevity of river-names, 8.

Lucar family, History of, 210.

Luccombe and Selworthy, Manors
of, described in Domesday, 16.

Luccombe, Hugh, Particulars of es-
tate of, 20.

Luccombe, Family of, (see De Luc-

Luttrell, . . . of Dunster, opposed
to the Royalists, 148.

Luttrell, Thomas, 290.

Lynch, Mill at, 9.

Lynch, East, Norse settlement at, 3.

Lynch, West, Chapel at, 35.




March-Phillips, Miss E., on breed
of Exmoor ponies, 263.

Marriage registers of Selworthy, 99.

Memorial to the late Sir Thomas
Acland, 13.

Mills, List of, in the parish, 9.

Mission chapels, Relation of, to
the ancient district chapels, 31.

Montgomery, Bishop, Extracts from
letters, and biographical notes of,
132; disposal of posts at court,
139 ; life of an Irish bishop in the
reign of James I, 144.

Monument to Henry Byam, in Luc-
combe church, 82.

Monuments in Selworthy Church,

49- • , -

Moors and commons in the parish, 9.

Norse settlement at Brandy Street,
4 ; at Lynch, 3.

" Overlooking,'' of persons and
cattle, 234.

Overseers, Accounts of, for 1739,
120; for 1740, 122; for 1741,
123; for 1745, 123; for 1746,
125; for 1748, 125; for 1750,
125; for 1760, 126; for 1761,
126; for 1763, 126; for 1765,
1766, 1770, 127.

Paddock, Local name for a toad,

Painted glass of fifteenth century
at Selworthy Church, 46.

Parish accounts, 116.

Parish, History of, indicated by
place names, 2.

Parishes, Origin of, 15.

Parish registers, Origin of, 88 ;
institution of, in England, 89 ;
Cromwell's registers, 90 ; fate of,
during Civil Wars, 91 ; treat-
ment of, 91 ; Elizabethan frag-
ment, found at Selworthy, 102,
110; Selworthy registers, 93.

Parliamentarians and Royalists in
Holnicote Valley, 148.

Parochial system, Origin of the, 15.

Payments, Ancient, from Selworthy
church, 64.

Pendennis Castle, Governorship
of, held by John Arundel, of
Trerice, 203 ; siege of, 203.

Perceval, Rt. Hon. S., murder of,
foreseen in a dream, 249.

Personal history of the parish, 129.

Pixies, dealings with the, 247.

Place names, history of parish indi-
cated by, 2 ; derivations of, in
Selworthy, 2, 6.

Plants, Rare, found in neighbour-
hood of Selworthy, 257.

Poor-House, Ancient, at Selworthy,

Ponies, Holnicote Herd of, on
Exmoor, 260 ; attempts to im-
prove the breed of, 261 ; qualities
and points of, 262 ; connection of
the Rawle family with, 264.

Porlock Bay, Extension of land in,
indicated by submarine forest, 5.

Prehistoric remains at Selworthy, 1.

Priest's path, remains of ancient
chapel near, 33.

Pylle's mills, Selworthy, 9.

Raleigh family, History of, 205 ;
Sir Simon de, actively engaged in
the wars in Spain and France,
208 ; Dr. Walter, Murder of,
210; Sir Wymond de, founder
of St. Leonard's chapel at Axmin-
ster, 207.

Ratepayers of Selworthy in 1736,
List ot, 119.

Rawle family, Connected with breed
of Exmoor ponies, 264.

Rawle family, History of, 214.

Rectors, Selworthy, 64-86 (see also
Selworthy rectors. )

Rectory house at Selworthy, 62.

Register Act, 181 2, Provisions of, 99

Registers, Selworthy; how con-
tained, 93 ; Staynings bequest in,
94 ; records of Acland family in,
96 ; list of early registers, 97 ;
provisions of register act, 1812,
99 ; earliest record of marriage
in, 100; Elizabethan burial regis-
ter, 102; last member of Stayn-
ings family mentioned in, 104.

Registers, Treatment of, 91.

Registration, Origin of present sys-
tem of, 88.

Registration, Convocation of Can-
terbury on, 89.

Ridd, local surname of, Possible
derivation of, io.



Rites, Magic, to exorcise evil spirits,

River names. Longevity of, 8.

Road, Roman, direction of, from
Minehead to Porlock, 5, II.

Roads and Lanes in the Parish, 8 ;
existing, 11.

Roads, Cross, in the parish, 9.

Roges Family, of Porlock (see Sel-
worthy rectors).

Rolls, Subsidy, of Somerset, ex-
tracts from, 214.

Roman Coins, Discovery of, at
Brandy street, 4.

Roman Road from Minehead to
Porlock, direction of, 5, n.

Royalist Valley, A, 147.

Royalists and Parliamentarians, 148

Rural churches, Institution of, 15 ;
relation of, to the parochial
system, 15.

Rydery, red stone from the quarry
of, 10; probable derivation of
local surname Ridd from, 10.

St. Leonard, Ancient chapel of,
at Tivington, 30.

Scald head, remedy for, 233.

Sealworthe (the Willow field ;
Domesday, Seleurda), see Sel-

Sel (O. E.), probable founder of the
settlement of Selworthy, 6.

Seleurda (Domesday), see Sel-

Selworthy, Advowson of, did not
pass with the manor, 25 ; held by
Hugh de Luccombe, 66.

Selworthy Beacon, 7.

Selworthy church, Architectural
features, 41 ; ancient carving dis-
covered during restoration, 43 ;
evidences of existence of an
earlier church, 44 (see also p.
191) ; bells, 45 ; fifteenth century
painted glass, 46 ; description of
carved bosses, 46 ; brasses, 49 ;
monuments in, to families of
Staynings, 55 ; Blackford, 56 ;
Acland, 57 ; lands and pos-
sessions of, 59, 291 ; church
house, 60; tithe barn, 61 ; rec-
tory house, 62 ; glebe and wood-
land, 62.

Selworthy, Freeholders in, 300.

Selworthy Green, 297.

Selworthy Manor, History of the
descent of, 16 ; in existence prob-
ably before the church, 16; held
by queen Edith with the manor
of Luccombe at the Conquest,
16 ; description of, 18 (see also
Personal History).

Selworthy, Parish of, how denned,
1 ; etymology and prehistoric re-
mains of, 1 ; possible derivation of
name of, 6 ; place names of, 2, 6 ;
population of, in the middle ages,
214; principal inhabitants of, in
1745, 125 ; condition of the poor
in, fifty years ago, 296 ; ratepayers
of, in 1736, 119.

Selworthy rectors, 64-86 ; valuation
of benefice in 1291, 64; ancient
pension to abbey of Athelney, 64 ;
annual payment to Eton college,
64 ; " Boar Tithing " to the rector
of Luccombe, 65 ; first fruits to
queen Anne's bounty, 65 ; value
of benefice in 1535, 65; biogra-
phical records : — Joh. De Roges
(13 10), 68 ; John Hatche (1364),
70 ; Thomas Steyning (1473), 70;
WilSiam Fleete (1570), 71 ; Henry
Byam (1617), 73 ; John Gaylard
(1692), 84 ; Richard Percivall
(1724), 85; Joshua Stephenson
(1802), 86; list of, from 1310
to the present time, 66.

Selworthy registers; how contained,
93 ; loss of early volumes, 93 ;
Staynings bequest in, 94; records
of Acland family in, 96 ; list of
early registers, 97 ; provisions of
register act, 1812, 99; earliest
record of marriage in, 100 ; Eliz-
abethan burial register, 102 ; last
member of Staynmgs family men-
tioned in, 104.

Sermons of Rev. Henry Byam,
Extracts from, 75.

Siderfin family, 301.

Small pox, Outbreaks of, in the
parish, 128.

Somerset fines, Extract from, relat-
ing to manor of Blackford, 26.

Song, "Dunkery Beacon," 301.

Sorcery (see Witchcraft).

Spells to disarm sorcery, 234.

Spiritual affinity, Divorce for, 88.

3 o8


" Spurs," Battle of the, 202.
Stags' heads, Collection of, at Hol-

nicote stables, 265.
Steynings family, History of, 129;

monument to, in parish church,

55 ; records of, in parish register,

94, 104; will of Charles Steynings,

Stoate family, 301.
Streams in Selworthy parish, 8.
Submarine forest in Porlock bay,

Evidence of land extension in

Roman times deduced from, 5.
Subsidy rolls of Somerset, Extracts

from, 214.
Superstitions prevalent in the west

country, 227.
Sutcliffe,' Matthew, dean of Exeter,

and Dean Montgomery, 137.

Taunton, Archdeacon of, annual
payments to, from the church
funds, 65.

Tithe barn at Selworthy rectory,
12, 61.

Tithe division, capitulary of Charles
the Great regulating, 15.

Tithings of the parish of Sel-
worthy, I.

Tivington, Ancient chapel of St.
Leonard at, 30, 207.

Tivington, Hamlet, Derivation of
name of, 5.

Trevelyan, Col. George, fining of,

Trevelyans of Nettlecombe, 148 ;


Valleys in Selworthy parish, 7.
Valuation of Selworthy benefice in
1291,64; in 1535, 65.

Walks, Woodland, in the parish,


Wassailing, Custom of, 253.
Wentworth Family, Connection of,
with Selworthy manor, 23.

West Lynch, Ancient house of,

Willoughby Family, Connection of,
with the Steynings, 13 1.

Wills, Extracts from, Henry Byam,
83 ; Elizabeth Steynings, 161 ;
Charles Steynings, 266 ; Richard
Blackford, 164 ; Elizabeth Black-
ford, 165 ; William Blackford,
165 ; Thomas Dyke, of Kingston,
167 ; Thomas 'Dyke (2), 168 ;
Thomas Dyke (3), 169 ; George
Deane, 170; William Dyke, of
Dulverton, 171; Margaret Dyke,
171 ; Edward Dyke (1), 172 ;
Elizabeth Dyke, 172; Edward
Dyke (2), 1 73 ; Roger Greenwood,
210; Antony Lucar, 21 1 ; George
Hobbes, 211 ; William Ayshe,


Witch, Trying of a, 229.

Witch, White, 233.

Witchcraft, Belief of James I in,
229; executions for, 230; parlia-
mentary bill dealing with, 228 ;
preventives against, 228 ; recent
cases of, 242 ; sermon of bishop
Jewel on, 228 ; statute of James
I, affecting, 230 ; trial of Julian
Cox for, 240.

Witchfinders, Professional, 232.

Woodland walks in the parish,

Woods and plantations, Names of,


Wroth family, Note on the, 181.

Wyckings, Fortified post of the, 3.

Wyndham, Colonel, and the Royal-
ists, 150.

Wyndham, Mrs., influence at court,

Wyndhams of Kentsford, The,

XiMHNES, Cardinal, Revival of
genealogical records under, 88.









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