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the railroad track in Wesl (iloucester. Closely Follow-
ing, ii is in place for me to mention, the Sue
Company, makers of useful things in steel and sheet
metal, the hig hox and harrel Factories, the foumlrv and

itu - '


munition plant*, tli. \ • 1 1 1 * -

1 1 i • i! VI


quality throughout tin Intnl. tin-
1 1.-\« - 'iiilil

oil flothi

. w 1 1 .
plant* where I i n« - . li-li

uf;utin««l. tli< ! Ilium k

iimI ii-|i nnd i-...| h\

whose development has been so ijuiet, so steady mid so
- in 1 thai < rloucester has no fear as she Faces tin- Future.
Thirty years or so ago a dozen Families constituted the
summer population and a Few hoarding hous< i For

i In- summer h< »arders. In the \ car i hal ( ilo
hecame ;i city ncrit\ For the summci
months. (iloucester must become the great vacation
city of .-ill \.-w Knjrlaud, nol For tile crowds thai\ .t fm 1 1 •• •-« - \\ Ik

a |»l itiful l>

Banki Sho%v I ■ . ■ Resource! Bud ( onierrathre

M.iri.« .< in «-!it.


ml. in

n it 1 1 tl


mn tin- mm would «1


II I '. 1 1 1

; , .

*i I


No description of Gloucester would he conn did not refer t the exeelleuee « »f the
rendered hy the (iloueester (ins Light Com pan \ and hv
the Gloucester Electric Company, n service givei
fnir and equitahle rates when [>opulatiou and demand
are fairly taken into consideration. The splendid
stores in every line of husiness serve the puhlic well
with large mikI selected stocks of goods and their pro-
prietors eater t" their customers with ohliging clerks.
\'»r should tli«' excellence of it- ice supply he |>:<
over. The Cape I'ond Ice Company prides itself justly
upon the purity of it- ice, the reasonahleness of its
prices and i lie courtet uisness of it- help.

I I... I..UII

I f in all these t lungs I have forgotten to tell \ «m
the storv of Dogtown it is not hecause I am iusciisihlc
to the romantic history that lies within that story. I
could nol if I wanted to, tell you .-i- I would like all
nhout that deserted \ illage in the ven eentn
Cape whose only witnesses of its existence toda>
1 he few overgrow n cellars ami the hills \\ Ik tin'

corn was planted. The picture that the storv would
I,. || is so mysterious, so weird, so near the laud ot
dreams that \\\\ w master painter could picture
word - 1 lull would thrill the listen*

: rs

ltx- ( li.\ni'.- from Inwn t> ( it \ Form "I
Go\ eminent

In I '


•ut in

form i if mu
lilt 1 u huh 1 pr-
iii till' flllleipes and the planl al the
time i- in excellent condition, with three large w
supply basins. The city pays nothing for either hydrant
Mi-ciiy service. Pherc are - '. T < *■ tin- hydrant
tin- city and the city buildings are all practically sup-
plied with water.

What the Future of Gloucester Promises.

< rloucester of the Pasl and of the Present, that has
been I have tried to tell you. We citizens arc
proud of the record. It is .1 record of achievement
again si sometimes heavy odds, \\ < like to tell the
story of it- history. It is full and running over with
events all interesting, many of great in port an It

cann< >1 be denied t ha1 this i- historic count r\ I I
men and our women stand for the best things; they
have been and are men and women of courage and
conviction. Cosmopolitan as the community is by
reason of the coming into our midst of the peopl<

many nationalities, we challenge anj • to sa> that we

are not law-abiding, lovers of justice, firm Indievers in
the right. Honest hearted and open hearted \\«- I


mm 1

in n \\ ■


lill.'l w itli i

\\ • ■ ,
shall In

hi w ill -i-t th> bj
members oi the Cshard family,
early stage coach dm ere be-
tween Lanesville, Day \ lew,
Anmsquam and C iloui
form an arch over Wr ashington
-i reel near \ tne Bl reel just
before reaching tne village.
Anmsquam Dridge, l.uilt m
lool, although as eai I

I o< >2, i he ( leneral L our!
granted certain residents oi
Anmsquam the right i>> l>uiul
a bridge and charge tolls.

1 his authority w as not
cised lor in li s >4n w hat was
then W igwain Point,

Anmsquam Point. Anmsquam River running from (jloucestei II
t,. [pswich Baj is much used by fishing boa a and bj pleasure craft Its
shores furnish delightful locations for Bummer homes. I wo islands in «!•«.•
river, Anmsquam Island (formerly Biskie Island, then Woodbury s. then
lv ist's and Merchant's Island (formerly Millett's, then I '■ ■ - also
are hnelj Bituated tor summer hon

Blynman Bridge marks the - te where the "i or canal was made in l'>4 I

Rev. Richard Blynman, first settled minister aftei tlu I
oi the town, L642. The present bridge was built 1910.

R - leading summer resort oi the North Shore is n<
,| boulders, its surf, it- summer homes and hotels, it- shore drives
Good Harbor Beach, nearby, a splendid stretch oi hard smooth
affords the finest surf bathing. I |ust beyond B

and .it Eastern Point affords at .ill times magnificent suri display
ill -i .i ge\ ere st< irm .

The Cape Ann Scientific and Litei V

building at 65 Middle street, and here can be seen a (ins collect
earl) models oi Gloucester fishing vessels, much i
Gloucester history and an interesting model >•'
as before i lie great (ire of li

..! - MASS -II-


' !l .111.1 1» Melt!

|i n \\ illi w J,'\ I' i- t- .illian

W i ! 'outfit I rul nunai

i *.

i i

i H H

i >


1 ...


1 1


GL01 < l>l ll; M vss UlirsKTTS


At I -i-l .-in Point l k local. 'il

tlif OKI Fort, erected in
lo62 l>> ill.' Government.

I I - now tli.' Bite ol Tin'

Ramparts, the beautiful sum-
Mi. t home ol t li.' Raj inoii.l

lamik ol L l.'\ .'laiiil. (. )hio.

.At the extreme end ol Eastern
romt is t li.' Iic'n house, i
.-.I L831. rebuilt L890.
Near the lighthouse, extend-
ing nearly hali a mile toward
the, harbor 1- Dog oar Dreak-

w flter, Imilt ol L ape .Ann

granite and finished in 1^04.
Also near the lighthouf
OKI Mother .Ann. a perfect
contour oi t he race oi an >>K1
woman in the boulders and
was for many years named by
the boat fishermen W oman

in the Rocks. . \t Pastern

Pour is \ ilc - Pond, N ile 8

□each, fine driving roads, beautiful summer estati hotels

and boarding houses and the entire terntorj is already one ,.l the !•
the North Shore summer places. On I.e. Ice Lane near Mount Pl<

avenue an. I Past Mam -I loot 18 "The Stud B the MoOTS Kvult in

1 1 < > front designs b> the noted architect l\al| K Adams Cram bj Mi

and .Mrs. \\ lllrain E, Atwood, where during tl exhlbltlOl

be given l>\ the artist- and sculptors who Bpend the summer months on the
Near the Btudio is the beautiful estate ol Mi and Mrs \i

Mount Anne Pari (formerly I n Mountain ). the highest

land OH Cape Ann. I- readied I. \ \ew SA

\\ est Gloucester. Another high point ol land is [tie Pol
Riverdale, just this side ol The M ills on W ashington street. Botl
points afford the best views in all directions from Gloucester. Mount
.Anne Park i- a memorial to the M mot * imilj of B ; ublic

r n at ion.

The ample water supplies of the eirj are located at West G

comprise Wallace, Dike and Haskell's Ponds. Ol 1

ireetl) in front ol this pro]

by the cit> and situated so near to the eit> pro|

f or bathing and recreation Where the Collins School

|> . . .. , . .., W as another windmill. P

Back street. Middle street • u Cornhill and \1

On Middl. »n by Captain Lmzee oi the British Man of W
Falcon when he unsuccessful!) bombarded the I >wn. Among other
articles may be mentioned the rare silver communn service ntur)

old. In the older church nil the important public eventf licl.l

during the latter part ol 1 1 1 » - eighteenth and the earl) hall oi the
nineteenth centuries, including ilif town meetn

\. Meeting M Green "up in town were located the first three

,.| the First Parish, although an •
probably built nearer the old Burying Ground on Centennial
Here was built the meeting house of the Fourth Parian, 1752
down 1840. Here was the old time Training Field although

mother nearer the cent re ol the I
avenue and Prospect street The \
tennial avenue near V\ ish •

the oldest in the cit) , Kt West < ilou i

Ground, the second oldest, and here lie t 1
Samuel Tomson. first mi

. :\

■iTI i: M VSS.\( III -I I I

( •'• 'i 1 , !• >

II' ( ~ . r lllt>

M vtlut-li uim DUllI lit*'

i L .'

L livu . •

304. In '•' •

( i R

Iwll il . tn# bell

I iltli . ml ilurn .

1 li%" I *

I L liwnli .il tli. | i

tltat line 1 1
I h* rliur.
John N I "I I n.

beautiful colon wl i-I>m-k o\

Mire] or&m wnicn I..

( hurrn in \

M Iter* ll ■• I

in 1 1 ' lie runl !

\i \ : . l!i«" \ ill.i.. - K

v the

i'Ii M li

1 1 It'll






GL01 ( I -II i; m VSS M'lll'SI II-

bought the island lor one hundred bounds and in \7-7 he sold
J -• . Ii Allen lor one hundred seventy-five bounds. In \77\ tL-
Colonial Government bought ii for five hundred bounds and proceeded to
erect the twin lighthouses and on December 21, \i< I il fthted

lor the first time. Except for .1 time during) 1 1 1 . - Revolution tlu~»- li^lit*
have burned every molit to warn those who travel upon th<
dangers oi 1 he ■

Gloucester and Gape Ann have manj boints where summer homes Li\.-
been Unit and at the present time over a thousand families have thus
I here beside the man) thousands \\ lio take advantage oi the living
afforded by the many summer hotels and boarding houses and the s\i

is constantly lengthening, the beople coming each rand

staying later. I o Bpeak oi the following blaces on C ape Ann
oi delightful blaces where either the mosl sumptuous summer n
the Bimpler Bummer bungalow and camp have been livuli to I-
each year l>\ families who are glad to call Cape .Ann their summer home,
Magnolia, fresh NArater Cove, West Gloucester, W
the Parish, rernwood, Otandwood Point, NAfinniahdin, Xgamenticu*
Heights, Bastern Point. Bass Rocks, Drier Neck, I. one Beach, lianas
l/iul. otarknaughl Heights, otone Haven, Straitsmouth, Pigeon ^
Phillips avenue, Ocean \ lew, Lanec lie, Baj \ lew, Rock holm.
Norwood I Leights, Vnnisquam, I hurston I oint, W heelei !
Riverview, \\ oil Mill. Annisquam I s !.: Merchant* Island.

At Essex, seven miles from Gloucester either bj trolley or by
the finest oi Btate highways, the shipyards where for n any

Is have been I >vi ■ 1 1 are well worth seeing. Hen t I
there is unusual activity and the latest models including th<


V V • > ! 1 1 n £1
^ I


. •

J.ll.Ts II ,44 V*

I (,• Wliii

i •

Y7 Middli

' >nl;lli. ilia tl 111. Mi

n mill .i I
v i.l hull

I * i




! |


(JUHVKS'I l II, \l \ — \« ill SKTTH

bouse, 7 ( \1 .111.- m reel . built .il

Middle street, built about 1770. William Dolliver ho< lal.lK-

. built pn

L764. now the Sawyer Free Library, with beautiful colonial
Gilbert Home, : > Western avenue, built bj Nathaniel
afterward owned by Samuel Gilbert and bis son Addison Gilbert w ho in
L888 willed i: to Glou< I I ^ged Men _>n 1 \\

Col. Jobn Stevens bouse, 3 Angle street, built about I. (y
Dolliver House. 214 Main street, built about 1700. William I
House, East Main street, opposite Ferrj L.m.ln . uilt about L750

BrookbanV, Freshwater Cove. 256 W mue. built b> >'

ofSamuel E.Sawyer in L714. The borne ol Mi =

TKese are but a few ol tbe manj old and interesting
Tber. - otbers. Many an bour can brd.tabl;

visiting tbem. in reading ol tbeir kistorj and ol ll
built or occupied tbem. Some ten j

9 of articles ler tbe pseudonym "Old Tin

ing things about tbem and about Gl sterol tbe olden d

published in th, G I XA fl» n ,l, :i

ritten in The Times d.

B -.1, tbe Important and valuable I;
Prinze, tbe Memorial of tbe Two Hund,

t |, e Si I I ownb> Mann, I


■ i icl«
I I ii writ Ion ul-

H VV mrd. C liu\ t>

I in a .!rlit>ltt twl en ol \ ulu. !

W9U. II'

•ii.-nC tin- l.irv • : llfN

ri\ ull»'«l v
I-. tin- old
M .

tern lull"

M lllill

ill \\«'ll
1 tllllt ill.

nrv nl

\ llic M M



Cape Ann ^afmwg ganfe

(Gloucester, JHass.

A Massachusetts Mutual Savings Institul


Organized and Conducted undei the
Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

for the Benefit of its Depositors

Open Every Business Day () a.m. I p.m

Saturdays in addition foi Deposits


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