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sion, 203 ; refusal to submit to,
213 ; organization of, 215 ; method
of appointment, 217 ; facilities to



be supplied, 218; report of, 219;
not to have binding force, 219.

International Court of Arbitration,
importance of the subject, 2im ;
discussion on, in Cumite d^Ex-
amen, 240 ; declaration of M.
Bourgeois, 240 ; statement of Lord
Pauncefote, 24."] ; speech of Chev-
alier Descamps, 244 ; speech of
Prof. Zorn in opposition, 246;
speech of M. Asser, 249 ; speech
of Count Nigra, 250 ; speech of
M. de Martens, 251 ; speech of
M. Odier, 252 ; speech of Prof.
Lanunasch, 25o ; speech of Mr.
Holls, 254 ; cordial adherence of
Germany, 257 ; organization of,
257 ; jurisdiction of, 258 ; bureau
and record office of, 258 ; appoint-
ment and term of judges of, 259 ;
manner of selecting particular
tribunals of, 204 ; place of sitting,
267 ; extension of jurisdiction,
267 ; first appointments to, 305.

International rivers, 230.

Interoceanic canals, 230.

Japan, shown by, 325.

Jarousse de Sillac, Max, secretary
of the Peace Conference, 57 ; as-
sistant secretary Comite cV Ex-
ameii, 170.

Journal de St. Petersburg^ official
explanation of rescript, 12.

Judges of International Court of
Arbitration, appointment and
term of office, 259 ; qualifications
of, 260 ; diplomatic privileges and
immunities of, 266.

Judges, not to practise in certain
cases, 280.

Jurisdiction of arbitral tribunal to
be determined by it, 283.

Karnebeek, A. P. C. van, member
from the Netherlands. 47 ; elected
vice-president of the Peace Con-
ference, 57 ; speech on limitation

of armaments, 81 ; interview with
British delegates on expanding
bullets, 103 ; cU)sing speech of,
347 ; speech at Delft, 537.

Khuepach, Victor von. member from
Austria-Hungary, 42.

Konow, A., member from Sweden
and Norway, 51.

Ktinzli, Colonel Arnold, member
from Switzerland, 51 ; remarks on
term " belligerent," 143.

Labor of prisoners of war, 145.

Lammasch, member from Austria-
Hungary, 42 ; member Comite
d''Examen, 169; speech on Inter-
national Court of Arbitration,
253 ; views as to judges and
counsel, 280.

Language to be used before arbitral
tribunal, 280.

Laws and customs of war, ratifica-
tion of treaty on, 139 ; adherence
to, 140; denunciation of, 140;
value of treaty on, 163.

Le Grand, Albert, secretary of the
Peace Conference, 57.

Lieber, Francis, code of rules of
war, 150.

Limitations of armaments : sub-com-
mittee on, 82 ; report of sub-com-
mittee, 83 ; value of further study
of the question, 92.

Low, Seth, member from the United
States, 40 ; raises question as to
practice of judges before the Inter-
national Court, 280 ; speech on
rehearing, 303 ; speech at Delft,

Lu Tseng Tsang, member from
China, 42.

Mahan, Captain Alfred T., member
from the United States, 40 ; objec-
tions to i)rohibition of projectiles
with a.s])hyxiating gas, 119 ; pro-
poses additional articles to Geneva



Convention, 131 ; withdrawal of
same, 132.

Martens, Fedor de, member from
Ilussia, 49 ; speech on laws and
customs of war, 135 ; declaration
on hiws and customs of war, 143 ;
opinion on vaine of treaty on laws
and customs of war, 161 ; member
Comite iV Examen, 169 ; speech
on Commissions of Inquiry, 206 ;
speech on International Court of
Arbitration, 2-31 ; remarks on
requirement of opinion, 285 ;
speech on rehearing, 287 ; speech
on private property on the high
seas, 314.

Maschine, Colonel, member from
Servia, 50.

Mediation, 176 ; advantage of, 177 ;
former agreements as to, 178 ;
offer of, 180 ; a permanent insti-
tution, 181 ; special (see Special

Mediator, duty of, 185 ; when func-
tions cease, 185.

Mehemed Pascha, member from
Turkey, 51.

M6rey de Kapos M^re, Gaetan,
member from Austria-Hungary,

Mier, M. de, member from Mexico,

Mijatovich, Chedomil, member from
Servia, 50.

Mining shells for field artillery,
report on, 94.

Mirza Riza Khan, member from
Persia, 47.

Mirza Samad Khan, member from
Persia, 48.

Monetary affairs, 230, 231.

Monroe Doctrine, text of American
declaration on, 270 ; discussion
of, 271.

Montenegro (see Russia).

Motions before tribunal, 283.

Motono, M. J., member from Japan,

Mounier, Brigadier-General, member

from France, 44.
Mouravieff, Count, circular letter

of, January 11th, 1899, 24.
Miinster, Prince, member from

Germany, 38 ; closing speech of,

346 ; replies to, 347.
Muskets, report on, 96.

Naval warfare, methods of, 117.

Nelidoff, M. de, suggestions on
special mediation, 188.

Netherlands, ciueen of, telegram to,
57 ; telegram from, 58.

Netherlands Government, formal in-
vitation of, to the Conference, 32 ;
hospitality of, 324.

Neutral countries, detention of bel-
ligerent sick or woupded in,

Neutral states, resolution for a future
conference on rights and duties of,

Neutral territory, passage of wounded
or sick belligerents through, 160.

Neutral vessels acting as hospital
ships, 126.

Neutralization, 194.

Neutrality, a code of, 371.

Newel, Stanford, member from the
United States, 40.

Nigra, Count Constantino, member
from Italy, 45 ; honorary presi-
dent of committee on arbitration,
165 ; speech on International
Court of Arbitration, 250 ; speech
on rehearing, 290 ; speech on im-
munity of private property on the
high seas, 321.

Non-combatants recognized, 141.

Noury Bey, member from Turkey,

Objections before tribunal, 283.
Obligatory arbitration, proposal for,

Odier, Edouard, member from

Switzerland, 51 ; member Comite



d^ Exampn, 16U ; speech on Iiiter-
iiatiDiial Court of Arbitration, 252.

Officers as prisoners of war, 149.

Okoliscanyi von Okoliscna, member
from Austria-Huntjary, 41.

Opinion of Chevalier Descauips, 2G0.

Opinion required from arbitral tri-
bunal, 285.

d'Orelli, Ciievalier Corragioni, mem-
ber from Siam, 50.

d'Ornellas Vasconcellos, Agostino,
member from Portugal, 48 ;
motion on special mediation, 200.

d'Ornellas, Captain Ayres, member
from Portugal, 48.

Ovtchinnikow, Lieutenant, member
from Russia, 49.

Papiniu, Jean N., member from
Iloumania, 48.

Parliamentary law, absence of, 114.

Pathological observations, 330.

Pauncefote, Lord, member from
Great Britain, 44 ; declaration on

' expanding bullets, 115; honorary
president of committee on arbi-
tration, 105 ; address on Interna-
tional Court of Arbitration, 233 ;
statement on International Court
of Arbitration, 243 ; suggestion as
to judges and counsel, 280.

Peace, maintenance of general, 175 ;
schemes for eternal, 351 ; true defi-
nition of, 361.

Peace Conference, the calling of
the, 1 ; opening of the, 36 ; for-
mal invitation to, 32 ; what States
invited, 34 ; Central and South
American Repuljlics not invited,
35 ; list of members of, 38 ; exclu-
sion of outsiders, 38 ; summary of
the sessions of, 46 ; second ses-
sion of, 58 ; from day to day, 322 ;
time of meetings of, 322 ; festivi-
ties in honor of, 324 ; private
hospitality in honor of, 324 ; re-
cess of, 325 ; pamphlets and pro-
jects sent to, 328 ; closing .session

of, 335 ; final adjournment of,
350 ; a natural consummation,
351 ; diplomatic nature of, 352 ;
difference between, and con-
gresses of Vienna, Paris, and Ber-
lin, 352 ; theory of, on war and
peace, 260 ; reasons for encour-
agement concerning results of,
371 ; ultimate effects of, inde-
pendent of temporal or local con-
ditions, 358.

Peaceful Adjustment of Inter-
national Differences, treaty for,
164 ; text of, 174 ; analogy of, to
constitution, 164.

Peirce, Herbert H. D., United States
Charge (V Affaires, report on the
Conference, 16.

Penalty, generally prohibited, 157.

Pepliau, Kear-Admiral, member
from France. 44.

Persia, distinctive tiag of, on hospi-
tal ships, 125.

Phya Suriya, member from Siam, 50.

Phya Visuddha, member from Siam,

Pillage, prohibition of, 153-157.

Poison prohibited, 151.

Pompilj, Commander Guido, mem-
ber from Italy, 45.

Poortugael, General J. C. C. den
Beer, member from the Nether-
lands, 47 ; .speech on limitation of
armaments, 72 ; reply to Capt.
Crozier on expanding bullets, 112 ;
remarks on term " belligerent,"

Pop, G. J. C. A., assistant .secre-
tary, 57.

Pope, claims of the, 333 ; corre-
spondence of. with queen of
Netherlands, 338.

Postage, free, 149.

Powders, report on, 93.

Press, communications to, 04 ; atti-
tude of the, 167.

Prisoners of war, status of, 145 ; de-
tention of, 145 ; labor of, 145 ;



attempts to escape of, 140 ; treat-
ment of, 140 ; trial of, 146 ; dis-
closure of name and rank of, 147 ;
breach of parole, 148 ; correspon-
dents and reporters, 148 ; bureau
of information, 148 ; relief soci-
eties, 140 ; free postage, 149 ; offi-
cers, 14i> ; religious tolerance,
149 ; wills, death certificates, and
burials, 150 ; repatriation, 150.

Private property on the high seas,
immunity of, 306 ; policy of
United States regarding, 806 ;
memorial of American Commis-
sion regarding, 307 ; proposed
article on, 311 ; speech of M. de
Martens, 814 ; speech of Mr.
White, 314 ; speech of Count
Nigra, 321 ; abstention of Great
Britain and others, 321.

Procedure, arbitral (see Arbitral

Prohibition of certain means of
injuring the enemy, 151.

Projectiles for the diffusion of
asphyxiating gases, 118.

Property, private (see Private Pro-
perty on the High Seas).

Property, wanton destruction pro-
hibited, 152.

Proposition to appoint by highest
courts of Signatory States, 261.

Quarter, prohibition of, refused, 151.

Queen of Netherlands, reception and
dinner to Conference, 32:1 ; cor-
respondence with Pope, 338.

Raffalovich, Arthur, member from
Russia, 49 ; assistant Secretary
General of the Peace Conference,

Rahusen, E. N., member from the
Netherlands, 47.

Railway plants, 159.

Rams, 118.

Rappard, W. de, Secretary of the
Peace Conference, 57.

Rehearing, agreement for, 286 ;
debate on, 287 ; American plan
on, 287 ; adoption of M. Asser's
amendment, 303.

Relief societies for prisoners of war,

Religious tolerance with prisoners of
war, 149.

Renault, Louis, member from
France, 44 ; report on Geneva
Convention, 121.

Repatriation of prisoners of war, 150.

Report on signatures, 336.

Reporters and correspondents, 148.

Requisitions, 158.

Resolution on limitation of arma-
ments, 90.

Restraint as to time and place of
warfare, 193.

Rivers, international, arbitration re-
garding, 230. ■

Rochussen, Jonkheer J. J., Secre-
tary of the Peace Conference, 57.

Rolin, Edouai'd, member from Siam.
50 ; report on laws and customs
of war, 139.

Romberg-Nisard, Belgian philan-
thropist, 150.

Roth, Arnold, member from Switz-
erland, 51.

Roumania, objections to Commis-
sions of Inquiry, 210 ; objections
to arbitration, 221.

Ruses of war permitted, 152.

Russell, Lord, of Killowen, sugges-
tions on .special mediation, 189.

Russia, Emperor of, text of Rescript,
8 ; birthday celebration, 36 ; tele-
gram to, 54 ; telegi-am from, 53.

Sakamoto, Captain, member from
Japan, 46.

Salisbury, Lord, acceptance on be-
half of Great Britain, 14 ; despatch
Feb. 14, 1899, 29.

Scheine, Captain, member from
Russia, 49 ; proposition of limita-
tion of calibre of naval guns, 117.



Schiniuielpeiininck, Jonkheer A. G.,
Secretary of the Peace Confer-
ence, 57.

Sclilief, Der Friede in Eurapa, 7.

ydiwarzhoff, Major-General Gross
von, member from Germany, 3!) ;
speech on limitation of arma-
ments, 70 ; remarks on term "bel-
ligerent," 14i.

Scott, Sir Charles, British Ambas-
sador at St. I'etersburg, report on
Rescript, 11; desjiatch Jan. 12,
1899, 27.

Secrecy, necessity of, 168.

Selir. Count de, member from Port-
ugal, 48.

Serrallo, Count de, member fro)n
Spain, 4o.

Shipwrecked, sick, or wounded,
status of, 127 ; disposition of,

Siam, distinctive flag of, on hospital
ships, 126.

Sick and wounded, care of, 127.

Siegel, Captain, member from Ger-
many, 39.

Soltyk, Count Stanislas, member
from Austria-Hungary, 42.

Spanish-American War, 1.

Special mediation, 187 ; adoption
of, 189 ; method of procedure,
201 ; practical value of, 202.

Spies, 153 ; punishment of, 154.

Staal, Baron de, member from Rus-
sia, 49 ; elected President of the
Peace Conference, 54 ; introduc-
tory speech of, 55 ; address of
May 20, 58 ; speech of, on limita-
tion of armaments, 69 ; closing
speech of, 341.

Standoff, Dimitri, member from
Bulgaria, 52.

State i)roperty, when to be accounted
for, 158.

Stead, W. T., on Commissions of
Inquiry, 205.

Stengel, Baron von, member from
Germany, 39.

Switzerland invited to take further
steps on Geneva Convention, 133.

Tadema, Commander A. P.. mem-
ber from the Netherlands, 47.

Taxation in hostile territory, 157.

Territory, hostile (see Hostile Ter-

Tetuan, Duke of. member from
Spain, 43.

Thanlow, Major-GeneralJ. J., mem-
ber from Sweden and Norway, 51.

Times, London, reports of, 168.

Treacherou.s killing prohibited, 151.

Treachery, punishment of, 155.

Treatment of prisoners of war, 146.

Trial of prisoners of war, 147.

Tribunal, Arbitral (see Arbitral

Truce, flag of, improper use of, 151 ;
immunity of, 154.

Trustee-shiji of occupying state, 159.

Turkhan Pascha. member from
Turkey, 51.

Types and calibres of naval guns,

Umpire, choice of, subject to ratifi-
cation, 265 ; opinions of ^I. Asser
and Mr. Holls, 265.

United States of America, changed
position of, 2 ; acceptance of in-
vitation, 12 ; declaration on be-
half of, concerning limitation of
armaments, 91 ; historical note on
attitude as to arbitration, 235 ;
cordial welcome extended to, 272 ;
policy regarding private property
on the high seas, 306 ; memorial
on behalf of, 307 ; attitude of, on
question of adherence, 333.

Universal military .service, advan-
tages of, 6.

Uyehara, Colonel, member from
Japan, 46.

Veljkovitch, Voislav, member from
Servia, 50.



A'onezuola arbitration, form of
question in, '22(i.

Villa UiTutia, W. Kaniirez dc, mem-
ber from Spain, 4:!.

Villers, Count de, member from
Luxemburg;, 46.

Von Sehnack, Col. J. G. F., mem-
ber from Denmark, 43.

War, the humanizing of, 93 ; sub-
committees on, 93 ; lav.'s and cus-
toms of, 134 ; sub-committee on,
135 ; treaty on laws and customs
of, value of, 163 ; fallacious argu-
ments regarding, 163 ; prisoners
of (see Prisoners of War) ; Span-
ish-American, 1 ; theory of Con-
ference concerning, 360.

Welsersheimb, Count Rudolph von.
member from Austria-Hungary,

White, Andrew D., member from
the United States, 40 ; motion to
refer subject of expanding bullets
to committee, 114; cordial ap-

proval of special mediation, 189 ;
speech on private property on the
higli seas, 314 ; oration at Delft,
Wills of prisoners of war, 150.

Yang Yu, member from China, 42 ;
mots by, 326.

Zannini, Count A., member from
Italy, 45.

Zenil, M., member from Mexico, 47.

Zoi'n, I'rofessor Philip, member from
Germany, 39 ; opinion on value of
treaty on Geneva rules, 161 ;
member Comite cV Examen, 170 ;
motion to strike out article on
obligatory arbitration, 232 ; op-
poses International Court of Arbi-
tration, 246 ; moves requirement
of opinion from arbitral tribunal,

Zuccari, Major-General Louis, mem-
ber from Italy, 45 ; declaration on
limitation of armaments, 83.




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