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recorded 17th August 1791 (Edinburgh). He was M.P. for
Stirling Burghs 1774-80 and 1789-90, and married, 1779,
Amelia, daughter of Allan Ramsay of Kinkell, who died 8th
July 1813.
{c) Duncan Campbell of Ross, born 5th May 1742; died s.p. Com-
missary of the Commissariat of Stirling, and of the Stores of
War in North Britain. He married, 1797, Amelia, daughter
of John Lamont of Lamont, County Argyll.


(813) Sir James Campbell of Inverneil, Hereditary Usher of the White Rod

for Scotland, M.P. for Stirling, born at Inveraray i6th January 1737 ;
died April 1805. He married, i6th July 1761, Jane, daughter of John
Campbell of Askomel, County Argyll, by whom he had issue. He was
acknowledged, 2nd April 1795, Chief of his branch, by its members in
Perthshire, known from the founder as the Clan Chearlach or Tearlach.
(a) James (No. 814).
\b) John Campbell, Captain Royal Scots Fusiliers, born 31st May

{c) Duncan (No. 815).

{d) Major-General Archibald Campbell, C.B., Lieutenant-Governor of
Jersey, born 21st October 1774; died 1838. He married
Martha Elizabeth Higginson of Gloucester.
{e) Lome Campbell, born 23rd October 1776; killed at Battle of
Alexandria in Egypt 21st March 1801. Ensign 3rd Regiment
Foot Guards.

(814) Sir James Campbell of Inverneil, Baronet, born 2Sth May 1765 ;

died J./. 5th June 1819 Lieutenant-General in the Army, Knight Grand
Cross Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Commander of the Military Order
of St. Ferdinard of Fidelity, and Heart of the two Sicilies, created a
Baronet 3rd October 1818. He married, 3rd May 1794, Agnes Margaret,
daughter of John Hunter of Leicester Square, London, Surgeon General
to the Forces. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, when his title
became extinct. He was succeeded by his brother: —

(815) Duncan Campbell of Inverneil, born at St. Johns, Argyll, died 1840.

He was a Judge in India, and married, at Calcutta 1798, Elizabeth Cooper
of Gravesend, who died 185 1, having had issue: —
{a) James Archibald (No. 816).
{b) Captain Duncan Campbell, 47th Regiment, born in East Indies,

died unmarried 1883.
{c) General George Campbell, C.B., born East Indies ; died 1882,
leaving a son and two daughters. (For continuation see Carter-
Campbell of Fossil). He married Susan, daughter of Colonel
Alexander Campbell of Fossil.
{d) Archibald Lome Campbell, born in East Indies; died 1883. He
married first, 1839, Charlotte Susan, daughter of Abercrombie
Dick, and had a son and two daughters. He married second,
Jemima, daughter of Faterson.

(816) James Archibald Cajipbell of Inverneil and Ross, Captain 47th

Regiment, born December 1800; died 14th February 1878. He married
first, Sophia, daughter of Colonel Hervey, and had a daughter. He married
second, 25th April 1840, Anne, daughter of John Bowden. She died
1845, leaving issue: —

{a) Duncan (No. 817).

{b) James Archibald Campbell, born 30th November 1843. Married,
23rd June 1881, Euphemia Morrison, and has issue:—

(i) James Archibald, born 7th May 1886. Married, 3rd

September 191 3, Bertha, daughter of Charles W. Hull.

(2) Edwin Abercrombie, born ist March 1889. Married,

30th June 1913, Dorothy, daughter of Silas Porter,

Justice Kansas Supreme Court.


[7) Duncan Campbell of Inverneil and Ross, late Captain 89th Regiment
and Colonel 5th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, born nth
September 1842. Married, loth June 1875, Isabel (who died 2Sth July
191 1), daughter of James Aspinall Tobin of Eastham House, Chester, and
had issue : —

(a) Duncan Campbell of Ross, late Captain 8th Battalion Argyll and
Sutherland Highlanders; born 1880. Married, i8th November
1905, Ethel, daughter of John Waterbury of New York, and
has issue : —

(i) John Lome, born ist October 1906.

(2) Tearlach (Charles), born ist March 1909.

(3) Colin, born 30th December 1912.

{b) Torquil Lome, bom 1885. Married, 28th March 1910, Catherine
Isabella, daughter of A. Vertue, and has : —
(i) Duncan Lome, born 7th October 1913.
(c) Neill Diarmid, born 1892.
HrntS recorded 1875. — Gyronny of eight, gold and black within a blue
bordnre. The shield placed in front of a black galley with sails furled and
oars in action, flags and pennants flying. Crest : A gold boar's head erased.
Motto : " Fit via vi." [Plate VI., fig. 11.]

House of Strachur.

Authority — Argyll Charter Chest.

(818) Duncan Campbell of Strachur, uncle of Colin Mor, died about 1280,

leaving a son : —

(819) Sir Arthur Campbell of Strachur, who had a son :—


(821) YoAR Campbell of Strachur, was father of :—

(822) Arthur Campbell of Strachur, who had a son : —

(823) Charles Campbell of Strachur. He married a Murray, and had :—

(824) Sir Arthur Campbell of Strachur, died about 1478, leaving a son : —

(825) Evan Campbell of Strachur, whose seal bears a galley, was father

of: —

(826) Evan Campbell of Strachur, died about 15x8, leaving a son : —

(827) Arthur Campbell of Strachur, died about 1545, leaving two sons:—

{a) Evar (No. 828).
{b) Duncan Campbell.


(828) EVAR Campbell of Strachur, married Elizabeth Colquhoun, and


{a) Charles (No. 829).
\b) Archibald Campbell.
(c) Robert Campbell.
{d) Ewan Campbell.

(829) Charles Campbell of Strachur, married Elspeth Campbell about 1561,

and had : —

{a) Colin (No. 830).

{b) Arthur Campbell, who left a son, Ewan.

{c) Dougal Campbell.

(830) Colin Campbell of Strachur, died October 1641, leaving : —

(«) Colin (No. 831).
\b) Donald Campbell.
{c) Iain Campbell.

(831) Colin Campbell of Strachur, married Anna Campbell, and had : —

(«) Archibald (No. 832).
lb) Iain (No. 833).

(832) Archibald Campbell of Strachur, was succeeded by his brother :—

(833) Iain Campbell of Strachur, married Janet Campbell of Kinochtree, and


{a) Colin (No. 834).
{b) Archibald (No. 843)-
{c) Alexander Campbell.
{d) George Campbell.
{e) Iain (No. 848).

(834) Colin Campbell of Strachur, died ist September 1743. He married

Mary or Margaret Lamont, and had : —

{a) Iain (No. 835).

{b) Archibald Campbell.

Ic) Janet (No. 836).
(83s) General Iain of Strachur, died j./. 1806. He married Helen Campbell,
and was succeeded by his sister : —

(836) Janet Campbell of Strachur, died 18 16. She married Colin Campbell

of Ederline, and had : —
{a) Dougald (No. 837).
\b) Robert Campbell.
(/) Colin Campbell.
(d) lain Campbell.

{e) Archibald Campbell, had a son : —
(l) Colin.

(837) Dougald Campbell of Ederline, married Mary Campbell, and had : —

{a) Colin (No. 838).
{b) lain Campbell.

(838) Major Colin Campbell of Strachur, died 1824. Married Mary Hislop,

and had : —

(a) Iain (No. 839).
lb) Dougald (No. 840).



i I

Duncan (8 1 8)

I 1

Colin Mor Arthur (819)

Yoar (820)

Yoar (821)

Arthur {822)

Charles (823)

Arthur (824)

Evan (82 s)

Evan (826)

Arthur (827)

Evar (828)

Charles (829)

Colin (830)

Colin (831)


Archibald (832) Iain (833)

I i

Colin (834) Archibald (843)

Iain (835) Janet (836)


(839) Iain Campbell of Strachur, died 1809. Married Elizabeth Kinnersley,

and had a son : —

(a) Colin Campbell, born 1832; died 1837.

(840) DUGALD Campbell of Strachur, died 1874, leaving a son : —

(841) Iain Campbell of Strachur, married Janet Campbell, who died 1887,

leaving : —

(a) Kenneth John (No. 842).
(d) Ronald Stewart Campbell.
(c) Arthur Stewart Campbell.

(842) Kenneth John Campbell, married Marie Dolan, and has :—

(a) Iain Niail M'Arthur Campbell, born 1916.

(843) Archibald Campbell, second son of No. 833, was father of: —

(a) Iain (No. 844).

(l>) Daniel Campbell, married Mary Radcliffe, and had a daughter,
Elizabeth, who married her cousin.

(c) Colin Campbell.

(844) Iain Campbell, died 1884. He married Agnes Gibson, and had : —

(845) Colin Campbell, born 1776. Married his cousin, Elizabeth, and had a

son : —

(846) Iain Campbell, died 1884. He married Elizabeth Birrell, and had : —

(a) Iain Campbell, married Mary Robson, and had a son : —
(i) John, killed 1917, leaving two sons.

(d) Colin (No. 847).
(c) James Campbell.

(d) William Campbell.

(e) Archibald Campbell.

(847) Colin Campbell, died 1916, leaving:—

(a) John Campbell, married Laura Macaulay, and had : —

(i) Colin.

(2) Rupert Chantray.
(1^) Colin Campbell, married Florence Crieff, and had : —

(I) Keith.
(c) Frederick Campbell, married Constance Whitcombe.

(848) Iain Campbell, fifth son of No. 833, married Miss Forbes, and had :—

(a) Colin Campbell, died 1772, leaving a son : —

(i) Archibald, who died 1798, leaving a son : —
(a) Iain of Busby, born 1781.
(3) Marrianne, married Alexander Campbell of Ormidale, and they had
a son : —

(i) Iain of Ormidale.

HrntS on Seal, 25th August 1355. — Gyronny of eight, on every second gyron a
galley {impaled with Ardkinglass, see No. 436). (Argyll Charter Chests
[Plate VI., fig. 12]


Maclver Campbells of Asknish.

(849) Malcolm MacIver of Lergachonzie is fourth in the list of the eleven

barons whose names occur in the Sheriffdom of Lorn or Argyll, which was
erected by an Ordinance of King John Balliol dated at Scone, loth
February 1292.

(850) IvER MacIver of Lergachonzie, chief of the family in 1515, had three

sons : —

(«) Duncan Campbell, died s.p.
{b) Charles (No. 851).

(c) Iver Bayne Campbell, whose issue became extinct in the third


(851) Charles Campbell of Stronshiray, is said to have married a daughter

of Kenneth M'Lachlan of Kellenochamach, and to have died v.p., leaving
issue : —

{a) Duncan (No. 852).

{b) Kenneth Bury Campbell, Ancestor of the Invycrook and Ducher-
nan family.

(c) Farquhar Campbell, killed at Polihour, 1594.

(852) Sir Duncan Campbell of Stronshiray, married first, Katherine Campbell,

and second, a daughter of Somerled Macdonald, and sister of the first Earl
of Antrim, and left issue : —

{a) Iver Campbell, died v.p. before 1602, leaving a son : —
(i) Iver Og, who died s.p. before 1606.

{b) Charles (No. 853).

(853) Charles Campbell of Asknish, married, and left two sons : —

{a) Angus Campbell, living 161 2, died sp.
(b) Iver (No. 854).

(854) Iver Campbell of Asknish, was forfeited in 1685. His son : —

(855) Duncan Campbell of Asknish, restored 1689, married a daughter of

M'Alister of Loup, and had issue : —

(a) Duncan Campbell, died s.p.

(b) Angus (No. 856).

(c) Malcolm Campbell, died s.p.

(d) Donald Campbell, died s.p.

(856) Angus Campbell of Asknish, married Catharine, daughter of Campbell of

Dunstaffnage, and had : —
(a) Angus (No. 857).
(i^) Alexander Campbell, died s.p.

(857) Angus Campbell of Asknish, married Elizabeth, daughter of John

M'Lachlan of Craiganterve, and had issue : —

(a) Robert Campbell of Asknish, Sheriff of Argyll, married 1769,
Catherine Eleanora, daughter of Mail Yates of Maghull,
County Lancaster, and left a son : —

(i) Sir Humphry Trafford, Knight., born 1770, married,
27th July 1799, Elizabeth, daughter of John Williams
of Ruthyn, County Denbigh, and died 9th June 1818.


{b) Duncan Campbell, Collector of Excise in Glasgow, died s.p. April

{c) Archibald Campbell, Midshipman R.N., died s.p.
{d) Alexander Campbell, died s.p.
{e) Angus Campbell, died s.p. 1755.
(/) James Campbell, an Officer in the Marines, died s.p.
He was succeeded by his eldest daughter.

HrniS recorded 1769. — 1st and 4th Grand Quarters. — i and 4. Gyronny
of eight, gold and black. 2. Silver, a right hand fessways couped, grasping
^ dagger in pale red. 3. A silver galley, sails furled, oars in action black.
2nd and 3rd Grand Quarters. — Parted per cross, gold and red, surmounted
by a black bend. Crest : A boar's head couped gold. MOTTO : " Nunqua^n
obliviscar." SUPPORTERS : Two leopards guardant proper, collared blue,
with chains thereto affixed, passing between their forelegs and defexed over
their backs gold. [Plate VI., fig. 13.]

Same Arms recorded again 1853, 1881, and 1884, except that in 1853 the galley
is flagged black.


Authority — Burke's Landed Gentry.

(858) Charles Campbell of Ballochyle, third son of Alexander Maclver of

Ballochyle and Kilbride, who, on nth August 1658, obtained a Charter
from Archibald, Marquis of Argyle, his chief, for the lands of Ballochyle,
died before 1674, and appears to have had two sons : —

{a) Evar (No. 859).

ib) Charles Campbell, slain at the Battle of Worcester, 3rd September

(859) EvAR Campbell of Ballochyle, who obtained, 5th June 1674, a Charter

from Archibald, Earl of Argyll, for the lands of Ballochyle. He was
succeeded by his son : —

(860) Charles Campbell of Ballochyle, known in his district by the Gaelic

name of Tearlach-au-oir, or Charles of the Gold, he having been said to
have found some treasure. He obtained a Precept on 24th October 1718,
from the Commissioners of the Duke of Argyll to enter him heir to his
father. He was succeeded by his son : —

(861) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle, born nth April 170. He obtained

a Precept on 3rd October 1744 from Archibald, Duke of Argyll, to enter
him heir to his father. In 1728 he married Violet, daughter of Duncan
Campbell of Dergachie. He died in 1795 aged eighty-four, leaving fifteen
children, and was succeeded by his third son : —

(862) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle, J. P., and D.L., County Argyll,

born i6th May 1749, and succeeded his father in 1795, his eldest brother
Daniel having been disinherited and dying in America, and his second
eldest brother Charles, having been drowned at Lamlash in 1760. He


married Mary, daughter of Robert Campbell of Ardentinny, and died
30th June 181 1, leaving issue : —

(a) Alexander (No. 863).

(d) Archibald Campbell, born 26th March 1779, died unmarried
13th May 1807.

(c) Robert Campbell born 26th August 1782, died unmarried.
(d) Charles Campbell, born 3rd May 1784, died unmarried.

(863) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle, Lieutenant -Colonel, Argyll

Militia, born 14th October 1777. Married 2nd June 1809 Elizabeth Forbes,
daughter of William Rose, representative of the Family of Ballivet, County
Nairn. He died 4th December 1819, leaving issue; —
(a) Alexander (No. 864).

(d) William Rose (No. 865).

(864) Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle, born 30th July 181 2, Officer in

the S5th Foot. He died unmarried in India 8th February 1833, and was
succeeded by his brother : —

(865) William Rose Campbell of Ballochyle, J. P., D.L., for Argyll, born

7th September 1819, Lieutenant-Colonel H E.I.C.S. Military Service. He
married first, 2nd November 1854, Hon. Clementina Maria Arbuthnott,
youngest daughter of John, eighth Viscount Arbuthnott, and she died
23rd October 1857. He married second, at Edinburgh 12th December 1862,
Jean Morison, daughter of Rev. James Buchanan, D.D., LL.D., Professor
of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh. He died 1872, having had issue: —

(a) Alaster Morison Campbell, born i6th September 1863, died
2 1 St September 1863.

(d) Maclver Forbes Morison (No. 866).

(866) MacIver Forbes Morison MacIver Campbell of Ballochyle, B.A.,

born 1st June 1867, succeeded his father 1872. He married, 24th January
1910, Dorothy Gladys, daughter of Thomas Thornton Williams of Victoria,
B.C., and had issue : —

(a) Allister Morison Campbell, born nth December 1910.

HrniS recorded 1871. — Quarterly 1st and 4th Gyronny of eight, gold and
black for Campbell. 2nd and 3rd quarterly ^o/

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