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Jo. Weston, scr.

Dated 28 Feb. 1657; P r - IO Mar. 1657-8, by exx. (102 Wootton)

256. Thomas Parry, cit. & leatherseller, of [St. Margaret Pattens] London.
Whereas Wm. Disher, of Cheshunt, Herts., by deed dated 26 May 1659,
hath mortgaged divers lands in Waltham Cross & Cheshunt, for £300, I
leave the principal & interest of sd. mortgage as follows: — To my d. Hannah,
w. of Wm. Stafford, £30. To Thomas, their s., £20 at 21. To my d.
Elizabeth, w. of Edward Orfur, £40, and £10 to the child with which she
now goeth. To sd. Edward Orfur, £$, to pay the interest to my sister,
Elizabeth Meredith. Res., & lease of the house I now live in, to my w.
Elizabeth, exx. Wit.: Geo. Strong, John Fisher, scr.

Dated 13 Ap. 1661 ; pr. 27 Ap. 1661, by exx. (60 May)

257. John Parrey, cit. & cutler, of London. [No Probate Act book for this

Half my estate to my w., Elizabeth, and half to my s. John. Wife exx.

My fds., Mr. John Sims, Mr. John May, Mr. Thos. GUlett, overseers. Wit.:

Jack Loyd, Eliz. Rawlet, Edward Williams, servant to Robt. Minchard, not.


Dated 20 Sep. 1662; 30 Sep. 1662, comon. to John Parrey, son.

(118 Laud)

258. Margaret Parry, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, widow.

Being sick of the plague she made her will by word of mouth. To the ch.


of her d. Ann, w. of Henry Sharplesser, the £20 Capt. Horton owed her.
Res. to Ann & H. Sharplesser. Wit. : Eliz. Robinson.
Dated 3 July 1665; pr. 4 June 1666, by Francis Sharplesser, exor. to H.
Sharplesser. (102 Mico)

259. John Parry, of St. Mary-le-Savoy, London. Adm. to Wm. Hoskins, a
creditor, 13 Sep. 1667.

260. Foulke Parry, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London. Adm. to Richard Parry,
his bro., 11 Nov. 1667.

261. John Parrey, of [St. Antholin], London, scrivener.

One third of my property to my w. Mary, the other two thirds to my children.
All lands to be sold. Wife exx. Wit. : Rich. Napier, Henry Foxwell, Robt.
Bird, Eliz. Orfton, Eliz. Dickans.

Dated 13 Oct. 1670; pr. 30 Oct. 1670, by relict. Adm. 24 Feb. 1679, to
Thos. Smith. Further grant, 26 Oct. 1681, to Philip, s. of John Parry, of
St. Antholin's, but died at Hammersmith, the wid., Mary, being dead &
the previous adm. granted to Thos. Smith, guardian of the children, Philip,
Mary, James, Winifred, Elizabeth & Dorcas Parry, having expired.

(138 Penn)

262. John Parry, of St. Mary le Savoy. Adm. to Geo. Pratt, guardian of
Mary Parry, his d., 15 Ap. 1670.

263. Elizabeth Parry, of St. Catherine Coleman, Lond., widow. Adm. to
Elizabeth, w. of Edward Orfeur, her d., 14 June 1670.

264. Elizabeth Parry, of St. Paul, Co vent Garden, Lond. Adm. to Geo.
Pratt, guardian of Mary, her d., 25 Nov. 1670.

265. Nicholas Parry, Chief Butler of Graie's Inn.

To be bur. on the N. side of the ch. yard of Wrotham, [Kent]. To the poor
of Wrotham, 40/. Poor of Addington, 20/. Poor of Comb, Ft., the native
place of my f. Thomas Parry, £5. To the exors. of John Wynne, Esq., of
Denbigh, £10 for the benefit of my f.'s poor kindred. To John Skinner,
bro. of my late w. Joan, £10. My late wife's niece, Margaret, w. of Thos.
Canby, and her sons, Parry & Robert, £20. Margaret, w. of — Fisher,
of Kingston, basket-maker, £5. To my w., Anne, the four brick houses
in my garden, adjoining Purpoole Lane, and £40 out of the £226 owing me
by her f., Thos. Seager, late Steward, of Graie's Inn. To each of the sd.
T. Seager's other 7 children, viz. [Somer?], Edward, Thos., John, William,
Alice & Catherine, £10. To my s. Segar, my double house in Purpoole
Lane & the aforesd. 4 houses after his mother's death, remr. to his bro.
Nicholas & sister, Mary. To s. Nicholas, my four white houses. My
house at Nepecker in Wrotham, to my daughter. The chn. of Thos. Taylor.
Margaret, w. of Thos. Candy, and wid. of Robt. Broadhead. To Harry,
George & Reginald Taylor, £50 each. There is due to me from the Society
of Graie's Inn, £100 for board wages for me & my man, and I desire it to be
pd. to my wife. To sd. Society the ' Apology for the Church of England,'
Willett's ' Hexapta,' and the ' Acts and Monuments.' To my servants
Parry Broadhead, Hester Neale & R. Taylor, £50 each. To my w., all that
can be recovered of debts owing to me when I was Steward of the Inn in
1626-39, x 652, 1657-8, and 1667. I forgive any bonds due from Thos.
Taylor, deed., from John Skinner & Wm. Tasbrough. Wife exx. Thos.
Tomlyn, gent., of Wrotham, & Simon Segar, my bro. in law, overseers, 20/
each for rings. Wit. : John Jayner, Simon Segar, Parry Broadhead.
Dated 23 Aug. 1668; pr. 13 July 1672, by exx. (91 Eure)


266. Dorothy Parry, of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St., spinster.

To my sister, Caroline Carne, £200, and my Point of Veneece handkerchief.
My bro. in law, Mr. Rich. Carne, £50. My bro. Suetonius Parry, £100.
My bro. Henry, £200, to be put at interest, he not to receive the principal
till my mother think it convenient. My cos. Mrs. Jane Marsh, £50. My
cos. Mrs. Mary Clarke, £10. My Lady Turner, 5 gs. Mrs. King, £5. Mr.
Francklin, a ring of 20/ price. Mrs. Horton, £10. Mr. Robt. Soresby, £50.
Ann Walker, £10, &c. Rachel Moore, my sister Carne's maid, 20/. Poor
of the p. where I die, 40/. Poor of the p. where I am buried, £5. Res.
to my mother, Lady Mary Parry, exx. Mrs. Chapman, £5. Mrs. Clements
& Mrs. Constable, 20/ each for rings. Mrs. Whitbey, 40/. Mr. John
Lewin & Mrs. Ann Lewin, 20/ apiece for rings. Wit.: Rachel Moore,
John Home, Ann Walker.
Dated 19 Nov. 1673 ; pr. 6 Dec. 1673, by exx. (164 Pye)

267. James Parry, late de hospitio Grainedd, Midd. Adm. to Philip, his bro.,
10 June 1672, Catherine Morgan, ah. Parry, his widow, renouncing.

268. Joane Parry, of Bush Lane [St. Swithin's], London.

£80, of which £20 are in the hands of Lenard Benton, of Potters Perey,
Northants, and £60 in the hands of Jeremiah Gobee, in Westbery St., Step-
ney, carpenter, as follows: — £10 to sd. Lenard Benton; to John Benton, his
bro., of Corn Hill, milyner, £10; Eliz. Newman, my sister's d., £10, &c. ;
to Ann Beechamp, my bro., Christopher Beechamp's d., £10 at 18, and a
silver tantquert, but if she die before, then to Eliz. Newman, my sister.
My fds., Rich. Robing & his w., £5. My bro. Robt. Beechamp, 10/ for a
ring. My bro. Valentine Beechamp, Mr. Mathew Barker, Minister of the
Gospel, and his w., Jeremiah Gobee & his w., and John & Mary Gobee, their
children, 10/ apiece for rings. Eliz. Newman, exx. Wit.: Jer. Gobee,
Kath. Jones.
Dated 29 Ap. 1670; pr. 2 Oct. 1675, by exx. (102 Dycer)

269. John Parry, of St. Clement Danes.

All to my w. Elizabeth, exx. Wit. : Ste. Penckhurst, Tim. Spencer.
Dated 16 Sep. 1675 ; pr. 19 Oct. 1675, by exx. (102 Dycer)

270. Thomas Parry, b., of St. Margaret, Westr., gent. [Nuncupative]
Elizabeth, w. of Samuel Atwell, £60, part of a judgement I have against
Sir Henry Williams, Kt., deed., and £20, due to me from Sir Robt. Thomas,
Bt. Wit. : Tho. Tudor, Eliz. Robinson.

Dated 10 July 1675; pr. 4 Mar. 1675-6, by Eliz. Atwell, a creditor.

(33 Bence)

271. William Parry, of St. Paul, Shadwell. Adm. to John Crabb, a creditor,
Jane Parry, the relict, renouncing, 25 June 1678.

272. David Parry, cit. & Merchant-tailor, of St. Martin, Ludgate, London.
All to my w., Anne, exx. Herbert Griffiths, cit. & vintner, and Geo.
Williams, innholder, overseers. Wit.: Cornelius Crosse, Tho. Kentish, Wm.

Dated 3 Dec. 1684; pr. 5 Jan. 1684-5, by exx. (8 Cann)

273. Dame Mary Parry, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, widow.

To be bur. at Richmond, in the p. church, near my d. Dorothy Parry. To
my d. Carolina Carne, £1000, (now put out at use by John Carne, Esq., my
s. in law's bro., & Robt. Soresby) for life. At her death, £500 to Geo.
Carne, & £500 to John & Thos. Carne, my gr. sons, at 21. To sd. George
Carne, £500 more & my moiety of a lease of tenements in Barbican. Mr.
Rich. Carne, my s. in law, £100 & my gold watch. Towards rebuilding St.


Paul's, £50. Aunt Stiles' children, £30. Mrs. King, £20. Cos. Carolina
Gover, £20. Mrs. Clements & Mrs. Constable, her sister, each a gold piece
called a surroyal. Mrs. Franklin, 20/. Mrs. Mary Whitby, a double
guinea. Mrs. Frances Lloyd, my diamond ring. Poor of Richmond,
Beaconsfield & St. Martin's, £10 each. £20 for a monument in Barnes
church, where my f., Sir Giles Sweit, and my mother are buried. Res. to
my d. Carolina Came, exx. Wit.: Anne Wyndham, Amy Lawrence.
Dated 23 Dec. 1686; pr. 4 Jan. 1686-7, by exx. (11 Foot)

274. Evan Parry, of St. Dunstan in the West. Adm. to Ann, the relict, 10 Ap.

274A. Thomas Evans, [of St. Alphage, Lond.] cit. & painter-stainer.

The rents of 6 new brick messuages, five in Evans Court, the other known
by the sign of the Guild hall, in Basinghall St. to my w., Elizabeth, for life,
& £200. Remr. to the Master, Wardens, Assistants & Commonalty of the
Art & Mistery of Painters, als. Painter-stainers, they paying the follow-
ing legacies: — To Elizabeth, w. of Stephen Everard, £20. My w. during
her life, and after the Co., to pay the charges upon the estate by former
benefactors, viz. 40/ per arm. to the poor of St. Michael Bassishaw; 20/ per
ann. to a free school at Asburne, Derby; 13/4 per ann. to the poor of St.
Alphage, London, in which I have long been. My wife's kinswoman,
Susanna, £20. Mr. Anthony Stallick, living near Billingsgate, £20. My
bro., John Evans, now in Holland, £20. My only sister, Eliz. Phillips,
£20. My cos. Stanley Evans, s. of my bro. Walter. My cos. Walter
Powell, s. of my sister, Isabel, living at Glasbury, Radnor, £20. Cos.
Walter Powell, s. of my sister Joan, of Prinsviogs, £20. To the poorest of
my relations at Glasbury, £20. My cos. Rich. Whitney, apothecary,
Ludlow, £20. My cos., wid. Moore, of the Dolphin, Heref., £10. Her
s. in law, Mr. Hawley, £20. My cos., Rees Parry & his w., who was formerly
my servant, £30. My cos. Henry Parry, whom I have placed apprentice
to Mr. Martin, apothecary, without Cripplegate, £150. John Marsh &
his w., £10, and all materials belonging to the painting trade. Mr. Wareing,
Minister of St. Alphage, 40/. My exors. to invite to my funeral the Master,
Wardens, & the whole of the Livery of the Co. of Painter-stainers. To
be bur. in St. Alphage ch. before my wife's pew, and to have a stone with
inscription, and a monument to be erected in Painter-stainers Hall. Mr.
Roger Donne, plumber in Little Wood St., & Robert Barker, Attorney,
Clerk to sd. Co., exors., £50 each. Res. between exors. & sd. Master &
Wardens. Wit. : Tho. Mitchell, Hen. Redding, Jeremy Dyke, jun.
Dated 8 Ap. 1687; pr. 17 May 1688, by exors. (57 Exton)

275. Simon Parry, Esq., of St. Giles-in-the-Fields.

To my w., Anne, all ready money, jewels, &c, which were hers before
marriage. To my d. Dennis & my d., Hoare, 20/ each. Res. to my chil-
dren. My ds., Catherine Lloyd & Corderia Dawes, wids., exors.
Fds., Mr. Wm. Hucks & Mr. John Pollard, overseers. Wit.: Sam. Keck,
Jo. Reynalds, John Lowe.
Dated 25 Feb. 1688; pr. 18 Ap. 1689, by exors. (53 Ent)

276. Edward Parry, of St. Margaret's, Westr., chirurgeon.

To my sister, Eliz. Boulton, my bro. John Parry & his w., my sister, Mar-
garet Price, my bro. Thos. Chance & his w., my bro. Thos. Parry, and my
cousins, Eliz. Dagley & Hester Babington, a broad piece of gold each.
My nephews, Andrew & Whitney Parry, and my niece, Johanna Parry,
£60 each at 21. To my sister, Susanna Dagley, £10. Cos. Mathew Parry,
cos. Saml. Boulton & godson, Edward Boulton, /io each. Sister Price's
two chn., £5 each. My bro., Roger Parry's four chn., £5 each. My bro.


John's two ds., my bro. Thomas's two chn., my bro. Chance's three chn.,
£5 each. To my nephew, Edward Parry, all my instruments & books, which
shall be in my shop at the time of my decease, and 3 messuages in the p.
of St. Margaret in the occ. of me & Hannah Walker, widow. All plate,
linen, brass, pewter, &c. between sd. nephews & nieces. Res. to my bro.,
Whitney Parry, exor. Wit.: Thos. Stevens, Thos. Sadler, Edm. Burt.
Dated 23 Dec. 1691 ; pr. 2 Mar. 1691-2, by exor. (43 Fane)

277. Richard Parry, of St. Ann's, Westr., b. Adm. to Richard Parry, attorney
for his f., David Parry, who is absent in Wales, 28 Nov. 1692.

278. Seger Parry, of St. Bartholomew- the-less, but died in Flanders. Adm.
to Mary, the relict, 2 Nov. 1693.

279. Thomas Parry, of Christ Church, London. Adm. to principal creditor,
Elizabeth, the relict, renouncing, Feb. 1693-4.

280. Bernard Parry, of St. Mary Abchurch, London. Adm. to Rebecca, the
relict, 14 Aug. 1694.

281. James Parry, of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch. Adm. to Philip Parry, his
bro., 6 Dec. 1694.

282. Edward Parry, of Clifford's Inn, Lond., gent.

To my sister, Mrs. Sarah Parry, £1000. My sister, Mrs. Mary Todd, widow.
My kinsman, Mr. Wm. Betley. My kinsman, Mr. John Pennant, of Merton
in Whitford, Flint. My godson, Edward Parry, a minor. Fds. Dr.
Baynard & Dr. Love. Cousins, Mr. Samuel Parry & Mr. Owen Betley.
My fds., Mr. Edward Lloyd, of Kensington, Mr. John Ferrars, Mr. Benj.
Gregge. Poor of Whitford, where I was born, £10. Res. to my sister,
Sarah, exx. To be bur. from Clifford's Inn Hall. Exx. to give rings accord-
ing to custom. Wit.: Morris John, sen., Benj. Gregge, Lancelot Robins.
Dated 18 Aug. 1699; pr. 28 Aug. 1699, by exx. (137 Pett)

283. Whitney Parry, of St. Margaret's, Westr. Adm. to Edward, his s.,
6 Feb. 1699.

284. Emmanuel Parry, of Lyon's Inn, gent.

To my eldest bro., Joshua, all printed books. To his s. James, all Mss.
when he is called to the Bar. Each d. of my bro. James, deed., £100 at
21, or marriage. My bro. Joshua's d., £100. The eldest d. of my sister
Esther Bull, £100. Aunt, Ann Williams & her d. Elizabeth. Henry
Collins, s. of my cos. Margery, deed., £10 to place him in a trade. My
bro. Gregory, exor., £500. My f., James Parry, my cos. John Watkins,
Esq., Edwd. Games, of Tregare, Esq., overseers. Mrs. Mary Henson,
a harp, &c. Wit.: John Slatter, John Woodward, Anth. Meysey.
Dated 28 Ap. 1700; pr. 4 July 1700, by exor. (104 Noel)

285. David Parry, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, sadler.

To my sons, Leonard & Thomas, £50 at 21. My nephew, Henry Collins,
£20 to apprentice him. To my bro., James Parry, my wearing apparel.
To Robert George, ' The whole duty of Man.' Mr. Saml. Aubrey & his
w., a guinea apiece for rings. Res. to my w., Mary. Wit.: Chas. Taylor,
Thos. Salmon, scr. at St. Martin's Lane end.
Dated 17 Jan. 1700; pr. 14 May 1701, by the relict. (70 Dyer)

286. Samuel Parry, of Christ Church, cit. of London, grocer.

To be bur. in Christchurch. My bro. John Parry, exor. Poor of Somer-
ville Aston, Glouc, £10. To sd. p., a piece of plate, value £5, to be used
at the Communion there. To my f. & mother, £50 apiece. Bro. John
Parry, £100. Bro. Henry, £100. To sister, Rebecca Wells, bro. Thomas,
bro. Benjamin, & bro. Joseph, £60 apiece. Sister, Ann Parry, £200. Cos.


Mary Wingfield, £6. Fd. Mr. Richard Jenkes, £6. Fd. Mrs. Anne Salter,
20/ for a ring. Mr. John Todd, his w. Margaret, & cos. Eliz. White, 10/
apiece for a ring. My kind landlady, Mrs. Rebecca Bury, 20/ for a ring.
My bro. Wells, 20/. Cousins, Josiah & Robt. Fulwood & Mr. John Sutler,
10/ apiece for a ring. My apprentice, Joseph Houghton, £4. Res. to my
bros. & sisters. Wit. : Reb. Bury, Ric. Jenekes.
Dated 10 May 1700; pr. 14 July 1701, by exor. (101 Dyer)

287. Benjamin Parry, of St. Mary Colechurch, waxchandler.

To be bur. in the Chancel of Aston Somerville, as near my bro. Thomas,
as may be. Each of my bros. & sisters, £10 for a ring. Mrs. Sarah Lom-
bart, £10. Res. to my bro. John, exor. Wit.: John Slee, Jas. Lombaert.
Dated 21 Jan. 1702-3; pr. 18 Feb. 1702-3. (36 Degg)

288. James Parry, of St. Andrew, Holborn, of H.M.S. ' Bristol,' mariner.

All to my fd. George Graydon, cit. & grocer, of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch St.,

exor. Wit. : Rog. Seagar, Nat. Harford.

Dated 25 Aug. 1701; pr. 28 July 1703, by exor. (117 Degg)

289. John Parry, of St. James's, Westr., mariner.

All to Samuel Parry, gent., of Clifford's Inn, exor. Wit.: Noah Wright,
D. Bardon, Ed. Evans.

Dated 2 Dec. 1701; pr. 22 Jan. 1703-4, by Sam. Parry, bro. of testr.,
exor. (20 Ash)

290. David Perry, of St. Paul, Shadwell, mariner. [Parrey in the Calendar.]
All to my w. Margaret Perrey (Parry). Wm. Davis, of Shadwell, water-
man, exor. (Sd.) David Parry. Wit.: Mary Burton, John Cosin, Mich.

Dated 4 Aug. 1702; pr. 16 Aug. 1707, by the relict. (193 Poley)

291. Mary Parry, of St. Bartholomew-the-Less, Lond., widow. Adm. to Wm.
West, guardian to Catherine Parry, her d., 2 Mar. 1710-n.

292. Anna Tyler, als. Parrey, of S. Sepulchre, London. Admon. to John
Tyler, her husband, 21 June 1711.

293. Thomas Parry, cit. & haberdasher, of the precincts of Purpoole, p. of St.
Andrew, Holborn.

Whereas I have formerly advanced the portions of my sons, Thomas &
James, and my d. Elizabeth, w. of Bernard Simpson, I hereby devise that
all my estate be divided into three parts, whereof one part to my s. Ben-
jamin. To the wid. of my s. John, £10. My sister, Allen, 2 gs. Sister
Hornby, 3 gs. My fd. Mr. Foxon, 1 g. One of the three parts to my s.
James, and my bro. in law, Joseph Allen, in trust for my d. Elizabeth
Simpson. Of the other part, three fourths to my sons, Thos., James &
Benjamin, & the rest to my d. Simpson. Sd. trustees exors. Wit.: Ed.
Reynolds, Benj. Burgoyne, Mary Boult.
Dated 23 Feb. 1711; pr. 2 June 1712, by exors. (119 Barnes)

294. Henry Parry, of H.M.S. ' Winchester,' mariner, [of Stepney, but died in
the ' Monmouth.']

All to my fd Susanna Evans, of Stepney, exx. Wit. : Mary Cruikshank, Ann

Evatt, Ric. Blake, late Clerk to the Office of H.M. Ordnance, Tower,


Dated n Feb. 1705-6; Adm. 27 Aug. 1713, to Martha Evans, wid., principal

creditor, Sus. Evans, als. Parry, relict & exx., renouncing. (191 Leeds)

295. Elizabeth Parry, wid. of St. Bride's, London. Adm. to Thos. Vaughan,
hers., 22 Mar. 1713-14.


296. William Parry, widr., of St. Leonard Foster, London. Adm. to Rich.
Ham, a creditor, 9 Ap. 1714.

297. Mathew Parry, of St. Margaret, Westr., gent.

To my sisters, Eliz. Partridge & Margt. Thomas, £20 annually. Each of
their husbands, £10. To Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah & Margaret Partridge,
£50 apiece. George Partridge, my sister's s., £60, when he shall have
served his apprenticeship. His bro. John, £10. The chn. of my sister
Margaret Thomas, £50 apiece. George, eldest s. of my bro. John, £40. To
sd. bro. John, all my lands in Peterchurch. His four other chn., John,
James, Joseph & Mary Parry, £100 each at 21. To Mathew, another s.,
£100, when made free of the city of London. To bro. John, for life, after
to his d. Margery, £30 annuity. My kinsman, Edward Parry, surgeon, and
Johanna, his sister, £10 apiece. Mrs. Mary Jones, d. of Mrs. Anne Jones, of
Hereford, £10. A bond from Mr. Rich. Gough, at the ' Crown,' in Margaret's
Lane, Westr., to his d., Eliz. Bennet. Thomas, s. of Mr. Thos. Rogers, late
of Westr., surgeon, £10 at 21. To my Master Thomas Rudge, Esq., and
his w. & d., each a guinea ring. Bro. John Parry's w., £10. Mrs. Cath.
Coward & her three chn., a ring each. Timothy Rutter, of Cornhill, up-
holsterer, and my nephew, John Partridge, of Westr., ciderman, £10 each.
Poor of St. Margaret's and of Peterchurch, £10 each. Bro. John, Timothy
Rutter & John Partridge, exors. Res. to bro. John. Wit. : Hen. Ballowe,
Wm. Middleton, John Harris.
Dated 20 Aug. 1714; pr. 10 May 1715, by exors. (97 Fagg)

298. Philip Parry, b., of St. Botolph, Aldersgate. Adm. to Elizabeth, w. of
Joseph Hetherington, his sister, 21 Jan. 1716-17.

299. Elizabeth Parry, sp., of St. Botolph, Aldersgate. Adm. to Mary Parry,
her sister, 24 Dec. 1718.

300. William Parry, of St. Clement Danes. Adm. to the relict, Isabella, w. of
Arthur Dobinson, 24 Nov. 1720.

301. Thomas Parry, of Old Brentford, Ealing, ah. Zealing, Midd., gent.

Very antient & infirm &c. To my only d., Kath. Rogers, my mess, called
the ' Rose & Crown,' late in the possn. of Peter Patterson, now in possn.
of Wm. Patterson, his nephew, in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, she to pay
my gr. s., Rich. Powney, £450, or to his eldest s. if he be dead. Res. to
sd. d., exx. Wit. : John Frost, John Fouch, Steph. Hayward.
Dated 26 July 1716; pr. 15 Mar. 1720-1, by Kath. Rogers, widow.

(56 Buckingham)

302. Thomas Parry, b., of Furnival's Inn, p. of St. Andrew, Holborn. Adm.
to James Garmson, cos. german, 10 Jan. 1722.

303. John Parry, of St. John, Wapping, mariner.

All to Martha Wyburne, sp., of Wapping, exx. Wit.: Margt. Cutler, Sarah

Palmer, Nathaniel Cutler, Attorney at Law, Wapping.

Dated 13 May 1721 ; pr. 6 July 1724, by exx. (174 Bolton)

304. Leonard Parry, of Hayes, Midd. Adm. to Mary, the relict, 8 Jan.

305. William Parry, of St. Paul, Shad well. Adm. to Margaret, w. of Robt.
Hart, a creditor, Sarah Parry, the relict, renouncing, 13 Aug. 1729.

306. Richard Parry, of S. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St., gent.

My mess, in the p. of Llanvooroge, town of Ruthyn, Denbigh, to Samuel
Jones, of St. Mary Magdalen's, cordwainer, exor. Wit.: Tho. Housman,
Thos. Duncombe, Ed. Thredder.
Dated 26 July 1731; pr. 4 Aug. 1731, by exor. (214 Isham)


307. John Parry, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, cit. & ironmonger.

Sisters, Mary Hughes, Ann Warwick & Susan Jones, £10 each. My bro.
Benjamin, £10. Res. to my w. Elizabeth, for life, remr. to Mr. William &
Mr. Edward Phillips, of Aldersgate St. Wife exx. Wit.: Hugh Speed,
Eliz. Rogers, Ed. Wrench, at Mr. Wrench, a stationer, over against the
Compter in Wood Street.
Dated 5 Feb. 1730; pr. 8 Nov. 1732, by exx. (271 Bedford)

308. Mary Parry, of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, spinster.

All to my sister, Sarah Lorrain, wid., exx. Wit. : Sam. Birt, Jean Maxfield,

J no. Trenley.

Dated 2 Feb. 1732; pr. 23 Ap. 1733, by exx. (129 Price)

309. William Parry, of St. George, Hanover Sqre., gent.

To my mother, Catherine Parry, £5 for mourning. My bro. Thomas, and

my sisters, Mary & Elizabeth, £5 each for mourning. My sister in law,

Anne Parry, £10. Res. to my bro. Henry, exor. Wit. : Alex. Irvine, John


Dated 8 July 1732; pr. 9 Feb. 1733-4, by exor. (43 Ockham)

310. Warner Parry, of St. Clement Danes, haberdasher.

My closes in Uttoxeter, called the Heath closes, now in the holding of Geo.
Hansill, and a piece of land at Dudley's style, and one on Balance Hill,
Uttoxeter, called the Park, to my bro. Richard Parry. To my sister, Eliz.
Parry, a parcel of land called Powers Croft, on both sides of Muckle Brook, now
in the holding of Thos. Gretton. To bro. Thos. Parry, all arrears of my
rents, which he shall have in his hands. To my fd. Thos. Taylor, of Lichfield,
my stock in trade, &c. To my bro. Walter, £8 for mourning. My sister,
Elizabeth Parry, £10 for mourning & a ring, which I think she deserves
because she never uses me ill. Cousins, Francis Halford & Walter Miles,
and fd. Henry Jeffreys, £5 each. Res. to Thos. Taylor, exor. To be bur.
in the vault under Clement's church, the funeral charge not to exceed £20.
Wit. : Chas. Corbett. Codicil. Nicholas Tylor, tailor, in Drury lane & my
sister, Elizabeth, £20 each. Benj. Tassell, of St. Dunstan-in-the-West,
haberdasher, and Nicholas Tylor, of St. Giles, tailor, proved handwriting.
Will dated 25 Sep. 1733; pr. 11 Ap. 1735, by exor. (79 Ducie)

311. Jonathan Parry, of S. Dunstan-in-the-West, widower. Adm. to Wm.
Rawlins, a creditor, John Parry, his f., renouncing, 8 July 1735.

312. Philip Parry, b., of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, Adm. to Philip Parry Hether-
ington, s. of Elizabeth, w. of Joseph Hetherington, sister to deed., she
having left the estate unadmd. Aug. 1735.

313. Abigail Parry, of St. John the Evangelist, Millbank, widow.

Niece, Mary, and her husb., Thos. Haynes, £10 for mourning and my silver
salver. Niece, Sarah Bampton, d. of Mary Bampton, £150. Sister in law,
Joanna Salmon, a suit of black silk. To my bro. Joseph Bampton, £10 for
mourning, if it please God that he recover his senses. Res. to sd. sister, Mary
Bampton, exx. Wit. : Mary Gallainte, James Price.
Dated 4 Feb. 1735 ; pr. 26 Ap. 1737, by Mary Bampton, spinster.

(90 Wake)

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