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Peerages. 1842. 2 vols. 8vo. V. Chartularies, Stewartiana. 1843. 8vo.

John L. Riddell. I. Synopsis of the Flora of the Western States.
1835. 8vo. II. Memoir Advocating the Organic Nature of Miasm and
Contagion. 1836. 8vo. III. A Monograph of the Silver Dollar. 1845.
8vo. IV. Memoir on the Constitution of Matter. 1847. 8vo. V. Report
upon the Epidemic of 1853-4. Many articles in the American Journal of
/Science and other medical and scientific publications.

Edward Riddle (see "Riddles of Troughend") was a large contributor
to the. Ladies' Diary and the Transactions of the Royal Astronomical
Society, and author of the following valuable work: Treatise on Naviga-
tion and Nautical Astronomy. 1842. 8vo.; has passed through many
editions, with various changes by Mr. Riddle and others.

Mrs. J. H. Riddell. I. The Race for Wealth. London, 1866. 3 vols.
8vo. II. Phemie Keller. London, 1866. 8vo. III. The Rich Husband.
1866. 8vo. IV. Far above Rubies. 1867. 3 vols. 8vo. In 1867 Mrs.
Riddell became co-proprietor and editor of St. James Magazine, London.

Robert Riddell. I. Hand-railing Simplified. Philadelphia, 1856 ; 3d
edition, 1860. 4to. II. Scientific Stair Builder. 1856. Folio. III. The
Modern Carpenter and Builder. 1867. 4to. IV. The Carpenter, Joiner,
and Elements of Hand-railing, with 34 plates. 1868. 4to. $7.

John Riddell, architect, of Philadelphia. Architectural Designs for
Model Country Residences, with 23 Colored Drawings of Front Eleva-
tions and 44 Plates of General Plans, with Descriptions, Specifications,
and Estimates. 1867. $15.

H. Scott Riddell. I. Songs of the Ark. 12mo. II. Poems, Songs,
etc. 1847. 12mo. III. Book of Psalms in Lowland Scotch. London,
1857. 8vo. For Prince Louis-Luciari Bonaparte.

William-Pitt Riddell. Genealogical Sketch of the Riddell Family.
New Orleans, 1852. 8vo. He also published several chemical analyses of
mineral waters, soils, etc.

Henry Riddell. I. Railway Parliamentary Practise. London, 1842.
8vo. II. Index to Public Statutes, from 9 Henry III, to 10 and 11 Vic-
toria. 1848. 8vo.

Rev. Matthew B. Riddle, d. d. Author of numerous theological
works ; one of the American Revision Committee to revise New Testa-
ment, etc.

John Riddle (see "Riddles of Troughend") edited Guy's Elements of
Astronomy, of which the seventh edition was issued in 1855. 12mo.

Rev. Samuel H. Riddel. Author of many papers in historical and
religious journals ; at one time editor of the Puritan Recorder.

Rev. William Riddel. Author of papers published in the Presby-
terian newspapers, under name Rutherglen.


Maria Riddell. Voyages to the Madeira and Leeward Caribbean Isl-
ands. Edinburgh, 1792. 12mo.

Col. Robert Riddell. The Riddellian System; or, New Medical Im-
provements. 1808. 8vo.

Robert Riddell, of Glen-Riddell. Antiquarian papers in Archceo-
logia. 1789-90-92-94.

Rev. Archibald Riddell. Model of the Government of New Jersey
in America. (Rare.)

C. I. Riddell. Remarks on the Organization of the British Royal


John Riddell. Continued Fevers. Glasgow, 1788.
Walter Riddell-Carre. Memoirs of Scottish Border.


Matthew Ridley, of Baltimore, married Catherine, second daughter
of Gov. William Livingstone, of New Jersey, whose family was one of
the most cultivated and distinguished in the days of the Revolution; seated
at a fine place called "Liberty Hall," near Elizabethtown. I do not know
the connections of Mr. Ridley ; but he was engaged in business at Nantez,
in 1778. He was styled " of Baltimore," at the time of his marriage with
the celebrated " Kitty Livingstone," and his alliance with that well-known
family seems good ground for believing he was a gentleman of wealth
and education. The name "Matthew" prevails in the English family of
Ridley, and as many of the Northumberland stock came to America about
this time, he may have been one of them. He lived but a few years.

Samuel Ridley, a person of penurious habits, died at Boston, Lincoln-
shire, in January, 1858, aged 73 years. He lived alone in a little, old cot-
tage, and performed all his household work without assistance, keeping
everything very clean. Until within a few days of his death he worked
on his land as hard as any of his laborers, whom he watched from an old
hovel, where he was wont to lie down to rest when too weak to work.
His death was, no doubt, accelerated by the want of sustenance, and his
poor horses bore testimony to their partaking of a singularly hard fare.
He was possessed of property to the amount of two thousand pounds.

Rev. Thomas-Yates Ridley died at Heysham, near Lancaster, in 1838,
aged 42 years. Rector of that parish. He was of Peterbouse, Cambridge,
B. A. 1820, M. A. 1823; and was instituted to his living in 1824, on his
own petition. Thinking it to be the duty of a clergyman to look to the
temporal comforts as well as the spiritual wants of his people, he studied
medicine at Edinburgh. He was at once the eloquent and faithful min-
ister, the kind and bountiful, and the attentive and skilful physician of
the poor people in his parish, who lived in a village six miles distant from
other medical aid.


Rt. Rev. William Ridley, d. d., Lord Bishop of Caledonia, British
Columbia. Stationed at Metta Katta, Victoria. He was formerly chap-
lain of the English Church in the Krenz Strasse, Dresden, 1867-72; vicar
of Shelley, near Huddersfield; vicar of Moldgreen, 1873-4; vicar of St.
Paul, Huddersfield, 1874-9. This is a recently formed Bishopric, New
Westminster and Caledonia, being sub-divisions of Columbia. Bishop Rid-
ley is not a graduate, but was trained for missionary work in India (where
he was for a short time) at the Missionary College, Islington, London.*

James Ridley, m. d., Frankfort, Kings Countv, Ireland ; L. K. Q. C. P.
Ireland, 1866; L. R. C. S. I., 1866 (R. C. S. Ireland); Med. Off. Frank-
fort Disp. Dist., and R. I. Constable; late Hon. Surg. Liverpool Disp.;
Res. Surg. Parish Infirm, and Fever Hospt., and Asst. Med. Off. East Disp.
Liverpool, and Med. Off. Phillippstown Disp., Ireland ; Contrib. " Anom-
alous Anatomy," Med. Press Circ, 1865 ; " Dislocation of Atlas forward,
with fracture of Atlas, Occipital, Parietal, and Temporal Bones."

"Mrs. Mary Ridley, widow of Benjamin Ridley, a painter, died at
Little Mary-le-Bone Street, London, Eng., in the year 1800. The cause
of her death was almost for want of food and the necessary comforts of
life, in the midst of plenty, because of a stingy disposition. She had two
good houses, money in the bank, and ready money in her house, which
she left to her two sisters, one of whom, on hearing of her good fortune (?),
died only a few hours afterwards."

John-Thomas Ridley, now manager of a bank at Hartlepool, Eng., is
descended from a respectable family of the Tynedale Ridleys, but I have
not succeeded in procuring records. Mr. Ridley is a very fine-looking
man, and is described as "most erudite." He kindly furnished a photo-
raphic copy of Sir Matthew-White Ridley's portrait, from which the steel
engraving was made, now in this book.

William Ridley, of Westwood, married Dorothie, daughter of Wil-
liam Ridley, of Tecket (or Ticket) Farm, Eng., and by her had a son,
William Ridley, who married, firstly, Anne, daughter of Matthew Bell, of
Newbanks, and had a daughter, Mary Ridley; secondly, Anne, daughter
of Mark Errington, of England, and was living at Westwood in 1615
(See Ridleys of Parkend, England.)

" A mastiff dog belonging to Matthew- White Ridley, Esq., of Hea-
ton, near Newcastle-on-Tyne, being frequently teased by a mongrel
(1818), that followed barking when his master was being driven to the
city, at last took the little fellow up by the back, and with the greatest
composure dropped it over the quay into the river without any attempt to
injure it further."

Captain Ridley, "Annapolis, Md., May 25, 1776." At this date the
"Maryland Committee of Safety" wrote to Captain Ridley, "This Board
have been requested by the convention to countermand your orders for
sailing. You are therefore not to move from your station till you have
further directions; or, if you have moved, you are to return to the River

* I have held correspondence with Bishop Ridley of the above family, but too
late to secure full date. He says he and his brothers have no ambition to emerge
from the obscurity they inherited and are content with.


— , _—

Richard Ridley held lands in Ribbleton, in the parish of Preston, and
died there Feb. 27, 1602-3. An inquisition was taken at Preston, Aug. 17,
1607, when it was found that he left a son, John Ridley, then aged 22
years, who was his heir. A Latin abstract of this inquisition has been
printed in Volume XCIX, page 163, of the publications of the Chatham

Richard Ridley, of Abbotsastley, Shropshire ; Francis Ridley, of
Windsor, Berkshire; William Radley, of the Hall of the Hill, Lanca-
shire; Charles Radley, of Lowth, Lincolnshire; and Nathaniel Ridler,
of Bisley, Gloucestershire, Esquires, are mentioned in 1673 as Gentlemen
of England.

Martha Ridley, widow, was married Feb. 27, 1719, to Harbord Har-
riot, single man, son of James, citizen and cloth-worker, of London. She
was buried in St. Bride's Church, London, April 17, 1723, and her daugh-
ter, Sarah Harriot (who was born Jan. 13, 1720), buried July 29, 1721.

Elizabeth Ridley, daughter of Jannet Bayley, who was buried in
Westminster Abbey, and granddaughter of the Rev. Thomas Yates, d. d.
She was born June 10, and baptized at St. James', Westminster, July 9,
1748; was unmarried in 1776, but living Oct. 28, 1782, as above named.

Mrs. Frances Ridley, widow of W. T. Ridlev, and daughter of the
late Capt. Alexander Innes, R. N., granddaughter of the Rev. N. Ellison,
m. a., vicar of Newcastle-on-Tyne, was married June 4, 1864, at Wallsend,
to the Rev. E. H. Augustine Geake, b. a., rector of Willington.

Rev. John Ridley, Brownhill, Bristol, Leeds; London College of Di-
vinity second class, 1875; deacon, 1875, by Bishop of Winchester for Bishop
of Ripon ; curate of Brownhill, diocese of Ripon, 1875. In 1883, was
vicar of Yorkshire parish. Brothers mentioned.

John Ridley, Esq., of Hawthorne, County of Durham, Eug., had a
son. John-Frederick Ridley, Esq., his successor, who died sine prole in
February, 1829, and a daughter Catherine, who married, Oct. 31, 1816,
Robert Atkins, Esq., of Firville, County of Cork, Ireland.

George Ridley, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, brother of John-Thomas, is an
engineer. Mr. William Coulson, an old and well-informed Northumber-
land man, says this gentleman is a representative of the elder line of the
ancient Williinoteswick family, but I have no particulars.

William-Wells Ridley, Esq., of Leamington, son of T. D. Ridley,
Esq., of the Elms, Chelmsford, Essex, was married at St. Luke's, Chelten-
ham, in 1864, to Emily-Mary, youngest daughter of the late Maj. Chris-
topher Newport, of the Royal army, Bombay, India.

Rev. Christopher Ridley, Aylesbury; University of London, B. A.,
1876; deacon, 1877; priest in 1878 by Bishop of Oxford; curate of Ayles-
bury, diocese of Oxford, 1877. He was master of a grammar-school in
1883. He is a brother of the bishop.

Joseph-Simpson Ridley, m. d., 10 Lune Street, Preston, Lancashire ;
M. D. St. And. 1859; M. R. C. S., Eng., and L. M. 1858; L. S. A. 1867
(St. Barthol.) ; Med. Off. 8th Dist., and Workh., Preston Union ; Med.
Ref. Briton Med. Gen. Life Association.


Appolonia Ridley, daughter of Baldwin Ridley, of Flushing, Zealand,
was married to Daniel Tysson, who was born in Flushing, and died there
in 1647, aged about 46 years. Baldwin Ridley was said to be "nephew of
Bishop Ridley."

Richard Ridley was found to have a copy of the proclamation of Gen-
eral Howe in his pocket (or possession), by the New York Committee of
Safety, Nov. 6, 1776. He with others were arming to resist troops at

Mrs. Ridley, widow of the late W. Ridley, Gentleman, of Walton-
upon-Thames, Eng., and daughter of the late Rev. Roger Simpkinson,
rector of Dew Church, Magna, County of Hereford, died in 1812, aged

89 years.

Maria-Charlotte Ridley, second daughter of N. W. Ridley-Colburn,
Esq., M. P., was married at St. George's, Hanover Square, 1830, to George-
Edmund Nugent, Esq., Grenadier Guards, son of Gen. Sir G. Nugent,

James Ridley, m. d., 47 West Street, Gateshead-on-Tyne, Eng. ; L.
R. C. S., Edinburgh, and L. M. 1868 (Newcastle-on-Tyne); Med. Off.
House, Gateshead, U. Dist. ; late Med. Off. Gateshead Small-pox Hospital.

Richard, Robert, and Elizabeth Ridley were among passengers
on board the " Dorsett," John Flowers, master, in 1635, from London,
Eng., bound for St. Christopher Island. See "Ridleys of Virginia."

Rev. Thomas Ridley, Sunnvside, Leyland Road, Southport; Magdalen
College, Oxford, B. A. 1833, M. A. 1838; deacon, 1833; priest, 1834.
Formerly priest-curate of St. Mary, Sowerby, Yorkshire, 1848-67.

Clara-Jane Ridley, daughter of the late Samuel Ridley, Esq., was
married Nov. 28, 1862, at St. James, Piccadilly, to the Rev. William-
Pakenham Walsh, m. a., chaplain of Sanford, Dublin, Ireland.

Agnes Ridley, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Ridley, of Hast-
ings, was married at her father's residence, Feb. 24, 1858, to the Rev.
George Burnet, incumbent of St. James', Birkenhead.

Rev. Lancelot Ridley, St. Thomas, Salsbury; Lincoln College, Ox-
ford, B. A. 1876; deacon, 1878; priest, 1879, by Bishop of Sarum; curate
of St. Thomas', city and diocese of Sarum, 1878.

"Master Ridley" was one of thirty gentlemen on board a vessel
commanded by Captain Hore, of London, bound for Newfoundland, in
1536. The voyage ended in "great misery."

Evelyn-Clara Ridley, second surviving daughter of Henry-Stephen
Ridley, of Vincent Square, Westminster, died at Kingston-on-Thames in
1859, after a short illness, aged 18 years.

John Ridley, Esq., of Bedford Place, Russell Square, London, died at
Newcastle-on-Tyne, in 1854, aged 45 years. Mr. Ridley was formerly a
councilman of the city of Newcastle.

Louisa-Mary Ridley, daughter of George-Nelville Ridley, Esq., was
married July 11, 1839, to Baron de Rothenbury, commanding at Bellville
Upper Canada, as lieutenant-colonel.


John Ridley, m. d., Tullamore,* Kings County, Ireland. Glasg., 1838;
L. K. Q. C. P. Ireland ; F. R. C. S. 1.^1844, L. 1837; L. M. Rot. Hosp.
1836; Surg. Kings Co. Infirm. Gaol; Med. Off. Disp. Dist.

Rev. H. J. Ridley left a widow, who was married in September, 1843,
to the Rt. Hon. Lord Abinger, at Oakley, Surrey. She was Elizabeth,
daughter of Lee Steere, Esq., Jayess.

Julia G. Ridley, daughter of the late Samuel Ridley, Esq., of Hast-
ings, was married to John W. Hulke, of London, who was a son of
William Hulke, Esq., of Deal, Kent.

Charles Ridley, Esq., of Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London,
married at Nottingham, July, 1858, Sarah, daughter of the late John
Wild, Esq., The Park, Nottingham.

Miss Ridley, a sister of the Rev. W. C. Ridley, died at the residence
of the latter, Place House, Great Stoughton, July 21, 1839, aged 61 years.
"A benevolent friend to the poor."

Martha Ridley, widow, Feb. 27, 1720, married to Harbord Herriott,
"single man," youngest son of James Herriott, citizen and cloth-worker,
of London, by his wife Mary.

Elizabeth Ridley, daughter of the late William Ridley, Esq., of Fal-
stead, was married April 29, 1854, to John Richardson, Esq., at Falstead,
County Essex.

Richard Ridley, Esq., of Hapstone, the ancient family residence in
Claverly, after an illness of two days, and on the eve of marriage, died
May 15, 1829.

Elizabeth Ridley had a brother, Yates Bayley, Esq., who died in 1782,
aged 36 years, leaving her five pounds sterling. (See preceding for family

John Ridley, late of Lincoln's Hill (an ensign in the army), died at
Haddington barracks, in 1814. He was of the Northumberland Militia.
Eldest son.

Joseph Ridley, Esq., of the Plantations near Whitby, was married
in 1810 to Lutitia, youngest daughter of the late Doctor Wells, of Wil-

Edward Ridley, artist, took premiums for the best drawings from the
Antique, the silver medal and the " Lectures of the Professors Orpie and

William Ridley, sometime an eminent engraver, died at Addleston,
Aug. 15, 1838, aged 74 years. He had been a resident of the village 25

William- White Ridley, merchant of Plymouth, died at his residence
Portland Square, aged 69 years. He was a gentleman of high standing.

Nicholas Ridley, bachelor, of London, Eng., married Elizabeth Turner,
widow (by license), of St. Dunstan's, Stejmey, May 18, 1696.

* John Ridley, of Tullamore, owns 724 acres of land, valued at £3G5 per annum.
George, of Tullamore, has 523 acres, valued at £243.


James-Hutton-Wilkie Ridley, m. d., Millfield House, Hexham Road,
Gateshead ; M. R. C. S., England, 1852 (Newcastle-on-Tyne).

Nicholas Ridley, Esq, a Master in Chancery, and one of the benchers
of Grey's Inn, died at his lodgings in Rath, in the year 1805.

William Ridley, Esq., predeceased his wife, who died at Addleston,
near Chertely (or Chertsey), Sept. 11, 1841, aged 67 years.

Margaret Ridley, eldest daughter of Mr. Ridley, of Sidmouth Street,
George's Road, London, died April 21, 1811, aged 26 years.

Eliza Ridley, only daughter of R. Ridley, Esq., of Essequibo, was mar-
ried in 1834 to the ReY. H. McKenzie, of Torrydon, N. B.

Catherine-Lucy Ridley, widow of the late ReY. R. Ridley, died at
Green Hammerton Hall, Yorkshire, in 1853, aged 70.

Margaret Ridley, wife of John Ridley, was buried in the church of
St. Dionis, Blackchurch, London, Sept. 18, 1587.

Rev. William-Charles Ridley, m. a., incumbent of St. John's Epis-
copal Chapel, Glasgow, Scotland, died in 1855.

Rev. Henry-John Ridley was married, in 1813, to Eliza, daughter of
John Ellis, Esq., of Mamhead House, Devon.

Fanny-Mercy Ridley, wife of Arthur S. Ridley, Esq., of Newgate
Street, Ipswich, died in 1854, aged 24 years.

Anthony Ridley, of St. Botolph, London, married Margaret Harris,
of Whitechapel, by license, June 6, 1727.

Mrs. Joyce Ridley, widow of the late Thomas Ridley, wine-merchant,
of Ipswich, died in 1818, aged 52 years.

Miss Patience Ridley was the wife of George Bennett, of Saleman's
Cross, London. She was of Croydon.

Col. C. W. B. Ridley was promoted in March, 1859, to be gentleman
usher to H. R. M. the Prince Consort.

Anna Ridley was married May 31, 1650, to Richard Jarvis, of the
parish of St. Thomas', London, Eng.

Elizabeth Ridley was married June 13, 1579, to William Raunce, of
London, Eng., in St. Thomas' parish.

Margaret Ridley, eldest daughter of Mr. Ridley, of Sidmouth Street,
Grey's-Inn Road, died April 21, 1811.

Samuel Ridley, Sr., died in 1816 at Rindleford, in the parish of
Worthfield, County of Salop.

Sarah Ridley was married to Giles Coleman, of St. Thomas' parish,
London, Eng., Nov. 26, 1642.

John Ridley, Esq., for many years a magistrate of Bury St. Edmund's,
died in 1853, aged 73 years.

William-Beverly Ridley, provision-merchant, Akinside Hill and
Farnley Grove, Corlridge.

Rev. W. D. Ridley was married in 1819 to Maria, daughter of Robert
Tidwell, Esq., of Oporto.


Robert Ridley, son of Mr. Cuthbert Ridley, spirit-merchant, Sunder-
land, died June 13, 1831.

George Ridley, son of Thomas, died in the parish of St. Mary, Lon-
don, Eng., May 20, 1618.

Elizabeth Ridley, wife of Anthony Ridley, Esq., of Hyde Park,
Eng., died in 1860.

Rev. J. W. Ridley received preferment toH. M. S. Nankin, 50 Chatham,
in the year 1855.

Matthew Ridley. Esq., of Heaton, presented a Curate to Rev. John
Brand, in 1774.

Anthony Ridley, m. d. (address uncommunicated) ; L. R. C. S. Edin-
burgh, 1852.

George-Robert Ridley, m. d., Brunswick Street, Melbourne, Victoria,

Musgrave Ridley, timber-merchant, Carliol Square and 28 Archibald

Rev. H. T. Ridley, m. a., promoted to a Prebend in Bristol Cathedral,
in 1816.

Rev. Henry-Ridley Moody, m. a., Chatham R., Kent. Preferment, 1822.
Charles Ridley, m. d.,6 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, W.C.
Rev. J. H. Ridley, Prebendary of Bristol ; lost his wife in 1817.

Ridley s of Birmingham, England.

William Ridley, 39 King Edward's Road.
Henry Ridley, 222 TcKneild Port Road.
Robert-Wood Ridley, 22 Heath Street.
Alfred Ridley, 90 Lower Hurst Street.
John Ridley, 88 Great Francis Street.
Howard Ridley, 40 Augusta Street.
William Ridley, 129 Varna Road.
Henry Ridley, 16^ Hockley Hill.
Alfred Ridley, Clissold Street.
John Ridley, 32 Fazely Street.
John Ridley, 317 Farm Street.

Ridley s of Liverpool, England.

William Ridley, f. c. o., professor of music and organist of West
Derby Parish Church, 19 Ivy Leigh, Tue Brook.

Claude Ridley, professor of music and organist of St. John's Church,
Tue Brook, 19 Ivy Leigh.

John Ridley, of the firm of Ridley & Co., 30 Derby Road, Bootle,
and 9 Scotland Road.

Gowland C. Ridley, joiner and builder, Claremont Cottage, Stourton
Road, Oxton.


William Ridley, beer-seller, 19 Lower Ivy Street, Birkenhead.

James Ridley, shipwright, 404 Mill Street, Toxteth Park.

Samuel C. Ridley, contractor, Wellington Road, New Brighton.

William Ridley, Wheat Sheaf, 184 Scotland Road.

William Ridley, plasterer, Woodchuck Road, Oxton.

William Ridley, whitesmith, 11 Bute Street.

Robert Ridley, plasterer, 233 Burlington Street.

William Ridley, paper-hanger, 6 George's Terrace, Pluinpton Street.

George Ridley, joiner, Stourton Road, Oxton.

Elizabeth Ridley, 15 Royston Street.

Joseph Ridley, victualler, 7 Great Homer Street.

Ridleys of Newcastle-on- Tyne, England, 1877-78.
Thomas Ridley, store-manager, 137 Clifford Street.
Thomas Ridley, barrister-at-law, 30 Grey Street.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ridley, lodgings, 8 Albert Street.
James-Taylor Ridley, engineer, 18 Alexander Place.
Thomas Ridley, Penn Street and Stockbridge.
David-Nicholas Ridley, agent, 91 Henry Street.
Miss Ann Ridley, 17 Regent Terrace.
Miss Jane Ridley, 1 Belle Grove Terrace.
Andrew Ridley, beer-retailer, 22 Churchill Street.
Mrs. Sarah Ridley, 13 Victoria Square.
Thomas Ridley, bottle-maker, 113 Northumberland Street.
James-Cartmell Ridley, 3 Summerhill Grove.
Samuel-John Ridley, 13 Victoria Square.
John-Hilton Ridley, Wellburn, Ovingham, N. C.
Henry Ridley, chemist, 153 Newgate Street.
William Ridley, confectioner, 37 Tyne Side.
William Ridley, corn-factor, 101 Addison Road.
Mrs. Isabella Ridley, 1 High Swinburn Place.
Jonathan Ridley, tinplate-worker, 31 Buckingham Street.
Thomas Ridley, photographer, 35 Park Road.
William Ridley, waterproof-paper maker, 31 Maple Street.
Mrs. H. C. Ridley, academy, 73 Park Road.
Thomas Ridley, Blackhill County, Durham.
Thomas-Harrison Ridley, Grace Church Buildings, London.
George Ridley, gas manager.
Mrs. Jane Ridley, 13 Victoria Square,



Henry Ridley. University B. A. Feb. 11, 1774; M. A. June 12, 1770;
B. and D. D. June 3, 1802.

Hexry-Colborx Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. June 25, 1801 ; M.
A. April 19, 1804.

William-Henry Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. Jan. 24, 1838; M.
A. Nov. 19, 1840.

Henry-John Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. Feb. 23, 1S01 ; M. A.
Nov. 17, 1813.

Charles-John Ridley. University B. A. June 9, 1813; M. A. Oct.
31, 1817.

Gloster Ridley. New College, B. C. L. April 19, 1729; D. D. Feb.
2, 1767.

Richard Ridley. University, B. A. Nov. 24,1803; M. A. June 16,

Thomas Ridley. Magdalen Hall, B. A. May 30, 1833; M. A. June 6,


Giles Ridley. Eden Hall, B. A. May 23, 1704; M. A. May 20, 1708.
Matthew-White Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. March 6, 1798.
Matthew- White Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. May 28, 1828.
Oliver-Matthew Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. Oct. 22, 1846.
Nicholas-James Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. June, 1800.
Henry-Richard Ridley. University, B. A. Nov. 9, 1837.
George Ridley. Christ's Church, B. A. May 2, 1844.
James Ridley. New College, B. A. Feb. 16, 1760.
Matthew Ridley, Esq. Cr. M. A. July 1, 1730.


Nicholas Ridley, d. d. A collection of his works, with Biographi-
cal Notice, by Rev. Henry Christmas, was published at Cambridge in
1841. 8vo. Contents: Declaration of the Lord's Supper; Piteous Lamen-
tations of the Miserable State of the Church; Treatise on the Worship
of Images ; Conference with Latimer, and with Secretary Bourne ; Dis-
putation of Oxford; Examination before the Queen's Commissioners;

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