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John B. Riddle, Glenville, Gilmore County, W. Va.

George M. Riddle, Newburgh, Ritchie County, W. Va.

Rebecca (Riddle) Short, Troy, Gilmore County, W. Va.

Col. James Riddle, a noted loyalist of Surrey County, N. C, had a son,
Capt. William Riddle, who became a reckless Tory leader. He was cap-
tured, court-martialed, and hung at Wilkesborough, Wilkes County, N. C,
in 1781. The oak on which this man, and Bill Nichols who married his
sister, were hung, is now standing on a hill adjoining the village. Mrs.
Riddle, who accompanied her husband on his wild marauds, was present,
and witnessed his execntion. There is a locality called " Riddle's Knob"
in Watauga County, which may have derived its name from this family.
I have not found any descendants.

John Rtddle moved from Pennsylvania to Washington County, Md.,
when twenty-five years of age, and died in 1845, aged nearly ninety-
four. His sister Catherine settled in Maryland at the same time. Parents
and birthplace unknown. Supposed to be of German descent. No
children. Left an adopted daughter named Elizabeth Riddle, now (1878)
living at Funkstown ; she has forwarded two old documents, found
amongst the papers of Mr. Riddle, written in German, supposed to be
a baptismal and a marriage certificate.

Samuel Riddle and his brother David settled in a township in Bed-
ford County, Penn., in 1808, and called it Hiddlesburg. They owned
coal-mines, and carried on quite an extensive business, shipping coal to
Havre de Grace. Their coal-banks were near the Susquehanna River, and
this gave them advantage over many dealers. The Riddle brothers left
about 1820, and went to Kentucky or Tennessee. The township is now
owned by a New York firm, known as the "Kemble Coal and Iron Com-

Bradley G. Riddle, born in South Carolina in 1800, removed to
Georgia when young, and lived there 16 years. Enlisted in Edgefield
District, S. C, Feb. 4, 1815. Married Mary-Ann Sharp, in Monroe
County, Ga., at the age of twenty-six. Moved to Alabama, and resides at
Clopton, Dale County. Seventy-nine years of age in 1879; wife seventy-
one. Had a brother and two sisters. Mary Riddle died at the age of
sixteen. The others lived in South Carolina. Mr. Riddle is a black-

William Riddell, of Hundalee, Jedburgh, in Roxburghshire, Scotland,
is a prominent man in all Border agricultural interests, and a breeder of


fine stock. He has been president of agricultural societies, and is con-
sidered an excellent judge of blooded sheep. He owns twenty-eight
acres of land. I have forwarded several communications to this gentle-
man, but have no reply to them. He is known to be connected with
other Border-families of Riddell, however.

Jacob Riddell, of White Hall Inn, Old Market Street, London, died
in 1820, aged 62 years. His death was occasioned by a severe fall, which
fractured his left limb in two or three places, and it was deemed advisable
to resort to amputation ; a mortification soon ensued, however, which
deprived him of life. He bore his sufferings with great Christian resig-
nation. His loss was sincerely lamented by his relatives and a large circle
of friends, by whom he was beloved.

David Riddle (Pennsylvania), second-lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry,
9th April, 1812; first-lieutenant, March, 1813; brevet-captain for distin-
guished service in battle of Niagara Falls, July 25, 1814; distinguished
in Gaines' victory at Fort Erie; brevet-major for gallant conduct in sortie
from Fort Erie, Sept. 17, 1814 (Jan. 15), in which he was wounded; re-
tained December, 1815, in Infantry; captain, December, 1816; died July
9, 1820.

William Riddel was born in Westchester County, N. Y., in the year
1788. He was the son of a Riddel who held a commission in the English
army or navy, and came to this country during the Revolutionary war,
and was killed ; he was born in the north of Ireland. William S. Riddel,
before mentioned, left New York about 1820, and went South; his son,
Hiram H. Riddle, in 1873, was residing in New York city, aged 63 years.

Hugh Riddell, May 12, 1685, presented a petition in New York,
against the extortionate charges of the physicians who attended Mr.
Vaughton, the custom-house officer wounded by him at the seizure of his
goods. Mr. Riddell's goods were taken when coming from New Jersey
to New York, and he beat the officer nearly to death. The court ordered
that his goods should be restored, provided he pay the medical charges.

Rev. Arthur-John Riddle, Stratford, Bucks, Jesus College, Oxford,
Eng., B. A. 1872, M. A. 1877, deacon 1872, priest by Bishop of Oxford.
Former chaplain of Oxford diocese, Sch. Cowley, 1872-3; curate of Wy-
comb 1876-7; Crowmarsh-Gifford, near Wallingford, 1877-8. After re-
tiring from the latter place he took a curacy at Stoney Strafford, Bucks.
In the "Clergy List" of 1883 he was chaplain at Cronstadt, in Russia.

Samuel Riddle, sergeant Light Dragoons, May 20, 1813; exchanged
to Fifteenth Infantry in September, 1813; brevet second-lieutenant for
gallant conduct in sortie from Fort Erie, Sept. 17, 1814, and second-lieu-
tenant, September, 1814; retained December, 1815, in Eighth Infantry;
first-lieutenant, August, 1817; captain, April, 1819; company disbanded
in June, 1821 ; was sutler at Fort Barrancas in 1821 ; died in 1823.

William Riddle, of Selkirk, Scotland, had a son, Walter Riddle, who
married Isabella Kellzie, who was from the State Hills, Roxburghshire,
and had four sons and two daughters. Walter died at Hawick, Scotland,
Feb. 11, 1849, aged between sixty and seventy years; his wife predeceased
him at the same place about 1839. The eldest son, William Riddle, was
at London, Ont., Can., in 1873, with Watterman, Englehart & Co.


Mrs. Charlotte Riddell, youngest child of James Cowan, of Car-
rickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland, is wife of J. H. Riddell, Esq., a
civil-engineer, and is known as the author of many popular novels, in-
cluding "Too Much Alone," "City and Suburbs," "George Geith," "A
Life's Assize," "Mortomley's Estate" (1874), "Above Suspicion" (1875),
and "Her Mother's Darling" (1877).

William Riddell lived in the parish of Dromara, townland of Grass-
quare, County Down, Ireland; married a Barr, and had seven or more
children ; died before 1873, and left a widow and six children in Ireland.
A son, James Riddle, was at Maiden Bridge, N. Y., in 1878; had many
relatives in America, but could not find them; he emigrated in 1863.

A Riddell bore the chief part in the arrest of the Earl of Argyle,
who was a Campbell. On this account the whole race of Riddells was,
during more than a century, held in abhorrence by the great tribe of
Campbell, and within living memory, when a Riddell visited a fair in
Argyleshire, he found it necessary to assume another name. The arrest
was in 1685.

Josiah Riddle came from London, Eng., to Canada in 1846, with his
wife and several children. He had married previously and had issue.
His eldest son by first wife, William-Josiah Riddle, was living at St.
Andrews, Can., in 1873; the widow and other children were in Montreal.
William J. was born in London, Jan. 31, 1830.

John Riddell and his wife Mary were born in Birmingham, Eng., and
settled at Wallsworth. Henry Riddell, son of the preceding, married in
England, and had jive children, when, in 1853, they came to America.
He died at Trenton, N. J., April 6, 1863, leaving a widow, E. M. Riddell,
at Providence, in 1873. He had brothers.

Samuel Riddle was sergeant in Capt. William Mitchell's Independent
Blues, Pennsylvania Militia, in 1813. In March, on the second night of
his arrival at Fort Mifflin, on the Delaware, while on guard, it being icy,
slipped and fell twenty feet from ramparts, and was taken up insensible ;
conveyed to his own dwelling next day.

Jesse Riddle was a resident of Edgefield District, S. C, and had two
daughters. Annie-Cox Riddle, born Dec. 29, 1810, was married to James-
Alexander Bradford, of Georgia, and died Jan. 17, 1843, leaving issue.
Pamelia Riddle, second daughter, was the wife of Nelson Baird, of
Mobile in Alabama, but has deceased.

John Riddell (or Riddle) resided at Princeton, and kept a store of
goods there ; married a woman of good estate, real and personal, and had
sundry negroes and other personal property. Built a house there. Had
good reputation and respect of community, and was recommended for
appointment as sheriff. No date.

James-Wilson Riddle enlisted under Captain Pugh, in Company F,
Fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Colonel Brough, May 5, 1847, during
the war with Mexico. While at Matamoras was ordered to discharge boxes
of arms from a steam-ship, by which he was injured and discharged Oct.
6, 1847. Occupation, laborer.


William, Hugh, and George Riddle went from near Petersburg!), Va.,
about 1804, and settled in Kentucky; Hugh and George on the Kentucky
River, near Frankfort or Lexington, and William between Bedford, Trim-
ble County, and the mouth of the river. The adopted grandson, W. A. Rid-
dle, lives at St. Joseph, Mo.

Rev. Arthur-Esmond Riddle, Lockhampton, Cheltenham, Worcester
College, Oxford, Eng. ; third class theological B. A. 1875; deacon 1875;
ordained priest in 1876 by Bishop of Hereford. Formerly curate of Mad-
ley, Tiverton, diocese of Hereford, 1875-7. All S., Chapton Park, Mid-
dlesex, 1878-9.

Tavner Riddle, Burk's Mill, Augusta County, Va., and his son, Lewis
G. Riddle, Livingstone, Nelson County, Va., in 1878. The father,
seventy-five or eighty years of age. Some of their connections are in
this book. Neither of the above will reply to my letters of inquiry.

James Riddle was born in the city of Londonderry, Ireland; emigrated
to Philadelphia, where he resided till death. His son lived in Delaware,
where he died about 1839-40, leaving a son, A. J. Riddle, — 46 years old
in 1874, — who owns the "Thewalla House," at Eufaula, Ala.

Lawson Riddle in 1871 was living at Clark's Mills, Howard County,
Md., aged 84. Served under Capt. Henry Woodward, from Aug. 13 to
Sept. 1, 1813, and under Capt. T. T. Simmons, from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1814.
He married Aug. 15, 1820, at Union Factory, to Mary .

Rose-Christiana Riddell, second daughter of J. R. Riddell, Esq., of
Banghurst House, Hants, was married at St. Savioui''s, Bath, in October,
1858, to Herbert-Croft Ryder, Esq., of the Third Regiment, Bombay,
youngest son of the Rev. T. R. Ryder, vicar of Ecclesfield.

Benjamin Riddle, of Beloit, Wis., died in June, 1857, aged 53 years.
He was one of the early settlers, having moved there in 1839; as a citi-
zen, he was highly respected and esteemed. Left a wife and several
children, and a large circle of relatives, to mourn.

James Riddle, commander of the " Hornet," took the brig "Penguin,"
March 23, 1815, off the island Tristan da Cunha. The engagement lasted
only twenty-two minutes. There were one hundred and thirty-two men
in the "Hornet"; one killed, ten wounded.

John Riddle served under Capt. William Kendricks in South Carolina
Militia, from Oct. 1, 1814, to March 7, 1815, in the regiment of Colonel
Means, stationed at Charleston, S. C, and neighboring islands. Married
after Feb. 17, 1815. Died July 1, 1871.

Annie-Maria Riddell, second daughter of Gabriel Riddell, Esq., of
Brixton, was married, April 11, 1866, to the Rev. Richard-Lee Allnuth,
m. a., incumbent of St. Stephen's, Tunbridge, second son of Henry All-
nuth, Esq., of Loose, near Maidstone.

John Riddell, of the colony of Virginia, was granted permission to
pass from any port in the province to Europe, with his baggage, June 24,
1776, he having first produced a passport from the Committee of Safety
of Virginia, licensing such departure.

John Riddle served under Capt. William Fleming in Virginia Militia,
from Sept. 2 to Sept. 21, 1814. He married June 29, 1820, at Fincastle,


Va., to Ann Washburn. In August, 1871, lived at "Woodland, Md., aged
75 years. Died Feb. 28, 1872.

Charles Riddell (or Riddle), of Martinsburgb, Va., died at Canons-
burgh, Nov. 16, 1857. He was nephew of Dr. Riddle, of Pittsburgh,
Penn., a member of the senior class of Jefferson College ; respected and
beloved by all who knew him.

John A. Riddle died in Matthews County, Va., in July 29, 1823. Some-
time a resident of Richmond, and probably of Washington, D. C. His
autograph is in a book owned by Robert Brock, as "John A. Riddle,
Washington, D. C."

Henry Riddle, of Onandago, Ontario, Can. (1874), was the son and
grandson of Riddles who came to America from County Down, Ireland,
with his aunt, many years ago ; subsequently went from Canada to Phila-
delphia (?).

James Riddell was born in the townland of Durmain, County Mona-
ghan, Ireland, — two miles from the town of Monaghan, — and had sons,
Alexander, John, Joseph, and James, who, in 1873, were at Smithfield, Can.

William Riddell, of Roxburghshire, Scotland, had a son, Thomas, who
was in St. John, N. B., in 1873. A brother of William, before mentioned,
came to America, married, and left two children, a son and daughter.

Almena Riddell was married to Rev. Wheeler Ingalls, East Pem-
broke, N. Y.; their son, Charles-Crane, married Regin a- Augusta Cook;
resident at Chicago, 111.; merchant. Almena lives at Franklin, 111.

Col. Thomas Riddell, member-elect of the State Senate of Alabama,
died at Springfield, in that State, in August, 1840. (See records of de-
scendants of Capt. Cato Riddle, of North Carolina, in this book.)

William Riddell, of Wellgreen, Glassford, Lanark, Scotland, owned
one thousand and twelve acres of land, worth one hundred and twenty
pounds a year in 1873. Know nothing of his family connections.

Andre w-Nisbit-Edwards Riddell, Esq., h. e. q. c. s., only son of Capt.
A. N. Riddell, Second Regiment, B. N.,L, was married to Frances, youngest
daughter of S. Wilson, Esq., of Kensington Place, Bath, Eng.

Capt. Michael Riddell, of Madras Cavalry, married Caroline-Alicia,
third daughter of C. F. Sheridan, Esq., and niece of the Rt. Hon. R. B.
Sheridan, at Cheltenham, Eng., in 1810.

Col. John Riddell had a son, A. N. Riddell, who married, Oct. 12,
1819, Mary-Anne, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Edwards, of the Sev-
enty-third Regiment, at Bombay, India.

Joseph Riddle was vice-consul at La Guayra, Venezuela, from Octo-
ber, 1844, to October, 1854, when he resigned. He was acting consul
from June 5, 1848, to Aug. 23, 1853.

Thomas Riddle (Ohio), ensign Twenty-seventh Infantry, May 20,
1813; transferred to Nineteenth Infantry; third-lieutenant in September;
company disbanded in June, 1814.

John Riddle died in Northampton County, Penn., Nov. 10, 1767, and
William Riddle March 2, 1857. These possibly belong to families whose
genealogies are found in this book.


William Riddell, for more than thirty years Registrar to Her Majes-
ty's Board of Inland Revenue, died at his residence, Mayfield Place, Dal-
ton, Eng., in 1861, aged 70 years.

Rev. J. E. Riddle, incumbent of St. Philip's and St. John's, Leck-
hampton, Gloucestershire, died at his residence, Tudor-lodge, Cheltenham,
in October, 1859, aged 55 years.

William Riddell, aged 19 years (1862), of Stockbridge, Mass., mus-
tered into the Second Regiment Infantry, May 25, 1861 ; mustered out,
May 28, 1864.

Riley Riddle was living with Walker Gan, Bestonville, Stokes County,
N. C, in 1878. A relative to "old John Riddle," of Rockingham County,
a mile distant.

Frederick-Justus Riedel, a German litterateur, was born near Erfurt,
in 1742. Among his works are "Satires" (three volumes, 1786). He
died in 1787.

James Riddell, stocking-weaver, lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in
1873; he was a son of Thomas Riddell, of Barony Parish, Lanarkshire,

Mrs. Elizabeth Riddle, wife of William Riddle, of Martinsburgh,
Va., daughter of Richard Ragan, Esq., of Hagerstown, Md., died Dec.

28, 1857.

George-James Riddell, Esq., of Beauchamp House, married Laura,
youngest daughter of Rev. Thomas Wood, of Tiverton, Devon, in 1808.

Robert-Andrew Riddell, Esq., married in 1808, Miss Mills, daughter
of the late William Mills, Esq., merchant and alderman of Bristol, Eng.

Mrs. Elizabeth Riddell, widow of William Home, Esq., sheriff of
East Lothian, died at Belhaven House, Dunbar, Scotland, Feb. 26, 1857.

Edward Riddle, attorney, was tried for killing Captain Lidburn in a
duel in the Nuns' Garden, Newcastle, Eng., in 1723, but was acquitted.

Calvin T., Emerson, and Wiley Riddle were living at Farmington,
Davie County, N. C, in 1879, but neither will reply to my inquiries.

John Riddell, a relative of others mentioned, owned land at Strat-
haven and Chapelton, in the County of Lanark, Scotland, in 1873.

John Riddell, son of John and Lucy Riddell, died in Boston, Mass.,
Dec. 28, 1770, and was buried in King's Chapel burying-ground.

Rev. James-Gibson Riddell, m. a., formerly minister of Portland and
Portman chapels, died at Edgeware Road, Dec. 7, 1814.

Lieutenant-Colonel Riddall, k. h., was married to Anne, daughter
of George Daysh, Esq., at Worthing, June 16, 1831.

Robert Riddle, a native of Durham, Eng., had a wife, Mary, and was
living at Stockton, Luzerne County, Penn., in 1873.

Mrs. Riddell, of Brynston ( or Bryanstan ), St. Portman's Square,
London, was married in 1793, to Captain Douglas.

Mrs. Kezia Riddle, formerly of Arlington Street, Westminster, died
at Great Portland Street, July 11, 1856, aged 90.


__ l

Augustus Riedel, a celebrated German painter, was born at Baireuth
in 1780. He worked several years in Rome.

Robert Riddell, Esq., of Kenny's Hall, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, died
at Musselburg in 1805, aged 83 years.

John Riddell, of Bath, Eng., left a widow (daughter of Samuel Short,
Esq.), who died at Exmouth in 1804.

Jane Riddle, wife of Andrew (before mentioned), died at Jamaica
Plain, Mass., Sept. 18, 1830, aged 56.

William, William-P., and Jabez-L. Riddle were living at Warren-
ton, Warren County, Mo., in 1878.

William Riddell came to Virginia, July 6, 1635, in a vessel com-
manded by Capt. Leonard Betts.

J. B. F. Riddle, son of John Riddle, and George L. Riddle Zeno P.
O., York County, S. C, in 1878.

Henry Riddle, son of Walter and Margaret (Brown), was baptized
at Albany, X. Y., Oct. 4, 1757.

Andrew, John, and Samuel Riddell lived in Jersey City, N. J., in
1878 ; all at 308 Grand Street.

Jeremiah Riddle, of Capt. Daniel Morgan's company, was taken pris-
oner at Quebec, Dec. 3, 1775.

G. J. Riddell, Esq., of Bingwell-house, died at Budleigh, Salterton,
Aug. 5, 1833, aged 23 years.

John B. Riddell (sometimes Ruddell) was living at Gish's Mill, Ro-
anoke County, Va., in 1878.

James Riddle and Pelagie Ridel were in Newark, X. J., in 1878.
No reply to my inquiries.

Samuel and J. W. Riddle were at Cassville, and J. D. Riddle, at
Corsicana, Mo., in 1878.

Benjamin Ridell was in an expedition to Crown Point, under Major
Nichols, June 30, 1755.

Charles Riddles, and John, George, and Thomas Riddle were at
Cleveland, O., in 1878.

Jean Riddell, daughter of John and Mary, was baptized at Albany,
N. Y., June 28, 1756.

Watkots P. Riddle, of New Canton (or Gilliamsville), Buckingham
County, Va., in 1878.

John Riddell kept a perfumery, brush, and carpet warehouse, in Dub-
lin, Ireland, in 1868.

Ambrose Riddell, Esq., had a daughter married in 1808, to Sir Philip
Manoux, Bart.

Grace Riddell, of Hull, was married in 1822, to Rev. George Brown,
of St. Albans.

William Riddle's name was on the County record at Tours River, N.
J., in 1878.


Henry, William C, and James Riddle were living at Buffalo, N. Y.,
in 1879.

William Riddell was acting consul at Cyprus, from July 19 till Dec.
7, 1871.

George W. Riddle was living at Clarkville, Howard County, Md.,
in 1878.

Harrison Riddle lived at Medium's River, Albemarle County, Va.>
in 1878.

William Ruddell, in business at 147 Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland,
in 1868.

Andrew Riddle died at Jamaica Plain, Mass., Dec. 14, 1830, aged 58

Francis Riddell, Sr., died at St. Phillips, Bristol, in 1808, aged 75

Andrew Riddel,

Royal W. Riddell, Comm i ssione d officers in the war of the Rebel-

AlfredG Riddle, V lion, from Pennsylvania.

John W. Riddle, j

William Riddle,

John Riddle died at Jamaica Plain, Mass., July 24, 1836, aged 29 years.

Thomas Riddell, of Hull, Eng., merchant, died in 1810, aged 46 years.

James Riddell, printer and bookseller, died at Bodmin, Eng., in 1839.

A. R. Riddell was in the army under Lord Exmouth, in 1816.

Thomas Riddle, at Huffstutters store, Blount County, Tenn., in 1878.

J. Riddle, of Wellsville, Montgomery County, Mo., in 1878.

James Riddell married Jane Hall, in Pennsylvania, June 21, 1763.

Robert Riddell, District Register, Armagh, Ireland, 1868.

E. T. Riddle, Thorn Hill, Grainger County, Tenn., 1878.

Mrs. Jane Riddell, 93 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland, 1868.

James-Selwood Riddell, Esq., died at Bristol in 1813.

George Riddell, married Anne Freight, in Pennsylvania, Dec. 3, 1770.

Rev. J. E. Riddell, author of "Ecclesiastical Chronology."

Edward Riddell, of Hull, died in 1881, aged 79 years.

Thomas Riddell was at Hamilton, Out., in 1873.

James W. Riddle was at Warsaw, Benton County, Mo., in 1879.

Rev. T. Riddell was at Sudbury, N. Y., in 1840.

James Riddle, of Butler, Bates County, Mo., in 1878.

Sergt. Joseph Riddle was at Marsh field, Mass., in 1664.

Robert Riddell, m. d., Lauder, Berwickshire; L. R. C. S. 1858.

Rollin Riddle, of Morgantown, N. C, in 1878.

Christian Riddle, of Delaware, O., in 1878.

Isaac Riddell owned pew No. 5 in the old church at Quincy, Mass.



Sir Walter B. Riddell, Bart. Christ's Church, B. A. June 16,
1831 ; M. A. March 6, 1834.

John C. B. Riddell. Christ's Church, B. A. Oct. 26, 1837 ; All Souls',
M. A. March 6, 1841.

Joseph-Esmond Riddle. Eden Hall, B. A. Dec. 4, 1828; M. A. June
23, 1831.

Thomas Riddell. Eden Hall, B. A. Dec. 17, 1825; M. A. June 19,


John-Brimble Riddle. Wadh., B. A. Dec. 7, 1837 ; M. A. June 6, 1844.
Sir James Riddell, Bart. Christ's Church, B. A. May 19, 1807.
James Riddell. Ball, B. A. May 2, 1845 ; M. A. Dec. 17, 1847.
James Riddell. Ball, B. A. June 5, 1816; M. A. May 6, 1819.
George-James Riddell. New Inn Hall, B. A. May 24, 1832.


Joseph-Esmond Riddle ("see preceding Notes") was the author of
many valuahle works of a theological and educational character, among
them — I. Family Reader: Explanatory of St. Matthew. London. 8vo.
II. Churchman's Companion : Commentary on Prayer. 18mo. III. Illus-
trations of Aristotle from Shakespeare. 1832. 8vo. IV. Commentary on
First Epistle of St. Peter. 1834. 8vo. V. Letters from a Godfather.
1837. 8vo. VI. Luther and his Times. 1838. 12mo. VII. Eighteen Ser-
mons. 1838. 8vo. VIII. Manual of Christian Antiquities. 1839, '41, '43.
8vo. IX. Ecclesiastical Chronology. 1840. 8vo. X. British Commentary
on the Gospels. 1843. 8vo. XL First Sundays in Church. 8vo.; several
editions. XII. Churchman's Guide to the Use of the Liturgy. 1848. 8vo.
XIII. Natural History of Infidelity: eight lectures. 1852." 8vo. XIV.
Popular History of the Papacy in the Reformation. 1854. 2 vols. 8vo.

XV. Household Prayers for Four Weeks. 1857. 8vo. ; several editions.

XVI. Manual of Scripture History. London, 1857. 8vo. XVII. Words
of Truth and Love : six sermons. 1860. 8vo. XVIII. Dictionary, Latin-
English. London, 1836. 8vo.; several editions. XIX. Dictionary, English-
Latin. 1838. XX. Dictionary, English-Latin and Latin-English. 1838.
8vo.; this work is considered the best of its kind in the language. XXI.
A Copious and Critical Latin-English Lexicon. 1849. 4to. XXII. A
Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon. 1849. 8vo.; manv editions.
XXIII. The Gospels in Greek for Schools. 1845. 8vo. XXIV. Progres-
sive Latin-English Vocabulary. 1847. 12mo. XXV. Questions in Latin
Style. 1849. 12mo. He was a contributor to the Encyclopedia Metro-
poWana. His works are everywhere highly commended. At the time of
his death he had promised (D. V.) an English-Latin Thesaurus, designed
for Latin writers.


John Riddell, an eminent Scotch antiquary. I. The Sadfoot Contro-
versy; relating to the Family History of the Stewarts of Allanton.
Edinburgh, 1818. 8vo. [See Blackwood' 's Magazine, No. 18.] II. Re-
marks upon Scottish Peerage Law. Edinburgh, 1832. 8vo. III. Legal
and Historical Tracts. 1835. 8vo. IV. Law and Practise in Scottish

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