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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 100 of 109)
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Richardson by whom a daughter I-'Jlt-n Millican, h. at Nfiitlu-ad, now
living at Alston. By his son

John Georok Mii.i hw, m. I.oinsA SrAf.c, dauj^hter of Joseph .StaKK.
by whom were b. three children, Er/ii'sf Afi//i,an, who d. at Cape
Colony; Lillian Millican, who m. in .San I'rancisco, I'. .S. A. \n^
Alice Millican.


1. Frances Millican, b. at Nenthead, July 19, 1832; was m. .Sept. 15, 1853,
to Wir.i.iAM Dai/ion who was b. at Kirkley-thore, Westmoreland, Si-pt. i,
1825, and d. at Ilkley, Oct. 6, 1S74. Buried in .\lston Cenietery. .Mr.s.
Dalton survives. Seven children named as follows:

1. William Tinnlswood Dalton, m. Frances Mary Walhjn of Donks
Villa, Nenthead. He is an architect. Two children, 'J'innisivood
and /osc/l/i//e. Residence, Vancouver.

II. John Jamks Dalton, m. ; d. at Carlisle in 190^ Two children living.
III. josKPH Crosby DAi.roN is m. and lives at Hall l-'.nd. His four

TV. Lucy Millican Dalton, d. at Nenthead in 1.S60, aged twn and a

half years.
V. Elizabeth Crosby Dalton, m. F. Pollard and d. without issue at

Hall End.
VI. William Dalton, unm.
VII. Henry Georc.e Dalion, unm.

2. Sarah Millican, b. at Nenthead, Sept. 14, 1833 ' ^^'^^ ■"• ^*^P^- 4. '•'^55. to
Henry James Dalton who wasb. at Middleton, in Teesdale, July 6, 1828,
and had issue six children. Mrs. Dalton survives, and now owns West
Nenthead. Issue :

I. Rev. William Dalton, b. in Kentish Town, Dec. 15, 1S5C; m. .\pr.
16, 1883, Mary Steel, daughter of \\'illiam Steel of Robin Hood's
Bay, England, where they reside. He is a Congregational minister.
He furnished this genealogy. Children :

( I ). Fanny Steel Dalton, b. 13 March, 1884.
(2). Lucy Millican Dalton, b. 23 May, 1885.
(3). W^illiam Dalton, b. 4 Aug., 1887.
(4). Ethel Mary Dalton, b. 3 -Apr., 1889.
(5). Evelyn Damaris Dalton, b. 10 Feb., 1891.

II. Tinniswood William Dalton, b. in Kentish Town, .\ug. 5, 1858;
m. Sept. 6, 1883, Catherine Elizabeth Turner, daughter of Jabez
Turner of London, and d. without issue, Sept. 14, 1884. Buried
in City of London cemetery.

III. Lucy Little Dalton, b. in Kentish Town, Feb. 25, i860; was m.
at Chicago, U.S..\., March 14, 1898, to .\lbert P. Wallace of that
city, and has issue, Afargueritc Dalton Wallace, b. in Chicago, Jan.
I, 1899.

IV. Henry John Dalton, b. at Warcop, Westmoreland, Jan. 30, 1862;
m. first, Ida Jane Raper of Winnipeg, Man., who d. in Montreal,





Can., Nov. 29, 1893, leaving issue three children. He m. second,
Mary Hulbkrt by whom one son. Issue : Ida Rapcr Dalfo/i, Crosby
Dalion, Nellie Daltofi, and Henry Hu7-bert Daltoii.
Crosby Horn Dalton, b. in London, July 30, 1872; d. Sept. 21,
1884; buried in City of London cemetery.

EwART Dalton, b. in London, Aug. 16, 1877 ; m. in 1904, Clary
Turner, daughter of Jabez Turner.


}\\\\\\(\m^ af cfnniain. (I'nnLiDii

•A, ' •!

n!^i_„. ___._:__: _.j

Thomas Millican was a native of Alston or (larri^ill, lu-ar Carlisle, aiul de-
scended from the ancient Cumherlantl and Northumberland family so early
planted on the English border.

Joseph Millican, son of the preceding, was h. at (.arngdl, four miles from
Alston. He m. Elizabkih Rohinson and had issue, lied. Dec. ii, i88S,
aged 66 years; his wife d. Aug. 7, 1S63, aged 43 years. They were Metho-
dists. By occupation the males were lead miners. Issue : Janu-Sy William
Gill, Edwin, Joseph, Robinson, Eliza, and Fanny.

William Gill Millican, son of Joseph and Elizabeth, b. and raised at Corn-
iston, Lancashire, England, is now (1900) living at I )alton-in-l-'urness, in
said county, aged 59 years. His wife was Ei.izahktm liARRow, and was b.
at Crossgates, near Dalton-in-Kurness ; now aged 55. These had eleven
children named as follows :

1. Mary Millican, b. July 7, 1868 ; m. Ai.f.kri Ei.wakp Cilm-.v of Harrow-
in-Furness, and has issue, two sons, Albert Edioanl Ciilley and Xonnan
Vie for Culley, aged respectively 10 and 4 years.

2. Elizabeth Millican, b. Nov. 4, 1S72 ; m. Jamks Hknkv Ardrkn of South-
port. No issue.

3. Robert Millican, b. Jan. 10, 1870; m. Esthkr Jank Pattisom Hiri> of
Ulswick, near Dalton. One daughter. Living ia Pennsylvania, U. S. A.

4. Hannah Millican, b. Nov. 12, 1876. Spinster.

5. Annie Millican, b. Dec. 7, 1878. Spinster.

6. Maggie Millican, b. Sept. 11, 1879. Unm.

7. William Gill Millican, b: May 10, 1881. Single.

8. Mark Millican, b. May 16, 1884. Single.

9. James Millican, b. Nov. 23, 1885. Unm.

10. Arthur Millican, b. Nov. 23, 1885. Unm.

11. Joy Millican, b. Dec. 7, 1891. Unm.

NcjTK. The Millicans in the north of England were old-fashioned Methodists, and one

certainly was a local preacher of some note.

IlliUican I'auL) ([X\3ncis in (TumluifiinLi.


John Millican of Alston, 426 acre.s, 3 rods, 10 poles.
John Millican Sr. of Garrigill, 42 acres, 2 rods, 10 poles.
Mrs. John Millican of Garrigill, 112 acres, 2 rods, 34 poles.
John James Millican of Nenthead, 42 acres, i rod, 23 poles.
Matthew Millican of Garrigill, 77 acres, i rod, 16 poles.



Robert Millican of Hopeshouse, 75 acres.

Thomas Watson Millican of Abby Town, 22 acres, 2 rods, 20 poles.
Thomas W. Millican of Mealrigg, 73 acres, i rod, 10 poles.
Tinniswood Millican of Nenthead, 229 acres.

#tbcr Xiint) C^iviiurs, Xcitcster.

William Millican of Leicester, i acre, 3 rods, 2 poles.

George Millican of Pullham Virgin, Norfolk, i acre, i rod, 36 poles.

William Millican of Allenhead, Northumberland, 16 acres.

Mrs. Millikin of Silburn, Alnwick, 8 acres.

George Millican of Mendham, Suffolk, 49 acres, 2 rods, i pole.

Mrs. Millican of Packenham, Suffolk, i acre, 3 rods.

William Millican' s Ex. of Bardwell, Suffolk, 8 acres, i rod, 18 poles.

^anb #lx)ncrs tn Jrc(ant).


Edward J. Milliken of Rusheen, 555 acres, 3 rods, 25 poles.
James Milliken of Ballyclare, 13 acres, 2 rods, 20 poles.
James Milliken of Ballyboley, Antrim, 25 acres, 3 rods, 10 pole.
John Milliken of Bruslee, Antrim, 8 acres, 2 rods, 25 poles.
James Milliken of Lower Malone, Antrim, i acre, i rod.
Martha Milliken of Boveah, Londonderry, 4 acres, i rod.
Samuel Milliken of Ardmarive, Londonderry, 4 acres, i rod.
George Milliken of Boveah, Ballymony, 32 acres, i rod, 10 poles.


I /

HUllilicn.s of =»i.slc Hluicc. i»«vcl;inL).

The Millikens of Isle Mai^uc, ( Duiily ol Anlriin, Irclaiul, i .ma- iioui
Scotland during the Ulster plantation, about 1615, and families of tiiis luune
have domiciled there ever since. Isle Magee, not distant from Ikdfast,
contains 7043 acres and the present population is 3100. There are no
parish records of an early ilate known to exist, and ancestral names and
connections cannot be found. It may be assumed with plausibility that
other Milliken families in Aiiltini, of whom there were many, are closely
related to this stock.

Thomas MillikenS m. Jank Hii.i. ami lived for some years at (iransha, Isle
Magee. About 90 years ago he moved to Lochhead in the same Island
and established himself as a farmer. He d. in 1845 ; his wife d. in 1839.
The old home where his early days were passed is a comfortable stone
house of the old fashion. He had issue four sons and four daughters whose
names will follow.

1. James Milliken- (1), eldest son of Thomas' (1), b. in Isle Magee; m.
Eliza Millkr in 1848, and lived on the homestead at Lochhead. His
wife was of Ballycarry. He d. in 1858,- his wife in 1875. The\ had four
sons. See third generation.

2. Thomas Milliken- ( 2 ), second son of Thomas' ( 1 ), b. in Isle Magee, settled
on a part of his father's farm, but sold out and went to Scotland, where he

3. John Milliken- (1), third son of Thomas' (1), b. in Isle Magee, Co. .An-
trim, Ireland, Feb. 10, 1812; m. Kliz.abkth Crounovkk, b. May 17, 1822,
and d. June 24, 1856. Mr. Milliken came to America when a young man
and settled in Pennsylvania. He was a blacksmith by trade and carrieil
on business for several years, but subsequently bought a farm in Miller
Township, Huntingdon Co., Pa., and spent his last years as a farmer. His
ancestors were Presbyterians, but he united with the Methodists late in life.
He d. May 13, 1872. There were three children, one of whom, a son, d. in
childhood. See 3d generation.

4. William Milliken- (1), fourth son of Thomas' (1). b. in Isle Magee;
went to college and studied medicine. He came to Pennsylvania and took
a course of lectures at Jefferson college. Settled in Canada and practiced
his profession. Py his wife who was maiden-named Jamks, he hatl two
children. Dr. T/iOfnas J. A. Millikfii and Mtxry Jane Milliken, both of
Boston, Mich.

5. Margaret Milliken- (l), daughter of Thomas' (1), b. in Isle .Magee.
Ireland; was m. to John McGt)NNKLi. near I.arne. No is.sue.

6. Mary Milliken- (1), daughter of Thomas' (1), b. in Isle Magee, Ireland ;
was m. to RuHERT Houston of Cloughlin, and had nine children named as



I. James Houston d. in 1903, aged 80.

11. Thomas Houston d. nine years ago.

III. William Houston d. when young.

IV. Samuel Houston, living on his father's farm.
V. Robert Houston d. in New York.

VL Susan Houston m. John Shaw and lives in America,

vn. Jane Houston m. James McDowell; dec.

viiL Mary Houston m. Robert MacArthur of Glasgow ; dec.

IX. Elizabeth Houston m. Thomas Hill, Isle Magee ; dec.

7. Martha Milliken- (l), daughter of Thomas^ (1), b. in Isle Magee, Ire-
land; was m. to James Hamilton of Millbay, in that Island, and had four
children, T/iotiias, James^ Jane, and Eliza.

8. Jane Milliken- (1), daughter of Thomas^ (1), b. in Isle Magee, Ireland;
was m. to Robert Orr of Ballycarry. No issue.

9. Eliza Milliken'' (l), daughter of Thomas^ (1), b. in Isle Magee, May 20,
1814; was m. to Thomas Gillispie. Came to America and d. in Phila-
delphia, issueless.

Q^brrb 6encratron.


1. Thomas Milliken'^ (2), eldest son of James- (1), b. at Lockhead, Isle Ma-
gee, lives on the homestead. He m. Jane Shaw, daughter of Rev. R. H.
Shaw, in 1894. Was appointed a Commissioner of the Peace for Co. An-
trim in 1895. See view of his residence. Has three children, Elsie Jane,
aged 7 ; James Henry Shaw, aged 6 ; IViofnas Boyle, aged 4 years.

2. William Millikeh^ (2), second son of James^ (1), b. in Isle Magee, Ire-
land, settled on a farm adjoining, or near, the homestead. He m. Eliza
McMeekin, and has issue, Mary, Maggie, James, and Sarah.

3. Rev. John Milliken^ (1), third son of James'- (1), b. at Lockhead, Isle
Magee, went to college and studied for the ministry. Was ordained as
minister of the congregation of Armoy, near Ballymony, Co. Antrim, Aug.
18, 1880. He remained until May 1885, when he accepted the invitation
of the committee of Belfast Presbytery in charge of church extension in the
city, to begin the work of gathering a congregation and building a church
in the Woodvale district. After worshiping a few years in a hall, and
when 150 families had signified their intention of joining the congregation,
they built a large and beautiful stone church capable of accommodating
1,000 people, at a cost of ^5,000. The congregation is composed chiefly
of operatives in mills and laboring classes, and consequently the mem-
bership is subject to great fluctuations. He m. Miss McCuthen of Dub-
lin and has two children, Madge, and Mona.

4. James Milliken'' (2), youngest son of James"- (1), b. at Lockhead, Isle
Magee ; went to Australia in 1882, and is farming there. He m. Helena
Hill and has issue six children.


I. Hon. Thomas 0. Milliken" (3), son of John'- (2), was b. in now Miller
Township, Huntingdon Co., Penn., Feb. 16, 1848 ; was twice m. ; first, May




E&tw -i- .*"'~r"^:iz


4 - -..


;W fk

cirf I

i >.



) I '




•, '



MILUKEi\^ u/- J^iLh AJAoLh, IRELAND. Illi

26, 1S72. to Marv Ki,i/AHi;rii Mii.i.kk, (Uiuj^hter of (Jeorge ami llaiuuih
Miller ot Henderson 'I'DWHship, i). Apr. 18, 1S4S, who was the mother of
four chiklren. She d. July 17, 1SS6, and he m. secoiul, Se|)t. 5, 1H93, Makv
JANK Mii.i.KK, daughter of Jacob and Caroline Miller of Miller Township,
Pa., b. Dec. 10, 1852. By this union no issue. Mr. Milliken attended the
public schools, and Pierce's Business Colleije in the city of Philadelphia.
He taught school antl studied mediiine with his uncle, William Milliken,
but when ready to enter college his health faileil and he went home and
settled on his father's farm, where he regained his health, ami has since
been a farmer. He has long been a man of prominence in his county. He
has held nearly all of the township offices and served two terms in the
Pennsylvania Legislature. He is now a Justice of the Peace. His i)ost
address is Cornpropsts Mills, Pa. Children's names as follows:

I. Jank K. Mii.i.iKKN, 1). Apr. 10, 1873. ^

11. Kmma G. M1LLIK.KN, b. Dec. 5, 1874.

III. 'l"m)MAS A, Mii.i.iKKN, b. March 19, 1877 ; d. Jan. 5, 1877.

IV. Hknry Carl Milliken, b. March 22, 1878; is m.

V. EsrHER Milliken, b. Dec. 9, 1880; d. Sept, 20, 1881.
VI. Ella Milliken, b. Dec. 9, 1880; twin sisters.

2. Jane G. Milliken'' (2), daughter of John- ( 1), b. in Miller Township, Pa..
Oct. 15, 1S50; is living unm. in Philadelphia.

3. Robert H. Milliken" (l), second son of John- (1), b. in Miller Township,
Pa., Jan. 16, 1853; d. June 25, 1S54.

Itlillihcns of llabarra, Co. Cloliin, Irclanb.

Two of three brothers went from the Lowlands of Scotland into Ulster,
Ireland, during religious persecution, settled there and raised families. They
were Presbyterians of genuine Covenanting stock. Mr. Matthew H. Mil-
liken writes that he believes the two brothers of this family who came from
Scotland to Ulster were named Robert ?ind /avies. They were refugees and
no recorded trace of them is known to exist. One James Milliken of Bally-
ceagh, once visited James of Ravarra, and by " comparing notes" they de-
cided that they represented, as descendents, the two brothers.

James Milliken, date of birth and death not known, came from Moira or
Bainbridge, Co. Down, Ireland, to Ravarra, Co, Down, to reside, early in
the 17th century. He had three sons, Williani, Robert and /a??ies.

William Milliken, son of preceding, was highly educated and a medical
student. Some of his Greek and Latin books are preserved in the family.
He joined the army and was sent to India. Was at the taking of Seringa-
patam under General Goff, and d. at Port St. George, Madras, and was
buried there.

James Milliken* brother of the preceding, was b. in 1788 and d. Apr. 8,
1874. He m. Ann Shepherd, b. Sept. 1797; d. Apr. i, 1879. He had
several sons and daughters named as follows :

I. Thomas Shepherd Milliken. second son of James, was manager of the
Belfast Branch of the " Irish Times " newspaper. He was of the Kinnegar,
Holy wood, Co. Down., Ireland. He d. July 18, 1903. He m. Isabella Wil-
son and had issue as follows :

L Thomas Henry Milliken, m. a Dublin lady and lives in London,

England. Secretary for some company there.
II. Edmund Milliken, m. Miss Dill of Bangor and had three chil-
dren ; two now living.
III. Emily Milliken, m. Henry Stewart Woods, secretary and one of
the managing directors of the firm of Robertson, Leslie, Furguson
Co., Ltd., Bank Building, Belfast, and lives near Queen's College,
Co. Antrim.


1. William Milliken, m. Sarah Wright and h^dAii/ia, Jafues, Se/fiia, Lu-
cifida, Jane, and David.

2. David Milliken, practical and consulting engineer, Ballerat, 1 Victoria,
Australia. *

3. Matthew Hunter Milliken, farmer, and teacher of vocal music; b. Jan.
1832, m. Aug. 16, 1865, Mary Jank Porter Rohinson, and resides in Bally-
clanchau, Saintheld, Ireland. His wife was cousin of Sir James Porter Corry,

*A sister of James and Thomas Milliken married a Mr. Hare of Anahill, Co. Down,

Mil. LIKENS or NAlARR.l, CO. DOtl'X, IRKLAXD. 7 77

M.P. for Belfast, and a member of the old Porter family in Co. Down. He

has issue.

4. Samuel IVlilliken, d. l-'eb. 8, 1876.

5. Mary Jane Milllken, now Mrs. Itrown of Belfast.

6. John IVlilliken, farmer on the homestead, m. \(;Ni':.s'STKWARr of Le^jf^y-
gowan, Co. Down, and has Jc-iinn-y Susan antl .Inrui.


1. Margaret Dunlop Porter Milliken, daughter of Matthew, h. June 6, 1866;
m. Francis Foward Arcihiiai.I), M.D. of I'hiladelphia, I'enn., June 15,
1896, and resides at 2217 N 16th .Street, that city. Has issue:

I. Isaac (iARRKii- Smkoi.kv .\k< iiii;\i.ii, h. Nov. 21,1899; d. .\ug. 8,igoo.

11. I'Diiii I'>i Ai'MiiNi Archihai.is 1). July 7, 1901 ; d. March 31, 1903.

III. ("aromnk Vkra Archihai.d, b. July 7, 1901 ; d. March 3, 1902.

IV. ELiZAHKrH Archihali), b. July 7, 1901 ; d. July 7, 1901.

V. Francis EnwARn Archibald, b. July 1, 1904; d. July 14, 1904.

2. Anna Shepherd Milliken, daughter of Matthew, b. l-eb. 24, 1868; d. May
28, 1876.


Jillihcns of lUlfast, Irtlanb.


William Milliken', whose wife's name is unknown, lived near the city of
Belfast, Ireland, and had issue four sons now remembered, named Samuel,
George, William, and Jolm, two of them pilots.

Samuel Milliken-, son of William, b. near Belfast, Ireland ; m. Mary Carlisle,
daughter of Hugh, and had issue seven children named Hugh, George,
Samuel, Mary, Louisa, Jane, and Lefitia.

1. Hugh Milliken^ son of Samuel^, d. of consumption when a young man, unm.

2. Samuel Milliken^ son of Samuel-, was drowned on the coast of Ireland.

3. Mary Milliken-', daughter of Samuel'-, was m. to John G. Salter and
lived, in 1894, on Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.

4. Louisa Milliken^ daughter of SamueP, was m. to James Wilson, M.D. of
Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.

5. Jane Milliken^ daughter of SamueP, was living (1894) with her sister
Louisa, beforementioned.

6. George Milliken^ son of Samuel'^, m. Susanna Milliken, daughter of
James Milliken, of Ballykeag, Ireland, and wife Mary Corry, daughter of
John and Susanna' (White) Corry, at the Episcopal church in Newtonards,
Ireland, May 22, 1846, the ceremony by Rev. Tounley Blackwood. In the
following year, 1847, they came to Philadelphia, Pa., where they were liv-
ing in 1894. These had eight children, two dying in infancy.

I. James Andrew Milliken, is an "American Dentist" in London,

II. Mary Carlisle Milliken, deceased.

III. Louisa Virginia Milliken, was m. to Samuel Saussar, and had
four children named

(i). Florence Louisa Sausser.
(2). Gertrude M. Sausser.
(3). Ralph E. Sausser.
(4). Malcomb Sausser.

IV. George Greenville Milliken, M.D., is a prominent physician in
Philadelphia, Pa.

v. Samuel Milliken m. Emma Stedpole.
VI. Frederick Hugh Milliken, M.D., is a physician in Philadelphia,

VII. Charles Alfred Milliken, d. young.
viii. William Milliken, deceased.

k..' . *

{j'\' _ _•


\\\\\ i \cn,"b of y;i n u\u). h^ ;int).


w ^

Hugh Milliken ot ll;illyke:i<;, Co. Down, Ircl.uul, was iIcslciuIl-cI tioiii one <if
live brothers who removed from Scotland to Ireland during the wars be-
tween the Scotch and English, three of whom settled on the river Hann,
and two at l^allykeag, near ISelfast. Tradition says the father of these sons
was knighted on the baltletield l)y the IMaek Prince (1343). Hugh had a
son James Milliken who m. Dorothka and had an only son.

James Milliken, who m. a daughter of L.mkd Dunn and lived at Hallykeag,
Co. Down, Ire., by whom there were sixteen children, and one of them, the
fifteenth child,

James Milliken m. Mary (^1RRV, dau. of John and Susanna (White) Corry,
by whom nine children named as follows:

I. Jane Milliken, was m. to Andrkw MrCi.rn iikon of Newtonards,
Co. Down, Ireland.

Susanna Milliken, was m. to Ckdkce Milliken of another family
and had issue. See back to " Milliken's of Belfast, Ireland."
Eleanor W. Milliken, was m. to Joseph Edgar of Smithfield, Co.
Down, Ire.

Isabella Milliken, was m. to Joseph Moore of Liverpool, Eng.
Mary E. Milliken was m. to William Speeres of Co. Antrim, Ire.
Emily Milliken d. unm.
VII. James Milliken m. Grace Colville and settled on the homestead
at Tullingardy, Co. Down, Ire., as a farmer, where he d. leaving chil-
dren, names unknown.

Robert Hugh Milliken, b. March 22, 1S37 ; m. Grace Kirk, dau.
of Robert S. and Ellen E. Kirk, May 1862, and settled in Baltimore,
Md., where he has long been engaged in the clothing business. Chil-
dren named as follows :

(i). Walter Milliken, b. Eeb. 15, 1865.

(2). Morris Milliken, b. Oct. 8, 1868; m.

(3). Robert S. Milliken, b. July 11, 1870; dec.

(4). Isabella W. Milliken, b. June 4, 1S72.

(5). Grace K. Milliken, b. June 10, 1874.

(6). Robert C. Milliken, b. Dec. 26, 1877.
IX. John Corry Milliken was a merchant in New York city, now dec.







illihans of §>outb lustriiruL

The head of this family was a native of the north of Ireland, where he
married and had issue two sons. His Christian name has been forgotten.
He left a wife and sons and went to America many years ago, since when
we have no trace of him.

Samuel Milliken, a son of the preceding removed to Scotland and settled at
Girvan. He m. Jean Dobbin and raised a family named as follows : /?ol>-
crt\ Samuel, who was an invalid; David, who was a weaver, and settled at
Victoria, Australia ; James, went to South Australia ; William, John, Jessie,
and Elizabeth.

James Milliken, son of Samuel and Jean Dobbin, b. in Girvan, Scotland,
Aug. lo, 1827 ; was bapt. 27th of Sept. 1827. He m. Helen Hamilton
of Monkton parish, he being recorded as of Dalrimple parish, on Dec. 23,
1853, the ceremony by Rev. John McP'arland. In the several certificates
possessed by the family the surname was spelled " Milliken," " Millikan,"
and " Milligan." The following are certificates of character:

" Cragie House — the bearer, James Milliken, has served me from No-
vember 1853, to May 1854, and I found him a steady * * * workman.
(Signed) John McQuaker."

"Monkton, 19th March 1885. That James Milligan and Hele^i Ham-
ilton, Spouses, resided in this parish for the period of 6 months preceding
Whitsunday 1854, behaving soberly and honestly, free from all public
scandal or any ground of church censure, known to us and is attested by
(the) minister. (Signed) James McSkimming Corran, Session Clerk."

Mr. Milliken and his wife sailed for South Australia in the ship " Ad-
miral Boxer," in the year 1854, and first settled at Smithfield, where he
engaged in farming. He then removed to Balaklava and took up a farm
on the Wakefield river. When the Snowy river gold mine was discovered
in Victoria, he sold out and removed to Gawler, and engaged in mining.
He subsequently returned to Smithfield, thence to Kangaroo Flat, where he
farmed till his death. He was buried in the churchyard there. The widow
is living at Alberton, Aust. Issue as follows :

1. John Hamilton Millikan'' (l), eldest son of James^ (1), b. in Scotland;
m. MaRY Ann Walker.

2. James Millikan^ (2), second son of James- (1).

3. Rev. William Aaron Millikan'' (l), third son of James- (1), b. Apr. 8,
1863, on the Wakefield river, Balaklava, South Australia ; was bapt. by
Rev. Jas. Gordon, Presbyterian, Smithfield, and trained in that faith. Ed-
ucated at State school until i6 years of age. Converted in the Methodist
church, Kangaroo Flat. Was received as probationer for Methodist min-
istry, and entered Prince Alfred College as student, March 1884. Stationed

* Rev. W. A. Millikan is the author of works in prose and poetry and has been a con-
tributor to the religious press of South Australia. We shall subjoin some specimens of
his poetry.

AiJLUKAXs Of sorrn acstnai ja. 7mi

as luinisttrat I ran kl in Harbor, 18.S5 ; at Aladdie, 1886; Wellington, 1887;
I'ort I,iiu()In, 1888; Arilrossan, 1889-90; Knclunda, 1891; I'ort Darwin,
1892-3-4; Tort Auj^usta, 1895-6; Koolunga, 1897-8-9; Auburn, 1900-1-2;
Augaston, 1903-4.

Me was ni. Oct. 14, 1891, t(j Ai'A Jam Thomas, eldest dau. of Thomas
Thomas of Balaclava, by her uncle, Rev. T. C. Thomas, M.A. She b. Sept.
II, 1871, of Cornish parentage. Children as folhjws :

I. Thomas Rov Mii.i.ikan, b. Dec. 8, 1892, at Tort Darwin.

11. William Ivan Millika.n', b. Sept. 12, 1897, at Koolunga.

III. .\i)A KArHLKKN JVIii.LiKAN, b. May 1, 1902, at Mintaro.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 100 of 109)