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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 101 of 109)
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IV. Alan Hamilton Mii.likan, b. June lo, 1903, at .Augaston.

The Sydney Bulletin, probably the cleverest literary pa|)er in .\ustralia,
copied "Empty Bottles" from the iVorf/nrn 'J'erri/ory 'J'iines, with this com-
ment: "Whoever Millikan is, he has a line eye for a point and a moral,
and the Bulletin wants to hear from him again."

(L-mptn ^lottlcs.

1!V RKV. W. a. millikan.

Bottles everywhere, just teeming, lying all about, and seeming
To be ever, ever dreaming of the days that are no more!
And I camped each night, a rover, as I trod the country over,
Hardly rinding room to lay me for them, as I sought tlie shore,
Each day rinding, as I sought Australia's farthest northern shore.

Empty bottles on before.

On the burning plains they're scattered, and where miners rocks have shattered ;
On stations, and away inland, beside the deej) artesian bore;
From whence we too often l^orrow ghastly tales of trials and sorrow.
Trials of those who know no morrow, who ended life in blood and gore,
l!ut how came their life, so precious, to shudder out in blood and gore .■*

Contents of bottle — nothing more.

'Neath the darksome jungle's shutter, where the wood-doves flirt and flutter.
Where Dame Nature pours profusion of bounties from her goodly store —
There I saw them, vigils kee])ing, shining backs forever peeping
From the grass where I beheld tiiem, veritable ghosts of yore ;
And a voice behind me whispered: " From the festive days of yore

Empty bottles — nothing more."

Again upon my journey starting, with the feeling on me darting,
On my heart already smarting, smarting to its inmost core-
That N.T., so vainly vaunted, had its gruesome tales of haunted,
Of haunted spots, reminders of the dead and old forgotten lore ;
And what could solve the mystery of these spots, this oltl forgotten lore .>

Empty bottles — nothing more.

So the cue thus found I followed, as I trod o'er ground all hallowed
To enrich Chinese who wallowed where white men had heretofore
Worked the mines with pro|)er methods, but had sunk before the slipshods.
" What could be the cause?" I shouted, "Tell me, tell me. I implore.'—
And the voice l)eside me echoed: "Tell me, tell me, I implore.^—

Bottles, bottles! — nothing more."

Days had come in olden Southport, when the bottles gave great mouth spurt;
And their drinkers daily stretched out, stretched them out upon the door.
Those were days of constant chances — which now come like lireHy glances.


At what work then did they labor, daily labor by the score,
Those fine miners, at what labor did they labor by the score ;

Emptying bottles — nothing more.

Then those scenes of sad disaster followed ever, faster, faster —
Idle men, dishonest master, neglected mines of priceless store —
Blots these on our history's pages, which will shock the modern sages,
And the men in coming ages who may read our records o'er—
When they find just what has happened as they read our records o'er —

Through the bottles — nothing more.

So N.T. began to languish. Then there came that flood of anguish — ■
Chinese from the ports of China surging up upon the shore;
And with methods old and tardy, they — the steady, sober, hardy —
Won the white man's gold and country, ever, ever, more and more ;
And our thanks for this is owing, for this ever more and more —

To the bottles — nothing more.

Should it ever be so fated that white men, by " John " disrated,
Should become all isolated from N.T.'s extensive shore.
And to wipe us from existence " John " maintained with great persistence,
This has always been a China — he read it in his books of yore —
What will show we had a being, and disprove those lying books of yore?

Empty bottles ! Nothing more.

Since the above was written a shipload of these " Empty Bottles " have
been brought away from the Northern Territory, viz., 72,000 dozen.


In dark temptations hour,

When trials come nigh.
And by their subtle power

Our Souls defy.
Yield not to them in grief.

Nor yet despair.
For there is sweet relief

In earnest prayer.

No foes can this withstand

But fly they must,
If in God's saving hand

Our all we trust ;
He knowing what is best

For you and me.
Will give our spirits rest

And set them free.

From vainly anxious care

Such as deceive,
All foolish ones who dare

His ways to leave.
Then be it ours to choose

This better part,
That He may grant repose dj

On His kind heart. "


4. Mary Millikan' ( l ), cl. Au<;. 7, 1866.

5. David Millikan ( 2 ), m. ;iiul lives at North Adelaidt-. Wife d. 1900. Has

6. Mary Jane Millikan, m. Ckorc.k Mason, farmer, North l-reeiuantlc, \\ .

Australia. No family.

7. Robert Millikan w\. .V\mi. Jomnso.n, Man h njoi, and has son Rohfr
James, b. July 6, 1902.

S. Nathaniel Millikan. d. Oct. 27, 1S71.

9. Samuel Millikan, n>. and lives in i-reeniantle, W . Australia. Has issue.

10. Ellen Millikan, m. George Walker by whom no issue. .She m. second

and has children.

11. Jessie Millikan, lives with her mother at Alberton, unm.

12. Alexander Nath'l Millikan, b. Apr. 27, 1874 ; m. l-'r.oRKM i; Anmk Ikkk-
.MAN and lives at "Wasleys." He has a family of tivr ( hildren named as
follows :

I. Florence Helen Millikan, b. March 5, 1896,

II. GUENDOLINE IrENE MlLLlKAN, b. Ajjr. 2 1, 1897.

III. Maynard Alex Millikan, b. July i, 1899; d. Dec. 1S99.

IV. Cyril Kenneth Millikan, b. June 21, 1901.
\. Joiix Hamilton Millikan, b. May 27, 1903.


IJlillihcns, lllillicians anti IHlHitans.


OSdBi iUJ^l l

B^Bi Bffii9ES3

k.. .^

Richard Albert Milliken, son of Robert Milliken, was b. at Castlemartyn,
Co. Cork, Ireland, Sept. 8, 1767. His father was of Scottish origin, and
before coming to Cork, where he joined the established church, had been a
Quaker. The subject of this notice, Richard, was an attorney and engaged
in the practice of his profession in Cork, but the most of his time was de-
voted to painting, music, and poetry. He was a contributor to the Cor/c
Monthly Miscellany, in which his poetry was published in 1795. In 1797,
he wrote, jointly with his sister, some historical novels for the Casket. He
was known and remembered chiefly as the author of the song, " The Groves
of Blarney they look so charming," a burlesque of a doggeral ballard, " Castle
Hyde," written by an itinerant poet named Barrett, about 1790. Mr. Milli-
ken d. in 1815. A portrait was pid^lished in one edition of his poems; not
now extant.

Major Charles Milligan, eldest son of Major William Milligan, 2d Life Guards
of Cotswold House, Co. Gloucester, who d. in 1868, by Caroline, daughter
of Sir Charles Des Voux, Baronet; b. 1832; m. in i860, Gertrude, dau.
of Sir Charles Shakerley, Baronet of Somerset Park, Co. Chester, and has
with other issue, George Dunbar Milligan, b. in 1863. Mr. Milligan, who
was educated at Rugby, is a magistrate for Co. Derby, Lord of the Manor
of Coldwell, and a Major of the army. Was formerly in the 39th Foot.
His residence, Caldwell Hall, Burton-on-Trent ; City house, 3 Hyde Park
Gate, S. W. He informs me that his ancestors were Scotchman, but he
has no desire to trace his family history.

John Milliken, publisher of " The Oregonian," Portland, Oregon, says his
grandfather (no name given), a Scotchman, d. in Africa. His father, (no
name given) a seaman, circumnavigated the globe ; crossed the Atlantic and
Pacific several times ; visited China, Japan, Sandwich Islands, Australia, New
Zealand, and Pacific ports from Alaska to Panama. He visited England,
Ireland, Scotland; ports of the Mediterranean; France, Spain, Cape of
Good Hope, the East Indies, Bombay, Calcutta. He was b. in Greenock,
Scotland, in 18 19, an d. in California, at Winchester, where his wife also d.
His mother's maiden-name was Jane Findlay, and his wife's maiden-name.
RoSANNA Blakie, b. in Paisley, a weaver's daughter. She had a brother
named David Blakie, who wrote poetry. A brother of Rosanna was a book-
seller in London. Peter Millikan, brother of John, is proprietor of "The
■Perris Progress," Hemet, Cal., and a sister is Mrs. Mary E. Darby of San
Francisco, Cal.

James "Milligan was b. in the Townland of Tobermore, Co. Londerry, Ire-
land, and his wife, Mary, in same place. These had eight children named
as follows : Mary Ann, Isabella, Rlizabelh, Sarah, Matilda, Barbara, Robert,
3.r\d James. The father d. in 1875, his wife in 1868; Matilda and Barbara
came to America in 1868, and settled in New York ; Isabella was not m. ;
has been d. ten years. The other daughters were m. Roliert d. in 1873,


single. James jr., m. ;unl luul issue, Iniir suns ami one daughter: Koh^rt
in Scotland lor 30 years; Janits in U.S. Artillery, l-'ort Wayne, Ala. ; Maiy
was m. to W. J. iVU: Far land, ami lives in I'ittshurgh, V\.\ John, living in
rittshurj^h ; J)ti7ii/, of same city, living with Mary. Jo/tn is in. and has
three sons, RobtTt, William, ami John.

Alfred B. Milligan, artist, of Philadelphia, I'enn., writes in reply \u my in-
quiries: "My father is a parson, church of Kngland, ahout 87 years old,
an austere man. 1 never heard him speak much about his family, hut
rather think lie claimed to be Scotch. His father was, 1 believe, a coal-
merchant in London. My father never had much use for his children ami
got rid of us as soon as possible. .\t the age of 15 he .sent us away. I have
one brother in Australia, two in South Africa and one d. at sea. 1 fol-
lowed the sea for 16 years. 1 have quite a little family of my own and am
trying to bring them up cjuitc ditferently."

Andrew Milllkcn, b. in Tamneymore, near (larvah, Co. Derry, Ireland, was
a tenant farmer. Hem. a Miss W'ai, lack and had issue li\i' ihildrtMi named
as follows :

1. Richard Milliken (l), only son of .Vndrew (1), was b. in Tamneymore,
County Derry, Ireland; m. Annik Wallace, b. at Crogheidiall, near (lar-
vah, Co. Derry, the ceremony performed by the Rev. Kennedy in the Coven-
anting Presbyterian church, Uroadlane, 5sewton, Limnavardy. .Mr. Milli-
ken lived at Straw, near Limnavardy, where he d. His widow and sons
came to Philadelphia in 1880, where she d. .April 19, 1884. These had three
children, one of whom was Richard Milliken. ,

2. Margaret Milliken (1), daughter of Antlrew (1), was the wife of John
Wallack. Had two sons and one daughter.

L Richard Wallace, deceased.

w. John W^allace, living at Crochaneloly, lieach Hill, Carvah, Ireland.
III. Sti.SAN W^allace, m. her cousin, a Mr. Wallace.

3. Jane Milliken (1), daughter of Andrew (1), was the wife of a l"iis

4. Martha Milliken d), daughter of Andrew (1), unm.

5. Molly Milliken ( 1 ). daughter of Andrew ( 1 ), unm.

James Milliken, brother of Andrew Milliken beforementioned, had .1 i.iindy
of six ciiildren b. in Ireland, named as follows:

1. John Milliken (1), .son of James (1), m. his cousin Jank Mii!iki,\.
daughter of Andrew, and had i.ssue five children named as follows:

I. Andrew Milliken, of Costamney, Tobermore, Co. Londonderry,

Ireland, unm.
II. Sarah Milliken, same residence, unm.

III. Maitie Milliken, m. a .Mr. Hov.

IV. Nancy Milliken, m. a Mr. Johnston.
V. Mary Milliken, m. a Mr. Kerrioan.

2. Hunter Milliken (1). second son ot James (1), was m. to a Miss Dickie
and had si.x children, three sons and three daughters, named as follows:


I. James Milliken, m. a Miss Henderson and went to the United

II. John Milliken, deceased.

III. Andrew Milliken, went to United States and was m.

IV. Elizabeth Milliken, was m. to a Mr. Steel.
V. Martha Milliken, was m. to a Mr. Milligan.

VI. Nancy Milliken, emigrated to America.

3. James Milliken (2), third son of James (1), removed to Pittsburgh, Pa.

4. Mattie Milliken (2), daughter of James (1), was the wife of a Mr.

5. Nancy Milliken (2), daughter of James (1), was the wife of a Mr. Neely.

6. Betsey Milliken (2), daughter of James (1), went to Pittsburgh, Pa.
Samuel Milliken of this family was blind. He " wandered away to Scot-
land." Said to have had a son b. there.

Alexander Milliken, b. in Banfshire, Scotland, about 1805; m. 1875, Eliza
Calder ; d. at Wick, Caithnesshire. His wife was b. in the parish of Hat-
ten(?) Scotland, about 1806; d. at Wick, 1896. Children as follows:

1. Alexander Milliken (2), son of Alexander (l), b. at Wick, Caithnesshire,
Scotland, aged 60 years. Now tish commissioner, residence 46 Roslyn
decent, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. Magnus Milliken (l), son of Alexander (l), b. at Wick, Caithnesshire,
Scotland, now 57 ; a shoe dealer residing in Thurso, Caithnesshire.

3. William Milliken (l), son of Alexander (1), b. at Wick, Caithnesshire,
Scotland, aged 55, is a cabinet maker residing in Edinburgh.

4. James B. Milliken (1), son of Alexander (1), b. at Wick, Caithnesshire,
Scotland. Carpenter residing at Bellevue, Pa., U.S.A. He m. Eliza Drys-
DALE who was b. in Airdrie, Scotland, 1853, and d. in Pittsburgh, Pa., 1894.
Children as follows :

I. Annie Milliken, b. in Airdrie, Scotland, aged 29. At home, Belle-
vue, Pa.
II. Agnes Milliken, b. in Ayr, Scotland ; d. in Glasgow, 1882.

III. Alexander Milliken, b. in Ayr, Scotland, aged 27 ; now at 221
West End Avenue, Allegheny, Pa.

IV. Elizabeth Milliken, b. in Ayr, Scotland, aged 25 ; now living in
Bellevue, Pa.

V. David Milliken, b. in Allegheny, Pa., aged 18 ; living at home, in

Bellevue, Pa.
VI. William Milliken, b. in Bellevue, Pa., aged 16.
vii. John Milliken, b. in Bellevue, Pa., aged 14.

Thomas Milliken was a native of county Derry, Ireland, where his family
had lived for many generations. He m. Ann Winchester, an english woman,
by whom he had Tho7nas, William, Robert, and James. The three former
made (ilasgow, Scotland, their home. The last named went to Australia.


Another son, John MUliken, lived in Belfast, Ireland. His wife's nimt- ^^..^
Mary Ann. A son John is livinj^ in i'liihulclpliia. The .Scute h fainilic-s live
on (lourley street, Glasgow.

Edward Mil ligan, 1). in county Tyrunc, lichuui ; m. Makv iJi.Ai k in that
county, who was h. in 1794, and d. July 1868, in l'hiladcl|)hia. Pa. JJuricd
at Alt. IMoriah cemetery. He also d. there. These can>e to America in
1846. Childreii were named as follows:

1. John Milligan, h. in Tyrone, Ireland, i8ji:d. in Philadelphia unm.
Buried in L'ni(;n cemetery.

2. Margaret Milligan, h. in Tyrone. Irfluid, iS.';, • d. in Thiladelphia ;
buried in Union cemetery. Single.

3. Jane Milligan, b. in Tyrone, Ireland, 1S33 ; d. in I'hiladelphia, 1861. She
was m. to James Smith, a native of Tyrone, who d. March 26, 1898. Both
buried in Mt. Moriah cemetery. Children, William, John, Joseph, and
Tlionias ; all dec.

4. Mary Ann Milligan, b. in Tyrone, Ireland, 1831 ; was m. l(; Wii.i.s (Wij-
SON of Philadelphia; emigrated to Cincinnati, ()., and had four children.
Edward, dec. ; IVil/iatii, dec. ; Jennie ni. a Mr. Atkinson ; living ; Mary m. 1 )r.
Dubois and lives in Cincinnati. 'The mother d. in 1893.

5. William Milligan, b. in Tyrone, Ireland, August 1826; d. in Philadel-
phia, Pa., Jan. 2, 1896. He m. T'.li/aiiki n Lkmon, b. May i8.'3, and d.
March 29, 1897. Their children as follows :

I. David Milligan, b. Jan. 20, 1851 ; m. Oct. 30, 1898 to Sarah P.
UsHKR, and has one child, William James Usher, b. Nov. 22, 1885.
II. Marcjarkt Jane Millican, b. March 6, 1852 ; unm.

III. William Milligan, b. June 13, 1857 ; m. June 27, 1894 to Klla
Caldwell, who d. Aug. 13, 1900.

IV. John Milligan, b. Dec. 27, 1858; unm.
V. RoiiERT Milligan, b. Feb. 2, 1868 ; unm.

Robert Milligan m. Elizabeth Wvi.ik and had sons b. to him who emigrated
to America when he m. a second wife. He was a resident of the Co. Down,
Ireland. One son and a daughter d. a few vears after the arrival, some-
time in the '3oties. James Milligan, a son of Robert, after going west as
far as Pittsburgh, Pa., and Ohio, sat down in Philadelphia. He m. Mary
Hudson Thornton and had issue four children, viz. — C. T. xMilli_^an, 728
Chestnut St. ; Mary m. Grant, and House ; now a widow ; Robert Wylie, chief
engineer U.S. Navy, who brought the " (Oregon " from the Pacific during
the Spanish-American war and fought at Santiago, w\k{ James, who d. young.
C. T. Millii:^a/i has two sons and two daughters: Thomas, m. and has three
sons and one daughter ; Robert; Mary, \w. wmX has two sons antl two daugh-
ters ; and Alice.

William Milliken was at one time a resident of Wick, Caithnesshire, Scot-
land, and when about to leave for the South, where he was emjjloyed at
Leith Docks, he procured from William Sutherland, the minister there, the


following certificate : " These certify that the Bearers hereof, William Mul-
lakin and Klizabeth Harrold, who are married persons, were both born and
resided from their infancy in the parish of WicK, and county of Caithness,
behaving themselves soberly, honestly and inoffensively, and no reason is
here known why they may not be received into any Christian Society where
Providence may order their lot, with one child. Given at Wick this fourth
day seventeen and eighty-three years."

William Milliken was b. in Wick, Caithnesshire, Scotland, Oct. 23, 1758 ;
m. Dec. 10, 1780, Elizabeth Harrold, (He says in the record, "We ac-
cording to God's appointed were married.") who was b. in the Parish of
Wick, Oct. 6, 1754., and d. March 29, 1799. These had seven children
named as follows :

1. James Milliken, b. Sept. 10, 1781. Tressganged 'at Leith.

2. Margaret Milliken, b. July 5, 1784,

3. Mary Milliken, b. Sept. 2, 1786; m. Fisher of Leith.

4. William Milliken, b. May 10, 1788; d. young.

5. Johan Milliken, b. Apr. 18, 1790; m. John Fisher, Edinburg.

6. John Milliken, b. July 27, 1793; d. young.

7. John Milliken, b. Sept. 7, 1795. Pressganged(?)

William Milliken m. secondly, Sept. 20, 1799, Elizabeth Manson, who was
b. May 19, 1799 ? and had children named as follows:

1. Andrew Milliken, b. June 13, 1800; d. young.

2. Ann Milliken, b. June 14, 1800.

3. Elizabeth Milliken, b. June 14, 1801.

4. Violet Milliken, b. Oct. 22, 1802. Mrs. Craid, Leith.

5. Robert Milliken, b. Aug. 21 ; d. a child.

6. Robert Milliken, b. Nov. 7, 1806; d. Dec. 10, 1878, Woolwich Royal

7. Andrew Milliken, b. Apr. 4, 1810; d. Nov. 6, 1863, Edinburgh. His
son, Robert Milliken, is a photographer, Kirkalkj^ Scotland. He was b.
on a farm near Newry. His ancestors went to Ireland during the Protes-
tant persecution near the time of John Knox.

Roger Milliken was a resident of Co. Down, Ireland, and removed to Scot-
land, settling in the village of Catrine early in the 19th century. This was
in Ayrshire. His wife was Frances Dickson. His family surname was
"Milliken" but was changed to '■'■ Afilligaji" through the influence of a
schoolmaster. These had issue :

1. Martha Milligan'-, who was not m.

2. Thomas Milligan', bachelor, Catrine, Scotland.

3. John Milligan-, b. at Ladykirk, near Ayr, and was baptised in St. Quinox
church in Sept 1804. He m. Jane McGill, daughter of Thomas McGill,
manager of the Catrine Cotton Mills, and who was succeeded on his re-
tirement by his son-in-law. Mr. Milligan and his wife d. in Airdrie,


LaiKirkshire, Scotland, between the a^es of 65 and 70 year-i. ChildtiMi s

names follow :

I. Ac.NKS Mil.i.ic.AN, b. in 1837, living in Airdrie, Scollantk.
II. John Miir.ic.AN, b. in Wood Street, Catrine, Airshire, Scotland, Auff.
II, 1S42. He removed to (Ilasf^ow in Oct. 1.S59, and reniained
there about twenty years, employed in manufacturinfj textile goods.
He m. in June 1S69, Maccik Ookkon, b. in the i'arish of Dunshirc,
Lanarkshire, 1847. He left for America Auj^. 19, 1S80, with his family,
arriving at New York, and went immediately to Washington, D.C.
He soon came to New Kngland and has been in the employ of the
Amoskeag Manufacturing Co., Manchester, N.H., for about twL-nty
years. He and wife are members of the Hanover Street Congrega-
tional church. Children as follows:

(i). Thomas Roger Millican, b. March 20, 1874, in ScotJand. Km-
ployed by Amoskeag Co.

(2). Jamks Gordon Milij(;an, b. June 15, 1S7S in Scotland. In whole-
sale meat business.

4. Martha Milligan b. 1847, living in Airdrie, Scotland.

5. Robert Milligan b. 1849. Dry goods merchant in Arbroath, Scotland.

6. Robert Milligan, b. Dec. 181 1, m. Maroarkt 1'eterkin from Stirling,
and lived in Glasgow, Scotland. Two children named as follows:

I. Catherine Mii.lioan, d. some 40 years ago.

II. Thomas Rocer Millu.an of Greenock, Scotland ; an artist and
teacher of drawing in the public schools. He is m. and has a
daughter, Mary Mi/Zignn, in Ireland, teaching cooking, laundry
work, and domestic economy.

Robert Milligan, a son of James Milligan and Margaret Wallace, descended
from Sir William, says family tradition, was of the ancient family of Mil-
ligans in Galloway, Scotland. He m. Sarah Hastings,* 1832, and came
to Canada in March 1836, settling on a farm in Fergus, Nichol 'I'ownship.
He subsequently removed to Uentinck Township, Gray county, where the
family remained until death. He d. Feb. 12, 1869; his widow d. .March
25, 1876. He was a shepherd in Scotland, employed in driving cattle and
sheep to English markets. Children as follows:

1. James Milligan, b. Sept. 19, 1833, in Kircudbright, Scotland, and came
to Canada in 1836 with his parents. He m. March 1, 1864, .\nnie Ma* -
Pherson, and lived in Bentinck, Ontario, until 1S79; then sold his farm
and moved to Gore Bay, Manitowlin Island, where he now resides.

2. William Milligan, b. in Galloway, Scotland, Nov. 24, 1S35; came with
his parents to Canada in 1836. He m. June 21, 1859, Margaret .Mc-
NicoL. Was a farmer in Bentinck until his d. which occurred Feb. 13,
1887. His widow is still living. Children's names follow:

* Jamks Hastings, b. at Urumloff 1753; ni. 1794, Sakaii Mciriikad, I), at Moniave
1767, and d. at Crony Park, .April 5, 1834. He d.at I'en|)ont, Jan. 13, 1855. These had
nine children, of whom Sarah was the wife of Robert Milligan. Her brothers and sisters
were named Ma>x<i)rt, J'>avid, James, William, Jane, Elizabeth, Thomas, and John, now
living in Coleraine, Ireland.


I. Robert Milligan, b. Jan. 4, i860 ; lives in Golden, British Columbia.
II. Christina Milligan, b. Aug. i, 1861 ; is matron of the Infants'
Home, Hamilton, Ontario.

III. Sarah Milligan, b. June 18, 1863; lives with her mother and
brothers on the homestead.

IV. Agnks Milligan, b. P'eb. 23, 1865 ; was m. to Charles Fursman,
Apr. 5, 1895 ; d. Oct. 2, i8g8.

V. Kate Milligan, b. Dec. 4, 1866; d. Aug. 9, 1892.
VI. John Milligan, b. Aug. 4, 1868 ; lives with his mother on the

homestead, in Bentinck, Ontario.
VII. Donald Milligan, b. June 6, 1870; is a miner in British Columbia.

3. Sarah Milligan, b. in Canada, July 22, 1841 ; was m. March 9, i860, to
Joseph Derby, and d. May 30, 1875. They lived on a farm in Normanbe,
Province of* Quebec.

4. Margaret Milligan, b. in Canada, Sept. 30, 1843; was m. March i, 1864,
to Alexander Mervyne, farmer, in Bentinck, Ontario.

John Milligan was a soldier in the British army and called " Sergeant Mil-
ligan." He lived at " Drumghost," county of Monaghan. His wife was a
Miss White. This old homestead was beautifully situated, being only a
quarter of a mile from the little village of Milltown, and one mile and a half
from the town of Monaghan. Across the way from the Milligan home is
Poplarvale, the residence of Capt. Richardson. This place is reached by
railway from Londonderry and Belfast to Monaghan. There are no Milli-
gans living there now. There were four sons and eight daughters, some of
whom may have died in childhood.

1. Nathaniel Milligan, the eldest son of "Sergeant John," m. Miss Fitz-
henry and lived on the " Drumghost " farm. He d. Oct. 13, 1877. His
wife has also deceased. No children.

2. Edward Milligan, the second son of " Sergeant John," m. his cousin,
Mi9S McCoRMACK, and is said to have children b. to him.

3. John Milligan, the third son of " Sergeant John," was a soldier. Was
twice m., but names of his wives do not appear. The inscription on his,
the only inscribed stone in the Ballinade cemetery, where many of this
family were buried, reads as follows: "Cape of Good Hope, Crimiea, India.
Erected to the memory of John Milligan, late Royal Lancers, by his widow

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 101 of 109)