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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 103 of 109)
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maternal aunt Janet, (Mrs. Porter) and as a boy I got his pair of compasses, and remem-
ber his portrait in oil, diamond sleeve links & Co."

The Records of the Justiciary Court of Scotland contains the following
item :

"Edinburgh, 5 Nov. 166S, Thomas Mulligine (Mullikine) indicted for
theft at the instance of the Procurator fTiscall of Kirkudbright, and having
raised an advocation and found Caution to compear at this Dyet, he is
denouced fugitive for not compearing and his cautioner unlawed."


tlligans IPcntioncb tn Register of Sonbs of ^""^f'^ifSr Stotknb.

^ 1666-1675.

John Milligaine in Hilo, in Dinscoire parish gives bond in 1666.

Robert Milligaine in Deamstertaine, gives bond in 1661.

John Milligaine in Knockhair is a witness in 1662.

George Milligaine, servant to Alison of Glencrose is witness 1669.

Andrew Milligaine in Howyend is witness in 1670.

John Milligaine called Laird of Moss, is witness 1672.

Herbert Milligaine is allowed one cow's grass in the Beincroft of Bar-
clay 1666.

Robert Milligaine in Newton Heid is a witness in 1674.
John Milligaine Faillyor in Lochrussone gives bond 1674.
William Milligaine in Busse gives bond 1674.

Alexander Milligaine in Inrine is brother of William, witnesses bond.
Thomas Milligaine in Steuartoune gives bond 1669, lend money 1663.
John Milligaine merchant, burges of Dumfries, and wife Margaret Mc-
Camroche (or Clamroche) lend money 1670; also 1659.

James Milligaine younger in Lochfett, tenant, gets lease of Corsdyckes in
Lochruton parish in 1669.

Andrew Milligaine in Balmaclelland parish lends money in 1663.

Thomas Milligaine in Towne of Enoch borrows money in 1670.

Robert Milligaine portioner of Newtoune borrows money in 1674.

James Milligaine younger in Moit of Anchen Franko in Lochruttone
borrows money in 1674.

George Milligaine merchant, burges of Dumfries, owes money in 1666.

William Milligaine in Thornhill gives bond in 1674.

John Milligane miller at the Maines Mill, with his mother Bessie Kirp-
patrick, 1672.


Jfamtb in Illinois.

John Milligan, b. in Scotland in 1800, came to America in 1882 ; m Mar-
garet CoRRiE, and was a farmer in Laurence Co., Illinois. His parents
names are unknown. Had issue six sons. Was six feet and eight inches
in stature, and powerful. Died in 1865. Was blind.

I. John Milligan m. Rebecca Bunn and lived on a farm in Lawrence Co.,
111. Had two sons and two daughters.

I. John Milligan d. when small.
II. William Milligan d. when small.

III. Margaret Milligan m. Fred Brian and had four children. She
is deceased.

IV. Mary Milligan m. John Brian, grain dealer in Sumner, 111., and
has Andrew, and Fred.


2. William Milligan m. Amanda Andrews and removed to the Indian Ter-
ritory, where he d. i-'ariner. Two daughters.

I. Marcakkp S. Miii.icAN m. jiniN Dkvk.t and lived in KaiiNas.

Moved to Indian Territory. Dead.
II. Mary O. Mii.i.ir.AN m. John Gaw. Lived in lopiin, .\lo.

3. James Milligan m. C'aiiikrink. S(Hkadkk hy whom twelve children, lit-
m. second, Juma HazilLidn by whom two children. James d.

I. John Milligan, farmer, Lawrence Co., III.
IL Samuel Miij.ic.an live.s in Sumner, 111.

III. Andrew Millican, > ,. . . ... ,,,

r- TVT -live in Lawrencevi e, .

IV. CHARLE.S Milligan \ '

V. SuERT Milligan lives in Washington .State.
VL William MiLLiGAN,(dec) widow in Wabash Co., III. —Lancaster I'.< ).

4. Andrew Milligan lives in Mora, Clay Co., III. Was twice m. l-ive

5. David G. Milligan, b. in 1834; m. Elvira Ciroim, b. in 1S35. Lives on
a farm in Sumner, Lawrence Co., 111., and had issue eight children named
as follows :

I. Amelia Milligan, b. June 28, 1850 ; m. James McConnell, farmer.
Lives in Richland Co., 111. Has four children, A7(V, \Villit\ Afitry,
II. R. Emnierson Milligan, b. Nov. 24, 1858; m. Makv Buiter.
Lives in Tuscola, 111., where he is in the livery business. One
ML Mary Milligan, b. Aug. 22, 1861 ; m. Rennev Ivie, farmer. Lives

on Arkansas St., San Francisco. One daughter.
IV. Amina a. Milligan, b. May 20, 1862 ; m. (Jeorge Couch, farmer,
v. James E. Milligan, b. Nov. 7, 1S65 ; m. ; lives on a farm in Law-
rence, Co., 111. One daughter.
VI. John R. Milligan, b. Dec. 11, 1868; m. Miss Price. Carpenter;
lives in Oklahoma. Has four children, Berl, Frn/, Ffazfl, William.
vii. David Milligan, b. Oct. i, 1871; m. Bertha McMillan.' Lives

in Lawrence Co., 111. One daughter, Grace.
viii. Alma L. Milligan, b. Oct. 12, 1873; d. Feb. 23, i884.(.')

6. Robert Milligan m. Matilda Schrader and lives in (lalena, Kansas.
Blacksmith. Has three children, Aaron, Mary, and Rose.

^nricnt ilctorb.^ in ^cotdmti.

Notorial instrument that a certain David Cunnyngham, dean of Ruglen,

was refused admission by the monastry of Paisley. To this document, of

date Jan. 31, 1489-90, Sir Cuthbert Mulykin was a witness.

John Milliken, servant to William Montgomery, writer, .\pril 22, 159S. in


Thomas Muligane appears as witness to a transfer of land by the .\bbot,

Feb. 14, 1523-4.

Thomas Milikin was bailie in the burg of Ayr, .Nov. 14. 16S7.


James Milligan, son of James of Blakmyre in Galloway, had sasine of
Craigok, May 14, 1633. He also had retourof the Holm of Dalquholm in
the parish of Dairy, May 14, 1633. He was succeeded by James Milligan,
his heir who had retour Nov. 4, 1662.
Alexander Milikan is mentioned in the history of Ayr and Wigton.

American llotes.

1763. Thomas Milliken applied to the selectmen of Boston for liberty to
build a drain on the Common chore opposite the " Red Lyon" on Fish St.
Several persons objected, fearful of sharing the expense, but his petition was

1 761, Feb. 17th, Thomas Milliken, member of the St. Andrews Lodge of
Masons in Boston, was on a committee and one of six signers of a letter
to the Grand Lodge. He was treasurer of St. Andrews Lodge at the time
Paul Revere was Deacon. This was a Scotch lodge and the letter referred
to was in form of a petition for recognition by the Mass. Grand Lodge in
good standing.

1762. Among those who petitioned for land between the Penobscot and
St. Croix rivers were the names oijohn, Amos ?indJoseJ>/i Milliken Jr. These
were of Scarboro, Me.

Jane (or Joan) Milliken was m. in Boston, Mass., to Peter Dearlove, by

Mr. Miles, Oct. 27, 1697.

John Milliken was appointed fence-viewer in Boston in 1728.

John Milliken, licensed to sell strong drinks in Hanover street in 1827,

and in Wing's Lane, 1726.

John Milliken, deceased, was succeeded as taverner by Mr. Franklin.

John Moligan, carpenter, became a resident of Boston, Sept. 24, 1685, and

his name was on the poor list, Nov. 26, 1701.

Elizabeth Milliken was licensed to sell strong drink at retail, on Cornhill

Street, in 1736.

John Milliken was constable in 1835 to patrol the town " Bridge Ward."

Also in 1834.

Richard M. Millikin was said to have been a native of South Carolina. He

lived in Simpson Co., Miss., and removed to Louisiana, thence to Texas.

His parents names unknown. Probably twice married. Second wife,

Margaret M. Shaw. These had eight children named James S., Robert

C, Melchisadec., George O., Creed /., Richard M., Jo/m D., and Margurite.

James M. Millikin, b. Jan. 8, 1847, m. Alice Keller and lives in Lake
Providence, La., where he is a dealer in general merchandise. His children
were named Wyly Benton,, Miles Sells, Margret J/., Alice Irene, Marie,
Margurite, and James Sliaiv, three of whom are deceased.

The author ventures to assume that Richard Millikin descended from
the Millikin family in Maryland.

James T. Milligan m. Aug. n, 1863, Mary Elizabeth Arms, and resided
in Du Quoin, 111., in 1887. Children as follows:



I. Ar.NF.s Maria Mn.i.i.-.AN, b. Jan. 13, i.SOO; d. I )rc. 18, 1870.

II. AiHKRT Akmn .Mii.mcan, I). Sept. 4, 1S67; tl. Sept. 5, 1867.

III. Irehkruk (Juddwin Mii.r.ic.AN, b. Sept. 29, 1868 ; d. Sept. 29, 1868.

IV. KnwARD Wii.i.iAM Mii.i.I(;an, b. Nov. 21, 1869; wa.sin I)u(^uoin, III.
V. Mary Chari.ottk Mii.i.ican, b. Oct. 20, 1S71 ; wa.sin Dufjuoin, III.

VI. Roi.ANn Jamks Mii.i.icw, b. Sept. 19, 1S73.

\ 11. i'KANK Thompson Mii.i.ican, b. July 11, 1H77.

VIII. I'LORA Kmii-Y Miiiii;\\, 1). Auj;. 7, 1880.

Dki.ia Miit.ikfx of Chicago, ill., in. Frank I'ikkik Hi-rnham, b. July
30, 1853. Kroin (ii>i>,//int- (itncalo^w

John Millikin removed from Virginia to North ( arolina about the year
icSoo, and married a Miss Dki.kiah, by whom a son and daughter. The
son, Henry Mii.likin, went to Virginia and married .Miss Ki i/AHKrii
Williams of Petersburg, by whom he had issue six children, four of whom
were living in 1903, one being Robert R. Afi//ikin of Richmond, Va., who
is connected with the city tire department.

Havio Mii.lican of ("hesterCo., I'a., in. j \nk Thomi'.son, daughter of John
and Elizabeth Thompson of West Nantmel, Pa., and had issue /<7w<-.f /o/in
Thompson, Sarah, and Afary, all mentioned in the will of Mrs. Klizaheth
Thompson dated 1805.

David Milligan Jr„ of Honeybrook, d. intestate prior to May 23, 1S4J.
James Milligan of Honeybrook, d. intestate Feb. 21, 1876.
Apr. II, 1810. John Smith and wife Mary, granddaughter of .Archibald
Thompson of West Xantmel, Chester ("o., Pa., convey to David Milligan
and the heirs of Jane Milligan, his wife, formerly Thompson, granddaughter
of Archibald Thompson, 11 acres, 148 perches of land, part of said Archi-
balds estate.

IHilliqans in Uirriini;i.

John Milligan, probably from Scotland, was an early settler near Triailel-
phia, Ohio Co., W. Va. Tradition says several brothers came to America
and settled in other localities. John had three sons, Hui^h, James and George.

Hugh Milligan m. and remained near Triadelphia and had issue.
James Milligan moved to Ohio and lived near Hellaire, Belmont Co. He
m. a Miss Wallace and had issue four sons and four daughters, named
John Wallace, George JT., William I'incent^James Hewey, Afargaret, Hannah,
Mary, and A^aney.

John Wallace Milligan m. but d. issueless.

George Milligan m. Margaret Cunningham and moved to the central part
of Belmont Co., O., on a farm where were b. to him six sons and two daugh-
ters, James, John W., Josiah, DariJ //.. William A., George C, Hannah
Jane, and Maggie, four of whom d. in infancy.

George Milligan m. Miss F'anny Marsh by whom one child d. in infancy.
Maggie Milligan m. but d. issueless.


David H. Milligan m. Lina Nichols, resides at Los Gatos, Cal. No issue.

William A. Milligan m. Miss Belle Godfrey and lives in Wheeling, W.
Va. One son, W. G. Milligan lives in the same city, unm.

John Wallace Milligan, b. Oct 27, 1847, near Centreville, Belmond Co.,
Ohio; m. July 7, 1877, Lida Adell Glover, daughter of Mr. M. J. \V. and
Mrs. Margaret S. Glover of Barnsville, Ohio. Wife b. July 13, 1854, in St.
Clansville, Ohio, and d. Nov. 8, 1901, at Bradford, Pa. Issue:

L Herbert L. Milligan is in Chicago, 111.

II. Carl G. Milligan is in Ann Arbor, Mich.

III. Morris A. Milligan lives at home.

IV. Laura A. Milligan d. at the age of seven.

Rev. William Vincent Milligan is a Presbyterian minister at Cambridge, O.
Large family.

James H. Milligan m. Hannah Carson and lives in Bellaire, O. Children :
George Clinton^ James, William, Echvard, Una, and Minnie. Minnie and
James d. ; George C. is m. and lives in Indiana ; William is m. and lives in
Bellaire, O. ; Edward and Una are at home.

Margaret Milligan m. Joshua Kevser and had a large family.

Hannah Milligan m. Amos Workman and had a large family.

Mary Milligan m. Thomas McGee and had two sons and three daughters.

Nancy Milligan m. George Thompson and has two daughters.

John Wallace, George W., Margaret, Hannah, and Mary, children of James

Milligan, are dead.

iJiKtluns in Belfast, |re(anti, 1906.

Alexander Milliken, manager, 3 Hartington Street.

C. S. Milliken, traveler, Castleton St.

D. Milliken, hairdresser, 26 Old Lodge Road.
G. H. Milliken, tailor, 23 Dublin Road.

H. Milliken, warehouseman, 6 Summer St.
James Milliken, postman, 68 Lawnbrook Ave.

John Milliken, Insurance and Commission Agent and x\ccountant, 2 Bel-
fast Bank Chambers, No. St. Residence, Astolat, Knock.
Joseph J. Milliken, contracting plumber and wholesale merchant, 25
Church Lane. Residence, 5 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road.
J. Milliken, linenlapper, 54 Gloucester St.
J. Milliken, tailor, 23 Dublin Road.

J. B. Milliken, stationer and tobacconist, 3 St. Enoch's Place, Clifton St.
Residence, Thronemount Cottage, Antrim Road.
Margaret Milliken, dressmaker, 20 Hartington St.
Miss Milliken, 37 Botanic Avenue.

Miss Milliken, milliner, 2 Crecent Building, Dublin Road.
Mrs. M. a. Milliken, 8 Richmond Square.

MISCElJ.A\'EOrS. <, , ■

N. MiLLiKEN, hay dealer, \2\ lUjuiulry St.

Rev. J. MiLi.iKKN, 15. A., 2 Cilen Kden N'illas, Wliitcrotk Road.

R. M1LLIK.KN, mechanic, 61 Merlin St.

T. M11.LIKEN, spirit grocer, 35 l-'rank St.

'i\ MiLLiKK.M, spirit grocer, 249 Shankill Ro;iil.

r. MiLi-iKKN, old still, 249 \'ork St.

W'lLi.iAM M1LI.IK.K.N, joiner, 229 Leopold St.

j. W. M11.1.1K.KN, 2 Newton Terrace, C'liftonpark .\\f.

John Milliken, steamship owner and coal importer, 19 Royal .Ave. Resi-
dence, Clonaver, Strandtown.

A. Millk;.an, carpenter, 34 Huston St.

A. MiLLiG.\N, clerk, ^^ Prospect St.

Chas. J. MiLLiGAN, M.L)., Ligoniel.

David Milligan, bricklayer, 28 Brookmount St.

Dr. C J. Milligan, dispensary, Ligoniel.

D. Milligan, strapper, 16 Morriss Place.

F. Milligan, bookkeeper, 1 1 Thorndike St.

H. Milligan, boot and shoemaker, 13 Bruslee St.

James Milligan, bootmaker, 104 Trement St.

James Milligan, painter, 34 Beverly St.

John B, Milligan, schoolteacher, Thronemount Cottage, Antrim k...i.l.

J. Milligan, bricklayer, 104 Balfour Avenue.

J. Milligan, builder, 80 Castlereagh Road.

J. Milligan, shipright, 4 Wolf St.

J. D. Milligan, bookkeeper, 16 Moyola St.

Peter Milligan, rope and twine manufacturer and hemp merchant, 3 Queen's

Square. Residence, Craigholm, Rosetta Park.

Robert Milli(;an, tailor, 84 Taits Avenue.

R. G. Milligan, grocer, 24 Woodvale Avenue.

Samuel Milligan, foreman carpenter, 35 Survey St.

Samuel Milligan, N. S. teacher, 8 Leitrim St.

Samuel Milligan, grocer, 2 Ardilea St.

Seaton F. Milligan, managing director of Robertson, Ledlie. Ferguson &

Co., Ltd., Bank Building. Residence, 103 Alberta Terrace. .Malone Road.

Thomas Milligan, gatekeeper, ii Swift St.

Thomas Milligan, spirit grocer, 26 Verner St.

T. Milligan, tailor, 5 Colchester St.

William Milligan, tinsmith, 50 Cumberland St.

W. H. Milligan, clerk, 125 McClure St.

Wm. H. Milligan, tobacco and snuft' manufacturer, 6 Townhall St.


^illihins in l^aKncIurc, (fo. Antrim, ^Irclani).

Samuel Millikin was the first to settle in Eallyclare early in the i8th cen-
tury. His son —

William Millikin had son —

Samuel Millikin, whose son —

James Millikin, whose sons —

Samuel Millikin of Ballyclare, Antrim, Ireland.

James Millikin of Belfast Banking Co.

Robert Millikin of Hurstville, Australia, b. at Ballyclare, Co.
Antrim, Dec. 3, 1854; m. Mary Agnes Black, 26 Feb. 1881 ; she
d. Nov. I, 1 89 1. Issue: James, William, Mary, and Catherine. He
m. second, in Hurstsville, Dec. 6, 1893, Elizabeth Corr, and had
issue, Robert, Samuel, and Alice.

"Gentleman" James Milliken of Ballyskeath, so called because he was a very
prosperous gentleman-farmer, and to distinguish him from one of the same
name who was not as well provided with this world's goods. His daughters
are Mrs. J. Edgar of Todstown, who m. a brother of the late Rev. Dr.
Edgar of Belfast, Ireland, and McCutcheon, wife of the High Constable of
the county Down.

John Milliken was late Secretary of the county Down (Ireland) Railway Co.

Rev. John Milliken, a Presbyterian minister, is connected with the Irish
General Assembly.

W. J. Milliken is an Elder in a Presbyterian church in Drumbo or Bally-
cairn, Ireland.

William Millikan was m. to Elizabeth dutchesss DeVaux of Scotland in
the 1 6th century.

John Milligan was a tailor and farmer holding land from Samuel Allen,
landlord in Liscomon. He m. Mary McKenney and had three sons,
William, who m. Jane McKachen from Lesliehill ; Robert, now in New
Zealand, and Oliver whose residence is unknown. Robert J. Milligan, son
of William, lives at Hokendauqua, Lehigh Co., Pa.

I. A. Milligan married a Miss Hemphill, and owned a large plantation and
many slaves in Georgia. He removed to Clinton, Miss, in 1841. He had
a son John, and daughter Aiirelia. Also three sisters, Mrs. Butts ; Mrs.
Woodall, whose dau. m. Dr. Monroe Hemphill, and Miss America Milligan,
a maiden lady, who went to Miss. This was a family of respectability.

IHUlikeii anb glilligan Authors.

Rev. William Milligan, b. 1821 in Edinburg, Scotland; graduated at St.
Andrew's University 1839; professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism in


the University of Aberdeen since i860. Wrote work on the decalotjuc .md
the Lord's chiy, Kdinhmj^h, iS66.

Dk. W 11. mam Kknnkth Mii.i.tiAN, M. R. ( ". S., ijraduated at Camhridnc,
1875. \\'rote *'The Kvolulioii ol M(.il)i(l ( lerms." London, 1884,

S. F. MiLLlGAN and Alice L. Milligan, wrote " Climpses of Krin." London

J. G. Mill iiiKN, wrote "Captain l-'aiicourt." Loiulon, 1S6.'.

E. J. Mii.iikKN wrote " Childs Chappie's Pilgrimage." London, 1883.

James Milliken wrote "A Voyager's Letters from Mexico." I'hiladt-lphia,

Vi\]. Fredkrick. Mii.lengen, !■. K. (i. S., wrote "Wild Lift- .\mong the-
Kurds." London, 1870.

Edward Milligan, M. D., published " Calens de Medicina." Edinburgh.

Sophia Milligan, published. London, 1856.

George Milligin published "Mineral Near Moffat," Edinburgh, Med. Ess,

Anna Millikin wrote " Plantagenet," 1802. " Rival Chiefs." 1805.

J. Millingen, surgeon, " Memories, Memoirs of the .Vffairs of Greece."
London, 1831.

J. G. Millengen, M. D., wrote "Adventures of an Irish Gentleman." Lon-
don, 1836. " Curiosities of Medical Experience." 1838.
James Millingen, a native of London, resided for many (24) years in
Italy engrossed in antiquarian researches, and wrote several works, among
them, "A Medallic History of Napoleon." London, 1819.

^rabuutcs of ^^KuOaii^ ctlnii3cr.^itn.

Edward Patrick Milliken, 1829

Charles James Milliken, 1866

Frank Albion Milliken, 1874

Richard Dyer Milliken, 1895

Joseph Knowles Milliken, 1896

Carl Elias Milliken, «897

Lewis Campbell Milliken, 1896

Samuel Mulliken, 1819

Edward Mulliken, "846

William Emery Milliken, 1902

Samuel Mulliken, son of John Mulliken of Le.xington, >Lass., b. Apr. 20,
1791, graduated from Harvard College, A. B. in 1819; ^LI). 1822; m. Miss
Payson ; settled as medical practitioner in Dorchester, Mass., where he d.
Feb. 19, 1843. i^t^ h^<^l ^'-"^ children. See Mullikens of i5radford \\\Ci Lex-
ington, Mass., in body of book.

Edward Mulliken, son of Dr. Isaac Walker Mulliken, b. Jan. 21. 1827,
graduated from Harvard College in 1846, .\.P.. anil from the I'niversity of
the State of New \ork, 1850, M.D. Hed. at Monlpelier, \'t., July 24, 1857.



William E. Mulliken, son of John Emery Abbott and Mary Augusta
(Moore) Mulliken, was b. at Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 15, 1880; graduated
at Harvard College, A.B., 1902 ; m. Miss Edith Jennie Otis of Somerville,
Mass., and now ( 1907) resides at 14 Usher Road, West Medford, Mass.
Edward Patrick. Milliken, b. in Charleston, S.C., Oct. 17, 18 10; gradu-
ated from Harvard College, A.B., 1829 ; d. at Charleston, S.C., Oct. 25, 1877.
Sketch published in "News Currier" of that city, Oct. 26, 1877.
Charles James Milliken, son of Judge James Milliken, b. at Machias,
Me., Aug. 24, 1843 ; d. in Cherryfield, Me., Oct. 16, 1898. He graduated
at Harvard College, M.D., 1866.

Richard Dyer Milliken, b. in Saco, Me., graduated at Harvard College,
D.D.D., 1895. Present address (1907) iii Main St., Saco, Me.
Joseph Knowles Milliken, son of Charles Dodge and Helen Doane
(Knowles) Milliken, b. in Salem, Mass., July 5, 1875, was graduated at
Harvard College, A.B., 1896, and resides (1907) in North Dighton, Mass.

^rabuatcs of §a(e Hnibersitu.

Charles D. Milliken,
Gerrish H. Milliken,
Seth M. Milliken,
Harral Mulliken,
John C. Mullikin,


#ratmntes of (iTollccjes in (L-nglaiii).

William Henry Milligan, 2d Son of William of N. Cerney, Co. Gloucester.
Matriculated at University College, Dec. 1852, aged 19. B.A., 1856; M.A.,
i860; Barrister Inner Temple, 1853.

Ernest Milliken, ist son of Ernest of Derby. Matriculated at Brasenose
College, June 188 1, aged 18. B.A. 1885.

Kenneth Edward Milliken, 2d son of Ernest of Derby. Matriculated
at Corpus Christi College, Oct. 1885, aged 17.

Henry Mawson Milligan, ist son of Col. Milligan of Cauldwell Hall.
Hants, 1877 ; Chaplain Coldstream Guards, London, 1885.
Frank W. Milligan, 1886, (?) Low Moor Iron Works, Yorkshire.

Henry Mawson Milligan, A.B, 1884, St. Catherine's College.
Kenneth William Milligan, A.B. 1876, Emanuel College.
William Thomas Milligan A.B. 1883. Corpus Christe College.

Episcopal Clcrgiimen, Sist of 1905.

Donald Tate Milligan, M. A., Trinity College, Dublin. Vicar of Fewston,
Yorkshire, 1900.

Henry Mawson Milligan, B.A., Cambridge, Vicar of Althouse, Essex, 1861.
William Thomas Milligan, M.A., Corpus Christe College, Cambridge,
Vicar St. Luke's, Wolverhampton, 1889.

i^il^ ||j?sl isr^s* .

0^ciicr;il ^^iipplcnicnt


J^;\miln of (Oicuio jllillilicn.


Orenzo B. Milliken" ( 1), eldest son of Klias"(2), b. in M;inchester, Ind.,
Aug. 12, 1829; m. Aug. 24, 1.S51, Diana Dorsh, daughter of John and
Katherine (Risinger) Dorsh, lieing I'enn. Ciermans, h. Jan. 14, iS^2. .Mr.
Milliken was a teacher and farmer, moved from Indiana to .Miss<juri in
1858, locating in Scotland Co., and thence to .\dair Co., ,\Io., in 1859,
where he d. Feb. 18, 1904. He was in the State militia during the civil war.
Fourteen children ; eleven living.

1. Viola Seraphine Milliken^ (1), b. 1852; m. Oct. S, 1871, a (.Mr. Over-
street, so wrote her mother) Gkijrgk Dvk, and resides at Fort Worth, Tex.
Six children.

2. John Elias lYIilllken', b. Feb. 7, 1854 ; m. July 4, 18 — , Marv Urouhart
and resides at Hill City, Ks. Nine children named as follows:

I. Albkrt Warren Milliken, b. Apr. 3, 1880.

II. Francis Burgley Milliken, b. March i, 1882.

in. Clarence Howard Milliken, b. March 3, 1885.

IV. Clara Mable Milliken, b. June 4, 1887.

V. Eva Lois Milliken, b. July ig, 1890.

VI. Dana Ray Milliken, b. Dec. 27, 1892.

VII. Edna Hazle Milliken, b. Feb. 23, 1895.

VIII. Bina Blanche Milliken. b. .Vpr. 13, 1897.

IX. Myron Reed Milliken, b. Aug. i, 1899; d. .Vug. 27, 1905.

3. Neil Milliken', b. Oct. 8, 1855; d. Apr. 25, 1857.

4. Daugliter Milliken', b. Feb. 5, 1857 ; d. Mar. 20, 1857.

5. Eliza Milliken^ b. July 7, 1858; m. June 5, 1878, William II. rKK.s-
TiCE, and lives at Beagle, Ks. Three children.

6. Amy Diana Milliken', b. May i, 1861 ; m. Jan. 13, 1886, Henry W.
Mattley, and lives at Deadwood, So. Dak. Two children.

7. Orenzo Neil Milliken, b. Dec. 16, 1862; d. Sept. 20, 1S71.

8. Rebecca Milliken", b. Mar. i, 1865; m. Dec. 4, 1886, J(jmv S. Sinxlkr
(Sinclair ?) and lives at Nefy, Mo. Four children.

L Jesse Myron Sinxler, b. Oct. 7, 1887.
II. Harry Clayton Sinxler, b. Jan. 16, 1890.
iiL Charles Wesley Sinxler, b. June 18, 1893.
IV. John Bur;^ley M. Sinxler, b. .Vug. 26, 1904.

9. Mary Frances Milliken', b. July 29, 1868: m. June 28, 1891, Jac«»b
Bickal, and lives at 1442 Broadway, Ft. Wayne, Ind. One child.

10. Francis Marion Milliken', b. Mar. 8, 1872; m. Sept. 18, 1895, Mai'dk
Zeigler, and settled at Grand Island, Xeb. Two children.


11. James Albert Milliken^ b. Jan. 22, 1874, lives at Hind, Mo.

12. Katie Milliken^ b. Nov. 4, 1875; m. Apr. 13, i8g6, John Simmons of
Yarrow, Mo. Four children.

13. Charles Milliken^ b. July 16, 1878; m. June 21, 1903, Rosa Neadi-
MiLLER of Ord, Neb.

1. Charles W. Milliken, parents names unknown, b. in Quincy, Mass. ; m.
Alice Stewart, daughter of Thomas B. Stewart, Jan. 22, 1896. She b. in
Smyrna, Aroostook Co., Me., Jan. 9, 1870. They reside in, or near Boston,
Mass. Children :

I. Beatrice Romayne Milliken, b. Oct. 31, 1896. A beautiful girl,
possessed of remarkable musical and elocutionary talents. See her
II. Harold Milliken, d. when an infant.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 103 of 109)