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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 13 of 109)
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5. Sarah, b. in 1689.

6. Benjamin, b. in 1691.

7. Joseph, b. in 1695.


ni. Abigail Coolbrotu, b. Feb. 15, 1767; m. to Joski-h Coolbroth,

June 19, 1785, and lived in Porter, Me.
IV. Lkmuel Cooi.brotii, b. Sept. 16, 1769; m. Hannah Davis, Mar.

15, 1793; livin<5 in 1850, aged 8r.
V. George Coolbroth, b. Sept. 7, 1771.
VI. Rebecca Coolbroth, b. Dec. 10, 1773; m. John Rice.
VII. ^rn.BERY Coolbroth, b. Jan. 17, 1776; d. in infancy.
VIII. Ml i.bery Coolbroth, b. Sept. 23, 1778.
IX. Joseph Coolbroth, b. Dec. 21, 1780; m. Mary and had eight chil-
dren b. in Scarbro.
X. Be.xjamin Coolbroth, b. May 6, 1783; m. Catherine Libby, Feb. 7,

1813, then of Durham, Me.
XI. S.\LLY Coolbroth, b. May 7, 1787; d. in infancy,
xn. S.^LLY Coolbroth, b. June 7, 1789.

11. Rachel Milliken* (1), fourth daughter of Edward^ (1), b. in Scarbro, June

16, 1744; J- Ji-iiy 11^ 1746.

12. Lemuel Milliken'' (1), eighth son of Edward^ (1), wash, in Scarbro, in 1745;
m. Jan. 18, 1770, to Phebe Lord, and had no less than eight children born to him,
I do not know his place of residence; it was in Scarborough.

13. Samuel Milliken* (1), ninth son of Edward^ (1), was b. in Scarbro, Feb. 14,
1746; m. Susanna Beals in that town, Oct. 31, 1769. She was b. in the fort
between York and Kittcry, Sept. 14, 1751, and d. at Mt. Desert, Me., Jan. 18,
1852. He d. there July 26, 1841. His name appears as a grantee on Union
River, where he settled about 1765; he removed to Pretty Marsh in 1783. He
was a pioneer on Mt. Desert Island, and was known and honored by all who
knew him. Bold to speak the truth, he is said to have offended evil-doers; but
even his enemies, if such he had, respected him for his staunch manhood. He
and his estimable companion were of the old-fashioned stamp, somewhat quaint
in appearance on pubhc occasions, but by all respectable persons they were treated
with deference and poUteness. This world would be much better with more of
this kind of inhabitants. By this union there were tAvelve children, of whom with
5th generation.

14. Jeremiah Milliken* (1), tenth son of Edward^ (1), was b. in Scarbro, Nov.
6, 1751 ; m. to Sarah Lord of that town June 3, 1771, and lived near his birth-
place. It has been written that this Jeremiah Milliken settled on Union River,
in Eastern Maine ; but the births of his children, of whom with 5th generation,
were recorded in Scarbro.

/iftb ('feneration.


1. Mary Milliken'^ (1), eldest daughter of Benjamin* (2), b. in Scarbro, Sept. 17,
174S; was m. to her cousin John Smith of Scarbro.

2. Abigail Milliken* (2), second daughter of Benjamin* (2), b. in Scarbro, Sept.
29, 1750; was m. to Capt. Isa.ac Lord, and lived on Union River. She was fond
of telling her children and others, that she was the first white woman to cook a
meal in Ellsworth, of which her father was the founder. She was wont to say
that the back of her fireplace was a " punch-bowl," meaning the great bowlder so-
called, against which the fiire was built. She d. in Surry, Me., May 10, 1838, aged


88. There have been several Norman Lords in Eastern Maine, who were prob-
ably her descendants. Thus the name of the Norman family was perpetuated.

3. Susanna Milliken* (2), third daughter of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro,
July 10, 1752.

4. Benjamin Milliken^ (3), eldest son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro, May
15. 1754, and d. young.

5. Sarah Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro, Jan.
24, 1756; was m. to Capt. Zachary Tarbox of the Biddeford family, and sur-
vived but one year after her marriage, dying in Ellsworth, Me. Her daughter
left a manuscript history of that town, now possessed by Mrs. E. C. Milliken of
Boston, from which some data was copied.

6. Joseph Milliken^ (2), second son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro, Nov.

10, 1758; m. , and settled in Surry, Me.; but as the early records of that

town were destroyed by fire, the births of his numerous family of children could
not be found. There was, however, an old Bible containing such record, and it
may still be in the possession of his descendants. Advertising in the "Ameri-
can " of Ellsworth, and diligent search by correspondence, have proved unsuc-
cessful. Miss Jellison, in her History of Ellsworth, says he married and had "an
obscure family" in the neighborhood of that town; but we fail to see the appro-
priateness of her statement, for he had a quiver well filled with sons, whose pos-
terity, now scattered from their cradle-town to the Pacific slope, are of intelligence
and good character. His sons were named John, Benjamin, Daniel, Jesse, and
Dominicus, of whom more with 6th generation.

7. Elizabeth Milliken* (1), fifth daughter of Benjamin* (4), was b. in Scarbro,
Dec. 10, 1760, and was the second wife of Capt. Zachary Tarbox, who was
lost at sea, leaving her with three small children.

8. Benjamin Milliken^ (4), third son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro (?),
Jan. 9, 1763; m. Lucy Banks, and settled at the mouth of the river below Ells-
worth. Miss Jellison, in her manuscript history, says his father left two children
by his second wife at Ellsworth, one of whom was this Benjamin; but he prob-
ably went to the Province of New Brunswick, for I find record of a grant of land
to him, of equal date of his father's grant, at St. George, N.B. I have no reason
to think that he settled there. The old Bible containing his family record — if
such there was — has been lost sight of; and as the early town registers of Ells-
worth were destroyed, we cannot find the dates of births, marriages, and deaths.
He had six sons and five daughters, of whom with 6th generation.

9. Ellas Milliken'' (1), fourth son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Scarbro (?), Aug.
24, 1765; was m. to Mary Patten, of Scotch-Irish extraction, in 1786, when in
Maine. She d. May 19, 1835. He m. 2d, a Mrs. Dunham, by whom no issue.
His death occurred June 22, 1846, at the age of 81 years. His early manhood
was spent in Stetson, Penobscot Co., Me., where he continued his residence
until 1817, when he removed to Ohio, and thence to Dearborn Co., Ind. He
was a man of unwearied energy and industry, who braved many dangers and
passed through many trying experiences in pioneer days in the West. As the
mediums of communication were inadequate between the East and West at that
early day, Ehas and his family became isolated from their kindred, and for
many years were lost sight of, and only vague family traditions existed to guide


the compiler of this genealo,u;y in liis search for his posterity. After mucli ad-
vertising through the Western newspapers and an extensive correspondence, the
family were found, and the records assembled as herein produced. These Milli-
kens have developed characteristics conspicuous in the Eastern jjranches, and
have held the confidence and esteem of their fellow-citizens. Elias and Alary
had thirteen chiklren, of whom with 6th generation.

ID. Phebe IVIilliken^ (1), fifth daughter of Benjamin^ (2), b. Aug. 30, 1767; was
m. to Capt. Robert Varden, an Englishman, and went with him to his native
land, where a daughter was born and christened. They returned to New Bruns-
wick, however, and settled near her father, at Bocabec, where the old Varden
mansion stands to-day. The location is known as Varden's Point. Here they
d. and were buried. A somewhat romantic story is told about this Phebe Milli-
ken. Her husband was an officer in the British navy during the Revolution, and
while at Castine became enamored of this daughter of Benjamin Alilliken,
then living in her father's family there. At one time he went on shore to visit
her, leaving his vessel in care of a subordinate, and for neglect of duty was
cashiered and lost his commission. But he proved loyal to his lady-love, and in
due time became her husband.

Miss Jellison, in her manuscript history of Ellsworth, calls Airs. Warden
Eiiplicmia, but that name is not in the family record found in Benjamin Alilli-
ken's Bible. Others have said Capt. Varden m. Rachel Alilliken, but she was
not b. until Alay 15, 1775.

Phebe Alilliken Varden had eleven children, named as follows:

I. Harriet Childs Varden, b. in London, Eng., Aug. 17, 1784; was m.
to John Baldwin of St. George, N. B. She was named for an aunt,
Harriet Childs, who, tradition saith, remarked at the time, "Name
the child for me, and she shall be my heiress." "The money," con-
tinues tradition, "was left for this godchild, but she did not receive it."
She was the mother of three sons and one daughter.
n. Francis AI. Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N.A., Nov. 27, 1785;

m. James AIunroe.
in. Phebea Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N. A., Jan. 3, 1787.
IV. AIary V.arden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N. A., Apr. 20, 1791.
V. Susan Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N.A., Jan. 30, 1793.
VI. Emma Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N. A.
vn. Anne Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N. A., July 30, 1799.
Vin. Elizabeth Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N. A., June 20, 1789.
rx. Robert Buffington Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N.A., Feb. 10,
1802, and settled on a farm in the township of Pickering, County of
Ontario, Ont., Can., 20 miles west of Toronto, in 1840, the land
adjoining his brother's homestead, and the place 'was subsequently
known as Brunswick Hill. Here he remained the residue of his days,
and was buried in Brunswick Hill churchyard.
X. Thomas Wyre Varden, b. in New Brunswick, B.N.A., Alay 6, 1805;
m. Harriet H.awkins (b. in New Brunswick, Alay 14, 1810), Nov. 12,
1825. Air. Varden settled in Pickering Township, County of Ontario,
Province of Ontario, twenty miles west of Toronto, Can., in 1840, and
remained on his farm during the balance of his life. The locality was
know-n as Brunswick Hill after the settlement there of the \'ardens.


Thomas d. at Bangor, Ont., Oct. 14, 1870, and was buried in Bruns-
wick Hill churchyard. There were eight children.
XI. N.ANCY MiLLiNGTON Varden, b. in New Brunswick, July 17, 1809.
Dr. Thomas Wyre Varden, of Gait, Ont., has an old morocco wallet that
belonged to his great-grandfather, bearing in gilt letters this inscription : " Jonah
Varden. At The Doublet. Thames Street, 1754." This was in London.

Robert Varden, son of Robert, who was a son of Capt. Robert Varden,
has in his possession a coat-of-arms that was borne by his ancestors, described
as follows: "The Varden crest is a falcon holding a serpent in its beak."
This family was of French origin.

11. Dorcas Milliken'' (1), sixth daughter of Benjamin* (2), wash, on Union
River, Apr. 9, 1769; wasm. to William Hanson, "ship-sparmaker," in 1789. He
carried on his business at St. Andrew's, N. B. When she was dying, and many
of her family were standing around her bed, she asked them all to read the
37th Psalm and the 8th chapter of Romans. These had seven children, named
as follows:

I. Sarah Hanson, b. July 31, 1791; m. James Haley, a farmer, in 1810,

and lived at Bocabec until 1814, when they removed to the township

of Pickering, Ont., Can., where she d. in Feb., 1881, aged 89 years.
II. Benjamin Milliken Hanson, b. in 1793; m. Nancy Hanson, and

moved to Fredericton, N. B., where she d. at the age of 84. He was a

HI. Robert Varden Hanson, b. Feb. 19, 1795; m. Precilla Knight, and

lived at St. John, N. B., where he carried on a lumbering and mercantile

business. He d. at Carlton, aged 84 years.
IV. DoMiNicus Milliken Hanson, b. 1796; was a lumberman near

Fredericton, N. B., where he d., aged 89 years.
V. William Hanson, m. Hannah Hancock, and moved to West Constant,

United States. He was a lumberman. He d. at Furgus Falls, aged 82.
VI.' Rachel Hanson, m. David Turner, farmer, and d. at St. John, N. B.,

aged 79 years.
VII. Betsey Hanson, m. Luvigny ?, and d. in Maine, " upwards of 80."

12. Norman Milliken^ (1), fifth son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Trenton, now
Ellsworth, Me., July 11, 1771; m. Miss Susanna Walton of New Brunswick,
sister of the late Joseph Walton of St. Andrew's, and lived at Bocabec, a locality
to which he had gone with his father when a lad. He left the British Province,
however, in 1803, and for about two years resided in Pennsylvania; probably in
Philadelphia. Returning to Bocabec in 1805, he removed to Little York, now
Toronto, in Upper Can., and was there engaged in milling. He had charge of
the first lumber-mills operated in the township of Markham, then known as the
" German Mills." He afterward purchased a share in a mill at Markham vil-
lage (then called Reeseville for local families of that name), but soon exchanged
this property for land designated "Lot number i in Concessional number 5," in
the county of York and township of Markham, containing two hundred acres.
Here he engaged in farming, and founded his permanent home, and here he d.
Feb. 2, 1843. His wife d. in 1848. To them were born twelve children, of whom
with 5th generation.

13. Dominicus Milliken'' (1), sixth son of Benjamin* (2), was b. in Trenton or
Ellsworth, Me., Mar. i, 1773, and d. in infancy.


14. Rachel Milliken" (2), seventh dau«(hter of Benjamin^ (2), \). in Trenton, Me.,
May 15, 1775; was m. to Orange Seeley, a brotlier of Stewart Seeley, and had
issue. Descendants are said to be hvinp; in New lirunswick, Ijut they do not
reply to my inquiries.

15. Dominicus Milliken' (2), seventh son of Benjamin^ (2), was b. in Trenton
or Ellsworth. Me., June 15, 1777; m. Mary Nash, Dec. 15, 1796, and settled at
St. George, N.B., where he carried on an extensive lumber and ship-building
business, and owned large plants of real estate consisting of mill pro])erty, ship-
yards, wharves, stores, and a large tract of farming-land. He was a man of great
business enterprise and sterling worth. His death occurred Dec. 12, 1838, at the
age of 61 years. There were five children, of whom with 6th generation.

16. Rebecca Milliken^ (2), eighth daughter of Benjamin'' (2), was b. Aug. 15,
1779; was m. to Stewart Seelye, and lived at St. George, N.B.

17. Charlotte Milliken'' (1), ninth daughter of Benjamin* (2), was b. June 21,
1781 ; was never ni.

18. Joanna Milliken"' (1), tenth daughter of Benjamin* (2), b. June 3, 1783; was
m. in 1806, to William Clark, and resided in Eastport, Me., where she d.
Her children's names as follows:

I. John Clark, b. Aug. 27, 1807; d. in 1820, aged 13.
II. Benjamin Clark, b. July 9, 1809.

ui. Nancy H. Clark, b. Aug, 25, 1811; m. Edward Marshall, in East-
port, Me. ^y^
IV. William Alfred Cl.ark, b. Apr. 17, 1814; d. Aug. 28, 18^5. I i f L
V. Susanna Clark, b. Oct. 26, 1816; m. Bradford Bixby.
VI. Joseph Clark, b. July 30, 1818; drowned Sept. 13, 1842.
vn. Phebe Clark, b. Aug. 20, 1820; m. Robert Halsy, and settled in

VIII. Mary Ann Clark, b. Jan. 7, 1823; d. June 3, 1865.
IX. Dominicus Clark, b. Oct. 2, 1825; m. Annie E. Whipple of St. John,
N.B., about 1854. He committed suicide by hanging in his barn, some
18 years ago; his wife d. fourteen years ago. He w^as a carpenter.
Three children, two sons and a daughter.
X. Maria Clark, b. about 1827; m. Albert E. Brown, and removed to


I. Rachel Milliken'' (3), eldest daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, INfe., June

16, 1752 ; was m. May 4, 1769, to John Foss of Saco. They lived on the Portland

road where Little River crosses that highway. She d. in Sept., 1836. He d. Apr.

31, 1833, aged 87. The farm has since been divided and sold to several persons.

John Milliken, son of Ira, lives on a part of this land. Children named as follows:

I. Rachel Foss, b. May 30, 1770; m. Xath.wiel Scammon (b. Sept. 2,

1767; d. June 6, 1849), -^"g- i» 1789- She d. Jan. 11, 1847, ag^<J 79

years, 7 months. They had 12 children b. in Saco.

II. Joseph Foss, b. July 15, 1772; m. Mary Bickford. They had eight

ni. Dorothy Foss, b. May 9, 1776; m. Thomas L. Dyer, (Intention) Feb.
27, 1798.


IV. Pamelia Foss, b. June i6, 1779; m. Samuel Smith, Apr. 3, 1803.
V. Sally Foss, b. Oct. 23, 1781; m. James Foss, Apr. 2, 1802.
VI. Eunice Foss, b. Sept. 9, 1784; unmarried.
VII. Paulina Foss, b. Aug. 28, 1787; m. Elias Means (b. Feb. 11, 1789),

Apr. 5, 1808. Nine children.
VIII. Priscilla Foss, b. Feb. 16, 1790; d. Mar. 18, 1816; unmarried.

2. Susanna Milliken'^ (2), second daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Sept. 6, 1756; was m. Sept. i, 1773, to John Foss of Limington, where she
lived and died. She had several sons, — ■ Isaiah, Joseph, John, Nahum, and
Lemuel, whose daughters were m. to John and Benjamin Grant of Saco.

3. Benjamin Milliken'^ (5), eldest son of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Sept.

3. 1758; m. Lydia Milliken, daughter of Nathaniel ISIilliken, July 5, 1780, and
had a numerous family, as will appear with 6th generation. He d. July 28,

4. Eunice Milliken^ (1), third daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Sept.
15, 1760; was m. to Aaron Fogg, Aug. 28, 1788.

5. Isaiah IWilliken'^ (1), second son of Joseph* (1), was b. in Scarbro, Me., Aug.
15, 1763 ; m. Eunice Nason, Jan. 9, 1785, and settled in Saco, near Old Orchard,
and Milliken's mill-pond derived its name from him. Had issue eight children, of
whom with 6th generation.

6. Sally Milliken'^ (1), third daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Apr.
24, 1774; was m. to James Warren of Hollis, and lived in the old "Warren Tav-
ern," so called, of which her husband was landlord. It was at this house that
the notorious Jacob Cochran stopped when he first went to the Saco valley.
She had children, and descendants are living near Steep Falls Village, Standish,
Me., where the East Baldwin road crosses a ledge.

7. Abigail Milliken^ (2), fourth daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Feb.
29, 1779; was m. to James Sawyer, Jan. 18, 1808, and lived in Baldwin, near
the Warrens, their kindred, where the old " hip-roofed " house stands. Had

8. Frederick Milliken'^ (1), fifth son of Joseph* (1) and Eunice Berry, b. in
Scarbro, Me., — — •; m. May 4, 181 7, to Mary Coolbroth, daughter of
Lemuel and Hannah (Davis) Coolbroth. She was a granddaughter of Rebecca,
daughter of "Squire" Edward Milliken. His second wife was Phebe Foss, to
whom he was m. in Dec, 1839. She d. Nov. 5, 1869, aged 70 years. Mr. Mil-
liken d. May 22, 1873. He lived on the old Justice Milliken homestead, near
Dunstan, in Scarbro, Me. By two wives, eight children. See 6th generation.

9. Rebecca Milliken'^ (3), fifth daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., July

10. 1 781 ; was m. to John Smith of Buxton, Me., and removed to New York City.
She had children, but nothing is now known of their fate.

10. Elizabeth Milliken^ (2), fifth daughter of Joseph* (1), and Eunice, b. in
Scarbro, Me., April 27, 1784; was m. to Zachariah Harmon, son of George and
Mary (Foss) Harmon, b. Jan. 17, 1774, by whom six children. She d. Apr. 18,
1828, and he m. 2d, Lydia Waterhouse, b. Jan. 10, 1785, daughter of Na-
thaniel and Elizabeth of Scarbro, Me., and d. Mar. 4, 1855. No issue. They
lived on the old Harmon homestead on the Portland road. The farm was a por-
tion of the strip of land taken from Scarbro and annexed to Saco in 1840. Charles


H. Harmon, a grandson, now lives there. Children of Zachariah and Elizabeth,
named as follows:

I. LuciNDA Harmon, b. Dec. 26, 1804; m. Phineas Libby; lived in Saco;
d. about 1885.

n. Ephraim Harmon, b. Feb. 8, 1806; m. Elizabeth C. Milliken, dau.

of Asa and Miribah; d. Jan. 13, 1878, leaving issue,
in. Joseph Harmon, b. Nov. 25, 1812; d. same year.
IV. Abigail M. Harmon, b. Nov. 26, 1812; m. Hugh Wallace; lived in

Saco; d. in 1858.

V. Laurinda Harmon, b. IMar. 7, 1823; m. Isaiah P. Milliken, Nov. 3,
1844; d. June 30, 1877.

w. Mary E, Harmon, b. Dec. 26, 1825; d. June 6, 182Q.

11. Joseph Milliken' (3), third son of Joseph* (1), was b. in Scarbro, Me., Sept.
i6, 1786; m. Anna H.a.rford, daughter of Solomon and Joanna (Beale) Harford,
Mar. 22, 1808, the ceremony being performed by Nathan Tilton, Esq. She was
b. in Scarbro, Jan. 4, 1790; d. at the home of her son Benjamin, in Bridgton, Me.,
June 4, 1874, and was buried in High Street cemetery. Mr. Milliken served an
apprenticeship as ship-carpenter with Major Waterhouse, and worked at his
trade in summer and followed the sea in winter for twenty-two years, being mate
of a vessel. \\Tiile loading timber in the swamps of Florida he was seriously in-
jured, and having been seized with ague he became a "land-lubber;" and in
1822 — after harving served in the war of 181 2 — he removed to Fryeburgh, where
he built the house now occupied by a Mr. Pillsbury. He sold this farm and
moved to a farm on the west side of Moose Pond, where Elder John Berry after-
wards lived; now in West Bridgton. He d. on the Stephen Bryant place, so
called, June 2, 1843. ^r. Milliken was a man of unassuming habits, honorable,
truthful, and respected; was of medium height, compact build, and fair complex-
ion. There were thirteen children, of whom with 6th generation.

12. Sophia Milliken^ (1), seventh daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
June 18, 1788; was m. to Phares Snow of that town, and lived at Dunstan
Landing, where she d. Jan. 24, 1831. He d. Sept. 22, 1834. Their children,
named as follows:

I. Lydia Snow, b. July 3, 1810.

II. Susan Snow, b. Feb. 8, 1811.

hi. William Snow, b. Apr. 16, 1813; m. a lady in New York, and is said
to have resided in Columbus, Ga.

IV. Eunice Snow, b. Mar. 30, 181 5.

V. Paul M. Snow, b. Oct. 23, 1818; m. ist, Mary Jane Merrill of
Saco; 2d, Eliza Emmons, b. in Lyman, Me., and resided in Ports-
mouth, N.H. A dau., Clara Snow, is the wife of Frederick Milliken
of So. Portland, Me.

VI. James Snow, b. Mar. 17, 1821.
vn. Mary Snow, b. Dec. 4, 1823.

vm. Phares Snow, b. Sept. 4, 1826. His widow is now living in Portland,
'^ Me,, with her dau. Mrs. WilUam Stone.

IX. Elizabeth Snow, b. Dec. 8, 1828.

13- John Mulberry Milliken'^ (2), fourth son of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro. Me.,
Jan. 3, 1 791; was m. to Susan Fickett of Westbrook (of an old Cape Eliza-
beth family), b. 1792, and d. Nov. 14, 1858. He d. at Stroudwater, near


Portland, Me., Oct. 9, 1875. He spent many years of his life in New York,
and several of his children were b. there, who did not come to Maine when their
parents returned and settled at Stroudwater. The family records are very
incomplete. See 6th generation.

13. Precilla Milllken^ (1), eighth daughter of Joseph* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Mar., 1793; was m. Dec. 22, 1810, to John Merrill, b. Oct. 18, 1791, a grand
son of Lieut. Samuel Merrill of the Revolution, and lived and d. on a farm
divided by the road between Bar Mills and HoUis Centre. A grandson,
Shumway Merrill, is living in Saugus, Mass. There were other children.


1. Nathaniel Milliken' (1), eldest son of Edward* (2), was b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Nov. 26, 1754; m. Dec. 10, 1778, Molly Lord, b. in Scarbro, Dec. i, 1758.
His farm was just across the boundary line in Buxton. Somewhere about, but
previous to, 1780, he built a house * on the south side of the Buxton road, so
called, a few rods west of the tcvn line, and there his family were born. The
old burying-ground, which at an early day accommodated the neighborhood, is
situated on the fence line which divides (now) the farms of Henry Hill and Henry
Hewes; the farm of the latter is the last before reaching the boundary between
Saco and Buxton, and the farm-buildings of both are in Saco, on the north side
of the Buxton road. In the burying-ground before mentioned this family were
interred. There were twelve children, of whom with 6th generation.

2. Rebecca Milliken'^ (3), eldest daughter of Edward* (2), was b. in Scarbro,
Me., Oct. 10, 1757.

3. Hannah Milliken'' (2), second daughter of Edward* (2), was b. in Scarbro,
Me., May 10, 1760; was m. Apr. 5, 1780, to Richard Leavitt, in that town,
and lived to be more than 90 years of age.

4. Jerusha Milliken^ (1), thu-d daughter of Edward* (2), was b. in Scarbro
Me., June 15, 1762; was m. to Rufus Merrill.

5. Edward Milliken^' (3), second son of Edward* (2), was b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Sept. 15, 1764; m. Hannah Andrews, dau. of Jonathan and Dorcas (Stuart)
Andrews, and settled in his native town, where he remained until after the birth
of his second child. He then cleared a farm on the Simpson road, now^ so

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 13 of 109)