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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 22 of 109)
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thousand troops, all of whom General Sheridan had captured a few days previ-
ously. After this service the regiment made a forced march to Berksville Junc-
tion, and was present at the surrender of General Lee. He soon after returned
with the regiment to City Point, and thence went by steamer to Alexandria, and
participated in the Grand Review at Washington. He received an honorable
discharge July 15, 1865, after seventeen months of service, much of which was
spent in the din of battles, and during which, though but fourteen years and four
months of age at his dismissal, he carried the foot-soldier's regular equipment.

Soon after his return to Bridgton he learned the trade of loom-fixer in a woollen
factory. In 1869 he took a position in Portland with F. & C. B. Nash, as sales-
man and bookkeeper, where he continued until Jan., 1893, nearly twenty-five
years. He was then appointed State Pension Agent, and holds the position at
this writing, Oct., 1904, having his office at Augusta.

Col. Milliken is a stanch Republican, and has served the city of Portland as
warden. He is connected with various social organizations. Since 1869 he
has been a member of Bosworth Post, Grand Army of the Repubhc, of which
he was chosen Sergeant-Major in 1874, holding the office four years. He was
then made Adjutant of the Post, and was continued such till Jan. i, 1896, when
he was elected Commander. He was appointed Assistant-Adjutant-General of
the Department of Maine, in Feb. 1887, and held that office up to and in-
cluding 1 89 1. He was also a member of the National Council of Administra-
tion, and assistant-inspector-general, attending the National Encampments for
many years. He is both a veteran and the son of a veteran, and belongs to both
organizations. For many years he was connected with the National Guard of
Maine as Second Lieutenant of Co. B, in ist Regiment, afterwards as First
Lieutenant and Adjutant,''serving until 1887, when other duties made it neces-
sary to resign. He was elected Department Commander G. A. R. for Maine,
in 1904.





He is a member of TTadattah Lodj^'c and Una Encampment, Independent
Order Odd Fellows. Also of the ^Nlitiiigonne Tribe of Red Men. In the Knif^ht.s
of Pythias, Bramhall Lod^e.he is a Past Chancellor, obtaining? the rank by .serv-
ing more than five years as keeper of records and seal. He is Grand Master of
E\i heqvier. or Grand Treasurer, and has long acted as Secretary and Treasurer
of the Endowment Rank.

Me has been twice married. His first wife was Fr.ances !M. Furlong of
Portland, by whom three children. She d. in 1878, and he was m., 2d, to Mrs.
PiTixKi.iv II. (Tri'f.) Swkktsir, daughter of I'>astus and Olive True, of Port-
land, Mar. 4, 1S85. His residence is on Congress St., Portland. Attends ser-
vices of the West Congregational Church. Children, named George (dec),
Alice, and Benjamin I . (dec).

2. Grace E. Milliken' (D. only daughter of Benjamin" (8), b. May 3, i860; d-
Sept. 16, i8q7, unm.

3. John P. Milliken' (12), second son of Benjamin" (8), b. Oct. 27, 1861; m.,
ist, to Louisa Ulrick, daughter of George and Cornelia Ulrick of Portland,
Me. He m., 2d, Julia Barnes of New York, and 3d, to Maria Walleck.
No children. He was educated at the Bridgton High School and the Portland
Business College, and was early employed as bookkeeper for the Chapman
Company, for whom he went to New York and established a store. He is pres-
ident of the Brooklyn Repubhcan Club, and has been a delegate to the New
York State Convention and at the St. Louis National Convention when Benja-
min Harrison was nominated for President.

Mr. Milliken is now in the employ of the well-known Burrows Company of
Portland, residing in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a typical American of the aggres-
sive stamp, and an inlluential and useful citizen; a son of whom his parents
may justly feel proud.

4. Henry G. Milliken^ (4), third son of Benjamin" (8), b. Dec. i, 1863; rn-
Cora A. Pennell, daughter of Horace Pennell, and resides in Portland, Me.,
where he has long been in the employ of the F. O. Baily Company. He was a
graduate of the Bridgton High School. One child, Perley Pennell Milliken, b.


1. .Willietta Pratt Milliken' (1), eldest daughter of Jacob" (3), b. Apr. 21, 1855;
was m. to Richard AIarsdox, and lives in Oakland, Cal.

2. Catherine Merrill Milliken^ (4), second daughter of Jacob" (3), b. May 2,
1858; was m., ist, to Henry Black, Oct., 1874; 2d, to Frank Edelbert Rich-
ardson, Dec. 17, 1888, and resides in Bridgton, Me.

3. Elizabeth Harford Milliken^ (12). third daughter of Jacob" (4), b. Sept. 8,
1861 ; was m., ist, to William Lewis; 2d, to Amos Perry, and resides in Worces-
ter, Mass.

4- Frederick H. Milliken' (6), only son of Jacob" (4), b. July 5, 1865; m. to
Dora Eliza Shaw, and owns a residence in Bridgton, Me. He was long em-
ployed in the Pondicherry Mill as a dresser of cloth; latterly in Lawrence, !Mass.
He spends his vacations in a camp in Sweden, Oxford Co., Me., and is fond of
a sportsman's life.


I. Albion Milliken^ (2), eldest son of Joseph" (6), b. in Scarbro, Me., July 9,

1848; d. Aug. 21, 1849.


2. Almeda Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Joseph® (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Aug. 22, 1849; ^- June 17, 1850.

3. James M. Milliken^ (13), second son of Joseph" (6), b. m Scarbro, Me.,
Apr. I, 1851; d. June 6, 1851.

4. James A. Milliken^ (14), third son of Joseph" (6), and Mary Goodrich, b.
May 7, 1852; m. 1871, to Rhoda Cannell, daughter of Herman and Lucy
Cannell, of Gorham, Me., b. June 22, 1850, and is now residing in Westbrook,
Me., where he is serving as foreman of the Portland Wooden Ware Company.
He received his education in the schools of Scarbro and Windham, and became
a fireman on one of the Portland and Boston steamers when a young man.
He subsequently worked for Quinn & Co., boilermakers, in Portland, Me.
Afterwards became a partner in the Co-operative Stove Company of that city,
which concern moved to Biddeford, Me., where he was employed two years. He
was employed in a Massachusetts foundry two years, but returned to Portland,
and some seventeen years ago became engineer at the factory (Duck Pond) of
the Portland Wooden Ware Company, a position he filled for ten years; then
was advanced to general foreman. He is a thoroughly competent engineer.
He is a Republican in politics; in his religious belief he is liberal, having no
choice. He has had issue eight children, six of whom, named as follows, are

I. Maggie M. Milliken^ b. Mar. 24, 1872; m. Feb. 15, 1893, to Albert
L. Emerson, carpenter, of Biddeford, Me., and has two children:
James E., b. Apr. 3, 1895; and Carl R., b. Dec. 10, 1897.
II. George L. Milliken^, b. Aug. 9, 1874; d. Mar. 11, 1876.

III. Daisy G. Milliken^, b. Apr. 5, 1879; m. June 9, 1895, to Frank W.
BuRNHAM, tanner, and lives in Waterville, Mass. No issue.

IV. Freddie G. Milliken^, b. Oct. 9, 1881; d. Feb. 21, 1882.
V, James R. Milliken^, b. Aug. 30, 1883.

VI. Grace A. Milliken*, b. Apr. 9, 1886.

VII. Carrie H. Milliken^, b. Nov. 14, 1888.
VIII. Clifford J. Milliken^, b. Sept. 17, 1892.

5. Elbridge E. L. Milliken' (1), fourth son of Joseph" (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Jan. 31, 1855; d. Apr. 2, 1864.

6. Joseph H. Milllken' (10), fifth son of Joseph" (6), b. in Scarbro, Me., Feb.

6. 1857; d. Aug. 24, 1859.

7. Frederick W. Mllliken^ (7), sixth son of Joseph" (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
July 13, 1859; was drowned June i, 1896.

8. Samuel K. Milliken^ (8), seventh son of Joseph" (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Jan. 29, 1862; d. June 5, 1903.


I. Lucy Milliken (6), eldest daughter of Abram" (2), was b. June 4, 1809; was
m. to Aarox McKenney of Saco, a wealthy lumberman, who lived on a farm
situated on the road leading from Scarbro Corner toward Buxton Centre, about
half a mile from the first-named place. She d. Oct. i, 1889, having survived
her husband several years. She had seven children b. in Buxton, Me., named
as follows:

I. Charles W. McKenney, resides at Bar Mills, Me.
II. Miranda McKenney, deceased.


III. PiiEBE A. McKenney, m. Israel P. Waterhouse, and resides in
Portland, Me.

IV. Mary McKenney, deceased.

V. Martha A. McKenney, deceased.
VI. Abram M. McKenney, drowned.

VII. Etnice J. McKenney, ni. William Roberts, and lives in Portland,

2. Eunice Milliken' (3), second daughter of Abram^ (2), was b. Jan. 22, 1812,
and d. unm.

3. Oliver Perry Milliken^ (2). eldest son of Abram" (2), was b. Afay 3, 1814;
m. Ann Millikkx, the daughter of Edward Milliken and Hannah Andrews of
Saco, Me., and hvcd on his father's homestead, where he d. Sept. 5, 1879. His
wife d. Mar. 25, 1894, at the residence of their daughter, Mrs. Amos R. Parrett,
Somerville, Mass. Both buried in Buxton Corner Cemetery, There were four
children, as follows:

, I. Lucius Lorin Milliken®, b. Oct. 2, 1839; m. Eliza Jane Dyer, Oct.,

1867, b. Oct., 1837, being the daughter of Richard Dyer of Bar Mills, Me.

Residence, Saco, Me. One son married. Prominent citizen.
II. Lucy Anxah Milliken*, b. Feb. 18, 1843; '^- Amos R. Barrett of

Somerville, Mass., who d. May 11, 1895, and she lives in the family of

her brother, Ira ISIilliken, in Maiden, Mass.
III. Charles Edward Milliken*, b. Oct. 9, 1846; m. Anna McKenney,

daughter of Alvan McKenney of Saco, Me., and had one son, Sumner

Moitlton, b. in Salmon Falls Village, Buxton, Me., Mar. 16, 1875; d.

in Saco, Me., Jan. 12, 1902; buried in the cemetery at the "Lower

Corner," Buxton.
i\'. Ira \\'inslow Milliken*, b. in Buxton, Me., Aug. 29, 1854; m. July

3, 1875, to Charlotte Maria Earle, and d. in Maiden, Mass., June

21, 1900. His remains were brought to Buxton for burial. There were

three children, named as follows:

(i) Alice G. Milliken^, b. in Buxton, Me., Dec. 23, 1876; d. there
May 30, 1879.

(2) Walter E. Milliken', b. in Buxton, Me., Oct. 8, 1880.

(3) Oliver P. ^^Iilliken', b. in Buxton, Me., Apr. 23, 1884.

4. Aaron Woodman Milliken^ second son of Abram" (2), b. Apr. 3, 181 7; m.
Hannah M. Lord, b. June 24, 1821, daughter of James and Betsey (MiHiken)
Lord of Saco, Me. He was educated in the common schools of his native town
and at Thornton Academy, Saco. He taught school for awhile, then was clerk
for Hon. James Deering; afterwards, about the time of his marriage, he went
into trade in Saco. He gave up merchandising and followed his brother Simon
in the service of the Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. From this road he
was transferred to the Eastern Railroad in the fall of 1854, as clerk in the oflice
of the freight department, Boston, where he remained four years. In 1858 he
purchased a farm in Buxton, Me., near Union Falls, and resided thereon till he,
with his son Fred, went to live with his daughter. He served as one of the se-
lectmen for Buxton several terms, being elected by the Democratic party. Han-
nah d. June 4, 1887. ]\rr. Milliken d. at the residence of his daughter at Bar
Mills, Me., June 20, 1896. Four children were b. to them:

I. Ellen Augusta Milliken"*, b. in Saco, Aug. 24, 1841 ; m. May 6, 1865,


to William Henry Dyer, b. Nov. ii, 1839, son of Richard Dyer of
Bar Mills, Me., and had two children:

(i) Algernon Sidney Dyer, b. May 2, 1868, at Bar Mills, Me.,
and m. there Dec. 22, 1897, to Jane Maria Usher of La Crosse,
Wis., and had one son, dec. Residence, Brunswick, Me.
(2) Frances Brigham Dyer, b. in Bar Mills, Me., Aug. 7, 1870,
and resides with her parents.
II. Fred Wilbert Milliken^ b. Sept. 20, 1845, ii^ Saco, Me. He was
m. on Thanksgiving Day, 1877, to Dora Elwell of Buxton, Me., and
had issue one son, Lynn, b. Oct. 9, 1879. Fred d. at the home of his
sister, Mrs. Dyer, at Bar Mills, Jan. 23,' 1891.

III. Frank Lord Milliken**, b. in Saco, Me., Mar. 6, 1849; d- there Aug.

20, 1850.

IV. James Laurence Milliken^ b. in East Boston, Mass., Nov. 26, 1855,
and d. in Bar Mills, Me., June 20, 1877.

The deceased members of Aaron Milliken's family are all interred in the old
churchyard, Buxton Lower Corner.

5. Simon Harmon Milliken^ (1), third son of Abram^ (2), b. Apr, 25, 1820; m.
to Mary Foss, and resided in Saco, Me. He d. Feb. 24, 1879. His wife sur-
vived him several years, and d. at the home of her children where she and a
bachelor brother resided. When a young man Simon entered the service of the
Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad, as station agent in Saco, and held that
position for more than forty years, till ill health compelled him to resign. After
leaving the station, he bought the farm owned originally by Capt. Ichabod
Jordan, and there he d. He was a man of superior character, and widely known
to the travelling public for his genial, courteous deportment. There were six
children, named as follows:

I. Marcia Milliken^.
, II. Loren H. Milliken^, emploved in the Treasury Department, Washing-
ton, D.C.

III. Frank Milliken^ d. in childhood.

IV. James M. Milliken^.

V. Marietta Milliken*, m. John Fowler, and resides in Saco, Me. No

VI. George B. Milliken*, m. McKenney, daughter of Willis Mc-

Kenney, Biddeford, Me., and resides in Haverhill, Mass. Issue.

6. Charles Hallet Mllliken' (10), fourth son of Abram^ (2), b. in Saco, Me.,
Apr. 14, 1824; was m. to Harriet Foss of HoUis, by whom four children. He
m., 2d, Mary Edgecomb of Saco, by whom one child. Mr. MiUiken obtained
his education in the pubHc schools of his native town and Thornton Academy,
Saco, from which, after a two years' course, he graduated in 1842. At the age
of eighteen, after having taught in the towns of Waterboro, Standish, HoUis,
and other York County towns, he was elected principal of the Spruce Street
Grammar School, Biddeford, Me., and filled that position with credit for more
than a quarter of a century. He was born with an aptitude for teaching, and
was very successful. Later, he became a dry goods merchant on Factory Island
in Saco. About this time he sold his goodly estate in Biddeford, and took up
his residence in Saco, where he also owned considerable property. He spent
many winters in Florida, where he also had propert}-. He did not long remain


in the mercantile business, Init sold out, and dcvolc-d the last twenty years of his
life almost exilusixely to real estate trausat tions. After a busy, useful and
profitable life of nearly seventy-six years, he d. Feb. 21, 1900, at his residence on
Elm Street in Saco. He and his four sons are buried in Greenwood Cemetery,
Biddeford, Me., as well as his first wife, Harriet. His widow resides in Saco,
Me. There were live children, named as follows:
I. George MILLIKE^"^


III. Herbert Mii.liken^.

IV. Harry B. Milliken**.

t^v. JosEi'HENE MILL1KEN^' m. JoHX 11. RoTii of Peoria, 111., Mar. 18,

7- Nathaniel Milliken^ (4), fifth son of Abram^ (2), was b. in Buxton, Me., Jan.
14, 1827; m. ist, Hannah Goodwin, daughter of John Goodwin of Hollis, later
of Saco, by whom three children. Hannah d. in East Boston, Mass., the place
of residence, in Sept., 1869. ^^e ^- ^d, Mary Johnson, daughter of Hiram
Johnson of Hollis, then the widow of Humphrey Goodwin.

After acquiring a common school education in his native town, Nathaniel
went to Saco, Me., and served an apprenticeship with a house-painter named
Emery. This trade he followed several years, but his health was impaired and
he took a position as station agent on the then Portland, Saco, and Portsmouth
railroad in Biddeford, Ale. After remaining here for a few years he was trans-
ferred to the Eastern Road as clerk in the freight department, Boston, where he
and his brother Aaron worked side by side for many years. In consequence of
a change in the railroad management, he engaged in the provision business in
Boston, but soon abandoned that and returned to railroad work on the Boston
& Maine. This position he held until failing health compelled him to retire
from all business, and he d. in Linden, Mass., Nov. 16, 1891. He and Hannah
were buried in Humphrey Goodwin's lot, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Saco, Me.
Three children, as follows:

I. Willie Francis Milliken**, m. Annie Hodge of East Boston and re-
sides in Linden, Mass. One daughter, Florence.

n. ^^'ARREN Edgar Milliken^. He is a provision merchant in Boston,

III. Walter Milliken*, resides in Charlestown, Mass. Has issue. \\\
employee of the Boston & Maine R.R.


1. Elizabeth Milliken' (13), eldest daughter of Nathaniel" (2), b. in Saco, Me.,
Jan. 29, 1820; was m. Mar. 14, 1849, to George Frank.

2. King H. Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Nathaniel" (2), b. in Saco, Me., July 12
1821; m. Phebe Hollister, 1843.

3. Mary F. Milliken' (17), second daughter of Nathaniel" (2), b. in Saco, Me.,
Aug. 3, 1824; was m. in 1843, to Augustus Bump.

4. Frances J. Milliken" (7), third daughter of Nathaniel" (2), b. in Saco, Me;
was m. to George E. Howe, Mar. 14, 1847.

5. Lucy A. Milliken" (7), fourth daughter of Nathaniel" (2), b. in Saco, Me.;
was m. Oct., 1S51, to Joseph D. Fox.



I. Samuel Storer Milliken^ (9), son of Moses" (3),and Mary Storer, b. in Saco,
Me., Jan. 12, 1826; m. ist, Sarah Wells, daughter of Moses K. Wells of Bux-
ton; 2d, Sarah Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, the mason, of HoUis, Me.
He resided on the Saco and Buxton road below Salmon Falls, right-hand as you
go down, presumably the farm owned by his father. He was a school teacher for
many years and an excellent disciplinarian. He was a man of superior intelli-
gence, quiet, strictly honest and industrious. As a farmer he was judicious and
successful. His house was of imposing style, surrounded by noble trees. His
widow is now living at W'est Buxton village. No issue.


1. Mary Ann Milliken' (18), eldest daughter of SamueP (6), b. in Saco, Me.,
Dec. 2, 1830; was m. Nov. 27, 1853, to Sewall Woodman, who was b. June 30,
1826. She d. July 2, 1858. He m. a second wife. His residence was in Saco.

2. Frank R. Milliken" (4), eldest son of Samuel** (6), b. in Saco, Me., Sept. 29,
1833; m. Dec. 28, 1856, Sarah C. Banks of Limerick, and settled on the
homestead on the Buxton road about six miles from the Saco city corporate
limits. He is a practical and successful farmer and good townsman. Children's
names as follows:

I. Dr. William H. Milliken*, b. Nov, 12, 1857; m. Fannie S. Lowell,
daughter of John and Nancy Lowell of Saco, Me., Aug. i, 1876, and is
now practicing medicine in Boston. Three children: Bertha M., d.
young; Susan L., b. May 11, 1880, graduated from Boston Conservatory
of Music and teaches her profession in a female seminary; Leon M., d.

II. Mary L. Milliken*, b. June 26, 1866; m. George H. Page, conductor
on the Saco Division Boston & Maine R.R. Three children: Charlotte
L., Marion I., and Catherine L., of whom two d. young.

III. Lewis B. Milliken*, b. Aug. 26, 1S62; d. Aug. i, 1863.

IV. Olive J. Milliken*, b. May 29, 1869; m. 1898, to George R. Lunny,
engineer on the Boston & Maine R.R. Two children: Olive W., b. Sept.
5, 1900; Mary P., h. Mar. 5, 1902.

3. Olive J. Milliken' (3), second daughter of Samuef (6), b. in Saco, Me., May

3, 1836; d. Oct. 12, 1837.

4. Elmira F. Milliken' (2), third daughter of Samuel' (6), b. in Saco, Me.,
Aug. 12, 1839; was m. Nov. 27, 1878, to Melville C. Ayer of Biddeford, Me.


1. Eliza R. Milliken' (4), eldest daughter of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Sept. 17,
1832; was m. Jan. 25, 1854, to William Moses of Saco, and d. there in June, 1879.

2. Lewis Milliken' (1), eldest son of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Aug. 17, 1833;
d. Sei)t. 14, 1873.

3. Sarah Milliken' (15), second daughter of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Sept.
21, 1834; was m. to j. \\ . Elden of Saco, and resides there.

4. Almira Milliken' (3), third daughter of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Mar. 15,
1836; d. Sci)t. 23, 1836.

5. Roscoe G. Milliken' (1), second son of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., July 24,
1837; m. Addie Marsh, Sept. 17, 1864, and resides in Saxonville, Mass., where




he is a praiticing ])hysician. lie lias had issue five cliildriMi : Harry, Ru/fili,
Nathaniel, Edith, and Earle. No records.

6. Isaac IVIilliken^ (2), third son of Jolm" (6), !>. in Saco, Me., l'\'l). 21. i.S^q;
m. Dec. 20, 1S64, to Abhie Af. TjnBv; 2d, to Mary IF. Wood. Resides in
Saco. Has Mahcl, Edith, and Earlc.

7. James L. Milliken^ (12), fourth son of John" (6), h. in Saco, Me., Jan. 24,
1841; was m. Sept. 2, 1862, to M.aria Dearborn and resides in Saco. Has
issue: Elhridge, Lena, Byron, and Hermon.

8. Nathaniel Milliken^ (5), fifth son of John" (6), !>. in Saco, Me., Jan. 24, 1S41 '
m. Aug. 2, 1S62, to .Margaret Milliken, daughter of Moses of iiiddeford, and
resides in Kittery, Me., where he is employed in the navy yard. .Mrs.
Margaret Milliken, of Kittery, died at her home Sept. 25th, aged 56. Heart
trouble was the cause of her death. She was well known in Kittery, of
which she was a native and where she had for many years made her home.
She is survived by a husband, two sons, Harry of Boston, and Ernest of
Springfield, (^hio, and one daughter, Mrs. Cora Boulter of Kittery. She alsc.
leaves three brothers, Moses and Samuel C. Milliken of Kittery, and William
of Boston.

9. Electa Milliken' (1), fourth daughter of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Dec. 19,
1842; was m. Nov. 20, 1866, to Frank Partridge and resides in Grovesville,
Buxton, Me.

10. George W. Milliken' (8), si.xth son of John" (6), b. in Saco, ]Me., May r,
1844; m. Oct. I, 187 1, to Mary Woodman and resides at Bar Mills, Me. His
children are named Fanny and Mary.

11. John Milliken' (14), seventh son of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Dec. 10,
1845; m. Oct. 26, 1868, to IvETT Larrabee Wight, b. Oct. 26, 1849, ^^ South
Windham, Me. He resided on the homestead in Buxton until 1893, when he
sold out and removed to Maiden, Mass., where he is employed as a machinist.
His children, one son and four daughters, named as follows:

I. Arthur P. Milliken'', b. Jan. 18, 1870; m. Sophia May Crosby of
Haverhill, Mass., June 4, 1890. He is train dispatcher on the Western
Division Boston & Maine railroad, Union Station in Boston. Resi-
dence, Melro.se Highlands, Mass.

II. Bertha Louisa ^Iilliken", b. July 20, 1872, is a teacher in the put)lic
schools. Maiden, Mass.

III. Gr.ace Englina Milliken^, b. Jan. 13 . 1874; m. Joseph Neal, Sept. 3,
1900, and resides in Kittery, Me. Child: Arthur-llenry, b. .Apr. 2, 1Q02.

rv'. Fanny Lord Milliken**, b. ^lar. 20, 1879. She is a student in Middle-
sex College (1902).
V. Josephine Ivett Milliken*, b. May 16, 1885; student in the High
School, Maiden, Mass.

12. Emily Milliken' (5), fifth daughter of John" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Sej)!. 3,
1847; was m. Dec. 11, 1869, to John C. Haley and resides in Biddeford, Me.

13. Ida Fanny Milliken' (1), sixth daughter of John" (6). b. in Saco, Me., Dec
25, 185 1 ; was m. in Feb., 1878, to Chester A. Hayes, and resides in North lier-
wick. Me.

14. Maude Annie Milliken' (1), youngest daughter of John", b. in Saco, Mr.,
April 22, 1858; was m. Mar., i88i( ?), to Samuel Sinnott of Kennebunk, Me.



1. Mary Caroline Milliken'' (19), daughter of Abram^ (3), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Feb. 27, 1828; was m. to Jonathan D. Foy of Stroudwater, Me., about 1850,
and settled on a farm he purchased on Beech Ridge and where he d. in Apr.,
1903. Mrs. Foy hves with her son Eugene, at South Portland. Children:

I. Eugene Foy, m. Ella Waterhouse, dau. of Moses and Masander of

Scarbro, Me., and lives at South Portland, Me. No issue.
II. Henrietta Foy, m. George Hodgkins of Saco, where they reside. No

2. Harriet L. Milliken^ (7), second daughter of Abram® (3), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Dec. 9, 1833; was m. to Horatio Jose of that town. They went West; the
husband d. and she returned to her father's home. She was afterwards m. to
Charles Hanniford of South Portland. Children, named as follows:

I. Charles Freemont Jose, m. Linnie M. Snow, and lives at South Port-
land, Me.
II. Dollie Jose, m. Charles Luke, and lives in Springfield, Mass.

3. Charles L. Milliken^ (10), only son of Abram^, b. in Scarbro, Me., Feb. 8,

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 22 of 109)