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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 24 of 109)
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II. J. Avery Groom, b. Oct., 1877; d. Apr. 16, 1883.

III. Sarah C. Groom, b. Apr. 9, 1880.

IV. John B. Groom, b. Aug. 29, 1882.
V. James G. Groom, b. Apr. 3, 1886.

VI. Carrie G. Groom, b. Jan. 26, 1888; d. Oct. 11, 1891.

VII. Mary L. Groom, b. Jan. 11, 1891; d. June 23, 1891.
VIII. Frank W. V. Groom, b. Apr. 5, 1894.

IX. (Infant) Groom, b. Mar. 26, 1899.

4. James P. Milliken^ (13), second son of Wesley^ (1), b. Apr. 10, 1857; m.
March 16, 1887, Laura Norval, and has two children named as follows:

I. Mabel J. Milliken", b. Jan. 15, 1888.

II. Mary L. Milliken^, b. Apr. 29, 1891.

5. Mary G. Milliken^ (25), third daughter of Wesley^ (1), b. Feb. 3, i860; d.
Mar. 31, 1897, unmarried.

6. Infant Milliken* (1), sixth child of Wesley^ (1), b. Apr. 11, 1862; d. same day.


7. Amasa 0. E. Milliken' (1), third son of Wesley^ (1), b. Apr. 14, 1863; d.
Oct. IS, 1865.

8. Greeley L. Milliken' (1), fourth son of Wesley' (1), b. Mar. 16, 1866; d.
Nov. 21, i8q4, unmarried.

9. Wade C. Milliken" (1), hfth son of Wesley'' (1), b. June 28, 1868; d. Feb.
28, 1872.

10. Eugene E. Milliken* (2). sixth son of Wesley' (1), b. Sept. 28, 1870; d.
Mar. 24, 1872.

11. Clara A. Milliken^ (5), fourth daughter of Wesley' (1), b. Mar. 25, 1S72; d.
May 26, iSos.


1. George W. Milliken' (12), eldest son of Orville' (1), b. May 10, 1851; un-
married. Stock salesman, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.

2. John P. H. Milliken' (18), second son of Orville' (1), b. Oct. 31, 1853; m.
Nov. 12, 1882, to Sarah M. Mitchell. No children. Locomotive engineer
somewhere in Nebraska.

3. Mary J. Mifliken' (26), eldest daughter of OrviUe' (1), b. in 1855 (?); d.
in infancy.

4. Orville E. Milliken^ (2), third son of Orville' (1), b. Aug. 24, 1858; m. in
1884, to Sena Bell, and is in the marble business. Union City, Tenn. Two
children, as follows:

I. Orville :MILLIKEN^ b. 1887.
n. NoYES Milliken^, b. 1897; d. Aug. 24, 1900.

5. Alice Milliken^, second daughter of Orville' (1), b. Nov. 13, i860; was m.
May II, 1882, to William Simpson Wilson, blacksmith, Oquawka, 111. She
has three children, named as follows:

I. William O. Wilson, b. Mar. i, 1883.
n. Mabel J. Wilson, b. Jan. 31, 1885.
m. John F. Wilson, b. Nov. 2, 1886.

6. Susan E. Milliken' (7), third daughter of Orville' (1), b. Jan. 26, 1865;
was m. June 30, 1886, to George Salmon, farmer, and resides in Rozetta, Hen-
derson Co., 111. Eight children — two d. in infancy — as follows:

I. HoLLis Salmon.

IT. Halda H. Salmon.

in. Hale Salmon.

IV. Margaret Salmon.

V. George W. Salmon.

VI. Raymond Salmon.

7. Cora J. Milliken* (4), fourth daughter of Orville' (1), b. May 4, 1867; was
m. Feb. 2, 1888, to James H. Hurrie, railroad man, Topeka, Kan., and has
two children, named as follows:

I. Janet ]M. Hurrie, b. Nov. 12, 1888.
n. Albert A. Hurrie, b. Jan. 15, 1893.

8 Jennie E. Milliken' (3), fifth daughter of Orville' (1), b. Oct. 16, 1870;
was m. July 5, 1889, to Charles H. Mills, farmer and stockdealer, Waverly,
Ind. There were three children. See below.
I. Esther M. Mills, b. Aug. 2, 1890.


II. Ned. H. Mills, b. Sept. 20, 1892; d. Nov. 11, 1892.
III. Everett M. Mills, b. Sept. 11, 1893; d. Aug. 12, 1894.


1. Leonora E. Milliken* (1), eldest daughter of James^ (9),b. Dec. 10, 1859; was
m. July 7, 1885, to Robert Boss, travelling salesman, — and by trade a carpenter,
— for Kelogg Birge & Co., Keokuk, la. Four children, named as follows:

I. Myra E. Boss, b. Jan. 25, 1887.

II. David M. Boss, b. Aug. 5, 1892.

III. Janet E. Boss, b. Feb. 6, 1894.

IV. Elma M. Boss, b. Sept. 15, 1895.

2. Noyes M. Milliken* (3), eldest son of James^ (9), b. Jan. 17, 1862; d. May
12, 1871.

3. Myrtle E. Milliken* (1), second daughter of James^ (9), b. June 6, 1865;
was m. Feb. 19, 1888, to William T. McIntire, farmer, Kilwinning, Mo., and
has four children, named as follows:

I. Mary J. McIntire, b. Aug. 29, 1891.

II. James L. McIntire, b. June 10, 1894. *

III. BiRTiE McIntire, b. Oct. 14, 1897.

IV. William D. McIntire, b. June 17, 1802.

4. Orville B. Milliken^ (3), third son of James^ (9), b. Dec. 17, 1868; m. Jan.
27, 1896, Emma E. Krupp. He has been a farmer, merchant, and clerk; now
owner of a market garden, near South Bend, Ind. Children as follows:

I. Hazel E. Milliken^, b. Dec. 15, 1896.
II. Warren K. Milliken**, b. June 22, 1900.
HI. Neva E. Milliken^, b. Oct. 5, 1901.

5. Lois J. Milliken^ (1), third daughter of James^ (9), b. Feb. 4, 1873; was
m. Sept. 29, 1893, to John E. Luther, farmer, teacher, and attorney-at-law,
Memphis, Mo. (1903). Two children. See below.

I. Mary E. Luther, b. Oct. 12, 1893.
II. Albert L. Luther, b. Aug. 13, 1900.

6. Lilly H. Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of James^ (9), b. July 31, 1875; was
m. Dec. 18, 1898, to Allen A. Rader, carpenter, and lives near South Bend,
Ind. Two children.' See forward.

I. (Infant) Rader, b. in 1900.
II. Hubert D. Rader, b. Oct. 19, 1902.

7. Vera E. Milliken^ (1), fifth daughter of James^ (9), b. July 25, 1882; was
m. Aug. 28, 1901, to George G. McGawn, farmer, near South Bend, Ind.
She has no children (1902).


1. Herbert Milliken^ (2), eldest son of Noyes'^ (1), b. Apr. 17, 1871.

2. Freddie Milliken** (1), second son of Noyes^ (1), b. Nov. 7, 1893; d. May 5,

3. Francis 0. Milliken* (9), third son of Noyes^ (1), b. July 29, 1896.


I. Clara Milliken** (6), eldest daughter of Robert^ (2), b. July 10, 1864; was m.
to Jacob Watkins and has four children.


2. J. Ernest Milliken" (1), eldest son of Robert' (2), b. Apr. 21, 1869; d. in

3. Annie M. Milliken' (4), second daughter of Robert^ (2). b. Sept. 11, 1871;
was m. to I'KANR I). WIS and d. in Centre townshij), St. Joe Co., Ind., leaving

4. L. John Milliken'* (1), .second son of Robert^ (2), b. June 4, 1873; ni. Dec.
23, 1896, to Nora Whitksell, and resides on a farm near Crumstovvn, Ind.

Tie has liad issue three children.

5. Sophia J. Milliken' (3), tliird (hui.t^'hter of Robert' (2), b. Mar. 9, 1S75; was
m. to ()li\i:r D. Mii.i.ikk.x, and had four children.

6. Lyndon H. Milliken' (1), third son of Robert^ (2), b. Mar. 27, 1877; m.
Dec. 8, 1898, to Lizzie Bear, and has Rohine. Residence, North Liberty, Ind.

7. Kyle E. Milliken* (1), fourth son of Robert' (2), b. Apr. 18, 1881; ni. Dolly
AxDERSO.N of North Liberty, Lid.

8. Robert Milliken^ (6), fifth son of Robert' (2), b. Jan. 9, 1883; unmarried
in 1902.

9. Belinda Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Robert' (2), b. Jan. 14, 1885;
was m. May 12, 1802, to William Kelver, farmer, South Bend, Ind. No

10. Albert Milliken** (4), sixth son of Robert' (2), b. Feb. 22, 1887, and d. in


1. Myron M. Milliken" (2), eldest son of Albert' (2), b. Oct. 2.=^, 1877; unmar-

2. Ethel May Milliken' (1), eldest daughter of Albert' (2), b. Aug. 16, 1879;
m. Apr. 16, 1902, Henry Plumbeck, railroad employee, and settled in Laporte,
Ind. No children.

3. Roy E. Milliken^ (1), second son of Albert^ (2), b. Sept. 9, 1889; unmarried.
At home.

4- Raymond K. Milliken** (1), third son of Albert' (2), b. Apr. 20, 1896; d.
Aug. 2, 1896.

5. Floy H.Milliken' (1), youngest child of Albert' (2), b. Sept. 8, 1899; at
home, unmarried.


1. Alice Milliken^

2. Esther Milliken^ b. Sept. 3, 1854; m. Apr. 8, 1873.

3- Deborah Milliken^


4- Benjamin Milliken^

5- Mary Milliken^

6. Amelia Milliken^
7- Anna Milliken^
8. Nancy Millikenl

9- Alfraetta Milliken".


1. Norman Isaac Milliken\ b. Dec. 29, 1868.

2. Mary Jane Milliken", b. Dec. 22, 1871.


3. Thomas Milliken^ b. Aug. 24, 1873.

4. Margaret Milliken', b. Apr. 19, 1875.

5. Emeline Milliken^ b. Jan. 20, 1877.



Tirzah Elizabeth Milliken^ b. Jan. 12, 1867.
Norman Henry IVIilliken^ b. Sept. 2, i869(?).
Emerson Edwin Milliken^ b. Sept. 27, 1871.
Lucincla Emeline iVIilliken^ b. May 31, 1874.
Miles Abbot Davis Milliken', b. Feb. 28, 1878





1. Norman D'Arcy Milliken^ b. June 10, 1873.

2. Simoncl Diimond Milliken^ b. June 19, 1875.

3. Mary Jane Rachel Milliken', b. Feb. 14, 1878.

4. Edwin Patter Milliken^, b. June 20, 1880.

5. Benjamin Metcalf Milliken', b. Oct. 26, 1881.

6. William Bennett Milliken^ b. July 12, 1883.

7. Henry Morrow Milliken^ b. May 15, 1885.

8. Elizabeth Ann Magdalene Milliken^ b. Jan. 21, 18S7.

9. Susan Alice Milliken^ b. Nov. 15, 1889.'

10. Harriet Lucinda Milliken^ b. Oct. 21, 1891.

11. Sarah Melissa Milliken^ b. Oct. 13, 1894.

12. Margarite Emerline Milliken^ b. Mar. i, 1898.


1. Elizabeth Eleanor Milliken^, b. Aug. 20, 1866; m. Aug. 4, 1897, to Edward
Fauld, merchant, Toronto.

2. Mary R. Milliken^ b. Nov. 2, 1868; m. Sept. 28, 1898, to Rev. John B.
Harry, now pastor Methodist church at Evans and Brant, connected wdth New
York Conference. One child, Eleanor Amsley Fauld, b. May 18, 1892.

3. William Benjamin Milliken^ b. May 17, 1871; m. June 24, 1902, to Miss
Lillian Passmore, dau. John Passmore, merchant, Toronto, Ont. One son,
William Passmore Mil liken, b. June 10, 1903.

4. Christina Grace Milliken*, b. Feb. i, 1875; d. Dec. 18, 1900.

5. Roy Walter Gordon Milliken', b. May 17, 1882.


1. Clarissa E. Milliken^ (6), eldest daughter of Joseph'' (5), b. July 17,

2. Horace M. Milliken^ (4), eldest son of Joseph' (5), b. Jan. 17, 1846.

3. Cyrus A. B. Milliken^ (2), second son of Joseph' (5), b. Nov. 17, 1848;
m. Alice.

4. Joseph L. Milliken* (10), third son of Joseph' (5), b. June 11, 1851; m. Jan.
26, 1889, by Rev. George B. Titus, Mrs. Abbie E. Cleaves of Saco, Me. He
m . 2d, Mary Cleaves of Saco, b. in Buxton. One son by first m., Horace J.,
h. Dec. 9, 1889. By 2d wife, seven children. Ned Harold, Annie C, Ruth, Alice
Marion, and three whose names do not appear on record, all b. between Apr.
30, 1894, and Mar. 11, 1901.



1. Rebecca F. Milliken" (6), oldest daughter of Horace^ (2), h. in Wcsthrook,
Me., Nov. I, 1848; m. Edw.\rd Cr.abtree of Portland, and had two children,
named as follows:

I. Carrif. L. Crabtree, m. Harry Hanson, a dry goods clerk in I'urtland.
II. Lii.i.A \'. Crabtree, m. Harry Bolton, a jeweller in Bangor, Me.

2. Sophia E. Milliken'* (4), second daughter of Horace^ (2), b. in Westbrook,
;Me., Jan. 9, 1S51 ; m. to Charles H. Cole and resides in Portland, Me. Two

I. Annie R. Cole, m. William Adie, wholesale grocery drummer of Port-
land, Me.
IT. Ernest B. Cole, m. Alice Winship, who is in the grocery business.

3. Allada F. Milliken" (1), third daughter of Horace^ (2), b. in Westbrook,
Me., Aug. 7, 1853; m. Benjamin Meades, who is in the stove business in
Portland, Me. Two children:

I. Sadie M. ^Ie.\des, m. Peter Feeney, a railroad conductor of Portland,

n. George A. Meades, who is an engineer on the Central Pacific Railroad
in Ontario,

4. Sarah A. Millikeri" (16), fourth daughter of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrook,
Me., June 25, 1856; m. Elbridge Cobb, who is in the insurance business at
Portland, ^le. Two children, as follows:

I. Fannie E. Cobb, m. George Lary, who is in the solder trade, Port-
land, Me.
n. LE\v^s B. Cobb, a drug clerk.

5. Lemuel G. Milliken* (5), eldest son of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrook, IMe.,
June 28, 1859; m. to Fannie R. Purington of Falmouth, Me. He resides in
Portland, where he is Superintendent of the Colonial Silver Co. Two children,
named as follows:

I. Mamie W. ^Iilliken", m. Edward Dalton, clerk in carpet and furni-
ture store.

II. Louise C. ^SIilliken'^, now (1904) in the Portland High School.

6. Leroy H. Milliken* (1), second son of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrook, Me.,
June 16, 1862; m. Carrie Brooks, and is in the milk business, at Portland, Me.
He has four children, all at home, named as follows:

I. Emma Milliken'.

II. Ralph Milliken^
hi. Inez Milliken".
IV. Floyd ]\Iilliken".


7. Gertrude Milliken' (1), fifth daughter of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrook, or
Deering, ^le., Oct., 1867; d. at the age of 12 years.

8. Cynthia Milliken^ (1), sixth daughter of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrook, Me.,
July, 1870; m. to Edward Giles, a printer, and lives in Portland, Me. One
child: Elizabeth B. Giles.

9. Bertha Milliken* (1), seventh daughter of Horace' (2), b. in Westbrcck,
Me., Jan., 1S77; m. Nathaniel Bl'DD.



1. Horatio B. Milliken^ (3), eldest son of Benjamin^ (6), b. Oct. 3, 1844, in
Scarbro, Me., and d. Oct. 20, 1864, in Minot, Me.

2. Flora S. Milliken* (2), eldest daughter of Benjamin' (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
July II, 1846; resides with her sister in Kittery, Me.; unmarried.

3. Martha E. Milliken* (9), second daughter of Benjamin' (6), b. in Scarbro,
Me., Nov. 14, 1849; d. Apr. i, 1876, in Minot, Me.

4. William F. Milliken** (16), second son of Benjamin' (6), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Nov. 4, 1854; m. Lizzie Merrill, and has two children, named as follows: Resi-
dence, Mechanic Falls, Me.

I. Frank W. Milliken'.
II. Harry M. Milliken^.

5. Jennie N. Milliken^ (4), third daughter of Benjamin' (6), b. in Scarbro,
Me., Aug. 30, 1859; m. Rev. George C. Andrews and lives in Kittery, Me.

6. Edwin B. Milliken* (3), youngest son of Benjamin' (6), b. Mar. 25, 1863,
resides in Auburn, Me.; single.


^Uitbiinicl Ulillihcn'.s flostcritn.

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(Tbivt) C'*)cner;Uion.

Nathaniel Milliken^ (1). son of John'- (1), and wife I':ii/ai)elii Alj^'cr, was bap-
tized in Brattle Street Church, Boston, Mass, A|)r. 24, 1709, and settled in
Scarbro, Me., at Dunston, so-called, in 1730. He m. Aug. 5, 1731, Sarah
MuNSON^ He was a tailor bytrade, having served his apprcnticcshif) in Boston,
and his grandchildren remember having seen his large "cutting-table"' and
heavy, wrought-iron "goose." He was a deacon of the Second Parish Church
of Scarbro and was locally known as "Deacon Nathaniel." His second
wife was Anna Small, widow of Josiah TJbby, known as "Trumpeter 'Siah,"
to whom he was m. Jan. 10, 1755, and by whom he had issue. She d. Jan. 12,
1784. His house was situated between "the crossways." Date of his death
not known. Deacon MiUiken was a man of deep and sincere piety; moderate,
calm, prudent and of grave deportment; a good townsman and true friend.
There were thirteen children, by two wives, of whom with 4th generation.

/ourtb 6cncraiioit.


1. Jonathan Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Nathaniel' (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
June 10, 1733; m. Esther Harmon, Mar. 29, 1753, and settled on the farm in
Scarbro where Ira MiUiken subsequently lived. I think Jonathan was identi-
fied with the Union River settlement but have no evidence of his moving his
family there. He had issue thirteen children, of whom with the 5th generation.

2. Nathaniel MiUiken^ (2), second son of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Feb. 18, 1734; d. a child.

3. Josiah MiUiken^ (1). third son of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Oct. 27,
1736; m. Apr. 27, 1756, Lydia Runnells and resided in his native town. He
d. in 1764, leaving a widow and two children. The widow was m. to Peter
Kelley, Apr. 9, 1764.

4. Nathaniel MiUiken^ (3), fourth son of Nathaniel' (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,

Apr. 12, 1738; m. Anna . He w^as a grantee on Union River in the now

town of Trenton, and as I cannot find any descendants in Western Maine, I
suppose he settled somewhere "Down East."

5. Thomas MiUiken^ (1), fifth son of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.. Oct.
25, 1739; m. Dec. 19, 1760, Lucy Lihby of same town. She was a daughter
of her step-mother by her first hu.sband, " Tnmipeter 'Siah." This Thomas lived
on the west side of Beech Ridge, in Scarbro. Was one of the grantees on Union
River, but as his cousin of the same name was also a prominent grantee, I can-
nf)t tell which lot was drawn by him. He had children b. in Scarbro.

6. Stephen MiUiken" (1), si.xth son of Nathaniel^ (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Jan.
II, 1 74 1. I cannot find any record of marriage or of children, and he may have
died in childhood.


7. Robert Milliken^ (1), seventh son of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Oct.
2, 1743 ; m. to Jane Hopkins, a Quakeress of Londonderry, N. H.; was a grantee
on Union River and settled in Trenton and lived there many years. He became
disabled by sickness or an accident, and to save him from becoming a town charge
his relatives went from Scarbro and brought him to that town on a bed slung
between two horses; the journey was long and painful and they were nearly two
weeks on the road. He had a large family. See 5th generation.

8, Sarah Milliken* (1), eldest daughter of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Feb. 18, 1747; was m. May 11, 1767, to Zebulon Libby of that town, and re-
sided there.

9- Abigail Milliken^ (1), second daughter of NathanieP (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Oct. 14, 1748; was m. Jan. 8, 1767, to John Jose and lived in Buxton, Me., on
the left hand side of the road between Shadagee and the Lower Corner, where
the great, rambling two-storied house which was their residence, sitting some
distance from the highway, is still standing and occupied. She had ten children,
named as follows:

I. Abigail Jose, b. Aug. 23, 1767; m. Isaac Libby, Oct. 3, 1792,

II. Martin Jose, b. Jan. 9, 1769; m. Sarah , and lived in Buxton,

where he d. Jan. 5, 1848. His w. d. June 17, 1846. They had five
in. John Jose, b. Aug. 16, 1771; m. Rebecca Collins, July 21, 1798,

and had two children b. in Buxton.
IV. Hannah Jose, b. Feb. 15, 1774; m. Jonathan Hopkinson of Phil-

lipsborough (now Hollis), Nov. 24, 1801.
V. Richard Jose, b. Apr. 10, 1776; d. July i, 1802.
VI. Sally Jose, b. Mar. 14, 1779; m. in Scarbro, Me., to Col. James

March, July 9, 1800.
vn. Alexander Jose, b. Dec. 11, 1780; m. Sally Emery, dau. of Thomas
of Buxton, and lived in that town during his active life, but d. in Guild-
hall, Vt., at the age of 80 years. Births of seven children recorded in
Buxton. He was a man of correct habits, industrious and frugal,
viii. Mehitable Jose, b. Jan. 15, 1783; m. William Eaton, of Gorham,
Me., June i, 1806.
IX. JosiAH Jose, b. Apr. 19, 1787; d. Feb., 1788.

X. JosiAH Jose, b. July 29, 1789; succeeded to the homestead farm. A
large, powerful man.

10. Elizabeth Milliken^ (1), third daughter of NathanieF (1), b. in Scarbro,
Me., Oct. 7, 1750; m. John Boothby of that town, Nov. 24, 1773, and d. Nov,
27, 1833, in Saco, Me. Her husband d. Jan. 27, 1840, aged 87. She had eight
children, named as follows:

I. Isaac Boothby, b. Oct. 10, 1774; m. Hannah Foss, and settled in
Leeds, Me. From him "Boothby's Hill" was named. He d. May 20,
1835, aged 61 years. They had six children. See "Saco Valley Set-
tlements and Families," for Boothby Genealogy.
II. Lydia Boothby, b. Jan. 25, 1777; m. Hamilton Jenkins, who lived

and d. in Wayne, Me.
III. Stephen Boothby, b. Nov. 7, 1779; m. Susanna Bussell of Winthrop,
Me., and Hved on a farm in Leeds, Me., where he d. June 5, 1871, aged
91 years. Three children.


IV. Rev. John Boothby, b. Sept. 30, 1787; m. Anna Foss, Nov. 20, 181 1,
and d. in Saco, JMc, Apr. 4, 1878, aged 91 years. He was a Christian
minister of al)ility. Was ordained in an ox-cart. Seven children.
ir. Isaac Milliken^ (1), eighth son of Nathaniel^ (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., May
2q, 1752; m. Sar.\h Foss, Sept., 1778, and settled in Buxton, Me., after the
Revolutionary war in which he participated, having enlisted in Scarbro, Me., in
^[ay, 1775, in Capt. John Rice's Company, Col. Fdmund Phinney's regiment,
for eight months; was discharged at Cambridge, Mass., Jan., 1776. He enlisted
for one year in Capt.Watkins' company, same regiment, and was discharged Jan.
I. 1777. He then enlisted in Scarbro, Jan., 1778, under Capt. Thomas (Thorns?)
of Col. Abram Tyler's regiment, Massachusetts Line, and in August of thai
year hired Daniel Foss as substitute for 13 months and 14 days' service. He
did garrison duty at Fort George in Jan. and Dec, 1776, serving 11 months
and 7 davs. Was promoted to corporal, Sept. i, 1776. He lived in Buxton,
Hollis, and Effingham, N. H., and d. in Freedom, N. H., July 10, 1829, aged 77
years. Was buried on the Millikcn farm, now the Wesley Fowler place. His
wife was called "a fat, jolly old lady." He had applied for a pension Aug. i,
1S20. After his death his widow secured a pension. They had eight children.
See 5th generation.

12. Joshua Milliken* (1), ninth son of NathanieP (1), by Ann Small, nee Libby,
b. in Scarbro, Me., Apr. lo, 1756; m. Margaret Lord, May 27, 1778, and set-
tled in his native town. He was a soldier of the Revolution, having enlisted in
the spring of 1775 for 8 months, under Capt. John Rice in Col. Edmund Phin-
ney's regiment, and marched to Cambridge. He reenhsted in Aug., 1777, in
Scarbro," for three months in Capt. Rumery's company, Col. Storers' (Pj-regiment,
and marched to Bennington, Manchester, and to Stillwater; was in Gen. Gates'
armv until the surrender of Burgoyne. He was detached under Sergeant Samuel
Gillpatrick and sixteen men to guard prisoners and baggage to Boston. He re-
enlisted in 1778, for two months at Falmouth in Capt. Roger Libby's company.
He applied for pension July 26, 1832, at the age of 76. He d. on Nov. 27th, 1832,
and his widow, Margaret, applied in 1836, presenting the marriage certificate
of Joshua Milliken to Margaret Lord, both of Scarbro, May 27, 1778. She also
stated that her husband was drafted in 1780, and served five months in Portland,
Me. Ten children. See 5th generation.

13. Lydia Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Nathaniel' (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.
June 15, 1762; was m. to Benjamin Milliken, son of Joseph and Sarah Milli-
ken (see Edward Branch), July 6, 1784, and had a family as will appear.

f\{\\] ('feneration.


1. Mary Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
June 13, 1754. This may have been the Mary who was the second wife of John
Fenderson of Parsonsfield, Me., and d. there Aug. 29, 185 1, aged 97 years.
John Fenderson's first wife was Sarah McKenney.

2. Esther Milliken'^ (1), second daughter of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Dec. 22, 1756; d. in childhood.

3. Capt. Abner Milliken* (1), eldest son of Jonathan* fl), b. in Scarbro, Me.,
Oct. 27, 1758; m. Ann Scott in that town. Mar. 26, 1784, and settled in


Lincolnville, Me. He enlisted for service in the Revolution, May 15, 1775, in Capt.
John Rice's company, 31st Regiment of Foot, Mass. Line, under Col. Edmund
Phinney of Gorham, Me. He marched from Scarbro to headquarters, July 4,
1775, and served eight months; then reenlisted for the Continental Army, and' his.
name appears on the roll, Nov. 25, 1778. He was granted a pension of $70 a
year. He d. Dec. 10, 1827, in the town of Lincolnville, Me., and his widow,
Anna, apphed for pension in 1850, when 88 years of age. Stephen Milliken,
brother of Abner, and Esther Shibels, a sister, made statements with appUcation.
Widow d. in 1854, aged 91 years. See 6th generation for names of children.

4. Nathaniel Milliken' (4), second son of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Nov.
30, 1760 ; was lost at sea.

5. Katherine Milliken^' (1), third daughter of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me.^
Mar. 3, 1762.

6. Stephen Milliken'^ (2), third son of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Aug. 16,.
1764; m. Eleanor Seavey of that town and cleared a farm on the road between
the Heath Meeting House, so-called, and the Buxton road in the northern part of
Saco, Me., where he estabhshed his permanent home, and d. there Jan. 22, 1859.
His wife predeceased him Aug. 19, 1846. Five children. See 6th generation.

7. Esther Milliken^' (2), fourth daughter of Jonathan* (l),b. in Scarbro, Me.,.
Nov. 20, 1766; d. a child.

8. Paulina Milliken^ (1), fifth daughter of Jonathan* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Dec.

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