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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 27 of 109)
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is a staunch Republican and a believer in the financial policy of " sound money
and a chance to earn it." His mills at Hallowell have not been running for some
time, and Mr. Milliken is now the leading member of a corporation which is
building an immense lumber and pulp mill at Van Buren, Me., which is nearly
ready for operation.

He is an active and influential member of the Baptist church, belongs to the
Masonic and Odd Fellows fraternities, and is an active and prominent member
of the Augusta Board of Trade.

There are two children, Carl Elias, a graduate of Bates College, Lewiston,
Me., and Hattie T.

2. Henry P. Milliken^ (2), second son of Elias® (1), b. in Burnham, Me., 1852;
m. Andry Patten of Augusta, Me., and d. in 1895. He was a member of the
lumber firm of Ehas Milhken's Sons, doing business at Augusta and Hallowell,


1. Rufus H. Milliken^ (1), eldest son of EzekieP (1), b. in Baldwin, Me., Nov.
14, 181 2; m. to Dorothy Varney, and had one child. He Uved on a farm in
Baldwin, where he d. Jan. 18, 1892.

I. Levi V. Milliken*, b. Feb., 1844; m. Irene Jewett, and had issue six
children: Annie^, Dora B?, b. 1876; Charles R.^, b. Nov. 3, 1877; Arthur^,
b. Jan. 14, 1880; Vernie', and Gertrude.^

2. Noah E. Milliken^ (1), second son of EzekieP (1), b. Sept. 12, 1821; m. Dec,
25, 1855, to Mary A. Jackson, and settled in Baldwin, Me., as a farmer. He d.
Aug. 5, 1900. Five children, named as follows:

I. Charles S. Milliken**, b. Oct. 7, 1856; m. Aramantha F. Warren,
Feb. 15, 1882, and had issue two children: Chester H}, b. Feb. 3, 1883;
Harry S.^, b. Aug. 9, 1884.

II. Aramantha S. Milliken*, b. Aug. 15, 1858; m. I. J. Brackett, Oct. 9,
1875. No children.

III. Mary Ella Milliken*, b. Apr. 14, 1861; m. W. L. Wentworth, Jan.
3, 1897. Three children: Lloyd H.^, b. June 26, 1897; Ethel L.^, b. Jan.
8, 1899; Bessie M?, b. Oct. 13, 1900.

IV. Inez M. Milliken*, b. Sept. 14, 1863; m. Frank W. Wentworth, Jan.
19, 1895, and has Arnold E.^, b. Jan. 21, 1901.

V. Walter S. Milliken*, b. Sept. 17, 1870; m. Edith L. Hill in 1898.
Graduated from Baltimore Medical College in 1897, and practises his profession
in Madison, Me.

3. Asa H. Milliken^ (3), third son of EzekieP (1), b. in Baldwin, Me., July 28,
1825; m. ist, to Emily Clark, Dec. i, 1852; 2d, to Iza Haley; 3d, to Catherine
Chellis. One child by ist wife; Arthur^, b. Sept. 29, 1856; d. Oct., 1872.
Asa MiUiken d. May, 1887.

4. Samuel S. Milliken^ (1), fourth son of Ezekiel" (1), b. in Baldwin, Me., June
6, 1827; m. ist to Sarah Merrill; 2d, to Julia Cleves. He d. in October,
1869. One child, Annie^, b. Oct., 1851, d. 1885.

Note. — Dorothy, wife of Timothy Milliken, died in Baldwin, Me., Oct. 25, 1867, aged
63 years.


5. Elizabeth S. Milliken^ (4), eldest dauj^'hter of Ezekiel" (1), by 2d wife, b. in
Baldwin, Me., Oct. 30, 1S29; was m. to Sviaf.ster Stroit in 1850, and had five
children named as follows:

I. Laura Strout^ b. Feb. 4, 1852.

II. Lizzie Strout", b. July 5, 1856.
111. Minnie Strout*', b. ^Iar. 22, i860.
\\. W ii.UE Strout*, b. Feb. g, 1862.

V. Walter Strout*, b. Feb. 9, 1862; d. Sept., 1862.

6. Isabelle Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Ezekiel" (1), b. in Baldwin, Me.,
Mar. 15, 1831; was m. to Isaac Garland in 1852, and hacl three children named
as follows:

I. Cora Garland*, b. Apr. 6, i860.

II. Annie Garl.and*, b. Sept. 30, 1861.
III. George Garl.and^ b. Jan., 1867.

7. Lorenzo Dow Milliken' (1), eldest son of Ezekiel" (l),by 2d wife, b. in Bald-
win, Me., July 5, 1832; m. Affie Staples, Oct., 1862, and had four children b.
to him named as follows:

I. Alice A. Milliken*, b. Aug. 12, 1854; m. Joseph Spencer, and had
children named as follows: Philips, b. May 15, 1877; Norman^, b. Mar.
8, 1879; Jessie^, h. Aug. 4, 1881 ; Lewis'^, b. Apr. 30, 1883 ; Joseph"^, b. Oct.
10, 1885; Perlie^, b. Mar., 1887; and Earl\ b. Sept. 19, 1893.

II. Ida Milliken*, b. Sept. 7, 1858; m. Andrew Acornham, and has one
child, Bessie^, b. 1883.

III. Fannie B. Milliken*, b. Oct. 2, 1862; d. Feb. 28, 1865.

IV. Fannie B. Milliken*, b. Apr. 2, 1865 ; m. George Grimes, and had one
child, Harvey^.

8. Octaviis W. Milliken' (1), second son of Ezekiel" (1), by 2d wife, b. in Bald-
win, Me., May 14, 1834; d. July 3, 1862, unmarried.

9. Sarah A. Milliken' (7), third daughter of Ezekiel" (1), by 2d wife, b. in
Baldwin, Me., May 5, 1836; was m. to William H. Miller, and had son Willie'^,
b. Feb. 17, 1871; d. 1872.

10. Nathan S. Milliken' (1), third son of EzekieP (1), by 2d wife, b. in Bald-
win, Me., June 24, 1837; d. at New Orleans, La., Oct. 11, 1863. A soldier in
the Civil war.


1. Soplironia Milliken' (1), eldest daughter of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin, Me.,
1817 ; d. in 1S42.

2. Stephen P. Milliken' (4), eldest son of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin, Me., 1819;
m., and d. leaving a widows who became the wife of Benjamin.

3. Josiah Milliken' (4), second son of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin 'Me., in 1823;
m. Harriet Ridlon, daughter of Isaac and Mercy (Hancock) Ridlon of Baldwin,
and had issue four children. He was a prominent citizen, and served in muni-
cipal oflices and in State Legislature.

I. Alma Milliken*, b. Feb. 7, 1864; m. Elmer Usher, Jan. 7, 1893, and
two children were b. and d. Nov. 19, 1895.

II. Alv.^h Milliken*, b. Apr. 25, 1867; unmarried.

III. Sadie Milliken*, b. July 20, 1871; m. Charles Fitch, Sept. 7, 1895,
and had Harriet £.", b. May 3, 1901.

IV. Emma Milliken*, b. Feb. 4, 1876; unmarried.


4- Nancy Milliken^ (2), second daughter of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin, Me., in
1823 ; was m. to Pendexter.

5. Benjamin IVIilliken' (4), third son of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin, Me., in 1825;
m. the widow of his brother Stephen P.

6. George W. Milliken^ (3), fourth son of Josiah" (3), b. in Baldwin, Me., in
1827; m. to Adaline Shoria, and had two children, George^ and Everett^

7. Sarah Milliken^ (7), third daughter of Josiah" (3), b. in 1830.


1. Charles Milliken^ (6), eldest son of Joses" (1), b. in 1846; m. Worm-
wood, and lives in Parsonsfield, Me.

2. Susan Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Joses" (1).

3. Frank Milliken^ (2), second son of Joses'^ (1); is married and hves on the
homestead in Baldwin. He is engaged in the wholesale cooperage business.

4- William Milliken^ (3), youngest son of Joses" (1).


1. James H. Milliken^ (5), eldest son of James" (1), m. Mary E. Murphy, and
left a daughter, viz. :

I. Henrietta May Milliken^ b. Mar. 11, 1873; m. Feb. 12, 1902, John
Everett Cole of Gorham, Me., and lives vnth her uncle George at
South Hiram, Me. She was his faithful housekeeper many years before
her marriage. Mr. Cole has been in the cornpacking business for sev-
eral years.

2. Lydia A. Milliken^ (6), eldest daughter of James'' (1), d. when a child.

3. Lydia A. Milliken^ (7), second daughter of James** (1), d.

4- George Milliken^ (4), second son of James" (1), b. in Portland, Me., May 31,
1843; removed with his parents to South Hiram, Me., and conducted a country
store in that hamlet until his father's death, when he succeeded to the lumber and
saw-milhng business, which he continues to carry on successfully. He has re-
built the saw-mill, and introduced improved machinery for the manufacture of
dimension lumber, shingles, clapboards, laths and packing cases. He lives in a
cosey, modernized and sightly cottage situated upon an eminence above the mill.
Mr. Milliken is a man of untiring energy, and public spirit; generous, accom-
modating and kind-hearted; of sound judgment and conservative in action; a dil-
igent reader of current literature and well-informed; as a citizen, useful and re-
spected ; ready always with open hand to help the needy ; a despiser of dishonesty
and oppression; a good-natured, jovial fellow who can bear a joke without anger
and enjoy a hearty laugh without the loss of button. He has filled the office of
selectman with satisfaction to his townsmen and honor to himself for four years;
during the latter tenure for three consecutive years, and still holds the office. He
is a Democrat politically. Was never m. See portrait.

5. Ellen A. Milliken^ (2), third daughter of James" (1), b. in Portland, Me., Feb-

21, 1850; was m. Nov. 28, 1867, to William Henry Stanley of Hiram, Me.,

b. Jan. 18, 1846. Residence, Boston, Mass. Their children, named as follows:

I. Elmer C. Stanley, b. Mar. 29, 1870.

II. Frank J. Stanley, b. Sept. 26, 1871; m. June 14, 1899, to Mabel A.

III. Lindley W. Stanley, b. Aug. 12, 1877.


aXathaxjel mjlukex'^ j'ohtek/jt. ijy

IV. Blanchk K. Sianlky, b. Mar. 23, 1880.

V. Grovkr C. Stanley, b. Sept. 23, 1884; m. Nov. 18, 1903, to Mar-
GARKr M. Lamkkr of Boston.


1. Horatio Milliken" (1), eldest son of Nathaniel'' (8), b. in Dalclwin, Mc. ;
m. Sarah Lord and Nancy Lord, sisters, and lives on the homestead at
Kast Parsonstield. His children are: Alfred H*, Nettie S.*, Lilla M.", Kittie
I\\ and lAuiia A\

2. Emily Milliken" (1), eldest daughter of Nathaniel'' (8), b. in Baldwin,
Me. ; was m. to John Lord of Limerick, Me., and has issue. One son,
now in college.

3. Susan J. Milliken" (1), second daughter of Nathaniel" (8).

4. Sarah G. Milliken' (8). third daughter of NathanieF' (8).


1. Mary Milliken" (10), eldest daughter of Simon'' (1), b. in Scarboro, Me.,
Sept. 10, 1S2S.

2. William Milliken" (4), eldest son of Simon" (1), b. in Scarboro, Me.,
Apr. 25, 183 1 ; m. Harriet N. Carrer, July 16, 1856, and settled in Port-
land, Me., where he kept a provision store. No issue. I), in 1894.

3. Albert Milliken" (1), second son of Simon'' (1), b. in Scarboro, Me., Apr.

4. 1833; went to California in 1849, ^"^"^^ ^'^'^ been practising medicine for
many years. He has two sons, one of whom is Dr. Albert Milligen of Susan-
ville, Cal. This family would not furnish particulars.

4. Elizabeth Milliken' (5), second daughter of Simon" (1), b. in Scarboro,
Me., July 19, I S3 5.


I. Hon. George H. Milliken" (5), only son of James® (2), b. in Freedom, N.
H., Feb. I, 1843 ; m. in 1867, to Lizzie G. Banks, daughter of Otis and
Louisa Banks, by whom one son. She d. in Dec. 1869, and he m. 2d, in
187 1, to Ada Bovnton, daughter of Edward A. and Sarah Boynton of Cor-
nish, Me., by whom five children. Mr. Milliken engaged in trade with
Tobias Libby at Kezar Falls, Me., in 1867, and continued there for one
year ; then returned to Freedom, N. H., and was merchandising there three
years. In 187 1 he settled in Cornish village, where he engaged in the
manufacture of custom clothing with Amos Danforth. He bought out his
partner at the end of three years, and continued the business alone for two
years. In 1877 he built the large store where he was for many years ex-
tensively engaged in trade, carrying a large stock of dry goods and ready-
made clothing. He employed seventy-five operatives at one time in the
large clothing factory at Cornish village. He was selectman, member of the
Democratic District C'ommittee six years, and was representative in 1S83
and 1884. Appointed postmaster by Grover Cleveland in 1892. Mr. Mil-
liken disposed of his property in 1898, and removed to 13oston, where he
purchased a large boarding-house. Becoming demented he committed sui-
cide in the United States Hotel, Portland, in 1899. His children were
named as follows :

I. Chester F. Mim.iken^ d. in Oct. 1869.
11. Gracie a. Milliken*, b. May 20, 1874.
III. Ralph B. Milliken", b. Mar. 30, 1876.


IV. Percy J. Milliken', b. Aug. 20, 1878.
V. Margie Milliken^, b. Jan. 31, 1879.
VI. Louise F. Milliken**, b. Feb. 24, 1880.

2. Martha F. Milliken' (3), daughter of James'' (2), b. in Freedom, N. H.,
Oct. 27, 1844; was m. to George F. Lord of that town, deceased.


1. Maria Milliken" (1), eldest daughter of Robert*^ (4), b. in Freedom, N.
H.; m. to Wellington Towle of that town, and resides in Boston.

2. Melville Milliken" (1), eldest son of Robert'' (4), b. Feb. 14 (age 56);
m. Kate McDermott, Mar. 28, 1874, b. Dec. 23 (age 51). She dau. of
Charles and Annie McDermott, and settled on the homestead in that town
as a farmer.

3. John Milliken' (7), second son of Robert^ (4), b. in Freedom, N. H. ;
m. and lives in Boston, Mass.

4. Eliza J. Milliken' (4), second daughter of Robert'"' (4), b. in Freedom,
N. H.; was m. to Frank Bachellor, and lives in Boston, Mass.

5. Luella Milliken' (1), third daughter of Robert" (4), b. in Freedom, N.
H.; was m. to Wesley Wentworth of Porter, Me., and lives in Boston.

6. Frank Milliken'' (3), third son of Robert'' (4), b. in Freedom, N. H.; m.
and resides in Boston.

7. Arthur Milliken" (1), fourth son of Robert" (4), b. in Freedom, N. H.


1. Frank R. Milliken" (4), son of Leander" (1), b. in Freedom, N. H., July

II, 1849; m. Annie , and settled in Somerville, Mass., where he was

killed in 1901. Children: Ernest O., and Frank J?..

2. Emma Milliken" (2), daughter of Leander" (1), b. in Freedom, N. H.,
Jan. 24, 1854; was m. to Frank P. Towle of that town, and lives in
Charlestown, Mass. One child : Mi'riam.


1. Melville C. Milliken' (2), eldest son of James" (3), b. in Portland, Me.,
Aug. 29, 1831 ; m. Evelyn Kimball, daughter of Edward Kimball, who
was a leading lumber merchant in Newburyport, Mass., and resides in Cum-
berland, but engaged in business in Portland, Me., where he took up the
profession of music, in which he has since been prominent. For many years
he was organist at Chestnut street church, afterward going to Augusta, where
he directed the music in the Universalist church for half a score of years.
As a teacher of vocal and instrumental music, Mr. Milliken has always been
very successful. He and his wife celebrated their golden wedding Apr. 29,
1901, on which occasion they remained at home receiving the congratula-
tions of relatives and friends ; while the mails brought them many letters
from absent ones with substantia] remembrances. He and his wife are en-
joying excellent health. There were six children, three dying in infancy.
See 7th generation.

2. Elizabeth E. Milliken" (6), eldest daughter of James'' (3), b. Aug. 10,
1833 ; d. Aug. 24, 1833.

3. George F. Milliken" (6), second son of James" (3), b. in Portland, Me.,
Oct. 8, 1834; m. Margaret A. Leavitt of Exeter, N. H., and resides in
Boston, Mass. Four children of whom with 7th generation. He has long



been manager anil one of the directors of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Co.
See portrait.

4. Francis J. Milliken" (1), second son of James'' (3), b. in Portland, Me.,
Sept. 20, 1836; m. Virginia Rohy of Lowell, Mass., and resides in Boston,
Mass. Three children. See 7th generation.

5. Charles G. Milliken" (7), third son of James" (3),b. in Portland, Me., Mar.
1 1, 1839 ; m. Nov. 26, 1863, to Ella M. Rovve, daughter of Jacob and Clara
Rowe of New Cjloucester, Me., and has for many years been engaged in the
manufacture of blank books and bookbinding in Worcester, Mass., in which
city he resides. One daughter, Clara J/., b. Sept. 16, 1868, in Dorchester,

6. John H. Milliken" (8), fourth son of James*' (3),b. in Portland, Me., Dec.
27, 1S41 ; m. Mary A. SruRKR of Newburyport, Mass., and resides in
Boston, Mass.


T. Joel Milliken" (3), eldest son of 13enjamin'' (2), b. in Cherryheld, Me.,
Jan. 22, 1S23.

2. Abigail Carll Milliken" (4), eldest daughter of Benjamin'' (2), b. in Bed-
dington. Me., June 19, 1825 ; was m. July 6, 1856, to John Harper, watch-
maker and jeweller of Bangor, Me., and had three children named as follows:

\. John B. Harper, b. Dec. 7, 1S57 ; d. Oct. 20, 1863.
IL Caroline J. Harper, b. Apr. 3, 1859; m. May 15, 1883, to Dr.
David W. Ashum, then resident surgeon of the American Hospital,
Kau Claire, Wis., and now a practicing physician in that city. Phey
had two children.
III. Florence M. Harper, b. Jan. 14, 1866; m. Aug. 14, 1888, to Wal-
ter Fitch, a prominent business man of Chicago, 111., being of the
Northern Grain Company and a member of the Chicago Board of

3. Mary A. Milliken' (11), second daughter of Benjamin*' (2), b. in Bed-
dington. Me., Oct. 30, 1827, and d. in 1862, unmarried.

4. Martha Ann Milliken" (4), daughter of Benjamin" (2), and Barbara Mc-
Kay, b. in Cherrytield, Me., Dec. 12, 1830; was m. ist, to Adam Collins,
who d. after about one year of wedded life, leaving one son who d. in in-
fancy. She was m. 2d, in 1858, to James Warren Bancroft, a native of
Massachusetts, who d. in 1862. By this union there were two children, of
whom presently. Mrs. Bancroft lived in and near Boston until 1882, then
had a home with her daughter in Newport and Providence, R. I., dying in
the latter place, Apr. 10, 1903. She was a noble woman, possessed of rare
intellectual and executive ability combined with good judgment. Children:

I. Fmma Warren Bancroft, b. in New York City, Feb. 24, i860; m.
Nov. 24, 1879, to George Abner Littlefield, b. in Chelsea, Mass.
in 185 1, being a son of James Littlefield of Kennebunk, Me. and his
wife, Frances Blair, of New Hampshire. Six children.

II. James Warren Bancroft, d. in infancy.

5. George W. Milliken' (7), second son of Benjamin'' (2), b. in Beddington,
Me., Jan. 16, 1832 ; d. Oct. 9, i860.

6. Lucy J. Milliken' (5), fourth daughter of Benjamin" (2), b. in Bedding-
ton, Me., Oct. 30, 1835 ; was m. in Bangor, Me., Jan. 25, 1863, to Henry
Richard Morse, and had seven children named as follows :


I. Georgia M. Morse, b. Dec. i6, 1863 ; d. Jan. 30, 1867.
II. Harry R. Morse, b. Apr. 8, 1865 ; m. in Brunells, Ont., Dec. 15, 1884,
to Helena V. Clappinson of Toronto, Ont., and has two children.

III. Benjamin C. Morse, b. Feb. 25, 1867.

IV. Kate M. Morse, b. Dec. 18, 1870; m. July 3, 1889, in Alpena,
Mich., to D. A. Cameron, and has two children.

V. William E. Morse, b. Nov. 2, 1872 ; d. Dec. 28, 1872.
VI. Sibyl E. B. Morse, b. July 8, 1875 ; m. Feb. 2, 1898, to Henry

Frederick Wilson, in Alpena, Mich., and has one child.
VII. Winnefred L. Morse, b. Mar. 8, 1878.

7. Washington I. Miliiken' (1), third son of Benjamin^ (2), b. in Bedding-
ton, Me. Jan. 8, 1837 ; m. 1863, in Glenburn, Me., to Etta Cowan. He is
now engaged in the lumber business with headquarters in Minneapolis,
Minn., and owns timber lands in Oregon. Mr. Miliiken has manifested a
deep interest in this genealogy and has contributed liberally toward its
publication. See his portrait. One child :

I. Minnie Etta Milliken^ b. 1870; m. in 1890, to James M. Stakes.
They now live in Cliftondale, Mass. He is doing a real estate busi-
ness with offices at 240 John Hancock Building, Boston, Mass.

8. Benjamin C. Miliiken'' (5), fourth son of Benjamin*' (2), b. in Bedding-
ton, Me., Feb. 21, 1839; m. in 1872, in Cheboygan, Mich., to Lydia J.
Stinson. He d. in Apr. 1895, having had issue two children named as
follows :

I. Edith Myrtle Milliken^.
II. George M. Milliken'^.

9. Melvin D. Miliiken" (1), fifth son of Benjamin*' (2), b. in Beddington,
Me., Aug. 13, 1842 ; m. in Alpena, Mich., to Jennie Gervin. He d. May
24, 1897, leaving one child.

I. Henry Morse Milliken^, b. Dec. 15, 1878.

10, Sibyl B. Miliiken" (1), fifth daughter of Benjamin*' (2), b. in Beddington,
Me., Feb. 22, 1844; was m. in Alpena, Mich., to Rev. William Henry
Watts, and has children named Grace, Lucy E., and Willie.


1. Ivory Miliiken' (1), eldest son of Thomas** (3), b. in Effingham, N. H.,
Mar. 23, 1822 ; m. Apr. 18, 1847, to Lois Rogers in Hartland, Vt., and
settled on a farm in Ossipee, N. H., where he d. Feb. 27, 1876. Five children:

2. James Miliiken^ (6), second son of Thomas" (3), b. in Effingham, N. H.,
Apr. 24, 1824 ; m. Lydia A. Hunt, in Dedham, Mass., Jan. 15, 1855, and is
a farmer in Ossipee, N. H. Two children, of whom with 8th generation.

3. Hon. Andrew J. Miliiken' ( 1), third son of Thomas" (3), b. in Effingham,
N. H., Aug. 8, 1833 ; m. Sarah E. Hill in that town, Jan. 11, i860, and is
now living in Wakefield, N. H. He was educated in the common schools
and at Parsonsfield Academy, and was a farmer until 1865, when he settled
in Newfield, Me., and engaged in trade. He subsequently removed to
Wakefield, N. H., where he was merchandising until 1888. He was select-
man in Effingham in 1857, 1859 and 1863-4; representative in 1861 and
1862 ; deputy sheriff from 1876 to 1883, when he was elected county sheriff,
an office which he held in 1893. He has one daughter, Alice C, b. Mar.
31, 1864, unmarried.





1. Caroline B. Milliken^ (1), eldest liuughter of Ira" (1), h. in Scarbro, Me.,
Oct. 13, 1833; was m. Aug. 26, 1875, to Esther S. Foss of Saco, Me. Eleven
children, ten living : Ella, Anna, Caroline, Elizabeth, Mary F., Estelle S., Char-
lotte, Ethel A., Flora, Ruth, and Charles E.

2. Richard Leavitt Milliken' (3), son of Ira" (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Jan. 31,
1836; m, CoRDELi.\ Gould McKenney, daughter of \\illis and Abigail (Har-
mon) McKenney of Saco, July 22, 1863. She was b. in Buxton, Me., Mar. 30,
1845. They lived in Saco till Richard's death, which occurred Oct. 7, 1867.
One child : Nellie Frances Milliken, b. May 8, 1864, residing in Saco, unmarried.

3. Maffit F. Milliken^ (1), second son of Ira* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Apr. 26,
1841, and was twice m.; ist, to a western lady, Emma, by whom four children;
2d, Mary, by whom two children. His residence is at the "Pine Point
House," Pine Point, Scarbro, ^le. Issue:

I. Ora Milliken*, b. ]May 22. 1869.

II. Florence Milliken^ b. A])r. 24, 1870; m. C. W. Johnson, Dec. 24,
1889; lives at Atlanta, Ga.

III. I S Ida MILLIKEN*", b. Aug. 24, 1872.

IV. ^ I Ira Milliken^ b. Aug. 24, 1872.

V. Earl MillikenI
VI. Harold Milliken*.
VII. Emma Milliken^

Ira and Earl are brokers and bankers located on Wall St., New York City,
and are reputed to be men of wealth.

4- Corlista Milliken^, d. when quite young.

5. John M. Milliken", m. ist Foss, and had one child which, with the

mother, died. He m. 2d, Maria Pillsbury of Saco. No issue. He resides
in Saco, Me.

6. Charlotte M. Milliken', m. Levi Boothby of Saco, Me., and resides in
Lowell, Mass. Several children.

7. Elizabeth Milliken^ has two children, Alice G. and Harry.

8. James Milliken', d. when thirty-one years of age.

9. Albion S. Milliken' (1), sixth son of Ira* (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., May 10,
1853; "1- O^t- 31, 1876, to Rebecca C. Snow in that town. His business was
packing canned goods; his places of residence, Scarbro, Farmington, Mechanic
Falls, and East Hiram, Me., where he d. Oct. 28, 1892. Children named as
follows :

I. Carrol S. Milliken*, b. Dec. 16, 1876; m. Aug. 9, 1899, Jennie A.
Stanton, daughter of George F. and Sarah Stanton. He is engaged
in trade at East Hiram, Me. They have three children, Inna C., b.
Mar. 26, 1900; Albion S., b Apr. 27, 1901, and Murray S., b. Dec. 29,

II. Floyd A. Milliken*, b. Sept. 26, 1879; d. Aug. 25, 1881.

III. Elmer L. Milliken*, b. May i, 1882

IV. Fritz A. Milliken^, b. May 10, 1885.-

10. Melville J. Milliken' (2), youngest son of Ira" (1), b. in Scarbro, Me., Sept.
29, 1837; m. Martha J. Pillsbury of Scarbro, and settled in his native town,
where he now resides. His children were named as follows:


I. CoRLiSTA E. MiLLiKEN*, b. Jan. 3, 1873; m. Frank Mosfs, liv^es in

Saco, Me., and has four children.
II. Oliver A. Milliken^, b. May 7, 1874.

III. Edna B. Milliken**, b. Apr. i, 1876.

IV. Eloise F. Milliken*, b. Sept. 17, 1877.
V. Emeline R. Milliken^, b. Mar. 11, 1881.

VI. Cerl p. Milliken^, b. Dec. 5, 1882.


1. Charles Mellen Milliken^ (8), eldest son of Joseph^ (2), b. in Saco, Me.

2. Elizabeth J. Milliken^ (7), daughter of Joseph" (2), b. in Saco, Me.; was m.
to John R. Andrews; Uves in Northern New York. Mr. Andrews was post-
master of Saco in 1880-81.

3. George S. Milliken^ (8), second son of Joseph^ (2), b. in Saco, Me.; d. Mar.,
1882. '


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