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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 28 of 109)
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I. Frederick A. Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Daniel" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Aug.
25, 1839; m. Dec. II, 1863, to Ruth T. Toothaker, daughter of Levi and Sally
Toothaker, b. in New Vineyard, Me., Jan. 11, 1844, and d. May 12, 1904. He
was one of the oldest coach-drivers in Western Maine. He drove a coach-team
between the city of Saco and Old Orchard before the Civil war and was after-
wards, for many years, a hackman. He was educated in the public schools of
Saco. Early learned the blacksmith's trade, which business he abandoned, and
was employed by William Littlefield in conveying summer visitors from the old
Eastern R.R. station to Old Orchard. After the extension of the railroad he
drove a hack-team to the station for years. He was employed in the Kittery
navy yard some three years, but returned to Saco and drove a delivery wagon for
one of the local markets. He was survived by a widow and six children named
as follows:

I. Edwin A. H. Milliken*, b. July 20, 1863 ; m. Nov. 27, 1885, to Frances

E. Brackett, dau. Amos and Hannah.

(i) Fred Leroy Milliken^, b. Mar. 4, 1886.

(2) Hattie Leona Milliken", b. July 31, 1888.

(3) Ruth Hannah Milliken**, b. July 17, 1892.

(4) Margarette Arlene Milliken**, b. Mar. 31, 1897.
II. LiLLA Maud Milliken*, b. Jan. 14, 1865; unmarried.

III. Albert Leroy Milliken^, b. May 26, 1867; m. May 26, 1890, to Mrs.
Etta Ducette. Lives in Saco.

(i) Flora Mazie Milliken^, b. Apr. i, 1888.

IV. Angie Ella Milliken^, b. Apr. 4, 1874; m. May 8, 1897, to Joseph
Henry Johnson; lives in Saco.

(i) Robert Earle Johnson, b. June 9, 1895.

(2) Doris May Johnson, b. May 30, 1898.

(3) Ruth Louisa Johnson, b. Nov. 12, 1899.

(4) Albert Edward Johnson, b. Feb. 16, 1901.

(5) Richard Henry Johnson, b. Mar. i, 1904.

V. Eliza Agnes Milliken*, b. Nov. 14, 1876; m. Aug. 16, 187-, to Robert

F. Davis; lives in Minneapolis, Minn.

VI. Susie Gertrude Milliken*, b. Nov. 14, 1876; unmarried.


2. Asa F. Milliken^ (2), second son of Daniel" (6), b. in Saco, Me., Apr. 21,
1842; 111.. May 1 1, 1873, to Lillian V. Colby, dau. of Allstin (1. and Susan J.
Colby, b. in Merrimac, Mass., June 3, 1854. He is a shoecutter.

3. Oscar IVlilliken' (1), third son of Daniel" (6), b. in Saco, Me., 1846; d. Sept.
I. 1888, unmarried.


1. Benjamin F. Milliken' (5), eldest son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Jan.
9, 1S39; m. Ann Maria Pillsbury, adopted daughter of Mary Pillsbury of
Scarbro, Me.

2. Richard Milliken^ (4), .second son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Apr. 4,
1840. Unmarried. Fisherman at Scarbro Beacli.

3. Ellen P. Milliken' (3), eldest daughter of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Feb.
II, 1844; d. Nov. 7, 1864.

4. J. Oscar Milliken' (1). third son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Mar. 7,
1847; *'• ^^M't- 26, 1864.

5. Mark L. IVlilliken' (1), fourth son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Nov. 24,
1849; m. Ell.\ S. Smith, daughter of Alvin H. and Susan M. Smith of Saco, and
has one child, Ruby L., b. Jan. 3, 1890.

6. Mary Jane Milliken' (12), youngest daughter of John" (5), b. in Scarbro,
Me., Jan. 27, 1852; was m. Oct. g, 1885, to Sew.ard B. Gunnison, b. May 25,
1830, and d. Aug. 9, 1896, son of Elihu and Rhoda L. Gunnison of Scarbro. She
and her brother conduct the " Atlantic House " at Scarbro Beach, Me. Children
named as follows:

I. Hugh Foss Gunnison, b. Apr. 15, 1886.

II. Rhoda Elizabeth Gunnison, b. July 15, 1889.

7. George H. Milliken' (9), fifth son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Apr. 6,
1854; d. Feb. 6, 1855.

8. George H. Milliken' (10). sixth .son of John" (5), b. in Scarbro, Me., Jan. 4,
1856; m.; one child, Ruth H., b. Feb. i, 1892.

9. Clarence H. Milliken' (1), seventh son of John' (5),b.'in Scarbro, Me., Mar.
22, 1858; m. Abby Norris, daughter of Hiram Eldridge and Elizabeth (Wilder)
Norn's of Wayne, Me., and lives in that town. He has two children, twins:
Oscar and Hazel, b. July 29, 1892.

(!:ic\btb (Luncrution.


I- Mary A. Milliken** (13), eldest daughter of Ivory'" (1), b. in Newton, Mass.,
Feb. 8, 1848; was m. Apr. 17, 1871, to David E. Severence, and lives in Greeley,
Col. Five children named as follows:

I. Augusta Severence, b. in Tuftonboro, N. H., May 13, 1872; d. at
Greeley, Col., May 3, 1884.

II. Dora Severence, b. in Tuftonboro, N. FL, May 6, 1873.

III. David Severence, b. in Tuftonboro, N. H., Nov. 15, 1877.

IV. Fred Severence, b. in Tuftonboro, N. H., July 18, 1879.
V. >L\RY A. Severence, b. in Greeley, Col., May 16, 1886.

2. Charles T. Milliken* (9), eldest son of Ivorv' (1), b. in Walpole, Mass., Nov.
8. 1850; d. in Ossipee, N. H.. May 18, 1864.


3. Emma J. Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Ivory^ (1), b. in Walpole, Mass.,
Feb. 19, 1854; d. Jan. 11, 1858.

4- Lillian E. Milliken* (1), third daughter of Ivory^ (1), b. in Ossipee, N.H.,
May 9, 1858; was m. Oct. 6, 1879, to Herbert F. Hodgdon, and lives in Tufton-
boro. N. H. No children.

5. Lizzie C. IVIilliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Ivory^ (1), b. in Ossipee, N.H.^
Aug. 20, 1866; d. May 2, 1878.


1. Lutena A. Milliken* (1), daughter of James'' (6), b. May 14, 1861; was m.
to William A. Wheaton, Mar. 14, 1879, ^"^^ had one son. She d. Feb. 2, 1889.

2. Lev\fis J. Milliken* (1), son of James^ (6), b. June 24, 1869; d. unmarried in
Ossipee, N. H.


1. Susan Adelaide Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Melville^ (2), b. in Portland,
Me., Dec. 15, 1852; d. Apr. 11, 1856.

2. Edward Kimball Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Melville^ (2), b. in Portland,
Me., Sept. 3, 1855; m. Jan. 20, 1892, to Nina M. Mathews, b. at Frederick,
Monroe Co., la., May 31, 1872. He resides in Portland, Me.

3. Henrietta Adelaide Milliken* (2), second daughter of Melville^ (2), b. in
Portland, Me., May 18, 1857; was m. to Orra H. Fellows of Andover, N.H.

4- Harry Melville Milliken* (1), second son of Melville'' (2), b. in Portland,
Me., Sept. 30, 1862; m. Dec. 5, 1889, to Lucy Card.^le Rothley Brown, b.
Oct. 28, 1869, in Chicago, 111. He resides in Portland, Me. One child: Ben-
jamin Harry Milliken, b. Sept. 16, 1890, in Denver, Col.

5. Francis Cleveland Milliken* (1), third daughter of Melville^ (2), b. in Au-
gusta, Me., Aug. 13, 1866; d. May 19, 1867.

6. Alice Justina Milliken* (1), fourth daughter of Melville' (2), b. in Augusta,
Me., May 29, 1871; d. May 31, 1875.


1. Susie Alice Milliken* (3), eldest daughter of George'' (6), b. in Boston, ISIass.,
Dec. 19, 1857; was m. to Richard Shuebruk of Boston.

2. Georgiana Milliken* (1), second daughter of George^ (6), b. in Boston, Mass.,
Oct. 28, 1859; was m. to John W. Moorcroft of Barre, Vt.

3. Fannie Josephine Milliken* (3), third daughter of George^ (6), b. in Boston,
Mass., Apr. 17, 1861; was m. to Barret L. Jenness of South Deerfield, N.H.

4- Frederick Leavitt Milliken* (2), son of George' (6), b. in Boston, Mass.


1. James Augustus Milliken** (8), eldest son of Francis' (1), b. in Lowell, Mass.,
Feb. 21, 1863; d. Apr. 5, 1868.

2. George Frederick Milliken* (11), second son of Francis' (1), b. in Lowell,
Mass., Sept. 17, 1868; d. July 23, 1874.

3. Amy Roby Milliken* (1), daughter of Francis' (1), b. in Lowell, Mass., Jan.
15, 1871; d. Jan. 3, 1876.



I. Susie Alice Milliken^ (3), eldest daughter of George" (6), b. in Boston,
Mass., Dec. 19, 1857; in. Dr. Khiiari) Shubruck. of Boston and had issue
two children. She d. Sept. 1897.

I. Maroukriik Shuhruck..
II. Waltkr Shuhruck.

-'. Georgiana Milliken' (1), second daughter of George" (6), b. in iloston,
Mass., Oct. 28, 1859; m. John \V. Moorcroft of Barre, Vt. Now living
in Portsmouth, \. II. One son, Frederick M.

3. Fannie Josephine iVIilliken' (3), third daughter of George' (6), b. in Bos-
ton, Mass., Apr. 17, 1861 ; m. Barrkip L. Jenness of So. Deerrield, X. 11..
and has two children, 0/ire M., and Don L.

4. Frederick Leavitt Milliken- (2), only son of George" (6), b. in lioston,
Mass., Jan. 21, 186.1 : m. Alice G. Crosbie, dau. of Robert and Ellen Crosbie
of Montreal, P. Q., Oct. 28, 1889; she b. Sept. 4, 1S69. Residence in
Milton, Mass. Engaged in Banking and Brokerage business in Boston,
under the tirm name of Corey, Milliken Co., in 1890, and is doing an exten-
sive business in a fine establishment on State street. Mr. Milliken has
contributed liberally toward the publication of the Family History. He
represents the most successful type of our modern business men, and the
tirm name of Corey, Milliken & Co. stands high in the commercial standard
of Boston. Two children.

I. Alice Rita Milliken, b. Aug. 26, 1892.
II. Elsa G. Milliken, b. June 6, 1901.

6. John H. Milliken" (8), fourth son of James*^ (3), b. in Portland, Me., Dec.
27, 1841 ; m. Mary A. Storer of Newburyport, Mass., and has resided in
Portland, Boston, Ea. Somerville, and Maiden. Telegrapher and musician.
No issue.


.Stavharciiujh HliHihcns S^upplcmciit.


yx ' ,- .r I. ) ri .-:.';t pp^ ■■ .^'^ T f^ ■• .'J . V T ;

■ {

The subjoined matter reached the compiler's hands too late for insertion in its
proper place, but is worth preserving.


Deposition of J.\mes Springer of Georgetown, County of Lincoln,
aged seventy-two years, testifies and says, that he came to Scarbro in 1728, and
that he lived there a])out ten years, and that he was well acquainted with the
tract of land called Alger's Claim, and that Edward Milliken, Samuel Milliken
and Nathaniel ■Milliken lived on said Tract of Land at that time, and in the year
1730, he, the Deponent, was with Mr. John Jones, Surveyor, when he ran out
said land, and he began at the Head of Said Claim which was at the Crotch on
the Nonesuch River, above the bridge, near the great hill called Joshn's Hill,
and that he, the said Jones, run from the aforesaid Crotch southwest and came
out about sixty rods above the uppermost falls on Dunstan River, so called,
and that he always understood by the general Talk of the people there that the
aforesaid Hne was the Head Line of said claim, find that he has seen the tide
flow up to the said Crotch and has carry'd pine timber down said river from above
the bridge where it now stands, about thirty feet long and from 12 to 17 inches
square, and the said ISIillikens claimed the said Land as theirs and descendants
of the said Algers at that time and that about the same time he, the Dej)onent,
helped to build a bridge over said River where it now stands in the road lead-
ing over said great Hill called Joslin's. James Springer.

. Falmouth, July 13, 1770.

On a plan of Dunstan of date 1784, we see that " Jona " Milliken's residence,
a building of one story, was situated a little westerly of the road that turns north-
erly from the way from Stroudwater to Dunstan and easterly of Dunstan Corner.

Westerlv of "Stickey Meadow Brook," on the northerly side of the same
way, going westerly, was the residence of Nathaniel Milliken, a house of two
stories. West of this was the two-storied house of Edward MilHken.

In a southeasterly corner made by the main highway to Dunstan Landing
was the one-storied house of Samuel ]\Iilliken.

The residence of Joseph MiUiken, a house of two stories at the front and
one story at the backside, was on the westerly side of the Landing and river
fronting eastward. This was many years a tavern, and Joseph Milliken the
landlord, and here pubhc meetings were held as well as many an okltime " spree"
witnessed when the "ropes were wet."

Land in Dunstan.

On July 30th. 1720, a lot of land was laid out at Dunstan for Thomas Mason
by virtue of a warrant of date June 2 2d of that year, consisting of one hundred
acres, the line beginning at the Dam on ye Brook by Capt. Westbrook's mast
house at Dunstan, ye west side of said brook, and running by ye brook to the
marsh yn crosses ve brook by the upland to ye river and yn up at ye riversiflc to


a pitchpine tree standing by ye river, and then Running west south west one
hundred and twenty poles, and then Running norwest a hundred and twenty
poles, and then Running north east one hundred and twenty poles, and so to
ye first corner bounds, laid out by Hezekiah Phillips, Lot Layer. Signed by
Edward Ward, clerk.

MiLLiKEN Deed.
" To all People unto whom these Presents shall come I, Jane Davis of Boston
in the County of Suffolk & Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England,
widow, late wife and Relict of Andrew Alger Jr., late of Casco Bay, now named
Falmouth, in the aforesaid Province, deceased, And Matthew Collins of Boston
aforesaid, Vitualler, & Dorcas his wife, which said Dorcas is the only surviving
child of the said Andrew Alger — Know ye that we, Jane Davis & Matthew &
Dorcas Collins, for & in consideration of Thirty Pounds in money to us in hand
& Co — paid by John Milliken Saddler, and Benjamin Milliken mariner, both
of Boston."

Land Lease.

" I John Milliken having ninety acres of upland lying and being in Dunstan,
in the township of Scarborough, in the county of York, which my father, Mr.
John Milliken, lived upon about four years since, I do now let it to Mr. Robert
Munson for one year to be completed from the date hereof which will end in the
year 1727, (dated) Boston July ye 6'^ 1726."

Power of Attorney.
" I EUzabeth Milliken of Scarborough in the county of York & Province of
Massachusetts Bay in New England, widow. Relict of Mr. John Milliken De-
ceased, do constitute my two sons, viz., John Milliken Saddler, and Edward Mil-
liken Gentlemen, both of Scarborough aforesaid, my Attorneys in all cases
moved and to be moved for or against me," & Co. & Co., July, a.d. 1749.
This document proves that John Milliken Sr. died previous to the date given.

The Milliken Covenant.

Note. — The "Milliken Covenant," so-called, may be characterized as a
genealogical document. It is not often that the most keen-scented searcher is
so fortunate as to find such an assembly of names of members and relatives of
one family recorded, and at the same time in such order of sequence as appears
in this old instrument. Some have assumed that this Covenant contains the
names of all descendants of John Milliken, Senior, who were living at that
time. This is hardly creditable when we know that the names of five of his
sons, recorded in the registers of a Boston church, are not found in the Covenant,
nor of any of their heirs, — if such were living. There is no record of the deaths
of those five sons known to exist in Boston, and there are now numerous families
living supposed to be descended from them.

" This Covenant & agreement made this thirteenth day of March seventeen
hundred and ninety-two, by and between Nathaniel Milhken Gentleman, Jona-
than MiUiken Yeoman, John Alger Milliken Gentleman, James Milliken Yeo-
man, Simeon Fitts yeoman, Natural Guardian to Eunice Fitts who was a grand-
daughter of the late Samuel Milliken aforesaid; Joseph Hodgdon, and Sarah
Hodgdon who was daughter & heir to the late John Milliken of Scarborough,
deceased, as also he, the said Joseph Hodgdon in the capacity of the Adminis-


trator on the estate of the aforesaid John Millikcn; John Hayes Guardian to
John Milhkcn & Benjamin sons of the aforesaid John MilHken Jr., deceased,
who was the only son of John Milhken aforesaid; Nathaniel llohnes Guardian
to Josiah Milliken lirother to the said orphans John & Benjamin, sons of the
aforesaid John Milliken Junr., and all of them grandsons to the aforesaid John
Milliken Senior; Robert Southgatc. Physician, in the right of Benjamin Furness
Jun., only son of Mary Furness, deceased, who was daughter to the aforesaid
John Milliken Jun., — Also as attorney to Rufus King of Newburyport, in his
capacity as attorney to Mary King, administratrix on the estate of Richard King
Esq., and also an heir in the right of his wife in the estate of the said Richard
King Fs(|., in his share or right in the estate of the late Samuel Milliken by vir-
tue of his, the .said Richard's, purchase of John Coolbroth and his wife who
was daughter to the said Samuel Milliken; Jo.seph Milliken and Edward Milliken,
sons and heirs to Edward Milliken I'".sq., deceased, and as E.xecutor to his last
will and testament; John Mulbery Milliken, Samuel Milliken & Jeremiah Milli-
ken, sons and heirs to the late Edward Milhkcn Esq., George Coolbroth and
Rebecca his wife, in her right as daughter to Edward Milliken p]sq.; Benjamin
Furness Jun., aforesaid, as attorney to his sister, Mary Furness, only daughter
to the said John Milliken Jun., witnesseth that whereas all the fore said & before
named Parties in the capacities aforesaid being interested in holding in common
all that tract of land at Dunston, in Scarborough, commonly called and known
as the ' Milliken Claim,' being the same and all that tract of land which they
hold in right of Andrew and Arthur Alger or either of them. Divided in the
following manner and held in severalty hereafter viz: —

Nathaniel Milliken 2 shares.

Heirs of Edward Milliken 3 shares.

these together to be equal to 5- ths.

Heirs of Samuel Milhken to hold \ of \ — jV-

To John Milliken /j,."

From a bundle of old documents discovered in an ancient-looking hair-
covered trunk recently, the following interesting papers were abstracted:


Whereas, Sir John Sherbrooke did by proclamation capture all that part of
the district of Maine lying betwixt the Penobscot and St. Croix Rivers for and
in behalf of his Majesty the King of Great Britain, I do by all the power in me
vested, acclaim it recaptured for and in behalf of the United States of America.
And the subjects thereof having again become citizens are hereby ordered to
conduct themselves accordingly.

And Whereas it has been customary for British officers to declare large ex-
tent of sea coast in a state of blockade without a sufficient force to enforce such
blockade. I do by my power as aforesaid, declare all the ports, harbors, rivers,
bays and inlets from the river Penobscot, to the river St. Croix in a rigorous
state of blockade, having under my command a sufficient power to enforce the
same, and the officers under mv command are herebv ordered to govern them-
selves accordingly.

Done on board the schooner Fame in Machias River this 17th day of No.
vember, 1814, and nailed to the flagstaff of the fort at Machias.

Alex.wder Millikex.
Commander of the — Private Armed Schooner Fame. —



James Madison, President of the United States of America,


Be it known, That in pursuance of an act of Congress, passed on the
26th day of June one thousand eight hundred and twelve, I have commis-
sioned, and by these presents do commission, the private armed schooner
called the Fame of the burden of 58 27-95ths tons, or thereabouts, owned
by James D. Wheaton, Phillip Ulmer, George Coombs and others, mount-
ing two carriage guns, and navigated by thirty-five men, hereby authorizing
Alexander Milhken, captain, and William Robinson heutenant of the said
schooner Fame, and the other olihcers and crew thereof, to subdue, seize,
and take any armed or unarmed British vessel, public or private, which shall
be found within the jurisdictional limits of the United States, or elsewhere
on the high seas, or within the waters of the British dominions, and such
captured vessels, with her apparel, guns, and appertenances, and the goods
or effects which shall be found on board the same, together with all the Brit-
ish persons and others who shall be found acting on board, to bring within
some ])ort of the United States; and also to retake any vessel, goods, and
effects of the people of the United States, which may have been captured by
any British armed vessel, in order that proceedings may be had concerning
such capture or recapture in due form of law, and as to right and justice
shall appertain. The said Alexander Milliken is further authorized to detain,
seize, and take all vessels and effects, to whomsoever belonging, which shall
be liable thereto according to the law of nations and the rights of the United
States as a power at war, and to bring the same within some port of the
United States, in order that due proceedings may be had thereon. This
commission to continue in force during the pleasure of the President of the
United States for the time being.

Given und^r my hand and the seal of the United States of America, at
the City of Washington, the sixth day of January in the year of our Lord,
one thousand eight hundred and fifteen and of the independence of the
said states the thirty-eighth. By the President,

Countersigned, JaMES MaDISON.

Sam'l Holbrook, Dy. C. of War. Jas. Monroe, Secretary of State.

Alexander Milliken was appointed deputy postmaster at Frankfort, Hancock
County, Maine District, by Gideon Granger, Postmaster General of the United
States, in 1808. In 1810, he was appointed a justice of the peace for seven
years "if he shall so long behave himself well in said office." This commission
was signed by Elbridge Gerry, Governor of Massachusetts. In 181 2, he was
appointed by the same authority Fourth Associate Justice of the Court of Ses-
sions. In 1814, he was appointed by James Madison to be principal assessor
for the second district of Massachusetts; in 18 18 to be justice of the peace for
Hancock County, and again in 1822, and a notary public in 1834.


Abigail Milliken born in Boston, Mass., April 3, 1757, was married to Benja-
min Chipman 2d7 who was born Feb. 4, 1752, in Kingston, Mass. They


moved from Taunton. Mass., to Poland, Me., in April, 1779, and he died there
June 18, 1838. His wife died there A])ril 3, 1825. Both were buried in Poland.
They had seven children named Charles, Abigail, Lucy, James, Lydia, Sarah
and Wadsworth and their descendants are now numerous. I have not learned
whose daughter this Aljigail Milliken was, but this record proves that there were
families of the name in Boston not descended from the brothers who settled in
Scarbro. She must ha\e been a relative of these, however.
Abigail Milliken was born in Scarbro, Me., Aug. 15, 1785; was published Oct.
I, 1803, to marry Benj.amin Foss, Jr., son of Benjamin and Mary Foss, born in
Saco, Me., July 3, 1780, and had children born in Saco, named as follows:

1. Bartlett Foss, b. Aug. 9, 1804; m. Mary Ann Waterhouse of Scarbro
(Int.), May 7, 1827.

2. AIary H. Foss, b. Apr. i, 1807; m. Joseph S. Berry of Scarbro (Ind.),
Mar. r6, 1830.

3. Catherine H. Foss, b. Aug. i, 1809.

I have not made connections between this Abigail and her parents; nor of
Abigail Norman Milliken who was married June 13, 1792, to John Babb.
Mary Milliken, born about 1758, was the second wife of John Fenderson of
Parsonstield, Me., and died there Aug. 29, 1851, aged 97 years. Fenderson's
first wife was Sarah McKenney of Scarbro.


James D. Milliken^ ( ), son of James*, ( ), of Portland, Me., was m. and had — if
a note found among the papers of the late Horatio Hight is correct — children
as follows:

I. Usurla S. Milliken®, m. Henley.

II. Mary Ann Milliken®, d. aged 18 years.

III. Frank H. Milliken®, m. Willetts.

IV. George S. Milliken", enlisted in 17 Me. Reg't in 1862 and was killed
at Chancellorsv'ille.

V. Sarah L. Milliken®.
VI. Albert E. ^Iilliken®.
VII. William H. ^Iilliken".


1. Harry E. Milliken b. in Dorchester, Mass., Apr. 24, 1866; m. Isabel Sar-
gent of Ame.sbury, Mass., and lives at 136 Neponset Ave., Dorchester, Mass.

2. Ralph W. E. Milliken, b. Sept. 26, 1868; m. Minnie Etchells of Biddeford,
Me., and is a stenographer and bookkeeper, Somerville, Mass.

3. Nathaniel H. Milliken, b. Oct. i, 1870, travelling freight agent, Springtield,

4- Edith M. Milliken, b. May 16, 1875; m. Fred H. Priestley, and lives in
Saxonville, Mass.

5- Earle L. Milliken, b. May 15, 1888; now in school, Springfield, Mass.


1. Fannie Eunice Milliken, b. Sept. 3, 1873; teacher.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 28 of 109)