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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 29 of 109)
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2. Mary Woodman Milliken, b. Nov. 17, 1882; teacher.

Susie L. Milliken, daughter of Dr. WilHam H. MiUiken who is a son of Frank
R., and grandson of Samual A. MiUiken of Saco, Me., was m. July i, 1904


in Roxbury, Mass., by the Rev. F. W. Hamilton assisted by the Rev. H. S.
Moulton, to Harold S. Moulton of Saco, Me.

Master Sam Alger Milhken and Miss Cathie Page of Northampton, brother
and cousin of the bride, preceded her to the parlor, scattering flowers on the
way. The bride was given in marriage by her father.

The couple received numerous presents, including cut glass and silver, oil
paintings and bric-a-brac.

The bride was attired in white crepe trimmed with chiffon and lace and wore
a veil of tulle, caught up with orange blossoms. She wore at her neck a brooch,
which was a heirloom, and carried a shower bouquet of white sweet peas.

Miss Milliken is a graduate of the Faelten pianoforte school and has been
a director of vocal and instrumental music at Cragencroft, Duluth, Minn., and
Littleton female college, Littleton, N. C, during the past four years.


I. Alvin p. Milliken^, b. July 15, 1844; m. widow Mary Goodwin
and had issue. Parents and children dec.

II. Mary E. Milliken^, b. July 10, 1845; "^- David E. Clough of Port-
land, and d. leaving issue.

III. Joel Milliken^, b. Nov. 23, 1846; was killed by hghtning July 30, 1862.

IV. Rebecca Milliken^, b. Jan. 20, 1849; m. Joseph Young of Biddeford,
and has four Children.

V. Frank P. Milliken^, b. July 29, 1852; m. Ina A. Ellis, Apr. 30, 1881,

and lives on the homestead in Saco.
VI. Elizabeth H. Milliken^, b. June 7, 1855; m. Benjamin Baker, of

Pine Point, Scarbro. One child,
vii. Susan E. Milliken^, b. Nov. 28, 1857; m. James Casey, of Saco.
No issue.

^ ■ ■ ■»

h.. - M

I.. ..:.^. ■.jS=S|ffi'SI,U,.., ,:..,.. _ . ,


UJullil;cns of |'.v:>bforb, |H;>ss.



> •

Robert Mulliken^ was a Scotchman, and tradition makes him come from (das-
gow. Me i)rol)al)ly sailed from that port, but from the s])ening of his surname,
it would seem that he was a native of some one of the northern counties. His
name appears on the Brattle Street Church records of Boston in connection with
others of the family as early as 1686. He settled in Rowley, now Bradford,
Mass., his homestead being in a pleasant spot on the bank of the Merrimac
River. He united with the West Parish Church of Bradford, Mass., June 26,
1720, and the following exclamation was written after the entry of his name in
the records: "To God shall be all the glory." Following the name of his wife,
who united with the church the first of May that year, are the Latin words:
Trinni Deo Glorica. Some of his children were born and christened in Boston,
as the Brattle Street Church records show. He made his will Jan. 9, 1740, and
died June 11, 1741, leaving a widow and fiive children, to whom he made bequests.
He was 76 years of age. The old gravestones that mark the last earthly resting-
place of the ancestors and early members of this family, may be seen in the old
West Bradford cemetery, on the River Road, about one mile below the bridge
which connects Haverhill with Bradford, and in the East Parish (now Grove-
land) burying ground, near " Balch's Grove." The inscription on the grave-
stone is as follows:

WHO DIED JUNE 11, 1741,

In his will he gave his son Robert his "loom and tackle for weaving," and it is
my opinion that he was a Scotch weaver. He was also said to have been a maker
of gravestones.* Robert Mulliken was the father, by his wife named Rebecca,
of nine children, of whom hereafter.


(Salem Proi?ate Records.)

'In the name of God amen, the ninth day of January Anno Domini 1740,
I Robert MuUicken, of Bradford, in ye county of Essex & Province of Mass.
Bay in N. Eng., Yeoman, being weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory,
thanks be given unto God therefor. Calling unto mind the mortality of my body,
and knowing that it is appointed for all men Once to Dye, Do make and Or-
dain this my last will & Testament: That is to say: Principally & first of all,
I give & recommend my Soul Into the hands of God that gave it, & my Body
I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Decent Christian Burial at the Dis-
cretion of my Executor, Nothing Doubting but at ye General Resurcction I
.shall receive The same again by the mighty power of God, and as Touching
Such Worldly Estate, wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me for this hfe,
I give Demise & Dispose of the same in the following manner and form:

* Robert Mulliken was paid,'in 1723,' for the gravestone of Dr. Daniel Bradstreet,
of Amcsbury, Mass., 30 shillings.


Imp!' First, my will Is that my honest Debts and Funeral Charges be paid
by my executor hereafter named Out of my Estate.

Item: I give to Rebecca, my Dearly Beloved wife, all my household Goods
for her to Dispose of as Shee Shall think best between the children, my daughter
Mary Stickney, late of Bradford Dec' And my daughter Rebeckah Gage, or
her Lawful heirs: Further, My will is that my Son Robert MuUicken maintain
my wife His Mother, both in Sickness and in health. During her Natural Life,
and at her Decease to give her a Decent Burial.

Item: I give to my Eldest Son Robert, and his heirs, all my homested that I
have not already conveyed to him by Deed, and six acres lying in Bradford, in
a place called Dismal hole, being part of what I bought of Richard Hall, and all
my Moveable Estate without Doors, with my Utensils of husbandry.

Item: I give to my son Benjamin MulUken, besides what I have, already
given him by Deed or otherwise, 4 acres of land to be taken off that part of
land which I Bought of Richard Hall, aforesaid.

Item: I give to my Son Joseph, besides What I have already given him, six
acres of land in- that part of land wh. I bought of Rich. Hall, aforesaid. Also
£()o in bills of credit, passable in this Province, to be paid by my Executor here-
after named, (sic) to my son Joseph or his Heirs, in 2 years after my Decease.

Item: I give to the children of my Son John Mullicken, late of Bradford,
Dec'd, the Remainder part of that lot of land wh. I bought of Wm. Dole, of
Newbury, that I have not Already Disposed of, to my Son Benjamin by Deed,
to be equally divided between my said Son John's Children for quantity and

Item: I give to my Daughter Rebeckah Gage, or her lawful heirs, ;^4o. In
passable bills of credit to be paid by my Executor in 2 years after my Decease,
besides what I have alredy given her.

Item: I give to the Children of my Daughter Mary Stickney, late of Bradford,
Dec'd, or their Lawful heirs, the sum of £^0 in public bills of Credit to be paid
in two years after my Decease by my Executor afternamed. As to my Wearing
Apparrel, I give them to my Sons & Sons of my Son John.

Further, my will is that my present wife have one Cow of my stock and my
said Son Robert, my Executor, keep her for my wife's use & Improvement,
both Summer and Winter, During sd wife's Natural life.

Notwithstanding what is before written, also I give to my Son Robert, my
loom tackling for weaving. I likewise Constitute and make & Ordain my
Son Robert Mulhcken To be Sole Executor to this my last will & testam.'.
Ratifying & Conlirming This & no other to be my last will & testam.'. . In
witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal In Days Year above
written Testm.l.

In presense of ye Subscribers.
JoN* Woodman. Daniel Hardy. Seal.

Th*^: Kimball. (Signed, Robert Mulicken.

Memoranda of Deeds from Deacon Ladd's Notebook, Groveland, Mass.

" Deed from Richard Homes to Robert Mullicken, containing about 18 acres
more or less, bounded northerly on the River; east, by Johnson's brook; south,
by the County Road that runs from Bradford to Newbury; west, by land of
Ezekiel Nughill and William Hobson."


"Deed from Richard Kimball to Robert Alullicken containing 7 acres, bounded,
northerly, by land of said Kimball; southerly, by the County Road, leading to
Xewljurv, as the fence now stands & easterly, by the land of said Mulli(ken."

'• Deed from William llobson and Humphrey Hobson, to Robert MuUii ken
of a lot of land containing 20 acres, more or less, bounded easterly, by land of
said Mullicken; south and west, by land of Capt. Richard Kimball; northerly,
by Merrimack River."

"Deed from Mary MuUiken, Eben. Mulliken, Susanna Mullikcn, Mary
MuUiken, Sarah Mulliken and Daniel Mullikcn, to Francis Kimball, land
bounded as follows: viz.: Jk'ginning at a stake and stones at a corner, which
is called Samuel Parker's corner, on the County Road leading to Newbury;
then running northerly by Samuel Parker's land, till it comes to Johnson's
brook; then by said brook as it formerly run, till it comes to the ]\Ierrimack
River; then westerlv, by said River till it readies land of Francis Kimball; then
turning and running southerly by said Kimball's land till it comes to the County
Road; then turning and running south-easterly by said Country Road till it comes
to the first mentioned bounds; with the buildings thereon, Containing by esti-
mation thirtv-five acres of land, be same more or less.

"Dated April it, 1782."

1. Robert Mulliken' (2), eldest son of Robert^ (1), and Rebecca, was born in
Boston, Mass., Dec. 9, 1686, and the record of this event is in the Brattle Street
Church register. He was married Oct. 4, 1737, to Mary Hartbath, widow,
who had a daughter Mary by her first husband and she took the name of Mulli-
ken. It will be seen that this Robert was 51 years of age when his marriage
occurred, and he probably had been married before and had issue by his first
wife. This would account for the existence of famiUes of the name living con-
temporary with him, whose connections were not known. He settled on his
father's homestead on the bank of the Merrimac, in Rowley, now Bradford.
Was appointed executor of his father's will, made Jan. 9, 1740. Was to main-
tain his mother both in sickness and in health during her natural Hfe, and give
her a decent burial at her decease. His father gives him, in addition to his home-
stead, six acres of land lying in Bradford in a place called " Dismal hole." Be-
queaths to this son, his "loom and tackling for weaving." This Robert Mulli-
ken died June 16, 1756, only 14 years after his father. He had no less than six
children, of whom with 3d generation.

2. John Mulliken^ (1), second son of Robert^ (1), was b. in Boston, Mass.,
Jan. 26, 1790; m. for his first wife, Nov. 15, 1717, Mary Poore of Newbury,
daughter of Edward and Ehzabcth (Swett), who with him was admitted to the
church in Bradford, Mass., March, 17 19. She d. Jan. i8, 1728. His second
wife was Sarah Griffin, to whom he was m. Jan. 29, 1732-3. He was a
blacksmith and lived on an island in the Merrimac River, near his father's home-
stead. He d. Nov. 10, 1737. Was mentioned in connection with his children,
as deceased in his father's will, Jan. 9, 1740. Dec. 7, 1709, "John Mulekin"
was one of fifteen men, of Haverhill, to whom it was voted to give liberty "to
build a seat to sit in, in the hind seat of the meeting-house, in the west gallery,
they promising that they would not build so high as to damnify the light of them
windows at the said west end of the said west gallery, jirovided they make up
the number of twenty persons to sit in said seat."

There were nine children. See 3d generation.



15 -


— —





5 -



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16 -



9 -



I -


An Inventory of Estate of John Mulliken late of Bradford, Deceased, Taken
by Subscribers this 13th Day of Dec. Anno Dom. 1737, as it was shown to us
by Adm'. viz. :

6 acres 2 1/4 of land at ;^i5,
Dwg Ho. on Lland ;^i35, Barn on Lland £(>,
A smith's Shop on said Land ;^i2,

I Cow ;^6-5, I heiffer 100/8, load hay ;^io, 2 Swine 40/,
Smith's Tools, & old Iron & horseshoes in shop,
Best Bed & Furnit. ;^2o - 6 D' L. 7.3. trund. D' 60/30 89

sheets, pill. Cases & Table Linen ;^8.ii, feather bed 2
Cur. 1°, £8-10,
Wearing Appaill £12.5, Silver & Gold £6 - 3,
Women's Cloths, £ty - io,childs Blankets 85/, Case of Drawers

40/, Table 80/,
Chest 16/2, trunks 24/, chair 8/10, Dc 25/,
fire cock & pistols 70/, Andirons & tramels, fire shovel & tongs

Table i/, Desk & chest 26/, wheels 30/,
Brass, Pewter, tin & Iron utensils for
Looking Glass 20/, Glass Bottles 6/,
Book 50/, cards 5/,

Tho. Kimball, Benj. Kimball, Thos. Carlton, Comm.,
Benjamin Mulliken.

3. Mary Mulliken" (1), eldest daughter of Robert^ (1), b. Boston, Mass., Sept.
26, 1692; was m. June 19, 1716, to Thomas Stickney. She was mentioned in
her father's will in 1740, as "late of Bradford, deceased." Her children were
to have the household goods of their grandfather.

4. Samuel Mulliken" (1), third son of Robert^ (1), b. in Bradford, Mass. (pre-
sumably), Jan. ID, 1694 — one searcher has it June 20, 1695 — and d. unm.
in 1720. His estate was administered by his brother Robert, May 18, 1721.
All went to his brothers and sisters, and no widow appeared with dower right
to sell or hold. The heirs sign receipt. Mentions brother Benjamin, John,
Mary and husband Thomas Stickney, and sister Rebecca, who, immediately
after became the wife of Benjamin Gage.

5. Benjamin MuUikin" (1), fourth son of Robert^ (1), b. in Bradford, Mass.,
(presumably) Mar. 8, 1695; m. Elizabeth Stickney and settled in Rowley,
now Bradford, Mass. He was a justice of the peace and captain of the first
foot company of Bradford, Apr. 18, 1757. The following quaint record was
found: "February 3, 1762, To Benjamin Mulliken Esq., for the use of Meribah
Stickney (his nephew's widow) the sum of ;^2, allowed by the General Court
for the loss of her husband's gun, he being a soldier 1758, and died on his return
home as mentioned in her petition." Benjamin was the father of ten children.
See 3d generation.

6. Rebecca Mulliken" (1), second daughter of Robert* (1), b. in Bradford,
Mass., June 12, 1699; was m. Aug. 2, 1722, to Benjamin Gage. She was
mentioned in her father's will of date 1740, and he gave her ;^4o, in passable
bills of credit to be paid by his executor two years after his death — " besides
what I have already given her."


7. Joseph MuUiken" (1), fifth son of Robert' (Ij, b. in Bradford, Mass., I'eb. i,
1703, m. Jan. 7, 1736, Phebe Tyler. His name appears on the Hst of poU.s
of Haverhill, Mass., in 1745. Was mentioned in his father's will in 1740, and
received gift of "six acres of land in addition to what had already been given
him, and £'6o in bills of credit passable in this province." He had issue. See
3d generation.

8. Ebenezer MuUiken^ (1), sixth son of Robert' (1), b. in Bradford, Mass.,
Feb. 26, 1705; d. Dec. 10, 1714.

9. Jonathan Mulliken^ (1), a son of Robert' (1) and Rebecca Milliken of Brad-
ford. No record of his birth is known to e.xist, but it must have been as early
as 1 710 or 1715. He m. in 1742, Martha Marsh, and Hved in Bradford for
some time, where he worked at his trade of clockmaking. Here Samuel Mulliken
of Newburyport, clockmaker, and Xathaiu'el Mulliken of Lexington, clock-
maker, served an apprenticeship with their "uncle Jonathan." The late
Emery A. Mulliken of Lexington, Mass., found an old tall clock in that
town, on the dialplate of which were the words: "Jonathan Mulliken, Fal-
mouth." The owners of this venerable timepiece had assumed that it was
made in Falmouth, Eng. As no record of a clockmaker of this name has been
found in Falmouth, Me., it is highly probable that this Jonathan Mulliken was
at one time, say as early as 1750, establi>hed in Falmouth, Barnstable Co.,
]Mass. x\t any rate he was maker of the old clock in Lexington, which is evi-
dently the same that was sold to Deacon Stone and set up by Nathaniel Mulli-
ken when he first formed an acquaintance with the maiden who became his
wife. No record has been found in Bradford, or any adjoining town, of a family,
or of the deaths of this Jonathan and his wife, and they probably spent their
last days elsewhere.

S^birb 6ciur;itioa.


1. Hannah Mulliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Robert" (2), was baptized when
six days old, July 30, 1738, in Bradford, Mass.

2. Mary Mulliken^ (2), second daughter of Robert' (2), b. Jan. 30, 1739; bap-
tized June 6, 1740; d. Feb. 9, 1800, in Bradford, Ma.ss.

3. Robert Mulliken^ (3), eldest son of Robert" (2), b. in 1741, in Bradford, Mass.

4- Daniel Mulliken^ (1), second son of Robert^ (2), b. Dec. 22, 1743, in Brad-
ford, ^Lass. He was a soldier in the French war. In the roll of men from
Haverhill for the reduction of Canada, in 1760, appears the name of Daniel
MuUiken. He was also a soldier of the Revolution, and received a badge for
more than si.x years of faithful service. There is an old house in Groveland,
Mass., formerly liradford, said to have been built bv this man. I assume that
he married and had issue.

5. Ebenezer Mulliken (2), third son of Robert- (2), b. in Bradford, Mass.,
Nov. 22, 1745; m, Elizabeth Nixon of that town, and d. 1786.

6. Sarah Mulliken^ (1), third daughter of Robert^ (2), b. in Bradford, ^Lass.,
Jan. 20, 1748.


I. Samuel MuUiken' (2), eldest son of John^ (1), b. in Bradford, Mass., June
12, 1720; m. Sarah Kelly, descended from John Kelly, who came to Newbury,
Mass., in 1635. Mr. Mulliken d. in 1752. He and his wife were admitted


members of the West Parish Church in Bradford, Jan. 14, 1740. Sarah, his
widow, was m. Aug. 8, 1757, to Capt. Timothy Pike. She d. May 7, 1799,
aged 83 years, and her gravestone on Burial Hill bears this inscription: "The
sweet remembrance of the just shall flourish when he sleeps." She was a
woman of amiable disposition and carefully brought up the son of her first
husband. Samuel MuUiken must have settled in Bradford at the time of his
marriage, and remained there for some years. He was known to have worked
there at clockmaking with his uncle Jonathan MuUiken, and may have learned
his trade of liim. He was also a clockmaker in Newburyport, and the Inventory
taken in 1756, shows that his shop was "on others lands." His house was on
State Street, near the old Tracy house, now the Public Library. A fine speci-
men of his clocks is now owned in Bradford; another was on exhibition at the
World's Fair in Chicago. Children's names with 4th generation.

Inventory of Estate of Samuel Mulliken of Newbury.

£ s. d.

Dwelling House & Land ;^8o. Shop on others land ;^8, 88 - -

• 2 feather beds 74/8, 2 under beds 8/, 2 rugs 24/, 568

3 coverlids 26/4, 11 sheets 29/, i quilt 4/, 3 bedsteads 20/8, 32-

1 fustian coat 10/, great coat 18/, jacket 3/6, britches 6/, 117-

2 Bolsters & 4 pillows 24/6, pillow cases 6/, i fruit cart 32/, 32 —
hatt 4/, 6 shirts 30c, hose 5/8, cap 4c, Boots 7/, 268
7 J yds. Linnen Cloth 22/8, 4 tablecloths 9/5, towels 4/, i 15 8
Andirons 7/, small Do. 3/4, 2 trammels 6/8, - i'] -
Shovel 8z: tongs 6/, Gridiron 3/, Toast Iron 2/, - 11 —
Box iron 2/, flatt Irons 6/, Iron pot & copper lid 6/, - 14 -
Iron Kettle 2/8, frying pan 1/6, brass Kettle 6/8, - 10 10
Scummer & ladle 2/4, brass skillet 4, tea kettle 6/8, - 10 i
Tin Kitchen 8/2, pr. Bellows 7/4, 2 tea potts 6/8, -12

3 Candlesticks 2/6, a Cannisters 7, pewter dishes 20/, 136
15 pewter plates 16/, pewter quart & pint 3/, old pewter 1/7 1-7
6 patte pans 2/, 9 Erthern vessels 8/4, 3 Earthern bowls 2/, - 12 4
Warming pan 2/8, Snuffers 4, 6 Glass bottles 1/8, - 5 4
5 Glass Beakers 2/-, half set of Tea dishes 2/, - 4 -
3 looking glasses 2/-, 2 pictures 2/8, old desk 20/, i 4 8
Stand 2/-, trunk 2/-, 1 1 chairs 1 1/-, bracketts & bags 8/-, i - -
Gun 24/, Churn & Pails 2/-, tinn Stove 4/-, i 10 —
Case of draws 24/-, Oval table 8/-, 3 old tables 6/-, i 18 -
3 chests 6/4, 2 spinning wheels 8/-, i Clock Case 24/, - 14 4
Tin Tunnell, pepperbox & grater i/-. Salt pork 13/4, - 13 4
3 Cyder barrels 4/-, dumb betty 6/8, 3 small casks 2/8, - 13 4
Grindstone 4/-, an Engine 93-4, a pr. brass flasks 18/-, 515 4
Graving tools 6/2, turning Laiths 18/-, small do 6/-, - 4 8
3 hammers 2/8, 2 pr. forging tongs 2/-, - 14 —
75 old files 10/2, Burnishers i/-, 6 new files 3/-, 2 clocks

partly done £714, clock spring, 74-

2 Sawframes 6/2, Scrapers i/-, i bill stock & 6 bitts 5/8, - 12 8

1 f roster 2/-, 6 beam compasses 3/4, i clock bell 4/-, - 9 4

2 Dividers 3/4, 5 Arbers 2/-, Candlesticks i/-, 5 chisels i/-, ~ 7 -
20 brass Stocks 3/, 3 Screw Plates &: taps 4/, Borax Box i/, - 8 —




- TO

6 4


- 5

2 l8


2 l8


I 7


I 8


- 9


- 5


- M


2 l8


- 3


26 13


a hand vices 3/-, 4 pr. pliers 6/-, 4 gravers i/.

4 Small flics i/-. 4 lead 1/4. wire brush 2/, brass plate

Hair spring 2/-, magnifying glass 3/-,

Patterns for buckles, 2 clock wheels 6/-, 72 watch Springs

72 watch keys 25/, 12 watch springs 30/, 6 files 3/4,
4 old brushes 10 4c, buckles 4/9, 107 Chrystals 21/5,
42 watch seals 12/-, 40 watch keys 13/4, 22 ditto 3/-,

1 watch spring 2/-,! brush 6/-, i salver i/-, cash for ace. 6/,

2 bottles acjuafordy 4/5, small bottles varnish 1/8,
Pendulum wyer i/-, Glass Case i/, a parcel of potts 1/6,
I Stake 12/8, small ditto i/, 2 vices 42/, 4 quarts Sand 2/8,
34 bushels Charcoal 9/-, cream of Tarter 2/,
A house Lott mortgaged for

191 17 II
Sarah Mulliken, Exect. ( Timothy Pike '\ Concl. Sworn &:

Nov. 8, 1756, Sarah Mulliken took \ Joseph Pearson r Berry & Ka-
oath that this Invntory contains all of ( William Moulton ) than Hale.
Dec'' Estate that is come to her knowledge, and that if more appears she will
add it hereto.

Before Jonx Chote, Jd. Prob.

2. Nathaniel iVIulliken-'' (1), second son of John" (1), b. in Bradford, Mass.,
Aug. 8, 1722; m. June 6 1751, Lydia Stone, daughter of Deacon Stone of Lex-
ington, Mass. Here is the bit of romance. It was customary for clockmakers
at that time to go out and "set up" the timepieces they had sold. In 1748,
Nathaniel went out to Lexington to deliver and start one of his tall clocks in the
house of Deacon Stone, and there met charming Lydia and was entangled in
love's silken net. He purchased land with house, barn, and. shop thereon, in
Lexington, and made that his permanent residence. The shop found on the
estate was fitted with the suital)le ai)pliances and tools for clockmaking, and
Mr. Mulliken continued to manufacture these stately, solemn-sounding time-
keepers until his death. The clock set up at Deacon Stone's is still in Lexing-
ton, and bears the name "Jonathan Mulliken, Falmouth.'' As Jonathan Mulli-
ken, son of Samuel of Newl)uryport, was not b. until 1747, and was but one
year old when the clock was carried to Lexington in 1748, he could not have
been the maker. The late Emery A. Mulliken of Lexington, who had given the
subject much attention, informed the compiler of this volume by letter, of date
"Feb. 8, 1895," that Jonathan Mulliken, clockmaker in Bradford, Mass., was
an uncle of Nathaniel and Samuel, and that they learned their trade with him.
If this statement be true, then Robert Mulliken ist had a son Jonathan of whom
we have no record. But why should this old clock in Lexington bear the name
of "Falmouth"? Careful research among early Maine documents fails to re-
veal any clockmaker in Falmouth, now Portland, in that state. Was it made
in Falmouth, Barnstable Co., Mass.? The present owners of this old clock
had supposed it was made in Falmouth, Eng., but Emery A. Mulliken Escj.,
had traced its history "through its former owners, who were direct ancestors,
to within one or two generations of where my grandfather left the clock and I
feel pretty sure that it is the same one." From a note published in the Boston


Transcript, we learn that a clock made by Nathaniel MuUiken, was owned by
T. Osgood Wardwell, of North Andover, Mass. The name of Nathaniel Mul-

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