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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 34 of 109)
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Sept. 17, 1786; d. in Mar., 1822.

3. Isaac Mulliken^ (4), second son of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater, N. Y.,
Aug. 30, 1788; m. Polly Patrick, sister of his brother Benjamin's wife, and
d, in 1850, leaving a large family. See 6th generation.

4- Benjamin Mulliken^ (5), third son of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater, N.Y.,
July 27, 1791; m. Sept. 4, 1814, Alice Patrick, b. Aug. 4, 1789, and pre-
deceased her, dying at his home in Waterford, N. Y., Mar. 3, 1861.

5. Betsey Mulliken^ (2), third daughter of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater, N. Y.,

Aug. 12, 1793, and was twice m. Her first husband was Mosher, and by

him she had three children, of whom presently. Her second husband was named
Raymond, and by him she had one daughter, Charlotte, deceased.

I. George Mosher and wife both d. with cholera and at the same time,
in St. Louis, Mo., lea\dng Frank of Newark, N. J., and Mrs. O. Coleman
of Saratoga, N. Y. ^

II. Hannah Mosher, m. Conally, and d. leaving George Conally at

Saratoga, N. Y.
III. Mary Mosher, m. Charles Hubbell, and is now a widow at her
daughter's, Mrs. J. Holbroyd, of Albany, N.Y.

6. Thomas Bird MuUiken^ (1), third son of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater,
N. Y., June 3, 1800; m. Zina Stacy, who was b. May 31, 1800, and d. in Cole-
brook, N.H., July 8, 1852. He d. in Mechanicsville, N.Y., May 17, 1857. Six
children. See 6th generation.

7. Henry S. Mulliken^ (1), fourth son of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater, N. Y.,
Aug. 13, 1802; d. Feb. 12, 1832, unm.

8. Asa Webster Mulliken' (1), fifth son of Benjamin* (4), b. in Stillwater, N. Y.,
Dec. 18, 1804; m. Dec. 13, 1837, to Amanda Dunn, daughter of James and
Sylvia (Southard) Dunn, who was b. in Mechanicsville, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1811,
and d. Mar. 24, 1892. His home was in Mechanicsville, where he was engaged


in blacksmithinjf. Member of the Methodist Churth. Repubhtan in politics.
A large man. Complexion fair. He d. Jan. 29, 1875. There were five children.

See 6th generation. ^ %^^

9. Charlotte MuUiken^ (1), fourth daughter of Benjamin^ (4j, b. in Stillwater,
N. Y., May i6, 1808; was m. to William Harris, and had two daughters, viz.:
Emma, m. Thomas Cooper, dec, and Mary, now living in Albany, N. Y.

iBuUtluntfl in lIhtla^rlphta. Jla.

The ancestors of this family are unknown. The head, whose name is for-
gotten, married Magdalene Krrington nee Belmer, or Bclsner, by whom issue
as follows:

1. Charles Poore Mulliken^, b. in 1803; m. in 1825 to Eliza Derr, b. in 1804
andd. ini88i. He d. in 1884. Was a trunk merchant in Philadelphia. Mem-
ber M. E. Church, and an Odd Fellow. Children, named as follows:

I. Charles Poore Mulliken^, b. in 1826; d. in 1829.
n. Willi.am Derr Mulliken^, b. in 1827; d. in 1842.

in. Charlotte Temple Mulliken^, b. in 1828; m. in 1853, John Speel
Tarboss, b. in 1822; d. in 1875, in Philadelphia. Three children:
Charles M., b. 1854; d. 1855; Charles M., b. 1857; Emily A., 1866; m.
1889, Isaac W. Clayton, b. 1862, and has issue.

2. Charlotte Temple MuUiken-, b. in 1803; deceased.

3. Melinda Mulliken', was m. to David Soby, and had issue Mary, m. George
Vantine; Magdalen, m. Benj. Sage; David, m. Mary Griffith; Nicholas, m.
Sarah Jones; Charlotte; Catherine; Emma, m. Spencer Benennan of Washington,
D. C.

4. Emily Mulliken'-, d. unm.

5. Samuel Nicholson MuUiken", m. M.argaret , whose parents were sup-
posed to be of Baltimore. He d. at the age of 46. She d. Apr. 9, 1886, as the
widow of Mr. John Fitten, whom she m. soon after the d. of Mr. MuUiken.
Members of the Baptist church. Children, as follows:

I. Mary Elizabeth Mulliken^, m. Budd J. Walker, and had Caroline,

m. Simonds; Frank H., and Margaret M., m. Branencamp, and

lives at Ludlow, Ky.

II. Charles Albert Mulliken^, d. unm.

m. Charles Poore Mulliken^, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., July 3, 1841.
He left school at an early age and commenced to work when about 12
years of age. Soon after his father's death he was compelled to leave
home. Learned the upholsterer's trade with Walravens. Remained with
this firm until after his m. to Mary Ann Printz, daughter Jacob Printz
and ]Mary A. Wanemaker, Aug. i, 1866. He commenced business for
himself on a small scale and gradually increased until at his death he
conducted a large establishment at 640 N. i8th Street. He was not a
church member, but being a Free Mason he attended the services held
in the Masonic Home situated near his house. He d. ^Liy 8, 1890.
From the Philadelphia Sun, issue of May 12, 1890, we copy the following:
"The sudden and une.xpected death of Charles P. MuUiken on Tuesday


morning last came like a blow to his host of friends in this vicinity,
Mr. Mulliken was 59 years of age and had been a resident here for many
years, honored and respected by all who enjoyed his friendship. He
was a member of Kenderton Lodge, No. 266, I.O.O.F., Venerable En-
campment, No. 282, I.O.O.F., Montgomery Lodge, No. 19, F. & A. M.
Columbia Chapter, No. 91, and the Masonic Association. A widow,
son and two daughters survive."
IV. Samuel Nicholson Mulliken^, d. unm.

V, Emily Mulliken^, m. Charles Fountain, resides in Dayton, Ky. Has
one son, Charles Fountain, Jr.


1. Edward Louis Mulliken, b. in Philadelphia, June 6, 1867; christened in the
Universahst Church where his mother attended. After leaving school he worked
with his father at the upholstery business and succeeded at his father's death.
He m. June 29, 1898, Ella May Weir, daughter James and Emma (Danne-
hower) Weir, of Three Tuns, Montgomery Co., Pa. She b. Nov. 29, 1873.
He is a Mason and Odd Fellow. Business house, 640 N. i8th Street.

2. Emily Elizabeth Mulliken, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 10, 1875; christened
in Universahst Church. She went through primary, secondary and grammar
schools. Member Presbyterian Church, but left and was confirmed in an Epis-
copal Church. Resides (1902) with her mother at 3634 N. i6th Street, Phila-
delphia, Pa.

3. Mary Printz Mulliken, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 20, 1877; d. Feb. 14,

4. Mary Printz Mulliken, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 24, 1882. Was chris-
tened in Universahst Church. She graduated from the Girls' School in June,
1900, and is her brother's bookkeeper. Attends M. E. Church. At home with
her mother, unm.

John Mulliken was born Jan. 21, 1796, in Philadelphia, Pa. His father was
lost at sea, and when John was a small boy his mother brought him with two
brothers and a sister to Boston, Mass. A man named David Reed, of London-
derry, N. H., or thereabouts, took John into his home and here he lived until
he was married to Achsah Sawyer, daughter and fourth child of Reuben and
Tryphena (Messer) Sawyer, of Londonderry, N. H. Reuben Sawyer was born
in Dracut, Mass., and Tryphena Messer, his wife, was born in Methuen, Mass.
After the mother found homes for her children she returned to Philadelphia,
where she had relatives. John Mulliken never saw his mother after he went to
Mr. Reed's to live. It is said that John had a brother George, and that their
mother's maiden name was Eliza or EHzabeth Klein or Kline.

Mrs. A. J. M., in Boston Transcript, 1894 (?).

fflillihcns of Miltan anb $^havon, M. ^i).

V'^'pC! r^^.-r^-i ■ "pr-t ,-^.r I- "p'ri L^-.r ! pr i ?-

1 ^-..r 1. rir 1 ? - .r I \ -r 1 ■ r "! • \r t • r ! .> -n ,-. r i v r i

w »

Alexander Milliken, a nati\c of the T.cnvlands of Scotland, resided at Castle
Dawson, or Dawson Bridge, on the river J3oyne, in the province of I'lster, North
of Ireland. He is said to have been one of four brothers who were among the
sturdy defenders of Londonderry in the memorable siege of 1689, he alone
surviving. His grandson James — w'lio was i)rol)aI)ly reared mostly in the
family of his grandparents — remem])ered that at his grandfather's funeral the
military turned out to do honor to an old soldier's memory who had been one
of the survivors of the siege. From this Alexander ]\Iilliken through his sons,
William and Alexander, and another brother, probably named Robert, who
went South, have descended many branches and numerous famiUes now scattered
into several states; among them, as will appear, the family designated "Milli-
kans of A\'ashington, Mass." The Scotch-Irish ancestors of this race were
staunch Protestants of Presbyterian faith who trained their children in the fear
of God, and their posterity have generally exhibited the moral and religious
characteristics of their progenitors.

Alexander Milliken^ (2), son of the preceding, born at Castle Dawson, Ireland
(probably), in 1720, was by occupation a cooper and farmer. He evidently had
two wives, the first, whose name does not appear, dying in Ireland, where his
eldest son, James, was born eight years before his next children. He emigrated
to America, sometime between 1744 and 1751, and it is supposed that he tarried
awhile with some of the Scotch-Irish at Watertown, or Cambridge, Afass. (prob-
ably with his brother \\'illiam in Washington, Mass.), but soon after became
a resident of Windham, N. H. He removed to Wilton, N. H., when liis son
Samuel was an infant; thence, in 1775, to Sharon, N. H., where he probably
died. This Alexander was also a soldier, being a member of Col. John Hart's
regiment in the Crown Point expedition during the French and Indian ^^'ar;
serving from April 27 to Nov. 23, 1758. His will, probated Aug. 7, 1798, is
recorded at Nashua, N. H., his son Samuel being named as executor. He must
have been a man of much natural force of character, for he dealt extensively in
real estate and acquired a good property for his time. He was called to fill
some of the minor municipal offices.

Note. — Since the publication of "Saco Valley Settlements and Families," in 1895, by
Rev. G. T. Ridlon, Sr., in which it was stated that James Milliken of Sharon, N. H., was a son
of Alexander Milliken of Wilton, N. H., there has existed some doubt respecting such rela-
tionship, founded principally U{)on a family tradition, but since it has been learned that Alex-
ander of Wilton, removed to Sharon and probably died there near his son's home (if not in it),
there appears no grounds for doubting the connection as stated in the volume above mentioned.
A more thorough examination of the old records of Windham, Wilton, Peterboro, and Sharon,
might result in documentary proof of the relation. — Author.

^birb (')encr;iticin.


James Milliken'^ (1), eldest known son of Alexander^ (2), was born at Castle
Dawson, or Dawson Bridge, in County Londonderry, Ireland, and on the river


Boyne, in 1744. He was twice married, his first wife being Elizabeth Mc-
KoNE of Ireland. In the autumn of 1765, with his wife and one child, he sailed
for America, and arrived at Boston, Nov. 4, 1765. They made a brief stop with
friends at the Scotch-Irish settlement in Watertown or Cambridge, Mass. ; from
this locality they removed to " Peterboro SUp," now the town of Sharon, N. H.,
where they settled, and where nearly all of his children were born. James Milli-
ken and wife had the genuine Scotch love of books and brought across the water
with them by far the finest library that had ever been seen in Peterboro or
vicinity. It was long the subject for much talk in the new settlement, and the
owner made generous loans of books to the pioneer families for miles around.
He probably never dreamed of the far-reaching influence this library would have
in the community, and it does not require a wide stretch of imagination to be-
lieve that, through the use of this collection of books, to James Milliken belongs
the honor of having sown the first Uterary seed that eventually developed (three
years after his death) into the establishment in Peterboro, of the first Free Pub-
lic Library in the United States; for to this town is this high honor now fully

True to his Scotch ancestry, James MiUiken early showed his patriotism
in the Revolutionary War. He was a member of Capt. Joseph Parker's Com-
pany raised out of Col. Enoch Hale's N. H. Regiment. They joined the North-
ern Army at Ticonderoga, N. Y., being mustered in July 18, 1776, by Col. Hale,
paymaster and muster ofiicer. He served with his regiment faithfully, enduring
its hardships and privations without a murmur, and in due time received his
honorable discharge.

He followed the occupation of his father, that of cooper, adding the pursuit
of agriculture. His first wife, by whom seven children, died of childbed fever.
He married, second, Elizabeth McCoy (perhaps daughter of WilHam and
Mary J. of Peterboro), by whom nine children. He outlived his second wife
and died at the beautiful farm homestead of his son James, in South Charles-
town, N. H., Mar. 4, 1830, aged 86. His grave in the village cemetery is marked
by a medium sized white marble slab.

2. Samuel Milliken^ (1), second son of Alexander (2), was b. in Windham,
N. H., Oct. 2, 1752. Name of wife, b. Jan. 12, 1766, and to whom m. Dec. 8,
1785, was Mary McAllister. He enlisted May i, 1775, for 8 months in Capt.
William Scott's Company, Col. Stark's Regiment, N. H. line. He d. May 27,
1842. Widow applied for pension and filed a leaf from Bible containing family
record. He was in the battle of Bunker Hill and was one of Stark's men (of
whom 15 were killed) wounded in that historic engagement. He was town clerk
of Sharon, N. H., — to which town his father had moved from Wilton in 1775,
— from 1791 to 1796; from 1804 to 1807, and from 1809 to 1811. The family
record was procured from Pension Dept., Washington, D. C. His father named
as executor of his will. The names of seven children with 4th generation.

3. William Milliken^ (1), third son of Alexander^ (2), b. in Windham, N. H.,
Oct. 2, 1752; was a twin brother of Samuel, preceding. He .m. about 1777,
Esther Taggart, daughter of John and Barbary (Nay) Taggart of Sharon,
N. H., but subsequently removed to Peterborough, N. PL, where he d. in 1808.
He was a member of Capt. Abijah Smith's Company from Col. Enoch Hale's
Regiment of New Hampshire men, for New York Revolutionary service, mus-
tered Sept. 21, 1776. His children were b. in Sharon, N. H. See 4th generation.


4. Alexander Millikeiv' (3), fourth .son of Alexander' (2), I., in W ikon, \. II.,
Apr. 5, 1755; ni. Betsey Kmery, daut^hter of Dea. Daniel Emery, who d. May
9, 1823, aged 64 years. Tic built anfl conducted a lar<ie l)rick tavern near the
base of Grand Monadnock mountain in JalTrcy, X.ll. He il. (Jet. 9, 181 1.
His eight children, of whom with 4th generation, were b. in Jaffrey, N. H.

5. John Milliken-' (1). fifth .mmi of Alexander^ (2), b. in Wilton, X. H., Aug.

19, 1757; m. Sarah ICmkry and settled on the parental homestead in his native
town. He sold out after the death of his father and moved to Sharon, N. H.,
where he is supposed to have d. His seven children, of whom with 4th genera-
tion, were probably all b. in \\'ilton. X. II.

6. Robert Milliken'* (1), sixth son of Alexander^ (2), b. in Wilton. X.ll.. July

20, 1760; m. Feb. 2'&, 1782, Margaret Hogc, daughter of William and Agnes
Hogg of .\mherst, X''. H.. who was b. Jan. 19, 1756. He was one of the twenty-
five men from Wilton. X. II.. who went in the expedition to Rhode Island, in
1778. X'ames of children will appear.

^•"'ourtb feneration.


1. Janette Milliken'' (1), eldest daughter of James'' (1), b. at Castle Dawson,
Ireland; d. at sea in Oct., 1765, on the voyage to America.

2. James Milliken^ (2), eldest son of James^ (1), b. Xov. 8, T765, probably at
Watertown or Cambridge, Mass., d. at Peterboro. N. H., aged 2 years.

3. Martha Milliken^ (1), second daughter of James^ (1), b. Oct. 13, 1766; m.
Samuel Bellows of Charlestown, X. H., eldest of the seven children of Peter
and Mary (Cha.se) Bellows. He was drowned Apr. 5, 1820, while attempting
to swim the Connecticut Ri\er after his boat, on his farm above Bellows Falls,
Vt., long known as the '' James Milliken homestead." Mrs. Bellows' only child,
Royal, had d. less than a year previously, June 16, 1819, in his 28th year, unm.
Two such afflictions in the space of ten months might have crushed a woman
of less heroic character, but she bravely bore her part, giving prominent atten-
tion thereafter to the needs of relatives and neighbors. She d. at her home in
Drewsville, Walpole, X. H., Mar. 8, 1843, aged 77 years.

4. John Milliken^ (2). second son of James^ (1), b. Aug. 21, 1768; m. 1st, in
Greene Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 1802, Miss H.\rriet Roberts, whose mother w^as
Sarah Morgan, a woman of rare endowments, of an old \'irginia family who
was m. 2d, to Col. Hiram Ileaton. of JelYerson, Pa., in whose home Mrs. MilH-
ken was chiefly brought up. John ^lilliken was in Chester, Vt., when about

21, and in connection with one McCoy, he ''cleared up" there large tracts of
land, taught school, studied medicine, and served as 4th of July orator, speaking
from a high bowlder, long after called " Milliken's Rock." He completed his
medical education in Philadelphia, and settled in the practice of his profession
at Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa. Dr. Milliken was of a cheerful disposition and
stirring and jiractical habits and attained prominence in his profession. He was
fond of anecdotes and occasionallv indulged in vcrsif^•ing, a habit, or taste, that
was transmitted to some of his grandchildren. In one of his letters he wrote:
"Tell my sister Bellows, if .she has had melancholly days, to throw them be-
hind her, for it is folly to think of them more, and to enjoy the present moment,
for it is all we can call our own." His t'lrst wife d. about 1812, and late in life


he m. a Mrs. Clark, and removed to Neave, Darke Co., O., where he d. in
Sept., 1837. There were eight children, all by ist wife, b. in Jefferson, Pa.

5. Mary Milliken* (1), third daughter of James^ (1), b. in Sharon, N. H., Apr.
4, 1770; was m. to David Wood of Rockingham, Vt., and d. May 13, 1813.
They had seven children, Solomon, Scott, William, David, Margaret, and two
sons whose names are unknown.

I. Solomon Wood, b. in Rockingham, Vt., Sept. 13, 1802, and d. May 8,
1859, in Sangamon Co., 111. His wife, Mary Preston, b. in DeKalb,
N.Y., July 6, 1806; d. in Sangamon Co., 111., Apr. 15, 1859. Both
buried in Farmingdale Cemetery, ten miles West of Springfield. They
had 3 sons and 6 daughters.

II. Scott ^^'ooD, probably has descendants living in Pennsylvania.
III. INIary Wood, m. Obadiah Felt, who was a storekeeper at \\'est Pots-
dam, N. Y.

6. Elizabeth Milliken^ (1) fourth daughter of James^ (1), b. in Sharon, N. H.,
Mar. 8, 1772; was m. Nov. 24, 1793, to Peter Bates of Jaffrey, N. H., b. in
New Ipswich, N. H., Mar. 21, 1770, son of Joseph and Phebe (Powers) Bates.
They resided in Walpole, and Jaffrey, N. H., in Potsdam, N. Y., and in Farm-
ingdale, near Springfield, 111., to which they removed in the autumn of 1835,
and where Mr. Bates d. July i, 1845. Mrs. Bates went to visit friends in Taze-
well Co., 111., and after less than a week's illness, d. there Nov. 16, 1853. Was
buried beside her husband in Farmingdale Cemetery. She was a woman of
remarkable mental and physical vigor — a genuine representative of the best
t}^e of New England womanhood, and possessed the dash and breadth of the
great free West. A granddaughter has written of her: "She never stooped, and
her step was light and elastic as a girl's." The same woman relates the follow-
ing: "Grandmother Bates had been away visiting, and started to walk home
across the prairie. She had not gone far when she saw a young horse (that had
been worked some the spring before) feeding. She caught him, led him to a
gopher hill, and mounted without saddle or bridle. No sooner was she on his
back, than he started on the run for home. There were several branches (called
brooks in the East) to cross; these he jumped. Uncle saw them coming and
opened the gate that the horse might not stop too suddenly. He slackened his
pace, as he entered the yard, and grandmother sprang to the ground, delighted
with her ride. She must have been, at the time, at least 65 years of age. She
did not come to Illinois till she was 63. Could any of the present generation of
Milliken descendants ride as well? I used to be thought a fearless rider, but I
could never have dared such a ride just for pleasure."

Mrs. Bates had twelve children, named as follows, of whom four were b. in
Potsdam, N. Y., the others b. in New Hampshire:

I. Eliza Bates, b. in Walpole, N. H., Dec. 22, 1794; m. Dec. 4, 1818, to
Ashley Freeman (b. in Vt., Apr. 3, 1797) of Potsdam, N. Y. She d.
Dec. II, 1826. He d. Dec. 13, 1855. They had three children.

II. Peter Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., June 5, 1796; d. Apr. 17, 1813.
III. Oliver Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., Aug. 31, 1797; m. Sept. iS, 1824,

Chamty Buckman, daughter of Jeremiah and Ruth Buckman. In
1833 they moved to Sangamon Co., 111., and in 1834, settled near
(now) Farmingdale Station. There Oliver d. Apr. 2, 1865, and there
Charity d. Mar. 20, 1S70. Four children.


IV. Martha Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., Sept. 30, 1799; m. at Bellows
Falls, Vt., Dec. 15, 1823, Hiram Luther Webb, b. in Rockingham,
Vt., Nov. 12, 1799, son of ?Iiram and Dorothy (Whcelock) Webb. In
the autumn of 1834, they removed to Illinois in wagons, arriving in
Sangamon County, Nov. 13th. She d. there July 26, 1890. They
had seven children.
V. Sarah Bates, b. in JafTrey, N. H.,Apr. 17, 1801 ; m. to Bailey IIealey,
at Potsdam, N. Y., and d. Apr. 10, 1890. Air. IIealey d. Sept. 12, 1855.
They had five children.

VI. James AI. Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., Mar. 2, 1803; m. ist, in San-
gamon Co., 111., Eunice Watts, and 2d, Eunice (Watts) Holmes.
They were sisters. He d. Feb. 10, 1875. No issue.

vn. Harriet R. Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N.H., July 17, 1805; m. at Bellows
Falls, Vt., Josiah Sawyer, son of Capt. Abial Sawyer, moving thence
to W'aterford, N. Y., thence, in 1836, to Temont, III., where she d.
Oct. 18, 1887. Mr. Sawyer was b. June 25, 1808; d. Oct. 3, 1833.
Two children.
YT\\. Phebe p. Bates, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., Apr. 7, 1807; d. Mar. 13, 1835,

IX. Mary P. Bates, b. in Potsdam, N.Y., Feb. 2, 1809; m. 1830, Asel
Lyman, at Potsdam, N.Y. He b. in Lebanon, N. H., Aug. i, 1784.
Eight children.
X. TuRA Bates, b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Oct. 15, i8ti; m. Sarah Richards.
After the age of 21 he settled in Clayton, N.Y. He d. June i, 1861.
His wife d. Sept. 9. 1876. Two children.

XI. Peter J. Bates, b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1813; m. May 7, 1839,
Rebecca Runnel, formerly of Hagerstown, Md. At the age of 13.
he went to Illinois and finally settled in Greene Co. In Dec, 1841,
he removed to Whitehall, 111., and engaged in the milling business
and ever after resided there. Five children. He d. Oct. 24, 1900.

xn. Orpha E. Bates, b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1816; m. in Farm-
ingdale, 111., June 2, 1842, Benjamin Watts, son of Benjamin and Mary
(Barber) Watts, b. in Lyman, N. H., Nov. 26, 1808, and went with his
parents, when 10 years of age, to (now) Helena, N. Y., thence to Illinois
in 1836. She removed to Illinois in 1835. He d. June 30, 1862.
Orpha d. Apr. 15, 1884. Three children.


7. Sarah Milliken* (1), fifth daughter of James^ (1), b. in Sharon, N. H., Sept.
15, 1779; m. Edmund Shattuck; d. at Saxton's River, Vt., Feb. 9, 1872. She
was a tall woman and vigorous physically and mentally, and well informed.
When 90 years of age she was interviewed by Daniel L. AliUiken, and was then
clearminded and active bodily. To information she gave at this interview, the
descendants of James Milliken are largely indebted for the knowledge of their
early ancestors contained in this book. Although reaching the great age of
91 i years, she did not d. of old age, but from a fall and broken hip. She had
two children: Sarah, who d. at the age of 9, and Edmund, who m., and d. in
Cooperstown. X. Y., many years before his mother's death.

8. Alexander Milliken* (4), second son of James^ (1), b. in Sharon, N. H., Feb.
24, 1781; m. Xaxcy Bates and Hved in Pomfret, Vt., where he d. Sept. 20, 1863.


His wife d. Nov. 12, 1849. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. Seven chil-
dren's names recorded on Pomfret town books.

9. James Milliken* (2), third son of James^ (1), b. in Sharon, N. H., May 3,
1783; m. Oct. 16, 1814, Abigail Ely, daughter of Joseph H. Ely, of Charles-

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 34 of 109)