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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 38 of 109)
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She bids fond memories round us cling
And tender thoughts the heart control.

And angel eyes, with wondrous light.

Forsaking flowery fields above.
Come peering through the veil of night,

And shed o'er all the beams of love.


They have three children, named as follows:

I. Helen Louisa Milliken', b. in Brandon, \'t., Jan. 5, 1864, and m.
Edward A. Winchester. She was educated in the public schools of
Maiden, Mass., a private Maiden school and the Emerson Schcjol of
Elocution and Oratory in Boston, from which she graduated with high
honors. She early showed special talent as a reader and was strongly
urged by Professor Emerson to go upon the public ])Iatform as such.
But her tastes ran more to art work, in which she had displayed uncom-
mon promise in early childhood. She received art instruction for
several terms from such well-known Boston artists as Miss Knowlton
(Hunt's favorite pupil) and Miss Martin. While in her 'teens she did
remunerative art work for the Robinson Engraving Company, of Boston,
for a period of several years. On June 10, 1886, she married Edward A.
Winchester, son of Fitz E. and Lydia (Smith) Winchester, of Maiden,
Mass. She did not with her marriage lose her interest in her brush
and palette, but developed such decided e.xcellence in oil and water
colors, that she has received and e.xecuted a large variety of work for
leading parties in Boston and elsewhere. She has three children. Dur-
ing the summer of 1904 Mrs. Winchester and her son, Ralph, a young
man of seventeen, went on a foreign tour through England, Scotland,
France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Holland. She has delivered
several public addresses, of a high order of literary merit, and written
much for the press both in prose and poetry. The children are:
(i) Ralph E. Winchester, h. in Maiden, Mass., Nov. i, 1887.

(2) Ruth Winchester, b. in Maiden, Mass., Jan. 23, 1889.

(3) Edna Winchester, b. in ^Maiden, Mass., June 11, 1892.

n. Katie Lissette Milliken", b. at Brattleboro, Vt., Dec. 2, 1866; m.
Oct. 14, 1891, Emory F. Bennett, son of Frankhn E. and Laura
(Thomas) Bennett of Guilford, Vt. She graduated from the Maple-
wood Grammar School of Maiden, Mass. Ill health from accidental
injury prevented her from receiving further schooling. Had Fate given
her health and proper educational advantages she could easily have
become a popular pubhc reader. When she was but seven her father
asked her to write a good motto, and she wrote: "Do Something."
She has been doing "Something" ever since, and largely for the good of
others, being Superintendent of the" Junior Christian Endeavor Society,"
and of the "Maiden Flower Mission," and having the power and tact
to inspire and lead children to catch her own spirit of high and unselfish
endeavor. One child, Mildred Flora, h. at Maiden, Mass., Alay 16, 1893.

III. Carl Spencer Milliken', b. in ^Maiden, Mass., Jan. 27, 1876; m.
Florence La Tourette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. La
Tourette of Ripon, Wis., on Christmas Day, 1902, at Fenton, Mich.
They first met as teachers in Flint, Mich. He graduated from the Mai-
den, Mass., High School as president of his class, and of the Literary
Society. He immediately entered the Institute of Technology, Boston,
and graduated therefrom in the class of 1899, in the Biological Depart-
ment. In the following September he took charge of the Scientific
Department of the Flint, Mich., High School, where he remained two
years. He then became a teacher in the Scientific Department of the
Lawrence, Mass., High School. After two years he was chosen to the


chair of Biology in Ripon College, Wis., where he now resides. One
son, Sheldon Spencer, b. at Ripon, Wis., Dec. 28, 1903.

4. Royal Bellows Milliken*' (3), third son of RoyaP (2), b. in Springfield, \i.,
Apr. 15, 1839, a few months after his father's death; d., unm., at Brandon, \i.,
Feb. 7, 1868, of consumption (occasioned by undue exposure as a pubHc speaker
before outdoor gatherings). When but four years of age he met with an acci-
dent that resulted in long years of sickness and made him a cripple for life.
When the Civil War broke out, he was in charge of a salesroom in St. Louis for
his brothers. St. Louis was then a hot-bed of secessionists, and young Milliken
threw his whole soul into the Union cause. He was one of the speakers at a
Union meeting when the secessionists invaded their hall, put the lights out and
tore down the platform on which he was speaking. The unionists "held the
fort" and flag, however, relighted the hall, expelled or silenced the secession-
ists and went on with their Union rally. The war compelling the closing of his
office in St. Louis, Royal went upon the platform as a speaker at Union rallies
in Ilhnois and Indiana, and later assisted the Union cause in other directions.
He walked seven miles on his crutch to get upon the battlefield of Antietam to
help care for the wounded; and it was his melancholy fortune to be one of the
witnesses of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He was for some time
Grand Lecturer of the Sons of Temperance for eastern New York, and was
everywhere hailed as "an able and eloquent speaker."


1. Elbridge G. Milliken" (2), eldest son of James^ (6), b. May 4, 1833; d. Aug.
3, 1859, unm.

2. Susan F. Milliken" (4), eldest daughter of James^ (6), b. Apr. 2, 1840, in
Cavendish, Vt.; was m., ist, to Hugh F. Warner, Sept. 7, 1856, and had four
children; 2d, Dec. 24, 1870, to Hiram H. Ames, and resides in Worcester, Mass.

3. Albert H. Milliken" (1), second son of James^ (6), b. in Chester, Vt., Sept.
6, 1841; m. July 18, 1862, Miss Sarah Martha Chapin, b. at Concord, Mass.,
Apr. 24, 1836, being the daughter of C. and EUzabeth (Hallowell) Chapin, and
resides at New School St., Lowell, Mass. Two children, born in Nashua, N. H.,
named as follows:

I. Fred Grant Milliken", b. Dec. 8, 1864. Unm.
II. Clara Bell Milliken'', b. June i, 1868. Unm.

4. Annah C. Milliken" (1), third daughter of James^ (6), b. in Chester, Vt.,
June 5, 1843; was m. Nov. 9, 1867, to Edwin Green of Rockingham, Vt. One

5. Kate E. Milliken" (1), fourth daughter of James'^ (6), b. in Charlestown,
N. H., Aug. 12, 1845; was m. Oct. 23, 1869, to John Frinney, and resides at
West Gardner, Mass.

6. William E. Milliken" (7), third son of James'' (6), b. in Charlestown, N. H.,
Apr. 20, 1847; m. June 20, 1875, Miss Hattie A. Bosv^orth.

7. Louise J. Milliken^ (1), fifth daughter of James'^ (6), b. in Charlestown,
N. H., Aug. 12, 1849; was m. Oct. 27, 1867, to George D. Clark, and resides
at South Acworth, N. H. Nine children.

8. Joshua R. Milliken" (1), fourth son of James'^ (6), b. in Charlestown, N. H.,
Mar. 23, 1851; m. Nov. 4, 1874, to Mary A. Allen. No issue.

9. Hattie R. Milliken" (5), sixth daughter of James^ (6), b. in Acworth, N. H.,


Mar. (), 1856; was ni. Dec. 24, 1872, to Henry Walker, and resides at W'orces-
ter, Mass.

10. Charles E. Milliken" (5), fifth son of James'^ (6), I), in Acworth, N. H.,
Sept. 17, 1857; m., Jan. 5, 1886, Eva Strickland, and resides at South .Ac-
worth, N. H.

11. Lizzie E, Milliken" (1), seventh daughter of James'' (6), b. in Acworth,
N. H., Sept. 3, 1859; was m., May 2, 1882, to Weston O. Kemp, and resides at
East Acworth, N. H. One child, Harry D. Kemp, b. May 30, 1883.


1. Charles de Estaing IVIilliken" (6), eldest son of Moses'" (1), b. Nov. 6, 1835;
m., June 9, 1864, to Carrie M. Thompson of New York City. He d. Apr. 7,
1880. One child, Ada Bell, d. aged 4 months.

2. George Henry Milliken** (5), second son of Moses'^ (1), b. June 6, 1841; m.,
Feb. 20, 1S64, Louisa Jane Johnson. He d. Sept. 10, 1869. One child, d.

3. Sibil Anna Milliken® (1), eldest daughter of Moses' (1), b. Jan. 12, 1845; d.
Apr. 3, 1846.

4. Hattie Ada Milliken" (5), second daughter of ^Foses^ (1), b. Sept. 24, 1846;
was m., July 11, 1862, to Ruel W. H. T.a.ylor, who was killed in the second
battle of Bull Run; 2d, to H.4ZEN Barnard of Marblehead, Mass., Jan. 8, 187 1.
One child, George Henry, b. Dec. 14, 1871; d. Sept. 13, 1876.

5- Nellie Maria Milliken® (1), third daughter of Moses^ (1), b. Aug. 24. 1848;
was m. Mar. 16, 1873, to Charles Henry Willard, son of Charles Willard
of Hartford, Ct., b. Sept. 11, 1836. Reside at Gila Bend, Arizona. One child.


%\{\\\\t\\$ of Masljington, ||lass.

Alexander Milliken, a Scotchman by birth, came to the North of Ireland early
in life with three of his brothers, and all were at the memorable siege of Lon-
donderry, in 1689, he alone surviving. He died at his home at Castledawson,
or Dawson Bridge, on the river Boyne, and was buried with military honors.
Two sons, William and Alexander, — possibly others, as tradition says one went
South — came to New England, and made permanent settlement. See " Milli-
kens of Wilton, N. H.," as recorded in preceding pages.

I. William Millikan (1), a son of Alexander (1), was b. at Castledawson, Treland>
in 1726; m. Mary McKxight, daughter of Robert and Morgan McKnight, al'
Protestants, and of Scottish stock. He came to America early in the nineteenth
century, about 1750, and first sat down at East Windsor, Conn. He and family
went to Belfast, Ireland, to take passage on the same ship, with the same master
with w^hom his wife's parents had crossed the Atlantic the year previous. By
some unknown reason they were delayed in that city for six weeks at a heavy
expense. During the voyage there was a terrible storm, and for fourteen days
and nights neither sun nor stars were seen. The passage was long and dreary,
and while on the ocean Mary's first child was born, died, and buried beneath the
waves. She was attended during her confinement by a nurse of great skill and
kindness, and was made as comfortable as her circumstances would admit of.
From East Windsor the family, with some of the McKnights,* came to Wash-
ington, Berkshire Co., Mass., about 1768, and were among the pioneers of that
town. William Millikan d. Mar. 6, 1788, aged 63. Mary, his wife, d. May
10, 1813, aged 81. She spent her last days with the widow of her son Alexan-
der, as did her mother, Morgan McKnight. Children, as far as known, eight
in number, named as follows:

1. John Millikan^ (1), eldest son of Wilham' (1), b. in East Windsor, Conn.,
Nov. 22, 1751.

2. Mary Millikan^ (1), second daughter of WiUianr (1), b. at East Windsor,
Conn., Nov. 12, 1757; was m. to Eliphalet Steal, and lived in Washington,

3. Isabella Millikan^ (1), third daughter of Willianr (1), b. at East Windsor,

Conn., Jan. 28, 1760; was m. to — Foot and had issue, William, Nancy,

Orrilla, and Patty.

4. William Millikan^ (2), second son of Willianr (1), b. in East Windsor, Conn.,
Mar., 1762; was m. to Susanna Whittaker, daughter of Jonathan and Su-
sanna (White) Whittaker, and was a farmer in Washington; Mass. He was
also a soldier of the Revolution in Capt. Asa Stower's Co., John Brown's Reg't.

* Three McKnight brothers — James, John, and Robert — came from Ireland to America.
John was manj^ years a merchant in New London, Conn, James settled in the western part
of Washington, Mass., where he died in 1799, aged 82 years; Sarah, his wife, died in 1812,
aged 86. Kobert McKnight married Morgan and settled in East Windsor, Conn., and soon
sent for their daughter Mary and her husband, William Millikan. Robert was born in 1699
and died in 1776, aged 77 years; his widow died Jan. 22, i8or, aged 100 years and 10 months.
A Scotch family.


Enlisted June 30, 1777, discharged July 26, 1777. Service 26 days. Marched
to Saratoga, N. ^'. Ik- was a pensioner. He and wife were admitted to the
church in Washington in Sept., 1786. His wife d. Aug. 26, 1846, aged 85. He
d. July 8, 1S50, aged 88. They were buried in the old churchyaril on the hill
in Wa.shington, Mass., alongside of many kindred, Millikans and McKnights.
Children, no less than five in number, vv^ith 4th generation.

5. Robert Millikan^ (1), third son of William- (1), b. in East Windsor, Conn.,
Aug., 17(14; d. Dec. 23, 1787, aged 24.

6. Sarah Millikan^ (1), fourth daughter of Willianr (1), b. in Va\>\. Windsor,
Conn., Fel)., 1767; was m. to Hiram Savery, and left children.

7. Alexander Millikan^ (2), fourth son of William^ (1), b. in Washington, Mass.,

Nov. 15, 1769; m. HAXN.4H FR.4NKLIN, Seventh child of Daniel and Maria (Titus)

Franklin, who was b. Aug. 17, 1769, and d. Dec. 14, 1863, in Albany, X. Y.,

aged 94 years. He d. Apr. 30, 1S03, ''^ged 34 years, leaving five children of

whom more presently," with 4th generation.

Note. — M.\ry Ann Clark, wife of Augustus Clark of Washington, Mass., was called
daughter of .Alexander and Hannah Millikan in 1813.

.i^ourtb cOciurution.


1. John Millikan^ (2), eldest son of WiHiam^' (2), b. in Washington, Mass., was
bapt. Sept. 13, 1786. He was admitted to the church in July, 1811. A John
Millikan was m. (published) Dec. 28, 1827, to Miss Dorothy Clapp of South-
ampton; and Feb. 23, 1833, a John w^as pubHshed to Miss Rhoda Driggs.
He was living Aug. 6, 1850, and styled "heir of the late A\'illiam Millikan de-
ceased." Nothing knowm of his family. He d. Jan. 8, 1854.

2. Betsey Millikan^ (1), eldest daughter of William^ (2), bapt. in Washington,
Mass., Oct. 26, 1788.

3. Polly Millikan* (1), second daughter of William^ (2), bapt. in Washington,
Mass., May 17, 1791; w^as m. Nov. 23, 1809, to Harry Holcomb, and w-as one
of three children of William Millikan Hving Aug. 6, 1850. Probably had issue.

4- Sophia Millikan^ (1), third daughter of William^ (2), bapt. in Washington,
Mass., Mar. 31, 1792; was m. iNIav 19, 1814, to Terkmiaii Bill and had son

5. Susanna Millikan^ (2), fourth daughter of Wilhanv'' (2), was bapt. in Wash-
ington, Mass., Sept. 23, 1794.


I. Capt. Robert Millikan'* (2), eldest son of Alexander^ (2), was b. in Washing-
ton, Berkshire Co., Mass., Aug. 9, 1792; was m. Apr. 18, 1816, in Becket, Mass.,
to Amanda Childs, who d. July 2, 1820, leaving a son. He m., 2d, Dec. 19,
1821, the widow Sally Wadsworth, who was b. in Washington, Mass., Aug.
27, 1797, and d. in Hinsdale, O. He was left fatherless at the age of ten, but
his mother, who was appointed his guardian, trained him to habits of industry
and economy, and he acquired, by inheritance or purchase, lands in his native
town. At the age of 30, he made his way to Ohio on foot, to visit his brother
\\'illiam and view the country. He soon after exchanged his lands in Wash-
ington, Mass., for wild lands in Freedom, O., intending to settle there, but changed


his plans and bought a tract of heavily timbered land in Hinsdale, to which he
moved in 1824, and lived there about thirty years. Failing health caused him to
sell his farm, and he moved to Hinsdale village, where he d. in 1867, aged 75
years. He was called to fill many municipal offices, and represented Hinsdale
in the Legislature. He was a man of correct judgment and of strict integrity,
who was held in respect by all who knew him. For children see 5th generation.

2. William Millikan^ (3), second son of Alexander^ (2), b. in Washington,
Mass., Jan. i, 1795; m. Dec. 16, 1819, Pamelia Messenger, in Becket, by
Rev. Jas. L. Mills. He immediately started for the "Western Reserve," on
his wedding tour, with an ox-team and sled on which sat his young wife with all
of their worldly estate. They went directly to Windham, O., where a colony
of their relatives and old neighbors from Washington and Becket, Mass., had
preceded them. Here he settled, and became a thrifty farmer. He was a
man of stable mind and good character, "whose word was law." Mr. Millikan
d. in 1853; his widow in 1870. Six children of whom with 5th generation.

3. Daniel Franklin Millikan* (1), third son of Alexander^ (1), b. Oct. 31, 1797
at Washington, Mass.; m. Jan. 6, 1820, to Amelia Pease, b. Aug. 7, 1801, d.
Mar. 20, 1875, at Stockbridge, Mass. He moved to Freedom, in the Western
Reserve, O., in 1838, and from there to Lyndon, Whiteside Co., 111., in 1838.
He was a welhknown shoemaker, farmer, honored citizen, and for about 40
years deacon of the Congregational church. He d. Aug. 18, 1880. Six children.
See fifth generation.

4. Isabella Millikan* (2), eldest daughter of Alexander^ (1), b. in Washington,
]\Iass., Apr. 10, 1800; was m. to Silas B. Hamiltox, and d. in Albany, N. Y.,
July 31, 1893, aged 93 years, 4 months, 21 days. She had five children and her
daughters live at No. 3 Pine Street, Albany, N. Y. This family have not repUed
to any inquiries.

5. Maria Millikan* (1), second daughter of Alexander^ (1), b. in Washington,
ISIass. ; was m. to Mr. St. John and soon d.

J^iftb feneration.


1. Alexander Milliken' (3), son of Robert* (2), b. in Washington, Mass., Apr. 7,
1817 ; went to Ohio with his father in 1824; was m. Sept. 21, 1843, to Clementine
Atalia Earle, b. Feb. 25, 1822, in Windham, O., being the daughter of Jacob
Earle, and d. in Kinmundy, 111., Mar. 4, 1885. He m. 2d, Mar. 18, 1886, Mar-
TH.A M. Hart. Was a farmer, resident for many years at Kinmundy, 111., and
d. there Mar. 12, 1904.* Children's names with 6th generation.

2. Sarah Amanda Millikan'^ (2), eldest daughter of Robert* (2), b. in Washing-
ton, Mass., Nov. I, 1822; was m. Apr. 2, 1844 (records have it Mar. 25, 1844),
to Lorenzo J. Deming, and was living (1894) in Austinburg, O. In 1903 she
was living at Bergen, N. Y.

3. Isabel Millikan^ (3), second daughter of Robert* (2), b. in Hinsdale, O.,
Mar. 30, 1827; was m, Dec. 4, 1850, to Henry A. Deming, and d. at Oberlin, O.,
Jan. 25, 1886.

* He is said to have changed his name from Millikan to Millican and his children use
this form, but to avoid confusion I shall employ the original orthography.


4- Sylvias. Millikan^ (1), third daugliter of Robert* (2), b. in Hinsdale, ().,
IMay 23, 1S30; was m. in June, 1857, to Edwin Curtis, and lives in Bedlield,
Oswego Co., N. Y. Has issue.


1. Rev. William Franklin Millikan'^ (4), eldest son of William* (3), b. in Wind-
ham, O., May 8, 1823; m. M.arv Lucretia Treat, niece of Selah Treat, Sec-
rotary of the American Board, and served as chaplain in the Union .\rmy during
the Civil War. He d. in Carlyle, Kan., Sept. 4, 1887.

2. Maria Pamelia Millikan^ (2), eldest daughter of WiUiam' (3), b. in Windham,
0., Jan. 14, 1825; was m. in 1845, to Nelson Bidwell Brigham ami li\cd at
INIuskcgoii, Mich. He is deceased.

3. Edwin A. Millikan^ (1), second son of William^ (3), b. 1829; d. at the age of
six years.

4- Henry Alexander Millikaiv' (1), third son of William* (3), b. in Windham,
O., Aug. 12, 1831; m. Julia A. Merwin and was killed June 11, 1864, at Cyn-
thiana, Ky., while serving in the Union Army. He had issue two sons and one
daughter. His wife was b. Sept. 23, 1832, and d. Sept. 20, 1900. See 6th

5. Mary Isabella Millikan^ (2), second daughter of William* (3), b. in Wind-
ham, O., Oct. 20, 1834; was m. Feb. 12, 1852, to Dr. William M. Eames, who
was a surgeon in the army during the Civil War, and two years in the Ohio
Legislature. He d. in 1884, and his widow is living at Ashtabula, O. Mrs.
Eames says: "I am glad to say my boys are active men, all good Republicans
and some are active members of the Presbyterian churches." Children named
as follows:

I. William Millikan Eames, b. in Braceville, O., Dec. 13, 1852; m. in

Orwell, O., Dec. 28, 1881, Anna Grace Howard, and was a lawyer

in Cincinnati, O. He d. June 27, 1901.
II. Dr. Chl\rles Henry Eames, b. in Windham, O., Dec. 24, 1854; m.

in East Saginaw, Mich., June 15, 1887, Bertha B. Baum, d. in 1890.

He d. Jan. 18, 1890.

III. Dr. Robert Millikan Eames, b. in Ashtabula, O., Jan. 6, 1865; is
practising in Seattle, Wash. Was m. there Aug. 15, 1894, to Ethel
M. Drew.

IV. Alvah E.AMES, b. in Orwell, O., Feb. 15, 1862; m. in Portland, Ore.,
Dec. 8, 1892, M.\RY C. DeLin; is a U. S. Postal railwav clerk, living
in Valdez, Alaska (C. C. Ry. Mail).

V. Albert Hamilton Eames, b. in Ashtabula, O., Sept. 6, 1869; m. in
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 2, 1893, to Isabella Fisher, and is clerk in e.xten-
sive iron and steel company (Carnegie & Co.) at Pittsburg, Pa.

M. Mary Milliken Eames, b. in Ashtabula, O., July 14, 187 1; m. Oct.
15, 1895, George Edward Ducro.


1. Eliza P. Millikan'' (1), eldest daughter of Daniel^ (1), b. at Stockbridge,
Mass., May 15, 1821; d. Sept. 5, 1822.

2. Robert D. Millikan' (3), eldest son of Daniel* (1), b. at Stockbridge, Mass.,
Mar. 12, 1823; d. Jan. 13, 1828.

3- Ellen D. Millikan^ (1), second daughter of Daniel* CD, b. at Stockbridge,
Mass., Mar. 24, 1825; was m. Feb. 4, 1845. to George W. Fitch, b. Feb. 21,


1822, d. Aug. 10, 1887. She lived at Lyndon, WTiiteside Co., 111., where she
d. July 24, 1S93. She had eight children, named as follows:

I. Robert Henry Fitch, b. Apr. 16, 1846; d. Apr. 20, 1868.
II. Charles Erwin Fitch, b. Feb. 22, 1850; d. Aug. 29, 1851.
in. Frank Erastus Fitch, b. Nov. 21, 1852, m.

rv. Emily Amanda Fitch, b. Sept. 30, 1855; m. Pollard, and lives

in Denver, Col.
V. George Albert Fitch, b. Nov. 20, 1859; d. May 13, i860.

VI. Flora Aurelia Fitch, b. Apr. 18, 1861; m. to Abernethy, and

lives at Fairmont, Neb.

vn. Nellie Amelia Fitch, b. Apr. 10, 1866; m. to Ambler, and

lives at Weeping Water, Neb.
viH. Isabel Philena Fitch, b. Mar. 7, 1870; d. Sept. 22, 1870.

4- Martha A. Millikan'^ (1), third daughter of DanieP (1), b. in Freedom, O.,
Jan. 25, 1832; was m. Sept. 10, 1861, to Capt. John Whallon, b. Dec. 21,
1827, d. Oct. 21, 1903. She lives at Lyndon, Whiteside Co., 111. She had (1894)
one son, namely:

I. Halleck Whallon, b. Aug. 25, 1862.

5. Rev. Silas Franklin Millikan^ (1), second son of DanieP (1), b. in Freedom,
O. Sept. 8, 1834; m. Sept. 13, 1864, Mary J. Andrews of Rochester, N. Y.,
b. May 3, 1834, a graduate of Oberlin College. When he was but four years
old the family migrated by wagon and entered upon pioneer life at Lyndon,
Whiteside Co., 111., on the banks of Rock River. Here the boyhood of Silas
Franklin was spent on his father's farm, and in the village school, which was
one of unusual excellence for the times. At the age of 17 he walked 70 miles
to Knox College, Galesburg, 111., where he entered the freshman class in 1851.
Two years later he entered the Junior year at Oberlin College, O., where he
received the A. B. degree in 1855. After teaching for one year in Ohio, he re-
turned to Oberlin to enter the Theological Seminary. From this he graduated
1859. His first pastorate was at Crete, 111. From there he went to Wheaton,
111., where he preached for four years. From 1867 to 1872, he was pastor of the
Congregational church at Morrison, 111. From '72 to '74, he preached at Mc-
Gregor, la., and in 1875, began a thirteen year pastorate at Maquoketa, la.
From there he was called, in Mar., 1888, to Emporia, Kan., thence to the Plym-
outh Congregational Church of Wichita, Kan., and in 1891, back again to an
Iowa pastorate, at Mason City. From 1893 to 1902, he preached at Anamosa,
la., and in 1903, removed to Kingsley, la., his present home. The family
consists of six children.

I. Allan F. Millikan^ b. May 6, 1866; m. June 25, 1895, to Mary
Plumb, Oberlin, O., b. Oct. 23, 1S68. He graduated at Oberlin College,
1898. Stove manufacturing with American Stove Co., Chicago, 111.
Resides at River Forest, Cook Co., 111. Two children:
(i) Edward P. Millikan', b. Aug. 5, 1898.
(2) Robert F. MiUikan'^, b. July 16, 1901.
II. Robert A. Millikan", b. Mar. 22, 1868; m. Apr. 10, 1892, to Greta
Blanchard, Oak Park, III, b. July 16, 1876. He graduated at Oberlin
College, 1891, Ph.D. Columbia University, 1893. Studied at Berlin
and Jena, 1894-5. Assistant Professor Physics in Chicago University.
Resides in Chicago. One son:

(i) Clark B. Millikan'', b. Aug. 23, 1903.



III. ]Max. F. Millikan^, b. Mar. lo, 1870. Graduate of Obcrlin College,
1894. Lawyer, residing in New York City. Unm. in 1904.

IV. Grace M. AIii.likan", b. Dec. 26, 1871; m. June 25, 1901, to Joiix IF.
Behr, Cleveland, O., b. May 27, 1873 ; d. Apr. 14, 1902. She is a teacher
in Chicago, 111.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 38 of 109)