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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 44 of 109)
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in 1858, leaving issue, Rebecca and Eliza.

IV. Diana Conboy, b. Aug. 20, 1820; d. Oct., 1902, in Brock Township,

V. Rebecca Conboy, b. Nov., 1822; d. at Plympton, Ont., Jan., 1895.
VI. Catherine Conboy, b. July 13, 1824; resides in homestead with

brothers, unm.
vu. James Conboy, b. Feb. 16, 1827; hves on the homestead at Wyoming,

Ont., single.
vni. Margaret Conboy, b. Mar. 6, 1829; d. in infancy.
IX. Margaret Conboy, b. July 9, 1830; d. in infancy.
X. David Conboy, b. Jan. 25, 1832. Bachelor.
XI. P. Thomas Conboy, b. Jan. 12, 1835. Bachelor.

5. David Millikin'* (4), son of David^ (2), b. in County Sligo, Ireland, in 1798;
came with his brothers to Canada in 1822, and at first sat down and com-
menced his pioneer hfe in So. Sherbrooke, Ont., but in 1848, or 1850, sold out
and with his kindred removed to ^^'estern Ontario, and settled in Sarnia











Township, County Lambton. He m. in 1826. Margaret Bowles of Brockton,
Counl\' of Leeds, wlio also was b. in County Sli<;o in uSoO, and d. Oct. 13. iSg4.
Like others of this family, David was an ardent Methodist, lia\int; united with
the church in 1824. He d. with cholera, Sept. 14, 1856, and was buried in
Lake \'iew Cemetery, Sarnia, Unt. Tliere were six children: Emanuel, David,
Sarah J ., Amelia C, Adelaide, and Robert. See 5lh ^feneration.

6. Thomas Millikin' (8), fourth son of David^ (2), b. in County Sli«^o, Ireland,
in 1809; came to Canada with his brothers in 1822, and settled in South Sher-
brooke, Ont., where he established a permanent home, still owned l)y his son.
He sailed in the "Lazy Janes" of Mar\porl, Ireland. He m. in 1832, Sarah
A. Hughes, who was b. in 181 3, near Belfast, Ireland, and came with her pa-
rents to Canada in 1830. She d. Dec. 17, 1886. Mr. M. d. Apr. 27 1872. They
had been members of the Wesleyan Slethodist church, antl d. in the faith.
Tlieir chiklren were nine in num])er. See 5th generation.

7. Emanuel Milliken'* (5), son David^ (2), b. in County Sligo, Ireland, 181 1, and
came with his brothers to Canada when a young man (1822) and settlefl in South
Sherbrooke, Ont., where he m. Mar. ig, 1S36, Ann Hanna, a daughter of
Robert and Margery (Millikin) Hanna. He removed, with other families of
the connection, in 1848, to county of Lambton, with Port Sarnia for county
town, going through the lakes. In the year 1856, the cholera broke out in the
neighborhood, and I^manuel Millikin — with others of the family — d. with
that terrible malad}-. The following notice pubhshed in the Christian Giiardiittt
Oct. 3, 1856, speaks for itself:

Emanuel Milliken.

Last in the painful record of mortality, we are called on to chronicle the death
of our dear brother, Emanuel ^SliUikin. He was a native of Ireland, born in
1811. His parents d. when he was but eighteen months old and left him in the
care of an elder brother and sister. Erom an infant there was something more
than the ordinary in his amiable disposition. He was rarely known, even when
a child, to speak, or do, wrong. He came to Canada in 1822. In early life he
was made the subject of converting grace, and became a member of the Wes-
leyan ciuirch when about 15 years of age. His love for his church was strong
and his connection with it continued till his life's end. For many years he en-
joyed the blessing of perfect love. He was a man sound in faith, of qn e.xem-
plary piety, useful in life, and being dead yet speaketh. He came to this circuit
about nine years ago, and for seven years sustained acceptably the office of an
e.xhorter. A man more valued among his neighbors I never knew, and from
among those without he had a good report; and amongst his own brethren,
official and private, he was held in high esteem. In his death the circuit sus-
tains a severe loss, but our loss is his eternal gain. He breathed out his soul
into the hands of his Saviour, Oct. 3, 1856, aged 45 years. For .several days
before his death he was almost or entirely unconscious, and his only anxiety
seemed to be concerning his family. He left a wife and nine children.

His son informs the compiler of this book that his father, when the settle-
ment was new and he was a local preacher, often walked many miles where a
horse could not travel, to carry the gospel to the isolated neighborhoods. He
also taught, — until regular schools w'ere estabhshed, — a night school for the

Mrs. Millikin is still living with her son Isaac at Lucasville, Ont.





1. William Millikin'' (1), eldest son of John^ (4), b. in Sherbrooke, 1832; m. to

Johnston, and was a farmer in Moore Township, Ont. He d. 1878.

They had six children, named Frank, George, Frederick, Hattie, Daisy, and Lucy.

2. Richard iVIillikin^ (11), second son of John"* (4), b. in 1830; m. in 1862 to

Allen, and was a farmer for some years; he subsequently worked at the

carpenter's trade in Moore Township, Ont., where he d., without issue, in 1898.
His widow is still living in Mooretown, Ont.

3. John Millikin^ (7), third son of John^ (4), b. in Co. Lanark, Ont., Aug. 13,
1834; m. to Susan Cathcart, daughter of William Cathcart of Lambton Co.,
Ont., in 1865, her mother being Ehza Bennett of Limerick Co., Ireland, and
her father from Enniskillen. He lived on the St. Clair river in Lambton Co.,
Ont. Died in May, 1901. He was a sailor on the great northern lakes. His
children, six in number, named as follows:

I. Mary Millikin", b. in Moore Township, Ont., 1867; m. 1892, Andrew

Leckie; d. in 1893.
II. Carrie Million^, b. in Moore To\\nship, Ont., Aug. 8, 1869, and lives
on the homestead, unm.

III. William Millikin**, b. in Moore Township, Ont., 187 1; m. in 1892
• — ■ — Ross, and has moved to Cleveland, O. He is a sailor.

IV. Benjamin S. Millikin*', b. Apr. 13, 1876, in Moore Township, Ont.,
and lives on the homestead.

V. Gertrude Millikin*^, b. Jan. 5, 1881; m. 1902, William Watson, and
reside in St. Clair, Mich.

4. Benjamin Millikin^ (1), fourth son of John* (4), b. in Lanark Co., Ont.,
1837; moved to Moore township, Lambton Co., Ont., in 1848-50. He was m.

to ■ Boyle of Dawn MiUs Township in 1864. . She d. childless in 1868, and

hem., 2d, 1888, Annie Frederick, by whom two children, one of whom, Percy,
was b. Dec. 25, 1889.

5. Thomas Jones Millikin'' (9), fifth son of John* (4), b. 1849, in Lanark Co.,
Ont., and was carried when a child, in 1850, to Moore Township. He m. in 1874,
Anna Fox, and is now in the druggist's business at St. Clair, Mich. Has two
sons and two daughters, named Mannee, Leslie, Hellen, and .

6. Carrie Millikin^ (1), daughter of John* (4), b. in 1845; was m. in 1863, to
Capt. William Collins of Sandusky, O., and d. in 1865. No cliildren.

7. Eliza Millikin^ (2), daughter of John* (4), b. in Perth, Ont., 1847; was carried
to Moore Township in 1850; was m. in 1874, to John Albinson, a marine engi-
neer, and settled in Mooretown. She d. at Dawn Mills in 1877. She had one
son, Clarence R., b. 1874, who is living with liis father at Dawn Mills, Ont.

8. Esther Millikin'^ (1;, third daughter of John* (4), was b. in County Durham,
Ont., May 28, 1850; was carried to Moore Township when a child; was m. in
1877 to Dr. Moses P. Whipple, of New Hampshire, dentist, and resides at
Port Huron, Mich. Two daughters.

I. Essie Luciel Whipple, b. in St. Thomas, Can., July 27, 1878, unm.
Clerk in the office of the Supreme Tent of the Maccabees, Port Huron,
II. Viola Joe Whipple, b. in Kincardine, Can., Sept. i, 1884. Milhner,
Port Huron, Mich.




All born in South Sherbrook, Canada.

1. Jane Millikin", daughter of Emanuel'' (4), m. James Sides and mov^ed to
Elgin, 111., where their children now reside.

2. William Chester Millikin^ son of Emanuel^ (4), b. at South Sherbrooke,
Lanark Co., Ontario, Jan. i6, 1838; moved to Beauford, Minn., 1872; m.
Dec. 27, 1875, Mary Estelle Morrow, daughter of late James and Janet
Morrow, b. in South Sherbrooke, Lanark Co., Ont., Mar. 25, 1852. He d.
Jan. 22, 1907. Was a farmer. Children:

I. Nellie May Millikin^, b. at Beauford, Minn., Jan. 12, 1878; m.

Nov. 29, 1899, Alfred E. Anderson, and resides at Wells, Minn.
II. Charles Ashel Millikin'', b. at Beauford, Minn., Aug. 6, 1869;
farmer at Mapleton, Minn.

3. Armanda Millikin^ second daughter of Emanuel^ (4), m. Charles Wil-
liams of Mapleton, Minn. They reside at West Plains, Mo. Two children,
Sarah ? and Charles, went to Minn., 1870.

4. John Wesley Millikin^ second son of Emanuel^ (4), m. Matilda Kidd,
and has one son. He removed to Minnessota, 1872, and lived there for
several years, but went back to Canada in 1876-7, and d. at Carleton Place,
in March 1906. His son is Re7\ W. T. Millikin of Park Rapids, Minn.

5. George A. Millikin^ third son of Emanuel'* (4), m. Eliza Ward of Maple-
ton, Minn., and had issue Myrtle F. He removed from Canada to Min-
nessota in 1869. With his mother he removed in 1882 to San Antonia,
Tex., where she d. in 1884 and was buried in the old Alamo cemetery there.
George went to California in 1885 and lived in Pasadena until the time of
his d. 1895. His dau. Myrtle F. m. Milton Hawley of Pasadena, where she

6. Louisa Elizabeth Millikin'\ third daughter of EmanueP (4), removed from
Canada to Minnesota in 1870. She m. E. A. Rice of Farmington, Minn.,
and went to Pasadena, Cal., 1888, and still resides there. Two children,
Louisa, and Lyle.

7. James Emanuel Millikin^ fourth son of Emanuel'' (4), b. Dec. 20, 1853 ;
removed from Canada to Minnessota in 1870, where he learned the carpen-
ter's trade and has worked at it most of the time since. He spent several
years in the mines of Montana. Went to California in Dec. 1886, and set-
tled in Buena Park, Orange Co., where he resides. He m. there, Nov. 25,
1897, Bernice McKennev, eldest daughter of Jonathan and Lourenia Mc-
Xenney of Riverside, Cal., (she b. Oct. 7, 1874, in Denver, Col.) and has
issue, George Gilbert, b. Sept. 6, 1898; Jessie, b. Aug. 2, 1901, and James
Bruce, b. Apr., 2, 1906.

8. Sarah A. Millikin'', youngest child of EmanueP (4), removed to Min-
nessota from Canada in 1870. She m. Frank T. Braley of Farmington,
Minn., 1887, and went to Pasadena, Cal. in 1888, where she resided until
her d. in 1896. Her husband and children, Ralph, and Rilla, moved to
Harvey, 111., where they reside.



















1. William MiilikiiV (2), eldest son of i'jiKiiui(.'l' (4;, lived in Minnesota when
last heard from. Xo record of his fiuiiil)-.

2. Wesley Millikin'' (1), second son of Emanuel^ (4), lived somewhere in Upper

3- George Millikin^ (2), third son of Emanuel' (4), li\c'd in Minnesota when
last heard from.


1. Richard Millikiii' (6). eldest son of Richard' (2), b. in North Bloomfield,
TrumlniU Co., O.. Apr. 9, 1852; m. Eel). 4, 1874, AxxiE E. Khrfoot, daughter
of William and Margaret (Tesky) Kerfoot of Smiths Ealls, Unt., b. Apr. 22,
1850. He resides in North Bloomfield, owning several large farms, and is a
man of high character. His children, named as follows:

I. Rebecca Millikin**, b. June 21, 1875, unm.
II. Elizabeth ^Iillikin'^, b. Dec. 2, 1876, unm.

III. Ralph R. Millikin®, b. May 2, 1895.

2. Edraond Millikin'' (1), second son of Richard^ (2), b. in North Bloomlield,
O., Jan. 13, 1857; d. unm., Eeb. 9, 1892.


1. George W. Millikin'' (3), eldest son of Alexander^ (1), b. June 5, 1845; m.
Jan. I, 1872, at North Bloomfield, O., Mary J. Creed, and had issue as follows:

I. Eva Maud Millikin", b. Oct. 9, 1882 ; m. Dec. 31, 1894, Philip Riblet,
and has two children, Neitk Maud, b. May 29, 1896, and Dale, b. Oct.
4, 1901.
II. Henry Millikin^ b. Apr. 22, 1887; d. June 12, 1887.
m. Bert Millikin", b. Oct. 22, 1888.

IV. R.\Y C. Millikin", b. Apr. 22, 1889.

2. Elizabeth MUlikin' (1), eldest daughter of Alexander* (1), b. Mar. 22, 1848;
was m. May 4. 1S75, to Frank J. Stambaugh of Youngstown, O. She d.
May 12, 1886. There were two children, named as follows:

I. Fred Alexander Stamb.\ugh, b. July 2, 1876.
II. William Roy Stambaugh, b. June 17, 1878.

3. Alexander J. Millikin'^ (2), second son of Alexander* (1), b. July 21, 1849;
m. May 31, 1883, Madeline V. Palmer at Wellsburg, West Virginia. No
children. He lives in Virginia.

4. Robert H. Millikin' (1), third son of Alexander* (1), b. Mar. 12, 1S52; m.
Jan. I, 1883, Ida M. Waldorf, and resides at Burghill, O.

5. James Millikin' (2), fourth son of Alexander* (1), b. Dec. 13, 1854; d. June
i7> 1855.

6. Mary J. Millikin'^ (2), second daughter of Alexander* (1), b. Apr. 11, 1857;
was m. Mar. 19, 1884, to James T. Mixehart, at No. Bloomfield, O. Now
living in Chicago. She has two children, named as follows:

I. Grace Beatrice Minehart, b. Oct. 6, 1885.

IT. James Wesley Mixehart, b. Jan. 9, 1889.
7- William W. Millikin' (3), fifth son of Alexander* (1), b- Oct. 3, 1860; m.
Dec. 15, 1890. at Sharon, Pa., Carrie Mills.

8. Nettie 0. Millikin" (1), third daughter of Alexander* (1), b. Mar. 28, 1S63;
(1. May 22, 1869.


9. Frank H. Millikiir^ (1), sixth son of Alexander* (1), b. Aug. 29, 1866; m.
Mar. 29, 1893, Nellie M. Raymond at Bloomfield, O., and has two children,
named as follows:

I. Hazel Grace Millikin^, b. Apr. 15, 1894.

II. Gist Carnegie Millikin^, b. Nov. i, 1895.

10. Harvey I. Millikin^ (1), seventh son of Alexander* (l),b. Dec. 4, 1870; m.
Jan. 3, 1901, to Elizabeth Keck.


1. James Millikin'^ (3), eldest son of Thomas'* (6), d. in Cahfornia, Feb. 19,
1902, where he had lived for many years, unm.

2. Groves Millikin'^ (1), second son of Thomas* (6), m. Nan Adams and had
issue three children, all of whom d. He d. May 9, 1902, in Texas (?).

3. Catherine Millikin'^ (2), daughter of Thomas* (6), b. in Johnson town.ship,
Trumbull Co., O., in June, 1840; was m. in 1856, to Thomas Caufpield,* b.
near Magherafelt, Ireland, 1830; came to America about 1848, and went to hve
in Plymouth, Ashtabula Co., O. He d. in Greene Township, Trumbull Co., O.,
Sept. 20, 1872. His wife d. Aug. 4, 1875, of t}'phoid fever. Children named
as follows:

I. Samuel T. C.4Uffield, b. Sept. 20, 1857; m. June 18, 1884, Miss
Almira McLean of North Bloomfield, O., where he is a dealer in grain
and hay. Three children.

II. Mary A. G. C.a.uffield, b. Jan. 29, 1859. She is a teacher in Salt
Lake City, Utah. Unm.

III. Jennie Katherine Cauffield, b. May 4, 1862. She is a teacher in
Salt Lake City, Utah. Unm.

i\-. John William Cauffield, b. Dec. 17, 1863; m. Mar. 26, 1885, Miss
Dora M. Crozier. He is a passenger engineer between Erie and
Pittsburg, Pa. Has four children.
V. George Burdett Cauffield, b. Feb. 22, 1867; ""i- May 14, 1898,
Miss Hattie Logan. He is in the hay and grain business with his
brother Samuel at No. Bloomfield, O. Has two children.

VI. Edwin James Cauffield, M.D., b. Nov. 12, 1871; m. Nov. 2, 1898,
Miss Mildred G. Wetmore. He is a phvsician at Akron, O. One

4. Sarah Millikin* (1), second daughter of Thomas* (6), was m. to Adam John-
ston, a farmer. She d., leaving one child, Mrs. Gertrude Briindage, b. June i,
187 1, living at No. 2 Garden Place, Chicago, 111.

5. Burdett Millikin' (1), third son of Thomas* (6), was killed by a boiler ex-
plosion 1867. He did not leave a family.

6. Clarissa Millikin"' (1), third daughter of Thomas* (6), was m. in 1876, to
M. Fell, Ijy whom two children; 2d, to Mr. Manning, and hves in Ellsworth,
Kan. Issue: Pearl, b. 1878, and Jessie, h. 1880.


I. Mary Ann Millikin'' (3), eldest daughter of John* (5), b. near Smith's Falls,
Ont., July 22, 1839; was m. May 7, 1863, to Richard Kerfoot of Beckwith

* Samuel Cauffield married to Anna Lacock. Both were born and passed their
entire lives near Maghrafelt, Londonderry, Ireland. Their deaths occurred near together,
about 1867 or '68, and both were about seventy-two years of age. Of five children who
grew to maturity, Thomas, who married Catherine Millikin, was the third.


towTiship, Ont., farmer, but now living two miles north of Smiths Falls, in
Montague township. They had six children, named as follows:

I. Thomas G. Kkrfoot, b. Feb. 25, 1865; d. Oct. 7, 1881.

II. |()ii\ J. Kerfoot, b. Mar. 11, 1867; m. Dec. 27, 1893, to Laura Boyce,
and lives at Smiths Falls, Ont. Pliotographer. Two children.

III. William H. Kkrfoot, b. May 29, 1869. iiookseller and telegrapii
operator. Smiths Falls, Canada.

IV. Ida F. A. Kerfoot, b. Jan. 4, 1S72; at home, unm.
\-. Fknkst R. Kkrfoot, 1j. Dec. 6, 1875; at home, unm.

VI. IIkrhkrt W. Kerfoot, b. Mar. 25, 1882; medical student, McGill
College, Montreal.

2. Thomas Millikin^ (9), eldest son of John^ (5), b. near Smiths Falls, Ont.,
Mav 31, 1841; m. Mary Robinson, and runs a machine shop in Weston, Ont.
No issue.

3. Richard W. MillikiiV (7), second son of John^ (5), b. near Smiths Falls,
Ont., Feb. 7, 1843; m., Sept. 23, 1884, Mary B. Rose, still living, and d. Mar.
1 90 1. No children.

4. Elizabeth J. Millikin' (2), second daughter of John^ (5), b. near Smiths
Falls, Ont., Sept. 20, 1844; was m. Mar. 29, 1869, to Thomas Williamson,
farmer, and is living near Walton, P. O., Ont. Six children, named as follows:

I. Fliza L. Willi.amson, b. Aug. 17, 1870. Unm.

II. Jane B. Willl\mson, b. July 31, 1872; m. May 29, 1893, George
\\'alkkr, and has two children. Address, Brussells, Ont.

III. Gkorge H. Williamson, b. Aug. 14, 1875. Unm.

IV. John R. Willi.\mson, b. Sept. 10, 1877. Unm.
V. Ida May Williamson, b. May 14, 1880. Unm.

VI. Thomas M. Williamson, b. June 26, 1882. Unm.

5. John J. Millikin^ (7), third son of John^ (5), b. near Smiths Falls, Ont.,
Feb. 20, 1846; m., Nov. 28, 1881, Lizzik Love, of Athens, O., who d. in 1889,
leaving one child, Grace, b. Apr. 5, 1884, who lives at home. He m., 2d, Jan.

6. 1892, Alexena McGill, the widow of the late Robert EUiott of Winnipeg,
Man., and daughter of Rev. WiUiam McGill, Methodist. John is a photographer
in Toronto, Canada, 108 Younge Street.

6. Katherine S. Millikin^ (2), third daughter of John^ (5), b. near Smiths Falls,
Ont., Mar. 31, 1849; was m. Jan. i, 1880, to John Reid, farmer, and resides
in Wawanash, near Wingham, Ont., with her family of two sons and a daughter,
named as follows:

I. Wilfrid G. Reid, b. Jan. 31, 1881.
II. Ella M. Reid, b. Feb. 17, 1883.
III. Herbert Roy Reid, b. Mar. 12, 1885.

7. George H. C. Millikin" (4), fourth son of John^ (5), b. near Smiths Falls,
Ont., Feb. 10, 1S51; m., Feb. 2, 1887, Miss Sarah E. Robinson of Toronto,
and resides at Wingham, Ont. He lived on the homestead until 1898-9, when
he sold out and associated with his brother Thomas in the foundry business at
Weston, Ont. He disposed of his interests and removed to his present home.
No children.

8. Nellie Millikin"^ (1), youngest daughter of John* (5), b. near Smiths Falls,
Ont., Feb. 12, 1853; d. unm., Feb. 16, 1900.



1. Margaret Ann Millikin'' (4), eldest daughter of Roger* (3), b. in Perth, Ont.,
July 2o, 1846; was m. Apr. 19, 1862, at Port Huron, Mich., to George Weston,
b. in Vermont, May 7, 1841. They reside in Pinconning, Mich. Methodists.
Children named as follows:

I. Mary Jane Weston, b. in Sanilac Co., Mich., July 20, 1863; d. at

Pinconning, Mich., 1889.
II. Carrie Alice Weston, b. in Sanilac Co., Mich., June 22, 1865; m.
Abe Hewitt at Pinconning, Mich., 1889.

III. Roger M. Weston, b. in Sanilac Co., Mich., June 18, 1867; m.
Fannie Burton at Pinconning, Mich.

IV. Kittie Weston, b. at Brockway, Mich., May 7, 1869; m. Mr. Rose-
berry, Pinconning, Mich., 1889.

V. Ada Belle Weston, b. at Brockway, Mich., Feb. 18, 187 1 ; m. Dennir

McCauley; d. at Pinconning, Mich., 1898.
VI. Gordon Morris Weston, b. at Brockway, Mich., June 20, 1873.
VII. Thomas E. Weston, b. at Brockway, Mich., Feb. i, 1875; m. 1895.
VIII. Ruth Weston, b. Apr. 19, 1884; m. Dennis McCauley at Pincon-
ning, Mich., 1899.

2. Mary Millikin'^(4), second daughter of Roger* (3), b. at Smiths Falls, Ont.,
1847; n^- Dec. 9, 1865, Martin M. Trombley, b..at Bay City, Mich., 1842.
They are Methodists. Seven children, as follows:

I. Carrie Trombley, b. Apr. 16, 1866, at Bav City, Mich.; d. there Oct.,

II. Francis May Trombley, b. Feb. 11, 1867, at Bay City, Mich., and d.

there Mar. 12, 1889.
ni. David Martin Trombley, b. Sept. 25, 1871, at Bay City, Mich., and

d. there May 5, 1903.
IV. Prella Trombley, b. Aug. 5, 1875; with parents.

V. James Medor Trombley, b. Oct. 30, 1878; lives with his parents.

VI. George A. G. Trombley, b. Feb. 5, 1882, at Bay City, jSIich., was m.
to Florence, who was b. June 4, 1884. EpiscopaUan.

3. Caroline Millikin' (3), third daughter of Roger* (3), b. Mar. 18, 1848, at
Smiths Falls, Ont.; was m. Jan. 20, 1867, at Owosso, Mich., to Samuel David
Lynes, lumberman, b. in Elyria, O., Apr. 27, 1828, and resides in jNIidland,
Mich. Two children as follows:

I. Ada Antoinette Lynes, b. in Fremont, Mich., Oct. 21, 1869; m. Aug.
I, 1894, Herbert H. Beckwith, by Rev. O. E. Fuller, in Midland,
Mich. Mr. B. b. in Clio, O., Mar. 18, 1854, is a merchant. One child.

II. Kathryne Maria Lynes, b. in Bay City, Mich., Apr. 27, 1878; m.
June 18, 1902, by Rev. G. F. A. McKalcan, Silas S. Hart, b. in Mid-
land, Mich., Nov. 7, 1876. Machinist. Episcopalians.

4. Jennie Antoinette Millikin'', b. in Sarnia, Ont., Feb. 4, 1856; m. Oct. 29,
1872, Joseph Sharon, accountant, at Bay City, Mich. He b. at Belle River,
Ont., Se})t. 4, 1848. Residence Bay City, Mich. One child, Emma Viola, b.
Jan. 6, 1876.

5. Kitty Viola Millikin'^ (1), hfth daughter of Rogcr^ (3), b. in Sarnia, Ont.,
May 7, 1856; was m. at Bay City, Mich., Feb. 14, 1880, to Joiix W. Hill, who


was b. in County Oxford, Ont., June 12, 1854. Residence, Lansing, Mich.
Mr. Hill was foniu'rly a teacher in the ])ublic schools. Has a fine residence at
Lansing and occupies rooms in tiie Capitol Huilding. Two children, named as

I. WiLLi.AM Alonzo Hill, b. in Sarnia, Ont., Sept. 22, 1881 ; m. at Lansing,
Mich., Oct. 28, 1903, Bkssie Angeline Maynard, who was b. there
Oct. 26, 1885.
II. Antoinette Hill, 1). at Midland, Mich., .\pr. 13, 1886, and resides with
her parents in Lansing, Mich.

6. George Benjamin Millikin' (5), only son of Roger' (3), b. June 15, i860, at
Corrunna, Ont., and is a hailielor living at West Jiay City, Mich.


1. George W. IVIillikin'' (4), eldest son of Christopher^ (3), b. Aug. 22, 1837; d.
Feb. 27, 1864. His early education was secured in the district schools, and he
afterwards graduated from the High School at Warren, O. Later he went to
college at Oberlin, O., where he spent two years. He then taught in the district
schools and later, during the years 1860-61, attended at Allegheny College.
For three years he taught at Lancaster, and Covington, Ky., and was in that
state when Bragg invaded the section, and to save the stock on the plantation
of a Mr. Burnside (cousin of (ien. Burnside), of which he had charge, he, and
others assisting, drove the cattle to the mountains and concealed them until
Bragg's armv left. He, later, returned to Warren, O., where he read law with
Judge Tuttle, and subsequently was in the otiice of county clerk. In 1863, he
enlisted as 2d Lieutenant in the 6th O. V. C, spending considcral)le time in
drumming up recruits in Trumbull County. While riding in the saddle his
horse reared and fell backward, crushing him, and he died two days later, just
a week before his regiment was ordered to the front. He had the capacity, as
a student and business man, for an able lawyer and useful citizen.

2. Eliza J. Millikin' (2), eldest daughter of Christopher^ (3), b. Aug. 23, 1S39;
was m. to Lieut. W. H. Forbis, Mar. 27, 1873, ^^^ li^'^^s in Warren, Trumbull
Co., O. She had one child that d. in infancy.

3. Thomas John Millikiir' (10), second son of Christopher* (3), b. 1842, d.
unm. at I'ine Bluff, Ark., Oct. lo, 1864. When but i6 years of age, he went to
the West to carve out his fortune. He tinally drifted to Kansas, in the early

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