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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 46 of 109)
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a native of Caithness, Scotland, who came to Canada with the 27th Highland-
ers of which regiment he was sergeant. ^Ir. Millikin learned the trade of car-
riage-ironing in Sarnia and moved to Port Huron, where he was employed by
the Port Huron & Northwestern Railway; afterwards by the Pere ^larquette
Railroad Company, in their shops at Saginaw, Mich. He was accidentally
killed while crossing the railway track, being caught between the cars, at Sag-
inaw, June 18, 1902. He was a popular man and skilled mechanic. Was a
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Saginaw, and an active Chris-
tian. His body was taken to Sarnia, his old home, for burial. Children, all
bom in Sarnia, Ont., named as follows:

I. Bruce Emanuel Millikin*, b. Nov. 15, 1879; graduated from the
Port Huron High School in 1898, and is a member of the graduating
class of 1904, of the Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Mich.

II. Ella Maud Millikin*, b. Jan. 17, 1881; m. in 1902, at Saginaw, Mich.,
Prosper J. Pelon, and has one child, Thornton Josiah Pelon.

m. Elizabeth Josephine Millikin*, b. Nov. 27, 1882; is a graduate of
the Saginaw High School. Stenographer.


9. Isaac Millikin'' (1), fifth son of Emanuel^ (5), b. in Lambton Co., Ont., Jan.
2, 1856; m. in 1894 Alice Evlyn Hillier, and lives on a farm adjoining the
homestead. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, and a useful citizen. Has
three children, named as follows:

I. Grace E. Millikin^, b. Feb., 1895.
II. Alfred Millikin", b. Sept., 1897.
III. Franklin Millikin^ b. Sept., 1899.


1. Thomas James Millikin" (15), eldest son of Thomas^ (14), b. in South Sher-
brooke, Ont., Mar. 11, 1858; was m. Aug. 16, 1881, to Eliza Frizell, b. Mar.
7, 1858. He resides at Carleton Place, Ont. Children named as follows:

I. Frederick J. JNIillikin^, b. May 13, 1883.

II. Ida May Millikin^, b. ]May 7, 1885.

III. William R. Millikin^, b. ^lar. 19, 1887.

IV. Thomas H. Million^, b. July 10, 1889.

2. William Thompson Millikin" (6), second son of Thomas^ (14), b. in South
Sherbrooke, Ont., Feb. 22, i860; m. ist, Dec. 23, 1885, Mary Hughs, by
whom three children. She d. May 19, 1902, and he m. Aug. 19, 1809, Mar-
garet Robinson. He was a resident of Carleton Place, but recently removed
to Smith's Falls, Ont. Children's names not known.

3. Mary Elizabeth Millikin" (6), eldest daughter of Thomas^ (14), and Ehza-
beth, b. in South Sherbrooke, Ont., Aug. 3, 1861; was m. Sept. 17, 1900, to
Robert E. Spears, b. in Brock Township, County of Ontario, Can., Feb. 23,
1864. Business: messenger for the Imperial Bank of Canada, North Toronto
Branch. Residence No. i Bloor Street, East. No children.

4. Margaret Jane Millikin® (6), second daughter of Thomas^ (14), b. in South
Sherbrooke, Can., Mar. 12, 1863 ; has not m.

5- Isabella C. Millikin^ (1), third daughter of Thomas' (14), b. in South Sher-
brooke, Can., June 30, 1865; was m. June 5, 1889, to Andrew Robinson,
and hved at Almont House, Almont, Ont. He d. Aug. 19, 1904.

6. David Albert Millikin^ (6), youngest son of Thomas^ (14), b. in South Sher-
brooke, Can., Dec. 11, 1867, and remains on the homestead in Maberly, unm.

7. Janet Caroline Millikin** (5), fourth daughter of Thomas^ (14), b. in South
Sherbrooke, Can., Jan. 17, 1870; unm.

8. Rebecca Ann Milliki^® (7), fifth daughter of Thomas^ (14), b. in South Sher-
brooke, Can., Mar. 27, 1872. Is unm.

9. Hester Adaline Millikin" (1), sixth daughter of Thomas' (14), b. in South
Sherbrooke, Can., Apr. 15, 1875. Is unm.

10. Sarah Agness Millikin** (5), seventh daughter of Thomas' (14), b. in South
.Sherbrooke, Can., Oct. 8, 1877. Is unm.










illilicns of iii.^lKuoquilla.'^ ilallcn, pa.


,■ - " V

Robert John Milliken, said to have been an uncle of James MiUiken Esq.,
first of the Milliken b;irony, Renfrewshire, Scotland, was a native of Ayrshire
and a scion of an old and respectable family of agricultural pursuits, who early
established themselves on the southern border of Caledonia. In consequence
of rehgious persecution he, with others of the name, when a young man removed
to the north of Ireland and sat down not distant from Dromore, in the County
of Down, where he married Agnes MacFarland, descended from an old titled
Scottish clan through a junior branch settled in Ireland during the early years
of the Plantation of Ulster. There are some reasons for beUeving that this
Robert Milliken was twice married and that sons and daughters were born to him
before the advent of James and Hugh through whose letters the name of their
father was found by kindred in America. The fragmentary and disconnected
parish records extant, now deposited in Dublin, are not sufficiently complete
to estabUsh full genealogical associations; besides, the frequent occurrence of
the same Christian names, of contemporary dates, renders the identification of
individuals exceedingly difficult; this holds good also with census return records
kept in Belfast.

The crest of this family differs shghtly from that of James Milliken Esq.,
of Renfrewshire, recorded at the Lyon Office in Edinburgh, and is described
as follows: "A demi-hon royally crowned gules, holding in his dexter paw a
sword, ppr.," with the ancient MiUiken motto, "Regard Bien."

^^ccout) (!3cncr:itiou.


1. James Milliken" (1). son of Robert (1), b. near Dromore, Ireland, m. Eliza-
beth Davis, and was brought to America with his family in 1772, by his son
Samuel, and was settled on the Conewago, near Harrisburg, Lancaster Co.,
Pa. He d. soon after his emigration, and was buried at Lancaster, Pa. He
had issue one son and four daughters, of whom with 3d generation.

2. Hugh Milliken^ (1), second son of Robert^ (1), was a farmer near Dromore,
Countv Down, Ireland, and' did not come to America. He was the ancestor
of a numerous race of Millikens and ISIiUigans, some of whom remained in their
fatherland, while others followed their kindred to Pennsylvania and Ohio; and
their posterity, a prosperous, intelligent, and respectable people, are scattered
into nearly every state in the Union.*

* There is an old paper in possession of Emily J. Dewees, Hollidaysburg, Pa., written
by Rev. Samuel John Milliken, in which he has stated of Samuel MilUken, his father: "He
returned to Ireland and brought in four men who had to work for him four or five years;
one was Pat Hughes. The last time my father came from Ireland, a David Milliken
came over with him. They were cousins. I think he was Hugh Milliken's son. He
married Mary Beatx in 1787. They went to Ohio in 1802. Had a large family. Some
of Hugh Milliken's family came to this country' afterwards, but I do not know where they

As James Milliken had but one brother, this David must have been his (Hugh's) son.
See "Millikens of Cumberland Co., Pa."



I. Samuel Milliken^ (1), son of James^ (1), b. in Dromore, Ireland, 1746, be-
came the recognized head of one branch of the MilUken family settled in Penn-
sylvania. He m. in 1775 Miss Margaret Foster, who was b. in Lancaster
Co., Pa., in 1753. As proven by his certificate of church membership, he pre-
ceded his father and came to America in 1768. (In this document his sur-
name was spelled "Milligan," an error of the parish clerk.) * He was a linen
manufacturer and merchant, and located on the Schuylkill River, near Phila-
delphia. He made no less than five voyages to America, and on one of his
return trips brought his father to his then residence on the Conewago. Soon
after the death of his father he joined emigrants, who had been friends and ac-
quaintances in Ireland, and located a colony in the beautiful and richly fertile
valley known as Kishacoquillas, in Mifflin Co., Pa., not distant from the Ju-
niata River, which territory was then comprised in Cumberland Co., Pa. He
made location of a large tract of land, parts of which are still owned by his de-
scendants. Here Samuel MilHken became a farmer. This settlement deter-
mined the reUgious character of the inhabitants of the whole valley for many
years as staunch Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.

The district was then an Indian frontier, and many harvests were gathered
by this sterling yeomanry with their rifles on their backs. One of the conspic-
uous peaks of the mountain range, which encloses the valley on the north, per-
petuates the name by its designation of "Milliken's Knob" and "MilUken's
High Top." In the same range, but beyond the limits of the present county,
there is further recognition of the family name in "Milligen's Cove."

A letter read at a recent centennial celebration of the First Presbyterian Church
of Kishacoquillas Valley, written by Samuel Milliken's wife, was addressed to
him in Washington's army at Valley Forge. He had, with certain neighbors,
when learning of the suffering and distress of the army, collected voluntary
contributions of food and clothing, and with their teams dehvered the same to
the soldiers then stationed at Valley Forge, a distance of 150 miles. He d.
Oct. 28, 1804. t There were six sons and three daughters, of whom with 4th

2. Jane Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of James^ (1), b. near Dromore, Ireland;
came to America in 1772 with her father's family, and became the wife of Robert
Patterson of Scotch-Irish stock; said to have been married in Ireland.

3. Nancy Milliken^ (1), second daughter of James- (1), Ig. near Dromore, Ire-
land, was m. to Robert Garner in Pennsylvania. When, in 1774, Robert and
John Campbell removed their families from near Wilmington, Del., to Mifflin

* "This is to certify that Samuel Milligan is a prodistant, born & bred in the Parish
of Dramore, County Down, and his behaviour has always been, in every respect, regular
and such as to recomcnd him to the esteem and friendship of all his acquaintances & may
be received into any Congregation of his Society, wherever Providence may cast his lot.

Given at Dramore, 20 May, 1768.

W*. Henery, Minister.
Robert McCurdy ( Elders "
Robert Clingston (

t Samxtel Milliken, son of James and Elizabeth Davis, and John Davis, were tirst
cousins and married sisters; the former took Miss Margaret Foster and the latter AIiss-
Catherine Foster. This was a double "tiewoggle."


i - ,— , . ■

Co., Pa., there came in their ttjmpany a younj^ man of twenty-four years, who
bore the name of Robert Garnkk. This journey o{ 170 miles was made with
white-covered, heavy-buih wa.ij;ons, one for each family, and in the train were
some cows, colts and swine. When the Campbells had established themselves
in the Kishacoquillas \"alley this Robert Garner made his home with them
till he m. Miss Nancy Milliken, an event supposed to have been solemnized
in 1776 or 1777. Having spent twenty-four years in Mifflin Co., Pa., this family
removed to Centre County and located on a large tract of land near the head
of Si)ruce Creek, in Ferguson Township, where, we supjiose, they passed the
remainder of their days. He and all members of his family are said to have
been Presbyterians. For reasons now^ unknown, the surname was changed
from Garner to Gardner. Children named as follows:

T. Jamks Garxf.r, b. 1777.

II. Elizabeth Garner, b. 1779; m. McElrov.

III. Isabella G.arner, b. 1781; m. Thompson.

IV. Sarah Garner, b. 1783; m. Johnston.

V. WiLLL^^ H. Garner, b. 1785; m. Catherine Borland of Centre Co.,
Pa. Was in the War of 181 2. These had eight children whose nu-
merous descendants intermarried with some of the best famiUes, are
scattered through the state of Pennsylvania.*
\t. Jane Garner, m. Goheen.

4. Isabella Milliken^ (1). third daughter of James- (1), b. near Dromore, Ire-
land; was m. to John Harbinson,! of Pennsylvania.

5. Sarah Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of James' (1), b. near Dromore, Ire-
land; was m. to John Holt, in Pennsylvania. Descendants are living in Penn-
sylvania, and full records were promised but did not reach the compiler's hands.

/ourtb 6ciur;ition.


1. James Milliken^ (2), eldest son of SamueP (1), b. Jan. 19, 1776; m. Oct. 28,
181 2, Miss Ann Cunningham, of Chester Co., Pa., and resided in Lewiston,
Pa., where he was a distinguished merchant and banker. He served in the
legislature of the state and was prominent in advocating good roads and other
earl\- improvements. He d. in Lewiston, Pa., June 12, 185 1. He had issue
fi\e children, of whom with 5th generation.

2. Samuel Milliken^ (2), second son of SamueP (1), d. without issue.

3- David Milliken* (^i), third son of SamueP (1), b. in Cumberland Co., Pa.,
about 1780; m. Mary Ann Steely. He was a merchant and farmer, and with
military tastes was a volunteer under Gen. Winfield Scott at the battle of Lun-
dy's Lane. He d. issufless. Mar., i860. His wife d. in Belleville, Pa.

4- Robert Milliken* (2), fourth son of SamueP (1), b. in Cumberland Co., Pa.,
^Iir. 14, 1793; m., ist, Dec. 21, 1813, Ann McNitt, b. near Reedsville, Pa.,

* The children of William H. and Catherine Garner were named Rebecca, Martha,
Sarah, Nancy, John, Robert, William H. H. and James. William Henn,' Harrison Garner
m. Lucy, daughter of Austin Thompson of Avon, Conn., and his wife, Sarah Moore Stewart,
of Scotch Valley, Blair Co., Pa;, and had Austin, Nancy M., Arthur L., Henry A., Osmond
^^'., and Sarah S.

t Their daughter, Nancy Harbinson, m. a Mr. Baird, whose son, John Baird, had a
daughter Margaret E. Baird, who m. Dr. Silas E. McClelland of Decatur, 111.


Nov. 21, i7q6, being the daughter of Robert and Jane McNitt, the father hav-
ing been killed by a falling tree. Ann was the mother of eleven children. She
d. Oct. ig, 1835. He m., 2d, Aug. 22, 1837, Sarah B. Johnston, daughter
of Rev. James Johnston, many years pastor of East Kishacoquillas Church and
who d. near Brown's Mills. She was the mother of two children. He m., 3d,
Nov. 17, 1 85 1, Rebecca (McIlhaney) Long, widow, by whom no issue. Mr.
Milliken was a farmer; a ruhng elder in the Presbyterian Church; one of nature's
noblemen. Was of medium size and fair complexion. He hved on part of the
old Milliken homestead and d. there Nov. 20, 1855. See 5th generation.

5. Foster Milliken^ (1), fifth son of SamueP (1), b. Apr. 24, 1794; m. in June,
1819, Nancy Thompson of Mifflin Co., Pa., and was a general merchant and
ironmaster. He was one of the early sheriffs of Mifflin County. His death
occurred Mar. 31, 1831. There were three sons and one daughter, of whom
with 5th generation.

6. Joseph Milliken^ (1), sixth son of SamueP (1), b. Oct. 19, 1797; m. Feb. 19,
1822, Elizabeth Moore Patton, daughter of Benjamin and Phebe (Moore)
Patton, b. Jan. 25, 1801. Her parents were of Frankstown, Blair Co., Pa. They
celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage in Lewiston, Pa., Feb. 19,
1872. They had with them on that occasion seven daughters and two sons.
He d. Apr. 16, 1875; his wife d. at Lewiston, Pa., Feb. 28, 1876. He was a dis-
tinguished merchant* and banker, resident in Lewiston. In 1893 his de-
scendants numbered eighty-six. These had issue eleven children. See 5th

7. Barbara Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of SamueP (1), b. Feb. 22, 1780; was
m.. Jan. 6, 1800, to James Whitehill, near Belief onte, Pa., b. Mar. i, 1771,
and d. Aug. 15, 1844. For about ten years they lived at Belief onte, but removed
to Clarion Co., Pa., and settled near Edinburg, where they remained. She d.
Apr. 13, 1850. Three sons and four daughters.

8. Jane Milliken'' (2), second daughter of SamueP (1), was m. to John Cooper,
and Uved at HoUidaysburg, Pa. Had children. A daughter, Nancy Cooper,
b. Jan. 3, 181 2, was m. Feb. 7, 1833, to Samuel Thompson, and d. at Bir-
mingham, Huntingdon Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 1895?.

9. Elizabeth IVIilliken^ (1), third daughter of SamueP (1), was fatally injured
by falling from a horse when a young woman and unm.

fWiki 6enxvatioiT.


I. Samuel Milliken' (3j, eldest son of James^ (2). b. in Lewiston, Pa., Feb. 22,
1819; m. Alay, 1845, ^L\ry E. Potter, b. Jan. 12, 1824, daughter of John
Potter, of Alexandria, Pa., and d. in HoUidaysburg, Dec. 25, 1895, aged seventy-
six years. His widow is still living in that town, aged seventy-eight years (Jan.
13, 1902). Four children. See 6th generation.

* Under the firm name of "J. & J. Milliken," the two brothers were for years the lead-
ing merchants of Lewiston, Pa. They controlled the grain trade in MifHin and other ad-
joining counties, shipping large quantities to Philadelphia and Baltimore. Before the con-
struction of the canal, the grain was shipped in arks on the river; afterwards, in canal boats.
These merchants were men of influence and wealth; they owned several farms. They were
induced to engage in the iron business and by misplaced confidence lost heavily. James
Milliken, being advanced in life, retired from business. Joseph, full of energy, became a
contractor for building railroads; also sold large tracts of land for an eastern firm in Illinois.


2. Allan C. Milliken^ (1), second son of james^ (2), was a graduate of Prince-
ion College, 1846. Died unm. a year or two after his graduation.

3- Mary Milliken'' (1), eldest daughter of James'' (2), was living in Lewiston,
Pa., in [8 ):;, where she d. unm.

4. Rachel Margaretta Milliken'' (1), second daughter of James^ (2), d. at the
age of eighteen, unm.

5. Anna B. Milliken'' (1), third daughter of Jamcs^ (2), b. Nov. 2, 1822; was
m. Jnly 2, 1850, to Jui:)GE Amory D. Potter, of Toledo, O. Died Jan. 3,
1896. Buried at Lewiston, Pa.


1. Margaret Jane Milliken" (2), eldest daughter of Robert' (2), b. on the old
Milliken homestead, Oct. 11, 1814; was m. Dec. 10, 1835, to Robert Campbell,
son of John and Rachel (Oliver) Campbell of Kishacoquillas Valley, Pa., b.
Alay 2, 1808, and d. Apr. 30, iqoo. She d. Nov. 5, 1840, on a farm in Centre
Co., Pa., purchased by her husband soon after marriage. He moverl back to
the old Campbell homestead and d. there. They had three children, named
as follows:

I. John Andrew Campbell, b. Dec. 8, 1836; m. Dec. 4, 1861, Sarah
Reed Wilson. He was a farmer on the Kishacoquillas Campbell
homestead, and d. there Aug. 25, 1900. Widow living. No issue,
n. Ann McNitt Campbell, b. Feb. i, 1838; m. Jan. 25, i860, Charles

Kyle, farmer, of Glidden, Carroll Co., la. Had five sons.
HI. Elizabeth Rachel Campbell, b. May 4, 1840; m. Jan. 22, 1874,
Alexander Cley Henderson, and resides on the Campbell home-
stead, Kishacoquillas Valley, Pa. Address is (1903) Belleville, Pa.
One daughter.

2. Samuel Milliken^ (4), eldest son of Robert^ (2), b. on the Kishacoquillas
Valley homestead Nov. 16, 1816; was m. Dec. 19, 1843, to Mary Margaret
Thompson, daughter of WilUam Thompson of Milroy, Pa., who d. at that place ■
Sept. 4, 1857, being the mother of five sons. He m., 2d, Oct. 29, 1861, Maria
Culbertson Goheen, daughter of Robert and Margaret Goheen of Boals-
burg, Centre Co., Pa., who was b. at Rock Springs, Pa., Apr. 29, 1837, and
d. Feb. 5, 1900, at Warrensburg, ]\Io., aged sixty-two years, nine months, and
six days. She was the mother of seven children, of whom, with other issue,
see 6th generation. Mr. MilUken d. at \\arrensburg. Mo., Oct. 15, 1889, of
consumy)tion. In 1865 he removed to Prairie Home, 111., and in 1869 to Hills-
boro, 111., where, in 187 1, he was elected a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church
and served in that office until his removal to Warrensburg, Mo., in 188 1. Here
he was chosen elder of the First Presbyterian Church and continued in active
ser\ice until his death. He was a devoted representative of the denomination,
being deeply interested in the prosperity of the church, giving freely of his time,
labor, and money. He was a godly man and found great pleasure in the services
of the sanctuary ; his daily walk and conversation exempUtied his profession
of love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in the most beautiful manner. He
was a wise counsellor in the church and ever a warm and trusted friend of his
pastor. As a husband and father he was kind and prudent in ordering the
affairs of his household, studying the spiritual welfare of his family, and had
the joy of seeing every member a communicant of the Presbyterian Church.


Samuel ^lilliken was a man of cheerful and even jovial temperament, who
enjoyed springing a harmless joke upon any one and could gracefully submit
to such himself. He and his wife were very hospitable and always had their
share of company. He was of medium stature and rather small; had dark hair,
blue eyes, and fair complexion.

The Milhken homestead was about one mile east of Warrensburg, Mo., and
contained more than one hundred acres. The house stands in a grove of oak
trees where the road turns eastward. This farm was left to his widow during
her lifetime by Samuel Milliken; then it was to be sold and the proceeds divided
among his children. It is now owned by Edwin F. and Budd C, his sons.

3. Robert M. Milliken^ (3), second son of Robert^ (2), b. on the homestead
Nov. 25, 1818; m. Nov. 18, 1847, Mary Jane Barr, daughter of WiUiam Barr
of Kishacoquillas Valley, and lived on a farm near Dakota, Stephenson Co.,
111., where he d. Sept. 4, 1888. He was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church,
of which he and wife were members. A man of medium height, with dark
hair and fair complexion. These had one son. See 6th generation.

4. Mary Milliken' (2), second daughter of Robert* (2), b. on the homestead in
the Kishacoquillas Valley, Oct. 22, 1820; was m. Nov. 22, 1843, to Rev. John
Edmiston Alexander, a son of Hon. Samuel E. and Mary (Alexander) Alex-
ander, who were cousins, b. June 2, 181 5, and d. Apr. 4, 1902. He was an able
minister of the Presbyterian Church and president of Washington College, in
Tennessee. Of Mary Milhken Alexander it has been said: "This pious and
amiable lady adorned her profession of godliness, and discharged both her
domestic duties and those of a pastor's wife with great fidehty." She d. Dec.
5,^1854, and was buried in the cemetery at Washington, O. Children:

I. Samuel Milliken Alexander, b. Mar. 29, 1844, in Ohio. He m. in
1866, Emma Norris, daughter of James Norris, of Hightstown, N. J.
During his preparation for college he enUsted and spent four years with
the Union Army in the Civil War. Had five children. Residence,
Jersey City, N. J. He is deceased.

II. Robert Wilson Alexander, b. Apr. 14, 1846, in Washington, Guern-
sey Co., O.; m. Helen Phelps of Mt. Ayr, la., and has three cliildren.
He was fitting for college when the Civil War led him to enUst, and he
served three years at the front as a member of Co. A, 97th Ohio Vol.
Inf., being the youngest and smallest member of his regiment. After
his mihtary service he resumed his studies at Washington and Jeffer-
son College, but finally abandoned them to engage in teaching and
insurance business in Ilhnois. For the last twenty years he has been
engaged in the manufacture and sale of proprietary medicines. Resi-
dence, Burnham, Mifflin Co., Pa.
in. Anna Mary Alexander, b. Nov. 28, 1847, i^ Ohio. She graduated
with the highest honors of her class at Lawrenceville Female Seminary,
in New Jersey, in 1866. "With early piety, cultivated mind, personal
attractions and bright prospects," she d. Aug. 17, 1868, and was buried
at Hightstown, N. J.

IV. Mattie Alexander, b. Nov. 26, 1849; m. John R. Shangle of Hights-
town, N. J., and had two sons. After studying three years in the Fe-
male Seminaries at Lawrenceville, N. J., and at Norristown, Pa., she
engaged in teaching. She now resides at Hightstown, N. J.


\. John E. Alexander, b. Ai)r. 26, 1S54. Kaving acquircfl a j^ood edu-
cation, he spent some years in the manufacture of carriages, in Xewark,
X. J. Declining health compelled him to retire, and he d. at his fathers'
home in Elkton, Md., in Apr., 1874.

5. Ann Milliken-^ (3), third daughter of Robert^ (3), b. Dec. i, 1S22; de-

6. Catherine Milliken^' (1), fourth daughter of Robert^ (2), b. Nov. 21, 1824;
is deceased.

7. Barbara Milliken'' (2), fifth daughter of Robert^ (2). b. Dec. 30, 1S26; de-

S. Matilda Milliken'' (1), si.xth daughter of Robert* (2), b. on the homestead

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