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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 48 of 109)
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Milliken farm, Nov. i, 1862 ; is a merchant at Denver, Col., unm. (1894).

6. Jennie Lepley Milliken^ (1), third daughter of David® (3), b. on the home-
stead, June 6, 1864; d. Nov. 18, 1877.

7. Sarah Maud Milliken^ (5), fourth daughter of David^ (3), b. on the home-
stead, Aug. 25, 1S66; is living there unm. (1894).


1. William Thompson Milliken^ (4), eldest son of SamueP (4), b. in ^Mifflin
Co., Pa., June 10, 1845 '■> ^- ^^ Long Hallow, Pa., Feb. 11, 1847.

2. Robert Moore Milliken^ (6), second son of SamueP (4), b. in Mifflin Co.,
Pa., June 15, 1847; d. from an injury to his brain caused by a fall upon the
barn floor resulting from the sudden blowing shut of the door, at Long Hallow,
Pa., Feb. 11, 1853.

3. Edwin Foster Milliken^ (3), third son of SamueP (4), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa.,
Sept. 7, 1849. ^^^ ^^ part-owner of the ISIilliken homestead, near Warrens-
burg, Mo. I suppose him to be a bachelor.

4. Samuel Thompson Milliken' (5), fourth .son of Samuel® (4), b. in Afifflin
Co., Pa., Dec. 9, 1851 ; m. Nov. 21, 1878, Alice Margaretta Laughlin, daugh-
ter of James and Henrietta Laughlin of Prairie Home, Ills., b. in Guernsey


Co., O., Mar. 8, 1852. They reside (1903) at Crowley, T.a. Children named
as follows :

1. Henrietta Lauchlin Mii.i.ikkn^ b. Sept. 25, 1879, near llillsboro,
II. Mary Mav Mii.liken", b. Dec. 26, 1880, near ITillsl)oro. Ills.

III. Bessie Alice ^^Iieliken", b. Dec. 6, 1S82, near .\rchie, Mo.

IV. James Samuel Milliken^ b. Mar. 23, 1884, near Archie, Mo.

V. Jessie ;Maria Milliken^ b. Feb. 5, 1889, at Prairie Home. Ills.

VI. RoHERT GdiiKEN M^,LIKEN^ b. Apr. 23, 1891, at Prairie I Ionic, Ills.
VII. Thomas Hkndkkk. MlLLlKEN^ b. Apr. 23, 1891, at Prairie Home, Ills.

5. James Allen Milliken" (6), lifth son of SamueP (4), b. in Mifllin Co., Pa.,
June 5, 1855 ; ni. Dec. 22, 1881, Harriet Isabella Baird, daughter of James
and Ellen Simpson Baird of Mobile, Ala., b. June 22, 1852. They reside at
Orchard, Ala. Farmer. Children named as follows :

I. Samuel Allan Milliken', b. Oct. 18, 1883, in Johnson Co., Mo.
11. Frank Lvle Garrett Milliken^, b. Jan. 15, 1888, at Humboldt, Kan.
111. William F.hwin F. MlLLIKE^•^ b. Aug. 2, 1889, at Fowl River, Mobile
Co., Ala.


6. Maggie Haniell Milliken" (3). eldest daughter of SamueP (4), b. July 27,
1862 ; m. Apr. 10, 1S90, at \\ arrensburg, ]\Io., James Wallace Neil, con-
tractor, son of James and Margaret Jane Xeil of Macon, Ills., and reside at
Maywood, Vlo. Children named as follows :

I. Wallace Neil, b. June 12, 1894.
II. Maria Frances Neil, b. Aug. 14, 1897.

7. Robert Goheen Milliken^ (7), sixth son of Samuel' (4), b. Newton, Hamil-
ton Co., Pa., June 30, 1864; d. Sept. 18, 1888, at Warrensburg, Mo., aged
24 yrs. 7 nios. 18 d. Unm.

8. John David Milliken" (5), seventh son of SamueP (4), b. Mar. 4, 1866, in
Shelby Co., Ills.; m. June 12, 1900, !Mary Elizabeth Neil, daughter of James
Linn and Margaret Jane Xeil of Decatur, Ills. He was injured in a rice mill
at Crowley, La., and d. Nov. 5, 1801. He was interred at ^lacon, Ills. No
issue. His wife was b. 1870, at Prairie Home, Ills.

Q. Joseph Murray Milliken" (5), eighth son of SamueP (4), b. in Shelby Co.,
Ills., Jan. II, 1868; m. June 22, 1898, Halcyon McCoy, of Carthage, ]Slo., b.
Oct. II, 1871, at Drexel, Mo. He is a farmer. Children named as follows:
I. John David ]\Iillik:en^, b. July 16, 1899, at Warrensburg, Mo.
II. Anna McCoy Milliken', b. Apr. 23, 1903, near Centerville, Mo.

10. Frank McNitt Milliken" (1), ninth son of SamueP (4), b. in Montgomery
Co., Ills., Aug. 20, 1869 ; m. June 26, 1901, Jessie Fannie Baugh, at Chicago,
Ills. She was b. Sept. i, 1877, at Columbus, Ohio. He is employed by a
rice milling firm in Crowley, La. Child named as follows :

I. Dorothy Frances Milliken", b. Sept. 28, 1903, at Crowley, La.

11. William Haniell Milliken" (5\ tenth son of Samuel-'^ (4), b- i" ^lont-
gomery Co.. Ills., June 5, 1875; d. at Hillsboro, Ills., Feb. 12, 1876.

12. Budd Ciilbertson Milliken" (1), eleventh son of SamueP (4), b. in Mont-
gomery Co., Ills., July 26, 1878. He is part owner (with Edwin) of the Milli-
ken homestead near Warrensburg, Mo. Unmarried.



1. Edward FuUerton Milliken" (1), eldest son of SamueP (5), b. Mar. 23,
1863; 111. June I, 1904, Miss Cecii>e I. Guggenheimer of Lynchburg, Va.,
in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

2. Foster ]VIilliken''(3),secondsonofSamuel^(5),b.May9, 1865 ;m. in Aug., 1888,
Louisa Overton Ward of Syracuse, N. Y., and has two children living, viz. :

I. Foster Milliken, aged about 13 years (1904).

II. Ruth AIilliken, aged about 11 years (1904).

The two sons entered into the iron business with their father in 1883 and
1884 respectively, and since 1887 they have been in partnership alone under
the name of Milliken Brothers, as above. For many years they represented the
Phoenix Iron Company of Philadelphia as agents, and afterwards went into
business on their own account as manufacturers and civil engineers and con-
tractors of structural steel work.

3. Carrie Thompson Milliken** (1), daughter of SamueP (5), b. Oct. 22, 1867;
was m. to James W. De Graff about 1890, and lives at Plainfield, N. J. Two
children, viz. :

I. Eleanor AT. De Graff, aged 13 years (1904).

II. Robert De Graff, aged 11 years (1904).


I. Clara V. Milliken" (2), daughter of Moses^ (1), was m. to C. De Lacy Evans
and resided in Baltimore, Aid., in 1894.


1. Mary Chapman Milliken** (5), eldest daughter of William^ (2), b. in
Lewiston, Pa., Nov. 24, 1849 ; ^^^ '^- Feb. 9,- 1870, to Samuel Semple of St.
Louis, Mo., and had issue. Mr. Semple d. and Mary was m. to Wallace C.
Burkhardt, of Huntsville, Mo., where she now (1902) resides. Children
named as follows :

I. Marion Wallace Semple.

II. Jane Farman Semple.

III. Samuel Semple.

2. Elizabeth Patton Milliken" (5), second daughter of William-^ (2), b. in Lewis-
ton, Pa., Oct. 19, 1851.

3. John Starett Milliken" (6), eldest son of William^ (2), b. in Lewiston, Pa.,
Sept. 25, 1853; i^"*- Nov. 14, 1880, Emma J. Cowan, who d. in 1892. His
children are :

I. Nellie Louise Milliken^.
II. Marion Starett Milliken^.

4. Marion Louise Milliken" (2), second daughter of William^ (2), b. in Lewis-
ton, Pa., Nov. 5, 1856; was m. Oct. i, 1878, to Francis Simeon Whitcher,
and resides at Milford, Clermont Co., Ohio. Children :

I. Ella Kelly Whitcher.
II. Francis Whitcher.

5. Phebe Ann Milliken" (3), third daughtef of William^ (2), b. in Lewiston, Pa.,
Oct. 16, 1859; was m. at Lake City, Minn., May 31, 1882, to Albert Eugene
Glines, and resides at Rockwell, Cerro Gordo Co., la. Children :

I. Eugene Milliken Glines.
IT. Marion Lucile Glines.



6. William Patton Milliken" (5), second son of William* (2), I), in St. Louis,
Mo., July 13, 1864; m. Dec. 25, 1890, at Mapleton, Minn., Jks.sie A. Hunt,
daughter of Rev. Nehemiah A. Hunt, a native of Mason, N. H., and his wife
Clarissa Conrad of North Carolina, and resides at Oakland, C\\\. He received
his common and high school training in Lake City, Minn., where he graduated
in 1883. He entered the State University of Minnesota at Minneapolis the same
year, and graduated with degree of B. A., May, 1887. He has since been con-
tinuously teaching, holding the following positions and for the years named]:
Principal of Schools, Mapleton, Minn., 1887-1889; Superintendent Schools,
Fairmont. "Minn., t88q-i8q.^; Superintentlent Schools, Park City, Utah,
1SQ3-1894; \'ice-Principal High School, Riverside, Cal., 1894-1899 ; Super-
intendent Schools, Cloquet. ^linn., 1899-1900 ; Teacher Chemistry and Physics,
State Normal School, 1900-1901 ; Teacher Chemistry and Physics, High School,
Oakland, Cal.. 1901-1902. His wife has been a professional and successful
teacher. IJjth are members of the Congregational Church. He is a Repub-
lican in politics. Four children named as follows :

I. WiLLiA.M Hunt Millikkn, b. Oct. 12, 1891-
II. Roland Conrad Milliken, b. ^lar. 19, 1895.

III. Frances Clarissa Milliken, b. June 3, 1896.

IV. Mary Cobb Milliken, b. Dec. 5, 1897-

7. Joseph Milliken" (6). third son of William* (2), b. in St. Louis, Mo., Apr.
5, 1866; d. in Lake City, Minn., June 6, 1874.

8. Jennie Franciscus Milliken" (2), fifth daughter of William'' (2), b. in Lake
City. Minn., Mar. 28, 1870; was m. June 2, 1902, to Daniel H. Gross, and
resides at Marshalltown. la., 309 Xorth First Street. One daughter.

iHiUiknts of (Cumbcrlauii (tinmlit. Pa.

This family is descended from Robert-John Milliken' of Dromore, County
Down, Ireland, and is closely related to the branch under the designation,
'■ Millikens of Kishacoquillas Valley," and " ^Millikens of Washington County,

David Milliken^ (1), son of Hugh Alilliken,- who was a son of Robert-John
Milliken of Dromore, Ireland, where he was b. in 1749, and was in his eighteenth
year when in 1766 he came with his mother, brothers and sisters and settled
in Cumberland Co, Pa. They were assessed in that portion known as the
Kishacoquillas \'alley, Mifflin County, as the public records do prove. Mr.
Milliken enlisted and served, probably in the Pa. militia, in the war of the
Revolution, although no record has been found to verify this statement save
such as was handed down in his family. He often related the privations and
sufferings of the soldiers during the war and of his own capture by the British.
He was not a prisoner long, however, before he managed to make his escape
with one of his comrades. They did not enjoy their freedom more than a few
days. Having gone some distance from their captors undiscovered, they con-
gratulated themselves on their good fortune when, by a sudden turn in their
course, they were brought face to face with some officers of the enemy's
army. The ready native wit of the Irishman served them in this emer-
gency, and their explanation concerning their identity being satisfactory, they


were allowed to continue on their journey. This meeting furnished a clue to
the enemy, and mounted officers soon covered the route that had taken the
refugees two days to travel. They were overtaken, recaptured, and each received
thirty-nine lashes on his bare back, well laid on, the honored scars of which
they carried down to their graves.

In 1782 Mr. Milliken received an honorable discharge from the army and
returned to his home in the Kishacoquillas Valley, where he soon afterwards,
probably in 1783-4, m. Mary Beatty. This couple resided thereuntil 1793,
when homesteads in Ohio were offered on such liberal terms by the Government
that he was induced to remove to that land of promise. He was granted land
in Harrison County, near the present town of Cadiz, where their two last children
were born. He d. Dec. 10, 1833, aged 77 years, and was interred in Cadiz,
where his will was recorded. His widow d. in Union Co., O., in the fall of
1843, agt;d 85 years. For children see the 2d generation.

Abstract of David Milliken's Grant.

In the Land Office at Harrisburg, Pa., a record of a grant of land was found
from which the following abstract was copied :

" March 29, 1796, to David Milliken, 300 acres, situate in Armagh Town-
ship, in IMifflin County, called ' Belmont.' Recites that the tract was surveyed
in persuance of a warrant dated the 29th January 1794 granted to John Milliken
who by will dated 26 February 1794 devises the same to Thomas and David
Milliken and the said Thomas Milliken by deed dated 27th October 1794
Released all his right in the said Tract to the said David Milliken."

Owners of land adjoining mentioned : S. Beard, Jos. Jacobs, M. Thompson
and Pat. Hughes.

2. Thomas Milliken^ (1), a son of Hugh Milliken-, was b. in Dromore, County
Down, Ireland ; came to Pennsylvania when a young man with his widowed
mother, brothers and sisters and remained with them until maturity ; then settled
in Washington Co., Pa., alongside of his kindred, the family of James and
Dolly MacFarland Millikin of the Dromore stock, who came over about
the same time. By the will of his brother, John Milliken, of date Feb. 26,
1794, he, with his brother David Milliken, received 300 acres of land in
Armagh Township, Mifflin Co., Pa., called " Bellmont," and by deed of same
date this Thomas released all his right in said land to the said David his brother.
Thomas ]\Iilliken m. a widow Elizabeth Sinclair who had several children
by her former husband. He made his will Jan. 7, 1832, in which he mentions
children named Margaret, Isabella, Robert, Jane, Sarah, and Jolm deceased,
who were his legal heirs. To his wife he gave $150, and all that was scheduled
in connection with his will which she possessed before her marriage to him.

On June 9th, 1840, eight years after the death of her husband, Elizabeth
Milliken of Chartiers Township, Washington Co., Pa., made her will in
which she mentions her son, Samuel Sinclair, and daughter, Mary Sinclair.
Her will was probated Nov. 16, 1841.

Numerous descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth ]\Iilligan are scattered
throughout the middle and western States. For list of his children see 4th

3. John Milliken^ (1), son of Hugh Milliken^, was b. in Dromore, Ireland, and
came to this country with his mother, a widow, and his brothers and sisters, in


the year 1766. He was in Captain George Bell's Company of the 5th Battalion,
Cuinl)crl;uu[ Militia, and was in active service in 1778. He removed to Wash-
ington Co., Pa., when he d. unm.

Abstract of John M 11,1,1 ken's Will.

In Will uf John Milliken — After lii.s funeral expenses and just debts are
paid out of \\\s personal property, the remainder thereof he clevises to his
M(jther. " I further give and devise to my two brothers, Thomas and David,
all that tract of land, situate, lying and being in the Township of .\rmagh and
Mifllin County, on which my brother David now lives, to be equally divided
between them both, reserving to my brother David the exclusive possession
for the full term of six years, to commence from the first day of April next ;
and I hereby bequeath to my youngest brother Joseph Milligan all my wearing
apparel and lastly I give and bequeath to my brother-in-law, Daniel Shells, all
the Bills, Bonds, Notes or accounts whatsoever that stands against him on my
behalf and I hereby appoint John Fleming and John Mill.son, Sole Executors
of this my last Will and Testament." Dated 22nd day of February A. D. 1794.
Proven Aug. 6th 1794, before Samuel Kdmiston, Register.

4. Joseph Milligan^ (1), son of Hugh Milliken of Dromore, County Down, Ire-
land, came to Pa. in 1766, in company with his mother, brothers and sisters, and
served with his brother John in Capt. George Bell's Company of the Cumber-
land Militia, being in active service in 1778. He m. Jeanetta Black in
Dromore, Ireland, — so says a grand-daughter, — and removed from Pa. to
Bourbon Co., Ky., of which Paris is the county seat. He purchased about 300
acres of land and cleared a large farm on which he remained until his d.
which occurred when advanced in life. No record has been found. His
children were Joseph B., William, Anna, and Sara/i, of whom more with 4th

Note. — Joseph 2d was not tall but stout, very fair, with l)lue eyes. Had an amiable
temperament. Not known to have had an enemy in the world.

5. Sarah IVlilliken^(l), daughter of HughMilliken^, was b. in Dromore, Ireland,
and being left fatherless when a child came with her mother to Pa. She was
m. to Mr. Cubison of Washington Co., Pa., with whom her mother, old Mrs.
Milliken, made her home during the last few years of her life, and where she
d. in the early part of the last century at the reputed age of one hundred and
ten years. The author doubts the truth of this statement.

6. Elizabeth Milliken^ (1), daughter of Hugh Milliken of Dromore, Ireland,
came to Pennsylvania with her mother when young, and became the wife of
a Mr. Sankev. No other information.

Jfourtb 6cnerution.


I. John Milliken^ (2), eldest son of David^ (1), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa., in 17S5 ;
was a recruiting officer in the war of 1812. At one time was stationed at
Detroit, Mich. ; was twice m. First, in 1816, to Sarah Arnold, and had one
daughter who became Mrs. William Stanfield. His second wife's name was
not found. She had three children. He removed to Clark Co., 111., where
he d. in 1863.


2. Sarah Milliken^ (2), daughter of David^ (1), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa, ; was an
invahd from her fourteenth year. She d. in Ohio, aged 47 years.

3. David Milliken* (2), second son of David^ (1), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa., July
23, 1792 ; m. Margaret Ensley and had four daughters and one son. He
served in the war of 181 2. Removed to Clark Co., 111., where he d.

4. Jane Milliken^ (1), daughter of David^ (1), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa. ; was m.
to John Miller, and had five sons and two daughters.

5. Joseph Milliken'* (2), third son of David^ (1), b. in Mifflin Co., Pa. ; m. Isa-
bella Wallace and resided in the northern section of Illinois, where he d.

6. William Milliken" (1), third son of David^ (1), b. in Harrison Co., Pa.,
Dec, 1801 ; m. Lydia Miller, by whom five children, four of whom d.
in infancy. He m. a second wife ^whose name does not appear, and had a
daughter Isabella. His family removed to Des Moines, la., in the summer
of 1856, and he d. in 1884.

7. Thomas Milliken* (2), youngest son of David^ (1), b. near Cadiz, O., Mar.
5, 1804; was m. Nov. 17, 1825, by Rev. Donald Macintosh, to Sarah Anne
Bennett, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Cummings) Bennett, born in
Steubensville, O., Jan. 23, 1807. They celebrated their golden wedding in
jMartinsville, 111., in 1875, by a family reunion, all of their children being pres-
ent, save Joseph. Mrs. Milliken d. in Martinsville, 111., May 2, 1880, and
was there interred. He d. at his daughter's (Mrs. Hover) in Lima, O., Feb.
2, 1887, and was laid beside his wife. He was a professional architect,
though the latter part of his life was spent in farming. He was elected coro-
ner of Harrison Co., Oct. 19, 1833, and Captain of the First Artillery Bat-
talion, Second Brigade of Ohio, Dec. i6th, of the same year. In 1834
he removed to Cadiz, in York Township, Union Co., where he was elected
Justice of the Peace, Nov. 20, 1837. After residing some years in Logan
Co. he removed to Lima, same State, where he was elected Mayor for two
successive terms, 1850 and 1853. ^"^ ^^57 ^^ removed to Illinois. Mr. Milli-
ken was a member of the Masonic Order, having taken the degree of knight,
and was active in the branch to which he belonged. There were ten children,
of whom with 5th genei'ation.


1. Margaret Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Thomas3(l), was m. to Allender
and lived in Washington Co., Pa. She had issue Isabella, in 1832, when
both were legatees in her father's will. Margaret received $30 in money ;
Isabella, a " bed and bedding."

2. Isabella Milliken* (3), second daughter of Thomas^ (1), was m. to
Carson and had issue in 1832, when she and her daughter, Jane Carson,
were made legatees of her father's will. The mother received $30, and Jane,
" one bed and bedding."

3. Robert Milliken* (3), son of Thomas^ (1) ; no other information.

4. John Milliken* (4), probably eldest son of Thomas^ (1), m. Jean

and settled in Findley Township, Washington Co., Pa , where he

made his will Oct. 25, 1827, which was probated Aug. 27, 1839. He was men-
tioned as " deceased " in his father's will in 1832, He gave all his real estate
to his wife during her natural life ; also one horse or mare, two cows, four
sheep, two swine, all of her own choice, and a saddle and bridle, one bed and


bedding, wheel, reel, three chairs, half of the dresser and cupboard, one table,
looking-glass, etc. lie mentions his wife's children in distinction from his own
as /<?////, Margaret, Robert, and Afary, and I suppose his wife was a widow
when he married her. His cliildrcn were, Afary, Robert , John, Jciin, W'illiitm,
Alexander N.

5. Jane Milliken' (1), daughter of Thomas^ (1), m. Sanky and was

a legatee in her father's will (1832).

6. Sarah IVJilliken^ (1), daughter of Thomas^ (1), m. Fokd.


1. Joseph Black Milliken' (3), eldest son of Joseph-' (1), was (probably) b. in
Bourbon Co., Ky., June 9, 1798. He m. Miss S.akah C. Hki,l, 1S33. daughter
of John and Sarah (Campbell) Bell of Dromore, Ireland, who had lived neigh-
bors to the Millikens, and came with them to Pa. Mr. Milliken d. in Lexington,
Ky., Oct. 7, 1872, and his widow d. Nov. 24, 1SS9. These had three children,
of whom with 5th generation.

2. William Milliken^ (2), second son of Joseph^ (1), and Jeannette Black, was
b. in Bourbon Co., Ky., no date found; m. Sept. 29, 1829, Minerva C. Har-
wooD, and had issue, of whom with 5th generation. He d. in 1858 ; his widow

3. Annie Milliken'* (1), daughter of Joseph^ (1), b. in Bourbon Co., Ky., and
was the wife of Jack Foster of same county and had children. She is said to
have had her father's Bible record.

4. Sarah Milliken'* (4), daughter of Joseph^ (1), b. in Bourbon Co., Ky., was
the wife of McKenzie.


I. Mary Jane Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Thomas^ (2), b. near Cadiz, O.,
Sept. 29, 1826 ; was m. in Lima, O., Oct. 13, 1846, by Rev. L. M. Stav, to
William Ulysses Hover, son of Joseph and Caroline (Adgate) Hover, born
in Trumbull Co., O., June 12, 1825, and died in Lima, O., May 13, 1895.
Eight children as follows :

I. Sarah Caroline Hover, b. in Lima, O., July 22, 1847 = "i- ^^c. 29,
1870, James A. Stockton, son of Thomas and Sarah (Rae) Stockton,
b. Mar. 17, 1846, near Newark, O. Children : Carrie-Isabella, Liiella-
May, Leo/a, B/ane/i, Rae-Hover.
\\. Joseph Oscar Hover, b. in Lima, O., Apr. 19, [850; m. in Ottawa,
()., Sept. 10, 1878, Ella Dora Brown, dau. of David E. and Elizabeth
(Shaw) Brown, b. in Kalida, O., Feb. 24, 1855. Residence Criders-
ville, O. One child. Flora.

III. Thomas Legrand Hover, b. in Lima, O., Aug. 20, 1852, where he
resides unni.

IV. Mary Leola Hover, b. in Lima, O., Jan. 11, 1855, where she m.
Sept. 10, 1878, Miles Nelson Beaty, son of Alexander and Eliza-
beth (Vance) Beaty, b. in Lima, O., Aug. 28, 1848, w^here he d. June
25, 1899. Mrs. Beaty m. 2d. One child, Ethel.

V. \\'illiam Edgar Hover, b. in Lima, O., Sept. 15, 1857; ni. Oct. 18,
1900, EvALYN Myers. He graduated in the classical course in the
Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, O., June 26, 1884, and after-
wards studied medicine.


VI. Flora Belle Hover, b. in Lima, O., Jan. 12, i860, and d. there

Sept. 16, 1872.
VII. LvDiA May Hover, b. in Lima, Oct., May 4, 1863, where she was m.
VIII. Frank Hover, b. in Lima, O., Dec. 23, 1866. He m. and has a

2. Maria Milliken'^ (1), second daughter of Thomas'* (2), b. in Cadiz, O., May
29, 1828; was m. to John Banning in Lima, O., Sept. 19, 1848. Slie d. in
Lima, O., Oct. 9, 1849. ^'^^ ^°'''' ^^o^i^o.

3. Isabella Milliken^ (2), third daughter of Thomas^ (2), b. in Cadiz, O.,
ISIar. 5, 1830; was m. in Lima, O., Jan. 30, 1850, to William Henry Clay
Mitchell, son of John P. and Maria C. (Bently) Mitchell, b. in Perry County,
O., May 30, 1825, and d. in Traverse City, Mich., Feb. 11, 1901. He was
representative in the State Legislature for four years from 1869 ^° 1S72, and
was elected to the State Senate for two terms. Was delegate to the national
convention, as a Republican in 1856, which nominated ex-President Fillmore
for president. Was delegate to the convention which nominated Rutherford
B. Hayes, and assisted in the nomination of William McKinley and Theodore
Roosevelt in 1900. He held many local offices. Served in the civil war.
Two children named as follows :

I. Arrah-Luella Mitchell, b. in Lima, O., Jan. 21, 185 1 ; m. in Traverse
City, Mich., Nov. 2, 1869, Henry L. Miller, and had a numerous
family. She d. Dec. 3, 1900.
II. William Mitchell, b. in Traverse City, Mich., Sept. 7, 1863, where he
m. and resides.

4. Lydia Anne Milliken'^ (1), fourth daughter of Thomas* (2), b. in Cadiz, O.,

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 48 of 109)