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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 49 of 109)
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Feb. 20, 1858 ; was m. in Martinsville, Ills., Sept. 23, 1863, to \^^ILLIAM Henry
McNary, son of John and Sarah (Tennis) McNary, b. in Mason County,
Ky., July 14, 1821. She d. in Martinsville, Ills., Sept. 23, 1863. Dr.
McNary was a practising physician for thirty-five years, and in 1882 was
elected to the Senate of Illinois for a term of four years. He d. in ISIartins-
ville, May 28, 1898. He had m. for his 2d wife Mary N. Steele, dau. of
Robert and Jane R. (Warren) Steele, b. in Paris, Ills., Oct. 23, 1846. Chil-
dren named as follows :

I. Byron McNary, b. in Alartinsville, Ills., Nov. 15, 1858, where he m.
Oct. 21, 1880, Sallie I. Randall, dau. of William H. and Nancy J.
(Kemper) Randall, b. in Parker Township, Clark Co., Ills., Sept. 4,

1859, ^"^ ^- ^P^'- 7' 1899- ^^•''^ ^o'''' ^Villiam H.
II. Herschel McNary, b. in ^Martinsville, Ills., Mar. 21, 1861, where he
m. Sept. 23, 1884, MoLLiE Randall, dau. of William H. and Nancy J.
(Kemper) Randall, b. in Parker Township, Clark Co., Ills., Dec. 8,
i860. One child, Lydia.

5. Joseph Milliken"' (4), eldest son of Thomas* (2), b. in Union Co., O., Sept.
27, 183s ; m. in Washington, la., Apr. 2, 1857, Elizabeth Margaret Riely.
He d. in Oakland, Cal. Seven children named MiUie-Gertrude^, Joseph-
Albert^, Cha/ies-Doiiglai-^, Alary- Viola ^, Miles, Clarence^ and Georg^.

6. Dr. William Milliken"' (4), second son of Thomas* (2), b. in Logan Co., O.,
Feb. 17, 1839 ; m. lirst, Lou Dillwood, 2d, Sarah Oldham ; no issue. He
was a surgeon in the Union Army during the civil war. He d. in ^lartins-
ville, Ills., May 7, 1876.


7. Sarah Amanda Milliken''' (4), fifth daup^htcr of Thomas* (2). b. in Logan
Co.. O., Apr. 27, 1841 ; was in. in Cuniborlaiid, Ills., by Rev. Howell, Nov.
22, 1859. ^° Lucius Perkin.s Mason, son of Dr. Orville L. and Caroline
(Clark) Mason, b. in Klyria. O., Apr. 16, 1836 ; who is a descendant of Capt.
John Mason of the Peqiiot \\ar. and on his mother's side from Lieut. William
Clark of King Philip's War. Mr. and Mrs. Mascjn have been prominently
identified with the growth of the village of East Saginaw to the present city of
Saginaw, and were the originators of several charitable associations there.
Residences. " Pinehurst." Bay Port, Mich., and Saginaw, E. S., Mich. Three
children named as follows :

I. M.-\v LuELLA Mason, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., May 22, 1863, where
she d. Aug. 15, 1864.

II. Nellie Gertrude Mason, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., Aug. i, 1865,
where she was m. Nov. 19, 1889 (ceremony by Rev. Theodore Nelson),
to Austin E. Kirby, son of Capt. Allen ]\Iosher, and Sarah (Scott)
Kirby, b. in Oswego, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1855, and resides in New York

hi. Louis Bond Mason, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., July 9^, 1869. Un-
married. Member of the Alumni of Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., and
of the Zeta Psi fraternity. Residence, New York City. He compiled
a large part of the history of this branch of the Milligan family.

8. Thomas Benton Milliken-^ (4), third son of Thomas^ (2), b. in Lima, O.,
July 22, 1843 ' "^- ^" Martinsville, Ills., Nov. 26, 1865, Xantippa McCreary,
daughter of Washington and Eliza (West) McCreary, b. Nov. 22, 1848. He
enlisted in Company K. 63d Regt. Ills. Infy., Apr. 28. 1862, and was in several
of the principal battles, of which we name Richmond, Vicksburg, Raleigh,
the capture of Columbia, and in Sherman's March to the Sea. Was honor-
ably discharged in Richmond, Va., May 12, 1865. Residence, East Saginaw,
Mich. Six children named as follows :

I. Nellie JNIay ISIilliken, b. in Martinsville, Ills., June 9, 1868; d. in
Saginaw. Mich., Oct. 17, 189 1.

II. Tippa Maude Milliken, b. in Martinsville, Ills., May 17. 1869.

III. Luther Martin Milliken, b. in Martinsville, Ills., Jan. 13, 1872, and
resides in Saginaw, Mich.

IV. Edgar Bertram Milliken, b. in Martinsville, Ills., Oct. 7, 1874,
where he d. Sept. 12, 1875.

V. Floral ^Iilliken, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., July 15, 1877.
VI. Walter B. Milliken, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., May 2, 1885.

9. Albert Milliken'' (1), fourth son of Thomas* (2), b. in Lima, O., July 18,
1850, where he d. Dec. 30th the same year.

10. Emma Isadore Milliken' (1), daughter of Thomas* (2), b. in Lima, O.,
Jan. II, 1853 ■' ^^'^^ married to Simon Gray, 2d to Frank Daniels. No issue.
Residence, Oklahoma.


I- John Alexander Milliken' (3), eldest son of Joseph^ (2). b. in Bourbon Co.,
Ky., Aug. 24, 1844: d. Feb. i, 1884, unm.

2. Sarah Jeannette Milliken'^ (5), daughter of Joseph* (2), b. in Bourbon Co.,
Ky., June 20, 1847 ; was m. to Thomas J. Sacra, carpenter, who ser\'ed four
years in Company B, Sth Kentucky Cavalry. Two children named as follows:


I. Sarah Louisa Sacra, b. July 4, 1873.

II. Eugene MiLLi KEN Sacra, b. Aug. 20, 1876; m. Sept. 14, 1900,10
Miss Reubina Taylor.

3. Joseph B. Milliken' (4), second son of Joseph^ (2), b. in Bourbon Co., Ky.,
Dec. 10, 1848; m. Miss Bettie Chevis, Sept. 14, 1873, ^"^ resides in Cin-
cinnati, O. Six cliildren named as follows :

I. Fred. Bain Milliken^, m. Mamie Baker, lives in Burgin, Ky., and

has two children, Elizabeth and Hoivard Craig^.
II. Edna Bell Milliken**.

III. Joseph B. Milliken®.

IV. Samuel L. Milliken".

V. Leonard P. Milliken*', deceased.

VI. Craig Milliken^, deceased.


1. William Milliken'^ (5), eldest son of William^ (4), and Minerva, b. Aug.
26, 1830; d. Nov. 6, 1830.

2. Elizabeth America Milliken'^ (3), daughter of William^ (4), b. 1837; d. in
1851, unm.

3. John Harwood Milliken'' (6), second son of William* (4), b. 1833 ; m.
Sophia Louisa Bushnell of Keokuk, lo., and resides in Louisville, Ky. He
has six surviving children named as follows :

I. Lillian Milliken^.
II. Ethel Milliken^.
in. Blanche Milliken^.

IV. Leonie Milliken^.

V. John Milliken^, m. Miss Kate Owens and has one son, O^veri' .

VI. Robert Milliken^, m. Miss Bessie Norris and has son Robert
Eai-le'' .

4. Emily A. Milliken^ (2), second daughter of William* (4),b. in 1837 ; was
m. to Wellington McClary 1876.

5. Lou-Ellen Milliken'^ (1), third daughter of William* (4), b. in 1842 ; was m,
in 1870, to Robert Rennick, and resides in Kansas City, Mo. Three children,
George C, Shelby H.. and Garrett H.

6. Mary Jane Milliken^ (4), fourth daughter of William* (4), b. 1845 ; d. in 1862.

7. George Thomas Milliken^ (1), fourth son of William* (4), b. in 1845 ! ^- ""^

8. David Castleman Milliken-^ (3), fifth son of William* (4), b. in 1S46, and
lives on Alarket Street, Louisville, Ky.

iHtUtxnatta nf ^missnak. Prrrii (Eomtty, Pa.

Samuel Milligan, born in the north of Ireland in the year 1717, was married
there and had a family of children who are supposed to have come to Penn-
sylvania with him, and to have settled somewhere in States farther west. His
second wife was Sarah Jardine, descended from the Scottish border family of
that name. Samuel came to Pennsylvania about 1770, when his eldest son by
his second wife, John by name, was but six or eight years of age, and finally


settled on lands in Madison Township, Perry Co., the farm now owned and
occupied by iiis great-grandson. Nestling under the shoulder of the Conno-
gocheague Mountains stands an old stone mansion huili by Samuel Milligan
in the latter part of the eighteenth century, and since occupied by his son
Thomas, and grandson, John Milligan.

Mr. Milligan was a godly man, a staunch Presbyterian in faith, who trained
his family to follow in his footsteps as far as he walked in the ways of right-
eousness ; and so far as we know, his children were moral, industrious and
useful citizens. They were nearly all communicants of the Presljyterian
Church. He died Sept. 17, 18 15, aged 88 years. His .second wife died
Mar. 12, 1823, aged 86 years. They were buried in the cemetery of the
Centre Presbyterian Church in which they and their children had worshipped,
and their posterity are verifying the promise, " I will be a God to you and your

^econb 6fncrution.


1. Betsey Milligan- (1), eldest daughter of Samuel^ (1), was m. to Boyd.

2. Jane IVlilligan^ (1), second daughter of SamueU (1), was m. to Bell.

3. Mary ? Milligan^ (1), third daughter of SamueU (1), was m. to


4. John Milligan- (1), eldest son of SamueP (1), b. 1764 ; m. Jane Graham
Aug. I.I, 1 791, who was b. 1767, and d. in 1850, aged 83 years. He d. in
1842. He settled on land east of and adjoining his father's homestead. This
wild land was rough and hard to subdue, but John Milligan was a man of
energy and unyielding will and resolutely encountered all obstacles that stood
in his way. He cleared and made productive his farm ; wagoned all the way
to Baltimore to dicker produce ; bought cattle and drove them to market ;
moved many families into Ohio, and acquired a competency. He passed
through many adventures when on his journeys, but never mentioned them at
home lest his wife should be unduly excited.

An elderly gentleman related the following at New Bloomfield, Pa., concern-
ing John Milligan. ^fany years ago at his father's hotel a loud helloing was
heard late at night, and on going to the door to learn the cause they found an
old man mounted on a horse frozen to the saddle. After removine; the man
and saddle they were carried to the hotel and thawed out, and the old man
seemed but little harmed. When too old to take care of his double team he
employed a driver but rode along on horseback to safeguard his business. On
taking a load of farm produce to Carlisle, Pa., in crossing the Canngwumet
creek his teams broke through the ice, and the night being very cold Mr.
Milligan was frozen fast to his saddle and could not dismount.

A man named Swartz related that while living in York Co., Pa., he saw an
old man mounted on a small horse riding quite fast down the opposite bank,
and without even halting drove right into the swollen stream. The horse
floundered and the old man was thrown from the saddle, but by clinging to
the horse's mane he was carried safely to the objective side of the stream.
When he reached shore he merely shook himself, mounted his horse and rode
away. Many years afterward he learned that the intrepid old man was John


Such incidents show the energ}' and persev^erance of a robust pioneer,
When far advanced in hfe he mounted horse on a cold March day and drove
away a dozen miles, but was stricken with paralysis on that evening and died
a few days later.

5. David Milligan^ (1), son of SamueU (1), b. in Swissvale, Perry Co., Penn. ;
m. July I, 1794, Sarah Wallace, and settled, about 1814, near Pittsburg,
Penn., as a farmer. His wife d. in 1818-19, and his children went westward.
He d. in 1834. They were buried at the Beulah Church, not distant from
Braddock fields. For names of children, see forward to 3d generation.

6. Joseph Milligan- (1), son of SamueP (1), b. in Swissvale, Perry Co., Penn.;
removed to Georgetown, D. C, but nothing could be ascertained concerning
his subsequent history, or of his family.

7. Hugh Milligan^ (1), son of SamueP (1), was b. in 1775 ; was m. June 20,
1805, by Rev. John Linn, D. D., to Eleanor McMillan. She d. May 28,
1819, aged 36 years, and he was m. 2d, Mar. 8, 1821, by Rev. James Dickey,
to Margaret Killgore. Removing from Perry Co., Penn., he settled at
Hopp Run farm, near Greentield, Ross Co., O., Apr. 8, 1808, and d. July 22,
i860, aged 85 years. His second wife d. Dec. i, 1870, aged 99 years. For
names of children see 3d generation.

8. Thomas Milligan- (1), youngest son of Samuel^ (1), b. in Madison Town-
ship, Perry Co., Penn., Sept. 4, 1781 ; m. Ann Irvine in 1809, she being a
daughter of James and Elizabeth (Scott) Irvine, b. Sept. 1 1, 187 1. He settled
on the old homestead at Sandy Hill and carried on the farm. He marketed
his produce in Baltimore, going and coming with a six-horse wagon, and bring-
ing home the finery and luxuries of the family. He d. Dec. 27, 1837, ^^^*^ ^^^
wife d. Oct. 27, 1838. Both were buried in the cemetery of the Centre Pres-
byterian Church, where they had attended upon divine worship. They were
prudent and respectable people, esteemed for their excellency of character.
Children, ten in number, with 3d generation.


I. Sarah Milligan^ (1), eldest daughter of John- (1), b. in Swissvale, Penn.,
iSIay 15, 1792; was m. to William Irvine,* who was b. Mar. 15, 1794,
and d. Apr. 21, 1833, aged 39. She d. Oct. 23, 1861, aged 69. Children
named as follows :

I. James Irvine, b. Jan. 19, 1817; m. Isabella Typen; d. Nov. 23, 1895,
leaving issue. He had collected much genealogical data relating to the

* In travelling through the western end of Perry County, Penn., starting at Millerstown
on the Juniata River, and railroad to Germantown via Ickesburg and Blaii', after going three
miles and crossing Buffalo Creek, a brick schoolhouse will be seen on the left hand. On the
right-hand side of the road about one hundred yards beyond, may be seen an old stone man-
sion built during the latter part of the eighteenth century by Robert Irvine, who came to
America in 1752, but did not settle in this place till 1774. Here in the gentle, undulating
valley, skirled on the east by Buffalo Creek, on the north by the Connogocheague, and extend-
ing one-half mile on either side of the road, are the lands owned by Robert Irvine and his
sons. One half mile further on the same road from the old stone mansion, is the former
home of William Irvine, where he built the stone house as it now stands in 1832. Here
William and his wife Sarah Milligan lived and their large family of children grew to man-
hood and womanhood. The place is now owned by Sarah 'A. Irvine and her nephew,
James Milligan Irvine.


Milligan and Irvine families, but nearly all of his notes were lost un-
accountably. He was for many years an elder in the Presbyterian
Church at Ickesburj;, Pa. A man of superior intelligence and irre-
proachable character.
II. Jane Irvink, b. Nov. i, 1818; d. July 17, 1886, unm.

III. Elizabeth Irvine, b. July 2, 182 1 ; m. James McLaughi.an <\i Port
Royal, Pa., and had three children.

IV. Sali.v Ann Irvine, b. Apr. 6, 1824, is living unm. on the old Irvine
homestead in Perry Co., Pa.

v. John Irvine, b. Julyg, 1832; m. Mary Kllen Ki.ijott, May 17, 1S37,
who was b. July 25, 1837, and resides on a farm in Culpeper, Va. He
was an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Ickesburg, Pa., and in that
of Culpeper since his settlement in \'irginia. He is a man of large
intellectual ability and usefulness. Ten children, one a clergyman.

2. Samtiel Milligan' (2), eldest son of John-(l), b. in Swissvale,Penn., Dec. 4,
1793 ; was m. to Martha Elliott, who d. leaving several children. He after-
wards m. Margaret Graham, and removed to Ohio; then to Missouri.

3. William Milligan^ (1), second son of John- (1), b. in Swissvale, Penn.,
Dec. 6, 1801 ; was m. to Jane Reed, and settled first on his father's farm, and
after changing his residence in the same county, bought a farm in Centre
County ; but finally removed with his son Richard to Illinois, where he d. aged
So- Was an elder in the Presbyterian Church for many years. His children
were named John, Richard, Henry, Nancy, Amanda, and Saruh-Jaue. The
sons are all dead. Mrs. Sarah Shaw, a daughter, was living some years ago
in Clearfield Co., Pa.


1. Samtiel Milligan' (3). eldest son of David- (1), b. in Swissvale, Penn., Aug.
17, 1795, d. in childhood.

2. Sallie Milligan' (3), eldest daughter of David- (1), b. in Swissvale, Penn.
Dec. 26, 1797 ; was m. to John Swisshelm.

3. Robert Milligan' (2), second son of David- (1), b. in Swissvale, Penn., Oct.
29, 1800; was m. May 14, 1829,10 jNIarv Ann Shortess, daughter of Alexan-
der and Mary, b. Feb. 16, 1801, and had issue six children, named as follows:

I. Alexander S. Milligan*, b. Apr. 3, 1830; d. Alar. 12, 1867.

II. Thomas A. ^^^Iilligan^ b. Sept. 22, 1832; d. Sept. 14, 1854.
III. Emaline E. Milligan*, b. Oct. 31, 1S35.

IV. John W. Milligan*, b. May 15, 1838; was m. July 18, 1867, to INIary
Eliza Agnew% daughter of Smith and Mary, b. July 23, 1843, ^"^^ '^'^^
issue as follows :

(i). Robert Milligan^, b. Aug. 28, 1869.

(2). Joseph F. Milligan^, b. Nov. 13, 187 1.

(3). Edwin I. Milligan^, b. Aug. 27, 1873 ^ ^- ^^^"^^ 9; 1874-

(4). Mary G. Milligan^, b. Sept. 14, 1874.

(5). AIatilda C. Milligan^, b. Apr. 9, 1877.

(6). Margaret B. MILLIGAN^ b. Apr. 9, 1878; d. Mar. 9, 1881.

(7). James C. Milligan^ b. Sept. 22, 1884.
V. Mary Margaretta Milligan*, b. Sept. 9, 1841.
VI. Jo.^Ki'H Robert Milligan*, b. May 25, 1844.


4. John Milligan^ (2), twin son of David^ (1), b. in Swissvale, Perry Co.,
Penn., ^Jar. 27, 1803 ; was m. Jan. 22, 1829, to Lucinda Elmore, daughter of
John Khnore, near Crawfordsville, Ind. He worked on the homestead farm
until 1827, when he set out on horseback for Ross Co., O. In Oct., 1828,
he removed to Montgomery Co., Ind., where he took up 80 acres of land.
Was a school-teacher in that county. Was for some time, until 1830, clerk in
a store ; then opened a county store near the site of Waveland. Subsequently
laid out the lots and established himself in business there. Was postmaster.
ISIember Presbyterian Church, and active in church and educational work.
He d. ^lar. 5, 1886, aged 83 years. Nine children. See 4th generation.

5. James Milligan^ (1), twin son of David^ (1), b. in Swissvale, Perry Co.,
Penn., ^lar. 27, 1803 ; d. young.

6. Hannah Milligan^ (1), second daughter of David^ (1), b. in Swissvale, Perry
Co., Penn., Aug. 28, 1805; was m. in her 21st year to William White, and
settled in Perry Co., Penn., where she united with the Associate Church.
There she raised ten children, six sons and four daughters. Subsequently the
family removed to Indiana, and in 1866 removed to Pana, Ills., where she and
her husband united with the U. P. Church, of which she continued a faithful
member until death, which event occurred Sept. 27, 1872. She passed away
in great peace. " She looked well to the w^ays of her household, and ate not
the bread of idleness. She did her husband good and not evil all the days of
her life ; and now her children rise up and call her blessed ; her husband also,
and he praiseth her." Mr. White, b. in Sherman's Valley, Perry Co., Pa., Sept.
8, 1803, d. at the age of 79. Children named as follows:

I. Sarah Ellen White, b. July 11, 1827; m. her cousin, James M.

White of Allen's Cove, where they died.
II. White, b. July 16, 1829; m. Mildred Canine of Crawfords-
ville, Ind., and both d. in Shelbyville, Ills., where they were buried,
aged 66 and 63 years.
III. Mary Elizabeth White, b. Sept. 28, 1831 ; m. Robert Steele of
Rockville, Ind., and d. near Vincennes, Ind., at the age of 34 years ;
buried there.

IV. David Milligan White, b. ^vfar. 6, 1834; m. Frances Canine of
Crawfordsville, Ind., and lives in Pana, Ills.

V. Margaret Ann White, b. Sept. 30, 1836; m. Samuel Parks Johns
of Waveland, Ind., 1859, and lives in Sedalia, Mo. He runs a lumber
and planing mill business with his sons.

VI. William Thomas White, b. Dec. 3, 1838; m. John Sellers of Long-
wood, Mo., and d. at Sedalia, ^lo., aged 34.

vii. Joseph Gailey White, b. Oct. 6, 1841 ; m. Mary Baker of Woorster,

O. Living in Sedalia, Mo.
viii. Robert Simpson White, b. Feb. 13, 1844 ; m. Shellic Konkrite,
who d. at Sedalia, Mo.
IX. Hannah Jane White, b. Oct. 29, 1846 ; m. Charles Cast? at Pana,
Ills., now in Chicago, Ills.

7. Peggy Wallace Milligan'' (1), third daughter of David- (1), b. in Swissvale,
Perry Co., Pciin., Feb. i, 1808; was m. to Robert Graham, and had issue.

8. Eleanor Milligan^(l),fourthdaughterof David-(l),b. in Swissvale, PerryCo.,
Penn., Nov. 8, 1809 ; was m. to Dr. Joseph Faulkner, and had three children.




g. Hon. Joseph Milligan^ (2). iifth son of David- (1), b. in Suissvale, Perry
Co., I'cnn., Mar. 3, 1S14; was in. Apr. 5, 1846. to .\Iiss J.anik W. Hawkins,
daughter of CoL Ilawkins of Braddock, Pa., but .slic d. Jan. 25, i<SS2. leav-
ing a daughter, India /., who d. at the age of 24. He was in. 2d, in Sept.,
1853, to ]\Iiss Harriet N. Fullenwider, daughter of Kieazer and Lavina
(Alien) Fullenwider. who settled near Wavcland, Ind., in 1S34. Hy this union
there were two children. Joseph remained on the farm until he was nineteen
years old, and in 1833 he immigrated to Montgomery County, where his elder
brother, John, had settled in 1830. The latter was the projector of the town of
Waveland, as he owned the land and laid out the \illage. Joseph soon secured
a position in a store in Crawfordsville, but remained there only a short time,
owing to the proprietor wishing him to handle whiskey, and this he refused
to do, and thus early showed those right principles which have marked his
career through life.

With only :?iio in his pocket, but with the happy disposition and faith in
himself which characterize the Irish blood the world over, Joseph started down
the Ohio. He had a deck passage to Cincinnati, and from Crawfordsville he
went as far as the " Narrows" of Sugar Creek, a trading point on the creek,
and here he spent one year in charge of a store for John Mitchell, who during
this time went to New Orleans with two fiatboats of pork ; he died of cholera,
while on the trip, on board of the steamer, and was buried on the banks of the
river. After closing up these aftairs. Joseph took one term in Wabash College
and then became a merchant.

His brother was engaged in mercantile pursuits near where Joseph lived,
and offered his young brother a partnership. This was accepted, and he went
into the store at Jacksonville, where he remained about four years and did
well, as it was the first store there. On his return to Waveland he and a
brother formed a partnership in a store, and there he continued until about
1845. During this time he was also buying pork at the ''Narrows," which
was the head of navigation, and making trips with it to New Orleans.

In 1845 ^I^- Milligan went into the same business at Waveland, and kept
on enlarging until 1856, when his business had assumed extensive proportions.
He then bought goods in New York and Cincinnati, and carried on a large
trade. At this time he bought a farm in Fountain County and went into part-
nership with other parties in general merchandising, he supplying the means.
In i86g he changed his residence to Crawfordsville.

During the war Mr. ^lilligan bought the Rockport Mills and assisted in
furnishing supplies to the soldiers, donated through the Sanitary Commission.
At the organization of the First National Bank he became a Director for two
years, and prior to 1890 he was its President. He was the first President of
the Crawfordsville & Southwestern Railroad, now purchased by the \'andalia.
His influence secured the right of way and perfect organization of the road.

Mr. Milligan made a trip through Iowa and Kansas and bought thousands
of acres in those States, which have since been selling with great profit. In
1839 he rode over the country on horseback, and visited Iowa City and St.
Joseph, Mo., then !Milligan's Landing, and picked out valuable tracts: he
has also handled lands in this State. In 1864 he was elected to the State
Senate on the Republican ticket, and served for two terms. His connection
with his party was very active, and he was a strong supporter of the war


Mr. Milligan in early life was a Methodist, but for the last thirty years was
an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. He was a delegate to the General
Assemblies at St. Louis and Saratoga.

When the Rev. Thomas Milligan resigned as Trustee of Wabash College,
Mr. Joseph Milligan was appointed to succeed him, and he gave the college
interests much attention. Another important post held by Mr. Milligan was
that of President of the Orphans' Home, a county institution, and in all of
the relations of life he has filled the measure. He was a man of whom the
people of the county were proud, for he reflected the best that is in it.

lo. Rev. Thomas Stuart Milligan^ (2), sixth son of David^ (1), b. in Swissvale,
Pa., Nov. I, i8i6 ; was m. Feb. 28, 1846, to Louisa Frances Warren, b. in

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