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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 57 of 109)
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Ella Reeves, and has issue.
3- Margaret A. Millikin^ (2), third daughter of Thomas^(2), b. in Allen Co.,
O., July 5, 1845 ' ^^'^^ "^- Sept. 20, i860, to Lemuel Wingate, farmer, b. Dec.
18. 1840, and d. a soldier, Feb. 10, 1863, at Nashville, Tenn. She was again
m., her husband being Levi Philips. They reside on their farm near Beaver
Dam, O. Four children.

I. John Freemont Wingate, b. Mar. 8, 1862; m. Oct. 31, 1880, Mary
.Vrdelia Young, and has four children.
4. Mary E. Millikin'^ (11), fourth daughter of Thomas^ (2), b. in Allen Co., O.,
Oct. 20. 1848; was m. June 20, 1866, to Elijah Ferguson, a farmer, b. in
Belmont Co., O., Oct. 19, 1843, and d. at his home in Allen Co., Aug. 25,
1887. Mrs. Ferguson resides in Lima, O. Her children, some of them living
near her, were named as follows :


I. Cora E. Ferguson, b. Mar. 15, 1867 ; m. Mar. 15, 1887, J. A.

Harshe, and has issue.

II. JoHX \V. Ferguson, b. Apr. 27, 1868.

in. ^Maggie Ferguson, b. Apr. 30, 1870.

IV. Thomas E. Ferguson, b. July 5, 1872.

V. Calvin A. Ferguson, b. July 7, 1874.

VI. Carrie E. Ferguson, b. July 30, 1876.

VII. Rosa E. Ferguson, b. Feb. 20, 1879.

VIII. Alba L. Ferguson, b. Nov. 3, 1881 ; d. Apr. 18, 1883.

IX. Asa E. D. Ferguson, b. Sept. 27, 1884.

X. Rosa B. Ferguson, b. Aug. 25, 1886.


1. Thomas E. Millikin-^ (8), eldest son of Robert^ (4), b. in Richland Co., O.,
July 19, 1S42: d. Nov. 25, 1865, ^'^ Allen Co., O. Unm.

2. John H. Millikin-^ (12), second son of Robert^ (4), b. in Richland Co., O.,
Oct. 17, 1843 '•> "^^^ J^'^- *' 1867, Lenora a. Walker, who was b. Jan. 22, 1842.
He d. in ]Madison Co., O., Sept. 30, 1870, leaving two sons. See 6th

3. Roxalina Millikin^ (1), eldest daughter of Roberf* (4). b. in Richland Co.,
O., May 13, 1845 ' ^^'^^ ""*• Aug. 29, 1866, to Wilfred P. Cook, farmer, of
Allen Co., O., who was b. in Morrow Co., O., Sept., 1843. Present address,
Columbus, O. Her children, named as follows :

I. Eva Belle Cook, b. Oct. 4, 1867 ; d. Feb. 6, 1875.
II. Emma Cook, b. May 24, 1875 ; m. Rev. D. Herbert Deets.
III. Clyde P. Cook, b. Feb. 11, 1884.

4. Salathiel D. Millikin'^ (1), third son of Robert^ (4), b. in Richland Co., O.,
Sept. 21, 1846; m. May 12, 1867, Nancy J. Rightly, b. Apr. 17, 1851, in
Steubenville, Jefferson Co., O. He was a soldier, having enlisted Feb. 22,
1864, in the 4th Ohio Cavalry, and was discharged July 15, 1865. He was
killed by a boiler explosion in the Hayden Rolling Mill, Columbus, O., Feb.
27, 1868. The widow is now living with her son Joseph, in Chicago, 111.
Four children. See 6th generation.

5. Edwin R. Millikin'^ (1), fourth son of Robert (4), b. in Richland Co., O.,
July 16, 1848 ; d. Apr. 17, 1849.

6. Robert D. Millikin' (8), fifth son of Robert* (4), b. in Richland Co., O.,
Oct. 31, 1850: d. in Allen Co., O., Oct. 18, 1870. Unm.

7. Alice A. Millikin-^ (2). second daughter of Robert* (4), b. in Richland Co.,
O., July 4, 1852 ; was m. Jan. 10, 1872, to Melvin D. Hodges ; d. July 4, 1873,
of consumption.

Su'tb 6cncriition.


1. Calvert Millikin'- (1), eldest son of Johiv^ (8), b. in Iowa, July 22, 1872,
and is employed as a school teacher.

2. Gilbert Millikin" (1), second son of John-"' (8), b. in Iowa, Jan. 7, 1874; m.
Aug. II, 1897, -^^A'^Y OiT. who was b. in Nebraska, la., July 26, 1879. She
was the daughter of Charles and Eliza Ott. He carried on farming and
stock-raising. Of this union two children were b : Bernice, d. Oct. 16, 1900,
aged three months, and Gohia, b. Feb. 7, 1902.


3. Nevada Millikin" (1), only daughter of John-^ (8). h. on Easter Sunday,
Apr. 2t), 187O. l-.astcr lias ncncr occurred on that day of the month since,
and she is 26 years of age. She is a school teacher by profession.

4. Gary Millikin" (1), third son of John"' (8), b. Apr. 25, 1878 ; m. Jan. 1, igoi,
Viola Dawson, daughter of Albert and Lace Dawson, who reside near Delta,
Keokuk Co., la., where she was b. Aug. 19, 1881. Mr. Millikin is a farmer
in Keokuk Co.. la. One daughter, Daisey Dell ^ b. Dec. 7, 1902.

5. William A. Millikin" (10). fourth son of John'^ (8), b. in Iowa, Sept. 18, i88i ;
m. May 22, 1901- Stella Palmer, daughter of Z. T. Palmer and Florence
his wife, b. Apr. 20. 1880. He is a farmer in Keokuk Co., la. (Jne son.
Forest, b. Dec. i, 1902.

6. Jesse Millikin" (1), fifth son of John'' (8j, b. in Iowa, Jan. 19, 1883, and is
attending school in Fremont. .\ promising young man.


1. Ida May Millikin" (1), only daughter of James"' (14), b. in Canaan "Pownship,
Madison Co., O., May i, 1867 ; was m. May 23, 1889, to John \V. Leonard,
a native of Pennsylvania, who was b. May 30, i860. Ida attended the district
school until about 16, and having removed to Plain City with her parents she
attended the high school there. Mr. Leonard was engaged in the grocery
business at Plain City at the time of his m., but sold out after two years, and
looked after his farm. He d. Mar. 22, 1892, leaving one child. His widow
was m. 2d, Nov. 28, 1895, to Abraham Lincoln Wagoner, who was b. at
Urbana, O., Aug. 18, i860, and was a son of Henry and Lucinda Wagoner.
Mr. Wagoner has been a groceryman and farmer. They reside in Plain City,

0. Two children by the second m. Issue in full : Florence', b. ^ept. 4,
1891 ; Adra', b. July 22, 1897, and d. Aug. 17, 1898; and Carol LJ ^ b. May
30, 1901.

2. Royal John Carol Millikin" (1), second child of James-^ (14), b. in Canaan
Township, Madison Co., 0.,July, 1870; m. Apr. 8, 1891, Al>l^ Worthington,
who was b. Apr. 5, 1S70, in same place. She was the daughter of Israel and
Margaret (Lane) Worthington. The parents of Royal moved to Plain City
when he was a lad, and he received his education in the graded schools there.
He then went into the grocery business and continued until 1891. Mr. Milli-
kin alternated between his farm in Canaan Township and Plain City for several
years. He likes farming but is not sufficiently robust to follow it for any length
of time. He has been successful in all of his business deals. Residence now
Plain City, O. His wife attended college at Akron, O., several years. By
this union two daughters, Alfa May'', b. Oct. 4, 1892, and Helen'' , b. Aug.


1. Cora A. Millikin" (1), eldest daughter of Robert-^ (7), b. in Madison Co.,
near Amity, O., Dec. 17, 1868, and d. at her father's home May 19, 1899.
At the age of 15 she lost her mother and took charge of the household, look-
ing after her younger sister, and was a comfort to her father. She was quiet,
gentle, and modest ; was kind to all, and strong in her principles of right and

2. Delia J. Millikin" (1), second daughter of Robert'^ (7), b. in Canaan Town-
ship, Madison Co., O., Sept. 17. 1870; was m. May 25. 1892. to Anhrkw
Elton Sherwood, son of Andrew and Emily Kilbury, b. May 23, 1866. After


his m. he settled in Columbus, O., where he was engaged in the bicycle busi-
ness, haxing a store and repair shop. After live years he removed to a farm
in Brown Township, Franklin Co., and subsequently, after the death of Cora
Millikin, his wife's sister, he moved to the home of Robert Millikin, his
father-in-law, where he now resides. Two children: Edith, b. May 4, 1893,
and Harold M., b. June 18, 1899.


1. Charles R. Millikin'^ (2), eldest son of Johiv^ (9), b. on the banks of the Big
Darby, in Ohio, June 28, 1874; was engaged in the dairy business in Colorado
one year ;, then purchased a grocery store and continued in trade three years.
He sold out and went South. He and his brother Mar\'in are now in the
grocery business.

2. Wyatt L. Millikin" (1), second son of John^ (9), b. on the banks of the Big
Darby, in Ohio, Sept. 28, 1875 ; remained at home until of age. He went to
Columbus and secured a situation in the of^ce of a street railway Co., where
he still remains, being paymaster and overseer of the lower floor of the offices.
He took a commercial course in Columbus Business College, and intended to
enter the State University, but gained a good position and changed his plans.
He m. Miss Lulu Plank, by birth a Canadian, Nov. 22, 1900. Resides in
Columbus, O.

3. Marvin S. Millikin^ (1), third son of John- (9), b. on the Big Darby, in
Ohio, Aug. 27, 1877; remained at home until his parents moved to the city of
Columbus, where he supplemented his common school studies by a course in the
business college. He was clerk in his brother's grocery store, and is now in
business with his brother Charles, at Columbus, O.

4. Maud L. Millikin" (1), only daughter of John^ (9), b. at Marysville, O., Feb.
15, 1888 ; is now (1903) in the grammar school in Columbus, O.


1. Francis Wilber Millikin" (1), only son of John^ (10), b. in Canaan Town-
ship, Madison Co., O., Oct. 27, 1874; m. July 12, 1897, May Graham, who
was b. Sept. 4, 1871. She was tlie daughter of Robert Bruce and Rebecca
(Graves) Graham. Mr. Millikin resides in Peabody, Kan., and one who knew
him says, " He is the cleanest-charactered man in the town." He neither
smokes, chews, drinks, nor swears ; is truthful and blessed with a kind and
friendly disposition. He was graduated from the Peabody high school and
entered the department store of Fred E. Pettet & Co., as salesman, where he
has since remained, with the exception of a few months when he was cashier
of a bank. He is now head clerk of the clothing department. Two children :
Lorna, b. June 4, 1898, and Fred. Graham, b. Apr. g, 1901.

2. Lula May Millikin" (1), daughter of John'- (10), b. in Madison Co., O.,
June II, 1876 ; attended the public schools of Marion Co., Kan., — where she
now resides, — and later the high school at Peabody, in that State. She is a
lady of high moral worth, much respected by all who know her.


I. Ciirdie Millikin" (1), daughter of Abijah^ (1), b. Sept. 21, 1884, was named
for a Mrs. Curdie, a friend of the family. She d. Oct. 18, 1884.


2. Grace Millikin" (1), daughter of Abijah'^ (1), b. Sept. 23. 1884. The singular
birth of these twins attracted much attention. Ciinlie was b. (jn the morning
of Sept. 21st, and Grace at noon on Sept. 23d — a very singuhir event in
nativity. Grace was in the high school at West Jefferson, O., and graduated
in the spring of 1903.

3. Robert Millikin" (9). third child of Abijah'^ (1). was b. Nov. 27, 1886. He
is a hustler, and is well advanced in liic high school of his town.


1. Dr. Emma Millikin" (1), eldest daughter of William-^ (9), b. at Ontario, O.,
July 27, 1866; was educated in the public schools, and later at Ohio Normal
University, Ada, O. She was engaged in teaching several years in her native
town. She went to Ohio City in 1892, where she taught three years in the
eighth grade, when impaired health made cessation of teaching imperative.
Yicldinir to an inclination she had felt for vears — " because medicine is in the
Millikin blood, and must crop out occasionally " — she began the study of
medicine, graduating from the Ohio Medical University, Columbus, O.,
in 1898. Upon competitive examination she was appointed one of the resi-
dent physicians of the Protestant Hospital for the next year, but owing to the
financial difficulties of that institution was not allowed the privilege of the ser-
vice. Since 1899 she has been located in her native village, Ontario, O.,
where in the surrounding country she enjoys an extensive practice. Miss
Emma has with great painstaking and excellence compiled the genealogy of
her grandfather's posterity.

2. Mary Millikin" (12), second daughter of William^ (9), b. at Ontario, O.,
Dec. 26, 1868; was m. Aug. 4, 1892, to Alvin R. Caton, son of A. T. and
Martha (Gorman) Caton, b. near Corsica, Morrow Co., O., Sept. 28, 1866.
She attended the public schools and, later, the University at Ada, O. She
engaged in teaching, and continued in that profession until her m. Mr.
Caton taught several terms, then completed his college course, graduating
from the O. N. G. in 1889. He then taught high school until his health
failed, and they located in Northern Georgia, where both again engaged in
teaching. Finding the climate conducive to better health, they located perma-
nently in the " Sunny South," having purchased a farm near Cleveland, Tenn.

3. Laura Millikin" (1), third daughter of William-^ (9), b. in Richland, O., Jan-
16, 187 I, like her sisters supplemented her preliminary education by attend"
ance at the Ohio Normal University at Ada, O., and continued the family
precedent by teaching with excellent success, and always near home. Though
possessed of ordinary good health, she found, if this w'as not to be sacrificed,
she must discontinue her professional work. She now resides with her
mother and sister at Ontario, O. She has for several years been county secre-
tary of the S. S. Association work. Has travelled extensively, and is an active
force in the community.

4. Stella Milliken" (1), fourth daughter of William^ (9), b. in Richland Co., O.,
Mar. 9, 1873, followed in the footsteps of her sisters, and added to her early
training a course at the Ohio Normal University, and then took up teaching.
" The Millikin Girls " were always well received as teachers near home, and
Estella was no exception. She continued in her chosen avocation till her m.
Apr. 30, 1898, to Edgar U. Maynard, M.D., who was b. near Coshocton, O.,
Feb. 20, 1868, being the son of James and Mary E. (Pane) Maynard. He


followed teaching some years, in the meantime pursuing his studies at O. N. U.,
where he graduated in 1894. He soon began the study of medicine, gradu-
ating from the Ohio Medical University in 1897.


1. Cassius Byi'on Millikin'' (1), eldest son of John^ (12). b. in Madison Co., O.,
Oct. 4, 1867. His father and younger brother d. in 1870. He was left to the
loving care of his widowed mother, and grew up, a serious, thoughtful young
man. He was tall and well built, and possessed a very brilliant mind. He
m., Jan. 2. 1894. Miss Eva Gary. His death occurred Nov. 26. 1896.

Demise of a Well Known and Promising Young Man.

Cassius Byron Millikin was b. Oct. 4, 1867, and departed this life, Nov. 26,
1896. aged 29 years, i month, and 23 days.

When quite young he began his studies in the district school. So great
was his mental quickness that he learned the tasks imposed upon him with
comparatively little effort. His temperament was active and joyous. His
parents were justly proud of the boy, who in youth gave such unusual promise
of a bright and honorable future. After pursuing his studies in the district
school for several years, he entered the Ohio Normal University at Ada, from
which institution he graduated in the Scientific Course with well-earned honors.
Turning his attention to the profession of teaching, he for several years took
rank as one of the most successful teachers in Madison Co., but the medical
profession was his choice, and having secured by his own labors the neces-
sary funds, he entered the Ohio Medical College, from which institution he
graduated, securing his diploma last spring. He was then the very picture of
health and bodily vigor, and gave promise of a long life of usefulness. But
inevitable death was hovering over him then, anxious to claim so fair a victim.
That dreaded disease, consumption, had taken hold on him, and his vitality was
slowly diminished. Unable to attend to the profession he adored, he went
South last spring in the hopes that the salubrious climate of western North
Carolina would alleviate his sufferings. For awhile temporary relief was
obtained, but it was not lasting, and in a few weeks he returned to the old
home that had witnessed his youthful triumphs, to die. He is dead, but his
rare qualities of mind and heart will remain as pleasant memories to those who
knew him well. He had a strong and abiding faith in the living God, and was
always a consistent Christian. At the age of thirteen he united with the
Bapti-st Church. He was a willing helper in the church, and was often the
only young man at the business meetings of the organization. It has been
truly said that in the final analysis of all things nothing remains but character.
In this instance what a rich and precious legacy this is to his family and
friends ! And as this life is but a trust to be executed and accounted for,
those who knew how well he performed his trust will hope that the account of
it which he is ready to render may secure him a home in another world of
brightness and of beauty, where he may dwell in one of those mansions that
are in our Father's House.

His widow is now living with her parents, Stephen and Anna Frances Gary.

2. John Willard Millikin" (13), second son of John^ (12), b. June 18, 1869,
and d. July 20, 1870.



1. Joseph W. Millikiii" (6), cklc^t son of Salathicl'' dj. b. Feb. 27, 1868, in
Gallia Co., (). He has become distinguished by his inventive genius and re-
markable musical ability. He is not only able to play many instruments, but
can design and make the instruments as well. He has applied himself mainly
to mechanical work of the stage. He has originated various scenic effects,
antl his oiiginal devices in stage management afford demand for his services.
He lives with his widowed mother in Chicago.

2. George L. IVlillikin" (2), second son of Salathiel^ (1). b. in Butler Co.. ().,
Apr. 17, 1S70; m. July 27, 1893, Katik Schmiit. and, like his brother, is ]X)S-
sessed of great mechanical and musical skill. He is now engaged in the
grocery business in Columbus, O., but studying odd moments, and thus taking
a course in mechanical engineering. He is energetic and original, and this,
with hard work and attention to business, has enabled him to make progress in
whatever he has undertaken. Two children as follows :

I. EvoRA Ruth Millikin^, b. Aug. 26, 1894.
II. Adaline C. Millikin", b. Aug. 20, 1903.

3. Alton W. Millikin" (1), third son of SalathieP (1), b. in Allen Co.. O., Jan.
10. 1873: d. July 22, 1875.

4. Mary R. Millikin" (12), daughter of SalathieP (1), b. in Allen Co., O., Dec.
12, 1876.


1. Margaret Millikin^ (1), eldest daughter of Robert- (1), b. in Greene Co., Pa.,
Mar. 30, 1800 ; was m. Nov. 22, 182 1, to William Hill, son of Samuel Hill, '
b. July 24, 1798, and d. June 4, 1883. They resided in Morris Township,
five miles west of Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa., where she d. Nov. 30, 1875.
Six children as follows : '

I. Mary Hill, b. Aug. 2, 1823 ; d. Feb. 23, 1824.

II. Elizabeth Hill, b. May 28, 1825 ; m. Mar. 15, 1845. to Joxas Ely.

III. Samuel Hill, b. Feb. 20, 1827 ; resides in Waynesburg, Pa., unm.

IV. Martha M. Hill, b. July 19, 1829; m. Asa B. McFann, and lives in
Newmarket. Ind.

V. Minerva Hill, b. July 16, 1831 ; m. David \\'. Kennedy, painter and
paperhanger, and lives in Waynesburg, Pa. Five children.

VI. Robert M. Hill, b. June 24, 1833 ; m. July 3, i860, and lives in
Fairmont, W. ^'a. Clerk.

2. David Millikin'' (1), eldest .son of Robert^ (1), b. in Morris Township,
Greene Co., Pa., Apr. 23, 1802; m. to Lydia'Rogers who was b. Jan. 1,1808,
and settled upon a section of his father's homestead farm. They had thirteen
children, named: Martha, Mary, Robert, WiHiam, Margaret, Ruth, Anna. Jane,
Joanna, Minena, David, Alexander, and /<?//« Z., of whom with 4th generation.

3. Matthew Gray Millikin^ (1), eldest son of Robert^ (1), b. in Morris Town-
ship, Greene Co., Pa., Sept. 14, 1806; was m. about 1827 to Anna Heca-
thorn, daughter of Daniel and Polly (Boyd) Hecathorn. and settled in his
native county, where he remained until the fall of 1831. when he went to
Ohio, and lived one winter with his wife's father, where he taught school near


the site of the old Dunker church, in Perry Township, Montgomery Co., and
about twehe miles northwest of the now city of Dayton. The year following
(1832) he purchased a farm of 90 acres in said township, and taught school
that year.

At this early period deer and wild turkeys were plentiful in Ohio, and he
killed several. In the year 1839 the whole family returned to Pa., in a wagon,
and in 1845 Matthew G. made another visit to his old home where he purchased
a horse and rode to Ohio in the saddle. Mr. Millikin d. in the prime of life,
May 26, 1848, and was buried in Providence Cemetery. His age was 42 years
8 months and 12 days. His widow was m. Mar. 3, 1857, by J. Lanman, Esq.,
to Augustus Mundheuk. She d. in 1859-60, and was interred in Pyrmont
Cemetery. There were ten children, viz. : Margaret, Daniel, Mary (infant
son), Elizabeth ^Robert, Ahuicy, Anna M., Andrew/., and Martha M.,oi whom
more with 4th generation.

4. Martha Millikin^ (1), second daughter of Robert^ (1), b. in Morris Township,
Greene Co., Pa., May 14, 1809. Was not m. Remained at home.

5. James Millikin^ (1), third son of Robert^ (1), b. in Morris Township, Greene
Co., Pa., Apr. 24, 1813 ; m. Elizabeth Riley, daughter of John and Lydia
Riley, of Richhill Township, Pa. He lived on a farm in Morris Township, on
Brown's Fork of Tenmile Creek, and his home was on the same road, opposite
that of his father's — a part of the original land taken up by old Robert Mil-
likin. Mrs. Millikin was a member of the M. E. Church, and a woman of the
most exemplary character. She was the mother of eight children.

6. Samuel Millikin^ (1), fourthson of Robert^ (1), b. in Morris Township, Greene
Co., Pa., Oct. 15, 1 8 10, and was scalded by falling into a kettle of boiling
maple sap, when his parents were making syrup and sugar, and d. from his
injuries — a child.


1. Marflia Millikin^ (2), eldest daughter of David^ (1), b. in Morris Township,
Greene Co., Pa., Jan. 10, 1826 ; was m. Oct. 10, 1843, to Samuel Hopkins,
who was b. Jan. 5, 1820, and they are now (1904) living near Swarts, Pa.
He is a carpenter by trade. Four children, named as follows :

I. Lydia Hopkins, b. Oct. 26, 1846; dec.
/ II. Abigail Hopkins, b. Mar. 5, 1850.

—III. David Hopkins, b. Dec. 10, 1854; m. Pricilla Jams.
IV. Margaret Hopkins, b. Oct. i, 1859 ; m. June 22, 1882, Dr. H. S.
Burroughs, b. in Centre Township, Greene Co., Pa., Dec. 28, 1852.

2. Mary Millikin'* (1), second daughter of David* (1), b. in Morris Township,
Greene Co., Pa., Dec. 15, 1827 ; was m. Sept. 30, 1846, to Aaron Cummlvs,
son of John and Nancy (Teagarden) Cummins, and lived on a farm in Rich-
hill Township, Pa. Both members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Mr. Cummins, b. Mar. 14, 1820. Children named as follows:

I. Lydia Ann Cummins, b. Jan. 27, 1848; d. Dec. 20, 1852.
II. LuciNDA S. Cummins, b. Feb. 2, 1850; m. Jan, 14, 1869, George T.
Carroll, Washington, Pa.

III. Martha Jane Cummins, b. Mar. 12, 1852; m. Henry Friend; lives
at State Road, O.

IV. David Leroy Cummins, b. Mar. 29, 1856: d. May 18, 1862, in Richhill
Township, Pa.


V. Samuel Hudson Cummins, b. Jan. i6, 1858; m. Sept.. 1903, Tilmk
Mli.i.KR of Biidc^eport, ()., and Hvl-s in Richhill Township. Ta.

VI. ]m.or.\ 3klAKi.\ CuM.Mi.Ns, b. Jan. 24. 1800: ni. Aui,'. iS, iSm. Dickkv
H. Ellioit, Claysville, Pa.

\ II. Mary Eva Cummins, b. May 14, 1862 ; ni. Feb. 13, 1879, Tho.mas C.
Lawrenck, West Findley. Pa.
VIII. Ida May Cum.min.s, b. Aug. 24, 1864. She lives at West Findley, Pa.,
uinn. (1904).

IX. JOHN LiNDsKY CuMMiNS. b. Apr. 29, 1S67 ; ni. Rheita Tedrow ; lives
in Richhill Township, Pa.

X. HuLDAH Viola Cummins, b. June 9, 1869; ni. Apr. 4. 1899. David
Rockwell, West Findley, Pa,

3. Robert Millikin' (2), eldest son of David^ (1), b. in Morris Township, Greene
Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 1829 ; m. Sept. 6, 1855, Caroline Louisa Chalfant, b. in
Waynesburg, Pa., Feb. 6. 1836, being the daughter of James M. and Barbara
Chalfant who removed latterly to Cass Co., Neb. Mr. Millikin removed to
Colorado where he settled June 16. i860. He was a carpenter and contractor.
He d. Mar. 5, 1884. The widow and children reside in Denver, Col. Children
named as follows :

I. I.EE H. Millikin, b. in Gilpin Co., Col., Dec. 5, 1853, and is unm.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 57 of 109)