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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 60 of 109)
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homestead at Pleasant View, Juniata Co., Pa., where he d. Jan. 5, 1880. He
was postmaster for more than twenty years and held many county and town-
ship offices. He was more than six feet in stature and well proportioned ; of
fair complexion. He was buried beside many of his kindred at Academia.
One daughter. Margaret, b. Sept. 10, 1840.

6. Martha Milliken-' (1), third daughter of James- (1), b. at Pleasant View,
Juniata Co., Pa., Feb. 27, 1801 ; was ul in i83i,toJoHN Endslow, blacksmith,
b. May 6, 1805, at McColloch's Mills, Juniata Co., Pa. She d. in Mifflin Co.,
Oct. 10, 1873. He d. in Lewiston, Pa.. Jan. 13, 1888. Children named as
follows :

I. \ViLLL\M Endslow, b. Mar. 2, 1832 ; m. Jennie Engle, and had
Mary and Bessie. He d. Aug. 23, 1868.

II. James M. Endslow, b. Sept. 5, 1833 ; d. Apr. 17, 1834.

III. Samuel F. Endslow, b. Jan. 5, 1835 ; m. Sadie Allen and resides in
Yeagertown, Pa. Two children.

IV. Amelia J. Endslow, b. Mar. 4, 1837 ; d. May 2, 185 1.


V. Rebecca A. Endslow, b. June 12, 1840; m. Joseph Hamilton, of
Derry Township, near Lewiston, Pa., and had issue four children.

VI. John H. Endslow, b. Aug. 3, 1842 ; d. Nov. 23, 1863.

VII. Mattie J. Endslow, b. Jan. 6, 1845 ; m. Joseph Owens, Lewiston,

Pa. Four children.
VIII. Mary M. Endslow, b. June 6, 1845 ; m. G. L. Haines of Granville,
Pa. Three children.
IX. Thomas M. Endslow, b. Jan. 4. 1847 ; m. Feb. 15, 1881, Sadie
Bear. She d. Aug. 21, 1884, without issue. He m. 2d, Jan. 23,
i8g6, Annie M. Bryner of Yeagertown, Pa. Resides in Lewiston,
7. Jane Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of James- (1), b. Apr. 27, 1807 ; was
m. to George Beale, May 19, 1830, and lived in Pennsylvania until 1852,
when they removed with their family to Illinois. He was a son of William
and Elizabeth Shaver Beale and was b. near Academia, Juniata Co., Pa., Apr.
15, 1802. He d. at Earlville, 111., Sept. 12, 1888 ; and his wife d. there June
23, 1893. Mr. Beale was a saddler by trade, but after working at this busi-
ness for a number of years became a farmer. Children named as follows :
I. Mary Jane Beale^, b. near Academia, Pa., Jan. 22, 183 1 ; d. Mar. 8,

II. Elizabeth Beale*, b. Mar. 4, 1832, near Academia, Pa. ; m. RL^rtin
Long. Dec. 29, 1859, at Earlville, 111., and d. Mar. 1, 1887.

III. William D. Beale*, b. near Academia, Pa., July 30, 1833 ; m. Mary
Jane McClain, Dec. 27, 1855. She d. Feb. 22, i860, and he m. 2d,
Mrs. a. F. Grover, Mar. 30, 1864. Now a retired farmer at
Hiawatha, Brown Co., Kan.

IV. James M. Beale*, b. near Academia, Pa., June 6, 1835 ; m. Emma
Jane Scott, June 16, 1862. She d. in Earlville, III, May 21, 1897,
and was buried in Precinct Cemetery. He manufactures bricks and
drain pipe.

v. Martha A. Beale*, b. near Academia, Pa., Jan. 24. 1837, and resides
in Pawpaw, 111., unm.

VI. Abner F. Beale*, b. near Academia, Pa., Feb. 25, 1839 ; went to
Illinois and lived with his parents till the Civil War. Enlisted under
Col. Mulligan, Apr. 26, 186 1. Taken prisoner at Vicksburg. Sent
home discharged Nov. 5, 1861. Re-enlisted in Nov. same year in Co.
D, 53d Vol. Inf'y, as orderly sergeant under Col. W. H. W. Cush-
man, and was taken prisoner at battle of Jackson, Miss., and carried
to Belle Island where he was detained until his health failed, and was
sent to Parole Camp, Annapolis. Md., where he lay till Nov. 11, 1863^
when his mother went and took him home, where he d. Dec. 18, 1863.
Military funeral.

VII. George H. Beale*, b. Oct. 15, 1840 ; m. Nancy Ann Stroup, Dec. 14,
1864, in Centralia, 111., and is now a retired farmer near Baxter
Springs, Cherokee Co., Kan.

vni. Hannah A. Beale*, b. Mar. 18.. 1843; m. Reynalds H. Dickinson,
Aug. 3, 1865, in Ottawa, 111. Now a widow residing near Colby,
IX. EniTH Beale*, b. Jan. 5, 1845 ; m. David J Evans, Dec. 25, 187 1. in
Earlville, 111. Now living on a farm near Wray, Col.


X. Samukl C. Bkai.k', b. Mar. ji, 1848; m. Kluahicth Scoit Mc-
Lauchi.in, A]ir. (), iSSi.in l'",ai 1\ illr. 111., aiul lives 011 a farm near
Mt. Vernon, HI.

XI. Mary J. BKALK^ h. near Earlvillc, ill., Auij. 13, 1852; ni. Abner R.
Kklley, Ai)r. I. iSSo and resides near Pawpaw, 111.

8. Joseph iVlilliken-' (2), fourth son of James- (1), b. Feb. 14, 1809; was m.
Sept. 24, 1834, to Ki.iZABKTH H. Laird and settled at Clintondale, Clinton Co.,
Pa., where he worked as a tanner. He was an alderman for 30 years; also
justice of the peace. Was of a mild temperament ; kind, gentle, very deliberate
and determined. Mis height was six feet three inches, and his form slender.
His complexion was fair, eyes blue, and his hair, brown in early life, white
and curling. He d. June 28, 1880. Six children, of whom with 4th generation.

9. Margaret Millikeiv' (1), fifth daughter of James- (1), b. Dec. 4. 1810; was
m. June 6, 1S33, to John McDonald, and removed to Indiana. She d. June
2, 1867, leaving children named Catherine, Jane M., and Rachel.

10. Francis M. Milliken'' (1), fifth .son of James- (1), b. Dec. 20, 1813 ; was m.
Jan. 30, 1840, to Sarah Brvxkr, and lived at Yeagertown. Mifllin Co., Pa,,
where he d. Oct. 23, 1884. These had issue, of whom with 4th generation.


1. Thomas Milliken^ (5). eldest son of Edward- (Ij, was b. on the old home-
stead in Tuscarora Valley, Juniata Co., Pa., near Spruce Hill, Aug. 4, 1794.
He m. first, Rachel Branyan of Allen's Cove, Perry Co., Pa., by whom two
sons. He m. second, Susanna Parker, a native of Perry Co., by whom
eight sons and one daughter. Six of the sons who were living during the
Civil War, were volunteers in the Union Army.

A son of this Thomas Milliken, now living in Dauphin, Pa., Thomas by
name, was b. in then Petersburg, now Duncannon, Perry Co., Pa., on the west
bank of the Susquehanna River, Dec. 24, 1830. He has a son, x\ur,usTus
Bell Milliken, who is the Superintendent of the Erection Dep't, Phcenix
Bridge Company, 202 Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. The father promised a full
account of this family, but has not replied to subsequent letters.

2. John B. Milliken^ (5), second son of Edward- (1), and Elizabeth Bell, was
b. Apr. 19, 1801. He m. in June, 1S26, Elizabeth Braxvan, b. Aug. 30,
1804, she being the daughter of Henry Branyan and Nancy Smith, his wife.
Mr. Milliken settled near New Florence, in Westmoreland Co., Pa., where he
d. Oct. 9, 1886. Eight children. See 4th generation.

3. Isaac Milliken^ (1), third son of Edward- (1), and Elizabeth Bell, was b.
in Juniata Co., Pa.

4. Walter Milliken-'' (1), fourth son of Edward- (1), d. in youth.

5. Sarah Milliken'' (2), daughter of Edward^ (1), d. when rising 90.

6. Rachel Milliken^ (1), daughter of Edward- (1), d. when rising 90.

7. Samuel Milliken^ (3), son of Edward^ (1), and Rachel Bell. No other

8. James Milliken^ (5), second son of Edward- (1), and Rachel Bell. No

9. Mary Milliken^ (3), daughter of Edward^ (1), and Rachel Bell, lived until
90 years of age. Never m.


lo. Elizabeth Milliken^ (2), daughter of Edward^ (1), and Rachel Bell, was m.
to Hall, and d. at the age of 87, without issue.


1. Thomas S. Milliken^ (6), eldest son of Samuel- (1), b. in Juniata Co., Pa.,
June 5, 1797 ; ni. Aug. 8, 1832, Catherine Kilgore, who was b. July 20, 1813^
and d. Sept. 14, 1879. He d. Apr. 18, 1864. Was a farmer and saddler.
Twelve children. See 4th generation.

2. William Milliken^ (1), second son of SamueP (1), b. in Tuscarora Valley,
Juniata Co., Pa., May 13, 1799; m. Jan. 6, 1823, Nancy Beale, who was b.
Tune 30, 1806, and d. Dec. 3, 1881. He d. Jan. 6, 1861. They had a farm
between Bealetown and McCoysville, in Juniata Co., Pa., and were buried at
McCulloch's Mills, Ten children. See 4th generation.

3. John Milliken^ (6), third son of SamueP (1), b. in the Tuscarora Valley,
Juniata Co., Pa., May 29, 1801 ; m. his brother Abraham's widow, Mary
Snyder Milliken, and had issue, one daughter. He d. May 7, 1863.

4. Abraham Milliken^ (2), twin son of SamueP (1), b. in the Tuscarora Valley,
Juniata Co., Pa, ; m. Mary Snyder, who was b. in 181 1, and d. in Apr., 1834,
when his son John was only a few months old. Abraham owned and lived on
a farm near Bealetown, now Honey Grove.

5. Samuel Milliken^ (4), twin son of SamueP (1), b. in the Tuscarora Valley,
Juniata Co., Pa. ; m. Mary Tousey; was a cabinet-maker by trade ; removed
to near Fort Wayne, Ind., where he raised a family and where he is svipposed
to have d.

6. Mary Milliken^ (4), only daughter of SamueP (1), was m. to McCraken

and went West many years ago. One daughter, possibly more children.


1. Benoni Milliken^ (1), second son of Abraham^ (1), b. 'Nov. 5, 1813; m.
Cassie Crab.

2. Mary Milliken* (5), eldest daughter of Abraham^ (l),b. in Juniata Co., Pa.,
Mar. 10, 1816; was m. to John Hewitt, and lives with her son in Car-
michael's, Pa.

3. Jacob Milliken* (1), fourth son of Abraham^ (1), b. May 27, 1821 ; m.
Rachel Hopkins.

4. John Milliken* (7), third, son of Abraham^ (1), b. July 21, 1818 ; m. Caro-
line Clark.

5. Abraham S. Milliken (3), son of Abraham (1), b. in Greene Co., Pa., July
23, 1811 ; m. Dec. 31, 1840, Jane Gwynn, who was b. Oct. 22, 1816, being a
daughter of Joseph and Martha (Dowling) Gwynn. He d. May 30, 1894,
while on a visit in Jefferson, Greene Co., but was brought home to Bealsville,
Washington Co., Pa., for burial. His wife d. Oct. 5, 1883. These had two
sons, of whom with 5th generation.

6. Pamelia Milliken* (2), second daughter of Abraham^ (1), b. June 6, 1823 ;
m. John Hart.man, and both d. many years ago.

7. Margaret Jane Milliken* (2), youngest daughter of Abraham^ (1), b. in
Greene Co., Pa., Nov. 4, 1829; was m, Dec. 12, 1846, to Tillman Clark, son


of William and Mary Ann (WaiTicld) Clark, b. Mar. 15, 1820, in Greene Co.,
Pa., and d. Nov. 16, 1864, in the hospital at Nashville, Tenn., havinj^ been
a ' soldier in the 52d Reyinient Ohio \'ol. Inf'y. Occupation blacksmith.
Moved to Bolivar, O., in 1852, where his widow now resides. Children as
follows :

1. M.JlRV Ann Ci.ark, b. Nov. iq, 1847 ; m. W'li 1 iam Lknhart, mer-
chant, Bolivar, ().
II. Amzi Clark, b. Sept. 21, 1849; m. Mary Kline, and lives in Battle
Creek. Mich. Farmer.

III. Lkrov W. Clark, b. Dec. 10, 1851 ; m. Annib: Jouck, and is a photog-
rapher at Bolivar, O.

IV. Rezin Clark, b. Sept. 15, 1854 ;m. KllaGeckler; lives in Bolivar, O.
V. Phebe Jane Clark, b. Sept. 22, 1857 : d. Oct. 22, i860.

VI. Cora Ellen Clark, b. Feb. 3, 1S60; d. Nov. 9, 1861.
VII. Ida E. Clark, b. Mar. 17, 1862 ; m. Robert Luttrell, carpenter ; lives
in Massillon, O.


1. John Milliken^ (8>, eldest son of Thomas^ (3).

2. Samuel Milliken' (5), second son of Thomas^ (3).

3. James Milliken^ (6), third son of Thomas^ (3).

4. Edward Milliken^ (3), fourth son of Thomas^ (3).

5. Joseph Milliken^ (3), fifth son of Thomas^ (3).

6. Catherine Milliken^ (1), daughter of Thomas^ (3), w^as m. to Smith^

and is now a widow in Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa.

7. Pamelia Milliken^ (4), daughter of Thomas^ (3).

8. Elizabeth Milliken^ (3), daughter of Thomas^ (3), was m. to Smith,

and lives in Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa.

g. Jonas Milliken-* (2), son of Thomas^ (3).

10. Thomas Milliken* (7), son of Thomas^ (3).

11. William Milliken^ (2), son of Thomas^ (3).

12. Mary Milliken* (6), daughter of Thomas^ (3).


1. Mary Milliken* (7), eldest daughter of Samuel^ (2), b. June 27, 1827, in
Greene Co., Pa. ; was m. Dec. 12, 1846, to John M. Parks, and d. Nov. 18,
1862, leaving five children now scattered in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oregon.

2. Nancy Milliken'* (1), second daughter of SamueP (2), b. May 18, 1829,
never m. She was housekeeper for her brother Jonas.

3. John Milliken^ (9), eldest son of SamueP (2), b. May 16, 1830, in Greene
Co., Pa.; m. Oct. 2, 1850, to Mahai.a Dix, b. Oct. 2, 1831, in Tuscarawas
Co., O, He d. Apr. 27, 1895, and with his daughter, Theresa C, is buried in the
beautiful cemetery in Gnadenhutten, O., near the spot where ninety Christian
Indians were massacred by white men one hundred years ago. Five children,
named as follows :

I. Samuel O. Milliken^, b. Mar. 28, 1857; m, Ida Hamilton in 1889,

and has issue: Burke, b. May 15, 1893.
11. Theresa G. MILLIKEN^ b. May 22, 1859; m. \V. H. Stoutt, Mar.


6. 1878, and d. in Uhrichsville, O., Dec. 27, 1895. She had children
named Bnrk and Bertie, twins, d. in infancy, Pearl, lona-Dale,
Hazel-Jiine, Paul-Herrick and Helleii.

III. Bknjamin C. Milliken', b. Jan. 7, 1862 ; d. Oct. 11, 1864.

IV. Emerson E. Milliken^, b. Mar. 16, 1868 ; d. Sept. 30, 1870.

V. Sarah M. Milliken^, b. May 21, 1872 ; m. Jan. 28, 1893, William
O. Lyle, and has a son, /ohn-jRoy , b. Sept. 14, 1893.

4. Peter Milliken* (1), second son of SamueP (2), b. Aug. 16, 1833, in
Greene Co., Pa.; m. Jan. 8, 1S60, Caroline Roberts, and was killed by
lightning June 15, i860. A farmer.

5. Elizabeth Milliken^ (4), third daughter of SamueP (2), b. Dec. 28, 1835,
in Greene Co., Pa., and lives with her brother Jonas, unm.

6. Jonas Milliken^ (3), third son of Samuel (2), b. Apr. 26, 1838, in
Greene Co. Pa. ; m. Feb. 16, 1865, Nancy Denning, who d. Mar 29,
1875. Their residence was in Gnadenhutten, O. There were three children,
named as follows :

I. Alonzo M. MiLLiKEN^, b. Jan. 27, 1866; m. Jan. 15, 1897,- Maggie

LiNARD? and lives at Elm, Tuscarawas Co., O.
II. Clementine MiLLiKEN", b. Aug. 13, 1870; m. Oct. 9, 1884, Kurtz
FuRBAY, teacher in High School, and has three children, Nancy^ ,
Fosiei^, and Kaymoruf' . Resides in Dennison, Tuscarawas Co., O.
III. Samuel D. Milliken^, b. Oct. 24, 1872 ; m. Sept. 10, 1899, Saida
KiNSEY, and resides at Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas Co., O. He is in the
employ of the B. & O. R. R. One child, Frances Hogajf' .

7. James Milliken'* (7). fourth son of SamueP (2), b. Apr. 29, 1841, in Ohio;
m. Jan. 8, 1866, Jane Donahey. Farmer. Three children, named as
follows :

I. Eldora Milliken^ m. Sherman George, house-painter. New Phila-
delphia, O.

II. Jennie Milliken\ m. Hugh Deal, a miner, and lives at Midvale, O.

III. Bertha Milliken^, m. Otis Johnson, and Uves on her father's

8. Samuel Milliken* (6), fifth son of Samuel-'' (2), b. in Perry Township,
Tuscarawas Co., O., Oct. 22, 1843; m. Dec. 3, 1868, Frances Dew, who d.
Apr. 15, 1887. He m. 2d, Dec. 5, 1S99, Ella Elizabeth Conaway. Resi-
dence, Gnadenhutten, Tuscarawas Co., O. Farmer and cooper till 1864,
when he entered the Union Army as teamster and was discharged in July
same year. Since employed as a sawmiller. Six children, five by his first, one
by his second wife, named as follows :

I. Joseph P. Milliken'', b. June 7, 1870.
II. John H. Milliken'', b. June 5, 1874.
111. Seta Milliken^, b. Nov. 16, 1876; d. Sept. 14, 1877.
•iv. Edith G. Milliken\ b. July 12, 1878.

V. Orville C. Milliken^, b. Feb. 26, 1882.
VI. (jiarles C. Milliken^ b. Apr. 20, 1892.

9. Madison Milliken^ (1), sixth son of SamueP (2), b. Jan. 16, 1846, in Tus-
carawas Co., O. ; m. Oct. 3, 1869, Aurelia Berkshire. He resides in Gil-
more, Tuscarawas Co., O. A farmer. One child, d. young.


lo. Joseph Milliken' (4), youngest son of Sanuicl'' (2), b. FcIj. 22, 1849,
in Tuscarawas Co., ()., and d. Oct. ir, 1856.


1. James Milliken'' (8), eldest son of James' (2) 1j. in (ireene Co., Pa., Dec,
1827, and d. in 1855, without issue.

2. Mary Ann Milliken'* (8), eldest daughter of James^ (2), b. in Greene Co.,
Pa., Aug. 29, 1829 ; was m. June 6, 1847, to G. W. P.\kks, who d. Aug. 27,
1854. She was m. Apr. 9, 1867, to Jonah Murimikv. Children by both
husbands. Residence, New Comerstown, C).

I. J.JiMES M. Parks, b. July 19, 1848.
II. John Parks, b. Oct. 28, 1849.

III. Thkodore Parks, b. Nov. 2, 1851.

IV. I. JuDsox MuRPHEv, b. July 25, 1869: m. in 1886 Margaret Moore.

V. E. Frances Murphey, b. Oct. 30, 187 1 ; m. to Albert M. Blair, Aug.
29, 18S7.

VI. Ixc.or.KK Mi'RiMiKV, b. Oct. i£, 1873.

3. Elizabeth Milliken'' (5), second daughter of James^ (2), b. in Tuscarawas
Co.. ()., Dec. 20, 1832; was m Oct. 8, 1858, to William J. Galliher, and d.
Dec. 10. 1898. Children as follows:

I. Ida Frances Galliher, b. Dec. 10, 1855 ; d. Mar. 10, 1873.

11 \'erlini)a Catherine Galliher, b. Sept. 24, 1857.

ill. Chauncv Higbee Galliher, b. Oct. 8, 1859.

IV. William T. Galliher, b. May 13, 1864; d. June 26, 1865.

V. Charles W. Galliher, b. July 15, 1866 ; d. Oct. 11, 1867.

VI. Carrie E. Galliher, b. Feb. 23, 1868.
vii. John C. Galliher, b. Oct. 7, 1871.

4. Rebecca Frances Milliken^ (3). third daughter of James-"^ (2), b. in
Tuscarawas Co., O., Aug. 25, 1835; was m. Mar. 8, 1859, to John Wesley
Roberts, b. in same county Aug. i, 1833, and d. Nov. 28, 1890. These re-
moved toTecuniseh, Shawnee Co., Kan., in 1859, where their children, whose
names will follow, were born.

I. William Braden Roberts, b. July 3, i860; m. Jan. i, 1884, Minnie
F.. Whilton, and lives in Tecumseh, Kan.

II. Nina Jane Roberts, b. Feb. 13, 1862: m. Sept. 6, 1883, J. L.
Hume, and lives in Tecumseh, Kan.

in. Elizabeth Matilda Roberts, b. Nov. 11, 1864: m. Dec. 16, 1887,
O. M. Whilton, and lives in Tecumseh, Kan,

IV. Victoria Gibbone Roberts, b. Nov. i, 1865; m. Nov. 25, 1894,
Wesley Bunce, and d. Oct.. 1899, in Tecumseh, Kan.


1891, A. McClelland, and lives in Tecumseh, Kan.
VI. Maud May Roberts, b. Nov. 27. 1870; m. Nov. 25, 1894. A. K.
Delong, and lives in Tecumseh, Kan.

VII. Roy Carson Roberts, b. Oct. 21, 1873; d. Feb. 26, 1886.

5. Pamelia Milliken^ (6), fourth daughter of James^ (2). b. on Crooked
Creek. Rush Township, O., in 1837 ; was m. to William Rankin in 1865, and
resides in Oakland, Kan. Two children :

I. Joseph Rankin, b. in 1866.
II. Anna Rankin, b. in 1876.


6. John Samuel Milliken^ (10), second son of James* (2), b. on Crooked Creek,
Rush Township, O., Dec. 2, 1839 ; m. Hannah Rogers, Mar. 24, 1870. She
was b. in Harrison Co., O., May 22, 1850. His place of residence is Tecum-
seh, Shawnee Co., Kan. A farmer. Five children's names with 6th genera-

7. Isaac H. Milliken^ (2), third son of James* (2), b. in Rush Township, Tus-
carawas Co., O., Sept. II, 1844; "■»• Sept. 12, 1866, Sidney H. Hilligoss, b.
Dec. 14, 1846, and resides in Tecumseh, Kan. Farmer. Nine children.
See 6th generation.


1. Lydia Ann Milliken* (1).

2. Mary Ellen Milliken* (9).


1. Mary Milliken* (10), eldest daughter of Joseph (2), b. Mar. 16, 1834; was
m. to Samuel Cree, and resides at Toulon, Stark Co., 111.

2. James Milliken* (9), eldest son of Joseph^ (2), b. Sept. 15, 1839 ; was m.
to Lydia Cumpson about 1867, and has three children. Residence, Home-
stead, Pa. Carpenter by trade. Served three years in Union Army, Co. K,
15th Penn. Cav., during Civil War. .

3. John Milliken* (11), second son of Joseph^ (2), b. Aug. 12, 1842; m.
Martha Mondy, July 2, 1866, and had issue eight children, of whom seven
are deceased. He served more than three years in Co. D, 85th Pa. Vol.
Inf'y, during the Civil War. Resides on the old Milliken homestead near
Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa., on the Waynesburg and Carmichael road.

4. William Milliken* (3), third son of Joseph^ (2), b. Jan. 21, 1845 '■> ^^'^^ twice
m., his wives being sisters named Nichols. By first wife five children, no
issue by second. Served three years during Civil War in Co. G, i8th Penn.
Vol. Cav. Farmer. Address, Bristoria, Pa.

5. Charlotte Milliken* (1), second daughter of Joseph^ (2), b. May 28, 1848 ;
was m. to James McCloud, and lives in Millidgeville, la. Six children.

6. Phebe Milliken* (1), third daughter of Joseph^ (2), b. May 5, 185 1 ; was
m. Sept. 23, 1873, to George Whitefield Headly, carpenter, b. Nov. 4,
1850, son of Elias and Lydia Headly, of Richhill Township, Greene Co., Pa.,
and resides in Washington (C.H.), Pa. Children as follows ;

I. Elias Judson Headly, b. July 27, 1874; m. Sept. 14, 1898, Olivia
Mary McKeen, dau. of John and Mary McKeen, of West Findley,
Pa., Methodist minister. Residence Uniontown, Pa. One dau.,
Daisy May.

II. Daisy Lenora Headly, b. Feb. 8, 1877 ; d. July 26, 1898, unm.

III. Charlotte Myrtle Headly, b. June 2, 1879 ; living at home.

IV. Si'encer Rudolph Headly, b. Dec. 23, 1882 ; d. Sept. 20, 1899.

V. Lydia Pearl Headly, b. June 24, 1885. At home.
VI. DoRE Osborne Headly, b. July 2, 1889. At home.

viL Chauncy Virgil Headly, b. Dec. 30, 1894. At home.
vin. Kenneth Headly, b. June 6, 1896. At home.

7. Polly Milliken' (1;, fourth daughter of Joseph^ (2), b. Oct. 14, 1854; d
Oct. 20, 1865.



1. Margaret Milliken' (3), daughter of Jonah' (1), now deceased ; was m. to
C'l.AkK CIkim.

2. Hiram H. Milliken^ (1), son of Jonah' (1). 111. and lives at New Kreeport, I'a.

3. Samuel Milliken'' (7), son of Jonah' (1), b. June 8, 1850 ; m. Feb. 25, 1875,
Mary E. Smuh. and resides at Delphene, (Ireene Co., I'a. I"ive children,
named as follows :

I. LoRKNZO F. Milliken^, b. Dec. 25, 1877; served one year in ihc
Philippine war as corporal in the loth Penn. Vols. : now studying
medicine at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, i'a.
II. William M. Milliken'*, b. SejDt. 19, 1879. At home.

III. LuCRETiA Milliken^, b. 17, 1881 ; m. Dec. 21, 1901, W. A.

RiNEHARD at Delphene, Pa.

IV. H. Edison Milliken\ b. Dec. 13, 1883. At home.
V. Eva E. Milliken^, b. Oct. i, 1888. At home.

4. Lurena Milliken' d), daughter of Jonah' (1), was m. to Dr. J. N. Houston,
Moundsville, \V. Va.

5. Freemont Milliken^ (1), son of Jonah' (1), resides in Hastings, Neb.

6. George Milliken^ (1), son of Jonah' (1), resides in Alliance, Neb.

7. Emma Milliken'' (1), daughter of Jonah' (1), was m. to W. L. Sellers and
lives in Limestone. W. Va.


1. Elizabetli. Bell Milliken^ (6), eldest daughter of John' (5), and Elizabeth
Branyan, b. Aug. 26, 1828. Did not m.

2. Andrew Milliken-* (1), eldest son of John' (5), b. in Apr., 1831 ; m. Louisa
Mahon (?) and lives at Youngstown, O., where he has been employed in the
manufacture of railway cars. Now retired for 25 years. Was president of
the Youngstown Car Manufacturing Co. Has issue, but this family have
declined to furnish any records. A son, Tho>l\s E. Milliken, is President
of the Nelson Mountain Mining Company, with office at Youngstown, O.

3. Isaac Milliken^ (3), second son of John' (5), b. in Perry Co., Pa., Mar. 8,
1833; m. Sept. 15, 1868, Sarah Hamilton, b. Sept. 19, 1837, being the
daughter of John and Nancy (Moore) Hamilton, who came from Ireland
with their parents when very young and lived ahvays in Pittsburg. Mr.
Milliken was a carpenter and builder in Pittsburg. Had four sons. See 5th
generation. Deceased.

4. Nancy Milliken^ (2), second daughter of John' (5), b. Mar., 1835 ; m.
Thomas Jei'kerson ^L\BON (?) who d. May 11, 1885. She d. May 12, 1887.
Children named as follows :

I. John Mabon, m. Araminta Klein, and lives at New Florence, Pa

II. William Mabon, m. Ella Shelley, and resides on Grant St.. Johns-
town, Pa.

III. Isaac Mabon, m. Armina Mack, dec, and Margaret McCreerv ;
residence. New Florence, Pa.

IV. Ella Mabon, m. Robert Hood ; residence, New Florence, Pa.

v. Anna Mabon. m. Robert H. Hood; residence, New Florence, Pa.
VI. Elizabeth Mabon, m. Charles Heilman; residence, Brush Valley,
Indiana Co., Pa.


VII. Lulu Mabon, m. Elma Dickey; residence, Pitcairn, Pa.
viii. Nancy Mabon, m. James McCreerv; residence, West Fairfield,
Westmoreland Co., Pa.

5. Edward Milliken^ (4), third son of John-' (5), b. in Perry County, Pa., Feb.
24, 1837 ; m. Elizabeth Jane Gamble, Oct. 4, 1859. She, b. Feb. 10, 1841, in
Indiana Co.. Pa., was the daughter of Jacob Gamble and Elizabeth Wakefield.
Residence, New Florence, Pa. Seven children. See 6th generation.

6. Henry Branyan Milliken'' (1), fourth son of John^ (5), b. May. 1839, unm.

7. Thomas Milliken^ (6), fifth son of John^ (5), b. Sept., 1841 ; m. Julia Bell
and d. in May, 1872.

8. Rachel Huldah Milliken* (2), third daughter of John^ (5), b. Feb. 21, 1844 ;
m. Nathaniel W. Brown, M.D., who d. Sept. 30, 1899 ; residence, 434

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 60 of 109)