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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 61 of 109)
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Atlantic Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Children as follows :

I. Elizabeth Bell Bro\vn, b. Mar. 4, 1868; m. Dr. William J. Kensett,
Dec. 10, 1894; resides in Bakerstown, Pa. She was a missionary in
Singapore, Penong, and Kuala Lumpus, for five years. Has three
children, yczwdfj-, Rachaeh Thomas.

II. Robert Calvin Brown, b. Mar. 8, 1870; m. Ada May Smith, Sept.
30, 1897, and resides in St. Louis, Mo. Two children, Elizabeth^ b.
May 5, 1899, and Walter-Nathaniel, b. July 19, 1901.

III. Nana H. Brown, b. Sept. 12, 1872 ; m. Elmer Wilkinson Bender,
Dec. 9, 1896, and lives at 434 Atlantic Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Three
children: Nathaniel B., b. Dec. 31, 1898. Eihcin B., b. Feb. 4,
1901. A son, b. Jan. 4, 1903.

IV. Nathaniel Weeds Brown, Jr., M.D., b. Mar. 19, 1875. Single.


1. Jane Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Thomas^ (4), b. Apr. 27, 1823;
was m, Nov. 24, 1870, to William Neely, who d. Nov. 10, 1872. She d.
Nov. 10, 1884. No children.

2. Rachel Milliken* (3), second daughter of Thomas^ (4), b. July 9, 1826 ; d.
Oct. I. 1827.

3. James B. Milliken' (9), eldest son of Thomas^ (4), b. July 18, 1828; m.
Dec. 6, 1855. Margaret Forbes, b. Jan. 20, 1826, and resided at Marion-
ville, Mo., where he d. June, 1899 ; his wife d. July 10, 1902. He was a man
of considerable ability and prominence and was called to fill municipal otifices ;
was F. and A. M. ; R. A. M. ; K. T. Several children. See 5th generation.

4. Mary A. Milliken (11), third daughter of Thomas^ (4), b. Aug., 1830 ; was
ni. Dec. 19, i860, to Thomas M. Barnard, b. Nov. 16, 1826, and d. Nov. 5,
1880. Her children, 7. B. Bar//ar,l z.nd Jenny Barnard, live on their father's
farm at Warble, Pa.

5. Dr. David B. Milliken (1), fourth son of Thomas^ (4), b. Jan. i, 1833, m.
three times. First, Apr. 28, 1853, to Elizabeth McCoy; second, Mar. 11,
1857, to Margaret Okeson who d. Nov. 22, 1890; and third, Dec. 22, 1892,
to Rebecca J. Eaion. He read medicine with S. B. Crawford of McCoysville,
and graduated at the University of New York City. He has lived and prac-
tised in Landisburg, Pa., since 1857. Has .served one term in the State Leg-
islature. In politics, a Democrat ; in religion, a Presbyterian. One daughter,
Emma, m. Feb. 7, 1893, Robert Boden.


6. John D. Milliken* (11), third son of Thomas^ (4), and Rachel Beale, was b.
at Mountain Home, in Spruce Hill Township, Pa., Oct. 23, 1835; ni.
Jane Ci..\kiss.\ IJukchkiki-D, Oct. 23, 1S60, by whom eight children. His
mother d. when he was ten years of age, and his early life was spent with his
father and two sisters. His education was acquired at the country school and
at Academia. then under the care of I'rof. David Wilson, one of the best edu-
cators of his lime, .\flerwards, he studied under Prof. Schuman at Academia,
until his i8th year, after which he taught in the primary schools in winter and
assisted his father on the farm in summer. At the time of his m. he settled
on the homestead and remained there until his d. In 1881 he was elected to
the Legislature and served his term, having declined reelection. His political
life was pure, his aim to do as he woukl be done by. He was an earnest
advocate of the temperance cause, and many blessings came to him for his un-
swerving integrity.

In 1873 he organized the first Grange in his county and was elected
master, a position he held for ten years without intermission. He organized
a Pomona, or County Grange, and held the position of master for several
years. Mr. Milliken d. near Pleasant View, Jan. 18, 1894. He was of
medium stature, and his weight 160 pounds. His complexion was fair, his
countenance pleasant ; and his disposition jovial, bordering on the mischievous.
A lover of home, and hospitable. See 5th generation.


I. Margaret Milliken^ (4), only daughter of James'* (4), b. Sept. lo, 1S40 ; was
m. Sept. 27, 1871. to David R. Barton of East Waterford, Juniata Co., Pa.,
and had issue as follows :

I. James B. M. Barton, b. Oct. 16, 1872 ; m. Charloite Clark, of
East Waterford, Pa., Sept. 7, 1898, and has sons, Paul zxi^ David.

II. Grace E. Barton, b. Oct. 30, 1876 ; unm.


1. Mary J. Milliken^ (12). eldest daughter of John-' (^4), b. Mar. 4. 1827;
was m. to Joseph Caldwell, and had issue.

2. James L. Milliken-* (10), eldest son of John^ (4), b. Dec. 31, 183 1 : m.
May 12, 1858, Sarah E. Ickes, who d. Dec. 7, 1864; had issue as follows:

I. Oscar W. Milliken, b. Mar. 24, 1859; m. Ida Heik.es.
II. Ira I. Milliken, b. Nov. 8, 1861 ; d. Nov. 26, 1884.

3. Isabella Milliken^ (2), second daughter of John^ (4), b. Sept. 11. 1833;
was m. in 1853, to William Ickes. and d. Oct. 28, 1855. One son.

4. William B. Milliken-* (4), second son of John^ (4), b. Feb. 27, 1836; m.
Jan. 21, 1869, Sarah Kwing, b. Apr. 4, 1848, and d. Jan. 25, 1890. He
resided on a farm one mile from Pleasant View, Tuscarora \'alley, Juniata
Co., Pa. She is living in Lancaster, Pa. Six children named as follows:

I. Charles B. Milliken^, b. Aug. 12, 1870; m. Mar. i. 1894, Lii.i ian
J. Gray, b. Mar. i, 1875. at McCoysville, Juniata Co., Pa., daughter
of Robert and Elizabeth Gray. He is a carpenter. Resides in Mexico,
Pa. Two children: IVilUanf', b. Aug. 5, 1896, d. in infancy, and
R. Gxf, b. Dec. 5. 189S. At home.

II. Herkert W. Milliken', b. June 23, 1873; m. June 8, 1893. Della
Rhine, b. Aug. 30, 1872, the daughter of S. C. and Nancy J. Rhine.
He is a farmer near Pleasant View, Pa. Children : Hazel E}\ b.


Jan. 1 8, 1894; Edgar H\ b. Apr. 11, 1897 ; and Belva /., b. Dec. 3,

III. ]. Nkvin MiLi.iKEN^ b. Sept. 27, 1877; m. Emma Leona Vandersaal,
clauirhter of Abram S. and Lucetta Vandersaal, and resides at Parkers-


burg, Chester Co., Pa. Children: Dorothy, b. Jan. 14, 1900, and
Ethel M., b. Aug. 30, 1902.

IV, Frank E. Milliken^, b. Mar. 3, 1887.
V. James H. Milliken,^ b. Apr. 7, 1889.

5. John A. Milliken* (12), third son of John^ (4),^b. Mar. 22, 1838; m.
Mary Gush art, had issue, and d. May 29, 1892.

6. Joseph B. Milliken^ (5), fourth son of John^ (4), b. Jan. 20, 1840 ; d. Aug.
4, 1893.

7. Martha A. Milliken^ (2), third daughter of John^ (4), b. Oct. 14, 1842 ; m.
Charles W. Book and has a family.


1. Matthew Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Joseph^ (2), b. in 1836 ; was drowned
in a tanpit when a child.

2. Almira Jane Milliken'* (9), eldest daughter of Joseph' (2), b. Mar. 14,
1837 ; was m. to Henry C. Reed of Clintonville, Clinton Co., Pa., where
she resided during life, dying Feb. 10, 1897, aged 59 years. Her husband
d. in Mackeyville, Pa., Dec. 21, 1899, aged 65 years. Their children:

I. Harry-Hays Reed, m. Minnie May Clifton and resides at Fislikill-
on-Hudson, N. Y. His wife d. in Aug., 1900, leaving Harry-Clifton
and Mhmie-May.
II. William Watson Reed, m. Marian Bothrock, and resides in John-

sonburg. Pa. His children are : Hetiry-Clay and Clifford-Hugh.
III. Lillian Laird Reed, m. Harry Clyde de Haas and resides at Rut-
ledge, Delaware.

3. Margaret E. Milliken (6), second daughter of Joseph (2), b. June 9, 1839;
was m. Feb. i, i860, to John M. Smythe, farmer, b. Jan. 21, 1835, in Centre
Co., Pa.; moved to Seneca Co., O., in 1862; living in Tififin, O. She was
b. in Clintonville, Clinton Co., Pa. Children named as follows :

I. Edcjar Elsworth Smythe, b. in Centre Co., Pa., Jan. 18, 1861 ; m.
Oct. 2, 1 90 1, in New York, Rose Doerk. He is a General Freight
Agent, Kansas City Railway ; residence, Kansas Cit)^ Mo.
II. Mary Blanche Smythe, b. in Jacksonville, Pa., May 7, 1862 ; d.
there Apr. 7, 1864.

III. William Hayes Smythe, b. in Jacksonville, Pa., Oct. 16, 1863; d. in
Tiffin, O., Feb. 23, 1866.

IV. James Herbert Smythe, b. in Tiflfin, O., Nov. i, 1865; m. Margaret
C. Quin, Jan. i, 1891, in Chicago, 111. She d. Apr. 7, 1903, in
Louisville, Ky. ; was b. in Negaunee, Mich. He is manager of the
As.sociated Press, at Louisville.

V. David Laird Smythe, b. in Tififin, O., Nov. 20, 1867 ; m. Miss Annie
Parker of Waco, Tex., in Marlin, Tex. Telegraph operator. Resi-
dence. Chicago, 111.

VI. Joseph Milliken Smythe, b. in Tiffin, O., Oct. 16, 1869; m. to Hat-
tie LovEBERRY (b. in Helena, O.) Oct. 16, 1898. He is Station Agent
for Penn. Co., at Gibsonburg, O.


VII. T.ri.A Mae Smyihk. h. in TifTm, O., May 21, 187 i ; 111. Aii;^. 16, 1S93,
Ai.HKKT C. BowsKR, HOW ill Siiucliisky City, on Lake Eric. I)ry goods
VIII. Howard McCollum Smythe, b. Aug. 2, 1875; d. Apr. 7, 1876.
IX. Rkkd MrC'Ai.Moxr Smviiik, b. Aug. 2, 1875. Operator and stenog-

raplier al Gibsonburg, ( ).
X. Rt)HERT M. Smythe, b. Aug. 2, 1875 ; m. to Margaret Michaels,

Apr. 30, 1902. Farmer.
XI. Ciiari.es L)\vvt".HT S.MVTHK, b. in Tiffin, ()., Oct. 13, 1878. Is clerk
in (ien'l R. R. office, Kansas City, Mo.

4. Mille A. Milliken^ (2), third daughter of Joseph^ (2), b. Sept. 24, 1841.

5. Mary Elizabeth Mllliken^ (13). fourth daughter of Joseph^ (2), b. Dec. 3,
1S43 ; was ni. to Edward W. Moore, and settled at Lock Haven, Pa., where
she d. in Apr., 1898, age 54 years. Two children :

I. Mina Laird Moore, m. Edward C. Dixon, resides at Newbury, X.Y.,
and has issue: Mabel, Edna C, Elizabeth E., Walter M., Grace J. ^
and Henry-Elwood.

II. Joseph Robb Moore, m. Effie Snyder, and resides at Lock Haven,
Pa. No issue.

6. James Milford Milliken' (10), .second son of Joseph^ (2), b. Aug. 1 1, 1849 ;
m. twice. First, to Tillie Gummo, who d. in 1890, leaving one child. He
m. 2d, in 1895, Miss Laura Parsons, by whom one child. He worked in a
tannery with his father until 1880, when he removed to Manayunk, Philadelphia,
where he d. Apr., 1901, aged 52 years, and his widow and two children
remain there.

I. George Milford Milliken'.
II. Jessie Sutton Laird Mn.i.iKEN\


1. Tillie Milliken' (1), daughter of Francis^ (2), was m. to Miller

and had one child.

2. Mary Milliken^ (13), daughter of Francis^ (2), was m. to Boate and

had eight children. She is deceased.

3. John Milliken^ (13), son of Francis^ (2), m. Josephine and had

five children.


1. Frances MillikenX3), eldest daughter of Thomas^(6),b. Nov. 12,1832; d.unm.

2. Foster Milliken* (1), eldest son of Thomas^ (6), b. Sept. 3, 1834: d. unm.

3. Francis Milliken* (4), second son of Thomas^ (6), b. May 29, 1836; m.
Mary Jane Kirk., by whom he had nine children. His second wife was
Catherine Dolby, from Liberty Valley, by whom one daughter. Mr. Milli-
ken resides in Juniata Co., Pa., and is by occupation a farmer.

I. Samuel Foster Milliken"', b. Jan. 23, 1858.
II. Thomas James Milliken', b. Jan. 27, i860.

III. William Kirk Milliken', b. Feb. i, 1862.

IV. Emma Elizabeth Milliken', b. Oct. 16, 1864.
V. Anna Catherine Milliken', b. Oct. 16, 1864.

VI. George Washington Milliken', b. Jan. 28, 1866.


VII. John Milliken^ b. Feb. 28, 1869.
VIII. David B. Milliken^, b. Oct. 7, 187 1.
IX. Mary Jane Milliken^, b. Aug. 11, 1873.

X. Cora Alice Milliken'^, b. Nov. 3, 1877 ; was m. to Joseph Harkison
of Honey Grove, Juniata Co., Pa.

4. James Milliken^ (11), third son of Thomas^ (6), b. Aug. 22, 1838 ; m. Oct.
14, 1863. Edith McColloch, daughter of John and Annie (Beale) McColloch,
of Bealetown, Pa. He lived at McColloch's Mills, Juniata Co., Pa., and was
by occupation a carpenter and undertaker. Elder in the Presbyterian church.
Tax collector and overseer of the poor. Four children named as follows :

I. Stewart McColloch Milliken^, b. July 12, 1864 ; m. Junia M. Beale,
daughter of James M. Beale of Honey Grove, Pa., and has two chil-
dren, Stella Ma}\ b. Feb. 25, 1898, and James Clyde, b. Jan. 22, 1900.
II. Annie May Milliken^, b. May 30, 1866.

III. Maggie Blanche Milliken^, b. Nov. 22, 1870; m. Harry Saunders
and has James He7iry.

IV. Charles Cameron Milliken^, b. Oct. 8, 1872.

5. Samuel Milliken'' (8), fourth son of Thomas^ (6), b. Aug. 14, 1840; d.
Aug. 8, 1843.

6. Abraham Milliken* (4), fifth son of Thomas^ (6),b. Sept. 5, 1842 ; m. May
13, 1875, Caroline Drolsbaugh, b. July 15, i860, daughter of Jacob and
Rachel (McConnell) Drolsbaugh, and lived at McCulloch's Mills, Juniata Co.,
Pa., where he d. Apr. 12, 1895. Seven children named as follows:

I. Rachel D. Milliken^, b. Mar. 12, 1876; d. Apr. 9, 1881.

II. Ida p. Milliken^, b. Dec. 25, 1878.

III. Warren L. Milliken'', b. Oct. 24, 1881.

IV. Harvey K. Milliken^, b. Aug. 13, 1884.
V. Leah K. Milliken^, b. Apr. 5, 1887.

VI. Charles C. Milliken^ b. July 25, 1890.
vii. Ada I. Milliken^, b. Feb. 24, 1894.

7. William Milliken'* (5), sixth son of Thomas^ (6), b. Oct. 25, 1844 ; d. unm.

8. Mary Milliken* (14), second daughter of Thomas^ (6),b. Sept. 23, 1846;
was m. Dec. 4, 1873, t° David Drolsbaugh.

9. Nancy Milliken'' (3), third daughter of Thomas^ (6), b. June 30, 1848 ; unm.

10. David B. Milliken* (2), seventh son of Thomas^ (6), b. Aug. 27, 1851;
m. Dec. 27, 1883, Martha Dougherty, daughter of Matthew and Susan (Mc-
Nar)') Dougherty of Reed's Gap, Pa., b. Sept. 22, 1857, and lives at Honey
Creek, Pa. Children named as follows:

I. Susan D. Milliken^, b. May 13, 1885.
II. Nannie E. Milliken^, b. June 21, 1888.
III. William W. Milliken^, b. Oct. 19, 1891.

11. Infant Milliken* (1), child of Thomas^ (6), b. Mar. 28, 1850, and d. Mar.
30, 1850.

12. Thomas Millikin* (7), youngest son of Thomas^ (6), b. July 26, 1854; d.
Sept. 8, 1877, unm.


I. Mary Milliken* (15), eldest daughter of William^ (1), b. Sept. 24, 1824 ; was
m. Mar. 4, 1857, to William Telfer, who d. July 20, 1895, at the age of


78 years. She is livinj,' at Pleasant View, Juniata Co., Pa. Children as

1. John M. Tkii kk, b. IV-b. 22, 1858; ni. Dec. 22, 1887, Ar>A M. Moykr.
and lives at Doyle's Mills, Pa.

II. Samuki, C. Tki.fkr, b. Oct. 7, 1859; m. Dec. 30, 1897, Mai.inda K.
Cabi.k. and lives at Pleasant View, Pa.

III. Jknnik \L. Tki.kkk, b. Apr. 14, 1861 ; uiiin.

IV. William L. Telfek, b. Nov. u, 1863; unm.

V. Mary M. Tki.fkr, b. Apr. 17, 1865 ; m. Feb. 17, 1895, C. M. McCahan,
and resided in Patterson, Juniata Co., Pa., where she d. July 3, 1898.

2. Susanna Milliken^ (1). second daughter of William^ (1), b. Oct. 30, 1826;
was 111. to CiKoRf.K Nelson and went to Missouri. He is deceased.

3. Samuel Milliken^ (8), eldest son of William^ (1), b. Oct. 10, 1828; m.
Elizabeth Stine, and lives at Pleasant View, Juniata Co., Pa. Two children.

4. Elizabeth Milliken^ (7), second daughter of William^ (1), b. Feb. 16, 1830;
d. in infancy.

5. Margaret Milliken^ (5), third daughter of William^ (1), b. Feb. 17, 1831;
was in. to John Noss. She is dead. He lives at McCoysville, Pa. They
had a large family of children and grandchildren.

6. John W. Milliken'' (15), second son of William^ (1), b. Dec. 15, 1834 ; was
three times m. First, to Eliza Ludwig, of German descent, bv whom one
child. Second, to Jane Neeley, who was the mother of three children. Third,
to Mrs. Ada Parden or Wibley, who had two children. She was the daugh-
ter of William and Susan Parden, of Perry Co., Pa., and was b. Apr. 19, 1858 ;
m. Dec. 21, 1882, and is living at Beaumonsdale, Pa. Mr. Milliken d. at
Honey Grove, his place of residence, Mar. 23, 1898. He was a farmer and
stockdealer, owning a part of his father's farm. He was locally known as
"Jack" Milliken. Children named as follows:

I. Nannie Milliken^, m. John Walters, and lives at Bellwood, Blair
Co., Pa.

II. Gertie V. Milliken^.

III. Iressa May Milliken\ m. Oscar Allen, and resides in Harrisburg,

IV. John W. Milliken''.
V. George Neely Milliken\

VI. Roy Lee Milliken^, b. Sept. 8, 1884.

VII. Effa Grace Milliken^, b. Dec. 10, 1885 ; d. Sept., 1887.

7. William Milliken^ (6), third son of William^ (1), b. Mar. 8, 1837; d. in

8. Rachel Milliken^ (4), fifth daughter of William^ (1), b. Feb. 2, 1840; was
m. to James Hughes and d. in Fulton Co., Pa.

9. James G. Milliken^ (11), fourth son of William^ (1), b. Mar. 9. 1842; m.
Molly Chaitams, and disappeared about 1875, ^"^ ^^^ ^'^^ since been heard
from. He was in the Civil War.

10. Martha J. Milliken* (3), sixth daughter of William' (1), b. May 6, 1844;
was m. to Anderson Martin and lives at McCoysville, Pa. She has a large


11. William A. Milliken* (7), fifth son of William^ (1), b. June 22, 1847;
ni. Nov. 15, 187 1, Miss Selina Taylor, b. July 10, 1846, daughter of John
W. and Eliza Taylor of Pleasant View, Pa. His residence is at East Water-
ford, Pa. He was a carpenter and undertaker, and is now a contractor and
builder. Very large, weighing nearly 250 lbs. Children named as follows :

I. Horace Guy Milliken^, b. May 26, 1S73 ; d. Dec. 10, 1880.
II. Effie Jane Milliken'', b. Dec. 10, 1874 ; m. Dec. 11, 1895. Isaac
Book of Warble, Pa.

III. Electa Nancy Milliken^, b. June 22, 1879; m. June 4, 1900, J. B.
Orr of Rankin, Pa.

IV. Bessie M. Milliken^, b. Mar. 10, 18S3.
V. William S. Milliken^, b. Sept. 22, 1886.

12. Nancy Milliken'* (4), seventh daughter of William' (1), b. Sept. 26, 1849 ;
was m. to George Bryner and resides at Lewiston, Pa.


1. Margaret J. Milliken* (5), only daughter of John' (6), b. Nov. 27, 1836;
m. Mar. 30, 1865, William Ewing of Bealetown, Pa., and has one son :

I. John M. Ewing, b. Feb. 24, 1866 ; m. Creely Peck and lives in Perry
Co., Pa. They have five daughters.

Jfifth feneration:.


I. Isaac Franklin Millikin'' (4), son of Abraham^ (3), and Jane Gwynn, b. in
Washington Co., Pa., May 10, 1850 ; m. Dec. 24, 1874, Joanna Huffman of
Vanceville, Pa., who was b. Apr. 29, 1855, daughter of John and Hannah
Huffman, of German descent. He removed from Beallsville to EUwood,
Lawrence Co., Pa., six years ago, where he is (1903) engaged in the furniture
and undertaking business in partnership with his son-in-law under the style of
" Millikin & King." Mr. Millikin belongs to various orders : the I. O. O. F.,
Tribe of Ben Hur, Protected Home Circle, True Blues, Ridgely Protective
Association, American Mechanics, and Knights of Pythias. Is a Presbyterian
in religious faith. He has issue as follows :

I. George Leslie Millikin^, b. Mar. 9, 1876 ; m. Miss Dodds and

resides in Allegheny City, Pa., where he is in the grocery business.

One son, Charles.
II, Rezin Franklin Millikin^, b. May 10, 1878; m Miss Birdie

Schweynsburg of Westernbaugh, and lives at Newcastle, Pa. He is

a railway conductor. No issue.

III. AoLA Jane Millikin^, b. Oct. 27, 1879 ; d. Oct. 8, 1896, and was
laid by the side of her grandfather at Bealsville, Pa.

IV. Hanna Lenora Millikin^, b. Sept. 26, 1881 ; was m. July 3, 1892,
to James R. King of Findleyville, Pa., and lives in EUwood, Pa., where
he is in the furniture business. One child.

V. Alvah Oito Millikin®, b. Nov. 22, 1883. He is now chief clerk in

the office of Accountant, B. & O. R. R., and lives at Newcastle, Pa.
VI. John Huffman Millikin**, b. Apr. 11, 1886, and is now time-keeper

for the Glenn Manufactory in EUwood City, Pa.
VII. Charles Erne.st Millikin®, b. Feb. i, 1889; d. July 5, 1890, at

Beallsville, Pa.
VIII. Russell Dewey Millikim", b. Apr. 24, 1898.


2. Jesse A. Millikin^ (1), second son of Abraham^ (3), b. in Greene Co., Pa.,
Apr. 12. 1857 (Kaster Sunday); m. Maky Ki.iz.vhktu Hook, b. Feb. 6, 185S,
daughter of Norval and Katherine (lIulYinan) Iloge of Waynesburg, Ta., and
resides in Washington, Washington Co., Pa., contractor and builder. Says
he intends to get a prize for the largest number of children in any Millikin
family. Their names, to date, as follows :

I. MiNNiK Idei.i.a Millikin", b. June 8, 1879.

II. Hakrv Albert Millikin", b. Mar. 8, 1881 ; m. Maria Ro.ss, Aug. 14,
1901. He is a contractor and builder; resident in Washington, Pa.

III. Clyde Llewellyn Millikin", b. Jan. 10, 1884.

IV. Jesse Irwin Millikin", b. Mar. 29, 1886.
V. IsA May Millikin", b. Sept. 11, 1888.

VI. Clarence Frances Millikin", b. Nov. 18, 1890.
VII. Lizzie Florence Millikin", b. June 12, 1893.
VIII. Nellie Maria Millikin", b. July 30, 1896.
IX. NoRVAL HoGE Millikin", b. Aug. 6, 1898.
X. ALxry Margaret Millikin", b. May 7, 1901.
XI. Martha Luella Millikin", b. Jan. 21, 1903.


1. Frank Pierce Milliken^ (1), eldest son of John* (10), b. Dec. 28, 1870, in
Tuscarawas Co., O.

2. Clyde Rogers Milliken^ (1), second son of John^ (10), b. Nov. 7, 1872, in
Tuscarawas Co., O.

3. Chauncy James Milliken'^ (1), third son of John^ (10), b. Jan. 13, 1876, in
Tuscarawas Co., O. ; was m. Oct. 31, 1902, to Grace England, b. in Shawnee
Co., Kan., July 3, 188 1.

4. Ann Mary Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of John* (10), b. 31, 1883,

in Shawnee Co., Kan.

5. Nellie Milliken^ (1), youngest child of John* (10), b. Sept. 22, 1886, in
Shawnee Co., Kan.


1. Mary Milliken' (15), eldest daughter of Isaac* (2), b. July 12, 1866, in
Shawnee Co., Kan.

2. Nettie F. Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co.,
Kan., June 27, 1871.

3. Leola B. Milliken-^ (1), third daughter of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co.,
Kan., June 17, 1873.

4. Gertrude Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co.,
Kan., Sept. 24, 1875.

5. Rose L. Milliken^ (1), fifth daughter of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co., Kan.,
Aug. 30, 1878.

6. Clyde Milliken^ (2), eldest son of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co., Kan., Jan.
t6, 1880.

7. Harley Mllliken^ (1), second son of Isaac* (2), b. in Shawnee Co., Kan.,
Sept. 5, 1882.


8. Lyndos Milliken^ (1), third son of Isaac^(2), b. in Shawnee Co., Kan., Aug.

5. 1883-

9. Hamer Milliken' (1), fourth son of Isaac^ (2), b. in Shawnee Co., Kan.,
Mar. 1 1, 1889.


I. John Bell Milliken^ (16), eldest son of Isaac^ (3), b. in Pittsburg, Pa., Sept.

1. 1869 ; m. and has issue.

2. Isaac H. Milliken-^ (4), second son of Isaac^ (3), b. in Pittsburg, Pa., Aug.
30, 1872 ; m. and has issue.

3. Thomas Henry Milliken-^ (7), third son of Isaac^ (3), b. in Pittsburg, Pa.,
Feb. 17, 1876.

4. Samuel Milliken-^ (9), fourth son of Isaac^ (3), b. in Pittsburg, Pa., Sept.
29, 1881.


1. Elmer Elsworth Milliken'' (1), elde.st son of Edward* (4), b. in Centreville,
Pa., June 14, 1861 ; m. June 14, 1888, Matilda A. Moss, who d. July 4, 1899,
and he m. 2d, May 29, 1901, Miss Florence Stewart Vandergrifr, by
whom, with other issue, as follows:

I. Jean E. Milliken", b. Aug. 4, 1892.

11. Vivian M. Milliken*', b. Mar. 15, 1894.

III. Andrew B. Milliken'^, b. Nov. 3, 1898.

IV. Alberta Milliken", b. June i, 1902.

2. Harriet Adelaide Milliken'^ (1), eldest daughter of Edward* (4), b. Aug.
12, 1863 ; was m. Sept. 14, 1887,10 Joseph H. Shomo, R. R. foreman;
residence, Lockport, Pa.

3. Mary Elizabeth Milliken' (15), second daughter of Edward* (4), b. Apr.
I, 1866 ; was m. Feb. 19, 1885, to A. L. Hysong, farmer, West Wheatfield
Township, Pa.

4. Andrew Milton Milliken-' (2), second son of Edward* (4), b. in Centreville,
Pa., Jan. 5, 1868. Deceased.

5. Ida Grace Milliken"' (1), third daughter of Edward* (4), b. in West Wheat-
field, Pa., Jan. 11, 1875.

6. Maud Mabon Millikeu^ (1), fourth daughter of Edward* (4), b. in West
Wheatfield, Pa., Mar. 3, 1878. Single.

7. Jessie Merle Milliken'^ (1), fifth daughter of Edward* (4), b. in West
Wheatfield, Pa., June 24, 1882. Single.


I. Dr. Stewart C. A. Millikeu'' (1), eldest son of John* (11), b. Sept. i, 1861 ;
m. May 15, [890, Bertha Barnard, daughter of John and Mary Wileman, b.
Sept. I, 1872. He studied medicine with his uncle, Dr. David B. Milliken ;
graduated from the University of New York City, Mar. 8, 1888 ; has practised
in New York Citv, at Pleasant View, Pa., and Shade Valley, Pa. He is a
member of O. I. H., P. O. S. of A., P. of H., and I. O. O. F. Living in New
Mexico, where he is Surgeon-in-Chief of the Santa Rita Mining Company.
Four children : Clarissa, Mary\ Elizabeth and/i?//;/.



2. Anna J. M. IVIilliken'' (2), eldest chuij,rluer of John^ (11). b. Jan. lo, 1863;
m. Jan. 25, 1894, William Hkaity, son of James and Mary (Kyle) lieatty, of

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 61 of 109)