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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 67 of 109)
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complexion. She is now living a widow in New* York City, with her daughter,
Mrs. Leila D. Hope. Mr. Milliken died in St. Louis, Sept. 9, 1870. There
were nine children, of whom with 5th generation.

9. Josephine Milliken^ (1), daughter of William' (1). b. in Paducah, Ky.;
was m. to Dr. Watson and spent the most of her life in Mayfield. Ky. Her
daughter, Nancy Clark, lives at Las A'egas, N. M., and her son, William
Hobbs Watson, lives at Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her place of d. unknown.


lo. Elizabeth Milliken^ (1), daughter of William^* (1), was b. in Paducah,
Ky.; d. unm.


1. Hon. George Milliken-* (4), eldest son of James^ (2), b. May 8, i8o8, in
Simpson Co., Ky. ; m. in 1835, Adelaide DeSha Buntin, the daughter of
Joseph and Phoebe DeSha* Buntin, b. Nov. 27, 1816, d. May 24, 1846. She
resided in Robertson Co., Tenn., Logan Co., Ky., and in Texas. He m.
2d, Sept. 28, 1847, to Senora Vaughan, daughter of Elisha B. and Mahala
Vaughan, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., by whom nine children.

Judge "Milliken owned and managed a large plantation, but resided mostly
in Franklin, Ky., where he w'as engaged in trade. He held the office of Justice
of the Peace a long time, and during one or two terms was Judge of Simpson
Co. Court. He was not a lawyer by education or profession. A man of
superior natural ability. Was more than six feet in height, spare, and his hair
fiery red. He kept hounds and enjoyed fox-hunting and all other sports,
even down to old age, rounding out his more than fourscore years, and d. at
Franklin, Ky., Aug 6, 1884. He raised two families of children, of whom
with 5th generation.

2. William West Milliken'* (3), 2d son of James^ (2), b. in Simpson Co ,
Ky., May 12, 1806; m. Nancy Leeton, a daughter of William and Lucy
Leeton, who was b. Jan. 8, 1808, and d. July 31, 1882. He lived on a planta-
tion in Simpson Co., Ky., adjoining his father's, some five miles west of
Franklin, in a large framed house. His lands were rich and valuable, yielding
abundant harvests. His slaves cultivated the fields, while he, like most of the
middle-state planters, lived in ease and independence with but slight disposi-
tion to accumulate property, because he had all he wanted. He was for many
years a Justice of the Peace for Simpson Co., not because of profit, but for
the reason that it gave him prestige and admitted him to official circles on
many public occasions. His natural talents were of a superior order. Li
personal appearance he was commanding. He was above six feet in height
and very corpulent. A great student of his Bible, and one of the greatest
dramatists. It was often said that " Uncle Billy " knew his Bible and
Shakespeare by heart. His hair was '' flaxen " when in his prime, but became
snowy white in advanced life. Like his brother, he kept a pack of hounds
and often joined in the chase. He d. at Franklin, Ky., Sept. 30, 1883.
Seven children. See 5th generation.

3. Rev. John Milliken^ (3), youngest son of James^ (2), was b. in Simpson
Co., Ky. He was a young man of brilliant natural talents and scholarly
tastes ; was a graduate of Centre College, Danville, Ky., studied theology
and became a Baptist minister. He was given the pastoral care of a
church in the central part of the state and was greatly beloved by his
parishioners. He was a thoroughly consecrated Christian and gentleman.
He d. when about 27 years of age, unm., and was buried at Sulphur Springs
Church, near Franklin, Ky.

4. Jane-Agness Milliken* (2), only daughter of James^ (2), was b. in Simpson

* I'HOEBE DkSiia was a sister of Gov. DeSha, of Kentucky, also of Gen. Robert DeSha
of Sumner Co., Tenn., who was the maternal grandfather of Mrs. W. O. P. Belmont, once
Mrs. William K. Vanderlnlt nee Smith , and she is the mother of Consuelo, Duchess of














Co., Kv., Oct. 2Q, iSio; was m. to Jkremi.ah C. W'li.ki.Ns in 1830. He was
a InwvLi in Howling (ireen, Kw He d. in .\piil, 1868. .Slic cl. < )ct. 20, 1894.
By tiiis union there were eleven children, of whom four d. in infancy.

5. Matthew Millikcn' (1). younijest son of James'' (2), d. in infancy.


1. Frances Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of William^ (2), b. in Logan Co.,
Ky., Aug. 3, 1809 ; was the second wife of Jkssk Harpkr, and bore him one
son, \V. S. Harper, farmer near Russellville, Ky. She d. Sept. 2, 184 1.

2. Dr. Alfred Milliken^ (1), son of VVilliam^ (2), b. in Logan Co., Ky., Dec. 7,
181 1. and d. Oct. 21, 1840, unni. He was a physician in the state of Mis-

3. Rev. Leonard H. Milliken' (2). second son of William-'' (2), b. in Logan Co.,
Ky. Aug. 21, 1S13; m. Marv L.avinma Moodv, daughter of Major Kpps and
jSLatilda (Johnson) Moody, July 8, 1841. She was b. Dec. 29, 1823, in
Franklin Co., Ala. He passed his boyhood on the homestead, having only
such educational advantages as were afforded in country schools. After com-
pleting an academic course in his native county, he attended the I'niversity
at Nashville, Tenn., from which institution he was graduated with honors,
being thoroughly conversant with the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin languages.
Nurtured in a home of piety, he made a public profession of religion in early
youth, was baptized and united with the Baptist Chvnch.

The all-absorbing desire of his heart was to be fully prepared for his life-
work — preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He continued to be a close
student of his Bible, and throughout his entire life was a man of strong faith
in God's promises.

At the age of twenty he was ordained to the ministry, and for fifty years
held up the banner of the cross, proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation to
a perishing world. He began to preach at Athens, Ala., where he remained
until his marriage. His next settlement was in La Grange, Tenn. About
four years after his marriage he removed to Somerville, Tenn., where he fol-
lowed his sacred calling and also engaged in teaching, being principal of a
school in that town.

In the year 1851 he moved with his family to Aberdeen, ]Miss., having
received a call from the Baptist Church to become their pastor. He remained
with this society about five years, and it was with reluctance that the tlock
accepted his resignation.

A call came from a church at Jackson, Miss., in 1857, and he was impelled
to accept. A cordial welcome awaited him, and soon a strong bond of attach-
ment existed between pastor and flock. While preaching in that city an
extensive revival prevailed which resulted in a rich harvest of souls. He con-
ducted services twice daily for nearly six weeks, and seemed to be especially
endowed with power from on High. He remained at Jackson until the break-
ing out of the war between the North and South, when he returned to Ten-
nessee and enlisted as Chaplain to the Thirteenth Tennessee Volunteers, com-
manded by Col. Andrew Jackson Vaughan. He remained with the army,
faithful to his vocation, often ministering to the wounded and dying on the
battlefield. At the close of the war he returned to his home in La Cirange.
and resumed the work of teaching, and preaching on the Sabbath in the


Masonic Hall. A church was greatly needed, and he travelled through differ-
ent States where he had preached, and raised by subscription $3,000 to for-
ward the erection of the new house. The edifice cost four thousand dollars,
and was an ornament to the town. A generous lady donated $1,000 to liqui-
date the debt, and the house was duly dedicated. On that occasion Rev.
Milliken, who was preeminently a man of prayer, expressed profound gratitude
to his ^Slaker that his efforts had been crowned with success.

In 1878, during an epidemic of yellow fever, the faithful minister visited the
sick and dying, not counting his own life dear so that he might comfort the
afflicted. He subsequently raised funds for building a church at Somerville,

He united with the Masonic fraternity when about thirty years of age, and
held the degree of Royal Arch Mason.

Gifted with a fine voice and melody, nothing afforded him more pleasure
than singing sacred songs to praise his Maker. His last work was assisting
at an ordination. He was soon after seized with pneumonia, and after suffer-
ing for ten days passed away in triumph. Eight children. See 5th gen-

4. Agnes Ann Milliken* (2), second daughter of William^ (2), was b. in
Logan Co., Ky., Jan. 26, 1819 ; was m. to Mr. Eddings, who lived about
Memphis, Tenn., and by whom she had one child named Fannie, who was
twice m. ; first to Crenshaw, then to Charles L. Sullivan, by whom two
children, Guy, and Belle, whose husband was Mr. Adams. All are now living
in Sacramento, Cal.

5. Wesley Milliken^ (1), third son of William^ (2), b. Jan. 8, 182 1 ; m. Rhoda
Ann McCllaud, in Logan Co., Ky., and had one child, William, who m.
and died in Indiana. Mr. Milliken has also deceased, date unknown.

6. Hiram Milliken* (1), fourth son of William^ (2), was b. in Logan Co., Ky.,
Sept. 12, 1825, and was twice married; first to Irene E. R. Hite, Nov. 13,
1850. She d. Jan. 16, i860, leaving five children. He m. secondly, Sept. 5,
i86r, at ISTiddleton, Jefferson Co., Ky., Betsy Owings Burnes, second child
of \\'illiam G. Burnes and Ann Downey his wife, she having been born Jan.
29, 1838, by whom seven children. See 5th generation. Hiram lived in
Nashville, Tenn., before the Civil War; afterwards in Louisville, K}-,, where
he died in July, 1890, and where his widow and her children are living. He
was a wholesale liquor dealer, and at one time quite wealthy.

7. Mary Milliken* C3), third daughter of William-"* (2), was b. in Logan Co.,
Ky., Aug. 4, 1827, and became the wife of John O. Hite, Adairsville, Ky.,
and had two children. He married a second wife and raised ten more children.
She d. For children's names see 5th generation.

8. George Milliken* (5), fourth son of William^ (2), was b. in Logan Co.. Ky.,
Sept. 15, 1829; m. Miss Margaret Brock., and had issue three children.
He was a Lieutenant in John Morgan's Cavalry during the Civil War, was
captured by Federal troops and " killed while in captivity by Union scouts,"
so states my correspondent. His widow m. IMr. Pasey. See names of chil-
dren with 5th generation.

9. Irene Elizabeth Milliken' (1), fourth daughter of William^ (2), was b. in
Logan Co., Ky,, Oct. 27, 1831 ; was m. to Dathan Darby, of Olmstead, Ky.,


May 27, 1852, and d. June 13, 1861. Residence, Cave Springs, Ky. Mr.
Dailiy d. By this union three children, named as follows:

1. Wii.i.iAM M. Darhy, b. May 11, 1853; m. Mozkk Thompson. Owns
a large farm at Cave Springs, Ky. lias four children.

II. John Cyrus 1).'\rhv, b. Apr. 14, 1S57; m. Ci.avi'ool.

III. Mary Darnall Darby, b. .\pr. 14, 1857; m. VVim.iam Jknkins,
farmer, Olmslead, Ky. Seven children.

10. Nancy Milliken' ',2), hfth daughter of William-' (2), was b. in Logan Co.,
Ky., Jan. 3, 1834. and d. -Vug. g, 1846. Buried in the (jld family lot on
Spring Creek.

T I. Isabella Thompson Milliken' (1), youngest daughter of William-'' (1), was b.
in Logan Co., Ky., Mar. i8, 1837; was m. to John D. Dawson, farmer, of
Russellville, Ky., Dec. 23, 1856, by Rev. Quick. She is the only surviving
ciiild of WiiJ.iAM Milliken and Polly West. A lady of education and very
retentive and accurate memory, who furnished much information for this
genealog)'. She had four children.

I. Robert H. Dawson, b. Sept. 30, 1857 ; d. Nov. 30, 1861.
II. Leonard Hugh Dawson, b. ]Mar. 8, 1861 ; m. Miss Jessie Dockins,
Sept. 5, I goo, and has issue.

III. Mary Dyne Dawson, b. Mar. 5, 1866 ; was m. to Dr. John R. Clay-
pool of Stowers, Ky., Dec. 19, 1888, and has four children.

IV. Carrie K. Dawson, b. Mar. 5, 186S ; was m. to W. Warren Morton,
Russellville, Ky., Sept. 14, 1887. Six children.


1. William M. Milliken* (4), eldest son of Amos^ (1), b. in Henry Co., Tenn.,
Feb. 5, 1824; m. first, INIiss Gilley A. Hartsfield, Jan. 2, 1845; second,
about 187 I, Sarah Milliken, this being her fourth m. She d. Dec. 9, 1886.
He settled as a farmer on the south side of his father's estate. He d. near
his birthplace in Henry Co., Tenn., Aug. 28, i8g6. There were ten children,
nine by Gilley, one by Sarah, as follows :

1. Alonzo Thomas Milliken-'', b. Dec. 6, 1845, served in the Confeder-
ate army, and was killed after the war as a civil officer when making
an arrest. He was m, but did not leave issue. A man of much natural
ability and force of character.
II. Martha Helen Milliken, b. Aug. 30, 1847 ; m. first, Edward
Todd; second, William Snow. She left one child at her decease,
Eddie Todd, now in Ark.

III. WiiLLiAM Alexander Milliken-\ b. Mar. 15, i84g; m. Miss Crowder,
and lived near Eaton, Gibson Co., Tenn., in 1896. Three children,
Lula., Gordon, and T/iomas.

IV. Amanda Josephine Milliken^, b. 1852; d. in maidenhood, aged 18

V. Nancy Edna Milliken^ b. 1853; d. in maidenhood, aged 16 years.
VI. Jennie Porter Milliken^, b. May 27, 1855; m. first, Franklin P.

Shell, Aug. 17, 1873; second, Hays, and lives near North

Fork, Henry Co., Tenn.
VII. Charles John Milliken^ b. July 3 i, 1857; m. Miss Crawford, and
lives at Whitelock, Henry Co., Tenn. Three children, Herman, Eva
and Holmer.


VIII. Sarah Elizabeth Milliken% b. Oct. 7, 1859 ; m. Elias P. Cook, and
lives near Osage, Henry Co., Tenn. Large family.

IX. Oscar Amos Milliken^, b. , 1866; m. Sarna Fletcher, who

d. in 1894, and he removed to Arkansas. His children were Guy,
Wallace, and Fearl-Mifia.
X. George Simeon Milliken, b. Dec. 16, 1869 ; d. Aug. 2, 1870.
XI. Roe Milliken, b. Aug. 3, 1880; m. Aug. 25, 1899, Robert Arm-
stead Clark, and lives in Osage, Henry Co., Tenn.

2. George Melton Milliken^ (5), second son of Amos^ (1), b. in Henry Co.,
Tenn., June 15, 1826; m. Miss Elvira C. Powell (b. in Rockingham Co.,
Va., Feb. 15, 1830; d. in Marshall Co., Ky., July 8, 1874), Jan. 8, 1849. He
d. near Benton, Marshall Co., Ky., Dec. 27, 1874. He bought the watermill
on the north side of the homestead farm and settled there. He added a grist-
mill to the water power, and this was widely known as " Milliken's Mill," and
liberally patronized for many years. When the war came on, George left the
mill and farm in care of a few slaves owned by him and his mother, and
joined the Confederate Army. He was in a hospital at Island No. 10, when
it was captured by Union troops. Being some distance from the regular en-
campment, word was sent for all to escape who were able. He and a com-
rade made their way to Reelfoot Lake where that body of water was eight
miles wide, and with an old hatchet made a raft of logs .on which to cross.
This rude craft was fragile and slow, and night found them in the middle of
the lake with wet clothing. The weather was chilly, but they found a fisher-
man's vacated hut on a small island and some matches, and an old kettle in
which they cooked some dried fruit. After a dreary night they reached the
mainland the following day and made good their escape. Mr. Milliken was
afterwards captured by Federals near Paducah, Ky., and held a prisoner there
and at Cairo, 111. When released, his health was so much impaired that he
returned to his home in Tennessee and did not rejoin the army. He d. near
Benton, Marshall County, Dec. 27, 1874. Twelve children, of whom with
5th generation.


1. Thomas Evermont Milliken* (1), son of George^ (2), d. aged 8 months.

2. Pamelia Ann Milliken'' (1), son of George* (2), d. at the age of 7 years.

3. John Charles Milliken* (8), second son of George'^ (2), b. Aug. 31, 1S32 ;
m. Dec. 3, 1857, Martha M. Bonner, and d. Jan. 8, 1862, at Ballinger, Tex.
He was a resident of Paris, Tex., and a tailor by trade. His widow d. Jan.
23, 1899; she was b. in Lamar, Tex., near Paris, Sept. 12, 1841 ; was a
daughter of George and Elizabeth Bonner, Two sons.

4. Elizabeth Agness Milliken' (3), second daughter of George* (2), b. in
Calloway Co., Ky., Oct. 3, 1834; m. Oct. 21, 1849, in Henry Co., Tenn.,
John Milton Fuller, b. in Henry Co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1826, son of Solomon
and Jane Fuller, and d. Oct. 18, 1901, in Nacogdoches Co., Tex. Her
husband's address is Attoyac, Tex. Eight children.

I. George Franklin Fuller, b. in Henry Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1850; m.
II. Thaddeus Constan'iine Fuller, b. in Henry Co., Tenn., Nov. 10,

1852; m.
III. Sarah Jane Fuller, b. in Henry Co., Tenn., July 12, 1856 ; d. June
25, 1895.



IV. Serene Evelyn Fuller, b. in Nacogdoches Co., Tex., Mar. i, i860;
d. Apr. 6, 1905.

V. Mary Elizabeth Fuller, b. in Nacogdoches Co., Tex., Aug. 17,
1863 ; Hves in Hill Co., Tex.

\ I. Mil i()\ Delaney Fuller, b. in Nacogdoches Co., Tex., May 6, 1867;

d. in Hill Co., Oct. 5, 1895.
VII. Arcada Lkonie Fuller, b. in Nacogdoches Co., Tex., June 20, 1S70;

living in Cook Co., Tex.
VIII. Cora Ann Fuller, b. in Nacogdoches Co., Tex., Mar. 31, 1873; in.
living in Center Shelby Co., Tex.
I IX. Edgar Lkk Fuller, b. Aug. 14, 1876. Unin. Is li\ing in Caro, Tex.

5. Sarah Milliken^ (4), second daughter of George^ (2).

6. George Amos Milliken' (^6), third son of George^ (2), b. ; came

back to Spring Hill Academy, Henry Co., Tenn., with his mother after the
d. of his father. He was a lieutenant in the Confederate army and promoted
to a recruiting oflficer. Was killed near his home, Oct. 7, 1864. No family.

7. Nancy Ann Milliken' (3), fourth daughter of George^ (2), b. in Red River
Co., Tex., Jan. 7, 1842 ; m. John Howard Payner, Sept. 13, 1869, and
resides at Nacogdoches, Tex., a well-preserved and active woman " making
jams, jellies and apple-butter." Seven children as follows :

I. Sarah Elizabeth Payner, b. Aug. 4, i860; m. Jesse Turner; d.

Feb. 22, 1903, leaving issue.
II. Thomas Howard Payner, b. Jan. 14, 1864; d. Apr. 21, 1864.

III. George Amos Payner, b. Mar. 3, 1865 ; d. Sept. 6, 1S66.

IV. Evermont Lee Payner, b. Apr. 28, 1868; d. Sept. 9, 1885.
V. Clair May Payner, b. May 11, 187 1 ; d. Feb. 5, 1887.

VI. Edie Vurnkr Payner, b. Nov. 8, 1873; m. Nenny Roden, Aug. 9,
1900, and has issue.

VII. Anne Clyde Payner, b. Dec. 8, 1876; m. O. L. Hall, Dec. 19,
1894, and her issue.


1. Mary C. Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Jesse^ (3), b. Oct. 12, 1846; was
m. to Stephen Robertson, Dec. 10, 1864 ; d. Mar. 28, 1888, and was buried
in the !Moore's Chapel Cemetery, in Orange Co., N. C. No issue.

2. Eliza B. Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Jesse^ (3), b. Mar. 12, 1S4S ; was
m. to C. H. Wamble, Dec. 11, 1867; d. Oct. i, 186S, and was buried at
Pleasant Hill Church, Chatham Co., N. C. No children.

3. Hon. John R. Milliken-* (4), eldest son of Jesse^ (3), b. in Chatham Co.,
N. C, May 9, 1849 ; was m. ^Nlay 3, 1887, to Annie B. Fearington. and re-
sides on the homestead plantation, a few miles from Pittsboro, N. C, the
county seat. He is a man of prominence in his county, and was elected
sheriff in 1903. He has supplied the genealogical data of this branch of the
family. There are four children, named as follows :

I. Jesse F. Milliken^ b. July 30, 1888.

II. James S. Milliken^ b. Sept. 6, 1890.

III. John B. Milliken^ b. Dec. 8, 1893.

IV. Elizabeth C. Milliken'', b. Sept. 3, 1895.


4. James H. Milliken* (5), second son of Jesse^ (3), b. Dec. 11, 1850 ; d. Mar.
23, 1864, and was buried in his father's lot on the farm.

5. Charles E. Milliken^ (5), third son of Jesse^ (3), b. May 28, 1854; d- Apr.
I, 1855, and was buried in the famil}- lot.


1. James Milliken* (6), eldest son of George^ (3), was b. in 1823 ; m. in 1849
Jane Dulin, and lived in Tennessee. His wife d. in i860, and he m. 2d,
EiXEN Frey. He was a millwright by trade. He d. in June, 1900. Seven

2. George Milliken^ (6), second son of George^ (3), m. Martha Cotheran,
and settled in Tennessee. He is a Baptist minister. About 60 years of age
(1903). His 2d wife was Ann Felts. Five children.

3. John Milliken^ (5), third son of George^* (3), b. in 1825 ; m. Ewing (?),

and lived in Texas 40 years. He is now living in Cheatham Co., Tenn. Has
been a carpenter and overseer. Wife d. one year after m. Has remained single.

4. Elias Milliken'' (2), fourth son of George^ (3), b. in Tennessee, Jan. 31,
1831 ; m. first Sarah Ann Reding, Oct. 11, 1849. She d. Oct. 9, 1865, and
he m. Apr. 29, 1866, Sarah Jane Morris, who d. Apr. 7, 1887, ^"^ he m.
Mar. 17, 1889, Margaret Letitia Newlin. He resides near Greenbrier,
Robertson Co., Tenn. Farmer. A devout Methodist. Large, raw-boned
and powerful. He is beloved by all who know him. Six children by first,
two by second, one by third wife.

5. Rachel Milliken^ (1), daughter of George^ (3), d. when a child.

6. Mary Milliken-* (3), daughter of George^ (3), b. about 1845 5 was m. to
William Biggers ; resides in or near Joelton, Tenn. She has two children,
Belle and Faiuiie.

7. William Milliken'* (5), son of George^ (3), b. in Tennessee; d. age 6

Jesse Milliken lived on Stone's River, Barnes Co., Tenn., but his parentage
and birthplace are unknown to his descendants. His wife's name does not
appear. In the absence of any proof to the contrary, I shall assume to say
that this man was identical with Jesse Milliken mentioned as overseer of the
will of his father, James Milliken, of Orange Co., N. Carolina, of date Sept. 9,
1805. As Elias Milliken, brother of Jesse, son of James, removed to Tennessee
along with others of the family, and as a son of Elias says he had an uncle
who settled in that state, it is reasonable to suppose it was the Jesse Milliken
whose name heads this sketch. He had issue four sons and two daughters.
His son, Creed Milliken, went early to Texas — as did his kinsmen from Ken-
tucky — and became a ranchman and stockdealer on the Colorado River, but
was killed by a wild steer about 1847 ; then the father, old Jesse, went to
Texas to look after the estate. On his third trip to Texas, he brought his
w^ife on horseback, purchased land near Huntsville for a few years. His sons,
Albert and John, visited him and induced him to return with them to Tennes-
see where he probably died. The names of his children, far as known, as fol-
lows : John., Albert, Austin, Creed, Mary, and Cynthia.


1. Austin Lee Milllken, or " Millikien," as he spelt his name, son of Jesse (1),
was b. Dec. S, 1S09, probably in Barnes Co., Tenn. He was ni. to Ann
C.VTHKRiNE W.MNWKiGHT, Sept. 7, 1S36, in Floycl Co., Va. He soon removed
to Alabama, thence to Tennessee (1843), and lived near his father. He re-
moved to 'I'exas in 1847, settled near Hvinlsville, and d. there Dec. 8, 1855,
leaving a widow and small children. Mrs. Millikien d. at Huntsville, Tex.,
Nov. 10, 1876.

2. John Milliken (1), son of Jesse (1), lived on Stone River, Tenn,

3. Albert Milliken (1), son of Jesse (1), lived on Stone River, Tenn.

4. Creed Milliken (1), son of Jesse (1), was a ranchman in Texas, and was
killed b}- a wild steer when a youn<; man, unm.


1. Letitia B. Milliken, b. in Floyd Co., \'a., Jan. 30, 1S39 ; *^'- ^^ Hunis\ille,
Tex., in 1S52.

2. Virginia A. Milliken, b. in Perry Co., Ala., Jan. 25, 1841; was m. Dec. 30,
1861, to John A. Manier, and d. at Huntsville, Tex., Dec. i, 1882, leaving
two children, /rV/// awA fames.

3. James H. Milliken, b. in Perry Co., Ala., Feb. 12, 1842 ; was m. Feb. 12,
1867, to Sarah E. Shine at Huntsville, Tex., his place of residence, by whom
seven children. She d. Dec. 22, 1888, and he was m. 2d, Oct. 26, 1892, to
Zki.ia Nugent in Montgomery Co., Tex., and had issue four children, all b. in
Huntsville, Tex. Names follow.

I. Thomas A. Milliken, b. Jan. 19, 1868; m. Oct. 25, 1893, Katie
Travlor of New Waverly, Tex., and has Marion, b. Sept. 23, 1894,
and LkjoeUcn. b. Aug. 10, 1901.
II. Henry L. Milliken, b. Oct. 8, 1869; m. Aug. 20, 1893, Mollie

Williams at Plainview, Tex., and has Sybel, b. July 19, 1894.
HI. William M. Milliken, b. Aug. 9, 1872.
IV. LuBELL Milliken, b. Oct. 26, 1874; m. May 24, 1893, William R.

v. James A. Milliken, b. Feb. 12, 1877; m. Aug, 25, 1901, Alice

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