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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 71 of 109)
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Md. ; was m. to Richard Clarkson, bandbox manufacturer in Baltimore,
Md. No children.

13. Osborne Williams Mullikin^ (1), youngest son of Thomas'^ (1), b. in
Anne Arundel Co., Md., Aug. S, 1783; m. first, Elizabeth Gaither (of
the same locality), where she d., by whom two sons. He m. second,
in Baltimore, Md., AdriaJ^na Collins, a widow, who soon d. childless.
His third wife was Mary Elizabeth Stevens of Kent Island,- Queen Anne
Co., Md., from a prominent English family early settled in the state. By
this union there were three children of whom, with other issues, more here-
after. When about sixteen years of age he was sent to Baltimore to learn
merchandizing with Thomas Keaton who was in some wav connected with
the MuUikin family.* But he became a teacher in Washington, Baltimore, and
at the " Forks of the Patuxent." He was a concise and forceable writer
and a natural teacher and orator. He was a close student and acquired his
education after he left the country school, and always spoke with some
degree of disappointment because his father did not send him to college.
He was long a Methodist classleader and local preacher ; also a Magistrate
and Notary Public. In politics, he was an " Old Line Whig, " and believed
in all that Henry Clay and Daniel Webster stood for. He was a strong
Abolitionist, violently opposed to slavery, but always stood on the side of
law. He was heard to say that while he would not help a negro to run
away from his master, he would turn his back and not stop him. He was
very conservative and carried this trait of character into everyday life, in-
to church and politics ; always willing to "let well enough alone." He was
tall and of full figure ; of fair complexion with very intelligent blue eyes.
He was called a very handsome man and was something of a beau in his
young days. His residence was about one mile from his father's home-
stead on the banks of the Patuxent river. His last wife d. in Baltimore,
Md., in Aug., 1855. Mr. Mullikin d. in Lancaster Co., Penn., while visit-
ing some relatives, in Dec, 1863, in his 80th year. For an account of his
children see 5th generation.


I. Belt MuUikin ^ (1), only known son of Jeremiah'' (1), was b. on the old
Patuxent plantation and was appointed executor of his father's will in 1807.
He was a m. man at that date and his son Jeremiah was mentioned in his
grandfather's will. The wife of Belt Mullikin was named Mary, but her

*Mrs. Sophia Hopkins said he was called "Cousin Tommy Keaton."


lull maiden iKiim- is unknown. His homestead was a part of the original
I'atuxent grant and contained 340 acres, horderin<^ on the river. In 181 1,
this estate was represented as belonging to the " heirs of IJelt Mullii<in, " on
the hind-phit. Ikit I am informed that the estate has since passed to the
Woodward faniilv. The children of Belt were named : Ji-irmia/i, Basil,
Bt-njitmin ./., J\ixi/iij/(/, Jhtnu/i, Kir/ianf, .tun, and Cnf/n-ri/u-, of whom more

2. Margaret Mullikin^ (1), daughter of Jeremiah'(l), was m. to WoRrii-

INCTON, and had a son Jeremiah W'orthington mentioned in his grand-
father's will in 1797, to whom he gave a negro bo}-.

3. Ann Miillikin"* (1), daughter of Jeremiah'' (1), was m. to ll«)\v-

ARi), and had a son, Jeremiah JJrice Howard, mentioned in the will of his
grandfather in 1797, who gave him a negro boy.

f\{\\) Cnni oration.


■I. Mortimer Harwood Mullikin"' (1), eldest son of Benjamin'' (2), b. in Anne
Arundel Co., Md., July 29, 1803; m. Nov. 17, 1831, Tahitha Williams
DuvALL, dau. of Beal and Elizabeth (Williams) Duvall, b. Feb. 11, iSii.
He owned a farm named " Bassenthorp, " in Prince George Co., Md., which
comprised some 500 acres of excellent land. This estate was given him by
an uncle named Duvall. When he came into possession there were only
some tenant houses there, but he built a commodious residence and out-
buildings. This is about eight miles from Upper Marlboro, the county seat.
He also ow^ned an estate purchased of the Duvalls in Baltimore Co., Md.,
known as " Rosedale." Mr. Mullikin was educated in the public schools
of Anne Arundel Co., and at a private school in Baltimore. Did not seek
for any official preferment ; was a man of excellent moral character and
correct habits; not a member of any church but gave liberally toward the
support of all denominations. He was rather below the medium in stat-
ure, with blue eyes and fair hair. He d. Nov. 24, 1876. His wife was a
woman of great personal beauty. She had dark hair and hazel-brown eyes ;
was tall, erect, graceful in movement and one of the best women that ever
lived. A devoted Episcopalian. She d. Jan. 19, 1864. There were ten
children, of whom five d. young. See 6th generation.

2. Benjamin Oscar Mullikin^ (3), second son of Benjamin^ (2), b. in Anne
Arundel Co., Md., Dec. 21, 1804; m. Apr. 14, 1840, Martha Ann Poulton,
and settled on the old homestead on the Patuxent river, where he was b.,
and where he d. Apr. 12, 1885. His widow d. there Mar. 18, 1897. 'I'hree
children. See 6th generation for particulars.

3. Amanda Mullikin' (1), only daughter of Benjamin^( 3), b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md., Jan. i, 1807 ; d. young.

*Bkal D IV a I.I. m. Elizabeth Williams who was of the same family as Elizabeth
Ellen Williams, wife of Capt. Thomas Mullikin. This Duvall family once resided in
Prince (Jeorge Co., near where Mortimer Harwood Mullikin lived, and also at Rosedale,
15altimore Co., where he d. They owned two or three farms in I'rince C.eoige Co. lie
was also a merchant. Mrs. Duvall d. at her daughter's in Anne Arundel Co.,several years
later than her husband.



1. Hilary MuUikin'^ (1), eldest son of Thomas* (4), b. in Anne Arundel Co.,
Md., Sept. 18, 1805 ; m. Mar. 29, 1824, Adelia M. Meooxigal, who was
b. Apr. 14, 1804-5. H^ ^^'^^ ^ wagon-builder and money-exchanger (Broker ?)
in Philadelphia, where he d. in Oct. 1879. His widow d. Nov. i, 1887, in
Brooklyn, N. V. There were eleven children, of whom with 6th generation.

2. Henryetta MuUikin'' (1), eldest daughter of Thomas'* (4), b. in Anne
Arundel Co., Md., became the wife of Theophilus Crawford, brother of
Carlisle Crawford who married her sister Mary, and lived in Lancaster, Pa.,
where he d. Oct. 9, 1896, aged 94. Children named as follows: Maria,
William, Maggie, James, Edzi.n)i, IViomas, Mary, and A/fred.

3. Sarah MuUikin'^ (2), second daughter of Thomas* (4), b. in Anne Arun-
del Co., Md., was m. to a Mr. Woods, whose son was Capt. William M.
Woods of Baltimore, Md., who d. there May 4, 1870. He served in the
civil war as Quartermaster of Middle Division, Pennsylvania troops, and
was a friend of Henrv Winter Davis. When the remains of Abraham
Lincoln passed through Philadelphia, Capt. Woods was chosen for one of
the pallbearers. He was for a number of years a member of the City
Council of Baltimore.

4. Mary A. Mullikin' (3), third daughter of Thomas* (4), b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md., Apr. 22, 1797, was m. to Carlisle Crawford in Lancaster Co.,
Penn., Mar. 29, 1819. He was b. in 1789, in said Co., and they lived there
many years, but moved to Wayne Co., O., in Oct. 1838. She d. at her home
in Bloomfield, O., Apr. 4, 1878, aged 8i years. Mr. Crawford d. there Oct.
25, 1880, aged 91 years. Children named as follows:

I. Hilary B. Crawford, b. Feb. 17, 1820. He served in the civil
war as a member of Co. C, 51st O.V.L He d. Sept. 6, 1865, in ist
Division Hospital, Central District, Texas, and was buried in Gal-
veston, National cemetery. He was m. about 1841, and lived at New
Comerstown, O. Wife d. some years ago. Six children.
11. Elizabeth A. Crawford, b. Aug. 18, 182 1 ; d. Sept. 16, 1883.

III. Emma M. Crawford, b. Jan. 5, 182 1 ; unm.

IV. Henrietta Crawford, b. Aug. 24, 1827 ; d. May 7, 1854.

V. Edwin M. Crawford, b. Aug. 27, 1834; unm. He served four
months as a member of Co. G, 157th O.V. Infantry, and holds a
certificate of thanks signed by Abraham Lincoln, President, and
Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of State.

5. Thomas Mullikin'' (5), second son of Thomas* (4), b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md. ; d. at the age of six years.

6. Richard Mullikin"' (1), third son of Thomas* (4), b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md. ; m. Barbara and had issue six children. Names with 6th gen-


I. Vatchel Mullikin"' (1), eldest son of Osborn* (1), by Elizabeth Gaither,
was b. in Anne Arundel Co., Md., and spent his childhood days on a part
of the Patuxent plantation. His mother dying when he was young, others
had his bringing up. He m. Julia Ann Burnett by whom there were
three children. His widow m. Joseph T^eyburn by whom she \\?^d. Joseph Jr.,

rOSTERJjy Ot JAMES Mri I IKIX. •',27

who in. Maggie ()'Rouke and lixid in lioston, Mass., and Maria, who m.
.Mexander NVolf and had two sons who now live in iJaltimore, Md. Mr. .Mul-
likin d. in Hartford Co., but with iiis wife, was buried in I'.atiinore cemetery.
Children named as follows :

I. Hknjamin Mui.i.iKiN, who d. unm.
11. Arabella Mullikin, who d. unm.

111. RdHKRi' Jasi'KR Mullikix, b. in Haltimnre, Md., Nov. 13, 1^35; m.
Sarah Kmma V. Saldall; was a whfjlesale and retail produce mer-
chant; d. Sept. 9, 1899. His widow b. in IJaltimore, Md., l-eb. 15,
1841;, is now living with her unm. children at 416 Lafayette St., in
that city. Children named as follows:
(i). RoHKRi' Hknsox Mullikix, b. Apr. 16, 1867; d. Jan. 14, 1897,

in Baltimore, Md. Blacksmith by trade.
(2). Clara Mullfkin, b. Sept. 12, 1869; is now at home, unm.
(3). Thomas Hknry Mullikix, b. Dec. n, 1870: m. Isaiu;lla
Amklia Croggax, dau. of \\'illiam E. and Isabella K. (Chalmers)
Croggan, nee Carroll, and resides at i624Lanvale St., Baltimore,
Md. Machinist by trade. No issue.
(4). Alice Mullikix, b. Feb. 27, 1873; is at home, unm.
(5). Ella Mulliki.x, b. Oct. 27, 1874; is at home, unm.
(6). Ferdinand Clayborn Mullikin, b. Mar. 6, 1877 ; d. Jan. 8, 1880.
(7). Marian Mortimer Mullikin, b. Nov. 10, 1878 ; is living at home,

(8). Louisa ]\Iullikix, d. in childhood.
(9). Eva Mullikin, d. in childhood.
(10). Marietta Mullikin, b. Feb. 12, 1885: is at home.
(11). L\Mi-:s Mulliken, d. in childhood.

2. Benjamin Mullikin'' (4), second son of Osborn^ (1), b. on the Patuxent
estate ; d. young.


1. James Wightman Mullikin^ (5), third son of Osborn^ (1), b. in Baltimore,
Md., and d. in infancv.

2. George Gibson Mullikin^ (1), fourth son of Osborn^ (1), b. in Baltimore,
Md., Vixx. 1S36, was always an invalid, and is now blind; unm.

3. Mary Stevens Mullikin^ (4), only daughter of Osborn' (1), b. in Balti-
more, Md., Apr. 14, 1832 ; was m. in 1849, to Frances Hart, son of
Charles-John and Margaret (Gray) Hart, of an old English family, and
resided in New York where Mr. Hart was engaged in the straw goods job-
bing business. He was seized with congestive chills and d. at a small
village in South Carolina where he stopped over night when traveling on
business, at the age of 53 years, about 1880. She has been a teacher since
her husband's death ; at one time was principal of the school of English and
Elocution in Washington, D.C. She has a wide reputation as a successful
instructor. When she retired from her city school it was her intention to
live a quiet life in the home of her son in Wheeling, W. Va., but her enthu-
siasm for her vocation led her to open there a school for young ladies
which she conducted for about seven years, and only discontinued in con-
sequence of nervous protration resulting from mental overwork. She says


she is now seeing her best days — "through the grace and peace of God
which is my life." Mrs. Hart is certainly a remarkable woman. Her culti-
vated, intellectual powers are as brilliant as in other years, and her almost
phenominal memory is evidently unimpaired. She is a concise and enter-
taining writer and has furnished much interesting data concerning the Mul-
likin family for this work. She makes her home in the family of her son at
^Vheeling, \\'.Va. Her children were, Charles-Burdctt, Francis-Osborne, Clara
Rebekah, Frank-Gilbert, and Mary-Belle, of whom only two are living, Charles
B. and Mary B. The other three d. in infancy and were buried beside their
father in Baltimore, Md. Her son,

Hon. Charles Burdett Hart, one of the proprietors and late editor of
the Wheeling Intellige7ieer, the leading Republican Journal of West Virginia,
was appointed by President McKinley, minister to the United States of
Colombia, and is stationed at Bogata, the capital. After serving four years
he was reappointed by President Roosevelt, and is now serving his second
term. A sketch of his life was published by Gov. G. W. Atkins in his book,
<' Famous Men of West Virginia." He m. Jan. 1876, Mary Willie, dau. of
Morgan L. and Virginia Ott of Wheeling, W. Va., and has two children,
his son, Morgan O. H. Hart, being 24 years of age.


1. Jeremiah Mullikin'^ (2), son of Belf* (1), was mentioned in his grand-
father's will in 1807. No other record.

2. Benjamin Howard Mullikin^ (5), son of Belf (1), d. unm. Was a man
of wealth.

3. Basil Duckett Mullikin' (1), son of Belt^ (1), was b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md., Apr. 21, 1789; m. May 2, 1815, Eliza McEldery, daughter of
Thomas and Eliza McEldery of Baltimore, Md., who was b. there Sept. i,
1795. He d. at his residence in Prince George Co., Nov. 10, 1863. His
wife d. in the 65th year of her age. By this union there were thirteen chil-
dren of whom with sixth generation.

4. Reginald Mullikin' (1), son of Belt* (1), m. a lady in Baltimore and had
one daughter Eliza Ann. He is said to have lived and d. in Ohio, and his
daughter was at one time in the Treasury Department at Washington, D.C.

5. B^'ttch MiiUikin'' (2), son of Belt* (1), m. a Miss Oden, a sister of
Govenor Bowie's mother, and had a son Richard O., and two daughters.

6. Richard Duckett Mullikin^^ (2), son of Belt* (1), b. in Anne Arundel Co.,
Md., m. Eliza Panell of Petersburg, Pa., who, after her husband's d. be-
came the wife of a Mr. Coolidge, Mr. Mullikin was a merchant in Balti-
more, Md., where he resided from his twenty-first- birthday until his d.
which occurred in 18 17. His residence was in- '-the Fayette and Charles
streets. He left two sons of whom more with 6th generation.

7. Margaret Mullikin'' (1), daughter of Belt' (1), was m. to Nicholas
Woodward who bought out the other heirs to the estate. She had three
children by him whose names will presently appear. After her d. Nicholas
Woodward m. Sarah, daughter of Richard Gambriel by whom three sons,

John R. Woodward, Abram G. Wood^uard, D. D. Woodward, and Emily
Woodward. The children of Margaret were :

\. Si)i'HL\ W'ooDWARn m. RiciiARii Anderson and had a familv.


II. Cathkrink Woodwaro m. Jacoi: Siridkr aiul is living at Harper's
l-erry, \N'. \'a., aged 82.
III. Ki.i/Ai?Krn S. Woodward 111. J. IIowakd Siridkr and Icli two sons
;iiul ;i daughter.

8. Nancy Mullikiiv' ( 1). daughter of Belt^ (1), was m. to Wii.i.iam i >.
BowiK of Prince (leorge Co., Md. No issue.

9. Catherine Mullikin'' ( 1 ), daughter of Belt' ( 1 ), called " Kittie, " was the
wife of Wii.i.iam Howard. Xo issue.

10. Sophia Mullikin' ( 2 ), daughter of Belt' ( 1 ), was in. to Richard .\\dkr-
soN of .\nne Arundel Co., Md.. and was the mother of a numerous famiK
named as follows :

I. Margaret Andkrson in. Hknry Woodward. Six children.

II. Matilda Ander.son d. unm.

III. Ca ihkrink .\\dkrsox m. (iRakion Pi.u.mmkr of Frederick Co.,
Md. Two children.

IV. Annie Anderson m. Rohkri- Oshorx of W. \'a., and has one son.
V. Ella Ander.son m. Edward Waters of .Vnne Arundel Co., Md..

and had four children.
VI. Nicholas Anderson m. Annik Jones of Montgomery Co.. Md.. and

had one daughter,
vii. William Anderson m. Elizabeth Anderson and had one daughter.
VIII. Mary Anderson d. unm.
IX. Martha Anderson m. Abram Woodward who now lives on the

Belt Mullikin homestead.
X. Sophia Axdersox m. Henry Clay Mullikin of Woodwardville,

Md., and had issue.
XI. Richard Anderson d. unm.

§^'uth (')mcration.


1. Mary Amanda Mullikin" (5), eldest daughter of Mortimer'' (1), b. Jan.
5, 1833; d. Jan. 12, 1833.

2. Sarah Elizabeth Mullikin'' ( 3), second daughter of Mortimer^ (1), b.
Mar. 15, 1835; was m. Feb. 8, 1852, to William A. Lixthicum and had
six children named as follows :

I. Mortimer Mullikin Linthicum b. Dec. 5, 1853; m. Dec. 28, 1886,
Sada a. Keen.

II. William Linthicu.m b. Nov. 20, 1855 ; d. Oct. 18, 1856.

III. Talitha Olivia Linthicu.m, b. Sept. 18, 1857 ; d. Feb. 2, 1889.

IV. Cora Elizabeth Linthicum, b. Feb. 14, i860; m. Nov. 7, 18SS,
Lewis Cullen Thomas; d. Jan. 18, 1890.

V. Samuel Stewart Linthicum, b. Oct. 3, 186 1 ; m. Dec. 14, 1898,
(Jexivia a. H<jrx.

VI. Otis Mills Lixthicum, b. Mar. 31, 1866; m. Oct. 24, 1894, Ella
Magruder Stonestreet, and had issue Caroline E., Ella J/., and
Jf'/ll/am A.

3. Beal Duvall Mullikin*' (1), eldest son of Mortimer"^ (1), b. in .\nne Arun-
del Co., Md., Aug. 27, 1837; m. Dec. 12, 186C, Talitha Williams Hamil-
ton, who was b. >Lar. 28, 1840. He was at one time in the wholesale


drug business in Baltimore. He joined the Confederate army. and served
during the war, coming home unharmed. He then went to farming on the
'* Bassenthorp " estate, where he d. Dec. 19, 1902. Children named as fol-
lows :

I. Mortimer Harwood Mullikin* b. 1867 ; d. 1884.
II. Samuel Hamilton Mullikin', b. 1867; d. 1871.

III. Florence Hamilton Mullikin' b. 1870; d. 1873.

IV. Elizabeth Hamilton Mullikin", b. 1872 ; d. 1873.
V. Beale Duvall Mullikin' b. 1874; d. 1874.

VI. Rev. Clarence SteVart Mullikin', b. Jan. 7, 1875 ; m. Annah
Hyde Davenport, dau. of Rev. Willard G. Davenport and wife Mary,
of Washington, D.C., b. Sept. 27, 1879. Missionary in Alaska.

VII. Irene Talitha Mullikin', b. Mar. 27, 1877 ; m. Robert Burach
Harper, son of William Henry Harper and Elizabeth Mullikin, b.
Apr. 4, 18S1, and resides in -'Washington, D. C. Two children:
Irene Alullikin Harper, b. 1901, 2iX\6: Margaret .Harper, b. 1903.

4. Josephine Mulliliin*^ (1), third daughter of Mortimer^ ( 1 ), b. Oct. 29,
1839 ; d. same year.

5. Olivia Mullikin'' (1), fourth daughter of Mortimer^ (1), b. Sept. i, 1843 ;
was m. Oct. 29, 1865, to William H. King, and had Rosalina A. King,
m. to Wallace Whitmore.

6. Talitha Williams Mullikin'^ (1), fifth daughter of Mortimer^^ (1), b. Nov.

23, 1845 ; d. same year.

7. Benjamin Franklin Mullikin*'' (6), second son of Mortimer'' (1), b. Oct.

24, 1847 ; m. Oct. 29, 1868, Rosalina King and has issue as follows: <^

I. Harwood F. Mullikin', b. Apr. i8;js&-; is in the paint business in

"Baltimore, Md.
II. William H. Mullikin", b. Nov. t^rf^. A traveling man.
III. Lucille D. Mullikin", b. in p&^»- ; m. Harry Zell of Baltimore,

Md. in 1891.
V. Emma L. Mullikin", b. Feb., t^T^; m. Frank Markoe in 1S79-80.
V. Alfred Mullikin", b. in i8fj9K&©i In Baltimore, Md., with his


8. James Stewart Mullikin'^ (5), third son of Mortimer^ (1), b. Mar. 25,
1850 ; died.

9. John Walker Mullikin'^ (1), fourth son of Mortimer"^ (1), b. Dec. 16,
1852 ; unm. Resides at Collington, Prince George Co., Md., but has a
farm at Mullikin station on'^T'aper Creek branch of the B. & O. R.R.


1. Benjamin Mullikin*' (7), eldest son of Benjamin^ (3), b. in Anne Arundel
Co., Md., Apr. I, 1841 ; d. Sept. 5, 1842.

2. Mary Mullikin'' (6), eldest daughter of Benjamin^ (3), b. in Anne Arun-
del Co., Md., Oct. 14, 1842; d. Oct. II, 1843.

3. Henry Clay Mullikin''' (1), second son of Benjamin^ (3), b. in Anne
Arundel Co., Md., Dec. 13, 1843; m. May 9, 1867, Richarda Sophia An-
derson, and ownes and occupies the old Patuxent homestead so long owned
bv this branch of the Marvland familv. He has manifested an interest in


this genealogy and at considerable pains has furnished many family records
and much interesting information concerning the various branches ;' has
placed okl documents at the compiler's disposal and procured abstracts of
many old MuUikin wills found in the archives of Annapolis. His seven
children are named as follows :

I. M.-vRrnA Sophia Mim.i.ikix, b. Mar. 2, 1868.

II. Frank Andkrson Ml'i.i.ik.in', b. Nov. 20, 1870; m. Apr. 26, 1899,
Bkttik Slemons Juh.msox, and has one" child, Mnry Slemons, b.
July 10, 1900.

III. Richard Oscar Mui.i.ikim", b. Feb. 20, 1872.

IV. Cora Estella Mui.lik.in', b. .\pr. 4, 1874; ni. .\ov. 29, 1899,
George Francis Wiiiri:, and has gne child, Clay M., b. Jan. 11,
I go I.

V. \'iRr,iNiA Mullikin", b. Dec. 19, 1878.

VI. Henry Clay Mullikin', b. Nov. 18, 1881.
VII. Florence Halj. Muelikin", b. June 1.9, 1883.


1. William H. Mullikin" (2), eldest son of Hilary'^ (1), b. Mar., 1825 ; m.
in 1854, Margaret H. Briggs, and d. in Philadelphia, Aug., 1878.

2. Charles Mullikin" (1), second son of Hilary^ (1), b. Dec. 7, 1826; m. in
1857, Marion KRKnERiCK.s, and d. in New York city, Apr. 14, 1897.

3. Elizabeth Mullikin'' (3), eldest daughter of Hilary"' (.1), b. D^c. 25, 1828 ;
was m. Dec. i, 1855, to Dr. J. B. Elliott, and d- Nov. 14, 1892, in Brook-
lyn, N. Y.

4. Martha Mullikin'^ (1), second daughter of Hilary'^ (l),b. Aug. 10, 1830;
living single.

5. Richard MuUikinM 3), third son of Hilary^ (1), b. Sept. 4, 1832; m.
Louisa Darsay.

6. Addia M. Mullikin'* (1), third daughter of Hilary^ (D, b. May 20, 1836;
was m. June 16, 1870, to James E. Bartlett.

7. Edwin A. Mullikin*' (1), fourth son of Hilary"' (1), b. Dec. 27, 1840; d.
in i'hiladelphia, unm. in January, 1868.

8. Frank A. Mullikin" (1), fifth son of Hilary^ (1), b. Dec. 14, 1842; m.
Sept. 3, 1869, .Vnna G. Clift. Living in I'hiladelphia; lawyer and con-

9. Eustacia C. Mullikin'' (1), fourth daughter of Hilary' (1), b. ALay 4,
1844; was m. .\ug. 8, 1872, to Maurice B. Blackmore, and d. in Quaker-
town, Pa., July 21, 1889.

10. Fanny E. Mullikin'' (1), fifth daughter of Hilary^ (1), b. Aug. 16, 1845 ;
was m. in 1868, to Dr. B. F. Underwood, and d. June 13, 1902, in Ridge-
lield, N. Y.

11. Louisa Mullikin'' (1), si.\th daughter of Hilary^ (1), b. in June 1848;
i\. in infancy.


1. Elizabeth Mullikin'' (4), eldest daughter of Richard'' (1).

2. Isaac Mullikin'' ( 1 ). eldest son of Richard'' ( 1 ).


3. Osborn MullikiiV'' (2), second daughter of Richard'' (1).

4. Joseph MuUikin'^ (1), third ^son of Richard^ (1).

5. Sarah Mullikin'' ( ), se^riV daughter of Richard^ (1).

6. George Mullikin'' (2), fourth son of Richard-"' (1).


1. Richard Belt Mullikin'' (4), son of Richard-"' (2), b. in Baltimore, Md.,
Feb. 5, 1812; m. May 20, 1834, Ellenor Cook Ogle, dau. of Benjamin
Ogle and Anna Maria Cook, granddaughter of Gov. Benjamin Ogle of
Annapolis, Md., who was the son of Gov. Samuel Ogle, who was governor
when Maryland was a Province. She was b. in Prince George Co. in 1814,
and d. Jan. 20, 1867. Mr. Mullikin owned and lived on a farm 2^ miles
from Collington station, Md., for 15 years. It was within one mile of the
Patuxent river and not distant from Pope's creek railroad. This farm con-
sisted of 362 acres. Mr. Mullikin purchased the estate from his father-in-
law, it being a part of the Gov. Ogle plantation, then called " Belaire." The
lands were divided when the Mullikins sold out, and are now owned by the
Clarks and Hyatts. The old house has been dismantled. Richard Belt
Mullikin d. Jan. 20, 1867. There were fourteen children, one of whom d.
in infancy, and two others very young. See 7th generation.

2. Edward Mullikin'^ (1), second son of Richard^ (2),b. in Baltimore, Md.,
in 1814; d. in Texas when returning home from the Mexican war, (1849).
He was m., but I have not found his wife's maiden name.


1. Mary Belt Mullikin'' (7), eldest daughter of BasiP (1), b. in Prince
George Co., Md., Feb. 24, 1816; d. Dec. 17, 1877, in her 64th year; unm.

2. Elizabeth McEldery Mullikin" ( 5), second daughter of Basil^ (1), b. in
Prince George Co., Aid., Mar. 15, 1817 ; d. in childhood.

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