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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 72 of 109)
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3. Richard Duckett Mullikin'^ (5), eldest son of Basil"' (1), b. in Prince
George Co., Md., June 22, 1818 ; d. young.

4. Dr. James'McEldery Mullikin'^ (6), second son of Basil^ (1), b. in Prince
George Co., Md., Sept. 15, 1819; m. Dec. 4, 1856, Margaret D. Ham-
mond, daughter of John and Harriet Hammond of Anne Arundel Co., Md.
He studied medicine in the office of Prof. Nathan Potter at Baltimore, in
the Maryland University, and under Prof. Nathan R, Smelt, surgeon. He
commenced the practice of medicine in 1842, riding to visit his patients on
horseback, carrying his medicines in saddlebags. He was the senior student
in the hospital attached to the Medical College, after which he retired to
Collington, Prince George Co., Md., and continued in practice until, on
account of the infirmities of age he has discontinued his professional duties.
He was living at Collington in 1903, aged 83 years, but in a feeble condi-
tion. Four children as follows :

I. Margaret Hammond Mullikin', b. Aug. 6, 1857 ; m. Herbert

Hammond of Anne Arundel Co., Md., and has issue,
ij. Robert Lee Mullikin', b. July 30, 1862 ; m. Ida Roberts of Bal-
timore city, and has four children.
III. Ida Mullikin', b. July 29, 1866 ; m. Oscar (or Archie) K. Spauld-
iNG. No issue.

rOSTEKlJ'Y or JAMES .VC-LI./A7.V. .');^;i

IV. Jamks McKr.nKRv Mi i.i.ikin', b. Apr. :;, i.Sti(;; m. Mi>^ IW.ai, I'ru k
of HaltiiiKHe city, Md. N'o chiklicn.

5. Ann Duckett Mullikin'' (2), third daughter of Jiasil (1), 1). in I'rince
(jeorge Co., Md., June 10, 1S21.

6. Eliza Jane Mullikin'' ( 1 ), fourth daughter of Basil (1), 1). in i'rince
(ieorge Co., .Mil., Jan. 24, 1823; d. young.

7. Thomas McEldery Mullikin'' (5), third .son of r>a.sil'' ( 1), b. in i'rince
Ceorge Co., Md., June 12, 1824; m. June 12, 1856, ¥aa7..\w:v\\ Kkhkcca
Rind, daughter of Samuel and K. Rind (or Rond ) of Georgetown, D. < ".,
who d. May 7, 1863, aged 39 year.s. Mr. Mullikin is deceased. Children
as follows :

I. Bash. i). Mullikin", b. in l^altimore, Md., May 15, 1857.

II. Samuel Skabrook. Rind Mullikin", I), in Roscoe, P. C. Co., Md.,
Feb. 20, 1864.

III. Virginia Maria Mullikin', b. in Roscoe, P. (I. Co., Md., Xov. 26,


IV. Elizabeth McEldery Mullikin', b. in Baltimore, Md., Apr. i, 1870.

8. Catherine Mullikin'' "(1), fifth daughter of Basil"'^ (1), b. in Prince George
Co., Md., I-"eb. 20, 1826. She was living in 1902.

9. Henry Mullikin'^ (2), fourth son of BasiP (2), b. Jan. 20, 1828, in Prince
Cieorge Co., Md. Deceased.

10. Isabella Mullikin'' (1), sixth daughter of BasiF (1), b. in Prince George
Co., Md., Xov. 23, 1829; d. young.

1 1. Laura Mullikin'' ( 1 ), seventh daughter of BasiF { 1 ), b. in I'rince George
Co., Md., May 2,°^ 1831.

12. Margaret Mullikin" (2), eighth daughter of Basir' (1), b. in Prince
George Co., Md., Mar. 22, 1832 ; d. young.

13. Basil Duckett Mullikin" (2), fifth son of BasiP (1), b. in Prince George
Co., Md., l-'eb. 10, 1S34; d. young.

.^cocntb 6cucration.


1. Richard Duckett Mullikin" (6), eldest son of Richard'^ (4), b. in Prince
(ieorge Co., Md., May 14, 1835; "^^ ^^^^- "' i^()2, Maria Josephine
Vallette, daughter of Victor and Matilda (Cooke) Vallette, from the
island of Jamaica, and of French descent. He resided on his father's farm
in early life, but is now in Bay View asylum, being blind, while his wife
and two surviving children reside in Brooklyn, N. Y. Children's names as
follows ;

I. Victor Vallette Mullikin, deceased.

II. Richard Ogle Mullikin, b. June 4, 1868. Broker.
hi. Nellie Mullikin, b. Aug. 2, 1869; unm.

2. Louise Ogle Mullikin' (2), eldest daughter of Richard"' (2), b. May 15,
1837; was m. to Dr. John H. Hodges Mundell, of Upper Marlborough,
Md. Is deceased.

3. William Mullikin" (3), second son of RichardM2), b. May 5, 1888;
d. unm.


4. Ogle Mullikin' (1), third son of Richard^ (2), b. May 18, 1841 ; d. unm.

5. Ellen Ogle Mullikin" (2), second daughter of Richard'' (2), b. Dec. 24,
1842 ; was m. to Alexander Young, (b. May 12, 1837) Nov. 14, 1883, he
being the son of Alexander and Anna Maria (Sanford) Young, of Baltimore,
Md. Mr. Young is a wholesale merchant. One daughter.

I. Rosalie, b. Oct. 16, 1884; unm.

6. Walter Mullikin' (1), fourth son of Richard*^ (2), b. Jan. 27, 1845; m.
June 7, 1872, Kate Shorten, daughter of James and Hannah Shorten of
Cincinnati, O., and resided in Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois. He was a
conductor on the Mobile tK: Ohio R.R., and was killed at Jonesboro, 111.,
Sept. 8, 1 90 1, in trying to save the lives on another trairi.* His widow and
younger children are living at Murpheysboro, 111. Six children as follows:

I, Daisy Mullikin, b. in St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 30, 1873 ; d. Feb. 28,

II. Kate Lyle Mullikin, b. in Newport, Ky., Nov. 3, 1875 ; m. March

II, 1896, to John H. Delano, of Murpheysboro, 111., engineer on

the Mobile & Ohio R.R. One child, Lucile Katherine^ b. July 2, 1902.

III. William Arthur Mullikin, b. in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 2, 1877 ; unm.
Now fireman on the Denver & Rio Grande R.R. at Silida, Col.

IV. Susan May Mullikin, b. in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 10, 1879. Sten-

V. Walter Jasper Mullikin, b. in New Madrid, Mo., Dec. 11, 1882,
was a member of Co. M 9th Illinois Volunteers in the Spanish-Ameri-
can war. Now a fireman on Mobile (S: Ohio R.R.
VI. Pearl Prudence Mullikin, b. in St. Louis, Mo., May 22, 1885.

7. Arthur Mullikin' (1), fifth son of Richard" (2), b. Nov. 19, 1846; m.
Theresa Linthicum, and has, Carrie, Lilly, and Thomas.

8. Anna Maria Mullikin" (1), third- daughter of Richard'' (2), b. June 2,

9. Mary Mullikin' (7), fourth daughter of Richard'' (2), b. Apr. 29, 1850;
was m. to Andrew Crawford Wilcox, and has children named Ida, Wil-
liam, Melville, Louis, Craig, and Susie.

10. Emily Mullikin" (1), fifth daughter of Richard" (2), b. Apr. 29, 1850;

11. Eliza Mullikin' (2), sixth daughter of Richard" (2), b. May 30, 1852 ;
was m. to Dr. William H. Harper, and resides at Upper Marlborough,
Md. Children : William, Ellen, Jeatiette, Robert, James, (deceased) Brooks,
and Ogle.

12. Susan Hodges Mullikin" (1), seventh daughter of Richard" (2), b. July
7, 1854; was m. to Henry Quinn of Washington, D.C. No children.

13. Annie Ogle Mullikin' (2), eighth daughter of Richard" (2), b. Oct. 14,
1856; was m. to Horatio Gates Armstrong, Jan. 31, 1901. No children.
They reside in New York City.

* He was known for his perfect, gentlemanly qualities, and his acquaintances regarded
him as a ripe .Shakesperean scholar. His remarkable memory enabled him to recall every
act, event, and character of the poet's plays. His faithfulness to his family, and his loy-
alty to his employers were evidences of his noble, manly character.


IPuHihin^ ill Hcln florh.


Charles Hunnewell Mullikin, son of Hilary aiul Aclelia M. Magonigal, h. in
Philadelphia, I'a., Apr. 14, 1826; m. Oct. 25, 1855, Makikx Fkkdkuh k
b. in Northumberland, Pa., May 8, 1835, daughter of John l-'rederick, and
was a manufacturer and dealer in plumbers' supplies. He was the first man
to make and introduce the porcelain bath tubs in this country. He was
a highly educated man of bright intellect, and a Mason of high standing,
having joined his lodge in 1866. Was at one time a bank director. Resi-
dence, New York City. Widow still living (1907) on Fifth Avenue. He
d. Apr. 14, 1897. Issue as follows:

1. Kathryn Metch Mullikin, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 28, 1856; m. Aug.
28, 1878, Danikl LiviNOsroNK HoLDKN, b. Apr. 24, 1837, in Covington,
Ky., who is a heat and consulting engineer, and a manufacturer of ice
machines. He is descended from Richard Holden who landed in Mass-
achusetts (from England) in 1634. Three children:

I. Chart, Ks LiviNOsnjNK Holdkn, b. June 22, 1879, in Philadelphia,
and is now a plant engineer in the New York 'I'elephone Co.

II. Earl Russell Holden, b. Dec. 21, 188 1, in Camden, N.J., is now
(1907) with Tiffany & Co., jewelers, Fifth Avenue, and 37th St.,
N.Y. city. He m. Maud Viroinl\ Read of Camden, N.J., and has
two daughters, Kathryn -xn^ Janet.
in. Dorothy Mullikin Holden, was the daughter of John I). Mulli-
kin, and was adopted by her aunt, Kathryn Holden.

2. Charles Cosgrave Mullikin, b. Sept. 8, 1858; was drowned in the Dela-
ware river with his brother. The accident was one of unusual sadness.
He and Burd were walking on the bank when, by a misstep, the latter fell
into the stream, diaries, being an expert swimmer, jumped in to save him,
but they went down together. They had been from the house but half an
hour. He was to have entered into business with his father on the follow-
ing Monday. He was m. and had a son, Clarence, who, with his mother, is
now (1907) living in Philadelphia.

3. John Frederick Mullikin, b. Nov. 25, i860 ; m. Lida Milliette of Cam-
den, N.J., and by her, (now deceased) had a daughter Dorothy, who was
adopted by her aunt, Mrs. Holden.

4. Harry Elliott Mullikin, b. Apr. 10, 1862 ; single.

5. Marien Mullikin, b. Jan. 19, 1865 ; m. George Edgar Sipe, a lawyer, of
Harrisburg, Va., where she resides, and has one daughter, Enid.

6. Guy Mullikin, b. May 22, 1867, in Philadelphia, Pa. ; m. Mary Agnes
Heacock., b. in Marcus Hook, Pa., March 20, 1872, daughter of William G.,
and Emma (Morrison) Heacock. He is superintendent of a large Electri-
cal Construction Co. Residence, Roselle Park, N.J. Children as follows:

I. Guy Raymond Mullikin, b. in Wilmington, Del., Nov. 22, 1893.

II. Helen Mullikin, b. in New York City, Nov. 14, 1897.

III. Rurn Hkatrice Mullikin, b. in Roselle Park, N.J., Dec. 6, 1905.

7. Burd Mullikin, b. March 22, 1872. He was drowned in the Delaware


river, having accidentally fallen over the bank. See back to sketch of his
brother Charles. Was single.

8. Carroll Mullikin, b. Feb. 28, 1874; m. Estelle Louisa Kirchofer, dau.
of Louis and Fanny Kirchofer, b. Jan. 11, 1875, in New York City. He is
an electrical contractor. Served in the Spanish-American war with 9th Co.
U.S. Vol. Signal Corps, First Porto Rican Expedition. His residence,
Roselle Park, N.J, Children :

I. Grace Estelle Mullikin, b. July 2, 1902.
II. Charles Carroll Mullikin, b. Sept. 4, 1905.

9. Beatrice Mullikin, b. Feb. 2, 1877 ; living on Fifth Avenue, N.Y., with
her mother, single.


14. William MuUikiir (4), sixth son of Richard" (2), b. Aug. 1858; m.
ISAHKi. TowNSENi) of Washington, and has issue: Kllen, A'oss, and Juit^ar.

15. Edward Thornton Mullikln" (2, seventh son of Richard'' (2 ), h. Jan.
27, i860: lives in r.;illim()rf. Md. : iinin.

cT oimcctions c!lnl;noiviii.

1. Jolin T. Mullikin (2), son of Henjaniin K. Mullikin and Nancy Mullikin,
was h. in I'rince George Co., Md., Jan. 4, 1840; was ni. Dec. 23, 1862, to
Sophia R. Hutchinson, who was b. May 28, 1840, and is still living. Mr.
Mullikin tl. Sept. 14, 1902. Their residence was in Prince (ieorge Co.,
and the family record was mailed at IJowie, Md. My subsequent infjuiries
were not replied to, and I do not know the parentage of lienjamin K. Mul-
likin. Was he a son of Belt Mullikin ? There was a son Benjamin said to
have been a man of wealth. The six children whose names appear below
are living in Prince George Co., and in the city of Baltimore. They are :
Richard /., Ou<en J'., John K., Ada M., (Jones) Mary G., and Xorman E.

2. Margaret Mullikin (3), daughter of Benjamin K. and Nancy Mullikin.
No particulars.

3. James H. Mullikin (6), son of Benjamin K. and Nancy Mullikin. No
other information.

Jlcfortis of ^t. 3»obn's parish, Hlavnlanii.

"John Mullikin, son of Lewis and Mary Mullikin his wife, baptized March
15, 1 75 1, by Rev. Addison."

"Elizabeth Mullikin, daughter of Lewis and Mary Mullikin his wife, bap-
tized March 15, 1751, by Rev. Addison."

"Archibald Mullikin, son of Lewis and Mary Mullikin, his wife, b. Dec. 13,

"James Mullikin, son of Samuel and Katherine Mullikin, b. Jan. 7, 1772."

"Elizabeth Mullikin, daughter of William and Ann Mullikin,b. Nov. 17,1786."

"Lucy Mullikin, and Richard Thralls, were m. Jan. 3, 17SS."

"Benjamin Belt Mullikin, son of Samuel and Ruth Ann Mullikin. b. March

4, 1791."

"James Mullikin and Elizabeth Hardey were m. Jan. 14, 1796."

"Joseph Mullikin and Massey Ann Mitchell were m. Oct. 12, 1797."

"Nathan Mullikin, son of James and Elizabeth Mullikin, his wife, b. March

12, 1798."


:£j^ [LltiisjEs^S [LliiiS

postciitn of ^latrich |HuHihin;


ii2iSj liasSS iulSQj jomSS bSlSS iu5JS3

k.. .d

Patrick Mullikin\ whose parents' names and places of nativity are not cer-
tainly known, was probably born as early as 1600. He was one of the
first " adventurers " who undertook to transport at his own charges emi-
grants to " inhabit and plant " into the Province of Maryland, and con-
sidering the conditions of settlement, we assume that he was a man of
quality and possessed of considerable means. Lord Baltimore was then
Proprietary of the whole Province, and he held out liberal inducements in
form of extensive grants of land to persons who would undertake to procure
and transport a certain number of emigrants who were willing to become
permanent settlers and planters ; and the concessions of land were to be
in proportion to the number of such persons brought into the Province.
The documents in the Maryland archives at Annapolis show that Patrick
Mullikin transported, at different times, a considerable number of emigrants
into Maryland, and that he was awarded extensive tracts of land in Dor-
chester, Calvert, and Talbot counties for this service.* Among those by
him transported whose names appear, were, Joane Mullikin, Humphrey
Walters, Nicholas Bartley, John Sluter, Christopher Ellis, and Ann, his cook ;
and at another time, John Cook, William Eldridge, William Crayman, and
John Sittimore.

Patrick Mullikin was in the Province of Maryland as early as March 30,
1663, for on that day there was surveyed and laid out for him a tract of
land in Talbot Co., consisting of 300 acres called "Patrick's Plains ; " but
for reasons not specified he did not immediately comply with the conditions
of settlement (which were changed frequently) and his patent did not issue.
He subsequently fulfilled his obligation, however, and on July 5, 1646,
received his title. 'J

The records of Annapolis show that Patrick Mullikin in April, 1662,
desired his warrant for 700 acres of land on the Eastern Shore, or 350 acres
on the ^^'estern Shore, dated 2d May, i66i, to be returned by the last of
December next to be renewed. This warrant was issued to the Surveyor
General to lay out for Patrick Mullikin 700 acres on the Eastern Shore, or
350 on the Western Shore, of date April i, 1662, and certified to be re-
turned by the last of September following. He did not have his entire
warrant executed at once. In those days they were allowed to " split " the


* On May 2d, 1661, Patrick Mullikin demands land for transporting Joane Mullikin.
Humphrey Walters, Nicholas Barley, John Sheter, Christopher Ellis, and Ann his cook.
Warrant to .Surveyor General to lay out for the said Patrick Mullkin seven hundred acres
on the Eastern Shore, or three hundred and fifty on the Western Shore. On March 20,
1662, Fiancis Armstrong enters these rights, viz:— James Williams, John Cook, Thomas
Binks, Margaret Stone, Henry Gill, Francis Parrott, Hatton Band, Charles Davis, John
Sickamore, William Trayman, William I'^lderidge, and John Cook, in all twelve persons
having oath proved in ordi)iarie sitpria fol. 230, and demands warrant for the same. And
the said Francis Armstrong doth assign over four of the aforementioned rights unto
Patrick Mullikin ; and he, the said Patrick, demands warrant, and there were laid out for
him 200 acres of land according to the said assignment.


warrants and lay them in differciu [jaiLs of the Province. His name appcMrs
on record Nov. 20, 1654, wlicn he with others piirchasetl a neck of hmd in
Leonard's Creek known as "Scotland." Shortly afterward.s, Feb. 22, 1656,
we rtnd by record that Patrick Mullikin and James Cianion "doth this day
enter a caveat in the Secretary's office for administration upon the estate
of Andrew Scott and Thomas .\yer, deceased." He was mentioneil as a
juryman at a court held at Patuxent, Dec. 30, 1657. With James (Jannis
(Sic) he patented a 500 acre tract of land called "Taylor's Joy," Xoy. 19,
165S. On May 2, 1661, he entered his demand for transportation in/ the
province »of his wife and four other persons; in consideration of which he
obtained'' a grant of land consisting of 400 acres in Dorchester ("o., Md.,
known as " Patrick's Well." He sold this tract in 1674 to John Pollard.
On Mar. 30, 1663, he had surveyed "Patrick's Choice," a 200 acre tract
in Talbot Co., and the following day, Mar. 31, 1663 a tract of 300 acres
in the same county called "Patrick's Plains."* After this we do not Hnd
mention of him in the arclyves until Apr., 1669, when the Maryland Assem-
bly orders 450 pounds of tobacco paid to him, consideration not stated, and
in Sept., 1688, the Assembly ordered 300 pounds more be paid to him.

The date of his m. to Joan, his first wife, is not known, but we may get
an approximate idea by the birth of his son John, it being in 1659. Al-
though he took up land in Dorchester Co., he does not appear to have ever
resided there. He probably lived in Calvert Co., until after the survey of
his Talbot countv lands and then established his home there. .\t this time
Talbot county had not been erected much more than one year. After the
death of Joan Mullikin, he m. secondly, Apr. 6, 167 1, Elizabktii Kkn'drick.
He d. at " Patrick's Choice," his homestead plantation, in 1686. I'here
were probably several children by Joan as the records of the Episcopal church
show baptisms and marriages of many MuUikins who cannot be otherwise
accounted for. The only son known was

John Mullikin- (1), son of Patrick' (1), and his wife Joan, was b. in 1659,
as proved by a deposition made by him in 17 13, which reads as follows:
"John Mullakin, aged 54 years or thereabouts (being first sworn), on oath
says that he well remembers that his father, Patrick Mullakin, in his lifetime
told this depont that there was likely to be some dispute betwixt him and
Walter Dickinson, about the land he dwelt on etc., etc. "Taken this 27th
March in the 12th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Anne,
Anon D. in 17 13." On Feb. g, 1679, he was appointed an attorney to trans-
fer land to William Stevens, of Island Creek, Talbot Co., Md. He- m. his
first wife Jane, about 1684, and settled at " Patrick's Plain.s," on land given
him by his father, and now (1903) owned by a descendent, Clayland Mulli-
kin Esq., of Easton, Md. In addition to this land inherited from his father,
he was possessed of " Readly," 150 acres, a part of " Casson's Choice." In

♦"Patrick's ri,AiNs"is located on Lslancl Creek, a stream making in from the
Choptauk river and is navigable for 100 ton vessels up to the above named farm which
is some four miles from its mouth. There are now no old buildings on the estate, and
the old graveyard where the early generations of the Mullikin family were interred is
without inscribed monuments. There was an Episcopal church three miles away and
about the same distance from Trappe ; this was abandoned in 1S58, and was destroyed by
tire since the new church was erected in town. The records of births, marriages and
deaths of the Mullikin family were found in the registers of St. Peter's parish.


the year 1692-3, he was on the grand jury, in 1708 and 1709 was vestryman
of St. I'eter's parish, and in a list of pewholders in the vestry book he
appears, in 1730, as holding pew No. 7 in the parish church at "White
Marsh." His wife, Jane, d. Aug. 4, 1701,, and he m. secondly, Sarah, widow
of John Mitchell, who survived him, he having d. in 1736. His will of date
May 2, 1734, and proved June 28, 1736, is recorded at Annapolis ; the orig-
inal is at the office of register of wills at Easton, Md., and his signature
thereto, though written when he was 75 years of age, is strikingly legible,
and shows that he spelled his surname " Mullikin," as generally used by the
families in Maryland. From his will it appears that he had seven children
whose names will presently be recorded.

Cbrrb 6en oration.


1. Patrick Mullikin-' (2), eldest son of John- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., r/>.
1685; m. prior to 1734, Jane Welsh, who, as his widow, was m. secondly,
Oct. I, 1734. Patrick and Jane had several children of whom with 4th gen-
eration following.

2. John Mullikin'^ (2), second son of John'- (1), and Jane, b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., cir. 1687 ; m. Alice Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell of "Mitch-
ell's Hermitage," which estate he inherited through his wife in addition to
lands given him by his father. His will was dated Sept. 4, 1716, and proved
Dec. 9, 17 1 7, in which year he d. His widow was m. Sept. 15, 1708, to
William Warner. There were two daughters. See 4th generation.

3. Jane Mullikin'^ (1), eldest daughter of John'- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md. ;
was m. to Thomas Delahay, son of Thomas and Eve his wife, and had issue.

4. James Mullikin'^ (1), third son of John"- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., Jan.
26, 1696; m. Nov. 24, 1720, Mary Holmes and d. shortly afterwards x/V/f


5. Samuel Mullikin* (1), fourth son of John- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., cir
1698; m. Sept. 24, 1722, Ann Holmes. He i-nherited part of "Patrick's
Plains," with other lands. He d. prior to 1766, as Ann, his widow, executed
her will May 21, 1766, proved Dec. 14, 1773. The m. record calls Samuel's
wife Ann Holmes, but she was probably the widow of John Holmes, and
maiden-named Abbott. There were five children of whom with 4th gener-


6. Mary Mullikin'* (1), second daughter of John'- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Dec. 12, 171 1 ; was m. Apr. 12, 1738, to Terrence Connelly.

7. William Mullikin' (1), fifth son of John'- (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md. ; m.
Nov. 3, 1737, Ellenor Robinson. He was again m. and his second wife,
whose name was Mary, .survived him. He was warden of St. Peter's parish
in 1737, and vestryman 1739 to 1740. He d. in 1762. By his will made
May 5, 1762, and proved Aug. 4, 1772, we know he had seven children
whether all by first wife we do not know. See 4th generation.


( An Abstract.)

1 give to my son Jolin MuUikin one hundrccl acres of land called Tay-
lor's Ridge; fifty acres more called Timber Neck; alscj fifty acres more
called Timber Neck Addition, and part of a tract called \'ork. In case John
should die without issue then said lands shall go to my son Jesse.

I give antl bequeatii unto my son Jesse Mullikin the remaining part of
mv lands forever.

If mv son John should live and have heirs so that my son Jesse cannot
come in for my lands, 'Taylors Ridge, 'Timber Neck, and \'ork, aforesaid.
lUit in case my son John Mullikin should die without lawful issue and my
son Jesse should come in for my lands aforesaid, then my will and desire
is that my two sons William Mullikin and James Mullikin should have the
lands Iving in the Southwestward of the straight line that leads from the
Hickory, etc., to them and their heirs forever to be equally divided.

My will is that if it should please God that my two sons John Mullikin
and Jesse Mullikin should die without lawful issue that the lands hetiueathed
to my son John should go and return to my son William Mullikin and his
heirs forever. Also the lands bequeathed to my son Jesse Mullikin should
go and descend to my son James Mullikin and his heirs forever.

Further my will and desire is that if it should please God that my four
sons aforesaid should die without lawful issue, that the lands bequeathed to
my son John should go to my son Samuel Mullikin and his heirs forever ;
and the lands bequeathed to my son Jesse should go and descend to my
two daughters Sarah and jNIary and their heirs forever.

I give unto my wife Mary one negro etc.



J^ourtb 6ciKr;ition.


1. Patrick Mullikin^ (3), eldest son of Patrick-^ (2), was m. Nov. 28, 1736,
to Mary Lord, and d. prior to 1750. His widow was m. on May ist of

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 72 of 109)