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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 73 of 109)
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that year to Jamks Rarrott.

2. John Mullikin-' (3), second son of Patrick'' (2), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
March 28, 1724; d. prior to 1734.

3. Ann Mullikin^ (1), daughter of Patrick'' (2), d. March i, 1728-9.


1. Sarah Mullikin^ (1), daughter of John'' (2), b. in 'Talbot Co., Md.. Dec.
II, 1713: was m. Jan. 26, 1732, to Richard Holmes.

2. Jane Mullikin'' (2), daughter of John-' (2), was m. to Huch Lynch,
Aug. 25, 1733.


I. Samuel Mullikin^ (2), eldest son of Samuel'' (T), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Nov. 12, 1723 ; m. May 21, 1750, Ruth Parrott, b. June 8, 1732, and after
the death of her husband. May 8, 1777, she became the wife of Matthew
Lewis Barnett, who lived but a short time. She d. July 12, 1802. Mr.
Mullikin was a schoolmaster, and lived at "Patrick's Plains." From a


family record made by him (now in possession of Col. James C. MuUikinof
Easton, Md. ) we learn that his children were eleven in number. See 5th

2. Anne Mullikin^ (2), eldest daughter of SamueP (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Oct. 12, 1726; m. John Giles.

3. John Mullikin'' (4), second son of Samuel' (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Jan. 10, 1731 ; d. prior to 1766.

4. Mary Miillikin^ (2), second daughter of SamueP (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Dec. 27, 1733 ; was the wife of Thomas Davis.

5. James Miillikin'* (2), third son of SamueP (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Sept. 23, 1738; was living in 1766.


1. Jolm Mullikin^ (5), eldest son of William^^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., Nov.
15, 1738; d. in infancy.

2. William MuUikin-' (2), second son of William^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Oct. 29, 1741 ; d. issueless.

3. John Mullikin-' (6), third son of Willianr (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., Feb.
13, 1743. No issue.

4. Samuel Mullikin^ (3), fourth son of William^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Sept. 20, 1750; d. unm.

5. Sarah Mullikin* (2), eldest daughter of William^ (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Dec. 27, 1756; d. unm.

6. Jesse Mullikin* (1), fifth son of William^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md., in

1758 ; m. first. Chaplain: second, to Elizabeth , and lived in the

Trapp district. He was, like all of the early generations, an Episcopalian,
(known as the " Established Church ") but when Methodism was introduced
into Talbot Co., he embraced that faith and gave, by deed of gift, in 1784,
the land on which the Methodist church at Trappe, Md., now stands. He
d. in 1797. He had children of whom with 5th generation.

7. James Mullikin* (3), a son of William^ (1), m. and had issue four, pos-
sibly more children, of whom with 5th generation.

8. Mary Mullikin* (3), a daughter of William^ (1).

fifth (feneration.


1. William MuUikiir (3), eldest son of Patrick* (3), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Aug. 14, 1737 ; d. young.

2. Patrick Mullikin'^ (4), second son of Patrick* (3), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
May I, 1739; m. Elizabeth Cox; d. Sept. 21, 1796, and his widow was
m. to James Merchant, March 7, 1798. In this Mullikin family there were
three sons and eight daughters, whose names will appear with the 6th gen-

3. Rachel Mullikin" (1), eldest daughter of Patrick* (3), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Nov. 23, 1741 ; d. young.

4. Mary Mullikin'" (4), youngest daughter of Patrick* (3), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Dec. 20, 1743; d. young.



1. William Mullikiiv (4), eldest son of Samuel-' (2), h. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Ocl. 5, 1751 : m. Dec. 20, 1776, and d. siiu- proli\ March 17, 179S.

2. John Mullikin' (7), second .son of Samuel^ (2), h. in Talbot Co., .Mil.,
Oct. 2, 1753; m. May 20, 1784; was a sea captain; d. Oct. 12, 1797, sine

3. Ann Mullikin' ( 3 ), eldest daughter of SamueP (2), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
Apr. iS, 1756; was m. I'eb. 26, 177S, to John Conxoi.lv, and left children.
Shed. March 10, 1S28.

4. Samuel Mullikin' (4), third son of Samuel-* (2), b. in 'Talbot Co., Md.,
Aug. 15, 1758; d. Oct. 10, 1788, unni.

5. Ruth Mullikin-' (1), second daughter of Samuel^ (2), b. in 'i'albot Co.,
Md., Dec. 16, 1760; was m. Nov. 5, 1779, to Hknrv B(jwdlk, and d. Mav
31, 1822, leaving children.

6. Thomas Mullikin' (1), fourth son of Samuel^ (2), b. in 'Talbot Co., Md.,
March i6, 1763; m. May 21, 1791, Sarah Brown; second, the widow
Eleanor ( McKay) Ward ; third, Nancy Berry. He had issue by his three
wives. He d. Feb. 9, 181 8. See sixth generation.

7. Rosanna Mullikin-' (1), third daughter of Samuel^ (2), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Jan. 31, 1765 ; was m. May 12, 1787, to S. Pickerinc;; second, prior to
1797, to Hugh Work, and d. June 27, 181 2.

8. James Mullikin-^ (4), fifth son of Samuel-* (2), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
March 6, 1767; m. Nov. 23, 1795, Nancy Brown, and had issue of whom
with 6th generation. He d. Oct. 5, 1805.

9. Benjamin Mullikin-'^ (1), sixth son of Samuel^ (2), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
March 6, 1769 ; m. Feb. 8, 1792, Mary Cliff, and d. Sept. 5, 1814. He had
no less than seven children. See 6th generation.

10. Hannah Mullikin^' (T), fourth daughter of Samuel^ (2), b. in 'Talbot Co.,
Md., Jan. 2, 1772 ; was m. Oct. 10, 1795, to J(jhn C. Mullikin, eldest son
of Patrick and Elizabeth Cox, and d. Sept. 18, 18 16, leaving two children.

11. Edward Parrott Mullikin-^ (1), seventh son of SamueP (2), b. in Talbot
Co., Md., March 6, 1776; m. Dec. 29, 1798, Nancy Mullikin, b. Apr. 18,
1 781, and d. Mar. 2, 1816; the mother of nine children. He m. second,
Feb. 22, 1817, Sarah Blades who d. Oct. 21, 1836, and he m. thirdly, May
10, 1837, Ann Bullen. He had issue by second wife. Mr. Mullikin was in
the Mar3'land militia, having enlisted in an Eastern Shore regiment. He d.
July 16, 1847. See sixth generation for children.


1. William Mullikin-'' (4), eldest son of James-* (3), m. (wife's name un-
known) and had issue, son /avies.

2. Elizabeth Mullikin' (0), eldest daughter of James"* (3), was m. to

Lee, and had two children, Elizabeth Ann and IVilliavi.

3. Ann Mullikin'' (4), second daughter of James-* (3), was m. to Edward P.
Mullikin and had issue. See that section of book.

4. Mary Mullikin' (4), third daughter of James'' (3), was m. to Jdhn Con-
nolly and had a son James who went to New York. She d. Jan. 5, 1S08.



.Sivtb 0) en oration.


1. James C. Mullikin'^ (5), eldest son of Jesse" (1), b. in Trappe, Talbot
Co., Md. ; m. June i8, i8ii, Anne Brovvnwell, and had issue of whom with
7th generation.

2. William MuUikin'"' (5), second son of Jesse' (1), b. in Trappe, Talbot Co.,
Md., May 26, 1776; m. Feb. 17, 1807, Anna B. Loveday, daughter of
Nicholas and Elizabeth Loveday, b. March i, 1790, ceremony by Edward
Markland. She d. Sept. 18, 1835. He d. March 12, 1837. There were
three sons of whom with 7th generation.

3. John MuUikin^ (8) third son of Jesse'^ (1), b. in Trappe, Talbot Co., Md.,
Apr. 15, 1779; m. June 2, 1818, Sally Gillls ; second, her neice, Sarah
GiLLis, and resided in Trappe District. There were eight children of whom
with 7th generatit)n.

4. Solomon Mullikin*^ (1), fourth son of Jesse''^"(l), b. in Trappe, Talbot Co.,
Md. ; m. Julia Higgins, and had issue three children of whom with 7th
generation. He lived in the Trappe, District.

5. Mary Miillikin'"' (5), daughter of Jesse^ (1), b. in Trappe, Talbot Co.,
Md., 1826, and d. about 1890; unm.


1. John C. Mullikin"^ (9), eldest son of Patrick^ (4), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
was the husband of Hannah Mullikin, daughter of Samuel and Ruth Par-
rott, m. Dec. 3, 1796, a hotel proprietor; d. Nov. 10, 1803, leaving four
children named as follows :

L Ann Mullikin, m. William Austin, of Easton, Md., and had three
children: James was a Lieut, in Co. F, ist E. S. Maryland Reg't dur-
ing the Civil war and is now a clerk in the Treasury Dep't., Wash-
ington ; Emma, m. Henry Hurt of Chestertown, Kent Co., Md.,
and d. leaving one daughter, Lizzie, unm.

II. Sarah Mullikin, b. Thomas Bullen.

III. Samuel Mullikin, of whom nothing is known.

IV. William Mullikin, m. Eliza Lee, and removed to Ohio.

2. Patrick Mullikin'^ (5), second son of Patrick^ (4), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
as early as 1760 ; spent his early life in that district. He removed into Caro-
line Co., Md., and settled on a farm near Ridgely where he remained until
his death. His wife was Nancy Green.* We do not learn of any local
official position filled by him. He is said to have been a man of quiet, unas-
suming disposition but proud of. his ancestry. The time of d. not known.
Seven children. See 7th generation.

3. Mary Mullikin''' (6), daughter of Patrick^ (4), was m. to Samuel Arme ;
license March 10, 1799.

4. Henrietta Mullikin'' (1), daughter of Patrick^ (4), was m. to John Bozle.

5. Ann Mullikin" (4), daughter of Patrick^ (4), was m. to Henry Staple-

*George Mullikin Sr., son of this Patrick, said his father m. " a widow named Neigh-
bors.^^ He may have been m. twice.


6. Rosanna Mullikin" (2), dauj^hter of I'atrick' (4), was m. to Jkkkmiaii
l?Ri)\v\\\ I.I.I, ; licfii.sfd Dec. 15, iSoi,ancl d. \\v^. iq, 1S07, leavinj; children.

7. Elizabeth Mullil<in' ( 1), daughter of Patrick'' (4), wa.s m. to |..ii\ Mi i/-
CHAN'r; liceiLsed March 10, 1798, and d. Oct. i, 1822.

8. Sarah Mullikin'' (3). daughter of Patrick'' (4), was the wife of Jamks
CocKAYNK; licen.sed May 6, 1797. She d. June 9, 1803.

9. Rachel Mullikin' (2), daughter of Patrick' (4), d. l-"eb. 13, 1802.

10. William Mullikin'' (6), third son of I'atrick'' (4).

1 1. Alice Mullikin' ( 1 ), youngest daughter of Patrick'' (4), was m. to Jamks
Newman. She tl. Aug. 6, 18 15.


1. William Mullikin' (7), eldest .son of Thomas" (1)', m. Mary ( Higgins)
1!r()WN', daughter of John S. and Mary (Jenkins) Higgins, Oct. 4, 1821, and
had issue two children named as follows :

I. Maria M. Mullikin", b. Dec. 1824; in. William H. IJowdle in

1846, and is living in Cambridge, Md. Two children.

II. (Ikorc.k \\\ Miillikin' b. Feb. 14, 1827; m. ist in 1851, Amanda

lje)\VDLE, and had one daughter^/f7//yVj-a widow now living in Cam-

ii/w.' ^'^t bridge, Md. He m. secondly, Emily (HII^y) Azmon, widow, and by

her had five children : George T., EvimeIt,U7c7Tr, 7i.r\(\ Z<?///f, besides -^

a son drowned. .Ml reside in Trappe District, Talbot Co., Md.

2. Thomas Mullikin'' (2), second son of Thomas'' (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
March 2, 1802 ; m. Feb. 14, 1827, Elizabeth Clayland,* daughter of James r ,.,
and Sarah (Martin) Clayland; was a shoemaker by trade. He d. in Nov.
1856, and was interred in the old Mullikin burying ground at "Patrick's
Plains." For names of children see 7th generation.

3. Peter Berry Mullikin'' (1), third son of Thomas' (1), b. in Talbot Co., ''T*,
Md., June 17, 1810 ; m. Mary M. Brown, daughter of James and Mary
(Higgins) JJrown, Jan. 23, 1834, and lived in his native county all of his
days; wife d. Jan. 2, 1862. He was a shoemaker and farmer. He d. in
Kaston, Md., Dec. 27, 1881, and was buried in the Trappe district. Three
children. See 7th generation.


I. Edward Mullikin'' (2), eldest son of lames'^ (4), b. March 5, 1797, in Tal-
bot Co., Md., m. — Hall ; second Louisa Broscup, by whom one son. He
was editor of a newspaper at Easton, Md. He d. Aug. 12, 1835.

I. Edward William Mullikin", son of Edward and Louisa Broscup,
went many years ago to Cincinnati, O., and has acquired wealth. He
is "Vice President of the American Laundry Machine Co., in that city
and has been prominently identified with various business enterprises

*Ki,iz.\iiETil Clayland wife of Thomas Mullikin was descended from Rev. James
Clayland who was ordained by Mr. Nicholson, Bishop of (jloucester, 1667, and came into
Maryland in 1674; from Wii.llvm IIamilto.n, a Justice of Talbot Co. Court, 1663-68-69,
70, and Sheriff of the County, 1663, and meml)er of the House of Burgesses, 1666, 1669-
1671, 1674 ; from \Villl\m Hkmslkv, Clerk of Court of Talbot Co., 1668, 1670, 1673, 1676,
1678, and a Justice of the Court 1681-1683; from llrc.ii Sukkwood a Justice of Talbot
Co. Court, 1691, 1696,1697, and member of House of Burgesses, 1692 ; from Thomas Mar-
tin, who was b. in Hertfordshire, Kng., 1629 and d. in Talbot Co.. Md., 1701.

1 .


there. He is m. and has a family. He promised full data, but has
not furnished it.

2. William Brown Mullikin'' (8), second son of James' (4), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., i8oi ; m. Apr. 13, 1826, Elizabeth Holmes, and d. Aug. 12, 1831,
leaving one child. He was Deputy Clerk of Courts for Talbot Co., Md.

3. Sarah Mullikin'' (4), daughter of James^' (4), was m. to William Bar-
NETT, Jan. 9, 18 1 6.


1. John Mullikin'' (]0), eldest son of Benjamin-^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md.;
d. single in 1865, aged 70 years.

2. Benjamin Mullikin" (2), second son of Benjamin"' (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md. ; d. about 1847, unm., aged 50 years.

3. Jeremiah Mullikin'' (1), third son of Benjamin^ (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Jan. 1800; m. Jan. 1828, Mary E. Cook^,* daughter of Dr. James and
Mary Goldsborough (Brice) Cook, and d. in Aug., 1857. She d. in 1853.
Three children with 7th generation.

4. Henry Mullikin" (2), fourth son of Benjamin*^ (1), b. in Talbot Co., Md. ;
d. unm.

5. Ruth Mullikin'' (2), eldest daughter of Benjamin' (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md. ; d. unm.

6. Mary Mullikin'' ( 7 ), second daughter of Benjamin^ (1), was m. to Stephen
Burgess of Baltimore, Md.


I. James Parrott Mullikin'' (6), eldests on of Edward' (1), b. near Trappe,
Talbot Co., Md., Sept. 10, 1799; m. May 23, 1823, Catherine Rankin,
daughter of William and Rachel (Thomas) Rankin, of Little York, Penn.,
then of Baltimore, Md., b. Oct. i, 180 1, and lived in that city until their
first five children were born, then they moved to New Brunswick, N. J.,
where, as a professional civil engineer, he was building bridges for the New
Jersey railroad. He had first learned the trade of cabinet making. From
his account book the following items were copied :

" 1832, built bridges over the Hackensack, Berrie's creek. Fish creek, and
"the Papiac in New Jersey. June 27, 1838, did work on bridge at Norwich,
" Ct. Sept. 9, 1839, did Hosatonic work. Oct. i, 1839, did work on bridges
"in South Carolina for Charleston and Cincinnati R.R. Jan. 17, 1839, built
" Hakensack bridge. In Nov. 1841, at Newark, N.J. 1842, built the bridge
" at Rakway." He built the railroad bridge over the Raritan river at New
Brunswick, N. J. in 1834-6.!

On Sept. 14, 18 14, when the British threatened an attack on Baltimore,
the fifer of the militia company to which his father belonged was ill and,

*Mary Cooke Mullikin, wife of Jeremiah Mullikin, was descended from Seth
Foster, Justice of Talbot Co. Court, 1673 to 1687 ; from Michael Turhett, Justice of
Talbot Co. Court, 1687 to 1689 ;from Foster Turkett, Justice of Talbot Co. Court, 1707,
1708, and High .Sheriff of the Co., 1710-1712, Clerk of the Co., 17x4-1720, and llurgees in
171 5 ; from Roi!ert Goldsborough, Justice of Talbot Co. Court, 1696, member of House
of Burgesses, 1703, and Attorney General; from CoL. Nicholas Greenberry, member
of Sir Lionel Copley's Council, 1692, Tresident of the Council, 1694, Commissary General
of the Province, 1692, and Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal, 1692-1694.

t Statement of his son.

rOSVEU/TV OF rATN/CK A/l/J./A/X. j-io

youn<:j Mullikin beinj^; familiar with that instruiiiLMit, witli consent of his
parents, on consideration tliat he siioukl be kept from harm's way, phiyed
for them. He was paid nine (h)Uars for his performance and with this
money purchased six silver teaspoons, on each of which was engraved the
letter M. Tlu'se. highly prized by his mother, are now owned by his

While living in IJaltimore, Mr. Mullikin and family spent their summers
at his father's farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

He was killed, or fatally injured by a fall, surviving only twenty-four
hours after the accident. May 25, 1S45. His wife d. Dec, 1.S57.

He was a man of medium height, of heavy build, and had dark brown
hair and gray eyes ; was of a sanguine, jovial temperament ; was a kind and
affectionate husband and father, a good neighbor and citizen, and always
popular with those in his employ. There were ten chiklren of whom with
7th generation.

2. Rosanna Mullikin'' ( 1 ), eldest daughter of Edward'' ( 1 ), b. May 19, 1801 :
d. Aug. 24, 1804.*

3. Mary Ann Mullikin" (8), second daughter of Fxhvard"' (1), b. Dec. 13,
1803 ; d. 1 )ec. 14, 1803.

4. Eliza Mullikin" (2), third daughter of Edward' (1), b. Aug. 14, 1805;
d. Oct. 17, 1807.

5. Josiah Mullikin'' (1), second son of Edward'' ( 1), b. at Trappe, Md.,
Sept. 27, 1807 ; m. at Baltimore, May 6, 1830, Hellen Morrison, b. Oct.
24, 18 1 o, daughter of James and Euphemia Morrison of Edinburg, Scotland.
His wife was b. on the Atlantic ocean, ten days before the vessel reached
Portsmouth, N.H. They left Baltimore in Nov., 1S31, and emigrated to
Indiana, where — in Orange Township, Faj-ette county — he bought a farm.
Thev lived there until the spring of 1841, when they moved to Connersville
in the same county where he purchased the home in which he resided until
his d., which occurred Nov. 14, 1884. Like many in this branch of the
family, he was a shoemaker by trade, and after leaving his farm worked at
his craft. He bought a foundry and machine shop later in life and engaged
in the manufacture of agricultural implements. He took an active part in
town affairs and was as well versed in law as many professional practition-
ers. Always acting from principle rather than policy he maintained a high
reputation for truth and honesty. He was not a church member, but his
sympathies were with the M.E. church of which his wife was a communicant.
His moral character was such that it could be truthfully said of him, " his
word was as good as his bond." Mrs. Mullikin d. at Connersville, Ind., May 7,

' &"■

*\Vhen Rosanna Mullikin was young she made her breakfast on bread and milk, in
summer, out-of-doors. There being a grove near the house she would go there with
cup and spoon to eat. She was known to come Isack to the house frequently for more
milk ; this excited curiosity, and she was watched. What was the surprise of her parents
when they saw her sitting on a log feeding a large snake in front of her with the bread and
milk ; and when she did not feed fast enough the snake would try to put its head into the
cup ; then she would rap it with her spoon until it drew back. Her parents were horrified
at such a spectacle and quickly put a stop to this singular transaction. As the girl soon
became sick and died, superstitious old dames said the snake had charmed her. At any
rate, the snake got the "lion's share " of the food, while for want of proper nourishment,
the maid grew weak and went down to death.


1895, and was laid by her husband's side in the city cemetery. Their chil-
dren, of whom with 7th generation, were ten in number.

6. Edward Mill likin'' (3), third son of Edward"' (1), b. Sept. 15, 1810; d.
Sept. 17, 18 10.

7. Samuel Mullikin'' ( 5 ), fourth son of Edward'' ( 1 ), b. at Trappe, Md., Aug.
II, 181 1 ; m. first, Catherine M. Barrow of Baltimore, Md., May 9, 1833.
She was the mother of three children, and d. Feb. 14, 1844, aged 28 years
and II months. He m. secondly, Cecilia Hill, daughter of Joseph and
Elizabeth Hill of Baltimore,where she was b. Aug. 10, 1824. She had one son.

Mr. Mullikin was engaged in merchandising at the corner of Balbemine
street, now Postofifice Avenue, for several years. In 1847 he was the only
person of this name mentioned in the Baltimore city directory. He was a
member of the M.E. church, a class-leader, and Superintendent of the Sab-
bath school at the High street church for many years, up to the day of his
death. A devoted, consistant Christian gentleman, he was held in high
esteem by a wide circle of acquaintances, and was deservedly lamented when
he passed away.

After Mr. Mullikin's death, his friends secured for his widow a position
as teacher in the Primary school. She was promoted from grade to grade
until she became Principal of the institution. She was considered to be
(when she resigned a few years before her death) one of the oldest teachers
in Baltimore. She was fond of traveling and went abroad several times
with teachers' parties conducted by the late Thomas Cook, tourist. She d.
suddenly, May 28, 1895, from heart failure caused by a fall. She was a
respected member of Grace M.E. church of Baltimore, and a sincere Christian.
Children's names with 7th generation.

8. John Mullikin'' ( 10 ), fifth son of Edward^ (1), b. at Trappe, Md., Oct. 28,
1813 ; m. July 2, 1837, Mary Ann Hamilton of Connersville, Md. He was
a tailor by trade, a member of the M.E. church of which he was an ener-
getic and faithful worker. He d. March 31, 1841, and his wife a few years
later ; both were buried in the Connersville city cemetery. These had one
son. See 7th generation.

9. Ann Mullikin" (5), youngest daughter of Edward^ (1), b. Feb. 15, 1816,
and d. Feb. 16, 18 16.

10. Benjamin Mullikin'' (3), youngest son of Edward^ (1), by Sarah his
second wife, was b. Dec. 18 19, and d. Feb. 15, 1832.


I. Philemon Mullikin'' (1), son of James'^ (1), b. in Trappe, Talbot Co., Md.,
May, 1815 ; m. Julia Ann Mullikin in 1836. She d. in 1868, and left one
son of whom move with 7th generation. Mr. Mullikin d. May 18, 1900.
His wife was a daughter of Solomon Mullikin. Farmer, shoemaker and
merchant. Removed to Baltimore in 1878 and kept a boarding-house for
several years. Returned to Trappe.


I. John Wesley Mullikin'' (11), eldest son of William"' (5), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., Sept. I, 1812; d. Oct. 5, 1831.


2. William Nicholas Mullikin" (9), second son ol \\'illi;\in' (5), b. in lalbcU
Co., Md., Jan. 4, i8i6; ni. ;it Kaston, Md., Apr. 14, 1^41, Marv Jank Ji:n-
KiNS, by Rev. James Xiciiols. lie was taken to Kaston when a boy and
was a clerk and merchant there until 1853, when he settled on a farm on the
Trappe road which he left in Dec, 1S56, and removed to liallimore where
he remained until his d. Apr. 25, 1SS5. He was a bookkeeper in lialtimore,
but four months before his death became associated with his son in merchan-
dising. He had issue four children of whom with 7th generation.

3. James Francis Mullikin'' (7), third son of William' ( 5 ), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md.. Sept. 15, 1S24; d. July 27, 1828.


1. Solomon Mullikin'' (2), eldest son of John'' (8), b. in Talbot Co., .Md.,
Apr. 26, 1S19 ; m. Julia Ann Hickmns, and left two sons and one daughter.
He d. Dec. 27, 1895. See 7th generation.

2. Hon. John Francis Mullikin'' (13), second son of John^ (8), b. in 'i'albot
Co., Md., June 4, 1820 ; m. first, Jan. 5, 1843, Maroarki' Shkrwdod, daughter
of Richard Sherwood; second, Jan. 2, 1878, Georgiana German of Balti-
more, Md. His education was limited to such instruction as could be
obtained in the common schools. Being left an orphan at the age of six-
teen, he was apprenticed to a Mr. McMahan to learn the trade of wheel-
right, and when he had served his time he commenced business for himself
at Trappe, his native place. He soon after purchased the farm where he has
since lived. 1 le was elected a member of the convention to revise the state
constitution in 1864, and was appointed school commissioner for Talbot Co.,
in 189S. He had been an exhorter in the Methodist church for 50 years.
His principal occupation had been farming. He was tall and slender, weigh-
ing about 150 pounds. He d. July 7, 1905. Six children. See 7th generation.

3. Henry Mullikin'' ( 3 ), third son of John-^ ( 8 ), b. in Talbot Co., Md., March
I, 1822 ; m. Nov. 1859, Sarah E. Brownwell, by whom a son. He m.
second, (first wife d. 1865) a widow named Foy. He served as sergeant of
Co. H, First E. Md. Reg't., Confederate army, for three years during the
Civil war. Now living in Baltimore, Md., "hale and hearty." His son

I. Henry Kdgar Mullikin, b. Aug, i, i860; m. Beriie Raffle and
lives in Trappe, Md.

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