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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 74 of 109)
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4. Mary Mullikin" (8), eldest daughter of John^' (8), b. in Talbot Co., Md.,
in 1825; d. Dec. 17, 1893, unni.

5. Jesse Mullikin'' (2), fourth son of John-"^ (8), b. in Talbot Co., Md., June
1827; m. in 185 1, Elizabeth Ellen Reeh, daughter of William P. Reed,
who survives. He was a tailor. Residence, Trappe, Md. He d. in 1893.

6. Sarah Jane Mullikin'' (5), second daughter of John^ (8), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., in 1829: m. W^illiam E. Delaha ; d. Aug. 10, 1880. No issue.

7. Amanda Mullikin" (2), third daughter of John-^ (8), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., in 1831 : living and unm.

8. William Mullikin'^ (6), fifth son of John'' (8), b. in Talbot Co., Md., Apr.
I, 1833; m. first Hannah (Price) Cole, a widow, by whom two daughters
whose names will appear. He m. second Catherine (Holmes) Reed,
widow, bv whom a daughter. He served three vears in Co. H. First E.


Md. Reg't. and in Co. C, nth Md. Reg't., Confederate army, in the Civil
war. He d. in Feb. 1893. Children :

I. Clara Mullikin", m. John Helmsby and resides in Baltimore, Md.
II. Elma Mullikin', m. George W. Tarbutton and lives in Trappe,

.Scbentb Ckiuration.


1. Henry Mullikin' (4), eldest son of Patrick-' (5), b. near Ridgeley, Caro-
line Co., Md., became a successful farmer. He d. unm. at the home of his
brother James near Centreville, Queen Anne Co., Md., in 1879.

2. Patrick Mullikin" (6), second son of Patrick'' (5), b. near Denton, Caro-
line Co., Md., Mar. 4, 1808 ; m. Sarah Killen about 1836, in Kent Co.,
Del., and lived in Queen Anne Co., Md., for four years ; then in Kent Co.,
Del., two years; then moved back to Md. He moved to Blooming Grove,
Franklin Co., Md., in Oct. 1846. Removed to Fayette Co., Ind., in 1847,
and to Clinton Co., Ind., Oct. 10, 1853. He was a Universalist in religious
faith; his wife a Methodist. He d. Nov. 1866; his Avife d. Feb., 1879.
Large family. See 8th generation.

3. John Mullikin" { 14), third son of Patrick*^ (5), b. near Ridgely, Caroline
Co., Md., Dec. 19, 1819; m. Jan. 20, 1848, Sarah Ann Deroachbrune, b.
Apr. 10, 1825, daughter of Thomas and Ann Mariah Deroachbrune, and
lived on a farm two miles and a half from Damsontown school. Queen Anne
Co., Md. He d. Aug. 6, 1864. His widow d. Feb. 15, 1895. Eight chil-
dren. See 8th generation.

4. George Mullikin' (2), fourth son of Patrick^ (5), b. near Ridgely, Caro-
line Co., Md., Sept. I, 1821; m. Dec. 17, 1844, Mary Eilzabeth Satter-
FiELD, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Lee) Satterfield of Bridgeton, Md., b.
Oct. 27, 1820, and d. Aug. 31, 1898. He m. second, Mary E. Beck. A
farmer; communicant of the M.E. church; did not hold office; was of
medium height, spare build, with dark hair and eyes. He d. Jan. 15, 1904,
aged 83 years. For children see 8th generation.

5. Philip Mullikin" (1), fifth son of Patrick''' (5), b. near Ridgeley, Caroline
Co., Md. ; m. Mary Wood; resided in Caroline Co., Md. ; d. 1S65, leaving
seven children. See 8th generation.

6. James C. Mullikin' (8), sixth son of Patrick*^ (5), b. near Ridgeley,
Catherine Co., Md., in 1826 ; m. Emily Deroachbrune, daughter of Thomas
and Ann Mariah Deroachbrune, and lived on a farm near Church Hill,
Queen Anne Co., Md. He d. in 1888, and was survived by two sons and
seven daughters. See 8th generation.

7. Annie Mullikin" ( 6), only daughter of Patrick'' (5), b. near Ridgeley,
Catherine Co., Md. ; was m. to Mr. Richard Skinner and resided near
Hope, Queen Anne Co., Md., where she d. Nov. 4, 185 1, leaving one son.

I. Richard L. Skinner, b. Nov. u, 1851 ; m. in 1878, near Hope,
Md., Sarah Geneva Mandrell, daughter of John B. and P'rancis
Ann Mandrell, and resides near Ruthsburg, Md. Elev-en children.

rOSTEKJJY OJ- r.llRlCK MfLLJklX. -,|«(


[. Robert Thomas Mullikiir ( 1 ), eldest son (jf I'liomas" ( 2), I), in Talbot
Co., Md., June lo, 1833; m. Mary ANroiNKiiK Miogins, daiif^hter of Josiah
and Rebecca, Feb. 13, 1862. He began his education in his native district
in Trappe, Md. Went to IJaltiniore in 1S44, and attendeil the pul)lic
schools there; then went to Abbington Academy. He learned the shoe-
maker's trade; returned to Trappe in 1S54 and followed his craft until the
Civil war came on, when he entered the (Quartermaster's Department as
clerk. After the peace he engaged in mercantile business. Was postmaster
at Trappe from Oct. 1869 to Aug. 1875. He was appointed a justice of the
peace by the (Governor in 1896, and reappointed in 1898, but declined to
serve. Mr. Mullikin has contributed records of his family connection for
this book. There were four children named as follows :

1. Albert Mullikin, b. Jan. 5, 1863 ; living in Baltimore, Md.
II. Pkrcival Mullikin, b. May 15, 1866; m. Amu-: Barnks, and is
editor and publisher of the "Talbot County 'Times," at Kaston, Md.
No children.

III. Ella Mullikin^ b. March 25, 1869; m. Liivix Hill Mullikin,
and lives in Trappe, Md. Has one daughter, K. Mary Edna, aged
1 1 years.

IV. Kffie Louisa Mullikin^ b. Apr. 9, 1876 ;"*'single.

z. Arianna Elizabeth Mullikin' (1), eldest daughter of Thomas" (2), b. in
Talbot Co., Md., Apr. 11, 1835; m. Aug. i, 1852, Henry Clay Palmer;
resides in the city of Baltimore, and has a large family of children and
grandchildren. Issue : Conx, Evelyn,, Mary E., Harry, Erank, Sara/i, and

3. Sarah Martin Mullikin' (6), second daughter of Thomas'' (2), b. in 'Tal-
bot Co., Md., June 10, 1838; m. in 1858 to Josiah C. Sfevens. Shed.
July 10, 1895. Had ten children named as follows: Clara, Ella, f-Jifh.
Thomas C, George, Ada, May, Robert, Eranklin, Lewis.

4. James Clayland Mullikin' (9), second son of Thomas'' (2), b. in Talbot
Co., Md., May 27, 1841 ; m. Jan. 31, 1865, Emily Euphemia Mullikin,
daughter of Peter and Mary M, (Brown) Mullikin, his cousin. He removed
from Trappe, Talbot Co., to Baltimore with his parents in May 1844, and
attended the public schools of that city. He was graduated at Baltimore
College in 1858 ; taught school in Baltimore and in 'Talbot county until
1861, when he enlisted in the ist regiment Eastern Shore volunteers of the
Federal army; was commissioned 2d Lieut., promoted in 1862 as ist Lieut,
and A.D.C. on the staff of Gen. H. H. Lockwood. He served as staff officer
until 1864, when he was appointed Lieut. Col. of the nth Md. reg.

At the close of the war he returned to 'Trappe and resumed school teach-
ing. He studied law with the late Judge H. H. Goldsboro, at Easton, Md. ;
was admitted to the bar, and removed to Easton in 1879 ; was a candidate
for Congress in the first Maryland district in 1882 ; was postmaster of
Easton in 1886; was appointed commissioner of substance with rank of
major, and served in Cuba during the Spanish-American war. He is now
engaged in the practice of law at Easton, Md., and resides there. Children
named as follows :

I. Herherl MuLLlKIN^ b. July 31, 1866; d. March 1S74.


II. Clayland Mullikin^ b. Nov. I, 1872 ; m. C. Retta Smith, and has
one son. He is a B.A. of John Hopkins University, '92, and LL. B.
of the Maryland Law University. Now State attorney for Talbot
Co., Md. Residence at Easton, Md.

III. Ada Mullikin, b. March 17, 1879; d. Sept. 7, 1887.


1. Francis Albert Mullikin" (1), eldest son of Peter*^ (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., July 22, 1835; d. July 21, 1844.

2. James Thomas Mullikin" ( 10), second son of Peter'' ( 1 ), b. in Talbot Co.,
^Id., Apr. 17, 183S ; m. July 31, 1861, Anna Louisa Kkmp,* daughter of
Dr. Samuel T. and Elizabeth ( Hardcastle) Kemp ; resided in Baltimore, Md.,
and had issue as follows :

I. Howard Mullikin, b. Sept. 24, 1863 ; d. Sept. 16, 1900. He was a
native of the Trappe district, Talbot Co., Md., but went to Baltimore
to live when ten years of age. He was educated in the public schools
and in the Baltimore college ; was a graduate of the College of Phar-
macy and was in the drug business until death. Howard was much
interested in the history of his family and spent considerable time
collecting data now incorporated into this volume. Was not m. He
was a careful scribe and wrote a small, tidy and peculiar hand.

II. Cecil Mullikin^, b. Dec. 29, 1866 ; m.

III. Ada -AIuLLiKiN^ b. Dec. 29, 1868; d. May 25, 1869.

IV. Kemp Mullikin**, b. Sept. 29, 187 1 ; d. May 25, 1873.


1. Arthur C- Mullikin" (1), eldest son of Jeremiah'^ (1), b. 1828 ; m. Alice
Harwood, and had one son and two daughters, named as follows :

I. Mary C. Mullikin^, b. Aug. 21, 1857 ; m. Ernest Jackson and lives
in Caroline Co., Md. Two children : Earl, aged 14, Fi-ances, aged 10.
II. Arthur Harwood Mullikin^, b. Apr. 25, 1859; m. a Miss Wille-
mina Miller of Jersey City, N.J., and is now living on the old farm
at " Patrick's Plain's."
III. Clara Mullikin**, b. Nov. i, 1864; m. Luther G. Mullikin, son
of Jesse, son of John, son of Jesse Mullikin, and is living in Trappe
district. She has eight children, viz : Alice, aged 18 ; Jessie, aged 16 ;
Luther, aged 14; Florence, aged 12 ; Lillian, aged 10 ; Virginia, aged
8 ; Tliotnas, aged 6 ; Einily, aged i year.

2. George H. Mullikiiv (3), second son of Jeremiah'^ (1), b. March 7, 1831 ;
d. single in 1884.

3. Charles G. Mullikin' (2), third son of Jeremiah^ (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., May 6, 1833 ; m. Feb. 24, 1859, Margaret M. Smith and has seven

*Anna Loulsa Kemi', wife of James Thomas Mullikin, was descended from Wil-
liam Parrott, Commissioner under the Commonwealth, 1654, and Provincial Judge;
from William Jknkins, member of Governor's Council of Pennsylvania, 1691,1692, mem-
ber of Assembly (I'enn.) 1690, 1695, Justice, 1691, 1692 ; from Thomas Paschall, member
of Provincial Assembly of Penn., 16S5, 16^9, Commissioner, 1701, 1704; from Thomas
Paschall Jr., member Provincial Assembly of Penn., 1717 ; from Lieut. Thomas Ball,
Lieut, in I'rovincial militia of Md., 1696; from Capt. James Benson, Capt. of a " Troop
of Horse," Talbot Co., 1693, and from W^L Stevens, a Justice of Talbot Co. Court, 1685.

POSTEN/T\ • C )/•• / './ 7'A'/C 'A' .U( 7, /, /AV.Y. -, 5 1


1. William Edward Mullikin" ( 10), eldest son of James'M6),b. in Hallimore,
Md. Jan. 6, 1825 ; m. at West Hobogen, X.J., May 25, 1847, Cathkrink
IiRADi.KV, she bein<:j but sixteen years of age, and d. of cholera, Aug. 17, 1852.
Buried in New \'()rk Baj' cemetery. Was a contractor and carpenter.
Resided in Jersey City, X.J. Children named as follows:

I. James Bradley Mullikin^ b. March 5, 1848, in Jersey City, N. J.
He m. Emma Lucia ]5aciikm,kr, daughter of Ezra L. Bacheller, of
N. Brooktield, Mass., who d. March 5, 1887. He m, secondly, .Sept.
5, 1889, Mary Antoinette Knowles, widow of Rev. Geo, Knowles,
a Methodist minister, and is a resident of Worcester, Mass. When
only 15 years of age he enlisted in the U.S. Navy for three years or
during the war. Served on U.S. S. " Tacomey " with ("apt. Tru.xton
in the Albermarle and Palmico sounds. Was in one engagement with
the Rebel Ram "Albermarle," and at the battle of Plymouth, N.C.
Was ordered to Norfolk for repairs. Fitted out to join Admiral i'or-
ter's expedition to Eort Fisher in Dec. 1864. In same expedition,
Jan. 16,1865. Discharged Jan. i, 1867. Children: George Bachel-
ler Mi/lliki/i, b. March 21, 1875, and Alice Draper Mullikin, b. Feb.
5, 1887.

II. Mary Catherine MuLLiKiN^,b. Jan. 15, 1850 ; m. Albert D. Flagg
at Worcester, Mass.

III. William Edward Mullikin*, b. in 185 1 ; d. unm. Dec. 27, 1887.
He had served three years in the state militia.

2. Mary Ann Mullikin" (9), eldest daughter of James^ (6), b. in Baltimore,
Md., Jan. 15, 1826; d. Jan. 27, 1895.

3. Elizabeth Rachel Mullikin' (2), second daughter of James*' ( 6 ), b. in Balti-
more, Md., Aug. 22, 1828; d. Sept. 22, 1841.

4. Catherine Bowdle Mullikin' (1), third daughter of James" (6), b. in Balti-
more, Md., July 29, 1S31 ; d. Apr. 19, 1833.

5. Eliza Jane Mullikin" (2), fourth daughter of James*' (6), b. in Baltimore,
Md., Aug. I, 1835 ; d. in infancy.

6. Capt. James Rankin Mullikin' (10), second son of James*' (6), b. in New
Brunswick, N.J., Nov. i, 1836; m. Jennie B. Campbell, daughter of Robt.
and Jane (Patterson) Campbell of Chester Co., Penn., and is now residing in
New Brunswick. His militarv record as found at the U.S. Militarv Academv
is as follows: "Captain 35 Md. Vols., 12 Dec, 1861. Mustered out 24th
Nov., 1862. Private Co. A, 24th Md. Vols., 8th Oct., 1863. Sergeant, 14th
Nov., 1863. ist Lieut. 25th L".S. colored troops, i8th March, 1864. ist
Lieut. 97th U.S. colored troops, 7 th Dec, 1865. Mustered out 6th April,
1866. 2d Lieut. 4th Infantry, 23d Feb. 1866. ist Lieut. i8th July. Un-
assigned, 23d March, 1869. Retired 15th Dec, 1870." He was appointed
from Indiania. Children's names as follows:

I. Dr. Lewis Wagner Mullikin*^, b. at Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, Aug.
23, 1867 ; m. Aug. 2, 1890, Louisa Aiken Brown, daughter of Henry
A. Brown of Philadelphia, Pa., and is now in business with the Med-
ico-Specialists Co. at Newark, N.J. He attended the public schools
in Philadelphia and Newark, graduating at Newark Academy, class

552 posTEKirv of' Patrick mullikin.

of '86. He engaged in construction and preliminary engineering on
the Sante Fe R.R., until '89. Matriculated at Jefferson Medical Col-
lege in i88g. Graduated at Harrisburg Hospital in 1892. Post-
graduate course '92 and '93 at Y.M. college. Eye clinic under L.
Webster Fox of Philadelphia, Pa., at Medico Chirurgical College, '92-
'94. Practiced in Philadelphia at same time. He volunteered as
steward of the 4th New Jersey Vol. Infantry and served from July 8,
1898, until mustered out Apr. 6, 1899, with honorable discharge. He
is now Q.M. Sergeant, Co. M, 13th N.G. N.V. Heavy Artillery of
Brooklyn, N.Y. One cMxiA., Jeaiinette Iso/a, b. Feb. 20, 1895.

II. Christina Mullikin**, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 1869 ; m.
Mortimer Renington, Oct. 30, 1894. She was a graduate of the
New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass., in 1890. Has
one daughter, Olive, b. March i, 1897.

7. Charles Henry Mullikin' (3), third son of James'' (6), b. in New Bruns-
wick, N. J., Oct. 10, 1838, and has been twice m., both wives being Catho-
lics. By his first wife he had one daughter who d. when 12 years of age.
He has issue by his present wife, also, but she refuses to have family record
published. We know that he has two daughters m. His residence is in
Jersey City, N.J.

8. John Lee Mullikin' (14), fourth son of James'' (6), b. in New Brunswick,
N. J., June 12, 1841 ; d. Jan. 14, 1842.

9. Elizabeth Shepherd Mullikin' (3), fifth daughter of James" (6), b. in
New Brunswick, N.J., Dec. 7, 1844; was m. May 20, 1869 to Theadore
Henry Youse, b. in Cambridge, Ind., Nov. 5, 1844, and resides in New
Brunswick* Children's names as follows :

I. Annie Youse, b. in South Bend, Ind., Feb. 19, 1870; m. Jan. 19, 1900,
William E. Cook.

II. Charles Edward Youse, b. in South Bend, Ind., Aug. 22, 1872.

III. Bessie Youse, b. in South Bend, Ind., Dec. 18, 1873.

IV. James Frederick Youse, b. in South Bend, Ind., Aug. 9, 1876; d,
July 12, 1877.

V. Nellie Youse, b. Sept., 1877 ; d. Dec, 1877.
VI. Mary Youse, b. July 9, 1882. At home.


1. Euphemia Mullikin' (1), eldest daughter of Josiah" (1)", b. in Baltimore,
Md., May 30, 1831 ; was m. May 30, 1876, at Connersville, Ind., to Asa S.
Sco'iT, shoemaker. No children.

2. Anna Mullikin" (7), second daughter of Josiah" (1), b. in Orange Town-
ship, Ind., Oct. 10, 1833 ; was m. Nov. 26, 1863, to George M. Nelson of
Connersville, Ind., where they reside. Two children named as follows:

I. Walter L. Nelson, b. Dec. 4, 1864; m. Apr. 24, 1889, Anna May

Lewis, at Connersville, Ind., and has issue.
II. Allie L. Nelson, b. and d. Apr. 23, 1874.

3. Edward Mullikin" (4), eldest son of Josiah" (1), b. in Orange Township,
Ind., Dec. 24, 1835 ; m. July 4, 1861, at Cincinnati, O., to Miss Ann Brut,
who d. at Anderson, Ind., Apr. 25, 1876, and was buried at Connersville,


Ind. lie is a blacksmith by trade. Served one year in the lOth Ind. \ol.
Infantry, Civil war. Children named as follows:

I. Katic E. Mlli.ikin", b. March S, 1S62 ; m. July 16, 1HS2. Du. (has.
K. DivEN, at Marion, Ind., and has two children :

(1). TAur, Bernard Diven, b. May 28, 1883, at Anderson, Ind.
(2). Marv Ann Diven, b. Nov. 15, 1885, at Anderson, Ind.

II. Iosiah a. Mulmkin", b. Aug. 30, 1864 at Connersville, Ind. ; m. Oct.
27, 1891, at Rushville, Ind., Miss Fannie Cherry, b. Oct. 3, 1872,
daughter of William Cherry and Amanda Lee, of .Shelby, Co., Ind.
Thev are affilliated with the Roman Catholic church. He is a cigar-
maker. Children named as follows:

(1). Edward Leo Mullikin", b. Aug. 2, 1392, at Rushville.

(2). Anna Maria Mullikin'', b. March 24, 1894, at Sioux City, la.;

d. Feb. 12, 1900, at Clinton, Ind.
(3). James Collier Mullikin'', b. June i, 1901 ; d. Feb. 25, 1902, at

Clinton, Ind.

III. Lillie a. Mullikin", b. at Anderson, Ind., Dec. 16, 1863; m. Oct.
16, 1895, at same place^ Dr. Xoah Adair, and has one child, .l/ina
Laura/, b. Oct. 30, 1896, at Perkinsville, Ind.

IV. Willie Mullikin", b. Jan. 25, 1874, at Anderson, Ind., and d. in

4. Emily Mullikin' (1), third daughter of Josiah'^ (1), b. in Orange Town-
ship, Ind., Apr. 22, 1833 ; m. Nov. 13, 1857, Augustus H. Hotchkiss of
Connersville, Ind., and had children born there, named as follows:

I. Ceorge C. Hotchkiss, b. Dec. 31, 1853; d. Aug. 5, 1864.

II. Alfred W. Hoichkiss, b. Feb. 20, 1863, m. Oct. 13, 1893, to Nellie
Leonard, at Connersville, Ind.

HI. Helen E. Hotchkiss, b. Feb. 22, 1873; d. July 12, 1873.

5. George Mullikin" (4), second son of Josiah" (1), b. in Orange Township,
Ind., Sept. 30, 1840; m. Apr. 11, 1888, Miss Mary Berry, in Pekin, 111.,
who d. July 19, 1899, at Connersville, Ind., where she was interred. He is
an iron moulder by trade. Served in 36th Ind. Infantry from Sept. 30, 1861,
for three years as private, corporal, first sergeant, second lieutenant and first
lieutenant, taking an. active part in all the campaign of the army of the
Cumberland. Was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn., and at Chicamauga,
Ga. Mustered out of service at Indianopolis, Ind., Sept. 23, 1864. Children
named as follows :

I. Frances Mullikin", b. July 21, 1889, at Pekin, 111.

II. Earl Edward Mullikin", b. Oct. 20, 1891, at Pekin, 111.
HI. Helen Mullikin", b. Oct. 21, 1895, at Connersville, Ind.

6. Susan Mullikin" (2), fourth daughter of Josiah"^ (1), b. at Connersville,
Ind., Jan. 25, 1843 ; was m. May 23, 1867, at Connersville, to M. E. Buck-
ley, and to them four children were born, named as follows :

I. Mabel Buckley, b. Jan. 5, 187 i, at Connersville, Ind.; was m. Oct.
12, 1897, to Dr. Harry M. Zehrung, dentist.

II. Frank Buckley, b. Aug. 4, 1873, at Connersville, Ind.

III. Ikssie Buckley, b. Sept. 21, 1876; d. June 19, 1877, at Connersville,

IV. Estella M. Buckley, b. July 27, 1884, at Connersville, Ind.


7. Sarah H. Mullikin' (7), fifth daughter of Josiah" (l),b. at Connersville,
Inch, Oct. 3, 1S45 ; was m. Nov. 10, 1864, in that town, to John R. McCabe,
hotel clerk, b. Feb. 5, 1843, and has two children named as follows:

I. Nellik V. McCabe, b. Sept 10, 1865, at Connersville, Ind., was m.
Sept. 10, 1884, to William L. Cortleyou, manufacturer, Conners-
ville, and has a son, Burt Whit?iey Cortleyou, b. Jan. 14, 1886.
II. M. Maude McCabe, b. Dec. 7, 1867, at Connersville, Ind.

8. Mary Mullikin" (10), sixth daughter of Josiah*= (1), b. at Connersville,
Ind., Jan. 17, 184S ; vinm. She was a teacher in the public schools at Con-
nersville, Ind. for a number of years. She has compiled the genealogy of
her father's family for this book, in a concise and tidy form.

9. James Mullikin' (12j, third son of Josiah^ (1), b. at Connersville, Ind.,
July 2, 1850; d. Dec. 9, 1851.

10. Alice Mullikin' (2), seventh daughter of Josiah*' (1), b. at Connersville,
Ind., Apr. 24, 1853 ; was m. Nov. 10, 1880, to Edwin MacIntosh, dry goods
merchant, in that town, and has a son, Donald R., b. May 28, 1883.


1. Charles Edwin Mullikin" (4), eldest son of Samuel^ (5), b. in Baltimore,
Md., Jan. 30, 1834, and d. unm. Dec. 16, 1877. He was engaged in busi-
ness enterprises in Baltimore, the last as sail and awning maker under the
firm name of " King t;^: Mullikin." He was a mason and one of the charter
members of Beauseant Commandery, Knight Templars. He was buried
from the Masonic Temple with full honors of the order. Like his father,
mother, and sister, he d. with consumption.

2. Jane Mullikin' (3), eldest daughter of Samuel^ (5), b. in Baltimore, Md.,
1838, and about the year 1846, went to Louisville, Ky., and made her home
with a maternal uncle, Maj. Edwin Barrow. She was m. to a Mr. Mahoney
and had four children : Charles C, Blanehe, Je/iiiie, and William. She d.
in the '60s with consumption.

3. Georgiana Mullikin" (1), second daughter of Samuel'' (5), b. in Baltimore,
Md., Apr. 24, 1844, and d. in 1845, aged one year and six days.

4. Samuel Melville Mullikin' (6), second son of SaihueP (5), b. in Balti-
more, Md., Aug. 5, 1847 ; m. Oct. 11, 1877, Mrs. Emily Walker Fort. He
was educated in the public schools and Newton academy. He had the
misfortune to fall, which caused white swelling, and on March 8, 1864, his
limb was amputated above the knee. For a while he was engaged in the
tobacco trade. In the year 1877 he secured a position in the Baltimore
Custom House, being assigned to the record-room. Three years later he
w^as promoted to the weighers' department. At the beginning of Grover
Cleveland's administration he was dismissed, and resumed the tobacco trade.
In 1890 he was reinstated in the custom service, taking charge of the scale
dept., an adjunct of the weighing dept., and has continued in this position
to date. (1902) He has one child, Mary Cecilia^, b. Oct. 31, 1880, unm.


1. Edward Leonidas Mullikin' (5), only son of John'' (1), b. May 14, 1838;
(place unknown) m. March 16, 1865, Miss Mary Hannah Smock, at


Connersville, Ind. He is an iidii inoulcler. One daughter, AiiiJ Mullikin^, b.
July 4, i86g, at ConnersNilU-, I lul.


1. Joseph Henry Miillikin' (1), only son of rhilenion'^ (1), in. Rkhfxca Er.r/A-
BETH vSiiKRWodi), daughter of John Thomas and Margaret (Hamilton) Sher-
wood, of Baltimore, Md., and is now living in 'I'rappe, Md., aged Gz years.
His wife is deceased. 'l\vo children named as follows:

1. William Hamilidx Mri.i.iRiN", b. in Trappe, Md., Jan. 24, 1872;
m. Jan. 29, 1S94, F,va G. Mi'llikix, daughter of Jesse and Kllen
(Reed) Mullikin, and d. \\sx. 7, 1895, without issue. Piook-keeper
by profession.
M, Nettie Sherwood Mulliki.\\ 1). in Trappe, Md., Oct. 2, 1874;
now living (since the death of her mother) in Baltimore, Md., unm.

2. Mary E. Mullikin" (11), daughter of Philemon" (1), d. without issue.


1. William Lawrence Mullikin' (11), eldest son of William" (9), b. in Kaston,
Md., -Vug. 27. 184G; m. Sept. 20, 1882, Sophl\ Ridoklv Battek. daughter
of Richard R. and Caroline E. L. Battee, in Baltimore, Md., to which city he
came in 1850. Clerk and book-keeper 1878; since then a merchant, being
a wholesale and commission dealer in hides, leather, oils, hair, etc., at 421
Saratoga street. His children are named as follows :

I. Marv Hester Mullikin^ b. July 10, 1884.

II. Richard Nicholas Mullikin^ b. July 15, 1888.

III. Caroline Battee Mullikin'^, b. Nov. 25, 1890.

IV. Anna Margaret Mullikin^ b. March 7, 1893.

2. Thomas Jenkins Mullikin' ( 5 ), second son of William" ( 9 ), b. at Kaston.
Md., June 1S4S ; d. Sept. 1849.

3. Edward Mullikin' (6), third son of William" (9), b. near Trappe, Md.,
Aug. 1850 ; d. in infancy.

4. Anna Jenkins Mullikin' ( 8 ), only daughter of William" (9),b. near Trappe,
Md., Aug. 20. 1854.


1. James Madison Mullikin" (13), son of Solomon" (1), b. in Talbot Co.,
Md., 1809: was twice m. He d. in 1894 in Indiana.

2. Julia Ann Mullikin' (1), only daughter of Solomon" (1), b. in Talbot
Co., Md., in 1814: was m. to Philemon Mullikin in 1836, and d. in 1867,
leaving one son Joseph^, whose record see.

3. Charles R. Mullikin' (5), second son of Solomon" (1), b. in I'rappe, Md.,

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