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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 76 of 109)
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He must have enlisted a second time in 18 15. His company were conveyed
down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans by boats, but they
returned on foot through the wilderness amid the Indian tribes then inhab-
iting the country.

He m. ist, Rachel McGaha, of Irish extraction, who d. in Shelby Co.,
Ky., and he m. 2d in 1826, Sarah Burton Foursee, daughter of Silas and
Sarah (Besley) Foursee of Newcastle, Henry Co., Ky., b. Nov. 7, 1805 ; d.
Apr. 11, 1895, aged 89 years. C'hildren by both wives. This family were


residents in Shelby, Henry, Trimble, :iiul ()lilh:un coiinlies, Kentutky, but
in iSji) removed to Johnson Co., Ind., and settled on a creek near (now)
Williamsburg, where they engaged in extensive farming. James .Mullikin
suffered many hardships incident to pioneer life Ixnh in Kentucky and
Indiana. His cabin was of logs without floors. 'I'he door was renu>ved and
used for a table. The tire, in winter, was kindled with (lint and steel ; in
summer, from a dry stump kept burning for that purpose. Ihe family were
constantly annoyed by wilil animals. As the nearest grist-mill was sixty
miles away, they pounded, or grated their corn into coarse meal.

James Mullikin was a man of striking appearance and commanding
l)resence. He was of stature full six feet, quite corpulent, and weighed 235
pounds. He had a stentorian voice and remarkable physical strength. His
eyes and hair were black, and his complexion brunette. He was of a reso-
lute and determined temperament, and insensible to fear. A farmer by
occupation. There were nineteen children by his two wives ; six sons and one
daughter by the first, and eight daughters and four sons by the second.
Kleven were b. in Kentucky ; the other eight in Johnson Co., Md. He d.
of typhoid fever on his farm at Buckhart's Creek, Sept. 24, 1846, aged 58
years. See 3d generation for issue.

3. Elizabeth Mullikin- (1), daughter of John' (1), b. in So. Carolina; re-
moved to Shelby Co., Ky., when a girl ; was m. to William Hunter and
lived on a plantation which was cultivated by slaves, some ten miles south
of Bedford, on the Newxastle road, and not distant from the home of her
brother, \\'illiam Mullikin. She survived until her eight children reached
maturity. A woman of many superior qualities, respected by a wide circle
of acquaintances. William Hunter m. a second wife and lived to old age.
He and Elizabeth were buried one and a half miles from Bedford. Issue
as follows :

I. Burton Hunter, b. Apr. 18, 1805 ; m. Rena , who is now living

with some of her children near Bedford, Ky. James and Henry Hun-
ter are her sons, and Mrs. JMattie Starks, her daughter.

II. William Hunter, b. May 18, 1809; m. Pamelia Easton and lived
near Bedford, Ky. His children : William, /avies, Noah and Liiey.

III. James Hunter, m. Laura Morgan and had three sons living near
Aubry, Kan., when last heard from; names, Williatn and Henry.
One name not given.

IV. Henry Hunter, b. July 6, 1814; m. Jan. 26, 1845, Sarah Jane
TouNSEND, b. Jan. 13, 1827. He was a farmer and d. Sept. 3, 1S51,
three miles south of Eranklin, Ind. Widow still living at her old
home ; a member of the Christian church.

V. Nancy Hunter was m. to Noah Parker, who owned the celebrated
Bedford Springs, once a summer resort near Bedford, Trimble Co.,
Ky. She had issue and descendants are now living in the vicinity.

VI. Susan Hunter m. Edwin ("Ned") Branch and had several chil-
VII. Elizabeth Hunter, b. Dec. 8, 1817; m. ARrnuR Mullikin, b. July
29, 1816, and had issue.

VIII. Margaret M. Hunter, b. June 29, 1822; m. Peggs and had

Newton T., John (9., and Xane\ (Johnson).



4. Benjamin Mullikin- (1), a son of John' (1), was a private in Capt. John
Simpson's Co. of First Rifle Reg. Ky. Militia, having enlisted from Aug.
15, 181 2 to Oct. 14, 1S15.

5. Charles Mullikin- (1), a son of John^ (1), was a private in Capt. John
Simpson's Co., First Rifle Reg. Ky. Militia; having enlisted from Aug. 15
to Oct. 14, 1S15.

6. John T. Mullikin'- (2), a son of John' (1), was a private in Capt. Jacob
Elliston's Co. of Col. Richard M. Johnson's Ky. Mounted Inf., having en-
listed from Aug. 15, 18 13 to Nov. 19, 18 13.

Cbirb (ben oration.


1. George Mullikin-' (1), a son of William- (1), b. in Henry or Trimble Co.,
Ky. ; m. Dincv Roberts and settled as a planter and stock-raiser near his
boyhood home. He was a tall, brawny-framed man of dark complexion ; a
person of few words but of indomitable will. He d. in middle life in 1854.
His wife d. Feb. 11, 1888, and was buried in Carroll Co., Ky. These had
twelve children. See 4th generation.

2. James Mullikin'^ (2), a son of William- (1), b. in Henry or Trimble Co.,
Ky. : d. unm.

3. Malinda Mullikin" ( 1 ), daughter of William"- ( 1 ), b. in Henry or Trimble
Co., Ky. ; was m. to Stephen Foursee* who was a soldier in the war of
181 2 ; a man of heroic courage, prudent, and well beloved. Her children
were : George, IVilliavi, Charles, TJnrmas and Siisa/i.

4. Susan Mullikin'' (1), second daughter of William'- (1), b. in Henry or
Trimble Co., Ky., was m. to William Mead by whom four children whose
names were : Mary (Kinchaloe),A'^///<tv7;/(f, Ballard, and Alice (Kinchaloe).

5. William Harvey Mullikin^ (2), son of Willianr ( 1), b. in Shelby Co., Ky.,
1824 ; m. in 1844, Caroline Clifton, daughter of George and Catherine

.{ Roberts) Clifton, who also was born in Shelby Co., Ky., but went with her
parents in 1844 to Pike Co., Mo., and d. near Alton, III, in 1853. Soon after
his m., Mr. Mullikin was an engineer on a steamboat under Capt. Starr of
Alton, 111., but, subsequently, engaged in farming near Carrollton, Green
Co., 111. He d. in 1861. The children were scattered at the time of their
mother's d. and in consequence of the burning of their home and its con-
tents, they could not obtain much information concerning the family history ;
hence the dates given are only approximate. Children named as follows :
I. Sarah Catherine Mullikin'', b. in Jerseyville, 111., in 1845 ; m. in
x866, Joseph Hunnewell, who d. Nov. 1900, and is now living at
her birth-place. Two children: Theodore F., b. in 1868, now in San
Francisco, Cal., and Verbena, living at home.

No-i K — The surnames of the Mullikiiis on the Muster Rolls in the Adjutant General's
office, Frankfort, Ky., are spelled Mullikin, Mnllicaii and Miilicaii.

*I assume to say that Foursee — sometimes spelled Forshee and Forsee — is a French
surname, and that the Kentucky family came from Oiange or Chatham Co., N. C, where
some of them witnessed wills in the carlv days. — Autlior.


MULLIKJXS J\ S/IEinv COCXJT. A7- .\// V A')'. -,(57

II. Wii.i.iAM Rfssiii, Miiiikin', 1). July 5, 1845, in Missouri : 111. March
20, 1S66, in I'ielclinj;, 111., .M arv .\n\ Kuwakds, h. in Monmouth
Co., X.J., Jan. iS, 1S49. He served in the L'nion army (luring the
Civil war for three years. Now a farmer in I'ieldinj;, 111. I-our
children, all in., named as follows:
(1). Wii.iiwi Rr.ssKi.i. Mui.i,irin\ 1). March 4, 1867 : liviiij; in Indian

(2). Kmma Caroi.im; .MrM.iKiN\b. Jan. 29, 1868; lives in Fieldinj;.

(3). Paulixk Caihkrixk Mri.i.iKi\\ b. Nov. 10, 1878; m. l)i:v-

NiNG, and lives in Fielding, 111.
(4). Ida May MuLLIKIN^ b. Apr. 15, 1881 ; ni. 1'roi-kkr, and re-
sides in Fielding, 111.

HI. SusAX Taiutha Mui.likix'' b. 1845; "^- J"^l - IMI HrXXF.WF.I.I.,

(who afterwards m. her sister) in 1864, and d. in 1865, leaving two
children, /7i'///s, both of whom d.
IV. Mary Jaxe Mullikin^ b. in Ky. and d. in 111., aged two years.
V. Paulixk Morgan Mullikix'', b. in Madison Co., 111., Sept. 22, 1853,
and when only four years of age, her mother having d., she and her
sister Sara/i were sent to Ky., in care of her uncle James MuUikin,
and she was there m. to J(Jseph S. Baix, son of Joseph T. and Char-
lotte Bain of an old Virginia family, b. 1846. They resided in Trim-
ble Co., Ky., (where their children were b. ) till 1900, when they re-
moved to Rodgers Mills, Okl., the P.O. address being Grimes, Okl.,
where they "took up land." Issue as follows:
( i). NoLEMA C. Baix, b. July 20, 1872 : m. Oct. 28, 1888, Chas. Wil-
liamson. Five children.
(2). Russell G. Baix, b. May 9, 1874; m. Apr. 13, 1905, Lotta Mor-
GAX of Madison, Ind.

Naxxie Baix, b. Feb., 1876; m. Oct. 28, 1895, Leoxard S. Hack-
ney, farmer of Ky.

Scott Bain, b. Apr. 2, 1877 ; m. 1897, Eva Smith of Madison, Ind.
Lives at Berlin, Okl.
Laxdv L. Baix, b. Aug. 16, 1878.
IvA Bain, b. Sept. 10, 1879.

Addie Bain, b. Nov. 7, 1882 ; m. Oct., 189 1, Ernest Simpson.
(8). Sallie Bain, b. Apr. 17, 1885 ; m. Sept. 4, 1902, C. E. Peerv.
(9). William C. Bain, b. Aug. 15, 1887.
(10). Pauline R. Bain, b. Dec. 11, 1889.
(11). Barnie R. Baix, b. Sept. 11, 1893.
(12). Carr(jll C. Baix, b. June 9, 1S96.

6. Perry Mullikin' (1), a son of William- (1), b. in Trimble Co., Ky. : d. in
1846, aged about twenty-five years. His wife was Sarah Axx Surlinger
from Stoddard Co., Mo. She d. fifteen years ago. Four children named as
follows :

I. Priscilla Mullikin^ d. at the age of eleven.
II. Perry S. Mullikin"*, d. at the age of eight.

Note. — The author is not sure that the children of William Mullikin are placed in the
order of their births, as no dates were available.





III. Louisa Mullikin^ m. Holden Wyatt, and is now living with her chil-
dren at Indianapolis, Ind. This family have declined to furnish a full
record, though frequently requested to do so. She has a son Charles.

IV. William Scott Mullikin^ is now living at Carmel, Trimble Co.,
Ky., but he has declined to reply to letters of inquiry, and nothing
is known concerning his family.

7. Richard Dorsey MuUikin-' (1), fifth son of William- (1), b. in Trimble or
Henry Co., Ky., about 1822; m. first, Emily Adelia Coplinger, by whom
two children ; second, Comelia Mary Johnson, who d. March 21,1905, leav-
ing children and grandchildren. Mr. MuUikin, who was a farmer, d. in
1862. His children were named as follows:

I. James Franklin Mullikin'*, d. unm.

II. Olivia Jane Mullikin"*, was m. to Elisha Lyter, by whom a daugh-
ter. Second, to Edward McGlonklin, by whom she had Emily A.,
Comelia, Edward and James.

III. Van Renesellear Mullikin^, b. Sept. 6, 1867 ; m. Mary Eliza-
beth Bryan, daughter of Dr. John Bryan of Lexington, Ky., and
second, Sarah Gatewood of Trimble Co,, Ky. Mr. Mullikin is the
only surviving member of this family bearing the surname living in
the county, his residence being at or near Bedford, Ky. No children.

IV. Emily Adelia Mullikin^ m. Samuel M. Lawson and resides at
Bedford, Ky. She had issue, Covielia, Earl-Dorsey, Mabel-Alleri,

8. Priscilla Mullikin'^ (1), daughter of William- (1), b. in Henry or Trimble
Co., Ky., was m. there to Thomas O'Brien, a native of Virginia and a son of
Patrick O'Brien and Judah Alcock, his wife, who came from Ireland when
he was a lad. This family lived in her place of nativity where Mr. O'Brien
owned a plantation and held slaves, until by bad investments and by being
securitv for others, he lost heavilv. He went to Texas to locate land and in
1872 was followed by his family accompanied by Mrs. O'Brien's mother, old
Mrs. Mullikin, making the journey by steamboat down to Jefferson, where
he met them with horses. The trip to McKinney, Collin Co., Tex., was
wearisome, and the nights were passed in a tent. After their house was
burned they moved to Denison, Tex., where the father d. Nov. 16, 1878,
and the mother d. Aug. 20, 1878. These were persons of respectability and
unselfish benevolence. Children named as follows :

I. Victoria O'Brien was m. Sept. 5, 1873, to Oscar Lipscomb, at Mc-
Kinney, Tex. and settled in Tuscola, 111., where she resided three
years. Their home was burned. Mr. L. d. in Feb. 1879, and she
returned to Texas, where, June 9, 1901, she was m. to Michael T.
Davidson, a Scotchman, and is now (1905) living at Sherman, Tex.
A lady of superior intelligence and of refinement, but frail in health.

II. Hannetta O'Brien was m. to James Thompson, and when a bride
of only eight days, March 27, 1873, was thrown from a carriage by a
runaway horse when crossing a bridge, and instantly killed. She
was a loveable young lady, and deeply lamented. Her husband has
since been twice m. and lives near McKinney, Texas.

in. .\L\LiNDA O'Brien was m. to J. H. Dailey, and lives five miles from
Denison, Texas, R.F.D. No. 3.


IV. Sarah O'Hrikx was in. to M. C. 1 Iouclass aiul is livin;,' in Kain-

loop's, B. C
V. Wir.i.iAM ()'Brik\, d. when voung.


1. Harvey IVIuUikin" (1), eldest sun of James- (1), b. in Shelby Co., Ky.,
Oct. i6, i8o8; m. June 7, 1832, Miss K.mii.y Tuckkr, b. July 21, 1810, d.
Aug. 1880. She was a daughter of Clark and Margaret Tucker. I'hey lived
on a farm near Nineveii, Ind. for 24 years and then removed to town and
engaged in merchandising. After S years he removed to Piatt Co., 111., where
he was a farmer during the remainder of his days. He was of a social tem-
perament and had many warm friends. Member of the Christian church.
Time of d. not known. Nine children. See 4th generation.

2. John Mullikin'' (3), second son of James- (1), born in Shelby Co., Ky.,
Dec. 19, 1810; m. Klla D. Patterson, sister of Col. Patterson and aunt
of Elizabeth and Susan Patterson, wives of Warren Mullikin, of a distin-
guished family in Tennessee. Soon after m. John went further south and
settled at Marion, Ala., where, as a prominent citizen, he remained about
tifteen years. The climate did not agree with him and he returned to Ten-
nessee and settled between Cowan and Winchester in Franklin Co., where,
farming and speculating, he spent the remainder of his days. He d. Dec.
23, 1S69. His wife d. June 17, 1S64. Both were buried on the farm. He
was a large man of more than six feet stature and of dark complexion.. His
plantation, consisting of about two thousand acres, was inherited by his
neice, Mrs. Sally ( Mullikin) Cowan, who now resides there. There were two
children. See 4th generation.

3. Thomas Mullikin' (1), third son of James' (5), b. in Shelby Co., Ky.,
July 29, 1813; m. Apr. 11, 1835, Miss Sarah Musselman, the daughter of
Daniel and Tabitha Musselman, who was b. Jan. 4, 1821, and d. at Nineveh,
Ind., Oct. 2, 1847.* He m. second, Oct. 29, 1848, Martha Jane Alexander,
who was b. Oct. 27, 1819, in Shelby Co., K}^, and d. Jan. 29, 1895, in Col-
umbus, Kan. He lived in Williamsburg, Johnson Co., Ind., where he pur-
chased two large farms and a fine residence in town, besides several busi-
ness houses where he carried on general merchandising. His health began
to fail him in 1882, and hoping a change of climate would benefit him, he
removed to Columbus, Kan., where he d. May 6, 1883. He had never made a
public profession of religion, but in his last sickness he wished to do so, and
the Methodist pastor, Rev. Robb administered the ordinance of baptism.
His remains were carried, at his request, back to Johnson Co., Ind., and in-
terred in the familv cemeterv bv the side of his wife and daughters. He was
a man of strong domestic attachments and kind and indulgent to his chil-
dren, who, as they recall their early days at home, quote the pathetic lines:

" Backward, turn backward

O time in your flight,

Make me a child again,

Just for a night."

* There were two children in this family of whom with seventh generation.
Note — The Mullikin homestead, situated two miles east of Bement, 111., consi.st> i>i J40
acres of rich land in the midst of the main " Corn Belt " of the state. The modern country
house, commodious and attractive, and good barns and out-buildings are situated some dis-
tance from the road in a grove of soft maples.


4. Arthur Miillikin" ( 1 ), fourth son of James' ( 1 ), b. in Shelby Co., Ky., July
29, 1816; m. Elizabeth Hunter, who was b. Dec. S, 1817, and d. March
4,1831. He d. Oct. 13, 1848. Three children. His wife was also descended
from the Maryland Mullikins through Elizabeth, daughter of John' (1),
who m. WiLLLAM Hunter.

5. Warren MuUikin" (1), fifth son of James"' (1), b. in Shelby Co., Ky.,
Sept. 16, 182 1, was twice m. in Tennessee. His first wife was Elizabeth
Patterson, by whom two sons. His second wife was Susan Patterson, sister
of Elizabeth, by whom two daughters. She d. at Chapel Hill, Tenn., March
2, 1894. These ladies were neices of the wife of John Mullikin. The sub-
ject of this notice went from Indiana southward and remained a while in
Tennessee ; thence went to Marion, Ala., where he lived many years. The
climate did not agree with him and he returned to Tennessee and settled in
Marshall Co., where he d. Jan. 16, i860. He was a farmer. For records
of his four children see 6th generation.

6. James Mullikin' ( 3 ), sixth son of James^ ( 1 ), b. in Shelby Co., Ky., 182 1 ;
d. unm.

7. Rachel Mullikin'^ ( 1), eldest daughter of James^ ( 1), was b. in Henry Co.,
Ky., Feb. 13, 1823, and at the age of 18 months her mother d. and she was
carried to Johnson Co., Ind., where, March 22, 1845, she was m. to William
J. Mathes. They resided at Williamsburg, and at Franklin in Johnson Co.
Mr. Mathes was b. in Culpeper Co., Va., but came to Indiana when a boy
and with his parents settled near Edinburg. He became one of the promi-
nent men of his county. Was a merchant, liveryman, farmer, and held some
official positions. He d. Oct. 9, 1886. She d. Dec. 6, 1896. There were
three children. Acquilla /., Clara B., and Ellen S.

8. Susan Ann Mullikin'^ (2), second daughter of James'' (1), eldest child by
his second wife, was b. in Henry (or Oldham) Co., Ky., Mar. 18, 1826, was
m. in Johnson Co., Ind., May 1847, to John Tyler Ragsdale, undertaker,
who was b. in Shelby Co., Ky., Apr. 28, 1829, and d. in Indianapolis, Ind.,
Feb. 1902. Mrs. R. d. in 1853. She was the mother of four daughters,
two of whom, twins, d. in infancy. This family lived in Trafel, Md. Issue :

I. Sarah Ellen Ragsdale, b. 1848 ; d. 1850.

II. Mary Turpin Ragsdale, b. in Johnson Co., Ind., Apr. 29, 1850;
m. Aug. 18, 1868, Frost Snow-, b. in Wabash, Ind., March i, 1838;
d. Feb. 7, 1900. Merchant.

III. Alvira Ragsdale, twin, d. in infancy. The other twin daughter d.
in infancy, unnamed.

9. Nancy Mullikin'' (1), third daughter of James^'' (1), wash, in Henry Co.,
Ky., Oct. 5, 1828, and d. Feb. 23, 1858, aged about 30 years and 6 months.

10. Martha J. Mullikin" (1), fourth daughter of James^Ml)>b- i" Shelby
Co., Ky., Oct. 30, 1829, was m. Sept. 13, 1849, to David Franklin Feath-
erngill, who was b. in Jefferson Co., Ky., Aug. 7, 1828, and moved to John-
son Co., Ind., in 1829, where he and family have since resided. Address:
Franklin, Ind. Children named as follows:

I. Joseph W. Featherngill, b. June 22, 1850; d. Jan. 19, 1851.
II. James T. Featherngill, b. Nov. 21, 185 1 ; d. Jan. 15, 1852.
in. Sarah J. Featherngill, b. March 24, 1852: d. Feb. 17, 1868.


IV. Thomas H. Feathrrnoill, b. Oct. 27, 1854; m. March 4, 1879.
Nancv E. Coi.kman, at Franklin, Ind. She was b. in Fdinburj^, Ind.,
Sept. 16, 1854. They have issue.
V. Mary F. FKAriiKRXc.iu., b. Aug. 8, 1858.
VI. Susan F. FKArmiRNdii.i., b. Oct. 20, 1S62.
vir. Charles C. Feathernciilf,, b. Sept. 17, 1864; m. Oct. 7, 1885,

AvNA B. Coombs, Franklin, Ind., and has issue,
viii. JL'i.iA 1). Ff.atherncii.l, b. Sept. iS, 1868.

11. George Clark Miillikin'" (2), seventh son of James"' (1 ), 1). in Johnson
Co., Ind., June 11, 1831 ; ni. Oct. 13, 1854, Nancv Jon ks, daughter of Jona-
than and Mary Jones of Larne Co., Ky., and in 1865 moved to Bondville,
Champaign Co., 111. His first wife, by whom issue, b. June 11, 1834, d. Jan.
28, 1878, and he m. second, July 26, 1888, Corinna Hunter of Franklin,
Ind., daughter of Henry and Sarah Hunter, and granddaughter of Flizabeth
Mullikin, a sister of Mr. Mullikin's father, b. Dec. 28, 1849. Farmers. Resi-
dence, Bondville, 111. (George C. Mullikin is a large man, rising si.\ feet in
stature, and of fair comple.xion. Member M. F. church. See view of his
residence. For children's names see 7th generation.

12. Sarah Mullikin' ( 1), fifth daughter of James'" ( 1 ), b. in Johnson Co.,
Ind. : was m. to Mace Kirby, and — Moon. She is living with her son in


13. James Warner Mullikin" (4), eighth son of James'' (1), b. in Johnson
Co., Ind., Oct. II, 1835; m. CArHERiNE Henrv Miller, who was b. in
Floydsburg, Jefferson Co., Ky., Aug. 10, 1858, being the daughter of S. F.
Miller and Bithany Jean Miller. He settled near Franklin, Ind., and on
Feb. 25, 1862, they moved to Champaign Co., 111., where they remained
until March i, 1870, when they removed to Douglas Co. On Feb. 11, 1886,
they left the farm and settled in Areola, where they have since resided. His
principal occupation has been farming. There were nine children, of whom
with 7th generation.

14. William Vickeman Mullikin'' (4), ninth son of James'' (1), was b. in
Johnson Co., Ind., May 6, 1837 ; m. Jan. 3, 1S61, AIartha Milla Snow,
daughter of Mitchell and Katherine Snow, who d. May 26, 1887. Resi-
dence, Franklin, Ind. Formerly a farmer. These had five children, of
whom with 6th generation.

15. Huron Prosyth Mullikin'"' (1), tenth son of James' (1), was b. in Johnson
Co., Ind., Dec. S, 1S39; m. Aug. 12, 1869, Huldah A. Mullenkore, the
eldest daughter of Lewis and Harriet, b. Feb. 1850. He served in the 7th
Ind. Reg't. from Sept. 1861, to Sept. 1S64 — three years — in the Union army
during the Civil war. He now lives on a farm a few miles from Franklin.
Ind. \'ery clever, kind and sociable. Eleven children were born to him.

16. Joseph Mullikin'' ( 1 ), eleventh son of James' (1 ), was b. in Johnson Co.,
Ind., Oct. 17, 1841. He was in the 7th Ind. Infy., and d. Feb. 27, 1862,
unm. at Cumberland, Ind., with measles.

17. Elizabeth Mullikin" (2), sixth daughter of James'" (1), was b. in Johnson
Co., Ind., 1844 ; was m. to Wiiiiam Kerr, and settled in I'nionville, Ind.,
where she now resides.


iS. Mary Louisa Mullikin" (1), seventh daughter of James^ (1), b. in John-
son Co., IncL, Jan. 1S46; was m. Feb. 18, 1864, to Robert R. Hunt, and
resides in Franklin, Ind. Children named as follows:

I. William F. Hunt, b. Jan. 13, 1865 ; m. Nov. 27, 1898, to Etta Webb.
II. Georgia B. Hunt, b. Oct. 13, 1872 ; m. Sept. 28, 1893, to John N.

III. Frank R. Hunt, b. Feb. 6, 1875 ; unm.

_$^ebcntb 6cncration.


1. George MiiUikin" (2), eldest son of George'' (2), b. in Trimble Co., Ky. ;
d. there in 1853, aged 21, single, and was buried in Henry Co., Ky.

2. William Graves MuUikin' (2), second son of George^ (2), b. in Trimble
Co., Ky., year 1838; m. Perlina McDole of Carroll Co., Ky., three miles
from Prestonville, Dec. 12, 1868, and is a farmer living near the town named.
They had twelve children whose names follow :

I. Matilda Mullikin®, twin, b. Nov. 13, 1869.

II. Elizabeth Mullikin**, twin, b. Nov. 13, 1869; m. James Egerton
at her father's home Apr. 20, xS8o, and resides three miles from ^W\-
ton, Trimble Co., Ky. He is a farmer. Eight children :

(i). Edgar Egerton, b. Feb. 17, 1889.
(2). Samuel Egerton, b. July 12, 1891.
(3). Maggie Egerton, b. Nov. 9, 1893.
(4). Mary Egerton, b. June 19, 1895.
(5). Bertha Egerton, b. Aug. 27, 1897.
(6). Esther Egerton, b. Nov. 30, 1899.
(7). Crowelle Egerton, b. Aug. 7, 1901,
(8). Velma M. Egerton, b. Dec. 15, 1903.

III. Lena Mullikin^ b. Dec. 25, 187 1 ; m. Jan. 12, 1891, George Eger-
ton, brother of James, and lives near Milton, Trimble Co., Ky., on
a farm. Eight children.

(i). Hallie Egerton, b. Dec. 18, 1891 ; d. Aug. 8, 1898.
(2), Clarence Egerton, b. June 20, 1893.
(3), Roy Egerton, b. March 10, 1895.
(4). Helen Egerton, b. June 26, 1898,
(5). Howard Egerton, b. Feb. 18, 1900.
(6). Josephine Egerton, b. May 11, 1902; d. June 7, 1902.
(7). Janel William Egerton, b. Sept. 9, 1903.
(8). Lucy Ethel Egerton, b. Nov. 15, 1904.
IV. Grunday Mullikin^, b. Jan. 31, 1873.
v. Charles Mullikin^ b. Feb. 24, 1875.

VI. Price Mullikin^ b. March 14, 1877; m. Nov. 30, 1902, Tessa
Abbott, near Palmyra, Ky., on a farm. Florid complexion. Lives
seven miles from Prestionville, Ky. One child,
(i). Egglean Mullikin, b. Aug. 6, 1903.
VII. ScoTTiE Mullikin^ b. Nov. 2, 1881 ; d. Sept. 18, 1897.

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