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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 80 of 109)
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Co., Md., Dec. 7, 181 1 ; m. Charlotte Strander, b. Nov. 20, 1812, in
Mason Co., Ky., and d. in Robertson Co., Ky., May, 1875. He d. July 7,
1876, in same place. Buried in Sardis, Ky. Mr. Mullikin removed with
parents to Ky. when a child, and reached maturity there. He was a farmer
and at one time kept a hotel at "Mitchell's old water mill." Once lived at Pea
Ridge in Robertson Co., Ky. Heavy made man with black hair. Member
of the Christian church. Wife, a Baptist. Six children. See 6th generation.

I. Mathis Mullikin'^, b. May 30, 1843 ; ^^'^^ in the army during Civil
war; d. May 18, 1864, in Robertson Co., Ky.

II. Elias S. Mullikin', twin, b. Dec. 5, 1845; ""■• ^I-^RV J. Sullivan;
d. in Clark Co., Ky., and left children named EIo/izo, Martha S.,
Clary Laura, Estella, Jeimy, S 11 key, Lizzie.

in. Elizabeth Mullikin", twin, b. Dec. 5, 1845 ; m. Ros. Prathers in
1862, and d. in Mason Co., Ky., leaving live children: Sarah T.,
John S., James W., Williavi S., George T., and girt d.
IV. Samuel J. Mullikin'', b. June 1847 ; m. Amanda Ons, and lives in
Scott Co., Ky. He owned a farm in Adams Co., O., but sold out and
returned to Georgetown, Ky., in 1906. Had thirteen children named :
Earley, Martha S., Charlotte, Maggie, Aaron, James, BeJiJamin, Free-
man, Willie, Jenny. 'l\vo d.


V. Marv S. Miti.i.ikin", b. Feb. 28,1848: in. .\\ri)^ Srr.vF.vsuN, kS68;

living at Mt. .Stirling, Ky. Xu is.sue.
\i. .M.\RTH.\ .\. MuLLiKiN', b. Feb. 22,1853: in. (iKoRc.K McKenzik,
1873, in Robertson Co., Ky., and had .seven children: /o/in, Samui-/,
Mary D., .t/onzo, C/iar/cs, Amos, Xettie and Jciinu-. One d.

5. Thomas Mullikin'' (2), son of .\rchibald'' ( 2), ni. I'oi.i.v Mkkks, daughter
of John .\le.\antler Meeks of Nicholas ("o., Ky. He resided in Harri.son,
Robertson, and Pendleton C'o's, Ky., but removed to Scotland Co., Mo., in
1S81. He d. June 25, 1897, aged 80 years and 18 da\s. Mrs. Mullikin is
now living in Enid, Oklahoma, aged 84 years. Eight ( iiildren named as
follows :

I. \ViLLi.\M Jackson Mullikin", in army, d. aged 21.

II. Sarah A. Mullikin".

III. Thomas Mullikin".

IV. Emerv Whittaker Mullikin".
V. .\ris Wkslev Mullikin".

vi. Gkorgk Washington Mullikin".

vii. Mary Harden Mullikin", aged 22 years.

VIM. Jess^,e Simons Mullikin".

IX. John Morgan Mullikin".

4. William Mullikin'' (2), youngest son of Archibald-^ (2), b. 1830: m. Maria
Kenton, daughter of William Kenton, and full cousin of the famous scout.
Gen. Simon Kenton. Her mother was Jane Burden. The Kentons lived
near Blue Lick Springs. William d. Apr. 10, 1894, and his widow m. J(jhn
Tudor and is now living at Mt. Olivet, Ky., at the age of 76. Mr. M. was
a low, heavy-set man, fair, with blue eyes. Children as follows :

I. IsABELL Mullikin", m. John D. Curtis; dec.

II. Julia A. Mullikin", m. John W. Dwellv ; dec.

III. Mary Thomas Mullikin", m. Perry Dwelly : dec.

IV. Elizabeth Mullikin", m. James Riggs ; living.

V. RoxY M. Mullikin", m. George Wallace, and lives in Frogtown,

5. Nancy Mullikin'' (3), daughter of Archibald'^ (2), m. J.acob Swarts of
Nicholas Co., Ky., and removed to Shelby Co., Mo. Her husband d. in
middle life and she m. second, Mr. Bell, who soon d. She is deceased.
Several Swarts children.

6. Eliza Mullikin*' (1), daughter of Archibald'^ (2), m. a Mr. Mills, who d.
and she m. George Swaris by whom three sons and one daughter, viz. :
Frances, Marion, Andrcu< Jackson, Joscpli Daniel z.ViA Margaret, who m. Har-
vey Weaver. The sons are living at Mt. Stirling, Ky.

7. Elizabeth Mullikin" (4), daughter of Archibald^ (2), m. James Fergu
Son near Lower lUue Lick Springs, Ky., by whom John, Archibald and
Jefferson. All have deceased. John was m. and two daughters, Kate and
Nancy, live at Ewing, Ky.


I. James S. Mullikin'' (4), son of James'^ (2), b. in Montgomery Co., Md.,
Aug. 16, 1823; m. Feb. 18, 1844, at Clark's Oreek, Grant Co., Ky., Char-
lotte Leach, daughter of Alfred and Marv (Zin) Leach, and .settled in


Pendleton Co., Ky., as a planter. He served in the 7th Ky. Cavalry during
the Civil war. He d. Apr. i, 1901. His widow, b. July 9, 1S26, is now
living at Boyd, Ky. . She is a woman of remarkable memory and has con-
tributed much data for this work. Children named as follows :
I, Mary F. Mullikin'^, b. Dec. 2, 1846; is at home, single.
II. John E. Mullikin", b. Apr. 14, 1847 ; m. Lue Burnett, and has
Eddit^, Ca/Iie^, Erme^, A/ice^, and Charlotte^.

III. Alpheus MULLIK.IN*, b. Sept. 24, 185 1 ; m. Ruth Moore, and has
one child, MoIUc.

IV. Elizabeth Mullikin', b. June 14, 1854. Twin.

V. Ann Mullikin", b. June. 14, 1854; m. Joe Cooper, and has Lotta,
Car ley, and Mary.

VI. Nancy V. Mullikin*, b. May 26, 1856; m. Charles Barrows.
VII. Martha Mullikin", b. July 3, 1858; m. Richard Haley, and has,

Bertha, Lydia, Maggie and riola.
viii. James Mullikin'', b. Apr. 20, i860. No more of his history.
IX. William Mullikin", b. Sept. 18, 1863; m. Grant McGinniss and

has, Lofta^, Anna^, and Willie^.
. X. Henson Mullikin", b. Apr. 21, 1866; m. Letha Kennedy and has,

James B.^, Mattie T.^, and Columbus^.
XI. Rain E. Mullikin^, b. March 12, 1868; m. Jefferson Bailey, and

has, /a?nes and Arthur.

2. Henson H. Mullikin*' (1), second son of James® (2), b. in Mason Co., Ky.,
Aug. 7, 1829 ; m. 1849, Josephine Dunn, b. in Harrison Co., Ky., Sept. 20,
1833, and lived "on the Joe Dunn farm," on the Leesburg road, in Grant
Co., Ky., where he d. Sept. 8, 1870. Mrs. Mullikin is living with her chil-
dren in Greensburg, Ind. Issue as follows :

I. Sidna Mullikin", b. June 6, 185 1 ; m. Joseph P. Davenport, b. in
Richmond, Va., in 1854, and lives at Berry, Grant Co., Ky. She has,
Mary, b. Jan. 11, 1893, and Martha, b. July 26, 1895.

II. Joseph V. Mullikin", b. June 7, 1853 ; m. Luty Scott, and lives at

Kansas City, Mo.
III. William Mulllikin'', b. Sept. 30, 1855; d. Oct. 17, i860.
IV. Mary E. Mullikin", b. May 18, 1858; m. D. G. McCormick in

1886, and d. Sept. 27, 1902. Issue: William, \). March 18, 1889;

Marson, b. July 13, 1891 ; Rosie M., b. Nov. 22, 1898 ; d. Jan. 28,1899.
V. Benjamin Mullikin'', b. May 11, i860. He lives with his mother at

Greensburg, Ind.

VI. Hence N. Mullikin'', b. Nov. 24, 1862 ; lives with his mother at
Greensburg, Ind.

3. Mary Smith Mullikin'^ (1), daughter of James'^ (2), b. in Mason Co., Ky.,
Sept. 30, 1818 ; m. William H. O'Neal of Grant Co., Ky. ; b. Aug. 16, 18 18,
and d. July 22, 1892, aged 74. Mr. O'Neal d. in July, 1898. Children named
as follows :

I. Urana S. O'Neal, b. Apr. 18, 1840; m. Sept. 25, 1856, a Mr. Bur-
roughs of Corinth, Ky.

II. Mary Ellen O'Neal, b. Feb. 22, 1842.
III. Elizabeth E. O'Neal, b. Feb. 6, 1844.


IV. Georgia Ann O'Nkai,, b. Jan. 20, 1848. )

V. JAMES M. O'Ni-Ar., b. Jan. 20, 1848. j- l\^"i.s

VI. Jlu.ia a. O'Nkai, h. Oct. 20, 1854.

VII. Adaline O'Neal, 1). Oct. 17, i860.

4. Elizabetli Mullikin" (3), dau-,Miter of James' (2), in. James Kii.di.e and
livetl in (Jrant Co., Ky. She left children. Son, /(?;//<■>• RiilJU.

5. Emily Mullikin'"' (1), daughter of James' ( 2 ), m. James Morcan of (Irant
Co., Ky., and had issue. Her son, Henry MoiXixn, Corinth, Ky.

6. Ann Mullikin" (1), daughter of James"' (2), m. James Boone of the .same
race of Daniel Boone, the pioneer and scout. No record of children.


1. Leonard Mullikin'(l), eldest son of Willianv' (2), b. in Montgomery Co.,
Md. ; m. Dorcas Wheatley, and settled in Nicholas Co., Ky., where he
remained as a farmer, and where his family was brought up. Late in life
he removed to Ray Co., Mo., where he probably d. Issue as follows :

I. Mary Ann Mullikin^, m. Thomas VanCamp.

11. Lydia Mullikin^ m. John Wheeler,

hi. Elizabeth Mullikin", m. James Henry.

IV. Thomas Mullikin".

V. Philip MullikinI

2. William Mullikin" (2), second son of William^ (2), b. in Montgomery
Co., Md. : m. Matilda Wiggin and lived in Nicholas Co., Ky., as a farmer.
Children named as follows :

I. Luther Mullikin", m. Emerline Suit, and removed to Lane, Ks.

Has issue.
II. Jane Mullikin'', m. John Wiggin.

III. Leonard Mullikin", m. Bettie Stoker.

IV. Mary Ellen Mullikin", m. Aris Curtis.
v. Susan Mulukix", m. Nelson Sledd.

VI. Ruth Mullikin", m. John Collins.

VII. Melissa Mullikin", m. William Wells.

VIII. Josephine Mullikin", m. James Barnett.

IX. Julia Mullikin', m. James May.

X. Lucius D. Mullikin", m. Lizzie Bradley.

XI. David Mullikin", m. Laura Wheatley.

XII. Leander Mullikin", m. Miss Dodson.

3. Moses A. Mullikin'' (l), third son of William-^ (1), b. in Montgomery Co.,
Md. ; m. Mary Prater, and settled in Nicholas Co., Ky., where he was a
farmer. Children named as follows :

I. Richard B. Mullikin", m. Emily Jackson, d.

H. Mason Mullikin", m. Mary E. Wheeler.

in. Ross P. Mullikin', m. Mary J. Jackson; d.

IV. Erancis p. Mullikin", m. Mary E. Wilson.

V. Thomas M. Mullikin", m. Jane Bentley and Ellen Bentley.

VI. Benton Mullikin", m. Erances Chandler.


vii. William F. Mullikin'', m. Martha S. Mullikin.

VIII. RuKUS H. Mullikin". Single in 1907.

IX. Dalice B. Mullikin", m. William Cole.

X. Susan M. Mullikin", m. Bknnett Dynes.

4. Francis Mullikin'"' (1), fourth son of William'^ (1), b. in Montgomery Co.,
Md., Feb. 24, 181 2 ; removed to Mason Co., Ky., with his father's family in
early life and spent nearly all of his days there as a farmer. He m. Susan
Mary Wilson, daughter of Ephraim Wilson, b. at Mayslick, Mason Co., Ky.,
Feb. 8, 18 1 6, and spent nearly their whole lives near Sardis. He d. Jan.
17, 1881 ; his wife d. May 12, 1890. Children's names as follows:

I. Infant son Mullikin", b. July 9, 1836; d. unnamed.

II. Ephraim H. Mullikin", b. July 4, 1837 ; m. Oct. 8, 1851, Nancy
Steere ; d. in 1899; no issue.

III. Thomas B. Mullikin", b. June 28, 1840; d. an infant.

IV. Infant daughter Mullikin", b. May 8, 1842 ; d. unnamed.

v. Ann E. Mullikin", b. July 4, 1843 ; m. Sept. 11, 1858, Levi Wheeler

by whom two children. He d. and she m. G. A. Coil, by whom four

children. She is dec. Children: .-://77?// (Wheeler), Z^z//r(? (Wheeler),

Clarence, Viola, Frank and Andreiv (Coils).

VI. Mary Jane Mullikin'', b. July 11, 1846; d. Oct. 21, 1859.

VII. Arabell Mullikin'^, b. July 21, 1849; m. David Lawrence; both

d. ; she d. Feb. 6, 1888.
VIII. Francis A. Mullikin", b. May 19, 1852 ; m. Apr. 5, 18 — Nancy L.
Madden; d. March 21, 1901. He also d. Five children.
IX. Martha S. Mullikin^ b. March 18, 1856; m. Apr. 11, 1888, W. F.

Mullikin, and lives at Sardis, Mason Co., Ky. Three children.
X. William H. Mullikin", b. Feb. 16, 1859; m. Oct. 21, 1880, Lucy
A. Wilson, dec. Four children.

XI. Nancy W. Mullikin", b. Feb. 16, 1859; d. Oct. 20, 1872. Twin to

5. Jane Mullikin" (1), daughter of William^ (l), and first wife, b. in Mont-
gomery Co., Md., (?) was m. in Mason Co., Ky., to Richard Overbay, and
lived in Nicholas Co., Ky. Children : James, Oscar, Henry, Angeline, Mary,
Frank, Laura and Richard.

6. Martha Mullikin'"' (1), daughter of William'^ (l), and second wife, b. in
Mason Co., Ky., was m. in Mason Co., Ky., to Samuel Fulton, lived in
Nicholas Co, Ky., and had a son Walter.

7. Lewis E. Mullikin'^ (3), youngest son of William^ (1), b. in Mason Co.,
Ky. ; m. Sarah Ellis and is now living in Robertson Co., Ky. He is a
man of giant build, standing six feet six inches in his socks. He once lived
in Clay Co., Mo., on the farm of Mrs. Samuels, the mother of the noted out-
laws, Frank and Jesse James, and there are some incidents connected with
his associations with them worth recording. His children named as follows :

I. Leonora Agnes Mullikin'', m. Sloof.

II. Thomas Mullikin", m. Collins.

III. Walter Mullikin'', m. Humphrey.

IV. Alonzo Mullikin'', m. Dotson.



VI. Emkri.ink Mui.i.iKiN', m. CamkroxN.

vn. Maria Mim.mkin", m. Lawson,


Lewis Mullikin has sixty-one ^grandchildren.


1. Francis Mullikin" (2), son of Zedic'" (1).

2. William Mullikin'' (4), son of Zedic^ (1).

3. Charlotte Mullikin'' (2), daughter of Zedie (1).


ifHullicans in fiiiiscj) tflount]), ilcntuchn,


John MuUican^ (1 ), whose parentage is unknown, may be properly designated
the head of this branch of the Kentucky family. His descendents are quite
sure that he was a native of North Carolina, but the author inclines to the
belief that he was born in Montgomery Co., Md., as this branch of the
" Western Shore " family of Mullikins were in the habit of spelling their sur-
name " Mullican." He was, however, a resident of South Carolina at the
time of his removal to Casey Co., Ky. He may have been one of the "twenty
brothers ' of whom tradition says eighteen reached maturity and became the
lusty progenitors of a mighty Mullican host in the southern states. It seems
probable that he was a relative, in no remote degree, of the other Mullikin
and Mullican families that removed from North to South Carolina ; and we
know they originated in Maryland.

The Mullikins were clanish, and this John may have been induced by his
kinsmen who preceded him, to remove to Kentucky. While investigating
this man's history, for some time it seemed probable that he and a John
Mullikin, a soldier of the Revolution who settled in Shelby Co., Ky., were
identical. Both were in the state at contemporary dates. A more careful
study of the family records in comparison with data found in the archives
at Frankfort, Ky., and in the army rolls and pension records at Washing-
ton, has convinced the author that they were not identical. Although the
names Mullikin and Mullicafi were used interchangeably in the public re-
cords through errors in the spelling by scribes, it is significant that the
families themselves have universally continued to use the orthography by
which their immediate ancestors were designated. The posterity of John
Mullikin who removed from Spotsylvania Co., Va., to Shelby Co., Ky.,
and now so numerous in the west, spell their name Midlikin ; while the
descendants of the John who settled in Casey Co., Ky., have spelled theirs

This John Mullican was living in Casey Co., Ky., as early as 1818, and
is supposed to have come from North Carolina in company with his son
Solomon several years previous to that date. He was located on Knoblick
Creek, in the Green river valley and on the county road between Somerset
and Middleburg. His grandchildren remember the ruins of the foundation
of his house and of playing in childhood days with fragments of the bricks
which once composed his chimney. The farm is now owned by Mr. Leslie
Carman. Polly Elmore, an oracle in the family, says John Mullican went
to Warren Co., Tenn., with his sons John and William, but his descendants
there have no knowledge of his living in that state. His widow, however,
whose maiden name is believed to have been Nancy Ann Allen, d. at the
home of her son John in Warren Co., Tenn., when very aged.

This pair had no less than eight children whose names and history, as
far as known, will follow. In but few instances, have any vital records been
found in this family and, consequently, their genealogy will be deficient in
dates of births, marriages and deaths.


1. Solomon Mullican'^ (1), a son of John* (l), b. in So. Carolina, Sept. i,
1784; m. Naxcv Ridckway, ( b. June 28, 1784) Feb. 3, 1804, and .settled
first in Lincoln Co., Ky., where he remained till 1818, when he removed to
Casey Co., Ky., between Somerset and Middleburg, where, in 1822, he built
a large, hewed-timber dwelling which is still standing but used as a store-
house by Mr. Durham, who owns the farm. Here he lived until his death
which occurred Nov. 17, 1871. His wife d. in Jan. iSSo. Thev were
buried in a small lot not far from the house. He was a prudent and' indus-
trious farmer, a member of the Christian church, and a man whose upright
character won the esteem of his neighbors. He was verv t;\ll and of hiir
complexion. Eleven children. See 6th generation.

2. John Mullican' (2), a son of John^ (l), removed from the (.reenville
district. So. Carolina, in 1818, to Warren Co., Tenii. He located on the
level lands in the northern section of the county, and the neighborhood was
afterward called "The Mullican Settlement." John's homestead was .some
four miles southw'est from that of his brother William. He m. M.\rv BRLfCK
by whom five children ; second, Nancy Tarwatter by whom four children.
^Ir. Mullikin was of medium size, of dark complexion and cross-eyed. Time
of d. unknown.

3. William MulUcan^^ (1), son of John^ (l), b. in So. Carolina, removed to
Warren Co., Tenn., in 1818 and located on a mountain stream near " .Adam
Tittle's mill," about four miles northeast from the homestead of his brother
John, just mentioned. He m. four times; first wife was Wii, moth Bruce
by whom nine children ; he m. second, " an old widow woman," Elizabeth
FuSTON, who had raised a family. He m. thirdly, "an old maid" named
Elizabeth Smith, who, dying, he m. lastly, " an old widder woman " named
Fraxky Barnes ; both were rising 80. Well done ! Willam Mullican survived
until 84 years of age and his widow until she was nearly 100. He was tall,
large, and of dark complexion. For names of children see 6th generation.

4. James Mullican"' (l), son of John* (l), removed to Indiana when a young
man. He was probably b. in South Carolina. His wife was named Lamb,
sister of Frazer Lamb who lived on Noblick Creek in Casey Co., Ky., where
he was evidently m. A son, James Mullican^ w'ho visited relatives in Ky.,
is remembered. This is all we know of his family.

5. Thomas Mullican' (l), a son of John* (l), b. in South Carolina. Said to
have settled in Tenn.

5. Ning Mullican'^ (1), a son of John* (l), b. in South Carolina, is supposed
to have settled in Tenn.

6. Nancy Mullican^ (!)» a daughter of John* (l), b. in So. Carolina, was m.
to John Vickers, a soldier of the Revolution, and lived in Tenn.; and letters
were received from her by relatives in Ky. She was one of John's oldest
children. She did not live in Kentucky.

Note. — Xancy Ridgeway, who became the wife of Solomon Mullican, was b. in Vir-
ginia and was carried by her father, .Samuel Ridgeway, and her mother, Millie Phillips,
to .So. Carolina when six years of age. The mother of Samuel Ridgeway was Charity
Hendrix. The mother of Millie Phillips was Catherine Bastin.


7. Sally Mullicaii' (1), a daughter of Johir* (l), b. in So. Carolina, was m.
to William Carr and lived in Ky. until children reached maturity; then
removed to Alabama.*

.^ivtb (!5cncrution.


1. John Mullican'' (3), eldest son of Solomon^ (l), b. in So. Carolina, July
25, 1805 ; m. Nacy Winnaford and d. near Dallas, Tex., to which state he
removed from Ky., in early life. He had a large family. He d. in 1873.

2. Elizabeth Mullican" (l), eldest daughter of Solomon'^ (l), b. in Lincoln
Co., Ky., Feb. 27, 1808 ; m. Rile Morgan, and removed to Burnam, Tex.,
where she d. in Apr. 1900. Her children were named, William, Solomon,
James, Dorcas, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary.

3. Lindsey Mullican^ (1), second daughter of Solomon^ (1), b. in Lincoln
Co., Ky., June 6, 1810; m. Jane Burns and removed to 111., where she d.
A daughter, Matilda, lived in Greencastle, Ind.

4. Solomon Mullican" (2), second son of Solomon" (1), b. in Lincoln Co.,
Ky., Feb. 13, 1813; d. in Casey Co., Ky., Apr. 15, 1851.

5. Dovinda Mullican'^ (1), third daughter of Solomon^ (l), b. in Lincoln
Co., Ky., May 6, 1815; m. John Hatter and removed to Dallas, Tex.,
where she d. in 1872. Issue: George, Sifiipson, James, Mary and Emily.

6. Syltira Mullican*' (1), fourth daughter of Solomon'^ (l),b. in Lincoln Co.,
June 22, 1816; was m. in 1855, to Lindsey Black, brother of Calvin and
Moses Black who m. her sisters, and d. Oct. 5, 1904. Lindsey d. Oct. 10,

1895. He had m. previously and raised a large family. By Syltira, one son,
I. Andrew J. Black b. Apr. 28, 1857; m. Apr. 21, 1875, Josephine

Perkins, b. Feb. 14, 1859, d. Feb. 7, 1897. He m. July 26, 1899,
Bettie Carmichal, b. Dec. 22, 1869. Residence, Yosemite, Ky.

7. Louisa Mullican" (l), fifth daughter of Solomon^ (1), b. in Casey Co., Ky.,
July 12, 1819 ; m. Eli Stanburry, son of David and Rachel Hoalman Stan-
burry, natives of Virginia, early settled in Kentucky, b. 1815 ; d. Apr. 7,

1896. She d. March 26, 1899. eight children named as follows:

I. Malinda Stanburry, b. Dec. 23, 1843 ; m. Miles Anderson of

Casey Co., Ky.
II. Nancy I. Stanburry, d. in infancy.

III. Polly Stanburry, b. Nov. 9, 1849 ; m. George W. Elmore of Green
Co., Ky., and lives at Chelf, Ky. She and her husband are members
of the Christian church and he an elder. Mrs. Elmore is a woman
possessing a remarkable memory of family connections and has con-
tributed much information for this book.

IV. Alexander Stanburry, b. Apr. 6, 185 1 ; m. Margaretta Thomas
of Casey Co., Ky.; lives at Humphrey, Ky.

V. Patsey Jane Stanburry, b. June 6, 1853; d. Feb. 6, 1880.
VI. Elizabeth Stanburry, b. July 5, 1855 ; m. George W. Henson of
Casey Co., Ky. ; lives at Chelf, Ky.

*John Mullican had other daughters whose names and history are unknown.


VII. (Ikorc.k W. SiANMURRV, b. Nov. 9, 1861 ; m. KriA Raburn and lives
at Humphrey, Ky.

VIII. David Stanhurry, b. Sept. 7, 1S66; dec.

8. Polly Mullican'"' (1), sixth daughter of Solomon'' (l), b. in Casey Co.,
Ky., Dec. 23, 1822; m. Mosks Black ami d. in l-'retlonia, Ks., in 190J. A
son, Dr. John S. Black, is in Mason, Ks.

9. Patsey Jane Mullican'' (l), twin tlaughter of Solomon''' (1), b. in Ca.sey
Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1824; m. Joshua RoHKRrs; d. in said Co. in 1858. Son,
John S. Roberts.

10. Anna Mullican'"' (l), twin daughter of Solomon'' (l), b. in Casey Co.,
Ky., Feb. lo, 1824; m. John Newell of Hartwell, Ky. Son, Hardin
Ncjvell. She is d.

11. Matilda Mullican'"' (l), youngest daughter of Solomon'' (i), b. in Casey
Co., Ky., (record lost) m. Calvin Black, and d. near Dallas, 'I'e.x., in 1852.

Solomon Mulligan had fifty-six grandchildren.


I. John Mullican'' (3), a son of John'^ (2 ), b. in 1804 ; m. Mary Washington
Rowland, and removed from Tenn, to Davies Co., Mo., in 1835. He entered
a quarter section of timber land ten miles north of the county seat, where
he was surrounded by panthers, wolves, and wild-cats, and plenty of deer
and wild turkeys for food game. He was a great hunter and with his rifle
and traps provided much for his family. He wore bullock skin trousers, a
deerskin hunting frock with hair on, and a coonskin cap. He and his
wife were members of the Baptist church, and he was an exhorter and local
preacher. He d. in 1858-9; his widow in Feb. 1881. There were twelve
children and forty grandchildren.


I. Mary Ann Mullican m. a Mr. Pell and d. when 71 years of age.

Did not leave issue.
II. William Mulligan d. in Colorado, leaving a wife and eight children.

Was in the army three years during the Civil war.

III. FxiZABETH Mullican m. a Mr. Natiaus and d. in Davies Co., Mo.,
leaving four children.

IV. Manly M. Mulligan d. in Davies Co., Mo., leaving one child.
V. Jackson Mulligan d. in Davies Co., Mo., unm., aged 21 years.

vi. David Mulligan d. in Davies Co., Mo., unm., aged 18 years.
VII. James Mulligan was killed while in the Union army by "Bush-
whackers" in Clay Co., Mo. Had .served eighteen months. His
mother's chief support ; unm.

VIII. Sophia Mulligan m. a Mr. Thompson and is living in Missouri,
with issue.

IX. Levi Mulligan m. and moved to Oklahoma. Has eight children.
X. John Mulligan is single, living on Pond Creek, (Jkla.
XI. Benjamin Mulligan d. in Kansas, leaving a widow, childless.
XII. DiADAMA Mulligan m. Robert Rowland her cousin, and d. 1SS7,
leaving a husband and eight children at CofTeeburg, Mo.


2. Janes Mullican^ (2), a son of John^^ (2), m. Mary Wormack and lived
at McMinnville, Warren Co., Tenn. He had a family of nine children viz :

Johif, William Jf'.', Mary', Angeline', AnniP, Levi', Luci/ii/a', James RP,
and Susafi/ia'.

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