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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 81 of 109)
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3. William Mullican*'' (2), a son of John' (2), m. his cousin Jincy Mulli-
gan, and lived at McMinnville, Tenn,

4. Mary Mullican''' (2), a daughter of John' (2), m. William Wormack and
lived at McMinnville, Tenn. Her children named y^f////, William, Solomon,
Abner, Anna, Mary, Susan, Jack, Elias, Arrey and Marian.

5. Susanna Miillican" (1), a daughter of John' (2), m. Arrey Wormack
and lived at McMinnville, Tenn. Her nine children were John, Nancy,
Mary, Pelina, Willia7n, Isaac, Sarah A., Asenafh and Jane.


6. Solomon T. Mullican'^ (2), son of John' (2), m. Miriam Webb and lived
at Minnville, Tenn. Children's names, Hannah', Nancy', John J'., Harold
B'., Mary'', Saralf, £va?i'', Martha' and Irene' .

7. Anderson F. Miillican" (l), son of John' (2), m. Mary Potter and lived
at McMinnville, Tenn. Children named, Kirsey'', Elizabeth', John D'.,
Frank' , TJiomas', Hannah' , Martha"', James' , and William' .

8. Sally Mullican*^ (1), daughter of John' (2), m. William W. Cantrell,
and lived at McMinnville, Tenn. Her children named, Tia://^, Nancy, Susanna,
Mary, Melvina, John, Cleveland and William S.

9. Nancy A. Mullican'' (1), daughter of John' (2), m. Abram C. Potter of
McMinnville, Tenn. Children, Willia?n C. and/. B.


I. John Greenberry MuUican'^ (4), eldest son of William' (1), m. Sarah
Barnes, lived in Warren Co., Tenn., and had eleven children.

I. Eliza Mullican^ m. James Stuart.
II. Malinda Mullican'^ m. Thomas Womack.

III. LoRiCA Mulligan'^ m. George W. Smith.

IV. William W. Mullikin''' m. Lucinda Womack and is now living at
Rock Island, Tenn. He was b. March 20, 1820. His wife d. 15 years
ago. Farmer and wagon maker. Is suffering from paralysis, but
writes a fair hand. Raised eight children, named as follows :

(i). William Mulligan^, d. in infancy.

(2). Sarah Mulligan^, deceased.

(3). Anna Mulligan^, living at home, single.

(4). Mary J. Mulligan^, m. Harry Patton and had four children.

(5). Martha Mulligan", m. Louis Pedgo.

(6). Elizabeth Mulligan^, deceased.

(7). Jeremiah Mulligan**, m. Elvira Hampton and has three children,

Elizabeth, Elvira and HamJ.
(8). Nancy Mulligan*, m. Napolean B. Green, (dec.) and has five

children. Shady, Elizabeth, Lucinda, Vacy and Williajn.
(9). John G. Mulligan*, m. Martha Mulligan, a relative.


V. Li'ciNDA Mii.i.iCAN' m. Pendlktdn SrUARl'.

.VI. Jeremiah C. Mulligan" m. W'ii.moih Mulligan.

VII. Joiix J. Mulmcan" m. Mary Taylor.

VIII. George P. Mulligan" m. Miciial Paoe.

IX. Minerva B. Mulligan" m. Lugind Atnip.

X. Nangv Mulligan'' m. Wa.shinoton Taylor.

XL James L. Mulligan" m. Same .\llev.

2. William Miillican" (3), .second .son of William' (i), m. Mary 'I'ittle.

3. Allen MullicaiV' (l), third son of Willianr' (1), m Susan I'"ust(jn.

4. James Mullican" (2), fourth son of William'' (l), m. Jane Durham.

5. Jeremiah MuUican'' (l), fifth son of William' (l), d. a single man.

6. Jane Mullican" (2), daughter of Willianr (l), m. William Mulligan.
She was called "Jinsey."

7. Sarah Mullican*'' (2), daughter of William'"' (T), m. William .SrEMitRiDf.E.
S. Nancy Mullican'' (2), daughter of Willianr' (l), m, James Brister.

9. Wilmotb Mullican" (l), daughter of Willianr' (l), m. James Bruge.

John Mullican, b. in Greene Co., Ky., 1798, was m. in Anderson Go., Tenn.,
to Rhoda Norman. He resided in Knox and Anderson counties, (Tenn.)
about 20 years and in St. P'rances Co., Mo., 14 years. Since 1861, lived at
Karbos Ridge, Hardin Co., 111., where he applied for pension March 1884,
aged 86. He claimed to have been in Capt. Gibson's Co., in Capt. John
Jones' Co., and in Capt. Hugh Barton's Co., all in the Tenn. militia, having
enlisted last in Knox Co., Tenn., Jan. i, 1815. The pension records show
that such services were not in evidence and his claim was rejected June 28,
1S81. In letters forwarded to the Pension Department he stated that his
father fought under Gen. Andrew Jackson in the war of 1812. A son of
this John d. June 27, 188 1, and he was caring for his three orphan children.
He was a farmer.

IHuHiliins in ilabibson Countn, l\. €.



^ESujH^ :


4. Lewis Mullikin'' (2), son of Lewis** (1), and Mary, was b. in Montgomery
Co., Md., in 1755. He was a soldier of tlie Revolution, having enlisted,
1776, in a company of Foot, under Capt. Benjamin Speaker, and was at-
tached to the "Flying Corps." He served under Col. Murdock in Gen.
Smallwood's brigade. Also for three months as private in the company of
Capt. Riggs. Was at White Plains and Germantown. Returned to Mont-
gomery Co., Md., at the close of the war and then removed to Rcrwan, now
Davidson Co., N. C. He m. in Bute Co., N. C, Nov. 9, 1775, Susanna
Jarvis. His cl. occurred March 6, 1836, and his widow, submitting record
of her m. applied for pension (He had applied June 7, 1833) in 1842, at
which time she was 82 years of age. She d. June i, 1844. They were
buried in the " Pack graveyard," so called, about one-half mile east of their
home, but no inscribed monuments mark their underground cabinets. Mrs.
Mullikin was blind for many years. The Mullikin plantation composed of
490 acres of land, was taken up in 1788, and is represented by the old " plat,"
now in the family, as of irregular form. The mansion, built more than 100
years ago, is standing, and is occupied by his descendants. It was built
of large hewed timbers, and the main building is 20x36 feet on the ground ;
one and a half stories. The brick chimney built by Lewis Mullikin is stand-
ing and in use. The house is approached by two roads, and is three miles
southeast of Clemmonsville, Forsyth Co., N. C, and 18 miles northwest of
Lexington, N. C. Six children. See 5th generation.

filiih feneration.


1. James Mullikin' (3), eldest son of Lewis'* (1), b. in Davidson Co., N. C,
Sept. 3, 1782 ; moved west, and his place of residence is unknown.

2. Humphrey Mullikin'^ (1), second son of Lewis'* (1), b. in Davidson Co.,
N. C, March 24, 1784; m. Mlss Potts, by whom two children. He m. a
second wife and had one son. Removed to Indiana, since when no informa-
tion has been obtainable. His children's names with 6th generation.

3. Zodac Mullikin-''' (2), third son of Lewis* (1), b. in Davidson Co., N. C,
June 16, 1786; removed to the west.

4. Thomas Mullikin-^ (1), fourth son of Lewis'* ( 1), b. in Davidson Co., N. C,
June 4, 1788 ; removed to the west.

5. Elizabeth Mullikin'' (3), eldest daughter of Lewis'* (1), b. in Davidson
Co., N. C, June 20, 1794; was m. to Zodac Thompson, and a daughter,
N^ancy Brown, is still living. Flizabeth was living in 1842.

6. Sarah Mullikin''' (2), second daughter of Lewis* (1), b. in Davidson Co.,
N. C, June 28, 1797 ; was m. to John Brindle and had one child, Susan,
who was the wife of Peter Hoover; d. in 1900.




^ivth OViurntion.


1. Lewis Spencer Mullikin'"' (3), eldest son of lluni|)lirey'' ( 1), b. on the okl
homestead in l)avidson Co., N. ('., May i i, i8oS ; ni. Feb. 22, 1S27, .Sai.am
Rainnickr, b. I'eb. 2, 1808. Mr. Mullikin \va.s a man of prominenLc in his
county. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of North
Carolina which framed the constitution for the state after the war ; a Repub-
lican in politics; in religious faith a member of the Disciples church. He
lived antl d. on the old Lewis Mullikin homestead. Eight children were b.
to them. See 7th generation.

2. Patsy Mullikin" (1), a daughter of Humphrey"' (1), b. in Davidson Co.,
N. C. \\'as m. to Jacui! Paintkr. Has one son, IVi/iiafn Pain/cr, living.

3. John Mullikin'' (4), second son of Humphrey"' (1), b. in Davidson Co.,
N, C. No record of a family.

^cbcntf) C'un oration.


1. Martha Caroline Mullikin" ( 1 ), eldest daughter of Lewis'^ ( 3 ), b. April 29,
1830; was m. March 7, 1848, to Amcxandkr Imj.is, and d. March 8, 1884.
Resided on part of Mullikin homestead. Eight children named as follows:

I. Eugene Ellis, b. Dec. 23, 1848.
n. WiNFiEi^D Ellis, b. Jan. 7, 185 1.

III. Leoxora Ellis, b. Sept. 12, 1853.

IV. RoswELL Ellis, b. Sept. 25, 1857. ) .

V. Florence Ellis, b. Sept. 25, 1857. \

VI. John Ellis, b. Sept. 26, i860.
VII. Lewis Ellis, b. ^Iarch 11, 1866.

VIII. Ira Ellis, b. May 24, 1874.

2. Sarah Elizabeth Mullikin" (4), second daughter of Lewis'' (3), b. Aug.
23, 1835 ; d. June 16, 1844.

3. Amanda Mullikin" (1), third daughter of Lewis" (3), b. Feb. i, 1838;
was m. in 1856, to Charles A. Prindle, and d. leaving six children :
In'i/i, \VilIia7u, Sallie, Lizzie., Cleo and Pinkney.

4. Rev. Eli W. Mullikin" (1), eldest son of Lewis" (3), b. Sept. 15, 1840;
was m. May 28, 1868, to Sarah Nelson, who d. Apr. 23, 187 i, and he m.
second, Dec. 25, 1873, Susan Shutt. He resides on a part of the old Lewis
Mullikin homestead. He is a minister of the denomination called Campbell-
ites, or Disciples. Twelve children named as follows :

I. Carrie Mullikin**, b. Sept. 9, 1874; m. June 11, 1893 to Lewis

Ellis, and has four children,
(i). Audrey Ellis, b. Nov. i, 1894.
(2). IsHNEE Ellis, b. Feb. 8, 1896.
(3). Bruce Ellis, b. Apr. 13, 1901.
(4). Shober Ellis, b. July 8, 1903.

II. Charles Mullikin*, b. Nov. i, 1875; m. June 8, 1896 to Rebecca
Dunning. No issue.


III. Daisy Mullikin^ b. Sept. i, 1877 ; m. Aug. 9, 1898 to Hillary
Shoof. Issue :

(i). Paul Shoof, b. Sept. 7, 1899.
(2). Bascon Shoof, b. Feb. 8, 1901.

IV. RoscoE MuLLiKiN^ b. July 28, 1880; d. Sept. 13, 1881.
V. Lewis Mullikin**, b. Aug. 24, 1881.

VI. Pearl Mullikin^ b. Oct. 15, 1884.

VII. Paul Mullikin^, b. June 4, 1889.

VIII. Babe Mullikin*, b. Apr. 18, 1886; d. Apr. 28, 1886.

IX. Grace Mullikin^ b. May 20, 1891.

X. Beula Mullikin^, b. Jan. 12, 1893; d. same day.

XI. Maud Mullikin^ b. Apr. 9, 1894.

XII. Ruth Mullikin^ b. Oct. 13, 1895.

5. Lewis Miillik in' (3), second son of Lewis^ (3), b. Feb. 11, 1842; (He
says Jan. 15, 1846.) m. March 12, 1868, Nancy C. Vest. He resides in
Greensboro, N. C., and lias seven children.

I. Camelia V. MuLLiKiN^ b. March 17, 1870; m. Oct. 25, 1888 to

E. E. Slater.
II. William P. Mullikin^, b. Apr. 14, 1872; m. Dec. 23, 1897, Nellie

III. James T. Mullikin", b. Oct. 6, 1873; m. Dec. 18, 1897, Ella Hire.

IV. Rass C. Mullikin", b. Aug. 16, 1877.

V. Luther C. Mullikin^, b. March 17, 1881.

VI. Mamie D. Mullikin^, b. Apr. 23, 1883; m. Dec. 23, 1902, S. C. Harper.
VII. Stella C. Mullikin*^, b. April 27, 1888.

6. Rebecca Mullikin" (1), third daughter of Lewis'^ (3), b. Feb. 15, 1850;
was m. to Samuel Davis and lives on the Yadkin river, Forsyth Co., N. C.
Eight children named as follows :

I. Oscar Davis, b. Oct. 26, 1868; m, Nov. 28, 1896, Falla Hartman

and has two children.

II. Ella Davis, b. Feb. 19, 1872.

III. Spencer Davis, b. Jan. 19, 1874.

IV. James Davis, b. Jan. 29, 1876.

V. Joseph Davis, b. Nov. 5, 1878.
VI. Alexander Davis, b. March 24, 1881.

VII. Isabel Davis, b. Jan. 30, 1884.
VIII. Conrad Davis, b. July 19, 1886.

7. Enoch P. Mullikin' (1), third son of Lewis*' (3), b. Apr. 27, 1853 ; m. Apr.

8. 1877, Catherine Kritsfeezer and resides in the old home built by his
great-grandfather. He has eight children, viz :

I. LiLLiE Mullikin^, b. Dec. 13, 1877.

II. Emma Mullikin", b. Apr. 13, 1883.

III. Jennie Mullikin", b. May 16, 1887.

IV. Spencer Mullikin", b. Jan. 11, 1889.
V. Ellen Mullikin", b. Jan. 29, 1891.

VI. Glen Mullikin**, b. Sept. 28, 1893.
VII. Ben Mullikin", b. Sept. 28, 1893.
VIM. Noble Mullikin", b. Sept. 17, 1897.



w »
k.. . ^

:ty:- V - ■ ; .■ ■ ""'^ ■';':• , ■ ■ ■ .- • .;.' -

4Hul i iius of ^nbcr.'baii (L ountn, ^. (L .

M \RV1. WD I" \Mi l.\ .


■-■^ '■-■.■>'.'"". »

This is a branch of the Mullikin family so early settled in Maryland and
a descendant, Mr. Joseph Laboon of (ieorj^ia, assumes that they were of
Welsh extraction, a derivation not elsewhere heard of, and probably an error.
Benjamin Mullikin of Pendleton Co., N. C. says his ancestors were Scotch-
Irish and that they came from Ireland to Virginia first, but soon removed
to North Carolina. As there are some reasons for believing that the Mul-
likins in Maryland removed from Virginia, this tradition relating t<j the
North Carolinian branch may be true. It is said that the father of the first
Benjamin Mullikin who settled in South Carolina had twenty sons of whom
eisrhteen attained their maioritv and settled in different Southern States.
Some are said to have spelled their surname "■ Mullican." I am now strongly
inclined to the belief that the numerous families named " Millican " and
"Mullican," so widely scattered in Georgia, Mississijipi, Tennessee, and
Texas, are of this stock, for they hold the tradition that their ancestors
came originally from South Carolina. It will be seen that some small off-
shoots of the old Maryland family spell the surname " Mullican."

Benjamin Mullikin, a son of James and Charity Mullikin, was b. in Prince
George Co., Md. as early as 1740, and removed to North Carolina when a
young man. He m. Margaret Jarvis, a native of Virginia, b. in 1766,
within a few miles of Yorktown, and was about fifteen years of age when
Conwallis surrendered (1781), and heard the musketry. She was m. about
1787, and d. near Anderson Court House, S. C, in 1838, aged 72 years.
Mr. Mullikin was a planter and d. where he first sat down, about 1842.
These had a family consisting of six sons and four daughters viz : /amcs,
JV/V/iaw, John, Benjamin, Samuel, Lezois, Nancy, Folly, Emily and Jenny.

^ccouD 6cncr;ition.


I. James Mullikin- (1), eldest son of Benjamin^ (1), was b. in North Caro-
lina, Nov. 9, 1794; m. Sept. 23, 1817, Malinda Norton who was b. Nov.
30, 1799, and settled on the homestead near Anderson County Court House.
The following extract from a declaration for pension on file in the U.S pen-
sion ortice at Washington, D.C., contains much pertinent information:

State of South Carolina )

- ss
County of Anderson. \

Upon this 29th day of April, 1871, personally appeared before me, A. O.
Norris, Judge of Probate for County and State aforesaid, a Court of Record.
James Mullikin, aged 76 years, a resident of the County and State afore-
said, who being duly sworn according to law, states that he is married, that
his wife's name is Malinda Mullikin, to whom he was married at .\nderson
County, S. C, on the 23d of September, 181 7 ; that he served in the military
for the period of 69 days in service of the United States, in the war of 181 2 ;
that he is the identical James Mullikin who volunteered, or was enrolled in


Captain Moses Kelly's Company, Col. Ruben Nash's Regiment, Pinckney's
Brigade, at Pendleton Village, on or about the first day of February, 1814,
and was honorably discharged at Fort Hawkins on or about the 15th day
of June, A.D., 1814 ; that he was in the cavalry service. After organization
was marched from Pendleton, S. C. to Fort Hawkins in the State of Georgia,
which was done in about a week, was there drilled about three weeks, then
crossed the river into the then Creek Nation en route for Horse Shoe Bend,
building forts on an average of every 39 miles on the route, and arrived in
hearing of the battle fought at that place by General Jackson, and joined
his army the second day after the battle, and marched to the head of the
Alabama River and built Fort Jackson ; and having scoured the country
with scouting parties, and after spending from 4 to 7 weeks at Fort Jackson
we were marched back to Fort Hawkins and there discharged as before
stated. That his discharge papers were regularly executed and delivered to
him, which have since been lost or misplaced. That he has received for
said services land warrents under the Acts of Congress in such case made
and provided. That he at no time during the late rebellion against the
authority of the United States adhered to the cause of the enemies of the
Government, giving them aid or comfort, except. as compelled by law.

The Adj. General's report on file with the above mentioned case shows
that James Mullikin enlisted as a corporal, January 29, 1814, and was dis-
charged July 20, 18 1 4. He received a pension of $8.00 per month from
February 14, 187 1. He died April 21, i888.

Malinda Mullikin received a pension as his widow of $12.00 per month,
and in her application for said pension she states that James Mullikin was
born at Slabtown, S. C, complexion fair, eyes blue.

These had eleven children all b. in Anderson Co., S.C., named as follows :
I. William Edwin Mullikin^, b. Dec. 2, 1818 ; m. Martha Ford and
removed to Mississippi, where he and wife d. leaving four children ;
names unknown.
II. Amanda Melvina Mullikin'', b. in Anderson Co., S. C, Aug. 4,
1820; m. John Calvin Hall, who d. leaving three children, a son
and twin daughters, who were adopted by her sister.

III. John Ferdinand Mullikin'', b. in Anderson Co., S. C, May 9, 1822 ;
m. Louisa Watson, and was killed in the Confederate army. His
only son fell at Gettysburg.

IV. Lucinda Bernice Mullikin^, b. in Anderson Co., S. C, June 25,
1824; m. John Calvin Hall, who had m. her sis1?er Amanda, and
brought up the orphan children.

V. Elvina Maria Mullikin^, b. in Anderson Co., S. C, Aug. 25, 1826;

m. Alexander Moon.
VI. James Harvey Mullikin^, b. in Anderson Co., S. C, Dec. 27, 1828;

m. Temperence Jones.
VII. Richard Jasper Mullikin^K July 22, 1830; m. Elizabeth Martin.
Served in the Southern army and was killed at the second battle of
viii. Benjamin Franklin Mullikin'', b. Sept. 27, 1833 ; m. Emeline
Taylor, and lives on a farm adjoining his father's homestead near



Pendleton, S. C. He :\lso served in the ronfedenite army and was
one of the seven in this family who came out alive.

IX. MARrnA Margaret Muij.ikin'', b. Dec. 6, 1H35; was not in. She

lives with her sister's son, William llall, near I'endleton, .S. ( ".
X. Mar(,)Uis LAKAVKrrK Mn.i.iKix', h. Dec. 18, 1S37 ; m. Lavinia Wil-
liams, and lives in Overton, I'e.x. He was in the Confederate army.

XL AuGU-STUS Nelson MuLLIKIN^ b. Sept. 18, 1839; m. .Anna Kller-
soN. Served in the Confederate army four years.

2. William Mullikin- (1), second .son of IJenjamin' (1), b. in N. C, and m.
Miss Sarah Dickson, and had issue nine children named as follows:

I. Francis Mullikin'', m. Amarintha Mariin of Duewest, .\bbyville
Co., S. C, and l)()ih died of yellow fever in Memphis, 'I enn., and left
one son.
II. Ml'nrol Mlllikin-\ m. Mary Clayton, and was killed in the C(jn-
federate army.

III. Haynes Mullikin^ m. Mary Ann William.s. Served in the Con-
federate army, and is now (1903) living in Overton, Te.xas.

IV. Benjamin ^I^LLIKIN■', m. (wife's name unknown) Served in the
Confederate army, and d. leaving two sons in Greenville city, S. C.

V. Laurence Mullikin'', m. Fanny King. Served in the Confederate

army, and is living in Georgia.
VI. DixDN Mullikin'', m. Minnie Woodion. Served in the Southern

army and afterwards lived in Brinkley, Ark., where he d. issueless.
vii. Martha Mullikin", m. Job Oore (?) and lives in Anderson Co.,

S. C. Two daughters.
VIII. Sarah Mullikin', m. Jesse Robinson, and d. leaving three daughters.
IX. Com ELI A Mullikin*, m. James Rankin, and lives in Gracon Co., Tex.

3. Samuel Mullikin- (1), third son of Benjamin^ (1), left his home when a
young man and has not been heard from for many years. He m. a Miss
Mavies in Mississippi, and went to Texas.

4. John Mullikin- (1), fourth son of Benjamin^ (1), b. in Anderson Co.,

5. C. ; m. Miss McKinney, (?) and was supposed to have been poisoned by
a neighbor, and d. without issue.

5. Benjamin Mullikin- (2), fifth son of Benjamin' (1), b. in Anderson Co.,
S. C, m. Sarah Jane Smith, and had issue, eight sons and one daughter.
These sons, save one, served in the Confederate army during the Rebellion
and several lost their lives.

I. William Mullikin'', m. Mary Couch ; served in the Southern army

and d. at home, leaving a son and daughter.
II. James MuLLIKIN^ m. Miss Dobbins; entered the Southern army and
was killed in battle.

III. Samuel MuLLiKiN',m. Sarah Israel ; entered the Southern army and
was killed in battle.

IV. Munroe Mullikin", was killed in the explosion at Petersburg in
Civil war.

V. John Mullikin", m. Miss Mauldin; went through the Civil war in
the Confederate army and lives in Anderson Co., S. C.

VI. Madison Mullikin'', m. Mary Owens; entered the Southern army,
served four years, and is living in Anderson Co., S. C.


VII. Dixon Mullikin'', m. Hester Martin; went through the war in a
Southern regiment, and is living in Anderson Co., S. C.

VIII. GEORtiE MuLLiKiN'^, was too young to enter the army during the Civil
IX. Benjamin's daughter, name unknown, d. when five years of age.

6. Nancy MuUikin'- (1), eldest daughter of Benjamin' (1), b. in Anderson
Co., S. C. ; was m. to James Israel and lived on French Broad river in Hen-
derson Co., N. C. They were farmers. He, a native of Buncomb Co., N.
C, d. at the age of 55 years. She d. in 1884. They were buried at Salem
Baptist church, near Fletcher, N. C. Children named as follows :

I. Benjamin M. Israel, d. at the age of 58.

II. Margaret Israel, d. when 72 years of age.

III. Sarah Israel, m. Samuel Mullikin and d. when 32 years of age.

IV. Frank J. Israel was b. in 1830.

V. Samuel Israel, b. in 1832, lives at Mt. Gilead, N. C.

VI. Polly Israel, b. in 1835 ; m. Black Ruth, and d. 1894.
VII. Augustus Israel, b. in 1837 ; m. Ava Jones and lives at Ashville,

North Carolina
VIII. Linda Israel, b. in 1839 ; m. Perry Johnson.

7. Lewis Mullikin'" (1), youngest son of Benjamin' (1), b. in Anderson Co.,
S. C, probably d. young.

8. Polly Mullikin- (1), second daughter of Benjamin' (1), was m. to a Mr.
Moody and had a family, but I have no particulars.

9. Emily Mullikin-^ (1), daughter of Benjamin' (1), b. in Anderson Co., N.
C, March 31, 1809; was m. Aug. i, 1837, to Mason C. Laboon, son of
Peter Laboon, a Frenchman, who came to America with the Marquis de
Lafayette in 1777, and was a soldier in the Patriot army during the Revo-
lution. Mason Laboon was b. in South Carolina, July 24,1810. He migrated
to Georgia in 1835, and the following year volunteered as a soldier in the
Seminole Indian war. After his discharge he returned to South Carolina,
was m. and soon went back to Georgia where he pursued his avocation as
blacksmith and farmer until his death in 1887. His wife d. at Laboon, Ga.,
Dec. 12, 1 90 1. Mrs. Emily Laboon used to tell her children of a journey
she once made on horseback riding beside her father, to visit uncles and
aunts in Buncomb Co., N. C. They rode from Anderson Co., N. C, and
crossed the Blue Ridge mountains. We do not know whether these rela-
tives were MiilUkms ox Jaspers. She was the mother of four children, three
daughters and a son, named as follows :

I. Susan Malinda Laboon, b. June 15, 1838; d. Feb. 6, 1843.
II. Sarah Frances Laboon, b. Apr. 20, 1843 ; m. W. A. Almand, 1867 ;
d. 1889, leaving issue.

III. Mary Taylor Laboon, b. Oct. 19, 1845 ; ^n. W. L. Johnston, 1866;
d. 1890, leaving issue.

IV. Joseph Thadeus Laboon, b. Dec. 4, 1852 ; m. Annie E. Foster,
1878 ; residence, Laboon, Ga.

10. Jenny Mullikin- (] ), youngest daughter of Benjamin' (1), b. in Ander-
son Co., N. C, may have d. young, unm.

llUllihens of Viiun.^lnifl; a ountn. =!l O'


The compiler has found several traditions in this family concerning its
origin and the original spelling of the surname. An intelligent old lady
whose clear memory reaches back to her grandfather, one of the original set-
tlers in Brunswick Co., N.C., declares without any hesitation that her an-
cestors came from Maryland, and her statement is probably correct. There
were plenty of sons in the Maryland family of Mullikens who could have been
the progenitors of this brancli ; besides, we know that cadets of that race
removed to some parts of North Carolina where their descendants still re-
main. And this is not the only branch of the old Maryland family whose
members have changed the spelling of their surname, as will be seen by

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 81 of 109)