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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 82 of 109)
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reference to the chapter on surnames.

This family are tall, rawboned and of fair complexion. They are usually
freehearted and readv to relieve the distressed when able to do so. None
of them were slave owners. They were opposed to secession to a man, but
after the state had gone out of the Union, they embraced the cause of the
South and with characteristic bravery distinguished themselves on many
battle fields during the unfortunate fratracidal struggle.

In politics during Ante Uellum times the Mullikins were old line Whigs,
but after the war they were members of what was known as the *' Conser-
vative Party." As time wore on this gradually transformed itself into a
" Bourbon Democracy," a party so reckless and inconsistent in practices
that, today, few Millikens can be found in its ranks. Many of them, how-
ever, are affiliated with the Western or Populist movement.

Religiously, the Brunswick County Millikens have been Baptists and

Benjamin Milliken' (l), parent's names unknown, received a grant of land
in Brunswick Co., N. C, consisting of one hundred acres lying on and in-
cluding part of Juniper Creek, date Nov. 12, 1793. The following description
of the estate was w-ritten by William Scott Milliken Esq., a member of this
family, who is perfectly familiar with the locality. The Benjamin Milliken
estate consists of one hundred acres lying at the confluence of Juniper Creek
which has its rise far back to the eastward in the great "Green Swamp,"
and empties into the Waccaman river, a short distance below the old home-
stead. The river and creek forming the western and northern boundaries
of the estate, is crossed by the river road, a highway established by law. The
plantation is also crossed by a road owned by the Gardner i\: Lacy Lumber
company. The nearest town is the small hamlet called Excelsior, lying
two miles to the southward. The soil is a sandy formation, the surface gen-
erally level. The premises have been occupied continuously by the Milliken
family up to fifteen years ago, when by voluntary sale it passed into the
hands of a Mr. Inman who is now its owner. The following crops have been
produced on the land, to wit : corn, peas, sweet potatoes, rice, rye and to-
bacco, with fair success. Benjamin Milliken was twice m. The name of


his first wife is not certainly known, but she had a son, John Mil/ike?!,
who went to South CaroHna. This woman d. soon after the birth of her
child, and her husband m. Betsy Hargrove, by whom he had five sons and
one daughter, named Benjamin, Samuel, Andrew, Isaac, Hezekiah and Anna,
of whom with 2d generation.

Samuel Milliken (l), brother of the preceding, received a grant of land,
Nov. 12, 1793, the same clay on which Benjamin's was granted, consisting
of one hundred acres on the west side of Alligator Creek, two miles from
its mouth, which is a tributary of Juniper Creek. This land is part sandy
and part a stiff clay and well adapted to corn, potatoes, rye and tobacco.
The estate is crossed by a public highway known as the " Big Necke Road."
The scenery around this old homestead is very inviting in the springtime
when the woodland is joyous with the sweet notes of feathered songsters
so numerous in this section, the surface carpeted with verdant green, the at-
mosphere freighted with the aroma of a thousand wild flowers, the tinkling
of bells, the lowing of cows, the droning of honey-bees, all contributing
according to their order, to present an aspect truly pleasing to such as love
natural scenery ; but when the hoar-frost of grim winter comes the scene is
changed, the verdure disappears and all those features so much in evidence
in the spring and summer are banished and a dreary loneliness pervades the
neighborhood. Such was the chosen place of abode of one of the first Mil-
likens who settled in Brunswick Co., N. C. Samuel Milliken's wife's maiden
name is not known. He had issue : Satnuel, Alexander, Moses, Sai ah, Mary,
Betsey, Kate and Lydia. See 2d generation.

^fconti 6cucration.


1. Benjamin Milliken- (2),eldest son of Benjamin^ (1), b. in Brunswick Co.,
N. C. ; m. a Miss Saunders and settled in his native county as a farmer.
He had children named as follows : Seth, Simon, Saunders and Elizabetli of
whom with 3d generation.

2. Samuel Milliken- (2), second son of Benjamin^ (1), m. Sibby McKethan,
settled in Brunswick Co., N.C., and had issue.

3. Andrew Milliken"- (1), third son of Benjamin^ (1), b. in Brunswick Co.,
N. C, was a man of medium size and of dark complexion. He m. Sarah
Ward and had issue : Isaiah, Robert, William, Fannie, Tali/ha, Prudence
and Mary Ann.

4. Isaac Milliken'^ (1), fourth son of Benjamin^ (1), b. on the homestead;
m. I'oLLY BuzEMAN and d. without issue.

5. Hezekiah Milliken- (1), hfth son of Benjamin' (1), b. on the homestead,
1775; m. Sarah Bjzeman and had issue: Hezekiah, Samuel, Isaac, Moses,
Dorcas, Anna, Ellender, Milcali, Sarah, Martha, Mary and Isabella, of whom
with 3d generation. He d. 1888.

6. Anna Milliken- (1), a daughter of Benjamin' (1), b. on the parental
homestead ; was m., but her husband's name is not known.



1. Samuel Millikt'iV- (3), eldest son of Sanuiel' (1), ni. Nancy Stani.ky and
had three children named Samuel, /u-/st-\ and Sani/i.

2. Alexander Milliken'- (l), secoml son of Samuel' (l), in. Dukcas Wat-
kins antl had one son named Chrisioplicr.

3. Moses Milliken- (1), third son of Samuel' (1), b. on the homestead;
m. Sarah Russ and had children named Jept/ui, Barbara, Flora, Nancy,

4. Sarah Milliken- (1), eldest daughter of Samuel' (1); m. David Ross.

5. Mary Milliken- (1), second daughter of Samuel' (1): m. (Iilhert Cox.

6. Betsey Milliken'- (1), third daughter of Samuel' (1); m. Jacob Sianlv.

7. Katie Milliken- (1), fourth daughter of Samuel' (1); m. James P>ans.

8. Lydia Milliken- (1), fifth daughter of Samuel' (1); m. Archibald Evans.

^birt) 6cncr;ition.


I. Seth Milliken' (1), eldest son of Benjamin- (2); m. Isabell McKeitham
and had children named IVilliafn /., Benjamin, Francis, and others.

3. Saunders Milliken'^ (1), third son of Benjamin- (2); m. first, Miss Mitch-
ell and had a son, his namesake; second, Martha Rkynai-ds, and had
issue, Fliza, Simeon, Martha Ann and John W. He m. third, Sarah Rey-
nalus, and had one son, James.


1. Isaiah Milliken' (1), eldest son of Andrew'- (1), b. in in 1810; m. Sophia
Russ and resided six miles south of Rockingham, N. C. He was a school-
master in early life, afterwards a farmer, was of ordinary size with dark
complexion. He d. in 1S83. His wife, b. in 1820, d. May 27, 1896. They
were buried in the Russ graveyard near Hamlet, N.C. Members of the Bap-
tist church. Eight children. See 4th generation.

2. Robert Milliken'' (1), second son of Andrew'- (1), m. Margaret Caison
and had children named, John JV., Mary Jane, Ellen, Alice, Lorenzo, and
Robert A.

3. 'William Millikeir' (1), third son of Andrew'- (1), d. when a small boy.

4. Jenny Milliken' (1), eldest daughter of Andrew'- (1), m. Hargrove Mc-

5. Talitha Milliken' (1), second daughter of Andrew^ (1), m. Pinkney C.
Milliken of another branch of the family whose lineage is unknown ; they
had children named as follows :

I. Sarah June MILLIKEN^ b. July 12, 1838; d. Peb. 7, 1S73.
H. John W. H. Milliken'', b. Dec. 14, 1840; d. Oct. 30, 1S60.
HI. Mary R. Milliken\ b. March 28, 1844; living.
IV. Lorenzo E. MILLIKEN^ b. OcL. 20, 1846: was killed in battle at Et.
Eisher, N. C, Jan. 15, 18^5.


V. WiNFiELD Scott Milliken*, b, July 4, 1849; m. Henrietta King,
and resides at Excelsior, N. C. He has furnished considerable data
for this Genealogy all arranged and written out in a systematic and
legible form. His children are :

(i). Raphael Semmes Milliken^ b. Oct. 18, 1892.

(2). Andrew Tennyson Milliken^ b. Nov. 16, 1894.

(3). Talitha Milliken^ b. Feb. 6, 1898.

(4). Josephine Johnson Milliken^, b. Aug. 5, 1900.
VI. Lucy Ann Milliken*, b. Aug. 8, 1856; living.
VII. Josephine Johnson Milliken*, b. July 9, 1861 ; d. June 15, 1900.

6. Prudence Milliken'^ (1), third daughter of Andrew- (1), d. in infancy.

7. Mary Ann Milliken^ (2), fourth daughter of Andrew''^ (1), d. in 1857, aged
28, unm.


1. Hezekiah Milliken^ (2), eldest son of Hezekiah"^ (1), m. Sarah Stanly
and resides in Excelsior, N.C. Children named: Adaline, Leander, McGati-
gan, William, Chester, Lewis, and Henrietta. See 4th generation.

2. Moses Milliken^ (2), second son of Hezekiah- (1), b. in Brunswick Co.,
N.C, in 1828 ; m. Eliza J. Hewett, and both are living at Shallotte, N. C.
Children: Armalan, Alvana, Eliza, Mary Orilla, Forney IV., Isaac C,
Bessie L. See 4th generation.

3. Samuel Milliken^ (3), third son of Hezekiah'- (1), b. in Brunswick Co.,
N. C. ; m. Lucy Milliken, daughter of Seth Milliken, and had issue :
Prosper, Christenberry, Irvin, Rufus, George and Oiven. See 4th generation.

4. Isaac Milliken^ 2), fourth son of Hezekiah"^ (1) ; d. in childhood.

5. Dorcas Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Hezekiah- (1); d. unm.

6. Anna Milliken'^ (1), second daughter of Hezekiah- (1); d. unm.

7. Ellender Milliken'^ (1), third daughter of Hezekiah- (1), was m. to Joseph

8. Miloah Milliken^ (1), fourth daughter of Hezekiah"- (1); d. unm.

9. Sarah Milliken'^ (3), fifth daughter of Hezekiah"- (1), is now (1902)
living, unm.


1. Sarah Milliken^ (2), eldest daughter of Samuel"- (3), b. 1835 ; d. 1868.

2. Elizabeth Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Samuel"- (3), b. 1837; still

3. SamuelJ. Milliken^ (4), son of Samuel"- (3), b. 1839; d. 1877. Two



Samuel Milliken^ (5), eldest son of SamueP (3).

2. John Milliken^ (2), second son of Samuel"- (3).


I. Christopher Milliken^ (1), son of Ale -ander"- (1), m. Martha Jolly and
had several children, one named Alexamc^Ki



1. Jeptha Milliken' ( 1 ), son of Moses- (1), in. Amki.ia Hkwkit and had
issue : Marx, Xetlic, A'ona, Jepllia, Allen, Moses and Robert.

2. Barbara Milliken^ (1), eldest daughter of Moses' (1), m.DAN'tKL Coleman.

3. Flora Milliken' (1), second daughter of Moses' (1), m. Wii.i.iam Arnold.

4. Nancy Milliken'' (2), third daughter of Moses'' (1), ni. Jamks Kvans.

5. Unity Milliken' (1), fourth daughter of Moses' (1).

Jfourth cOcncrntion.


1. Benjamin Milliken^ (4), eldest son of Seth'' (l), b. April lo, 1824; d.
May 6, 1894.

2. Rev. Eli Milliken^ (1), second son of Seth'' (l), b. Dec. 4, 1828; now
living near Ash, N. C. He is an ordained Baptist minister with care of a
church ; is m. and has a family.

3. Rev. Nathan Milliken-' (l), twin son of Setlv' (l), b. Dec. 4, 1S28; a
Baptist minister and pastor, living near Ash, N. C. He m. and has issue.

4. Solomon Milliken^ (1), fourth son of Seth' (1), b. March 14, 183 1 ; d. of
disease contracted while in the Confederate army of Northern Virginia,
Aug., 1863. He m. Isabella Milliken. Children : Elvira, Milcali, Solo-
mon, and Dnicilla.

5. Lucy Milliken"* (3), daughter of Seth' (1), b. June 10, 1833; now living
near Ash, N. C.

6. Seth J. G. Milliken^ (2), fifth son of Seth' (1), b. July 3, 1837 , now liv-
ing near Daisey, N.C.


1. William J. Milliken^ (2), son of Simeon'' (1).

2. Benjamin Milliken^ (5), son of Simeon' (1).

3. Frances Milliken^ (2), son of Simeon' (1).


1. Saunders Milliken^ (2), eldest son of Saunders' (1), d. in a northern
prison during the Civil war.

2. Eliza Milliken^ (2), daughter of Saunders' (1), m. Edward Edwards;
still living.

3. Simeon Milliken'' (2), second son of Saunders' (1), d. in the Confederate
army, Oct. 1861.

4. Martha Ann Milliken^ (1), second daughter of Saunders' (1), d. in 1S59.

5. John W. Milliken^ (3), third son of Saunders' (1), d. in the Confederate
army, Oct. 1862.

6. James Milliken^ (1), fourth son of Saunders' (1), d. Aug. 1862, when a
small boy.



1. Elbridge Milliken^ (1), eldest son of Isaiah^ (1), b. Nov. i6, 1842; m.
Jane R. Long. He was in the Confederate army, having volunteered in
1862. He is now a farmer near Hamlet, N.C. Children named as follows:

I. Christenberry Milliken, m. Rosa N. Dawkins. He is.a teacher.
II. James Elbridge Milliken, m. Venettie V. Milliken. He is a

III. Rachel Comelia Milliken is a teacher, unm.

2. Catherine Milliken'' (2), eldest daughter of Isaiah-' (l), b. Feb. 14, 1844 ;
m. Elbert Smith, who d. and she runs the farm.

3. Columbus Milliken^ (l), second son of Isaiah^ (l), b. in 1846 ; m. Mar-
tha A. Smith, a cousin of Elbert Smith, and settled in Whasboro, Ga., where
he is in the naval store business. Children named as follows :

I. Alice Milliken.

II. Anna Milliken, m. a Mr. Lander.

III. Menerva Milliken is unm.

IV. John Milliken is unm.

4. Prospier Duval Milliken"' (l), third son of Isaiah^ (l), b. Sept, 20, 1848 ;
m. Fannie A. Long, and is a farmer and merchant at Hamlet, N. C. Chil-
dren's names as follows :

I. David Curly Milliken^ m. Rosa McPhial, and works in a cotton
mill near Rockingham, N. C.

II. Miles L. Milliken^ m. Carrie M. Rusher, and is merchandising.

III. Venetta Milliken^ m. James E. Milliken.

IV. Branson Milliken^ is unm.
v. Minnie Milliken"^ is unm.

VI. Paul Milliken^ is unm.

VII. Joseph Keller Milliken^ is single.

VIII. LiLLA May Milliken^ is single.

IX. Samuel Jones Milliken'^ is single.

5. Daniel Chesterfield Milliken^ (l), fourth son of Isaiah^ (1), b. in 1850 ; d.
in infancy.

6. Andrew Jackson Milliken^ ^2), fifth son of Isaiah^ (l), m. Mahala Wig-
gins, and is a farmer ; also engaged in merchandising, near Hamlet, N. C.

7. John Thomas Milliken* (4), sixth son of Isaiah^ (1), b. March 17, 1857 ;
m. May 8, 1881, Cornelia Hurt, b. March 22, 1862, daughter of Mason
and Sarah Hurt of Bath, S. C. Mr. Milliken is a resident of Blackshear,
Ga., where he is in the naval store business. Children as follows :

I. William Dkxtkr Milliken^

II. Hiram Baxter Milliken'"'.

III, Etta Maud Milliken'\ . . " .

IV. Cary Cleveland MILLIKEN^
V. Pearl Milliken""'.


I. Armalan Zeno Milliken'' (l), eldest son of Moses^ (2), b. in 1857; m.
Mary E. Leonard and has issue seven children.


2. Alvana Eliza Millikcn^ (1), eldest daughter of Moses' (2). h. in 1854;
m. J NO. H. Recisikr.

3. Mary OvillaMillikcn^ (3), second daughter of Moses' (2), l>. in 1868;

ni. J NO. W. SlANl.KV.

4. Forney Wainwright Milliken^ (1), second son of Moses-' (2), h. 1867 ; in.
Dora Lkonard and has three children.

5. Isaac Clayton Milliken' (2), third son of Moses'' (2), m. Ama.nda Swain
and has one child.

6. Bessie Liicetta Milliken' (l), third daughter of Moses^ (2), h. in 1872;
m. Ind. W. W or ihington.

Martha Milliken. m. W'ii.i.iam Russ. . ,

Mary Milliken, d. when young. >• u -i 1" •>

I u 11 Mill o AT C chudren .''

Isabella Milliken, ni. Solomon Mii.mken.



'SrxfT,C, :^



||lillit;uis ;>nl) ||lillin;ins of |H;unl;inti






k.. .^

The name has been spelled in no less than three forms by branches of this
family, and the compiler of this volume is inclined to believe they were an
offshoot of the old Mullikin stock so early planted in Maryland, some of whom
are known to have used the name " Mullican." The records of John Millican
are found in an old bible now owned by his descendants, and his children's
surnames are spelled the same; but many of their posterity spell the name
"Milligan." The derivation of this family is traced, according to tradition, to
Scotland. The records are incomplete,but such as have been found will appear.

James Milligan said to have come from Scotland, was early settled in Cecil
Co., Md., where he owned lands. He had several brothers who were lost
trace of about 1812. He removed to Steubenville, O., with wife Mary in
1800. In 180 1, sold lands in Cecil Co., Md., and appointed one David
Swezy to act as his agent in said county. He d. in Steubenville in 1802.
He left one or more children in Maryland. He executed a will Nov. 11,
1797, (now on file in Steubenville, Jefferson Co., O.) and on Apr. 30, 1802,
made a codicil thereto; will probated May 26, 1802. He gave son John
part of his farm and left ;^2oo in trust for Mary his wife. The tract of land
owned by this ancestor was called " Milligans Hill," and is between Aikin
and Leslie, on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.

^cronb 6cneration.


1. John Milligan- (T), son of James and Mary, was b. in Cecil Co., Md.,
May 20, 1762; was m. in Oct. 1794, to Catherine Williams; came to
Steubenville, O., in 1798, and filled important positions in state and church.
He was a member of the Constitutional convention in 1802, when Ohio be-
came a state, and was several times a member of the Legislature ; also sur-
veyor of the Steubenville Land District, and his compass, made in England,
is now possessed by his grandson, the Rev. Thomas V. Milligan. He re-
moved to a farm in 1816. In 1822, he carried a "call," on horseback, from
Steubenville, O., to Princeton, N. J., for Rev. C. C. Beatty, D.D., who came
to the former town and remained until his death in 1883. By his father's
will, John got part of his farm and ^^"200 to hold in trust for his mother,
Mary Milligan ; and received ^40 at her death. He d. Dec. 2, 1832, and
his remains are now in a churchyard at New Hagerstown, O., where they were
removed in 1858. Children's names will presently appear.

2. Elizabeth Milligan- (l), daughter of James and Mary, was b. in Cecil Co.,
Md., July 24, 1767 ; was m. there about 1790 to Daniel Gillespie, and had
a son Ja77ies Gillespie, b. Feb. 23, 1794, who was three times m. and had
issue twelve children of whom seven d. young. Five were m. and three are
now living. His second wife was Elizabeth Craig. A granddaughter of
Elizabeth is Mrs. Susanna Gillespie Jackson of Puncipio, Cecil Co., Md.,
who is the mother of nine children.


(TlHiti C^ciicratioii.


1. Mary Milligan' (1), daughter of John'- (1), was ni. to Danikl I'oitkr,
son of Rev. Lyman I'otter of \'erniont, who had settled on " Mingo IJottoin,"
on the Ohio river, three niik-s below Steubenville, where she d. in iSp
Her children named as follows:

I. AiiiOAiL P. Potter, m. (iKn. ('. O. Loomi.s, and d. about i860.

II. (ArnKRiNK PoriKR, m. Rkv. J. E. Alexandkr, D.I)., and both were
living in Greenville, Tenn. in 1902.

HI. Ei.iSHA P. Poitkr, m. and living with family in .Steubenville, C).

IV. l)\Mi:i, V . I'di'ikk, m. and is li\ing in San l)iego, Cal.

v. Mariha P(.)TrKR, d. unm.

VI. Elizabeth Potter, d. unm.

VII. Lucy Potter, d. unm.

VIII. Hettie B. Potter, d. unm.

ix. James M. Potter, d. unm.

2. Thomas Snodgrass Milligan^ (1), son of John- (l), was b. in Steubenville,
O., Apr. 10, 1S02 ; m. Feb. 1827, ]\L\RrHA Vincent. His father removed
to a farm in 1810, near Steubenville, where his children were reared and
schooled under his care. He retired from active life in 1869, making his
home with his son. Rev. T. V. Milligan, then a pastor in W'aynesburg, O.,
until Apr. 11, 1873. He was suddenly killed by a fall from his horse and
was buried in W'aynesburg cemetery. He had always been an active and
generous friend of the Presbyterian church which he served as ruling elder
for over forty years. Children's names with 4th generation.

3. James Taylor Milligan'' (2), second son of John- (1), was b. in Steuben-
ville, O., about 181 2; m. Maria Pai'ierson and lived on the homestead
until 1847, when he removed to Ashland Co., O., and in 1854 to El Pass,
111., where he d. about 1890. Six children. See 4th generation.

fourth (')cncration.


I. Rev. Thomas Vincent Milligan-* (2), eldest son of Thomas^ (1), b. May
1829; m. 1849, Eleanor Swaney, and has issue. He was educated in the
New Hagerston academy and Jefferson college, where he was graduated in
1846. His health being seriously impaired having been kept in school and
graduating in a class of forty-six at the age of seventeen years, he spent
several years in business and farming. He then taught for three years ;
then went to Western Theological seminary, Allegheny, Pa., where he gradu-
ated and was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian church. Presbytery of
Steubenville, O. His ministry has been spent with the churches of Waynes-
burg, Bethlehem, Steubenville Old, East Liverpool, Oak Ridge and Irondale.
He was three years Fiscal Secretary of Wooster University, and nine years
pastor in Pennsylvania. He wrote a history of Jefferson Co., O., in 1876,
and of the Presbytery of Steubenville in 1888. Children named as follows:
I. Laura Jane Milligan^ b. 1850; m. 1877, Rkv. A. T. Robertson,
who d. 1894. She is living in Pittsburg, Pa., with her three children.


II. May Alice Milligan\ b. i860; m. D. F. McHenry and lives in
Washington, Pa. Five children.

III. Frank Wilson Milligan^ is m. and senior member of the " Milli-
gan Hardware and Supply Co."

IV. John Swaney Milligan', m. and is living in Steubenville, O. Man-
ager of the " National Life Insurance Co." with his office in Wheel-
ing, W. Va. Also has an interest with brothers in Fa. Liverpool, O.

V. Thomas Vincent Milligan*, m. and engaged in the hardware busi-
ness in Fa. Liverpool, O. He has three children, his son Harold
Vincent, now i 2 years of age, is the only child bearing the name Mil-

2. Catherine Milligan-* (2), eldest daughter of Thomas^ (1), m. 1S54, Hon.
T. R. GiLMORE of Oskaloosa, la., but d. in her father's home within seven

3. Amanda Jane Milligan* (1), second daughter of Thomas" (1), m. i860,
R. K. McCartney, and lives in Valley Falls, Ks. Two daughters.

4. Mary Potter Milligan* (2), third daughter of Thomas' (1), m. 1865, Alex-
ander McCartney, and removed to Nebraska where he d. in 1893. Re-
sides with her married daughters in Sussex, Wis. Four sons.

5. Anna Eliza Milligan* (l), youngest daughter of Thomas'^ (1), m. H. M.
McCartney, removed to Nebraska City, Neb., where they reside. Two
daughters and two sons, all m.


1. Mary Milligan* (3), eldest daughter of James^ (2), m. Mr. Polhemus,
"and lived in El Pass, 111.

2. Calvin Betty Milligan* (l), d. during the Civil war, 1864.

3. Elizabeth Mulligan* (l), living near El Pass, unm.

4. Martha Milligan* (l), m. and lives near Washington, 111.

5. Juliet Milligan* (l), living with her sister, Washington, 111.

6. Lyman Potter Milligan was m. and went further west. No recent report;
so said Rev. T. V. Milligan in 1902.

John Millican, whose wife's name was Ann, was a resident of Somerset Co.,
Md., and d. Apr. 20, 1789. His children's names recorded in the family
bible, will follow. This family is probably connected with the preceding
one. The name, until the year 183 1, was spelled Mi/Iican, and to avoid con-
fusion the names of all have been spelled the same.


1. Sukey Millican"- (l), daughter of John and Ann, -was b. in Somerset Co.,
Md., July 25, 1 75 1.

2. Isaac Millican'-^ (1), son of John and Ann, was b. in Somerset Co., Md.,
Apr. 3, 1754; m. Rachel Evans, Aug. 10, 1781, and d. Aug. 19, 183 1, aged
85. He was an owner of vessels and had warehouses on the Manokin river.
Also owned large tract of timber land which is now waste marsh and of little
value. He had issue nine children. See 3d generation.

M/LL/C.IXS .l\I) M//./.H;.l.\S OIMARVI.IXD. i^\-r,

cTIVul) ('*)ciui;ition.


1. Henry Millican' ( l), eklest son of Isaac- (1), b. March ii, 1782 ; m. and
hatl issue. .Mrs. .\nna Mntrupc, 706 Kim St., ( 'iiuinnali, ()., is his j^raiul-
daughter, Init she does not reply to in(|uiries.

I. CiiARiiv Mii.i.kan', 111. a Mr. Hosman.

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 82 of 109)